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#yunmeng jiang bros

12) “What now?” “I don’t know, I didn’t think we’d get this far”

Sneaking around Cloud Recesses wasn’t supposed to be this easy, Jiang Cheng had thought there’d be more to deal with, more Lan disciples out on patrol, but he doesn’t dare say it as he follows close behind Wei Wuxian.

“You’re sure you have it?” He doesn’t know why he lets Wei Wuxian talk him into these things, if they got caught putting a rigged wind talisman underneath Lan Qiren’s chair, they’d both get the discipline stick again, if they didn’t get expelled outright.

Wei Wuxian doesn’t answer him, he only shushes him and holds the talisman up for Jiang Cheng to see before he tucks it back into his sleeve.

If everything went off without a hitch, it would be funny in the morning.

They move across Cloud Recesses quickly, ducking and hiding behind buildings and trees whenever they need to, and by the time they reach the classroom, Jiang Cheng’s heart is hammering in his ears. The classroom should be locked, or at least it should have a ward in front of it to keep them out, but there’s nothing, and Wei Wuxian turns and looks at him with suspicion in his eyes.

“What now?” Jiang Cheng hears himself ask, turning and looking around as if he were waiting for some trap to spring.

“I don’t know.” Wei Wuxian answers, pulling a paperman out of his sleeve and sending it out into the classroom, “I didn’t think we’d get this far.” They wait just inside the doorway of the classroom for what feels like hours before Wei Wuxian calls the paperman back.

“Let’s go.” Wei Wuxian grins, slipping the paperman back into his sleeve and running in before Jiang Cheng can stop him.

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You can’t tell me that Wei Wuxian’s birthday being 5 goddamn days before Jiang Cheng’s did not result in some trauma inducing bad parenting from both JFM and YZ.

There’s no way that JFM didn’t forget all about JC’s because he was planning WW, or YZ made sure WW’s was spoiled and threw JC a big sect celebration but everyone was uncomfortable and it was worse for JC just reaffirming that everyone likes WW more than him…

Poor boys never had a chance… 😥

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something I really appreciate about the way that jiang cheng and wei wuxians sibling relationship is depicted, is jiang chengs absolute “did you just fucking call my brother a bitch? only I’M allowed to call my brother a bitch” energy, that he maintains even after wei wuxian dies and he’s trying to convince everybody and himself that he Hates wei wuxian. like he can’t say it outright for the sake of the act but anytime anyone insults or hurts wei wuxian jiang cheng just looks so incredibly offended and angry. someone tries to kill wei wuxian post resurrection and he’s standing there like what the fuck only I’m allowed to do that

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the scene where wen ning brings jiang chengs unconscious body back to wei wuxian waiting in the boat at lotus pier fucks me up its all just too much… wei wuxian holding jiang cheng so gently like he might shatter into a million pieces…. how devestated he is when he sees the condition he’s in.. when he lifts shaking fingers up to jiang chengs face to check if he’s still breathing… the absolute disbelief and horror on wei wuxians face when wen ning tells him that jiang cheng has been whipped and had several ribs broken… the way wei wuxian tucks jiang cheng under his chin and wraps his arms around him…. like thats his baby brother!!! Thats His Baby Brother………..

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I think that we should talk more about wei wuxian using his Older Sibling Instincts on jiang cheng post resurrection because he already incites them in the temple w his whole tear wiping thing and accompanying speech but I think we should take things further… give me twin heroes reconciliation via the sheer unwavering intensity of wei wuxians older siblingness accompanied by the fact that jiang cheng has had no one to Older Sibling Him in more than a decade meaning he just becomes incredibly flustered any time it happens

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Prompt for Day 20 of the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 is ‘Spice’.

Jiang Yanli stood in the kitchen in Lotus Pier, watching her brothers fighting out of the window. Just as she put the spices into the lotus root and pork ribs soup she had prepared; she remembered all of the times Wei Wuxian had attempted to prepare Yunmeng’s traditional dishes in the past years.

It had begun, as most quarrels between them did, with something insignificant. Wei Wuxian may have given Jiang Cheng a tug too many or Jiang Cheng pushed Wei Wuxian away one too many times, but the next thing Jiang Yanli knew, they were fighting each other and shouting at each other.

Their words started off meaningless, not really hurting each other, until they did.

