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brixworthbrackley · a day ago
F1 as Texts Pt. 5
this is a wholly personal celebration of my shadowban being lifted, WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE IM FREEE
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the other parts are on the blog too btw
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yuki "babygirl" tsunoda
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merrymissesmaxiel · 2 days ago
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best friend's twin (Pierre Gasly x Leclerc! Reader)
summary: pierre wants the one girl he knows he can't ever actually have.
words: 2.3k
warnings: none really (i think??) just very sad kind angst-y
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Tumblr media
he knew she was his best friends twin sister. he knew she was the only person he wasn't allowed to chase after but he couldn't help it, she was everything he ever wanted.
"y/n's coming" charles looked up from his phone. the man opposite him lighting up. "don't get too excited" charles chuckled.
"i'm not" he defended.
"i know you like her more than me, no point hiding it from me" charles shrugged. pierre chuckled. yeah something like that.
"she's just the better twin" pierre teased. charles rolled his eyes slumping into his chair.
"you sound like arthur" he pointed. "she did say you better get her a hat from somewhere, she is an alpha tauri fan" charles pointed out.
"like a teamline or one of mine?" he questioned.
"no idea mate, ask her" he shrugged.
silence fell between the pair charles answering a call from charlotte. he checked his phone seeing a notification from the very persons he was going to message.
y/n leclerc ❤️
i can't wait to see you!! 💕
i've missed you. he replied before slotting the phone back into his pocket a wide smile on his face.. they'd gone on a couple of dates but had never had 'the talk'. they wouldn't know how charles would react. it put them both off having 'the talk'. he wanted to be her boyfriend desperately but, she was hesitant and he had to respect that.
"oh my god, mate" charles huffed putting the phone down. "charlotte is mad at me" he sighed dramatically.
"do you deserve it?" pierre asked.
"yeah, i forgot my moms birthday" he pointed.
"even i didn't forget your moms birthday, i sent her a text" pierre chuckled.
"y/n apparently got us a joint present for her, i e charlotte begged her to put my name on the card" he ran his hand though his hair.
"and did she?" pierre asked.
"of course she did. mom knew though, she always knows" he chuckled. "i'm probably going to get told off by her" he nodded.
"what did she even get your mom?" pierre asked.
"i don't know, it's y/n right so it's something really thoughtful and perfect" he shrugged smiling.
"i'm sure she'll tell you" pierre smiled.
"y/n!" charles called to his twin who was in an intense conversation with lando and carlos.
"hey" she turned smiling widely at the two men who approached the group.
"i cannot believe you forgot your moms birthday" carlos tutted at charles.
"are we telling everyone?" charles asked his sister who shrugged.
"even i remembered her birthday, she deserves too" pierre repeated.
"my mom thought that it was so cute you messaged her" y/n smiled at pierre looking at him with nothing but love which both lando and carlos picked up on shooting eachother a look.
"you not gonna thank her in person?" lando asked charles dramatically tutting the man. the group laughed as charles let out an exaggerated sigh.
"thank you for saving me" charles pulled his twin into a hug. " how much do i owe you?" he asked.
"ten euros" she told him.
"ten? what did you get her?" charles asked surprised.
"not all gifts have to be hundreds of euros" she laughed at his face. "i got her a plant" she told him.
"but gardening was hers and dads thing she stopped doing it" charles pointed confused.
"i know. she's stared watching all her gardening shows again and the plant books are out again. i got her a peace lily. it's low mantince and indoor so she can ease herself back into it" she explained. charles looked even more surprised by her.
"you're incredible" pierre nodded, speaking for charles.
"i know" she smirked at the frenchman.
"what have i got to do to revive a y/n leclerc gift?" lando asked.
"when i'm next at a gp, i will have a lando norris gift" she held her pinky to the man who clasped it.
"lando!" daniel waved at the man who excused himself running into his garage with his teammate.
"i can give it you in cash?" charles asked pulling out his wallet.
"yes but my bags in alpha tauri" she told him.
"why?" carlos asked.
"charlotte's flying out tommorow. charles has loads of support. i also just like pierre better" she teased her brother who rolled his eyes as pierre flung his arms round her shoulder.
"you not have pockets?" charles asked.
"i wish dresses like this had pockets" she scoffed. she was in a gorgeous chocolate brown bodycon dress which had a racer neckline.
"i'll put it in my wallet" Pierre suggested.
