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Babymetal Ask Game:

1. When did you become a fan?

2. Favorite album?

3. Favorite song on Babymetal (debut album)?

4. Favorite song on Metal Resistance?

5. Favorite song on Metal Galaxy?

6. Favorite Black Babymetal song?

7. Favorite Su-Metal solo song?

8. Favorite concert or performance?

9. Song you love to/would love to see performed?

10. Least favorite song?

11. Something you hope to see in Babymetal’s future?

12. Your “unpopular” (except you dont know if it is bcus the fandom here is small) Babymetal opinion?

13. Favorite thing(s) about Babymetal?

14. Unconfirmed assumption you have about Babymetal?

15. Favorite Babymetal picture?

16. Bonus: Say anything you want related to Babymetal!

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A Baby Metal edit because I have been eating chocolate and every time I do I think of Gimme Chocolate.

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Hi! Im Jenni I’m 21 and I’m a lesbian who loves Babymetal ☠🖤 I decided to make a side blog for Babymetal so I can find BM mutuals who arent creeps. I prob won’t be super active since it’s a blog only for BM, so if u want to actually get to know me I use @nnimmy as my main blog (but I follow from @leggingsbian )

Anyways here’s my carrd, pls read my byf: also if you’re a NSFW centered blog do not follow this BM blog!

See u!! 🤘

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Happy Black Babymetal Friday!

(Some are repeats, but I do have a few more different Black Babymetal pictures to edit! Also more to hunt for! The 2017 World Tour outfits are one of my favorite outfits they’ve worn. If you were wondering why, that’s why a lot of the edits are of them wearing these outfits.)


Yui and Moa love you!

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