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Inspired by:

WWX and JC are at a Discussion Conference and they are arguing and insulting each other until some clan leader just snaps and shouts “We would get a lot more done if Clan Leader Jiang and Wei Wuxian would finally stop fighting and reconcile. It’s been TEN YEARS!!!" 

WWX and JC just exchange a confused look. 

WWX: "what do you mean reconcile?" 

Clan leader: "I mean you should finally bury the hatchet. Clan Leader Jiang is about a second away from killing you AGAIN. Have you still not resolved your problems with each other??" 

WWX: "Uhm, what are you talking about? We’ve long resolved our problems." 

Clan leader: "You HAVE?!?" 

WWX: "Yeah, since about a week after Guanyin temple. Jin Ling dragged me to Lotus Pier so we could talk it out. We’re fine now." 

Some cultivator: "But the two of you are fighting nonstop!" 

Other cultivator: "Only yesterday I saw Clan Leader Jiang tie Fairy down at your front door so you couldn’t leave your rooms!" 


*they chase each other around the conference hall*


no one noticed that WWX and JC have long burried the hatchet because they are just dumb idiots who don’t know how to show their love for each other without insults and petty pranks.

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I think that when wei wuxian goes to lotus pier and is able to actually yknow walk around and take it all in for the first time post resurrection he’d be like “ah jiang cheng you’ve done such a wonderful job as sect leader! your gege is very proud of you” in a fun silly playful way expecting jiang cheng to get embarrassed and grumpy about it and hit him on the shoulder or something but then after a few minutes of complete silence wei wuxian looks over and jiang cheng is just standing there lookin at him w big teary eyes

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Not to sound extreme here, but Wei Ying did not know he’d end up in the burial mounds right? So he really chose to take a calculated risk that he might 50/50 die. (This is only about the core incidents btw, I’m not here to actually pass moral judgement or something on anyone. MDZS is a book where half of the characters belong to a war generation and it has heavy and complex characters)

I see some people keep treating it as a big sacrifice that gives him some moral ground or some good brother points over Jiang Cheng. But when Jiang Cheng lost his core he did it: 1 instinctually, he basically made up his mind on the spot. 2 with no pressure to fulfill any ‘debts’ ie pressures like Wei Ying got from the Jiang parents. 3 with little to no chance of getting out alive.

He went up against armed cultivators without his sword, while on the run. To distract them. He knew Wen Zhuliu and Wen Chao was at lotus pier and he would likely be given over to them. He probably knew that that was a situation he would likely not get out of alive and despite pleading against it while it happened he probably knew fully well that he wouldn’t get his core back. The Wens had just killed their parents and the entire Jiang clan except for his siblings.

So Jiang Cheng was low-key ready to die for his brother in a heart beat. Aka he pulled a Yanli. The Jiang siblings absolutely Love Wei Ying your honour.

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Wei Wuxian hopped ahead, delighted with himself and without a care in the world, while Jiang Cheng trailed behind as always. Nie Huaisang had been kept in the classroom by Lan Qiren for the time being, because his test had been that awful, apparently. 

Not that Nie Huaisang had seemed actually concerned, even if he’d put on a pathetic expression and was already shedding a few tears when everyone left the room. Jiang Cheng was ready to bet that once he joined them after being scolded, Nie Huaisang would be back to his normal self, careless and refusing to put any effort into studying, slyly asking Wei Wuxian if they could go cause some mischief together. And Wei Wuxian would agree of course. He always agreed.

He could afford to agree.

“It really was an easy one this time,” Wei Wuxian proclaimed as they headed for the dining halls to have lunch. “I don’t know how Nie-xiong fumbled that one. I think he’s doing it on purpose just because he’s having fun here." 

Jiang Cheng gritted his teeth, and said nothing. 

"Honestly, I don’t see why everyone makes such a big deal of this place. Old man Lan Qiren says he’s going to make sure we learn, but in the end he only asks very simple stuff. It’s a joke, isn’t it?" 

He laughs at his own comment, and Jiang Cheng stops, fists clenched. 

"Do you really have to?” he snapped. 

Surprised by his tone, Wei Wuxian stopped as well and turned to shoot him a surprise look. 

“What’s wrong this time?" 

You!“ Jiang Cheng exploded. "Do you even listen to yourself? ’this is so easy, any idiot could do it’… Why do you always have to parade the fact that you’re better than me?" 

Wei Wuxian blinked a few times, taken aback by that sudden aggressiveness. 

"I didn’t mean…" 

"You never mean anything! But while you were fishing or napping or whatever else it is you do when you disappear, I have to work my ass off to get a good grade, and I still didn’t do as well as you!”

“That’s not my…” Wei Wuxian started, before stopping himself and pouting like a scolded child. “What do you want me to do? I can fail the next test if you want, so you’ll have the best grade.”

Jiang Cheng’s fists were so tight that his nails painfully dug into his palms, his arms trembling with the effort of not punching Wei Wuxian in the face.

“It’s really that easy for you, isn’t it?” Jiang Cheng snarled. “You can fail or pass as you please, it really doesn’t make a difference, does it? It must be so nice, never having to care about anything, because you’re so good at everything that others’ opinions don’t matter!”