"smart man" carlos nodded. charles handed pierre the note who slotted it into his wallet. "you need a ferrari hat" carlos patted his teammates twins head lightly.
"she's mine" pierre held her tightly.
"you owe me a hat" she patted his chest.pierre took his hat off putting it on her head backwards a smile on her face as his hands barely touched her head but the touch was so gentle and loving. his touch feeling like a kiss he couldn't give.
"there you go" he smiled softly. carlos pulled a face looking at the pair. "we better go to alpha tauri" pierre told the girl who nodded hugging her brother before leaving with pierre.
"so" carlos turned to charles. "how long has that been a thing?" he asked charles who looked at him confused.
"what?" charles looked at him wired. "they're not together" he chuckled.
"uh they so are mate" carlos laughed walking into the garrage. "do you not see how they interact, they are a couple" he pointed.
"no, pierre wouldn't date y/n. i don't think he's her type anyway" charles dismissed.
"okay, mate but when you next see them keep it in mind" carlos patted his shoulder heading to his side of the garage.
charles debated the observation. carlos couldn't be right could he? surely he'd know. it was his best friend and his twin sister. if they were hiding something from him he'd know immediately. if it was true that would make him the third wheel. it also filled him with a protectiveness rage. pierre was not allowed to do things like that to his twin sister, no way.
the more he thought about it the more sense carlos made.
"so mon amour, what's the agenda tonight?" pierre asked her as she sat in a booth in the alpha tauri hospitality.
"whatcha mean?" she asked putting her phone down to give the frenchman her full attention.
"i mean , what are we doing tonight?" he asked sitting next to her his fingers playing with the tips of her hair.
"i'd assume you'd be hanging with charles, carlos, lando and yuki, no?" she questioned with a light shrug.
"it's an option, yes, but i haven't seen you for ages. i've missed you" he replied smiling at her softly.
"i don't think charles would approve of me crashing boy time" she chuckled softly.
"chérié" he huffed. that was a new pet name. since their...whatever started pierre had took to calling her lil pet names in english and french. however the longer their whatever went on his pets seemed to get more real and personal. she couldn't think of anything better, besides them making it official.
"i'm only joking, amour" she smiled patting his hand slightly. he let go of her hair connecting her hands. "we could go eat, but that's a lil risky" she sugested.
"we could always have a room service date" he ran his thumb across the back of her hand.
"me, you and bottle of wine and whatever movie we can find on the hotel telly" she imagined it a smile making its way onto her face.
"you're gorgeous" pierre told her entranced by her everything.
"keep talking like that, i'll have to switch to lacey underwear" she winked softly and his cheeks flushed a light pink. they had slept together once, it's what started...whatever this was between them. they didn't want to force anything, it didn't feel right too.
"are you?" he went to double check that she would be okay with what she was suggesting.
"i want you" she told him in a whisper so quite only he would hear it.
"then you've got me, chérié " he responded in a more seductive tone.
"pierre?" yuki approached the booth. "we have a meeting" he told the driver who nodded.
"i'll text you" she told him and he nodded walking off with yuki. the japanese driver noticing the kissing action they sent eachother before they were out of view. he decided not to comment on it however.
y/n leclerc ❤️
floor 3, room 16 😉
a small smirk appeared on his lips.
"where's pierre?" lando asked joining the table in the hotel bar.
"no where to be seen" carlos shrugged.
"he's probably with y/n" lando hinted.
"yeah how long has that been a thing?" yuki asked not looking up from his cards in his hand.
"why does everyone think they're together?" charles asked the three men with a huff.
"because it's so obvious" lando looked at charles like he was stupid.
"it is?" charles asked.
"you should've been in alpha tauri this afternoon. he was playing with her hair, holding her hand, calling her french things and they did like a wired air kiss thing" yuki listed.
"what was he calling her?" charles asked.
"like mon am-or, cherry or sherry. i don't speak french" yuki attempted.
"my love and darling" charles realised. "holy shit they're together and hiding it from me" he spoke in shock and sadness.
"go knock his room" lando sugested.
"no that's to obvious. they'd be spotted on the driver floor he'll be in y/n's room" carlos shook his head.
"i'll be back with pierre" charles told the group exiting the bar. on the lift up he didn't know what to think about them being together. on the one he was happy that they'd both found someone but on the other he was dissapointed. why did it have to be his twin sister? why did it have to be his best friend?
knock knock.
she pulled away from his embrace. "expecting anyone?"he asked sitting up in the bed.
