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Tumblr media
Megumi and Yuji, Both Alone. 
Yuji and Megumi are not just each other’s best friends, they’re character foils, mirror images. Their foiling throughout the manga is so well thought out that after being seperated in the Culling Game, even the fights they’ve both gotten into alone have had both of their actions, Yuji and Megumi’s mirroring one another. As I will explain below by breaking down the Higuruma vs Yuji fight, and the Megumi vs Reggie fight. 
1. Individual vs Team Sport
Before even touching upon the Reggie and Higuruma fights, I want to point out that Yuji and Megumi’s motivations have somewhat flipped since the time they first met each other. When they first met, it was Megumi who only viewed himself as a cog in the machine, whereas Yuji was obsessed with using his powers to save people. 
Tumblr media
Originally, it was Yuji who only cared about saving people without focusing on the big picture of viewing Jujutsu Sorcerers just as cogs meant to eradicate curses. Now, Megumi is the one who is focused on saving Tsumiki to the exclusion of all else, while Yuji only views himself as a cog in the machine. 
If Yuji believed his powers were for saving and Megumi was just doing his job eradicating curses, except for the few times when he chose to save someone selfishly. Now it’s one of those times where Megumi’s priority is saving, whereas Yuji is just doing his job as a cog in the machine, which was originally Megumi’s rationale he came up with to justify his harsh decisions in his life as a sorcerer. 
The reason for their change in attitude is the Shibuya arc, and the arc just before it. The fight with Mahito, losing Nanami and Nobara right after letting Sukuna go is what made Yuji break down and lose his sense of ego and only want to be a cog in the machine to ensure he wouldn’t hurt more people after letting Sukuna escape once. Whereas, Megumi has gone on the opposite path, he’s been encouraged by Gojo, and also the circumstances around him (meeting Toji and watching him rampage, letting Mahoraga loose in Shibuya) to unleash more and more of his power and come into his own as a sorcerer. 
Tumblr media
Before Shibuya, Gojo analyzed that Yuji was an individualist who swang for the fences, while Megumi was someone who intentionally sacrificed himself, or belittled himself in order to cooperate with other people. Yuji was the one who wasn’t afraid to be selfish, while Megumi forced himself to play down both his ability and power in order to appear selfless. Now, it seems like they’ve flipped, Megumi is the one swinging for the fences so to speak, developing his sorcerer powers and going all out fighting alone as an individual, while Yuji is the one who’s afraid to be selfish, because he blames himself for letting Sukuna go during the Shibuya incident he’s no longer treating Jujutsu Sorcerery as an individual sport and is now fighting it as a team sport by seeing himself as just one cog in the machine. 
2. Strength vs Weakness. 
Tumblr media
Before touching on the actual fights I want to cover one more thing for context. I think part of the reason why Yuji and Megumi have such opposite attitudes to the Culling Game, is that they both react to the guilt of being complicit in Sukuna’s rampage in different ways. Yuji feels guilty as an individual because it was his weakness that allowed Sukuna to rampage. Megumi, however, is able to much more easily rationalize the guilty. I’m not saying Megumi doesn’t feel guilty, or that he's a worse person than Yuji for feeling that way. Megumi just responds to his own emotions differently. 
Megumi states we don’t have the luxury of thinking about ourselves, and no one can truly judge us. This is in line with Megumi’s earlier thinking, the world is an unfair place, there’s no true right and wrong, and therefore I’m only going to use my own judgment to decide. Yuji however, seems to believe in some kind of right and wrong which trumps his own judgment and therefore judges himself much harsher than Megumi does. It’s because they both have this different way of viewing the Shibuya incident, that explains their actions further in the Culling Game. Yuji bases everything off of what he thinks is an objective standard or right and wrong he has to measure himself against, and Megumi goes off of what his personal idea of right and wrong is. 
Now, moving past that the first thing I want to point out that Yuji was handed a situation that seemed much more appropriate for Megumi, Higuruma who wanted to talk out the difference between right and justice in our society something Megumi thinks deeply about. WHereas, Megumi got invited into a trap that turned out into an all out brawl, which is a situation that Yuji was prepared for more than Megumi. 
Tumblr media
Megumi starts by trying to talk to and get information out of an opponent who is clearly just setting him up for an ambush, because that’s how Megumi usually operates. 
In other words, if Megumi had been sent to Higuruma he probably would have been able to talk things out, while if Yuji was sent to Reggie, he would have started out swinging without asking questions and wouldn’t have gotten surrounded and trapped. 
