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3, 6, 10 and 23 for the 5sos asks? love u <3
okay! good morning !! love you too let’s do this
3. who’s your favorite member and why? my favorite member! is! none of them! all of them! i don’t know dude. it changes. i don’t see a point in having a favorite member. i know that’s a very annoying and standard-issue Bella Answer but that’s my real answer. at the moment i genuinely cannot think of who would be my favorite since i just have not meaningfully interacted with anything current 5sos is up to. maybe ashton he’s being pretty funny
6. favorite bromance? shockingly enough this ALSO changes a lot :) but i will try and give a real answer. (even though the REAL answer is they’re really all my favorite for different reasons in different ways.) right now i am particularly fond of cashton and lashton in whatever form they manifest. in general i think in my life i have vastly underappreciated cashton, who are honestly so very powerful and clearly very close, and i reread a fic the other day that reminded me how much i love lashton, so. there you go. ask me in a week and get a different answer free !
10. which songs means the most to you? ooh. hm. hmm. that’s a question. my very first instinct was beside you, which i think i’ve mentioned before but was extremely close to my heart when i was in middle school Living Overseas and Missing My Friends. and lie to me means quite a bit to me, but it doesn’t have those roots in my soul the way beside you does. long way home is another one like this, not quite as profound as beside you but it definitely holds a lot of my heart. 
on the flip side though i am also gonna say english love affair because no joke that song alone has reminded me how much i can fucking love 5sos. i think it’s currently one of my favorite songs. banger banger banger
23. fav moment(s) from the hdweuh dvd? HAHAADFJHSKSJ well if you ask megs you’ll know that about 80% of my experience with hdweuh was just having a serious crisis over luke hemmings. BUUUUUUUT i would be so remiss if i didn’t say that my favorite moment was when they interviewed alex gaskarth <3 also i liked when everyone was talking about their bandmates. if that makes sense. that was cute
5sos asks :)
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Fan Service
Miyawaki Sakura
Word Count: 2.6k+
Tags: Rough Sex
Tumblr media
The doors of the train open. You get into its almost empty cabin. However, only a couple of seats are available. Sitting down in one of them, you relax. It has been a long day for you. Wake up at 6 am and go directly to work. You have been busy ever since. But finally, you can go home and rest.
You pull out your earphones, struggling to untangle them, making sure that no cable is intertwined. As you plug it in, the next stop arrives. Even more, people enter. Finally, all the seats are now occupied. A girl sits next to you. Not much to care about. She just gives you your space, and you give her hers.
Pulling out your phone, you open your music player app and select from the ripped songs you got from the albums.
It is your favorite group’s debut song La Vie En Rose. You bop your head a couple of times as the song play and occasionally look down at the album art since it is filled with 12 pretty girls.
-ireon neukkimeun satangboda deo (satangboda deo)
naega neukkineun dalkomhamcheoreom
You can feel a tap on your shoulder and ignore it for a second, thinking it is just a mistake.
kkeullimyeon ikkeullyeo Na na now
baro jigeum Na na now
I don’t wanna make it blue
Suddenly your earphones get removed from your ear.
In a whisper
mandeureobwa neoye La Vie en Rose
You look to your left, and there she is Miyawaki Sakura. You almost scream in delight. But she puts your hand to cover your mouth.
“Be quiet. I don’t want everyone to know. I’m here.” She jokingly says.
You sit there speechless, unknowing what to do.
She whispers into your ear again. So closer, you can hear her breath.
Eyes on me. The moment we become one, everyone pays attention.
You pause for a second and pull out something from your bag. “Can you sign my album?” you ask.
Sakura chuckles for a bit. “Sure. Sure.” She pops off the cap of the sharpie and signs on the cover.
“Can you put Saranghae?” you request
She blushes and responds, “Sure. No problem.”
Sakura hands over the album and smiles.
You are ecstatic; seeing a member of your favorite K-pop group is fantastic. But you ponder, “Sakura, why are you at the subway?”
“I’m just going to meet some of the members at a café. Oh, wait!” she stops and calls someone on her phone. Then she comes back. “Do you want to join us?”
“Me, are you asking me to join you for some coffee?”
“Mhmm,” she nods. “I can treat you for tonight if you like.”
You cannot say anything else, but yes. This is the ultimate meet and greet a fan can ever have.
The stop arrives, and Sakura shows you out of the train, thru the gates, then up the stairs. Outcomes the cold night wind. She leads you to the café. In the far corner in the sparsely populated corner is the other members. You can tell it is them with their incognito outfits, masks, caps, and training clothes as if they just came from practice.
“Kkura-unnie, Is that the friend you talked about?” Yena asks
“Yup, he is also our fan. I think we should treat him for tonight.” She says, nudging your shoulder.
You can see two other girls, Yena and Hyewon. They are there sat and with their drinks already.
“Umm, how do you want us to address you?” Hyewon points at you.
“Well, I’m actually older than all of you, so I guess, Oppa.? Is that alright?”
“Okay, Oppa,” Hyewon says after taking a sip on her drink.
You stand there and smile for a second, still in disbelief.
Sakura turns at you and snaps you out of the trance. “Do you want to get our drinks now?”
Shaking your head to get back down from cloud 9. “Sure.”
Both of you go up to the counter. But the cashier looks at you confused. “Sakura, who is this?”
“Unnie, let’s just say that I want to treat a fan for tonight.”
The cashier just shrugs her shoulders and takes your order.
“Can I just have a Latte?” you ask.
Sakura tells the cashier. “You know my usual, Belgium hot chocolate.”
“Okay, anything else? Do you want a dessert?”
You look at the options. Cheesecake? Chocolate cake? A Mousse? “Sakura, what do you want?”
“Hmm, maybe the cheesecake.”
“Okay, the total is at the screen.”
You and Sakura pull out your cards.
“Oh no, Sakura, let me pay.” You insist
“Come on, I said I want to treat a fan. I cannot do that with him pay for it.” She persists
You relent. Her point was kinda right. She did say she wanted to treat you. To be honest, you didn’t have the luxury to go to a café as fancy as this, a place that will change 10,000 won for a slice of cheesecake.
“Oppa, I’ll wait for the drinks. You can go to the other while waiting.”
You follow her instructions. Seeing Yena and Hyewon makes your heart jump. Yena pats the seat beside her, asking you to sit with her.
“So, Oppa, how long have you been a fan.”
“Actually, I watched Produce 48 since episode one.”
Hyewon and Yena move closer to you ask one more time. “Who did you vote for?” Their curiosity is bursting.
You stutter, trying to sit out the truth without hurting them. “Sakura.” They both look disappointed again.
Sakura returns with the drinks and the dessert. “Did you actually ask him who did he vote for? Seriously you shouldn’t ask that.” Sakura was annoyed with Hyewon and Yena.
“You can only say that because he voted for you. Umph,” Hyewon pouts.
“Oh, Unnie, you should stop eating desserts. You might turn fat.” Yena pokes fun at Sakura.
Hyewon comes in and takes the cheesecake. “Give it to me then.”
Sakura stops her before Hyewon can do anything with the cheesecake. “it is for everyone, don’t dare try to eat it all.” Her instructions are clear, but they will fall on deaf ears. Hyewon will do her everything to eat it all.
“So, Oppa, you are Sakura’s fan?” Yena points out again.
“That’s not entirely true. I am still a wiz*one. I am everyone’s fan.”
Sakura giggles and leans into you for a hug. “Yena, won’t you let that go? You are making Oppa flustered.” Leaning in more for a cozier hug, so much you can already feel her nipples thru her small shirt.
But in order to not embarrass her, you try not to point it out.
Sakura gets her drink and sips on the thick drink as she backs out. But a tiny bit of the hot chocolate is left on her lip as she puts her mug down.
You pull out a napkin. “Oh Sakura, let me get that.”, wiping the small stain off her chin.
“Whew, I didn’t know you are dating a fan, Kkura-unnie,” Yena screams, feeling thrilled from seeing your kind gesture.
