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PSA: have realistic expectations that you will not be able to look as shredded as professional / paid athletes or actors. they look like that b/c of combination that they have great genetics, are working and dieting like crazy to be in single digit body fat %, or taking PEDs to make it. single digit body fat DOES NOT mean healthy. check out this video so Coach Greg can yell at you and drill it into your head.

I didn’t know that 95th percentile body fat for women in america is 28.5%. that actually makes me feel better, and less critical of myself. Thanks, Coach Greg! I’ll also have to look up this other dude, VitruvianPhysique.

What is the Ideal BODYFAT Percent? - Greg Doucette

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I’m working on a huge prompt list for you guys to request from if you’d like!

I’ll link it in my masterlist when I’m done :)

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Insecure Thoughts

Corpse Husband x Reader

Requested?: No

Summary: Read the Notes section below

Notes: This went from reader being insecure to reader meeting the gang and I don’t know how that happened but I don’t really wanna change it so I hope you guys like it 💀

You sat on the couch scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, tapping twice on any post that caught your interest even the slightest. Your feed was mainly filled with posts from your friends, family, and celebrities, sharing some interesting photos and videos of their lives, your favorite being one of your younger cousin slipping on ice and landing in a big pile of snow, you couldn’t help but giggle at his shocked face. You scrolled back up to go through the stories when you saw your boyfriend, Corpse, had posted on his. Of course you clicked his little icon and started going through it.

The first thing to pop up on screen was a picture of Bingus. You playfully rolled your eyes at him, even though he was in a completely different room and could not see you. You swear he would leave you in a heartbeat if it meant he got to meet that cat, but who could blame him? The next two stories were just black photos with text over the top, letting his fans know he would be streaming later that day, which is what he was currently doing. The next few posts left you a bit unsettled unlike the last three. They were nothing horrible, the complete opposite actually. They were of these beautiful girls posing in their mirrors, with your boyfriend’s music playing, of course. Corpse was very grateful for all the love and support he got from his fans, so of course he would share their posts, and you absolutely adored the facts that he got all giddy seeing a simple picture of rain from outside someone’s window with “Agoraphobic” in the background or people recreating the spilt wine on a white tee with “White Tee” in the background, but there was something about these last few that just didn’t sit right with you.

You knew Corpse would never do anything to intentionally hurt you, let alone cheat on you, but sometimes you wondered why he was even with you. You weren’t skinny like the girls in the post. You didn’t have the clear to almost perfect skin they did, and you certainly didn’t have the same aesthetic as them. You always liked the “e-girl” aesthetic, but never felt you could pull it off yourself. Corpse had always reassured you he didn’t care what you looked like, he loved you for you and that was the end of it, but you could never shake those insecure feelings away. You skipped through the last of the stories, turned your phone off and sighed, sinking further into the couch. You let yourself get lost in your head, thoughts being tossed around everywhere. “Why can’t I look like them?” “Why is Corpse with me?” “Would he be happier if I changed?”

You hadn’t let those thoughts invade your mind in a while, and now they were coming through like a bulldozer. You shook your head, hoping the motion would almost shake the thoughts out. You stood up with your favorite blanket wrapped around you and made your way to Corpse’s recording room. He always insisted you come to him whenever you were feeling down, no matter what he was doing, and even though you always felt bad when you interrupted him while he was busy, it always felt better than suffering by yourself. As you stood in front of the door separating the two of you, you could hear his voice faintly. You waited a few more seconds till it was silent, opting to then gently turn the doorknob and slowly open the door, peeking your head in slightly.

At the sudden creakiness heard from behind him, Corpse whipped his head around to find the source. He seemingly calmed when his eyes made contact with yours, motioning you to come in with his hand. You waddled over beside him and looked at his computer screen, which displayed the Among Us lobby he was waiting in. “Are you wanting to play?” He asked out loud, causing your eyes to go wide. Your relationship wasn’t a secret, it had been public for a while now, but you still weren’t used to being on stream with him. Well, being on stream with him and everyone else knew you were there. You sat in on his streams often, actually, you just preferred to sit quietly, only making small comments to your boyfriend when you knew he was muted. It’s not that you didn’t want to interact with his friends and fans, you were just afraid you’d say something stupid and embarrass yourself. Corpse didn’t mind though, he has encouraged you a few times to make yourself known, but reassured you that it was okay if you didn’t.

