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This is a sequel to my last Yumalia fic (x), inspired by a comment by ZekkKiray:  


Fun fact: I actually sped-wrote it the same day, but then realised it was kinda similar to one other story, so I decided to change it. Sorry it took so long. 

Yumalia, E


With falling water roaring around him, Yugo remember faintly the first time he bathed in the royal bathroom of the Sadida palace. He also remembered what was on his mind back then, and when he looked down, his fantasy became a reality.

As a fierce Sadida Queen, Amalia wouldn’t bow to anyone else, so the sight of her on her knees was a satisfying one, especially with her mouth sealed around his cock. She was bobbing her head back and forth, unabashedly slobbering all over his manhood in the most un-princess-like fashion, even letting his hands push the back of her head just so that she could feel him hitting her throat.

And it was precisely what Amalia wanted.

For the last ten minutes, Amalia was pleasuring her husband, making sure that not an inch of his cock would remain unloved, kissing licking and gently sliding her teeth across his delicate skin, just to stimulate him a bit more. The last year or so taught her exactly what he liked, so it was no surprise that Yugo’s knees became wobblier with each second of her oral treatment, and soon his voice started giving clear signs of his oncoming weakness.

With her heavenly, wet mouth around his cock and her frisky eyes fixed at him, Yugo couldn’t take it anymore. He cried Amalia’s name and spilled his cum, first inside her mouth, just so she can get his taste and smell, and then, as he pushed her head against his crotch, into her belly, to make it slightly easier for her.

With his head thrown to his back, he could suddenly understand what Amalia might be feeling right now, as water from the waterfall flooded his mouth, and only after about a solid minute, Amalia pushed herself from her husband’s cock, taking a much needed breath of air.

She waited for a while to make his senses come back to him, and when that happened, he found her standing next to him, with just one small glob of his cum clinging to her lips which she promptly swallowed.

- I didn’t spill any of it this time, did I?
- No, you didn’t. - Amalia smiled and kissed him, letting the water cool their heated bodies.

Just under a year ago, Amalia found Yugo, just a visitor back then, standing naked in her own bathroom, with his hand around his cock, spilling his seed while he muttered her name. And from that moment onward, Amalia made sure that every single drop of his essence would always belong to her. Though she joked at the time about her people treating every seed as sacred, it gave them many ideas on how to spice their bedroom life, with Yugo not wanting to enrage the wrath of the Sadida princess, or as he should call her now, Sadida queen.

As their kiss deepened, a thought reawakened inside Amalia’s mind, and when she let go of her lover, she decided it was perfect time to bring this up.

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Commissions are open!

Commissions are open! 10.00$ for a dragon and for a detailed drawing. 5.00$ for a character drawing #commission #commissions #commissionart #artistforcommission #artcommissions #artcommission #dragons #jojosbizarreadventure #hulk #ironman #stevenuniverse #petcommission #animals #fairytail #yurionice #art #artist #cartoons #pokemon #candygore #artformoney #avatarthelastairbender #dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballsuper

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Commissions are open! 10.00$ for a dragon and for a detailed drawing. 5.00$ for a character drawing #commission #commissions #commissionart #artistforcommission #artcommissions #artcommission #dragons #jojosbizarreadventure #hulk #ironman #stevenuniverse #petcommission #animals #fairytail #yurionice #art #artist #cartoons #pokemon #candygore #artformoney #avatarthelastairbender #dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballsuper

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C'est un nouveau mois qui débute!
Plusieurs nouveautés sur mon Patreon, dont des illustrations pour mon prochain sketchbook/ fanzine de wakfu, la continuité de mon webcomics Histoires d'auberge et autres petites illustrations. Je vous invite à y venir :)
Voici la page 4!

It’s the beginning of a new month!
Some news on my Patreon, such as illustrations for my next wakfu sketchbook/fanzine, new pages of my webcomic Inn’ stories and other illustrations. Come and join us! :)

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Omg my dudes. I have found ALL of my old yusriel art xD it is sooo bad omg xD i have actually gotten better at drawing them and im kinda proud of that xD


Friggin baby art from like 4 years ago i think xD i apparently drew asirel and chara alot back then xD i have more of these but this was the best looking one so this is the one im posting xP

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