One more thing is they both get led to the fight, Yuji is led there by someone he knows, and Megumi is led there by a complete stranger. The young thug who Yuji once beat up leads him to the right place, but doesn’t stay with him. Reimi leads Megumi into a trap, but Megumi still makes an effort to stay with her and protect her, until she turns on him and disappoints him at which point he abandons her. Their interactions with these people are opposites as well, Yuji’s is mostly positive, whereas Megumi’s is mostly negative. Yuji also gets a solo fight against HIguruma whereas Megumi is ambushed by multiple people at once. 
A big difference is their attitude going into these fights, Yuji is someone who deliberately wants to avoid killing, whereas Megumi has already made up his mind to play the game and earn points by killing before Reimi even betrays him to Reggie. 
Tumblr media
After entering their fights Yuji and Megumi’s opposite views on killing, come out in the middle of their battles. Yuji confesses to Higuruma his guilt at being the cause of Sukuna’s rampage in Shibuya, because he was too weak and lost the fight against Choso which allowed Sukuna to take control in the first place. 
Yuji almost holds too much responsibility for the people he’s killed. The only ones he’s willingly killed are those who he didn’t have a choice, Mahito’s transfirgured humans, and Eso and Kechizu who Yuji didn’t know were his own two brothers. In both cases, Choso says he’s not responsible for it, Kenjaku is for tricking him and that if Eso and Kechizu knew Yuji was their brother they would understand because that’s how brothers are. Even for Sukuna’s rampage in Shibuya, Higuruma tries to explain to Yuji that he’s not responsible for it because he was unconscious at the time, and wasn’t in control, and he didn’t even abandon that self control voluntarily. However, even if he’s not technically responsible Yuji still holds himself responsible which is why I say he takes too much responsibility. 
Megumi however is the opposite of this he rationalzies himself too much. Before he even got into the fight, he was justifying that he might have to kill people to earn one hundred points. During the fight against Reggie, Megumi goes for the kill in the situation where he doesn’t have to while the opponent is down, and quickly rationalizes that he was killing that person for Tsumiki’s sake and therefore doesn’t need to feel bothered by it. After killing, he refers to this as just waving away any sparks that fly in his way. Reggie encourages Megumi that he has to fight to kill if he’s serious about the Culling Game, and Megumi takes that advice and begins fitting seriously. The same way that Yuji stops fighting against Higuruma, when Higuruma empathizes with him and shares his guilt for killing people, which causes the fight to de-escalate.
Tumblr media
The fights themselves even follow opposite trajectories. Yuji attacks, Higuruma uses domain expansion, Yuji who can’t use domain expansion fights back until HIguruma decides to talk to Yuji instead. 
Reggie attacks Megumi, Megumi fights back and uses domain expansion against Reggie. Megumi then traps Reggie and uses his domain expansion to finish him off. 
Megumi uses domain expansion, Yuji’s opponent uses it against him. Megumi ends his fight by overpowering his opponent, Yuji wins his fight by talking his opponent down. 
There is one more way in which they are opposites, and it’s the way their opponents see them after the fight ends. At the start of the fight, Reggie says that Jujutsu Sorcerers are all con mans telling Megumi how he tricked him into an ambush. 
Tumblr media
Reggie begins the fight in earnest by saying that a sorcerer is nothing but a con artist, and then at the end of the fight when Megumi has successfully tricked him by pretending that Divine Dog was taken out much earlier in order to summon it to deal the killing blow, Reggie acknowledges Megumi as a sorcerer and therefore a con artist. 
Megumi’s victory is achieved by him lying. He first lures Reggie into he gym with domain expansions as a trap, then successfully deceiving him with Divine Dog. This means that despite the fact that they seem like opposites, Reggie finishes the fight by acknowledging that Megumi is like him, except he’s a better liar, and a better con artist. 
Tumblr media
This fits well with Megumi’s character, because he’s all about self deception. It’s what Gojo originally called out during the baseball game, Megumi always plays himself down and pretends to be weaker, less emotional, less threatening than he really is. Yuji would probably never imagine that Megumi could be this ruthless, and Megumi even waits until Yuji is not around to begin fighting seriously and killing to get up to one hundred points. Whereas, Yuji’s fight is won by honesty. 
Tumblr media
Yuji convinces Higuruma to back down by confessing to his crime. Rather than tricking his opponent he is straightforward and tells the truth, not just confessing to the domain expansion but opening up about the guilt and responsibility he feels for killing others. 