“I’m not…”

“You are! You’re not even trying, you’re not even paying attention and you… It really is that easy for you, isn’t it?” Jiang Cheng sighed, anger falling as quickly as it had risen. “You’re just… doesn’t matter. I’ll just try harder, and I’ll beat you at something, someday. Fair and square, I’ll beat you, so don’t you even think of ever failing on purpose! I don’t need your pity!”

Wei Wuxian snorted at his change of mood, but nodded.

“Only an idiot would dare to pity you,” he said with a grin. “You’re too proud and stubborn to be pitied.”

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes at the accusation, because between the two of them, he really wasn’t the one who had a pride problem. Stubbornness he couldn’t deny though.

And so he was determined he would get a better grade than Wei Wuxian next time, no matter how many hours he’d have to spend studying for it, no matter how many times he’d have to try.

Someday, he’d really beat Wei Wuxian, he was sure of it.

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I think it’s very telling that for all the years Wei Wuxian was gone, Jiang Cheng never got a dog, despite his obvious love for them. Equally telling, Jin Guangyao was the one to get a dog for Jin Ling.

I think our angry little hedgehog deserves an afternoon off.

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From the WIP Title ask meme!

Ahh, I haven’t really put a lot of planning into this one, I just sort of chucked it into my WIP folder with a few notes once the idea occurred to me (it doesn’t even have a proper title, as you can see.)

This was actually an outgrowth of me considering the logistics of the core transfer in gravity ballet,  which I talked about in this other post. In that version of the story the core is a piece of bioware that Wei Wuxian donates to Jiang Cheng because the fact that they were raised together and share so many memories makes him the only compatible donor. But a piece of brainware like that would surely carry traces of its original owner’s memories and personalities, even if they weren’t obvious enough for Jiang Cheng to realize what had happened until he had the context for all these sudden little changes.

At any rate, I asked myself “why wouldn’t  we see similar sort of carry-over in the original? A core isn’t just a magical battery, right, it’s got personality” and thus, Five Wei Wuxian Traits That Jiang Cheng Picked Up After the Core Transfer But Didn’t Notice, And Then One That He Did.  So far I have:

  • unsettled by dogs (not to the degree WWX was, but more so than he was before)
  • suddenly noticing men are hot, too
  • more confident/shameless 
  • likes food to be spicier now
  • ambidextrous (I actually have no reason to think that WWX is ambidextrous, I just want to believe it. Look, the boy is a dual wielder  in other ways, he ought to be allowed to be ambidextrous.)

Narratively speaking, these five snippets ought to be followed up with one trait that pops up after he knows the truth about the core, something that ties him and his brother back together and ideally  facilitates a reconciliation! But I can’t think of what the final trait would be.

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thinking about yunmeng shuangjie and how i think people sometimes overestimate the ability of humans to hold grudges. i also think people overestimate the capacity of humans to feel grief and severely underestimate the human desire to forgive and be forgiven.

i think it’s why lots of people in fandom say wei wuxian and jiang cheng will never return to the way they were—but with all the tragedy that has happened between them and their family, for whatever grievances and grudges jiang cheng holds against wei wuxian and for however long wei wuxian will be guilty and repentant, perhaps it will take a long loooong time but i think wei wuxian and jiang cheng will still find their way back to each other as brothers. maybe not as they were before but maybe there will be a sort of compromise, but surely something beyond just being civil, and maybe something more of an understanding.

especially after jiang cheng found out about the truth of his golden core. especially after the guanyin temple incident and the events leading up to it. and especially when jiang cheng previously thought for thirteen years that he is the only original member of the Jiang clan left alive. but now wei wuxian is back and suddenly there are now two.

some things cannot be forgiven and some things cannot be fixed, but whatever it is that can be forgiven and fixed should be given a chance. if jiang yanli was alive this is what she would have wanted.

i just think jiang cheng has to stop hiding behind rage and reinforced toughness. learn to forgive, acknowledge what he’s given, possibly reveal what really happened that cause him to lose his golden core, and recognize wei wuxian did what he had to do. if a beloved family member is dying and you know you can save them even at the cost of something of yours, whatever it is that will be taken from you is a small price to pay.

surely it’s not easy keeping all that for years. surely jiang cheng must want to just finally breathe easy after all these years.

and wei wuxian, too, has to learn to understand that even he deserves forgiveness and he must learn to also forgive himself and if he’s gonna spend his new life making up for every bad thing he has done in his past life, he must first of all start with his brother.

it will take long. picking up the shattered pieces of what they once were is an arduous task and an exercise in patience and forgiveness which is…not easy especially given the circumstances, but i really think jiang cheng and wei wuxian will get there. eventually. they’re the yunmeng shuangjie after all.

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oh Absolutely and wei wuxian is canonically That kind of older sibling… during the promise scene he’s like “if anyone even Suggests that you wouldn’t be a good sect leader I will beat them up that includes you bitch 🔪” wei wuxian is allowed to shove fully clothed jiang cheng into the lotus ponds but if anyone else does it they absolutely will be missing teeth

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