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#yukako yamagishi
idiotsticc20 hours ago
Yukako Yamagishi. I have a hard time drawing women. Sorry.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tr4shc0rea day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yukako algo simple para practicar
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vriskasbrother3 days ago
jojo characters that would read homestuck
dio but only in part 1
Caeser, he thinks he's so smart because he can understand the plot
kars, no comment
Kakyoin, he kins dirk
jotaro, kakyoin made him and he cosplayed equius
Yukako, she kins Vriska and roxy
Rohan, no comment
Mikitaka, was in homestuck
Fugo, he has fights with people online about alternian culture, ships, quadrants, character analysis, the timeline, and more. Kins rose and dave
Giorno, he knew fugo liked it and thought it would be a good workout for his brain, regrets it
narancia, has not read homestuck but watched summary videos and learned about it through fandom
secco and cioccolata, no comment
Doppio, he likes it a lot but it was mental torture for diavolo
jolyne, Jotaro told her not to read it
anasui, kins equius and eridan
I want to say weather but I'm not sure
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transjosukehigashikata4 days ago
Tumblr media
when the. when the impostor is sus.
Koichi, eyes closed and tired: Such a long day... You guys mind if I vent for a bit?
Hazamada, out of nowhere: Like in among us.
Everyone looks at Hazamada with varying degrees of disgust- Yuya even moves away from him, and Hazamada sweats in nervousness.
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thatsthetriick4 days ago
How would Jjba characters survive a Slasher with their s/o?
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Mentions of death, blood, murder, attempted murder, getting wounded and hurt, moreover other violent actions or any violence, and also soft swearing hehe. Context: You're either in a random mansion/part of Morioh where you and other victims and the joestars and other characters attempt to survive the massacre in your area/house/room. How would they react?
Tumblr media
Jotaro Kujo 鉁 He would most likely be the one to check the area, for example if the lights went off or a noise is heard in a separate room/area he would be the one to check it and would tell everyone to stick in a group. 鉁 Younger Jotaro would probably tell you to fuck off but Jotaro part 4 wouldn鈥檛 mind you tagging along but he does shield you and you just mostly follow him around while the two of you look for clues.聽 鉁 When there鈥檚 danger nearby he鈥檒l yell for you to not do anything and get back and retreat and to not attack at all and let him do the work ( like what he did with koichi while they had their first encounter with kira). 鉁 Jotaro would be pissed off once the attacker gets away, he鈥檒l try to chase them but he鈥檒l be cautious and be careful everytime he enters a room/street/area since there is a possibility of traps and he would remind you to do the same. 鉁 He would protect you when the attacker is targeting you only and attack the attacker immediately and afterwards would probably force you to stay in the group after that encounter. 鉁 He wouldn鈥檛 doubt anyone but he will still on guard and observe everyone with how they act. 鉁 When you get wounded by the killer he鈥檒l quickly tell you to move back and retreat as he handles it, he rarely gets hurt or wounded by the killer. Josuke Higashikata 鉁 He would most likely be in a group with Rohan, Koichi, Okuyasu, Yukako, Yuya, Mikitaka and you. 鉁 There鈥檚 also a slight possibility that he鈥檒l split up with the group and end up with Okuyasu only as everyone finds clues and tries to survive. If there鈥檚 any hint of a attacker he would immediately follow him without knowing the consequences. 鉁 The more victims that get brutally murdered the more he鈥檒l get angrier moreover determined to find the killer more, he slowly gets serious and more protective with his friend and the stricter he gets with his commands. 鉁 When he sees you get attacked or witness you almost get murdered he would be angry and quickly use his stand to chase the killer off, his heart breaks at the thought of you becoming one of the murderer鈥檚 victims 鉁 He would never doubt his close friends but stand users that he encountered before that attacked him would probably be a suspect in his list and would be careful around them and wouldn鈥檛 make it obvious he鈥檚 on to them. 鉁 If you鈥檙e wounded by the attack he鈥檒l quickly patch you up and though he sucks at comforting you he still tries. He also gets a few聽 attacks from the killer himself. Koichi Hirose 鉁β犫淥-oh, you wanna join us?鈥 he would say as he scratches the back of his neck 鉁 He doesn鈥檛 mind you joining him, he would most likely be with Yukako though but it鈥檚 better to stick together and be with someone in times like this, he would tag along with Jotaro or Josuke if he spots them in the house/area, and would talk about the killers and clues and hints they鈥檝e got so far. 鉁e鈥檚 too kind to doubt anyone in his friend group is the killer, even old enemies they鈥檝e encountered before he would never consider them as a suspect which could be a weakness to him. 