Sakura blushes. “You know I’m not that kind of person. I’m just happy Oppa is out here trying to take care of me.” She taps your head and gives a swift peck on your cheek.
At this point, you almost faint. Your heart is racing, your breath is becoming faster. “Oh god, did Sakura just kiss me?” You almost shout.
Yena and Hyewon laugh, bashing on the arm of the seat. But Sakura sits there calm as if everything is part of her plan. “Fan Service. I guess.” She chuckles.
Hyewon looks at her watch. “Oh, Unnie, I think we have to go. It is already getting late. Oppa, do you want us to drop you home?”
“Are you sure? I live far from here.”
“Agh, don’t’ worry, our manager is here to pick us up?”
“Plus, I think it is some I owe since I just picked you up from the subway.” Sakura insists.
They all get up and bring you with them outside on the street, now waiting for the van on the chilly Friday evening.
“Do you have any schedules this weekend?” you ask the girls
“It is our free day tomorrow so we are all resting.”
The light of Seoul is comforting. It is used to be the busy streets but at this time of night. It is cool and calm. The soft wind barely gives a breeze that won’t sweep you up but is strong enough to make you feel it.
You stand there with three of the most beautiful women you have ever met in real life—Sakura, the one, in particular, the girl that you have always dreamt of meeting in person. Now is there beside you, you almost touching. But inexplicably, her pink finger wraps around yours. Soon, you make your whole hand hold hers.
Suddenly, before anything that can advance. Their van is there to pick you up. All of you get in, but of course, Sakura sits beside you.
The driver asks, “Where do you want me to drop you off?”
You give your address. Then he drives off.
All the other girls are busy with their phones, but you and Sakura aren’t. She doesn’t seem to mind you, staring out of the window and all. But her hand slowly inches towards you and touches your legs, moving up and gently brushes your hand.
Enough with this teasing; you go up, turn her head and quickly kiss her on the lips. She doesn’t back out and promptly kiss you back. No one else notices, as far as you know.
Soon enough, you arrive at your place.
“Manger-nim, I’ll drop him off myself, okay. I’ll tell you when I’m coming down.”
“Oh no, Sakura, you don’t have to do that.”
“I insist. I just want to tell you one more thing, just not in front of everyone.”
As her request, you lead her up to your place. You reach your door. It is now you and Sakura alone in the corridor. She is on her phone the entire time. As you open your door, you mention, “Oh Sakura, you said you wanted to tell me something. “
“Code zero,” she says back on the phone.
“Code zero? What does that mean?”
She ends the call, puts back the phone in her bag. “This.”
She crashes her lips onto yours, pushing you inside your place, closing the door as soon as you enter. Her lips locked into yours. You pick her up; her legs wrap around your waist. She takes off the white crop top of her tiny body. Now, in front of you is a slender body waiting for you.
You move towards the bedroom, still lips on each other. You are kissing passionately. Her soft lips are irresistible. But you had to stop it for you to remove your shirt as she undoes her pants with her underwear as well.
Now in front of you in a naked Sakura. A girl you would have always wanted to meet, but now she wants more than just to talk.
She grabs onto your pants and yanks it off your crotch, throwing it across the room.
“Oppa, I’m impressed.” She is there staring at your cock. She is face-to-face with what can only be described as the longest one she has ever seen. Going up for a kiss before dragging her finger down your chest, then abs, then on your crotch.
With the same hand, she takes a good grasp on your cock, feeling the grith on her hand. She pumps in, slowly putting her tongue on the tip and swirling on it, and finally engulfing it after a few seconds of pure joy.
Her tongue touches your length from the inside—the salvia coats around it. The slurping sound rings to your ears. Her head is bobbing up and down, and her hand is pumping out your shaft. It is trying to get a sense of what kind of sensations Sakura gives you.
You groan as she continues; her rough style makes you grab onto her hair. The scent on her head is fragrant. The smell is there to act as a natural chemical that works on your sex drive. You move down to her slender waist. The soft touch is contracting against her veracious acts.
The deadly combination mixed in with her mouth, face, hair, and body gives you this sense of euphoria that you have never felt before. Not even from your previous relationships.
As her pace quickened, the pumping moves faster. Her head moves up and down rapidly. The soft, gentle motions turn rougher.
She pops her hand from our cock. “Are you enjoying it?” With slight pants, she questions.
You have almost reached your climax, but Sakura knows when to hold you in.
To clarify things, you ask, “How do you want to do this? Want it a bit rougher?”
“Depends on yo-“
Knowing her answer without even finishing her response, you stand up and carry her to the wall. Your cock touching her pussy.
“Can it be like this?” you ask
She can only respond with a grin.
To align in and start pushing in. Your cock is an unleashed animal, and its prey is Sakura. You slam your hips onto her gentle pussy. The tip is going in as far as it can. Touch the very depts of her womb.
Her walls constrict in response to the sudden, pleasurable stimuli. This makes it harder for you to get in. But her natural lubricant begins to coat your cock. Now, you can move at full speed. The sound of her shouts and your groans makes a symphony of pleasurable moaning.
She grabs your cheeks with her free arms and silences you with her lips. She spits in your mouth, and you just swallow. Nothing else but pure sexual drive. The lust that is between a fan and an idol.
“You are sooo..fucking…good! Oppa,” she screams.
Those words are only encouragement to you. You pump in faster and hard. Her repetitive scream echo around your room.
Now done with the position, you throw her to the bed. With her naked body presented in front of you, she giggles as you get on. Your cock is pressing against her, and your hind legs are flat on the bed. You pull her arms over her head.
You start pressing on her the same way you did a while ago. But rougher and faster. Her high pitch screams are music to your ears. You push in more intense than before—her breast jiggle due to the force you put upon her. You go down and kiss her again. Sakura is locked in a fierce battle of trying to grasp for breath, scream in pleasure, and your lips pressed against her.
You go in faster, faster and faster. Non-stop. The joy of fucking your favorite idol is upon you. You are no longer in control, or at least your conscience. But the mind of the head down below is now in control. The libido becomes uncontrollable. The sheer ferocity of your hunger is now thrust inside Sakura.
“Ah shit Sakura, I goin-“
Too late, you cummed. You weren’t able to give ample warning. But your orgasm makes you stay inside her. Each wave of your sticky liquid runs deep inside her. After running dry, you slowly pull yourself. A massive amount of a white substance spills out of her.
She whips back her messy hair. Her cute face is still outshining the sweat on her skin.
“Don’t worry. I was on the pill.” She reassures you.
You smile again and fall beside her. She goes back to your lips and kisses them again, summoning another make-out session but is more passionate this time. No more rough sex, just pure love she has for you.
“I’m happy. I met you in the subway, Oppa.”
“Sakura, I do too.”
It is the following day. You took your side. Sakura isn’t there but instead a note.
We had sex
Now you owe me dinner
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libraryofloveletters · 4 months ago
Sweet Like Sugar, Sour Like Lemon
Tumblr media
Billy Russo x Fem!Reader 
Warnings: mix of episodes from s1 of the punisher, mentions of cheating and talks of death, a bit of argument and some swearing.
Word Count: 4,276 words
Author’s Note: first billy fic :)) my billy blurbs always do well so I thought I'd try my hand // I giggled when I saw that the book he’s reading in that gif ^ was the picture of dorian gray because way to plug yourself ben lmao ** I didn’t proof read sooo just go with it
Sweet Like Sugar.  
The big red letters hung on the sign above the door, there’s a book with a cake on top of it as the decal. How quaint, he thought before stepping through the door.
The overwhelming smell of lemon and coffee hits him as he breathes in. The back wall where the tables are, is lined with bookshelves that go from ceiling to floor but the bottom 3 rows on all of them are empty. He looks around, there’s no one else in there except for him.
Perhaps they were closed and forgot to lock the door. There’s a little silver bell sitting on the counter next to a display of various sweets; cupcakes, cookies, pies, at least 3 different types of cheesecake, strudels and cinnamon rolls. The list was endless.