“Why do you always act so foolish?” Jiang Cheng asked, pushing Wei Wuxian roughly on the ground, against the grass. “You’re always messing around, not taking anything too seriously.”

Yanli knew that it had been a particularly strict day of training for them both, and the sun had been unrelenting, its rays heating up the ground and shining straight on her brothers’ heads. Yanli knew how restless and irritated Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian got when they had trained especially hard or when it was humid around them, and this was one of the days when it had been both.

“Well, maybe if you were competent enough to actually get things done, then I wouldn’t have to behave that way!” Wei Wuxian replied. And even Yanli could see, from as far as she was standing, the immediate regret and guilt that shown on Wei Wuxian’s face.

Jiang Cheng staggered backwards, the pain and hurt clearly showing on his face in a few seconds of vulnerability and openness. For a few moments, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng just stood there in shock, silently facing each other.

Then Wei Wuxian stepped forward, reaching out to his brother. “Jiang Cheng,” he softly spoke, his voice cracking on the name. He knew that there was no coming back from this.

Yanli watched Jiang Cheng’s eyes widening as he stepped backwards, flinching at Wei Wuxian’s words. Tears welled up in his eyes and he ran faster than Yanli had ever seen him run in his entire life. Wei Wuxian couldn’t hope to follow him that fast.

Jiang Yanli walked over to Wei Wuxian after giving him enough time alone. “A-Xian.” She gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

Wei Wuxian was trembling, sobbing hard. “What should I do, Shijie? I hurt him so badly. What can I do to make things better? I shouldn’t have said those things. He hates me now. He’ll never forgive me. I’m the worst brother ever!”

“A-Xian, A-Cheng doesn’t hate you. You’re his brother. He will forgive you. We are family, aren’t we? Just go apologise to him.” Yanli told him, rubbing a reassuring hand on his back.

“No. It’s not enough. It won’t be enough. I have to— I have to do something more. Like maybe bring him a gift. What does he really love? Just as much as he loves dogs?”

Yanli watched her cute little brother pout, deep in thought. Sure, he wasn’t a child anymore, he was a teenager now, 13 years of age, but to Jiang Yanli, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng would always be children, no matter how old they got.

“Oh!” Wei Wuxian’s face suddenly lit up. “I know. Shijie, can you teach me how to make A-Cheng’s favourite dish?”

Yanli smiled and nodded her head. That was something she could do.

By the time their meal was prepared, Wei Wuxian had several cuts and bruises on his hands. He had never cooked before; he only entered the kitchen when he was hungry and wanted to steal some food from the cooks, or when he wanted a taste of Yanli’s famous soup.

But today, he had insisted on doing all of the work himself, wanting his apology to Jiang Cheng to mean something. Yanli was happy that Wei Wuxian had worked so hard on his apology for his brother, although she was concerned about how red the food was looking. Wei Wuxian had most certainly added too much spice to the meal, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.

As Wei Wuxian carried the food out of the kitchen, with Yanli right behind him, he stopped at the entrance to the dining hall. Yanli knew it was because he was searching for Jiang Cheng. He brightened up when he spotted Jiang Cheng, running up to his brother, who was sitting alone at a table, staring into nothingness.

“Jiang Cheng!” Jiang Cheng tensed up at the sound of Wei Wuxian’s voice and looked away quickly. Wei Wuxian stumbled close to him and kept the meal in front of Jiang Cheng. “Look what I made for you, Jiang Cheng!”

Jiang Cheng peeked at the meal from the corner of his eye, still frowning as he looked away again. Wei Wuxian poked Jiang Cheng. “Jiang Cheng! I cooked your favourite food for you. Look. Look at my hands, look how much I cut and bruised them trying to make your favourite meal for you.”

At this, Jiang Cheng blinked and turned to face the meal. “You made this?” He asked his mouth now in a straight line.

“Yes! I felt so horrible, and I knew you’d hate me and never forgive me, and I’m so sorry for what I said, A-Cheng.” Wei Wuxian blurted out all at once. Yanli shook her head fondly at her brothers.

“You are?” Jiang Cheng was poking at the food with a fork now.

“Of course, I am! I didn’t mean any of the things I said to you. I don’t know why I said them.”