鉁 Unlike Josuke he鈥檚 pretty much scared of this killer but he is also determined to put an end to this mess and would never get his fear get over him but that doesn鈥檛 mean that he鈥檚 scared from time to time especially when he鈥檚 alone with you or by himself which is rare. 鉁 If he sees you almost get attacked by the killer he would let out his stand immediately, and though he is scared he will try to track down the killer, though he is quite clumsy and when he鈥檚 chasing the killer he forgets the possbility of traps around the area. 鉁 It will be very RARE for Koichi to get hurt especially when Yukako would be with him 24/7, she鈥檒l probably defend him and protect him so that he wouldn鈥檛 get hurt, if he鈥檚 alone with you he鈥檒l probably take a few hits but you鈥檒l also eventually protect him. Okuyasu Nijimura 鉁 Okuyasu probably lighten the mood a lot for you, whenever he does something stupid you find it funny and he wouldn鈥檛 take it personally as well. He鈥檇 probably joke to Josuke about you and compliment you to Josuke and you would overhear these convos, usually Josuke would just tell him to make a move already. 鉁 He would probably notice if you鈥檙e way behind, he always likes looking back at the group and he would be the one to see if you鈥檙e way behind due to you seeing a clue or seeing something else and he would usually be the one to get your attention, with an聽鈥淥i鈥 or something. That way the group rarely splits up accidentally. 鉁 He鈥檇 help Josuke find clues and he would most likely be the ones to find them and Josuke to be the one to put the pieces together. 鉁 If he sees you being attacked he won鈥檛 hesitate and wouldn鈥檛 even call Josuke and would quickly attack, though he wouldn鈥檛 follow the killer and would just prioritize you, and though you all lost track of the killer it was fine to him since you are safe. 鉁 He will most likely take a lot of hits and wounds from trying to attack the killer especially when he does things solo. Yukako Yamagishi 鉁 You would see her following Koichi or besides Koichi, and both of them would find clues together, and she doesn鈥檛 mind you tagging along and would protect you as much as she does to protect Koichi, to her you were honestly just a chill person not a competition just a good friend to both of them. 鉁 She is quiet but whenever she senses something wrong she would bring up to the both of you or would attack the threat that she senses. 鉁β Aya Tsuji would probably hang around with you and Koichi and Yukako, this is probably because she only knows Yukako and no one else in the whole group. Yukako would be annoyed at her presence and would speak passive agressive to Aya so that she may get the hint to back off and to stop following them, but Aya doesn鈥檛 obviously take this personally. 鉁 If she sees you get hurt or get attacked by the killer she鈥檒l immediately attack from afar and would follow him along with Koichi and she鈥檇 suggest to the both of you to inform the rest of the group of what happened. 鉁 She鈥檒l most likely get a lot of hits by trying to protact Koichi and you, but in the end she鈥檒l just get healed up and get fixed up after the attempted attacks. Rohan Kishibe 鉁 If this man sees you or Koichi he鈥檒l immediately stick around, but mostly he鈥檒l go with Koichi. He鈥檒l start conversations with Koichi and start stating on how this whole event will be great for a new chapter of his manga or a different separate brand new manga. 鉁 He is very straightforward with everything and if he sees something he鈥檒l for sure remember it and the details of it, he鈥檒l probably also randomly start sketching about details or the clues themselves for future references. 鉁 If he sees something he鈥檒l quickly follow it but he鈥檒l most likely fall into a trap and get hurt, same whenever he sees you get attacked, he鈥檒l try to chase of the killer and will probably fall into a trap but he鈥檒l always find a way to get out of it. 鉁 He is a bit mean to you during the whole time since he鈥檚 a tsundere, moreover he鈥檒l be attacked the most and be the one who gets hurt the most since he can be eaisly lured into a trap because of curiosity. Yoshikage Kira 鉁 Let鈥檚 face it, he is the slasher killer of this movie, and he would obviously act like an innocent bystander, and a good one at that, he鈥檚 really good at playing innocent and covering his tracks. 鉁 But if he gets hurt? or someone htis him he鈥檒l start panicking because he鈥檒l try to find a way to cover up the wound and the evidence, he鈥檒l also start getting worried when people are on to him, he stresses out and acts more nervous but still maintains his image as a innocent office worker who got caught up in this situation. 鉁 He would most likely target you because you either know something or he likes your hands, and he鈥檒l attempt to get rid of you if you know too much or manage to get into information that immediately points out to him, thus why his attempted attacks on you. 鉁 He plays smart so he鈥檒l find ways to lure everyone in traps especially with his bomb object traps, he鈥檒l mostly use that a lot and mostly on important evidence. He won鈥檛 get hurt that much since he plays smart. 鉁 He will eventually reveal himself if he gets cornered by everyone else.