A woman appeared from behind the door that looked like it led into the kitchen. “Hi!” she smiles, wiping her hands on her apron. “What can I do for you today?”
Billy returns the smile, glancing up at the menu hung on the wall. “A cup of coffee and-” he looks over at the display. “Whatever your favorite is.”  
“I have a few of those.” she laughed, “something sweet or savory, mr..” she trails off.
“Russo. You can call me Billy.”
“Okay Billy, savory or sweet?”
He watches as the woman leans down, placing something with a yellow center on the little plate. She looks up at him, “oh, did you want this for here or to go?”
“Are you closed ?” he gestures to the empty bakery.  She shook her head, “no no, morning rush is about to start. I usually get most of my crowd during the morning and afternoons when everyone's heading home.”
“Then, here is fine.” She slid the plate over the counter to him. “I’ll bring the coffee over to you.” She turned her back to start brewing the coffee.
“How much do I own you?” Billy stopped half way towards a table. “Nothing.”
Billy’s brows furrow, head tilted to the side. “Nothing ?” he questioned.
She nodded, “it’s a new recipe. You’ve got the first one so give me your honest opinion and we’ll call it even.”
Billy hums, taking a seat at the table that’s directly across from the counter. He watches as the woman pour the coffee into a big, blue mug. “How do you take it?”
“Cream and sugar.” he hums, setting the plate down before taking a bite of the pastry on the plate. He mumbles something to himself as she walks over with the mug.
“How is it?” She watched the man take another bite, nodding to himself. When he finally swallows, “it’s good, like really good. You made these ?”
“Yup. I’m here every morning to make ‘em fresh.” She set the mug down. “Well, thank you. This was good.” he smiles at her.
“Would you like another one? Or something different ?”
Billy shook his head, “I'm good, thank you. This is.. lemon, right?”
She makes her way back to the counter, setting another 2 pots of coffee to brew. “Yeah, a lemon tart. I just tried the recipe this morning. I’m glad you like it, I was kinda worried no one would.”
“Well, you're a fantastic baker. I’m sure they're all great..” he trails off, she catches the hint. “Y/n.” you smile at him before someone comes in.
There’s a few people in there now, waiting for their pastries and coffee when you notice Billy looking over the books on the sleeve behind him. “Feel free to read them, if you'd like.” you call out to him as you slide a box of donuts over to one of your regulars.
Billy pulls the copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray off the shelf, flipping through the pages before turning back to the beginning.
The bakery was filled with people, rushing to get their fix of caffeine and something to eat or assistants who were sent to pick up pastries before meetings. It was a good hour and a half before you had a minute to breathe.
There's only a few people in the bakery still; an older couple who come in every Wednesday for coffee and strudels, some school girls who were very clearly skipping class to gossip and Billy, who was still sitting at the table with his head buried in the book.
You make your way around, picking up the forgotten plates and cups scattered across the tables. “Would you like something else ?” you ask Billy, he glances up from the book.
“I’m good, y/n. Thanks.” his head drops back, eyes shifting across the words on the page.
You hum, making your way to the back to set the dishes down. You were tidying  up and putting away what needed to be up and you hadn't realized how time ran away from you.
It was almost one when you stepped out again. The bakery is empty except for Billy. He was putting the book back onto the shelf before he got up. He turns to see you behind the counter again, he smiles.
“I was just about to ring the bell.”
“Oh,” you give him a small smile. “Did you want something ?”
“Just wanted to say bye before I left.” Billy fishes a five from his pocket as he approaches the counter.
“Billy, I told you that you don’t owe me anything.” “I know,” he hums, dropping the bill into the tip jar you had. “Have a nice day, y/n.” he smiles, walking to the door.
“You too, Billy.” he looks back at you as he steps out of the bakery.
Over the course of the next week and a half, Billy was in the bakery every morning for a lemon tart and a cup of coffee. He was becoming a regular but you knew nothing about him other than his name, his love for lemon tarts and the book that he was always reading.
One rainy morning, the door chimes as someone walks in. It was only 6:30, you had just opened so who could possibly be here already ?
You stepped out of the kitchen, Billy stood by the counter with a smile on his face. “Billy,” you smile, wiping your hands on your apron much like you did every morning, “good morning.”  
“Morning sugar, how are you?” he asks, glancing at the display case of sweets. Your heart flutters at the nickname, you hum. “Good, tired. How about yourself?”
“Okay for now, I have a craving for that lemon thing.'' He scans the display again but there aren't any in there today.
“A lemon tart?” you chuckled, “I just pulled them out of the oven. How many would you like ?”
“Just one and a cup of coffee if you have the time ?” he smiles sweetly at you.
You pause for a second, eyes studying the man across the counter. His brown eyes the deepest shade of brown you'd ever seen, matching brown locks of hair always slicked back neatly and a million dollar smile on his face.
Billy waits at the counter for you as you head to the back and return with a tray of lemon tarts. He watches as you set them down and put one onto a plate, he could smell the overpowering lemon from where he stood.
He loved the smell of the bakery in the morning; lemon, coffee and whatever floral scented perfume you had on.
It was quiet and peaceful, the walls covered in books but his eyes were always glued to you. Most mornings, the book he read sat discarded on the table as he watched you zip around behind the counter to serve your customers. He’s grown accustomed to your swearing as you drop something or if you burn yourself on the coffee pot, which happens more than you'd think.
You slide the plate over to him and he drops a 5 into the tip jar before making his way over to the table he had accompanied every morning since the first time he came in.
“You know if you keep putting tips in there, you might as well pay me.” you joke, pouring the coffee into the mug and pouring out another one for yourself.
Billy chuckles, taking a bite of the sour pastry. “You don't let me pay so I've gotta help keep you afloat after eating all of these.” You walk over, both mugs in hand but you only set one down.
“I don't mind, you’re good company - quiet and you clean up after yourself.” you smile, sipping on your own mug.
“Join me,” he looks up at you, “unless you’re busy?” You shook your head, sitting down across from the man. You rest the mug on the table, glancing down at the pastry on the plate.
“You know, I make these every morning but I’ve never actually had one.”
Billy’s eyes widen as if you had just confessed to murder, “what ?” he exclaimed, taking a sip of his own coffee - you always made the perfect cup of coffee.
“Yeah, just never tried it.” “That’s a crime, sugar. We’ve gotta change that.” he holds out the tart to you.
Your brows furrowed, “Billy, I'll get one from the display-” “nonsense, you’ll forget about it the moment you get busy. Open your mouth.” he stretches his hand out further and you lean forward to take a bite.
It’s a few seconds before you speak up. “Well?” he asks, brows raised in anticipation. “I see why you have one every day.” you smile, sipping on your coffee.
“Yeah, gonna miss these when I leave.” he shifts in his chair to pull The Picture of Dorian Gray off of the shelf.
“Leave?” you question, “where are you going ?”
“Leaving for my second tour the day after tomorrow.” he answers, flipping open the book to a random page. “You’re a soldier.” you hum, eyes studying him once again.
There was no sign that he was a soldier. A perfectly manicured man with no visible scars, externally that is. To you, Billy was your lemon tart loving bookworm that kept you company quietly from his spot.
“I am, guess you didn’t figure that one out, hm?” he smiles, eating the last piece of the tart. “Didn’t peg you for a military guy, I suppose it makes sense.” you hum.
“How so?”
“You’re here every morning with not a care in the world, you sit around reading the same book over and over again. Clearly you aren't in a rush.”
Billy laughed, “does my reading the same book bother you so much that you feel the need to comment on it?”
You glance down at the book on the table, picking it up and flipping through it. “How could you possibly read this everyday ?”
“I like it.” he hums, you set the book down. “You can have it.” you slide it back over to him. “No,” he shook his head, “it’s yours. I can’t take it.”
“I’m telling you to take it.” “And I'm telling you I can’t.”
A woman walks in, noticing you at the table. “Are you open?” she asks, you nod and get up, leaving Billy at the table.
“Yes ma'am, what can I get for you?”