"no" she shook her head confused getting out the bed pulling on pierres shirt that was long enough to not give away that she was naked.
charles took one look at her his jaw dropping. "you know how badly i wished they weren't right?" he sighed pushing past her.
pierres eyes widened as he pulled the duvet up quickly making sure nothing was exposed.
"holy fuck" charles saw a shirtless pierre with his hands gripping the covers.
"do not pull the covers" pierre told him sternly.
"how long have you been fucking?" he asked the pair upset. "are you together?" he added. "does mama know?" he turned to his sister.
"no she dosen't and we're not officially together" y/n told him sitting on the bed.
"then what are you?" he asked.
"we don't really know" pierre admitted.
"well make your mind up because this can't continue. you're either together or not. if you're not then this has to stop immediately" he said bluntly. "and i'm telling mama" he told his sister leaving the room before she could protest.
"shit" she looked at pierre her eyes welling.
"hey, chérié it's okay, i promise" pierre pulled her into his embrace. "i guess we just make it official" he kissed her head softly.
"we can't" she shook her head. "or more importantly i can't" she pulled away from him.
"y/n, he said" pierre went to start before she cut him off.
"not once did he say he was okay with it. i can't date you if my twin dosen't approve of you" she spoke quietly. "as much as i love you and believe me i do love you, i can't risk the bond with charles" she said simply avoiding his face.
"no" he shook his head simply. "fuck charles, he'll get over himself. i love you too much to let you walk away from this just because charles doesn't want to third wheel" pierre held her face between his hands, his touch so soft.
"i can't p" she sighed softly.
"i don't want this to stop, y/n" his voice cracked slightly. pierre thought he'd been in love before, a couple of times but he'd never been as in love with anyone as he was in love y/n.
"neither do i" she pressed her forehead against his.
"can't we just go secret secret?" he asked.
"he'll be watching me like a hawk. i don't think i'll be invited to races, we won't see each other" she told him honestly.
"i don't want to let you go" he wiped the stray tear away with his thumb. "i cant" he added.
"you have to" she said simply. he kissed her hard every ounce of emotion flowing from his lips.
"i'll change his mind mon amour i promise" he told between smaller kisses.
"i love you" she told him. as he pulled his hoodie over his head leaving his shirt with the girl, he had others.
"i love you too" he told her once more leaving her hotel room wiping a small tear away.
he knew chasing the one girl he couldn't have was bad. he knew it was even worse because it was his best friends twin sister but he couldn't help himself, she was everything to him.
he didn't know it would end like this.
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Yuki: I used to think I could control ducks with my mind but it turns out ducks and I just have very similar ideas about what stuff ducks should do.
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lewki · 8 hours ago
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SPAIN 2022; 📸: Peter Fox
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rogueinparadise · 2 days ago
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so i've been shadowbanned on my usual shitpost blog @brixworthbrackley (imagine how tired we are) but i would still like to cause violence. left column is the first word, top is the second.
discuss, deliberate and debate, i want to hear everyone's thoughts
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fandomchaosgirl · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Unless I’m mistaken or I’ve missed it Carlos is the second driver to speak out about this. The porpoising looks brutal on some cars and who knows what’s it’s doing to the drivers brain and spine. There’s the potential for serious long term harm here, and I really hope that something is done to protect the drivers. There’s already way too many incidents of the drivers sacrificing their health for the sport let this not be another one.
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FORMULA ONE '22 – Barcelona Grand Prix
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foksmashmydoor · a day ago
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Mayhem in Miami
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maxielonceagain · 2 days ago
This weeks press..
I just want Max and Daniel… 😅
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wejustvibing · a day ago
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lewis yuki george on friday 🥰
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tsuchansworld · 2 days ago
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raceweek · 6 hours ago
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lightningpiastri · 8 hours ago
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Yuki Tsunoda
Barcelona, Spain - May 20, 2022
📸: Peter Fox
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Pierre: Life is like a game of chess.
Yuki, on the verge of a mental breakdown: I don’t know how to play chess.
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mercgaydes · 5 hours ago
it’ll never stop being funny to me that both drivers of alpha tauri, red bull’s sister team, are giant LH44 fans
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pg-sk · a day ago
someone on twitter live asked Pierre how it feels to be Yuki's lover and teammate...
the man did NOT deny the lover part and went on to talk about how it is😂😂😂😂
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ctolisso · a day ago
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FORMULA ONE '22 – Barcelona Grand Prix
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Just Pierre things
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