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#yugi tsukasa
daikonsenpai · a day ago
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Tumblr media
AidaIro December 2021 Twitter PFP and Banner
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hania-chan · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So Tsukasa was the scribbled one
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under-the-cherrytree · 4 months ago
heya! i don't really understand what do you mean by not writing lgbtq but i'm requesting teru, hanako, and tsukasa with s/o who is innoncent and naive, someone could give them a flower on table and they will love it even go such as far take care of it. (in japanese A flower is typically placed on their desk after a student has died, but if they are still alive the action would mean that someone demands their death. ) headcannon with oneshot as well please! also, gn! (they/them pronouns as i'm prefer that way)
Hanako, Teru, and Tsukasa when someone leaves flowers on their s/o’s desk❣︎
Warning: Violence, talk about death, death, a bit of yandere like behavor, Tsukasa-
Anyways, enjoy and have a good day or night!
Tumblr media
Red roses symbolize true love, romance, and desire.
You walked into your classroom, holding onto your school back. When you approached your desk, you noticed a small red rose sitting on top of it. Putting your bag next to your desk, you took the flowers in your hand looking for a name but didn’t find anything. You heard small whispers around the classroom and concerned looks shot your way.
‘Who would get me this..?’ You asked yourself. Your frown quickly turned into a smile at the thought of Hanako placing the rose on your desk. You had like 10 more minutes till class so you could spare some time. You happily ran out of the classroom and to old school looking for your boyfriend.
“Hanako!” You opened the door of the bathroom to reveal a slightly shocked ghost playing cards with the mokke.
“Y/n, shouldn’t you be in class?” He asked, not angry that you were ditching class since he would prefer it.
“I have a few minutes to spare, so did you put the flower on my desk?” You smiled. Hanako’s eyes grew dark, as he opened his mouth slightly thinking about his next words to say. He knew what it means when someone gets flowers on their desk, especially when they are still alive. He knew you didn’t understand what this meant, you were quite naive.
“No, Y/n… I didn’t give you the flower.” He said, sadness leaking into his voice like poison.
“Really? Well could it be someone hitting on me… it doesn't have a message on it” You held the flower and examined it. Hanako didn’t say anything as he stood up and approached you. He looked down at the harmless flower as he grabbed the stem and softly pulled it out of your hands.
“Y/n,” He started as he placed the flower behind him, away from you to see. “People place flowers on desks of those who have passed but if someone places a flower on a desk of someone who hasn’t passed, it means they demand you die.” Your eyes widened to his words.
“Die… someone wants me to die..?” You asked, shakily hoping it wasn’t true.
“I’m afraid so…” Hanako trailed off but cupped your cheeks, hoping it would bring some kind of comfort. “Hey, don’t worry, kay? I will find whoever did this, it will be okay. You just go to class and Hakujoudai will watch over you, I will visit you in class shortly.”
You nodded and walked out of the bathroom. Hanako looked at the flowers, examining it’s pretty color. It made him sick that someone would think so low of a human's life to demand them to die. It was your life, which only made it worse. His gaze only grew darker as his thumb brushed on the one thorn poking out of the stem.
“I will make whoever gave this to you pay Y/n…” He said as he walked over to the window, opening it. He sat on the window seal as he continued to watch the flower dance around his finger tips before it fell and landed on the ground outside.
He wasn’t delighted by the fact someone is demanding your death
Hanako was quite determined to find this person and shorten their lifespan a few
Or just teach them a lesson…
He wouldn’t want to kill someone but he wouldn’t let them off easy ether
He didn’t really want to tell you that someone was wanted you to die
He was very sad to tell you and will comfort you instantly
He wouldn’t want you to fear for your life after he told you
So he’s here to protect you!
He will stick with you during class to make sure you are doing okay
He will also look around to see if he can find who gave you that flower
He wouldn’t tell you though
Because even if it’s a month after the incident and you are over it, he isn’t
He will even ask Tsuchigamori if he can find out who it is
If Hanako does find out who gave it to you
Protective Hanako
“So you’re the one who demanded Y/n’d death... lets chat a little shall we~”
And lets just say they are coming back to class with a couple cuts and bruises and a big fear/respect for you
Hanako wont make the rest of their life easy
He would haunt them and also have the Mokke steal their stuff
What can I say, he’s just trying to protect his flawless s/o
Tumblr media
Blue roses symbolize mystery and attaining the impossible.