THis causes Higiruma to open up to Yuji in turn. Higuruma begins the fight by saying that killing people who ticked you off, feels better than expected. At the end of the fight he confesses is true feelings, killing people feels awful and he feels guilt and wants to atone for that fact but doesn’t know how. 
However, I wouldn’t say that Yuji comes off as the better person during this fight. If these fights were a test both of them failed. Yuji failed to recruit Higuruma all the way as an ally, and Megumi resorted to killing Reggie when that wasn’t the best option moving forward. 
The reason why they both failed is also because of a fundamental difference between them, and that’s their attitude towards weakness. Yuji sees weakness in himself and because of that he tends to be self loathing, and blame himself too much. 
Because of that fact he can’t save Higuruma from his own self loathing and convince him to be an ally, because what is Yuji going to say, he is just as self loathing as Higuruma is. He blames himself unnecessarily the same way Higuruma does. Yuji wins the fight but fails to overcome that flaw. Yuji cant’ overcome it, because while Yuji forgives weakness in other people, he doesn’t forgive any weakness in himself. 
Tumblr media
Whereas, Megumi is the opposite. Megumi points his hatred and blame towards other people. Megumi doesn’t feel the weight of the responsibility for taking a life, or even for the Shibuya incident the way that Yuji does. 
Tumblr media
Megumi looks down on the weakness in other people, as shown in his reaction to the way he reacts to Reimi’s dependence on others to survive in a situation like this. 
It’s not that Megumi is unkind. Tsumiki herself said that Megumi’s kindness is the way he doesn’t forgive other people for the bad things they do, because he believes forgiving them will just allow them to keep going bad things over and over and they need to be held responsible. Megumi’s perspective is just different from Yuji’s and both of their perspectives are flawed. 
Yuji holds too much responsibility in himself, and can’t forgive himself while forgiving other people easily. Megumi forgives himself pretty easily, while not taking responsibility, which allows him to start sliding on his morals and do shakier and shakier things. While Yuji is purposefully limiting his own agency by viewing himself as a cog in the machine, because he’s too self loathing, and too guilty, to think for himself and act on his own good intentions anymore. Megumi however for the first time is coming into his power precisely because he’s able to rationalize himself and hold himself more responsible and is further developing his technique. However, at the cost of that, Megumi is also failing to make allies and becoming a more jaded version of himself. 
It’s like while separated from each other and without each other in the culling game, Megumi and Yuji may be developing into stronger fighters when they’re alone, but they need each other to grow as people. 
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*On an out of town mission*
Y/n: "Hold on, I just got a text"
Yuji: "Oh? From who?"
Y/n: "Gojo, he probably has a question, hes watching my cat while I'm out of tow- OH GOD
Yuji: "What? Hey! Where are you going?!?!
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Tumblr media
% ㅤbest friend!yuuji who apparently has nothing to do most of the time as he spams your phone with various messages and pictures to check up on you and how you are.
% ㅤbest friend!yuuji who, whilst you’re doing some work, will make it his job to annoy and try to distract you (and you almost always allow him to do so).
% ㅤbest friend!yuuji who, no matter what mood you’re in, will drop whatever he’s doing to make sure that you’re okay and that you’ve been taking care of yourself in the five hours you haven’t seen each other.
% ㅤbest friend!yuuji who would do anything for you at any time — no matter if you two have had a recent argument or if, for some reason, you are refusing to talk to him (you wouldn’t tell him but you would do the same).
Tumblr media
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— 𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐢. | 𝐲𝐮𝐣𝐢 𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: 逢魔が時 (oumagatoki): is a japanese term that refers to the time of sunset/twilight, when the sky grows dark. can also mean the time of yōkai yūrei or the great calamity.
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: oral (f. receiving), descriptions of “horror” scenarios, nipple play
𝐚/𝐧: this is part of @vlyntage 1k collab. (now 1.7k congrats baby) i hope you enjoy baby mwah <3
Tumblr media
Yuuji notices that he was once again lost in his thoughts when a jolt of wind makes him realize that his gaze was static on the foreign city he just left. There is something about the whereabouts that catches his attention, although he does not know exactly what is the charm of that place that makes him remain mesmerized to contemplate it indefinitely.
The fleeting moment of rambling ends and the reddening of the sky from the sunset in front of him is moments away from meeting the darkness of night — the hour is about to begin. The fear of the deepening darkness becomes more latent and his agitated footsteps quicken to reach his lonely home. The sun is creeping behind the previously passed whereabouts; despite this, white clouds are still hovering in the twilight sky. If he were not afraid of the fascinating and haunting darkness, he would have stayed to contemplate them until the last moment.