Billy watches as you serve the woman; two cups of coffee and some cookies, donuts and strudels wrapped up neatly in a box. You lean on the counter before you turn your attention to him as the woman walks out.
“Will I see you tomorrow or are you heading out tonight ?” you ask, a pang of sadness hitting you. You were really starting to take a liking to Billy. “I’ll be here tomorrow morning, leaving for base around noon.”
“Good.” you smile.
The crowd that morning wasn't all that hectic, the usual people filled the bakery. Every time you looked up to serve someone, your eyes would drift over to Billy. The green uniform sitting on his body snugly and you couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness that hit you harder than you expected.
Billy was really leaving. You weren't even sure if you’d see him again after today.
Morning rush was over and done with and you were headed to the back to get some stuff ready for an order. “Billy, I'm heading to the kitchen. Shout for me when you’re leaving ?”
“Sounds good.” he smiles, watching as you disappear through the doors behind the counter.  
The music was blaring in the kitchen, the faint sound of humming coming from the other side of the door. You were rolling out the dough for the pie crust when the bell chimed. You called out that you’d be there in a second and before you could put the rolling pin down, someone pushed the door to the kitchen.
Turning, you find Billy by the door with a bouquet of red roses. “I wasn't sure what kind of flowers you liked.” he smiles, holding out the flowers towards you.
You take them and lean into the bouquet to smell them. “They’re beautiful, thank you Billy.” you set them on the counter before turning back to him. “Where’d you get these? I didn’t see you come in with them in the morning.”
“Ran across the road to Mr. Johnson’s.” “Mr. Johnson ?”
“The guy who owns the flower shop across the road?” “There’s a flower shop across the road?” your brows furrow, glancing back at the flowers. Billy laughed and nodded, “it’s a few doors down but yeah, there is.”
“Oh! I have something for you.” you make your way around the counter, walking over to the counter in the far corner. You pull out a book and walk back over to Billy, handing it off to him.
The Picture of Dorian Gray.
“I noticed it wasn’t on the shelf this morning.” he smiles at you. “I want you to have it.” you tell him, resting your hand on his.
“Y/n, I can't take-”
“You can, and you will. Think of it as a reminder of what’s waiting for you when you get back.” you smiled at the man, his eyes flickering across your face, studying every freckle and every smile line you had.
“A lemon tart?” he teases, making you roll your eyes. “No, me but I guess, the lemon tarts too.” you laughed.
Billy takes a moment to flip through the book, as if he had read it a hundred times over. There’s something on the front page that catches his eyes.
Bright blue ink across the page reading; “to my bookworm, thanks for keeping me company and for being my personal lemon tart taster. Kisses, yours truly.” There's a little kiss pressed beside the words, red lipstick that currently matches the color on your lips.
“Thank you.” he wraps his arms around you, pulling you against him. “Billy!” you wiggled away from him, his brows furrowed as he watched you brush his shirt off.
“You got flour all over yourself.”
“Oh,” he chuckled, glancing down at the white powder on him. “That’s fine.” he pulls you back by your arm, wrapping his arms around you once more. “You know, I’m gonna miss seeing your pretty face in the mornings.” you hum, looking up at him.
Billy flashes a smile, “take a picture, it'll last longer.”
You know he meant it as a joke but you pull out your phone from your pocket. Billy’s shifts so his arm is over your shoulder as the two of you smile at the camera.
You set the phone on the counter, turning back to the pie crust. Billy stands behind you, arms wrapped around you as you mold the dough to the pan, gently pushing it into the tin bowl.
Billy rests his chin on your shoulder, watching as you work. There's a comfortable silence, it feels like things are finally where they're supposed to be.
The impending fact of his departure is the last thing on your mind.
Well, it was until he brought it up.
“I’ve gotta head out.” he hums, kissing your shoulder. “Do you really have to?” you ask, feeling Billy’s lips travel from your shoulder to your neck. He nods against your skin, pressing a kiss to your jaw.
You turn, arms over the man’s shoulders and fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “I’ll miss you.” he whispers.
“I’ll be waiting right here for you.”
A Year & A Half Later - Billy’s Return
The bakery was quiet, the flashing sign on the door read open. Billy walked through the door, the overwhelming smell of lemon and coffee hitting him and this time, it smelt like home.
He could hear the humming coming from behind the doors, the sound bringing a warmth to his heart. Billy rang the bell on the counter and the humming stopped. He takes a quick second to adjust his uniform and fix the wrapping paper around the tulips he had in his hand before you stop out of the kitchen.
You halted when you saw him.
Tall, tan from the hot sun, brown hair slicked back and not a scar on that pretty face.
“Billy!” you grinned as you ran around to him. Had he not braced himself, both of you would be on the floor when you jumped on him. He laughs, his arms wrapped around you as he spun you.
“Hey sugar.” he smiles, pulling you down but his arms are still around you. “What are you doing here?” you ask, hands cupping his cheeks. “I thought your tour wasn’t done until next month.”
The two of you had kept in contact when he deployed. Billy had sent the first letter seeing that he wasn't sure where he'd be stationed but he knew you’d be at the bakery. You sent back your first letter just a few days after receiving his and the rest is history.
“Discharged earlier than expected and I thought I'd surprise you.” his hand rested on your lower back, the other still holding the flowers.
“Was I just a stop in on the way you see your wife?” your head tilts, looking up at the man as you bite back a smile. “Yeah, how’d you know?” he asks, flashing you a smile.
You shook your head, “but seriously, you didn’t want to go home and get some rest before you came to see you ?”
“I had a craving for the lemon thing.” “A lemon tart, Billy. When are you going to learn the name?” you untangle yourself from him, walking around the counter to get one out of the display for him.
Billy sets the flowers on the counter, watching as you put the coffee in the machine. He notices a yellow frame with little lemons on the counter by the coffee machine; the picture of the two of you from the night he left was in the frame.
“Seems like someone missed me.” he walked around the counter.
You hum, back still facing him. Billy walks over to you, hugging you from behind. He reaches for the frame with one hand and the other is wrapped around your waist. He holds the picture out in front of you, “has no one asked who the handsome man in the frame is?” he sets it back down, you reach over your shoulder to pat his cheek.
“Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart.” you joke, “the women think you're my husband.” you pour the coffee into the mug.
“What ?” he watches as you step away to get the cream and sugar. “Yeah, the older women that come in always tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who, and I quote ‘so handsome and so brave.’”
“You told them we're not married, right?” he leans on the counter, picking up the lemon tart and taking a bite. He hums in satisfaction, taking another bite before mumbling something about it being good.
You smile, pouring the cream into the mug. “Where’s the fun in that, Mr. Russo ?”
Billy shook his head, smiling at you. He sets the tart down before pulling you by your waist over to him. HIs hand cups your cheek and your hands rest on his chest. The two of you are looking at each other, the tension building by the second.
You had thought about this very moment over the last year and a half.
He leans, lips brushing against yours softly before finally closing the gap between the two.  It’s as if everything is screaming at you, your stomach has butterflies and there are fireworks.
Every cheesy description of a kiss could not live up to what you were feeling at the moment.
“Welcome home, Mr. Russo.” you smile against his lips. Billy pressed another kiss to yours, “Thank you, Mrs. Russo.” he whispers, making you laugh.
The Anvil head office was quiet and ever slick - black mirrors and tiles covered the hallway leading from the elevator to the front desk. The pink box in your hand felt so out of place compared to everything else.
The woman at the front desk smiled at you. “Welcome to Anvil, how can I help you?”
“I’m here to see Bill- Mr. Russo.” you corrected yourself at the last second. You called him Billy in front of his employees all the time but it still felt odd addressing him as Billy in front of them without him actually being there.
“Oh.” her smile drops, ever so slightly glancing behind her to the shut office doors. “Mr. Russo is in a meeting at the moment.” she tells you, a lie rehearsed one too many times to work on you.
