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eleplay · 5 years ago
piebutt replied to your post: “puptato replied to your post: “im just rambling abt trespasser [[MO...”:
all of the credit stuff w/ dalish made me think of the one line at the winter palace. 'please tell me you have more to go on than the elves were acting dodgy'. there's so much that bothered me with dai and playing as a lavellan deeeefs.....affected...that. (qunari and dalish. biowarb don't like em)
LMAO YEAH being a lavellan and being such a powerful figure but also like so cut off from like.. any of the other major groups of elves was such a :/ feeling. propped up as a figurehead in the midst of human chantry politics. who tf would you be without that special hand. wewh and trespasser made elves into Suspicious Groups and estranged you from them. i’m still like heartsore at the interaction you have with the elf who interacts with you when u first wake up at haven i think? like u couldn’t even try to find them later.
i admit i haven’t thought much abt how it would be to play as a qunari. i imagine.. p weird!!!! im really curious abt da4 and which races/classes will be available to play as
ytoti replied to your post “puptato replied to your post: “����[[MO puptato replied to your...”
You're gonna need a lot of milk and cookies! Those theories are really long and there are so many
yeah there are!! they’re very interesting tho thanks again for sharing them with me! i had to quit eating cookies tho my stomach was getting a lil grumpy lmfao
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tactician · 5 years ago
Poke, cherish, park? :>
Poke: What are your top 10 Pokemon?  OH THIS IS SO HARD!!! omg this list changes very frequently but, for now: fennekin, torchic, weavile, garchomp, glaceon, clefairy, nidoking, pyroar, sharpedo and skitty!!!
Cherish: What Pokemon do you love the most? it’s really hard to say  but, right now, i think fennekin is my absolute favourite! it’s just so cute ;~;
Park: If you could own any Pokemon, which one would you want and why? fennekin, since it’s my favourite! 
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entomancy · 6 years ago
“So here's my situation, for all the world to seeGone is my innocence, all that's left is meRising up, just to tear me downI can be your perfect stranger, but just not now.”
- Joe Bonamassa, "Dirt In My Pocket"
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dodostad · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Commission for Titta of their cool dwarf Warden and helpful bear friend!
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countthelions · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
Way back when when this picture was originally posted, I showed an interest in coloring it, and after finals kicked my butt I found some time color it! [detail shot one] [detail shot two] [alternate colors i discovered]
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eleplay · 6 years ago
Late meme answer, but the way all your drawings seem to tell a story? Your lines and sketches are so full of life and they feel so animated and full of feeling and energy that the first time I went through all your Dragon age art my eyes just welled up and I started crying? And the comics you make, woah so good. Potato and her relationships with the DA characters and other people's OCs are so precious.
uhmm hey i think it’s uh.. not allowed to send such sweet messages golly 😵. idk what to say.. TY.... i’m sorry you started crying, altho tbh i am perpetually crying. elf heck
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tactician · 6 years ago
!!! I'm so glad you liked my drawings! I keep getting distracted in class thinking about the tags you wrote and smiling happily while failing to listen to our teacher talk about zbrush, whhoops. But seriously, WG is amazing and those scenes were so much fun to draw!
I LOVED THEM SO MUCH, SERIOUSLY LIKE... I STILL CAN’T ARTICULATE HOW HAPPY THEY MADE ME. you really did a great job with them, you captured the mood of each scene perfectly ;_; i’m happy that you had fun with it because i LOVE THEM SO MUCH omg ;___; thanks once again!!!!!!
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vaniloves · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
:D I made a lil' ytoti
Isnt she adorable? :3
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ered · 8 years ago
anniilaugh replied to your photo: product of tonight’s stream so far…… yea, it’s...
yeah this one misses the fence and shit
ytoti replied to your photo: product of tonight’s stream so far…… yea, it’s...
Hmm, isn’t this the same file you uploaded earlier? Did you upload the correct file? The one in your stream looked more complete
ooops, indeed I did upload the wrong one ahaha 8D//
it's fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!
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ytoti · a month ago
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  ❀ ✿ ❀  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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