He tries to ignore it as he walks, but he can’t help but notice that his throat has gone dry and his breathing is starting to hitch because of the time and place where he is picking up his pace.
He reaches the river that flows cleanly and puts an end to the stop to let him pass the trees that spread out on the other side. He has realized that he is exhausted; his feet emaciated by a stabbing pain that makes every step he takes resemble that of nails burying themselves in them and the surroundings of his calves being pounded by heavy hammers, burning inside. The inside of his throat is no different from the same sensations — every time he breathes through his mouth it reverberates in his lungs and hurts so much that he thinks they will dry up and pulverize inside his chest.
A big rock is a few steps in front of him, a bit away from the shore. Still with uncertainty, seeing that the sun is almost finished setting, it is his body that falls limp on the rock, the grass is just as cozy as his futon and if he were not so tired, he would like to roll on it to prepare his heavy and aching body for a deep sleep. Red camellias are scattered all over the place, being fed by the water that the land absorbs from the river.
You almost feel sorry for the handsome young man. A total waste for what will happen to him next. The trees cover your presence. The sky gives off a combination of violet and orange hues that merge cleanly, a sign that twilight has already set the tone for you to come out of hiding, as do the various creatures that float, crawl and walk everywhere, though their presence is not as strong as yours.
Yuuji wakes up again. When he opens his eyes slowly it seems that the sun makes a mirage form, seeing the village as if a lake was in front of it. For a moment he falls victim to exhaustion and is relieved to see that the sun has not yet set. He is leaning against the rock. Before standing up, he thunders his back to put all his bones back in place and massages the back of his neck, discovering that the aches and pains have disappeared from his body.
Still confused, he finally stands up to find out if it is not something he is dreaming. The pain in his legs is gone, as is the tiredness he was suffering from just a few moments ago. It seems unreal — like a spring daydream that was about to begin and, as expected, despite Yuuji's naive nature, he already begins to sense that there is something... strange and unsettling in the aura — something spectral.
Just as he plucks up the courage to look around, a soft voice from across the river begins to hum an inauspicious lullaby, could it be death itself? No... those angelic and fascinating tunes cannot belong to it.
His head turns and he looks towards the place where the voice is coming from — rather the person — a mysterious woman. She is dressed in rags, her head is crestfallen and her battered hair is dragging on the floor. She is most likely lamenting something; there is a deep regret in her chanting that makes Yuuji mesmerized by these, by something that made him awaken a sudden desire within himself upon hearing the melodious voice.
He can't help it. Once the woman goes a few steps ahead of him, he hurried to follow her, not caring that she’s on the other side of the river — almost not caring that she’s dyeing the ground vermillion red with every step she takes, attracting lonely men like him.
Oh, poor thing.
You suddenly. You are thirsty and rest by the river. You bring crystal clear water to your lips and sip it. Yuuji is just watching, you know he is. He should be hurrying home; but... what would await that lonely boy who fears the world he lives in? Loneliness is the best dream companion he can have at night, even if he doesn't remember what he dreamed.
The mirage of the foreign land becomes more evident, like the clouds that seem to cry for the coming of the night, the specters wandering the whereabouts, in search of dreams and frightened children of the dark. Frogmen outrage the bodies of spider women already dead, the fetuses of unborn birds writhe on the ground, and little demons the size of children dance and float through the sky.
And it’s a pity Yuuji is missing it, because he is concentrating on the small amount of rags covering the body of the young woman, who smiles at him. A terrifying and disturbing smile, but one that makes him want to approach her. And, as if he knew you were calling him, you dive into the river and your hair floats in the water like little eels.
He swallows saliva. It was the first time he was engaged in a situation like this and an erection forms beneath the fabric of his fundoshi. He looks at you dumbfounded, not because your body was not wet with water, but because of your emaciated beauty that excites him and makes the latent desire for human contact quicken his impressionable heart and mind.
You say nothing and only move closer, just like a curious creature finding a new toy. A young man with such a vulnerable mind — those are the easiest to attract.
He is already mesmerized by your presence and he proves that by kneeling down to shyly climb with his long trembling hands up the rags of your body, finding your naked pussy with no garments covering it, no modesty on your part. He blushes a little as it is the first time he sees the intimate part of a woman, but he does not look away from your anatomy even for a second.
