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Originally posted by alchemicstars

Tea: I wish I couldn’t hear or read for just one day

Serenity: why would you ever wish for that? I was blind and it was terrible

Tea: I just wanted to see what it was like to only be able to look at Kaiba

Serenity: he’d still make that face tho

Tea: I could give him a good reason for making that face, as long as I couldn’t hear what he said.

Serenity: he would write a rude ass note too, if you couldn’t hear…

Tea: yes he would so reading would have to go

Serenity: he’d still find a way to insult you

Tea: (mock reporter voice) Seto kaiba! How did you come up with this new form of communication? Your genius has once again changed so many lives for the better.. what was your inspiration?

Serenity: (in Kaiba monotone) I had to tell Gardner to get ahold of herself and stop looking at me like I was a snack

Tea: I’d look at him like he was a 3 course meal. He wouldn’t know what hit him.

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Quarantine has caused me to watch Yugioh?? I got bored so I made a Yugioh/Steven Universe AU ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I tried to do the Stevonnie beach fusion scene, but their height difference made it super awkward
(Also I got Kaiba vibes from that one Yellow Diamond scene)

I hate Yugi’s hair

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So I’ve been rewatch Yugioh abridged and I decided to turn Magnus into a duelist. In this au, Jack’s the spirit that possess the main character in every series. And instead of it being Egyptian mythology it’s norse. Loki is Pegasus.

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The first episode of Sevens has aired in Japan and subtitles will likely be out in a few days. Get hyped Truth. Get hyped.

Oh, I am. I spent a good while looking for the episode before I realized it hadn’t aired yet XD

Here’s to a new Yugioh series! I can’t wait to see what kind of drama this new cast will get into!

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