“With whom?” your head tilts, eyes focusing on her. She looked away from your gaze, you hum and step past her desk. “No! Miss, you can’t go in there!” she shouts as she tries to catch you before you pull the large door open.
Too late.
Billy steps away from the woman with curly brown hair when the door pushes open; as if it wasn't obvious what was happening. They stood across from each other, chests heaving with her clear lip gloss smeared across Billy’s lips.
“Honey, hi.” Billy breathed, the back of his hand swiftly wiping across his lips.
Billy’s gaze shifts towards his secretary who gives him an apologetic look right as she shuts the door. You set the pink box down on the coffee table between the couches in his office.
“Billy, aren't you going to introduce me to your company ?” you drily ask. “Right, this is Special Agent, Dinah Madani, Homeland Security.” He glances at the woman, gesturing to her before turning to you.
“Agent Madani, this is y//n, my..” he breathes, hesitating to say the word. “Girlfriend.” You look at Billy, a sense of betrayal washing over you; your jaw clenched, lips pursed with your brows furrowed as you stared at him in disbelief.
“Your girlfriend ?” she asks him, the lift in octave was enough for you to know that she wasn't aware that Billy had a girlfriend.
He simply hums, leaning on the edge of his desk with his arms folded across his chest.
“It’s nice to meet you.” you say to her, she clears her throat before glancing at Billy and then back at you. “You too.” she gives you a small smile before stepping out and shutting the door behind her.
“What the fuck, Billy?” you shout, his eyes snapping towards you. “Lower your voice.”
“Lower my voice?” you asked, scoffing. “You just fucking kissed her. Who’s to say you didn’t fuck her too?” you say, you weren't serious about him fucking her but judging by the way his expression softened and he looked away meant he did.
“Oh my god.” you run a hand through your hair and Billy stands up, stepping towards you. “You fucked her? You fucked her.” you step back, away from him.
“Honey, c’mon. Let me explain.” he takes another hesitant step towards you but your hand comes out in front of you, stopping him from moving closer.
“Explain what ? How do you explain that, Billy? Is it not obvious?”
“Frank’s alive.” he blurts, changing the topic.
“What?” Your brows furrow, staring back at the man across from you. He nods, arms still folded across his chest. “She's looking into Frank, trying to dig up shit from our past and she thinks he's alive.”
“Frank’s dead, Billy. We went to his funeral.”
“It was a closed casket, y/n. Who’s to say he isn't alive?” Billy’s eyes are on you, you can see that he truly believes that Frank’s alive.
“Billy, do you know how fucking crazy you sound right now?” you spat, shaking your head. “You’re trying to justify the fact that you fucked her buy saying she's looking into your dead friend? I doubt this is what Frank meant when he say you can lie on his grave.”
“He’s alive. I know he is.” Billy shouts at you, you had never heard that from him. No matter how upset he was, he never raised his voice at you.
“Fine. Fuck who you want, hope you find your friend.” you turn, walking back to the door. Billy follows behind you into the hallway, “y/n, can we talk about this?”  He grabs your arm, pulling you to face him.
You pull your arm away from him, shaking your head. “No, we can’t. It’s done and over, so are we.” you walk away from him, stepping onto the elevator.
As the doors shut, the glimpse of Billy standing at the end of the hallway was the last time you saw him.
taglist: @leossmoonn @halsteadssneakylink @mrs-dr-reid​
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raphsweapondealer · 23 days ago
Bayverse turtles x reader/ y/n (gender neutral creeper and reader)
Hi guys!
So like, a month back a neighbor creeped on me, so I started this to kinda vent. Hope you like it!
THIS SCENARIO: someone decided to be creepy to you. Here's how each turtle would handle it.
WHAT? Someone disrespected you and made you feel uncomfortable??
Oh hell no baby cakes!
People underestimate this ball of joy and jokes.
BUT his experience in pranking and terrorizing his older brothers? Has prepared him for this moment
He goes mental warfare on this person that harassed and made you feel uncomfortable.
Typically he'll do stuff to their house. Learn their schedule.
Make them think their house is haunted, comes in the middle of the night to REALLY freak them out
He'll write: "y/n is mine" on the walls with fake blood. Clean it up if they call the police.
Clear wrap their car so they'll be late for work
Thumb tacks in their bed, yup, not even the BED is safe. It can't be trusted.
Sugar in their gas tank
Sulfer powder on the vents of their car, person will never be able to use it or sell it when it has the rotten STENCH of rotten eggs
Shave their head. He'll get more and more mean with his pranks until they freak out and turn a new leaf.
If they don't? He'll keep it up for years, he'll go full petty mode, make them pay
Creeper will become paranoid
What's around the next corner? Oh god
People will call the creeper crazy
Police will turn against the creeper if he tries to keep calling them
I think it's safe to say where this is going...
Will find them online, give them their ip address, home address, and freaking coordinates in private message
No one messed with you under his watch
He'll troll him online
Whether social media?
Videogames? Oh he will DESTROY them. Maybe get Mikey's help on that specific one.
Make it clear this is about you and if he gets creepy with you again he'll pay. Big time
May dox them if person deserves it
May inform their employers or ensure they get fired for such atrocities pointed towards you
Would inconvenience him
Maybe get person on a watch list or two
Black list them on every internet provider
Any and all interests this person has that have to do with technology will be ruined for them
May tap their bank account too if they pissed the smart turtle off enough.
This person will be a hobby for a while. And he'll keep this up for at least a year This person FUCKED up messing with his S/O
Or until he runs out of ideas for them.
But lord help the creeper if they fuck with you again
He'll make sure they lose everything
And buy a nice piece of jewelry for you or something
Will be aggressive, not up front, he does it in the dark
How DARE someone disrespect you like that??
Goes FREAKING spec ops
Uses torture techniques that won't leave marks or evidence
Person will wake up, strapped to bed, get waterboarded
Another day they'll wake up to Chinese water torture
Borrow a Ratchet strap from Donnie, straps person to their couch, beats them with a pillowcase of soap
This is as close as the creeper has been to soap! Disgusting person!!
Flip their mattress when they're sleeping. (More like chuck it across the room and make them face plant the wall)
Absolutely TERRIFY this person, probably scarring
Will do this for a while
They are safe no where
Will booby trap their car, their work cubicle, you name it, he can get in anywhere and WILL get in anywhere
Will easily evade police, security measures. He will be the ghost of justice.
Will also do this for an extended time, at LEAST several months.
This person will get to a point where they'll be praying to any godly entity for the ghost of justice to leave them alone.
Yeaaaaaah. This person is about to get it
Raph is a direct approach, won't drag it out like his brothers, because he doesn't have to
Short and sweet
Is there when the person gets home, turns on the lights like a parent that caught their kid doing something wrong
Slaps the creeper silly, don't you ever talk to his s/o ever again!
Slaps them open handed both to disrespect them, and obviously so he doesn't put them in the hospital or worse
And people call HIM a monster! At least he had common decency and can read someone!
Then he'll fight Leo when he gets home
The two eldest bros will be fighting because Leo is NOT gonna be happy Raph went to the surface and exposed himself like that?!
Raph has the "I'll fuckin do it again" attitude
Aaaaand does. At LEAST one more time.
Puts the fear of GOD into this person, one more time
You can't stop him, you tried. Told him to drop it.
Splinter deals with him the second time around, like: "my son, yes they are awful but you can't just expose yourself and beat up people"
Spoiler: he doesn't care. Every words goes over his head.
Worth the Hashi.