He caresses your hips before opening it with his two thumbs. He looks at your clitoris and the shape of your labia, running a finger along the slit, which is starting to moisten. He closes his eyes as he uses the tip of his tongue, tentatively touches your pearl, meeting you with a sweet taste, literally. A red berry-like taste that makes him bring his mouth closer.
His mouth is stained with a red juice that at first you mistake for menstruation. Are you menstruating? He asks, still tasting the red liquid. The question is answered when he sees how from all parts of your body small red fruits sprout from it, finding that they are also blooming in your pussy. It is the suction of his mouth that causes them to explode and he can drink from it. He is literally devouring you.
Your legs tremble with pleasure and you fall into the soft grass. The camellias have wilted and spill their red color on the ground, Yuuji has lost the sense of time, space and logic to realize that; he is concentrating on gulping down the red nectar, while berries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries bloom from your body. It spreads your legs wider to feast like a hungry animal — he doesn’t let the juice spill out it licks up every last drop that's left, repeating the process.
It's so overstimulating. It’s the first time you’ve let a man use your body; you always let them use you to satiate their repressed lust, but he seems to be the one seeking to please you — the way he strokes your hips up and up your legs, up and up to go as far as his modesty will allow.
His fingers bump against the red berries as he moves upwards. It is you now who succumbs to the handsome young man who sucks, tucks and licks with his tongue and mouth together all over your pussy and clit. You bite down on one of your fingers and your body writhes on the grass. You have never been so vulnerable.
When his appetite is sated, before you reach orgasm, he stops. With a curious look, he crawls up to you like a cat and undoes the fundoshi, keeping his eyes on your eyes, so you feel his cock brushing close to your entrance. Fruits fall from your body and create more thanks to the excitement.
He has incredible strength, otherwise, you can’t explain how he has shed the tattered fabrics, freeing your breasts. A variety of berries cover them and Yuuji can’t help but bring his face close to them as he settles in to thrust his cock into your slick, sticky walls.
You gasp and Yuuji speeds up his onslaught as he eats the berries coming out of your breasts, alternating on each side. His long hands cup your breasts and his fingers play with your nipples. His hips collide and the sounds they make are muffled by the spot. The friction of his girth fills you all over and you think now is the perfect time to own his soul and kill him in his dreams.
But God... It’s like he knows where to push his thick shaft. It’s so big that it's perfectly grazing your outraged, wet pussy. His tongue circles your nipples. He pulls a tit into his mouth just to keep it there, drooling and tasting the juice of the blackberries, strawberries and raspberries the more they grow and wait to be devoured.
Yuuji has never felt his legs as shaky as they are right now. He is fucking a demon woman mercilessly, more because of the ecstasy that has gathered all over his body and unleashed with the sensual body around him. He can't satiate his hunger for you.
Just when he feels that he is already close....
“Mommy! Mommy! Look, there’s a man there asleep on that rock.” A little boy points to Yuuji’s limp body.
The woman goes running behind the boy and when she’s assure he’s still fine, he closes it to her body, ignoring what he said to her before.
“I’ve told you not get away from me at this hour, Take.” Then she looks at Yuuji, still holding by the hand her children.
“Oh my God,” she whispers to herself before kneeling next to try to wake him up using her hand, “Hey, young man.”
Yuuji snorts and finally open his drowsy sleepy eyes, looking at the pair. The children is ignoring the fact of why her mother is hurrying and the fear on her eyes when she watches him.
“You fell asleep at this dangerous hour. You should hurry to get your home.”
And as the words came of her mouth, she passes the river, that it’s not that deep with her children.
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ItaFushi NobaMaki mlm/wlw solidarity
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“It’s okay.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen // Episode 1
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen + YouTube comments
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Tumblr media
Yuji's on bag duty again while Nobara drags Fushiguro around the stores
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hshrm · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dailyanime · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♫・゚: *
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Tumblr media
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letstalkaboutshtufff · 19 hours ago
I need more platonic Fics of teacher gojo and his students. Like imagining him taking the students out for food when Nobara first came was adorable. I wanna see teacher Gojo being protective, being worried, I want it all. Too bad like all the gojo x student fics are 18+ and smut heavy, like nooo wheres the fluffy platonic shit😂
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Tumblr media
I feel like this is an accurate depiction of their dynamic, right?
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Don't you just love found precious but annoying family tropes?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Megumi + the Yuji Teddy bear
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Tumblr media
this was basically itafushi in ch. 160
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*completely ignores shibuya arc* HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUGISAKI
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jujutsu kaisen once said
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ 【灸場メロ】 「 呪術廻戦 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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