You hummed as you walked down the halls to your class. You turned your head to see stares and whispering, which wasn’t that odd of a thing, the prince of the school was your bf so you were used to this but today was different. They looked almost sad, or disappointed, you couldn’t put your finger on it. You ignored it until you reached your classroom. You opened the door of the classroom to which you’re two good friends, Aoi and Nene turned to you with worried gazes.
“Good morning Aoi, Nene, did something happen?” You asked as you entered the classroom.
“Y-Y/n!” Yashiro stutters out “I’m sorry…”
“Sorry for what?” You tilted your head. Aoi then pointed to my desk which had a small blue rose laying on it.
“Oh!” Your eyes widened as you made your way over to the flower, picking it up and examining it.
“Hmm, could this possibly be some sort of confession? But everybody knows I’m dating Teru… and why a blue rose?” You put your finger to your chin, deep in thought. You knew it couldn’t be Teru since you walk to school with him each morning. It had to be someone else.
“Y/n, a rose on your desk means-” Yashiro was cut off when Aoi put her hand on her shoulder. Yashiro looked at the purple haired girl as she shook her head. Yashiro shut her mouth as she shakily nodded.
“Hey! What are you two whispering about!” You pouted “Do you know who gave me this or not?”
Yashiro quickly stood up, shaking her head frantically.
“N-no, sorry Y/n… we don’t know who placed the rose…” Yashiro smiled, which was obviously fake but Aoi’s smile looked like it had no worry behind it.
“Sorry Y/n.” Aoi chuckled.
“Alright then… I will take care of the rose, blue is a beautiful color after all!” You smiled “Aoi, can I use one of your pots or vases?”
“Sure,” Aoi walked over and handed you a small glass vase “Here! You can have it.”
“Thanks Aoi!”
You knew you had to tell Teru about this, which you were okay with. Teru trusted you and the rose didn't even have a label on it, so you couldn’t tell who it was anyways.
Once all your classes were over you rushed to the student council room with the glass vase and rose in hand.
“Teru!” You smiled as you slammed the door open.
“Hello Y/n!” Teru smiled at you.
“Good morning Akane-kun!” You smiled at the orange haired boy hummed in response.
“Look at this flower that I have Teru! Someone placed it on my desk this morning, I don’t know who… but Aoi gave me this vase to put it in!” You said, showing him the flower in it’s vase.
“Oh…” Akane groaned remembering the incident this morning.
“A flower on your desk?” Teru’s eyes darken but his smile stayed the same “It didn’t have a tag?”
“Nope!” You looked at the blue rose again “But I wanted to give it to you instead… Since I assume it was some sort of confession, I just wanted to say that I love you and not whoever gave me this… heehee kinda corny, sorry!”
“Not at all! I will happily take this rose, blue is my favorite color!” Teru placed the vase on his desk.
“Okay, well I have to get going, I told Yashiro I will walk home with her today! Bye Teru!!” You waved and ran out of the student council room.
Akane sighed, breaking the silence.
“You aren’t going to tell them?” He looked up at the older male.
“No, they don’t need to know.” He picked up the small glass vase. Removing the rose from it, he held onto it. As he walked to the window. He slowly poured the water out of the vase and onto some bushes outside. He smiled in amusement as he watched every last drop of water fall out from the glass container. He closed the window and threw the vase which Akane quickly caught.
“She said Aoi gave her this vase…” His eyes had stars in them. Teru glared at the boy before sitting down at his desk. He placed the flower on his desk, not getting in the way of his paperwork, so he could see it and he smiled. It was quite hard to tell, but that smile had more evil intentions behind it.
“Are you not made about this at all Teru-senpai? Someone wants Y/n to die…” Akane asked.
“Oh, a little.” Teru made eye contact with him “But I will ruin anyone who tries to hurt my darling~”
A bit of a yandere tbh-
Yandere Teru is honestly my favorite yandere of all time, he’s so underrated as a yandere
He becomes a bit protective over you
But you never noticed
He never even told you that someone wants you dead
He would never hurt you that way
He just wants to protect you
He does know that it can just be a jealous fan but that still doesn’t let them off the hook
If he finds who did it
Oh gosh
Teru will talk with them
A simple chat, no fighting
But this person will be a total outcast from now on
Like Teru will make sure whenever they step onto school grounds they step into hell
Teru will also mention that if they ever mention this to you, then they are in for a lot worse
Honestly, you never noticed
Tumblr media
Purple roses symbolizes love at first sight.
“But yeah, Sakura totally loves me~” Natsuhiko said. He talked about how much Sakura loves him for the 100th time this week… simp.
“Have you ever thought… she likes someone else-” You were about to finish your sentence until you noticed something on your desk.
