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I drew Kai cause I was bored

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Pshhh.. they always bully the token gay kid. Keiji is always shoving me in lockers. It’s because I’m gay and he’s not. He’s homophobi.

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“Fuck you my child is completely fine.”

Your child’s comfort character is Shin Tsukimi. 

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If you are in any of these fandoms please interact

Love Live

Mystic Messenger





Your turn to die

Obey Me

Please I am very lonely 

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guess who’s playing yttd ahaha.. I’m about to start chapter 3 part 1

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Shin: Shit, I got glass in my foot.

Sara: Oh man you better get it out.

Kanna: No, keep it. It livens up the place.

Sara, laughing: Shin’s foot is so boring.

Sara: Shin, if I had to say the top 10 most uninteresting things in the world, number one would be your foot that you have to shank with glass to get people to pay attention to it.

*no response*

Sara: …Shin, are you okay?

Kanna: Shin, please respond.

Shin: What would you do if I died of glassy foot and that was the last thing you ever said to me?

Shin: What if I got so angry I forgot that there was glass in my foot so I stomped it and the glass shot up to my brain and I died?

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im bored and tired of doing real work so i used my precious time on earth to colorize this little sketch of Mishima I found on his wikia page . do with it what Thou Wilt, it is transparent.

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Isheqhdjwia of course, nonnie! 💕💕🥺🥺 I now have the urge to protect you at all costs… I hope you don’t mind 👉👈

-Mod Ashy 💖

Keiji with a shy gamer s/o

Tw: None!

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—» smol shin sketches bc i love him

—» in my mind hes just a lil bean in love with keiji :pray:

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30. “Can you still sleep at night?”

AO3 link

Sara’s eyes shot open in the middle of the night, her torso practically rocketing from the bed as a heavy gasp escaped her. Another nightmare. The details of it were already hazy, but it was the third time she woke up tonight. There had to be some way around this. Some way to get to bed.

“How do you think you’re going to do that?”

Ah. She made the mistake of looking towards the source of the voice, a high school boy with holes pierced in his body, eyes sunken in to the point they weren’t even visible on his person anymore and a smile, all too wide for someone in such intense suffering, or just in general.

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Okay- This may sound dumb but I lowkey think Ibuki in the 10th year anniversary picture looks like memory dance girl from YTTD. Like there’s a few similarities but they lowkey don’t look like each other at all-

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I looked on the YTTD wiki and now I’m thinking about danganronpa, but it’s tainted and is only YTTD despite me having never actually seen the ame.

Fuck spoilers, the issue is when you begin merging games

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btw, I know it wasn’t intended at all but thank u @sou-ver-2-0 for the inspiration 👀


okay so basically how this design came to mind was the little thing in their post about how soup doesn’t really fit the sweet theme. I thought about what would be a good substitute aND I REMEMBERED THE CRANBERRY CANDY FROM STARDEW VALLEY AND I THOUGHT IT WAS PERFECT.

To give the design the look of a sweets beverage I placed a glassy texture and made the coat go down to his ankles. I added the cranberries as like a little crown accessory to balance out the teal and red (which I’ll most likely mess with a bit since I dont think it looks completely right yet). The light purple pants were only meant to compliment the colors and aren’t anything special. The heart replacing his eye was just a personal choice too lol

I messed with his personality a little bit to make him more evil. Normally he’s just like himself from when he was alive, but when he feels more sadistic he takes on an egotistical persona. His passionate outfit is meant to emphasis that.

I’ll be designing a black licorice Kanna floor master soon too :0

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Inspector Sara and Enforcer Keiji! Based on my Psycho Pass au on ao3!


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Kanna icons! These were pretty fun to make, although I would change one of the textures, looking back on it.

Use them as long as you don take credit for it.

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I feel like I’m having a crisis, is this what a beanie looks like???

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