He sensed your caution when he realized that you thought he outed your presence. He grabbed your hand and pulled you down onto his lap. “Don’t worry, I’m muted. Do you wanna play though?” He asked again. You shook your head, shifting around to get more comfortable. “I just wanted to cuddle. I was getting a bit sad.” You admitted softly, leaning your head on his shoulder. Corpse frowns and rests his head on top of yours. “I’m sorry, bub. Do you want me to end the stream and we can have a movie night?” You quickly shook your head in disagreement. “No, you can keep going. Can I just stay here?” You asked looking up at him, eyes filled with actual fear he would make you leave. You always looked so cute when you asked that, he could never say no even if he really wanted. “Of course, baby. And you know you’re welcome to talk to the fans when you want.” He encourages you yet again. All you did was nod but continued to ponder the idea in your head.

About 10 minutes in, you became really invested in the round. You just knew Sean and Ludwig were the imposters but everyone else seemed to be completely oblivious, even your boyfriend. It had gotten down to the final five people, Sean, Ludwig, Poki, Rae, and Corpse. The others were still at this point clueless as to who the imposters were. Poki put blame on Rae and Ludwig, Rae sussed Corpse and Poki, while Ludwig and Sean tried putting the blame on anyone but themselves. Your boyfriend, on the other hand, honestly had no clue what was going on. Everyone was arguing over one another and he could barely make out a few words from each assumption they were making. “Guys, I have no clue what’s going on.” He states to the chat, you giggled softly at his cluelessness.

“OK YOU KNOW WHAT!? I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. I’M VOTING POKI AND THAT’S IT!” Rae screamed out frustrated. “WHAT? WHY ME? IF I WAS THE IMPOSTER I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU A FEW ROUNDS AGO WHEN WE WERE LOCKED IN ELECTRICAL TOGETHER, RAE!” Poki defends herself. It was silent for a few seconds, everyone anticipating Rae’s next outrageous response, only to burst out laughing when they saw the “I Voted” icon appear next to Rae’s red character. Four more icons slowly started appearing before your eyes, meaning everyone finally decided who they thought was more sus. Soon, the votes were counted and Rae’s story must have convinced everyone, because Poki’s character had the most votes below her name. “You know what? I’m not even mad. I’m glad you guys voted me out of this hell whole.” Poki says jokingly, causing everyone to laugh again. The anticipation started setting in as you watched Poki’s character fly through space, the words “Pokimane was not the Imposter” appeared behind her, and soon after, the DEFEATED screen.

Everyone unmuted and started screaming from genuine shock. Your boyfriend even held a dumbfounded face. You burst out laughing, not realizing he too had unmuted himself. “I can’t believe you didn’t know it was Sean and Ludwig. It was clear from the start.” It was now Corpse’s turn to widen his eyes in shock. You soon realized your mistake when you heard Sykkuno’s voice come through Corpse’s headphones. “Was that Y/N, Corpse?” Everyone else started greeting you, with lovely “Hello’s!” and “How are you’s?” Corpse looks back down at you with a smile now on his face. He nods, encouraging you to interact with his friends. It wouldn’t have been your first time actually talking to them, you interact with them quite frequently on social media, but you had never actually TALKED to them. It was easier over text, because you can actually think about your response and delete things if you wanted, but when it came to actually using your voice, that was a bit different. You knew you couldn’t just say anything now, that would be rude, so you built up the courage and finally said something.

“Umm, hi guys.” You said shyly. There was another round of greetings before Rae spoke up. “Has Corpse been keeping you from us? We’re all constantly bugging him to bring you to a stream but he always declines. I’m starting to think he doesn’t wanna share.” She says in a jokingly angry tone, causing your boyfriend to chuckle. You laughed in return and leaned closer to the mic to share your response. “No, he hasn’t been keeping me, he’s been encouraging me, actually. I just haven’t felt ready but now there’s no going back, I guess.” You admit. Before anyone could say anything, Corpse leans into the mic beside you. “She was scared you guys weren’t going to like her.” He said teasingly, causing you to lightly hit his chest for exposing you like that. There was a chorus of laughters and “awws” coming through his headset. “Why wouldn’t we like you, Y/N? You’re literally my favorite person to interact with on Twitter.” Sean says, the others agreeing with him. “Yeah, I literally have your Twitter notifications on.” Tina admits.