His s/o is avenged and won't be bothered again
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thedeathdeelers · a month ago
lost in japan by shawn mendes but make it juke
sunset curve and julie molina are both currently on (separate) tours. sunset curve are reaching the end of their world and are headed back to the US but have a couple days off before they have to fly back
julie is still halfway through her tour, and is currently in tokyo, jet-lagged and tired but still loving the life she chose to follow (although she does miss people from home. luke. ray. carlos. flynn. luke. her tia. luke.) (she knows he’s on tour as well and wouldn’t be able to see him even if she was in the US but still)
it’s been a long day, long week, long month, and julie honestly can’t remember the last time she was given free time to just enjoy something as simple as lying down on a soft bed, and not stressing out about how long she has left until she needs to be up and getting ready for the next day. so she stretches out her limbs, one by one, and lets the soft bedsheets pull her in deeper.
she’s never been a huge fan of hotel beds, but this one definitely takes the cake.
she burrows deeper in the feather soft duvet, and is nearly halfway to fully passing out, when the phone still in her hand buzzes once — a message.
her fingers are sluggish as she unlocks her phone and taps on the message — only to visibly perk up when she sees who’s texting her.
luke: hey
julie can’t seem to help the little smile that tugs at the corners of her mouth.
julie: hey
luke: you got any plans for tonight?
julie: sleep and then maybe some more sleep after that. you?
she puts her phone down, expecting to wait a little longer for a reply, only to hear her phone buzzing away again.
luke: hmm i was thinking…
julie’s too impatient to wait, so she texts right back.
julie: thinking?? luke, who stole your phone??
she allows a smirk to take over her face as she waits for his message.
luke: ha. ha.
luke: stop distracting me
luke: as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted
julie giggles at his reply, legs swinging in the air as she watches the three little bubbles popping in and out of their chat as he types away.
luke: japan isn’t that far from where i am rn
luke: and i was thinking
luke: i could maybe fly to where you’re staying tonight…if you’d like that?
luke: cause honestly…i seriously can’t get you off my mind
julie freezes as she reads his texts, not fully registering the meaning behind his words. they had only started seeing each other recently, but she missed him so much. she had gotten so used to having him around her recording booth, around the label’s building — just around her, in her life.
they had both been booked to set off on separate tours at different times, and she hasn’t seen him in person in weeks.
but she didn’t want to seem needy or clingy..,so she had avoided texting him too much, or video calling him in fear he might be about fans or with the boys or just enjoying himself touring the world.
but these texts that he was sending her, they…was he missing her as much as she missed him? was it possible-
julie jumps back into the present when the phone in her hand starts buzzing incessantly, signalling that someone was calling her. she barely registers the name on her screen before she answers, pressing the phone to her ear.
“hello?” she sounds dazed, even to her own ears.
“so, what do you think? i-i’d love to see you.”
julie feels her heartbeat pick up at the oh-so familiar sound of his voice; so close yet so far.
“i uh, i’m sorry for just surprising you with this out of nowhere, i-” he lets out a breathless laugh, and julie can just picture his hand reaching back as he starts nervously scratching at the back of his head. “i’ve been wanting to do this all tour but the boys said i needed to uh- to..slow down.”
julie can feel her facing heating up while a wide smile stretches out almost painfully across her face.
“all tour, huh?”
“hm, how soon do you think you can get here?”
she hears what sounds like a phone dropping to the ground, followed by luke swearing and the fumbling of fingers before she hears his voice again, somewhat breathless.
“i’m already at the airport. give me a few hours?”
julie laughs at his words — he was unbelievable. her heart squeezes at the emotions raging through her, feeling almost lightheaded.
“cant wait.”
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lady-riel · 2 months ago
I just love you fics! Would you write one where Gwyn is planning a surprise party for Az? Please and thank you.
Thanks again @headcanonheadcase, this was fun to write! It turned into quite a bit of Gwyn/Cassian banter.
Read on AO3
“So,” Gwyn announced, dropping down onto the couch beside Nesta, who looked up from her book, “It’s Az’s birthday next week and I want to throw him a surprise party.”
“A surprise party?”
“A surprise party?” echoed Cassian as he walked into the room. “For Az?”
“You have a problem with that?” Gwyn retorted.
Cassian shrugged, a skeptic smirk gracing his face. “In five hundred years I’ve never once been able to surprise him. So good luck.”
Gwyn raised two copper brows at him. “Is that a challenge?”
“Look what you’ve gone and done, Cass,” groaned Nesta. “She’s going to be single-minded now.”
“Yup,” chirped Gwyn. “Now since you’ve involved yourself,” she said to Cassian as she rose, “Are you going to be an asset to this process, or are you going to be a liability?”
He sighed and rolled his eyes at the ceiling. “An asset,” he grumbled.
“So you’re not going to ruin the surprise?” Gwyn’s hands were on her hips, her tone no-nonsense.
He shook his head resignedly.
“And you’ll distract him on the day of the party so we can set up and then bring him back for the surprise?”
Cassian sighed again. “Fine.”
“And you’ll invite all the people he’d want to be there to the House at the time of my choosing?”
“All the people he’d want to be there are in this room,” he complained.
“Expand the definition of the word ‘want’ then!”
“Okay, okay,” he groused.
“So there’ll be more people than us present?”
Cassian’s lips twisted to the side. “Yes.”
“Good. Now what’s his favorite kind of cake?”
“I’ve never once seen him eat cake.”
Gwyn glared at him with the fire of a thousand copper-haired suns. “You’re not being very cooperative.”
Cassian scoffed. “You’ve gotten me to agree to invite all the guests and distract Az on the day and get him there just in time for the surprise. You’re calling that uncooperative?”
“If you don’t tell me what kind of cake he’ll like, then yes.”
Cassian mumbled a curse under his breath before saying, “He’ll probably like dark chocolate.”
“In the shape of a dagger,” chimed in Nesta.
“Oooh that’s good,” Gwyn agreed. She turned back to Cassian and indicated a hand towards Nesta. “See? Why can’t you be that cooperative?”
“And what, may I ask, are your responsibilities for this surprise party?” he asked indignantly.
“I,” Gwyn proclaimed, “Am going to sweet talk the shadows into keeping all this a secret from Azriel.”
“And they’re going to listen to you?” Nesta said skeptically.
“If they know what’s good for them, they will,” Gwyn declared. “I sing them to sleep every night and they’ve become very dependent on it. At this point they like me more than they like Az.”
Both Nesta and Cassian stared at her.
“Anyway,” Cassian said after a beat, “Why do I have like sixteen jobs and Nesta has none?”
“You have two jobs,” Gwyn said flatly.
“I have way more than two jobs,” Cassian protested.
“It’s two, Cass,” Nesta said wryly.
“It’s way more than two!” he exclaimed. “I have to get Rhys and Feyre to come. I have to get Elain to come. I have to get Mor and Amren to come. I have to convince Az to go somewhere that day, and then convince him to come back at a certain time. All without arousing his suspicion. And Az is the single most suspicious male on the planet.”
Gwyn looked at him evenly. “I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it. And that still boils down to two jobs. Inviting people and handling Az.”
Cassian’s face was a portrait of incredulity. “Uh, have you ever handled Az?”
Gwyn and Nesta both snorted; he rolled his eyes, realizing what he said.
“Yeah,” Gwyn said breezily, “It’s really not that complicated.”
Cassian muttered under his breath again.
“Also don’t forget about a gift for him,” Gwyn reminded him.
“That’s a third job!”
“Sweet Mother, Cassian, that’s basic decency when you go to a birthday party.”
He frowned. “Can Nesta and I at least give him a present together?”
“No,” Nesta said. “Get your own present.”
He made a face at her. “I suck at getting him presents.”
Nesta made the same face back. “Too bad.”
Cassian turned back to Gwyn. “Are you going to give me an answer for how it is that Nesta doesn’t have any jobs for this dumbass party?”
“Call my party dumbass one more time and you really will have sixteen jobs.”
Cassian held up his hands in apology.
“And Nesta,” Gwyn went on, “Is going to convince the house to do decorations and make the cake.”
Nesta smiled beatifically at Cassian. “And I’m going to do it without a litany of complaints.”
“How the fuck did I even get here…” Cassian mumbled, crossing his arms and looking up at the ceiling.
“You walked in on our conversation and decided to have an opinion about it,” Gwyn reminded him.
“Don’t worry, it’ll never happen again,” he sighed.
“One can dream,” Nesta said to Gwyn, who nodded sagely.
“Okay,” Cassian griped, “I have things to do like go invite people to this du—”
Gwyn’s brows shot up.