“NOT LOVE ME?!?! Are you insane-” Natsuhiko was interrupted when you put your hand on his mouth.
“Shh, what’s that?” You looked at the flower that was sitting on your desk. Natsuhiko placed a hand on the back of his neck, playful smile turning onto a frown.
“Oh Y/n… I’m sorry…” He said concerned.
“Sorry? Why are you sorry? This rose is beautiful!” You picked up the small flower. “I don’t think I've ever seen a purple rose before!” He was shocked by your excitement.
“Why would someone place a rose on my desk… it makes no sense… Well whatever, class is about to begin so you should take your seat.”
He shrugged it off and just walked to his desk. You admired the rose for it’s unique color, as your fingers ran up it’s stem, making sure not to cut yourself with it’s thorn while you are at it.
Once the school day finally ended, you rushed to the broadcasting room with Natsuhiko.
“M’lady! We are here-” He was instantly met with a book to the face by none other than Sakura.
“Tsukasa! I have something to show you!” You walked around Natsuhiko’s lifeless body.
“Ooooo let me see!!!” Tsukasa matched your energy, as he jumped off the table and met you halfway in the broadcasting room.
“Okayokay!” You smiled “Tada!” You showed him the purple rose as his smile widened.
“A purple rose! I have never seen a purple rose before! Where did you get it??” He asked.
“I found it on my desk this morning! I don’t know who gave it to me tho…” You frowned makinging Tsukasa frown as well.
“On your… desk..?” Sakura turned to you, worriness in her soft gaze.
“Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?” You asked, but before Sakura could answer, Tsukasa grabbed your hands making you face him.
“Nothing at all! It’s such a nice flower, I wonder how they grow them!” He laughed.
“Guysss I’m still here…” Natsuhiko stood up, blood dripping down from his nose.
“Oh! Natsuhiko You have a bloody nose!” You pointed out.
“Maybe I threw the book at him too hard…” Sakura sighed.
“Y/n! You should take him to the nurse!” Tsukasa suggested.
“Oh, uhm, sure!” You rushed over to the simp boy, helping him up.
“Let's get you to the nurse!” You shut the door behind you and silence flooded the room.
Tsukasa’s grin only grew wider as Sakura looked at him concerned.
“You do know what this means right?” She asked.
“Of course I do!” He said in his normal childish tone “But I won't let anyone hurt my s/o!”
“Are you going to tell them what this means?”
“I see no point in that.” Tsukasa’s aura grew dark as he examined the purple rose.
“I will kill whoever gave this to them~” He said before squeezing the rose at the base, forcing the petals to fall to the ground. Sakura sighed, knowing there is nothing she can do when he is this way. He dropped the stem once all the purple petals had fallen.
“Clean this mess up…” He turned to the mokke, eyes pitch black. They quickly nodded and did as he said, picking every petal up and rushing away. Tsukasa sat on a table, smiling, waiting for you to come back.
“Tsukasa! Sakura! We're back!” You entered with Natsuhiko who was holding a box full of tissues. You ran up to Tsukasa, looking around for the flower.
“Tsukasa… where’s the rose..?” You softly asked as he patted your head.
“Sorry Y/n, the mokke took it!” He pointed at a group of mokke who looked more like they were in fear.
“Ohhhh of course they would steal it! It was such a pretty rose…” You sulked.
“Don’t worry Y/n! You are way prettier than that rose anyways~”
Hahaha yandere time
He is determined to find out who gave you that flower and kill them
It took him a while, but he will find them
Like he will show them no mercy-
There will be a missing student at your school
He will smear that mf’s blood all over the classroom
And once he’s done he will lay the rose petals all over his dead body
“This is what you get for wanting to corrupt my angle~”
Sakura knew that he killed him too, she just didn’t say anything.
Like she couldn’t, Tsukasa wouldn’t let her
He would never tell a word to you though
He doesn’t think its an important topic to bring up-
He will make sure no one does anything like that again
Even if he has to kill everyone in the school to confirm that.
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x0401x · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“He’s okay now! ‘Cause I made a wish that got him all better. From now on, he can run a lot, stay up late at night, go out on a rainy day and still be fine, and he’ll even be able to quickly get over colds. He can grow up too!”
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sirkuwibs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hehe got some Tsukasa fanart ヽ( „・▿・)ノ Already read through the newest chapter and I'm overly excited for the next one!
Tumblr media
Also I played around with some effects c:
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nyanrial · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This was for the @twinstarszine! Everone's works were so good, super happy to have been able to be a part of it!
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