Your eyes widen again, but not in fear this time, this was genuine shock. “You have my Twitter notifications on?” She hums in agreeance and everyone starts blurting out compliments about how funny your tweets are or how pretty you are from your selfies on Instagram. You let out a shy giggle and thank them. Corpse pulls you back into his chest, arms wrapped tightly around your waist. “Alright, everyone stop flirting with my girlfriend.” You smiled widely at his “subtle” jealousy. Even though you hadn’t had time to mentally prepare yourself for the situation that’s had you scared since day one, you couldn’t be anymore happy with how it turned out.

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Regalo para las youtubers Valentina Ortiz, Lada Amores, El pollo de youtube y Una alienada

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You and Different MCYT’s at DisneyLand! Pt. 1

A/N : I saw someone else do this and got inspo from them but I can’t remember their @, once I find it I’ll defo credit them right here! Also if you do happen to know their @ pls lmk so I can properly credit them! :)

CCs : Dream, SapNap, George, Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur, Eret, Quackity, Techno

TW : None! All Fluff :>

All Platonic!



• Chill asf. He’s just wandering around the park with you.

• Not too keen on rollercoasters but will ride one or two with you if you beg him enough.

• You probably have matching sweatshirts on, which was his idea

• He probably got the both of you a fast pass so you don’t have to wait in the long ass lines

• Genuinely has a good time and isn’t too bummed about not riding all the rides



• Tries to make sure the both of you ride all the rides before the park closes.

• Usually only busts out the fast pass when the wait for a ride are more than 30 minutes long

• You probably park hop too. Stoping from time to time mainly for food, water and bathroom breaks.

• The both of you are definitely wearing matching ears



• Confused as fuck. Like man’s doesn’t know what’s going on half the time he’s there

• He probably just follows you around

• He refuses to go on rollercoasters but is fine with the more small, subtle rides.

• The mascots probably scared him at first lmao

• Matching shirts matching shirts matching shirts

• You probably get snacks like Cotton Candy and chips rather than actual food.



• He’s probably wearing a shirt that says “If lost, please return to Y/N” and your wearing a shirt that says “I’m Y/N

• Curses even though he knows he shouldn’t because there are children around

• You both go on Space Mountain more than you should.

• You both either end up barfing up all the sweets you ate or get giant stomach aches and go home early

• At first he refused to wear matching ears with you but ended up doing it anyways to stop you from asking

• You two leave a few minutes before the fireworks cus Tommy’s scared

• You both end up going home and binge watching a bunch of Disney movies



• You two definitely make it a goal to do as many rides as possible before the fireworks

• He refuses to eat just sweets and you probably have an actual lunch

• Matching Whinnie the Pooh sweaters that say “I’m His Piglet” and “I’m their Pooh” or smthn like that (yk bcus Whinnie and Piglet are best friends)

• You both end up leaving with matching plushies and a couple other souvenirs.

• He was probably terrified of Space Mountain at first but afterwards it secretly became his favorite

• You both equally hate and love the long lines because on one hand it’s so hot and your feet are aching but on the other you both get to take goofy pictures of eachother and joke around.



• He doesn’t like the mascots. They probably scare him

• You want a plushie? He got it for you. You want a shirt? He got it. Man’s will get you anything and it’s so sweet :,)

• “Are you sure your tall enough to ride this ride?

• Laughs at your shortness but also thinks it’s adorable

• Uses your head or shoulder as an armrest

• He hates the long lines so he probably got fast passes for the both of you

• He’s the one dragging you onto rides

• He makes sure you both eat actual food instead of junk



• He’s so stoked that you asked him to go to Disneyland with you

• The car ride was so much fun, you both were singing and dancing and having a great time

• He makes sure you both have water bottles and are hydrated throughout the entire trip.

• Your both wearing subtly matching outfits that Eret picked out

• Your probably the one dragging him onto rides

• You both absolutely park hop and have the time of your lives

• You get super excited when he agrees to stay for the fireworks.



