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adhdriddenandtireda day ago
Dick: Okay, stakeout! You know the rules, right?
Tim *deadpan*: If I get tired, I wake you up.
If I see anything suspicious, I wake you up.
If I see any minor criminal activity, I wake you up.
If I see a criminal that isn't Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, or Catwoman, I wake you up.
If I see Joker, I take the crowbar from the backseat, call Jason, enact vengeance with him, then wake you up after so you have deniability.
Dick: No, that's not-
Tim: Almost forgot, if I see a single redhead who's around your age, I wake you up.
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abejitaconmiel9 hours ago
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cravefoodie2 months ago
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sabonhomeblog2 months ago
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beverlyhillsganga day ago
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cravefoodie9 months ago
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yourbooksname4 months ago
Dick: what disney princess would everyone be?
Tim: *passed out on the floor*聽
Steph: Well since sleeping beauty can鈥檛 answer he鈥檚 aurora because he鈥檚 been cursed to sleep forever and his parents also ignored him for 16 years. I鈥檓 Rapunzel because my parent was a terrible villain that was never home and pretended to care about me鈥 and I have great hair
Jason: Belle, because I was taken from a life as an outcast into the home of a rich furry and the only reason i鈥檓 still here is because of the library. And yes, bruce, like the beast, you鈥檙e uglier without the mask.
Damian: Mulan, because I need to protect my family鈥檚 honor since none of you seem to be able to, and i鈥檓 skilled with a sword - and I have many animals
Harper: I鈥檓 the best Disney princess, Kuzco, cause I鈥檝e got the most groove and, similarly to Jason, I鈥檓 only here because of the pool
Dick: 鈥︹...well i鈥檓 Elsa
Steph: because of the daddy issues?
Jason: your blatant queer energy
Damian: your incessant need to sing at the top of your lungs despite the fact that everyone is ASLEEP
Dick: 鈥︹ecause she鈥檚 independent and looks great in blue, what is wrong with you people
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ostdrossel2 months ago
We plant a little flower patch each year around the bird bath, and this year, the nasturtiums are plenty. I was so happy because I love using them in the kitchen, but I guess others like them too 馃槅 (I know that groundhogs can damage gardens and sheds, but we have one every year and the house and garden are still standing.)
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