Tumblr media
Would you survive a slasher? Thanks for reading! Feel free to request! :3
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ifchaoswashuman4 days ago
DIU Characters Embarrassing Secrets H/C
Josuke: Believed the "Stork in the Cabbage Patch" story until he was 15. He only found out in school and was so embarrassed he ditched for the rest of the day.
Okuyasu: Ate an entire canister of fish food and enjoyed it, deeply. Sometimes he buys small packages just to sample now and then.
Koichi: Accidentally wore his sisters underwear to school for an entire day .
Yukako: When she was a child she wandered into a mens bathroom, and was stuck there for four hours until a janitor kicked her out.
Rohan: Has no shame for any of his actions (even though he really should).
Reimi: Thought that Prince and Jimi Hendrix were the same person until after her death
Hazamada: where do i fucking begin
Akira: In a high school production of Phantom of the Opera, he played the female lead because the actress got sick and he was the only other person with a high enough vocal range
Tonio: When he first traveled away from Italy, he had not studied any other language. He asked a waiter if he could add lesbians to an order. He was thinking of raisins.
Funygami: The first time he ever tried to flirt with a girl, he used the "Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten-i-see ;)" He has never slept easy afterwards.
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kai-queen5 days ago
DIU as pick up lines
Do you happen to have a band-aid? Because i scraped my knees falling for you.
Are you Stacy's mom? Because you've got it going on.
I think im lost, can you give me the directions to your heart?
If i had a dollar for every time i thought of you, i'd have a dollar. Because you never leave my mind.
Do you have a pencil? Cause i want to erase your past and write our future.
Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?
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incorrect-jojo-quotes6 days ago
[Before Koichi and Yukako鈥檚 wedding]
Okuyasu: Wow, Yukako, you look amazing! *gasp* Oh my god!
Josuke: What?
Okuyasu: I鈥檓 not supposed to see you before the wedding!
Josuke: No, that鈥檚 the groom
Okuyasu: I ruined it!
Josuke: Okuyasu, that鈥檚 the groom
Okuyasu: Well, I saw him too!
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alomaria6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
little pictures of some friends on an article for @lacquer-zine, currently a wip! its a hair and skincare article with great info on the summers hottest products, and our experts will definitely have great advice!
stay tuned for the zine鈥檚 release on may 7th <3
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gliitchx7 days ago
hi um... i had this audio idea stuck in my head since two days ago lol
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crab-soda7 days ago
Part 4 Characters Reacting to You Saying That You Can Hold The World in Your Hands and Then Holding Their Face
One lengthy ass title, but I've seen this concept from multiple blogs and that shit is so cute?? I live for cheesy fluff so much
Tumblr media
~ Josuke Higashikata~
You were hanging out in Josuke's living room, watching him play videogames
It was fun for a while, but 10 min in you got bored and decided to mess with your boyfriend, who blushes easily
"Hey Josuke, I wanna show you something! " You quickly scooted yourself in front of him, not really caring about the game over screen going off in the background
"Hey! C'mon, what's so important that you couldn't wait?" You looked at him with a mischievous smile, "I can hold the world in my hands! " You proceeded to squish his face between your palms and you could see his face turn a light shade of pink and a dorky smile spread across
I don't care if this sounds out of character, dude is the type of guy to say "Aw shucks" unironically. That's exactly how he responds
Did you tease him about his response? Absolutely. Did he get you to stop laughing at him by kissing the tip of your nose? Of course
~Okuyasu Nijimura~
You both were walking around after a date at Tonio's and were goofing off
"Hey Oku, did you know I can fit the entire world in my hands?" "Sorry to break it to you Y/N, but I don't think that's possible. " Queue the plopping your hands gently on Okuyasu's face. "No, look, you're wrong!"
