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For the average cultivation disciple, dealing with Jiang Wanyin and dealing with his disciples directly is an experience in whiplash. They’re all pretty terrified of Jiang Wanyin, as they should be, but his disciples?

Omg they are the loudest, roudiest, happiest bunch of people anyone ever encounters and it makes no sense!!

How do you have a sect leader like… That and end up like they are? They’re so noisy, you always know where they are because they sing and laugh, and it’s impossible to concentrate.

And then suddenly they all go quiet and you realise you have no idea where they are or what they are doing and all the fear comes back as you realise you’re about to fucking die, and you’ll never know if it was a monster or a Jiang.

And then Jiang Wanyin appears, kills the monster, yells at you until you piss yourself and storms off, surrounded by his disciples who gather around him adoringly and start singing again.

The older sect leaders absolutely cannot deal with them and are glad Jiang Wanyin travels light.

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I have a lot of feelings about the twin heros reconciliation, you see, i love them and i want them to be happy, but, here comes the but, i also just want to see jiang cheng be his grumpy self, let the man be angry, he may not be the best person but i think he deserves to be angry, everyone always talks about he like he was the whole reason that things went down hill, but put yourself in his place, i would be mad, like, real mad, and i would have also probs felt guilty, he doesn’t NEED to stop being mad at wei wuxian, they dont need the reconciliation bc they went down diferent paths and i dont think that in canon a reconciliation would have been the healthiest thing to happend for both of them, does that stops me from wanting them to be close again, no, i actually quite really like the fics out there, its just my humble opinion

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Пока пытаюсь договориться с Первым Нефритом ордена Лань по поводу цвета, внезапно резкий и неожиданный главный лотос на Юнмэне для перерыва.

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Jin Ling’s first birthday with his friends is great, awesome, fun and stupid, especially when Wei Wuxian turns up in the middle of it.

He’s still going back to Lotus Pier for the Yunmeng disciples to clap him on the back, throw him in the lake, get fed all the spicy food from the aunties and fall asleep on his jiujiu’s shoulder as the sect sings and dances their favourite night hunt songs though.

He’s a Jin and a Jiang (and tangentially if you squint a Lan by marriage), he can have it all!!

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Day 3 (although it also fits on day 2 - nostalgia). 

I chose love song, but please remember that it is a typical sad love song. Otherwise I simply cannot determine:

“Don’t Deserve You” - Plumb

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K, so I have this theory: very mdzs sect has one thing which they treasure the most or like a secret pleasure in which they express themselves but with clothings.

Lan: their headpieces. They are so extravagant I honestly can‘t. Humility my ass.

Wen: people, they live on top of a vulcano. They are all about shiny and glowy things.

Nie: their sabers. Nies have a very strong bond with their sword and they take care of it very well. Also every sword is specifically made for the wielder, so…

Jin: their literal everything. They ain‘t subtle.

Jiang: in ancient china there were already merchants so I think it‘s logic if I say that Lotus Pier, as a city close to the sea, had a lot of foreigners. And everyone or them brought a piece of their own culture with them. So I thought about having the Jiangs wear jewellry and really exotic fabrics and cuts for their clothes. Also, never wear more than two layers in Yunmeng, chances are it‘s hod and humid.

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