“—this magnificent celebration,” he finished lamely.
She narrowed her eyes at him. “Nice save.”
Cassian shook his head and stomped out of the room.
“It’s this Saturday at noon,” Gwyn called at his back. “In case you thought that piece of information might be relevant for the invitations.”
Gwyn smiled at Nesta in the silence after his footsteps faded. “Well, it certainly wasn’t my intention to get him to do all the hard work but that turned out well.”
Nesta laughed. “If you had pushed a little more you might have been able to con him into doing all the decorating too.”
“Nah, he’d have done a shit job of that,” Gwyn sniggered. “There would’ve been like two balloons and a single sad streamer.”
“True,” Nesta agreed. “Best to give him something he can’t fuck up too badly. I’m sure the House will do a wonderful job.”
“I was thinking we should lean into the dagger theme,” Gwyn said, looking around at the room thoughtfully, her thumb stroking over her bottom lip. “Like, glowing daggers hanging from the ceiling. Little dagger-shaped lanterns on the tables. Forks that are a fork on one end and a dagger on the other.”
Nesta grinned. “I love that idea.”
“The dagger-shaped cake idea was brilliant. Maybe there can also be lots of real daggers sticking out of it?”
Nesta nodded eagerly, “Beautiful ones. Like diamond-hilted, glittery, colorful ones. And then he can keep them as part of his presents!”
“He’ll love that,” Gwyn said, an affectionate smile on her face, thinking of Azriel’s response. “Okay, I have to go find the shadows and convince them to keep their little shadowy mouths shut.”
The morning of the party dawned clear and cold, the dewdrops on the grass frozen in sparkling globes that scattered the sunlight. Cassian stomped his feet on the ground to warm them as he waited for Azriel. He had persuaded the shadowsinger to winnow with him to Ironcrest to inspect the camp after training was done.
After an excruciating hour-long inspection, Azriel making it painfully obvious how much he didn’t want to be there, they winnowed back at noon.
“I found this book you might like,” Cassian said to him when they got home, trying to attempt a casual tone. “I left it on the table in there.” He indicated towards the cracked door of the library as they passed, the room beyond dark.
Cassian was sure he was being smooth, and thought that Gwyn better appreciate this stroke of brilliance on his part.
Azriel grunted in response and pushed the door open. As soon as it swung open, faelights lit up the room and everyone jumped out from behind the couches and yelled, “SURPRISE!”
Shocked into action, Azriel whipped out four daggers in less than a split-second, two in each hand, and had them cocked to throw.
Feyre, Elain, and Mor all screamed and hit the ground in an attempt to escape the line of fire. Elain clumsily tripped over her own hem and face-planted into the carpet, the flowers decorating her hair spilling over the floor in a cascade of pink petals.
Gwyn and Nesta were both cackling hysterically, clutching each other. Nesta wiped tears of mirth off her cheeks.
“Az!” Rhys exclaimed, “It’s a fucking surprise party, not an ambush.” He hurried forward to help up Feyre and Elain, both of them shaking. Mor was already brushing herself off, angrily muttering something to Amren who looked delighted at all the mayhem.
Recovering from her laughing fit, Gwyn bounded forward, a huge smile splitting her face. “You can put the daggers away now, love, we already have enough of them here.” She wrapped her arms around his neck as Azriel tossed away the daggers into his shadow-pocket. His hands found their way to her waist and their lips met in a kiss.
“Happy birthday,” she whispered to him, their foreheads touching.
His hands stroked over her arms. “You did all this?”
She nodded. “Nesta and the House helped.”
Behind Azriel, Cassian let out an outraged sound.
“And Cassian did a few things and bitched the whole damn time,” Gwyn added.
Cassian mumbled something under his breath that he hoped she didn’t hear.
Azriel twisted around to look at him. “Ironcrest? Really?”
Cassian shrugged. “It was all I could think of.”
Peering around her mate, Gwyn said to him dryly, “Very creative.”
“Hey!” Cassian said hotly, “At least I got it done. And look at all the people here.”
“Yes, I’m sure talking to your family and informing them of the date and time was quite onerous.”
He crossed his arms and blew a breath out his nostrils.
Azriel turned back to Gwyn and kissed her again softly. “I’m not very good with surprises,” he murmured against her lips.
She grinned. “I know. That’s why it’s dagger-themed to cheer you up.”
Azriel glanced up. The House had outdone itself, Gwyn and Nesta’s vision coming to life exactly as they had imagined it.
“This is a lot of daggers, even for me,” he said ruefully. Gwyn laughed. “It’s beautiful, love. Thank you for doing this.”
His attention drifted to his shadows, swirling over his wings. He murmured something to them, an exasperated look on his face.
“They did a good job keeping the secret from you, didn’t they?” Gwyn teased him.
He snorted. “They did a good job being little fucking traitors, yeah.”
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alwaysmarveling · a year ago
Call Me Back
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x reader
Warnings: death, a small sexual innuendo, and lots of commas and long sentences
Word Count: 3.4k
Summary: You and Wanda promised each other you would always call to check in, and Wanda’s going to do her best to keep that promise, no matter what.
The first time you met Wanda was… well, when was the first time you met Wanda? Was it when wisps of red flashed in front of your eyes, projecting images so horrific and lifelike that you all but collapsed in a heartbeat? Or was it when she stepped forward to shake your hand timidly, grief and determination filling the witch as she promised to make up for it?
“I- I wouldn’t have done it if I… we were just trying…”
“Don’t worry about it,” you had told her with a smile before confiding in her about your own missteps, how you’d wreaked havoc on all of New York with your powers of body modification after your own parents died, how Fury finally got the Avengers to catch you, and how they quickly became your new family.
“You mean they really almost burned the kitchen down trying to make you a birthday cake?” The brunette giggled later that night as you recounted the story of your sixteenth birthday, the two of you sitting comfortably beside each other on the living room sofa.
“Yup. And when Nat showed up with an ice cream cake fifteen minutes later to find smoke in the living room, Sam told me she freaked on everyone.”
“Excuse me, Y/N, I did not do any ‘freaking.’ God, is that what you teenagers are calling it now?” The two of you erupted into laughter, and the redhead could do nothing more than shake her head, a smirk playing on her lips no matter how hard she tried to conceal it.
Much like Nat and Steve predicted, the two of you became fast friends. You sat next to each other on movie nights, sang karaoke in your room when you thought everyone else was asleep (if they weren’t awake when you started, they certainly were once you were thirty seconds into Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”), and, much to Steve’s dismay, when you finally became confident with your ability to grow wings on your back, snuck out regularly for late-night flights around the compound.
But you also insisted on being there for Wanda’s training sessions, even if it meant you had to wake up an hour earlier. You cradled the witch in your arms when she woke up night after night with an aching hole in her heart before you eventually insisted you guys just share a room. And you promised her, above everything else, that when you went out for anything, whether it be a quick grocery run or a month-long mission, you’d let her know you were okay.
You knew the promise she pleaded you to make was a result of the anxiety she suffered. She’d lost everyone she cared about; if a simple text or call was enough to put her at ease, you’d do it in a heartbeat.
“Wanda,” you’d whispered, the teen immediately sitting up straight when she’d heard the cracks in your voice. “I- I don’t know what to do. I’m safe, but...” She told you to stay there, don’t move, she’d be there in minutes. And, with your brain unable to function enough to think of any other option, you listened.
Her heart broke at the sight of you, your arms wrapped tightly around yourself and your head hung, you feet occasionally kicking the wet sidewalk. The neon sign of the restaurant your date had promised to meet you at illuminated one side of your face, allowing her to see the tears that you had tried but failed so desperately to hold in. But the witch didn’t let you see her emotions, instead whisking you away from the unfamiliar section of the city, brushing the tears off of your cheeks and bringing you to the twenty-four-hour diner for milkshakes. She made a fool of herself in front of the waitstaff until tears flowed from your eyes once again, but this time, the crystalline drops rolled down your raised cheeks, aching from smiling too hard. 