“You didn’t?” Jiang Cheng stopped poking at the food and was frowning at it. “Because you were right, you know. Maybe if I was as smart and intelligent and strong as you, then I wouldn’t—"

“No! That’s not true,” Wei Wuxian immediately shut him down, wildly gesturing around him. “You’re the most competent person I know, Jiang Cheng. You’re going to become the best Sect Leader the world has ever known when we grow up. Everyone is going to know your name, and they’re going to know better than to mess with you and the Jiang Clan. That’s how good I know you’re gonna be.”

Jiang Cheng played with the food in front of him. “You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to be mad at you anymore.”

“I’m not. I really mean it, I swear!” Wei Wuxian spoke sincerely.

Yanli watched as Jiang Cheng’s anger immediately melted. He turned to Wei Wuxian and nudged him. “Did you really cook this? Or are you taking credit for A-jie’s work again?”

Wei Wuxian dramatically clutched his chest and gasped, “Jiang Cheng. How dare— Shijie, tell Jiang Cheng who made this tasty dish for him.”

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian both faced Yanli. “It was A-Xian, A-Cheng. He felt terrible about what he had said to you and he wanted to give you a gift as an apology.”

“See! I told you.” Wei Wuxian crossed his arms and smirked at Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng didn’t say anything for a few moments, searching Wei Wuxian’s eyes for something, and then he dug into his food. He wordlessly scooped up spoonfuls of the meal, downing it so fast that Yanli felt worried for him. She knew how much spice Wei Wuxian had put in the meal, but she hadn’t had the chance to warn Jiang Cheng about it.

But Jiang Cheng didn’t seem deterred from eating the food for even a moment, he ate it all until his plate was completely empty. Wei Wuxian waited impatiently, tapping his foot as he stared at Jiang Cheng.

“What?” Jiang Cheng asked, irritated.

Wei Wuxian blinked at him expectantly. “Come on. Tell me how it was? Was it good? It must have been good because you finished it all so fast.”

Jiang Cheng scowled, looking down at his empty plate. “It’s the best meal I’ve ever had,” he said, his cheeks flushing.

Wei Wuxian’s jaw dropped. “Even better than Shijie’s soup?” he dared to ask.

Jiang Cheng chanced a glance at his sister before looking down at his hands, his cheeks tinted darker. He nodded his head.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes turned comically large before he threw himself at his brother.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Cheng screamed as he toppled backwards.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jiang Cheng! I love you so much. You’re my favourite sibling, you know that? Sorry, Shijie, but I love Jiang Cheng the most.” Wei Wuxian exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng melted into the hug, not pushing Wei Wuxian away as he hid his reddened face in Wei Wuxian’s shoulder, and Yanli could hear Jiang Cheng’s muffled mumble. “You’re my favourite sibling too.”

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wei wuxians face as jiang cheng chokes wen zhuliu to death with zidian always gets me because… wei wuxian has seen death literally Countless times before. he’s killed and seen others kill, he’s probably even seen jiang cheng kill at least once at this point. he’s not averse to witnessing a gruesome death or slow, malicious revenge. just moments before he literally tortured the life out of wen chao. he got fuckin Scary. but this look of not really… fear or disgust or judgement but.. shock and almost… grief? crosses over wei wuxians face? like he’s standing there watching as his little brother chokes the life out of a grown man, no hesitation or distress or unfamiliarity with what he’s doing - all anger and coldness and hunger for revenge - and thinking, oh, OH, he’s all grown up. he’s not a kid anymore. he’s all grown up and I couldn’t save him from that

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Y’all. Y’all. The hug Jiang Cheng gives Wei Wuxian in episode 20 when they finally meet again. Sometimes you’re (ok ok: me) just going along with your day and then you remember it and have to sit down for a minute. 

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An extension of that scene where they come home together and the floors of their home are still splattered with the blood of family, their enemy’s banners and insignia are still flying, and Wei Wuxian takes a moment to come to terms with how completely his childhood home has been desecrated? Yeah. It must have taken years to clear out completely, even in the show, where the damage is much less extensive than it is in the book. On a side note, I really love the story this scene tells. There’s been a battle here, more recently than the massacre, but while they drove the Wen out of Lotus Pier and removed the bodies they didn’t even stay long enough to take the Wen banners down. We see Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian in the ancestral shrine before they go to meet Yanli in the Unclean Realm, where they seem to be based for most of the rest of the war, and the first time Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng notice Wei Wuxian’s talismans is in the Yiling Supervisory Office, which I think means Jiang Cheng must have fought that battle during the three months Wei Wuxian was missing before frantically running off to go looking for him again.