It took him like 5 whole minutes of him trying to understand until he actually got it.
"Huh? Oh,,,OH AWEE BABY THATS SO SWEET" Okuyasu brought you in a bone crushing hug, crying about how that's the cutest thing someone ever told him
He brought his hands up to your face and scattered kisses all over to show extra appreciation
~ Rohan Kishibe ~
Rohan isn't a man to get easily flustered so lately you've been trying to get him off guard and hope for a blush, maybe stutter if you're lucky
It was one of those rare occasions where you were able to get Rohan to take a break from his work and just have him relax with you while you're watching TV
Maybe while in this peaceful atmosphere you could catch him off guard and get him to blush
Quickly you turned towards the artist and held his face in your hands and with a giddy smile you say "I can't believe it, I can fit the entire world in my hands!"
He just kinda deadpanned and with a smushed face "Darling what are you doing? That sounds so cheesy too"
Mission failed. We'll get em next time
In the middle of pouting over your failed attempt, you missed the silent laugh that Rohan made at your statement
~Jotaro Kujo~
Please don't do this I feel like you'd end up causing an accidental ptsd flashback once you say "the world."
~Yoshikage Kira~
Everyday he managed to fit in you and him time before he gets dressed for work and that's usually just you two cuddling and good morning kisses
You were someone who filled up the housewife/househusband role in the relationship, so you savored these moments knowing you wouldn't be able to see him that much throughout the day
"Sweetheart, want to know something fascinating? I can fit the entire world in my hands." It was then you gently cupped his face and gazed into his eyes lovingly. "See?"
Yoshikage gave a small chuckle and held onto your soft hands, soaking up the attention your hands gave him
It wasn't until you tried to move your hands, Yoshikage gripped onto them. Not too harsh, but just enough to keep them there
"No no, keep them there. Let's just stay like this."
~ Yukako Yamagishi ~
You both are a pda couple, typically the cheesy romantic lines and gestures came from Yukako though
But pulling stuff like this wasn't uncommon and you usually said things like that when she gets upset by something
She could be fuming and all you have to do is not even say anything, just gently hold her like you're in a romantic novel and she's already better
"Awe sweetheart, you're my entire world too! I love you so much!"
Neat. Now you're the one being doted on and being squeezed by your surprisingly strong girlfriend
If anyone laughed at or looked at your failed attempt at being the romantic one in the relationship weirdly, she will threaten them and force them to encourage you to do more like that for her :)
~ Toshikazu Hazamada ~
Shh lowkey based off of a headcanon that Hazamada does enjoy drawing a lot and one of his inspirations was Rohan (before Rohan's episode tho)
You were at Hazamada's house, hanging out in his room while he sits at his desk drawing something in his sketchbook
While he was busy, you were giving some affection to his stand, using Surface as a temporary cuddle buddy and using it to give it's user some attention while he's stressing over each hand he draws
Don't get me wrong, you love Toshikazu, but it was getting annoying how often he seemed to neglect giving you proper attention and leaving his stand to do the work for him
"Hey Kazu, look I can hold the world in my hands!" You held the wooden stand close to you and giving it a lil cheek kiss, knowing it was a pet peeve of his when you give too much of your time to his stand rather than himself
Hazamada really went 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍 when the dummy even made a laughing motion at him "B-but why not me!? Am I not your world!?"
"Huh? Oh yea, don't worry honey. I still love you, but right now Surface gets the special boyfriend privileges since it pays attention to me."
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