• Mans is confused about everything

• The mascots scare him, so you try to keep your distance

• You both end up eating a shit ton of junk and barfing it all up after riding a bunch of rides

• He somehow manages to trip and get hurt. But it’s okay because you carry a first aid kit on you because you knew this would happen

• You end up going home halfway through because you both need a nap and you end up falling asleep on the car ride home (or vise versa)



• He’s just following you around like dream, making sure you don’t hurt yourself.

• Doesn’t go on that many rides and usually waits for you to finish up

• He loves the Haunted Mansion ride though. He thinks it’s rlly cool and you both probably end up going on it a lot

• He got fast passes because he doesn’t wanna wait in 2 hour long lines for a ride that he’s not even gonna go on

• Your both definitely wearing matching ears

• He probably got you a few souvenirs to make up for not riding on rides with you


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I haven’t been feeling the best mentally lately so I’ve been binging SuperMeha videos to keep me distracted. These boys are great!

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Content creators, stop interacting with our fanwork, I’m really not in the mood to be attacked again by your fans

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ᵃⁿⁱᵐᵉ ᵍⁱʳˡˢ ʳᵘⁱⁿᵉᵈ ᵐʸ ˡⁱᶠᵉ

[corpse & various youtubers/streamers]

background: y/n is a streamer who’s known for her soft yet chaotic ways and her love of an anime called my hero academia. she has a habit of saying dumb things when she’s up at night, and the result of one from 4am leads to her talking with a faceless persona from youtube. even with songs about cat and e-girls, he just might end up writing one about anime girls along the way.

pronouns: she/they

taglist: @youretheonlyonewhomakesme @callmemaeve-y @letsloveimagines @therosyboy


previous 🧂 next



𝟥: corpsebride

a/n: i’ve been getting deep into corpse smau the past couple of weeks and decided to do a soft chaotic vibe so it won’t be as vulgar but still vulgar yanno??

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Our reaction to online trolls!

Thanks for always watching our video.❤️

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Just Love Me Again

Corpse Husband x Reader

Request: No

Summary: Y/N’s been feeling neglected and finally breaks down

Notes: I hope you guys enjoy 💛

It had been two weeks. Two weeks since you had felt the comfort of your year long boyfriend, Corpse. Two weeks that have felt like eternity. You understand he’s busy with streaming and videos and music, but was it really that hard to take an hour out of your day to catch up with your significant other? You’ve been busying yourself by finally doing the much needed chores around the house and catching up on some work, but you can only try hat for so long before you run out of things to do, only to once again fall back into your depressive thoughts.

It had been a few hours since Corpse made his way into his recording room, not even sparing a goodbye kiss, let alone a glance your way. You sighed as you looked around the kitchen for the millionth time that night. You had done everything, from the dishes to sweeping and mopping the floor, even taking everything out of the cupboards and deep cleaning those.

As you stood in the middle of the kitchen, you could hear your boyfriends laugh from down the hall. “God, how I wish to hear that up close again.” You thought to yourself. That one thought led to many others, your head starting to spiral yet again. As you were about to get lost in your thoughts, you heard a door open in the distance. Knowing it was Corpse, you rushed over to the counter, picking up some dishes you left on the rack to dry, opting to occupy yourself by hand drying them.

You paid no mind to him as he walked into the kitchen. “Hey, baby.” He greets, attempting to kiss your cheek, only to miss as you jerked your head away. A slight frown formed on his face but he soon walked over to the fridge. “The kitchen looks really good. Is that what you’ve been doing all night?” He asks, grabbing a water bottle from the open fridge and turning to you. You placed the silverware in their proper drawer, making your way past Corpse and to the living room.

Corpse was very taken aback. First you reject his kiss and now you’re ignoring him? He doesn’t think twice before following you into the other room. He watches as you place yourself on the couch, turning on the show the both of you had been binging together on Netflix. He sighs but still sits next to you. The minute he tries pulling you into his arms, you wiggled out and further away from him.

“Ok, what’s wrong?” He asks, starting to get annoyed with your attitude. After a minute of silence and no response from you, he grabs the remote with your hand and turns the tv off. You looked at him angrily. “Hey, I was watching that.” He rolls his eyes. “Not until you tell me why you’re upset.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes in return. “You of all people should know.” You stood up, wanting to go to your room and not deal with the situation that was about to happen. Before you could walk away, Corpse grabs your wrist.