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ok just had the saddest Yunmeng bros dream - it makes no sense in places but oh my god 

wwx and jc still aren’t reconciled, wwx is mostly chilling in gusu. 

one day when jc was leaving lotus pier with jl, they are ambushed and captured. turns out they were the family of one of the cultivators that jc had tortured and killed whilst looking for wwx after he died, and they wanted him too in (quite understandable) revenge. jc gets incapacitated somehow - he can’t fight back. they promised that they would let jl go if jc sent wwx a talisman to let him know where they were, that he wasn’t lying, and to come and rescue him. jc does so, unable to see jl hurt and trusting more in wwx’s abilities to deal with these people much more than he trusts jl to fight them off in chains. but in the talisman he codes another message: to not come, whatever the cost. he’ll be fine. 

wwx gets the talisman and, of course, immediately rushes to save jc despite his warnings. lwj comes along for the ride naturally and waits outside in case anything goes wrong - with a cool new trick of wwx’s, like some kind of paper soaked in ink that can rearrange into words if you imbue it with your spiritual cognition like a paper man. so they can communicate, he’s not worried

so I can’t remember exactly what happens next but wwx bursts in, big fight, guns blazing, new and fledgling core bright in his chest - and sees jc unable to walk with a sword at his throat and no spiritual power to speak of, which is not what he expected to have to deal with

and then he pulls out his flute. and everyone starts to get a little bit worried. because he has his golden core back, sure, but where’s the fun in that? people know the name of the yiling laozu - they remember him, and fear him, better than they know what wwx was capable of long before they turned against him. and anyway he’s about to play and all the guards are shifting etc and then wwx turns to them and says something along the lines of that they can only have one of them; and if they let jc go, he’ll hand himself over without a fight (ok I know he’s more powerful than this, he could get them both out, blah blah, but this is a dream not a fanfic ok, and besides, he is curious - he wants to see who these guys are and he wants to know what jc actually did because nobody is going to tell him). and trust him - wouldn’t that be more preferably??

they give him the shifty eye and agree. not dying sounds good. so they let jc go, ashen faced, injured, stumbling out into the rain. wwx winks at him as he goes - he knows he can handle this. in fact, it’s going to be a breeze - and all the better, because technically he saved jc’s life even if it were really never in danger, and he’s definitely going to get some uncle brownie points from jl from that - and possibly, maybe just possibly - an invitation back to lotus pier. besides. he’s curious. he wants to talk to these guys and apologise. too many people have died on his behalf, and he knows jc never will. but he’s pretty confident in his ability to talk his way out without hurting anyway - and to hurt his way out if talking doesn’t work

 if this were back then, back when they were kids, back when they trained together and knew each other’s thinking inside out, jc would realise that it’s a bluff, and he has no reason to be worried at all. his brother isn’t going to be beaten by five second rate cultivators and two thugs with clubs. that’s laughable

but it isn’t back then. too much has happened. and they haven’t had a chance to talk, and he has no way of knowing that lwj is outside in the rain, waiting tight-lipped for the signal, ready to break them out in a moment’s notice - probably just by showing his face. he stumbles into the woods, gasping as he sits to try and meditate to heal his wounds, and thinks he’s left his brother to his death. not again, he thinks.

meanwhile wwx is having the time of his life. they tie him up, he hums agreeably, and wonders what they’re waiting for. not that he’s complaining. they give him food, and he complains - they’re not very good at this killing business, are they? he tries talking to them. they don’t respond but their backs stiffen. he gets the impression they’re all waiting for someone else to make the decision - someone else who, he gathers, is arriving in the morning. so he settles in for the night. he yawns, and imbues the paper with spiritual cognition, and sends lan wangji sleepy goodnight messages. ridiculous, he thinks, impossibly fond

but jc - jc is cold and frightened and in his head, again and again, is the idea that he’s left his brother to die. why wouldn’t he fight?? was he trying to save him, to save others, again and again? why did he keep doing this? he hasn’t seen wwx since they left the temple - he doesn’t know that, two years on, his golden core is small but flourishing, his body is strong, and his control of resentful energy - supported by his golden core and lz’s meditations - confident and his temperament clear. he only remembers that night, the night he ran about trying to unsheathe the sword, with his brother so weak that his legs gave out under him and that dazed expression on his face, lan zhan…?