“You don’t get to walk away until you explain why you’re mad at me.” You jerked your hand from his but still stayed stood in front of him. “Explain why I’m mad at you? You really don’t know why I’m mad?” Corpse shrugged his shoulder and you scoffed again. “I won’t be able to fix whatever I did if you don’t tell me!” He says, raising his voice a bit. “I haven’t seen you in weeks, Corpse!? We live under the same roof and go to sleep in the same bed every night and yet I still feel like we don’t spend time together anymore!” You too raised your voice in frustration.

“I’m busy, Y/N! You know that! I can’t spend every little second with you!” He yells back, causing you to flinch a bit but you never let your guard down. “I’m not asking you to spend every second with me, Corpse! I’m not asking you to take me out on fancy dates to expensive restaurants! I’m not asking you to give me flowers and chocolates every day! I’m asking you to be my boyfriend again! I’m asking you to talk to me again, to cuddle me again, to kiss me again….I’m asking you to just love me again.”

You hadn’t even realized you started crying half way through your rant. Corpse just stood there, not knowing what to do. He’s never seen you like this. Never in this much pain. You were always there for him on his most painful days. Always by his side at the most scary doctors visit, hand constantly intertwined with his, thumb rubbing the back of his hand in a soothing way. Always by his side during the most stressful streams, when he feels anxious during imposter rounds while playing Among Us with his friends, whispering sweet words in hopes they would help. You were the definition of perfection to him. He loved you so much and honestly couldn’t survive without you by his side each day.

His brain was jumbled with possible things he should do. Should he let you keep screaming your emotions out? Should he let you cry it out by yourself and wait till you’re ready to talk? The possibilities were endless, but as he saw you start to turn around, he quickly pulled you into his chest, engulfing you in what he hoped was a much needed hug. You slowly started to break down again, letting each tear cascade down your cheeks, soon to be soaked up by Corpse’s sweatshirt.

“I’m so sorry, baby.” He whispers, slowly rubbing a hand up and down your back as the other holds your head to his chest. It was only then when you wrapped your arms around his waist in return, had he realized how long it had been since he’s been this close to you. He wasn’t happy with the situation that led to this hug you both needed, but he only had himself to blame. The two of you stood like this in the living room for a while longer. His arms tight around you as you let everything out, whispering loving words that should have been said every day the past two weeks.

Neither of you were keeping track of the time, but you had soon started to calm down, tears now long gone and heart beating at a steady pace. You pulled away and looked up at him. I his heart had hurt seeing you cry, it now had shattered at seeing your tear stained cheeks and red, puffy eyes. All because of him. He pulls his hands up to your face and rubs his thumbs across your cheeks, in an attempt to smear the tear stains away. You sighed and closed your eyes at the touch. “How about we go to bed, hmm?” He asks quietly. All you do is nod, not having the energy to use your voice anymore.

You guys made your way to your shared room and settled into bed. You laid on your side, half expecting Corpse to lay down and face away from you like he had been doing the past few weeks. Corpse immediately wrapped and arm around your waist, pulling you as close as he could. You were shocked to say the least, but were beyond happy as you took in the faint smell of his cologne, overwhelmed by the feeling of security.

“I know now probably isn’t the time to ask this, but you know I love you right?” He slowly asks. It went silent for a few minutes. You didn’t know what to say. Of course you knew that deep down he loved you, but recent events caused you to feel otherwise. All you did was shrug in response. Corpse felt his heart drop again for the nth time that night. He took a deep shaky breath and continued on. “Well I do. I love you so much. More than what seems to be physically possible. I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit boyfriend these past couple weeks.” He pauses as he feels tears build up in his eyes.

“I have no excuse as to why I’ve been acting this way. I’m especially sorry that I’ve made you feel like I don’t love you because that couldn’t be any further from the truth. You really are the best thing that could have ever happened to me, Y/N. Not my music, not streaming, not the popularity, not the numbers, nothing. You are the love of my life and I can’t imagine life without you.” Silence filled the room again as you tried holding back the new forming tears. You tilted your head upwards and kissed his chin. He looks down and kisses your lips for the first time in weeks.

The kiss was filled with so many emotions. Sadness, frustration, and finally love. It lasted a good minute before you pulled away breathless. Corpse smiles sadly at you. “I love you.” He whispers, heart beating fast, waiting for your response. “I love you too.” You whispered back, leaning your head into his chest once again.

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