and so, desperate, he turns back. he attacks them, furious. swiftly, now even angrier, they capture him and shove him roughly into the back room. they tie him up. ‘where’s my brother?’ he asks again and again. they don’t answer him.

very well, he thinks. if they’re going to die, they’re going to die together. they’ll see each other one last time, and he’ll apologise. he isn’t doing that to him. not this time. jl is safe. that’s what matters. he got out. and jc, finally, will pay for what he did to all of those people, all of those lives he ruined, for no other reason that his own bitterness and superiority. his due was always going to come. they were all meant to die that night at nightless city. it should have been him, protecting a-xian, not his sister. he has always been living on borrowed time

wwx gives the signal to lwj. silent, with minimal fuss, he escapes. there are no deaths - quickly, with a shimmer of his qin, they slump to the ground, unconscious. delighted, shrugging off the ropes, wwx turns and gives his husband a kiss. hanguang-jun, he teases. lwj, cold and exhausted, leans into it. they walk off - wwx telling him softly what he has learnt, and how he’s going to talk to jc about it when he comes back. they both have a responsibility they’ve been ignoring for too long. oh, and he needs to find jc and make sure he’s ok and let him know not to worry - but that can wait. they can get a hot meal first. 

morning breaks. jc has no more tears. beyond the room, the unconscious bodies of the guards, but he doesn’t know that. he only knows that no one comes. he struggles and strains against his bonds, but he can’t escape. 

and in the morning, as promised, the decision maker arrives. she is not what he expected - she is a mother, face creased, hard flinty eyes. you killed both of my sons, she said. your brother the first, at nightless city. you the second, when he tried to learn the magic that killed his brother. 

he can’t even ask for forgiveness. the words close in his throat. it’s too much, what he’s done. it’s all too much. but still, he doesn’t want to die. 

so many others, you killed. she gestures around the room, to the bodies that jc doesn’t know are there. all of these people - they all have someone dead because of you, jiang zongzhu. 

‘where is my brother?’ he asks through gritted teeth. she laughs, and tells him the cruelest, truest thing possible. 

wei wuxian? I don’t know. gone? he escaped last night. he knocked out all of his guards. didn’t he come and get you? 

she says it slyly, with a smile. 

and he thinks, of course. wwx never needed him to come back. it’s laughable. he feels sick at himself, thinking it, shivering in the rain. when did wwx ever need him? he closes his eyes. stupid, jc. so stupid. 

she laughs, delighted. she draws her sword. and just like that he dies. 






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・:*:・゚’✫,’✫’゚・:*:・˙ ・:*:・゚’✫,’✫’゚・:*:・˙

i’m so glad that you enjoyed the piece, it was kind of a spur in the moment kind of writing, but i think we all tend to get a little inspired in the late night. hehe, thank you so much for asking again! your prompts are adorable.

i don’t think that i could possibly do that justice with an answer here, but please look forward to the an update with your prompt within the next week! („• ֊ •„)

for now, here’s a little sneak peak:  .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)  


“Give it back!”

“No, it’s much too cute”

“It doesn’t belong to you”

Jiang Cheng grabs hold of the edge of the drawing, but takes Lan Xichen down with him as he falls. Jiang Cheng is expecting to hit his head on the floor, but finds Lan Xichen’s hand cushioning his head when he opens his eyes again. 

Their eyes lock with one another. 

Jiang Cheng’s heart stutters dangerously in his chest.

Hovered over him, Lan Xichen stares down at him, eyes flickering all over his face to land on his lips. Jiang Cheng thinks he’s just imagining it, but he thinks that Lan Xichen leans towards him. 

Though what he can’t mistake is what he sees outside the library window, he cannot mistake.

Yellow robes, and a high brown ponytail running away.

Jin Ling, Jiang Cheng seethes in his head and uses that to push himself up. 

Lan Xichen stumbles back as Jiang Cheng comes up, landing on his butt. 



to be continued~!

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