When you had a panic attack during training because you couldn’t get one of your body modification attempts to reverse—”Wanda, I cannot be stuck with claws for hands, I can’t!”—she refused to let you hang up until the steady sounds of her own breathing calmed you down, the sharp nails receding and making way for the soft pads of your very human fingertips.
And when she called you after the mission in Lagos, you worked tirelessly to complete your own solo mission as soon as you could. You returned to the tower to find her holed up in the bedroom, news broadcasts playing nonstop on the television to remind her of the horrors she’d committed; accident or not, she told you, she needed to hold herself accountable. You simply shook your head at her, holding out your hand without another word. She didn’t take it at first.
“You can’t fix it, Y/N. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you.” She was expecting you to fight her back on it, yell at her and demand that she take your hand, or perhaps you’d go the complete opposite direction and leave her alone, let her be swallowed by guilt and anguish, rip open old wounds and form new ones as she thought of how she tore apart families that were probably much like her own. You did neither.
Wanda’s green eyes remained fixed on your outstretched hand. You stayed silent, one eyebrow cocked as if daring her to see what would happen should she choose not to take it. It was only then that she realized, for once in her life, the person she most loved wasn’t leaving; the support she so desperately needed wouldn’t be yanked away from her when it was mere centimeters from her grasp.
So she rested her fingers in the palm of your hand, and you pulled her out to the balcony where the two of you had spent night after night watching the stars instead of sleeping, making up funny names for each of them and rolling in fits of laughter that only came to those delirious and sleep-deprived enough to understand just what was so funny. Except, this time, instead of dropping into the oversized beanbag chair that was the usual spot of your stargazing shenanigans, she watched curiously as you removed your shirt. Her mouth dropped as you closed your eyes and allowed the white feathers to emerge from beside the ridges of your spine. Although it was a process she’d seen several times before, your modifications had never ceased to amaze her, and your angel-like wings had always been her favorite. The witch admired the additions as you allowed them to flap slowly, once, twice, before turning back to her.
“Let’s go,” you finally spoke, the order gentle but leaving no room for negotiation.
“Where are we going?”
“Away.” That was enough for the brunette, who squeezed your hand before following your lead. She allowed you to guide her through the maze of clouds and couldn’t help but smile softly as the sun’s rays hit your face at just the right angle. You wore the exhaustion from your recent mission on your face, and streaks of dirt covered the bruises that she was sure littered your body. But she was content, in awe, because you were you. You didn’t put up walls to hide your scars from the world, didn’t use passive-aggressiveness to hide the passion that burned in your heart. At the end of the day, you were good, purely and truly good. You were an angel; even the sun knew it.
What Wanda didn’t realize, but what you taught her that night, as she sat surrounded by sunflowers, the moon, thousands of gleaming stars, and the tickle of your feathers as your wing pulled her close to you, was that she was one too.
“I’m glad you called me,” you whispered, your eyes not leaving the open sky as you pointed out a particularly bright spot. “I’m gonna call that one… Philip. He looks regal, real proud. Look at him, so much brighter than the others, and he knows it too.” The witch breathed out a soft chuckle, stroking her fingers over your feathers as she responded.
“I’m glad I called you too. And I think Philip is a good name for him. What about that one?”
“Hmm… Walter? He’s a bit more serious, I think. But you see the one next to him?” You waited until you got a nod from the girl before continuing. “That’s his sister. She makes sure he has fun, even when he says he doesn’t want to. But you name her, Wands. Naming stars is a two-person job, you know.” She squeezed the elbow that you nudged her with before giving in.
“Alright… that’s Delia. And, yeah, she’s the best. The life of the party. Walter keeps her grounded, though,” Wanda added, to which you agreed to with a hum. You two fell quiet after that, enjoying the comfortable silence and looking up at the twinkling lights, some of them gaining names and stories, others waiting to be named another night.
“You call me if you ever need me, okay? I know we started this with me calling you, but I’m here for you too.” The witch met your eyes with a firm bob of her head, but you continued, desperate to make sure she understood. “And if I don’t pick up at first, you call me back, okay? Call me until I respond, promise?”
“I promise,” Wanda soothed gently. “I will.”
“Okay, good, good. Because,” Wanda felt a brush of your feathers against her upper arm as you fluttered your wings, slightly agitated, “because I think I love you. I mean, um, I know. I know I love you. I love you. Yeah, I-” Wanda shut you up with a kiss, her lips pressed urgently against yours. And if you hadn’t lost your breath from your rambling or your declaration of love to the girl of your dreams, then you most definitely lost it as your lips melted into hers, in the comforting warmth of her palm against your cheek, and in the words that left her mouth as you finally pulled apart, breathless.
“I will, Y/N, I promise. Because I love you too.”
People thought you were inseparable before you started dating, but they all realized how wrong they were after that night. The two twin beds quickly became a queen-sized mattress, sideline support during training sessions became fierce yet playful spars, and the private giggles you guys shared grew tenfold. Fury wasn’t exactly happy that his unofficial daughter was now dating, but he was pleased by how efficiently the two of you worked together, which led you to this moment, the two of you covering the Quinjet while waiting for the rest of the Avengers to finish their business inside the massive Hydra base. With Wanda covering the ground and you in the sky, flying with the white-feathered wings that Wanda loved so dearly, the two of you held off the swarms of Hydra agents relatively well. With a small break in between incoming agents, Wanda looked up to check on you, but she was a moment too late. Before she could even think to warn you, the pure feathers she loved to brush her fingers through fell from the sky, the white stained with red, your screams ripping through her eardrums.
No one, including Wanda, had time to think as she exploded with a new rage, one that hadn’t run through her in years. One that she hoped she would never experience again, but here she was. And there you were.
While you were held in the air by her signature red mist, the opposing agents fell to the ground. She didn’t care about their screams, only yours. And with them all dealt with, she could turn to you, rushing you both into the Quinjet and yelling for the other Avengers to get back here, now.
But her efforts were futile. She could press down on the wounds all she wanted, beg for you to come back until her voice was nothing more than a whisper, but nothing would work. You were gone the instant the missile had hit you, and as much as Wanda wanted to deny the truth, she knew it just as much as your other teammates did when they rushed onto the Quinjet. You were gone before you could say a single goodbye.
The first time Wanda called was from your shared bedroom. She dialed your number before tracing the pillow where your head would have laid, running her fingers over the cartoon carrots that covered the comforter. The yellow bedding set was a gag gift Tony had gotten the two of you when you got your new bed.
“You know, since I figure the two of you will be going at it like rabbits,” he winked before getting immediately smacked in the back of the head by Steve.
“They will be doing no such thing,” the supersoldier had chastised him with a roll of his eyes. “God, Stark, sometimes I forget you have a brain when you say such stupid things.”
But you loved it, telling Wanda, “The carrots remind me of you, Bunny.” And how could she return the present when you were being so sweet about it? But the sheets didn’t make her smile in the same way they once did because you were gone. No one was there to tease her about the way her nose wiggled much like the little white fluffy creatures or promise to get her carrots from the market the next day.
The call went to voicemail, and as bittersweet as it was, Wanda savored it because it was you. Your voice. But the beep came far too soon, and your turn was done. So she spoke. 
“Y/N, hey, it’s me, Wanda. I, um, I love you. I’ll always love you, yeah?” The witch put the phone down, thinking that was all she could bear to say as the lump in her throat ballooned in size and hot tears filled her eyes. But just before time was up, her hand shot up to press the device against her ear again. “Call me back, milaya.”
The second time Wanda called was from the balcony. The brunette eyed the sparkling diamonds that filled the sky, wondering how you could be gone when, the last time she was here, you were right there beside her, laughing over the boys’ latest shenanigans and Ned, the newly named star. 
Now, the beanbag chair felt too big, too empty without another person sitting next to her. Without you. So she dialed your number, the only number she bothered to learn by heart, and waited for the dulcet tones of your voice. As the dial tone rang, she ran one hand over the white feather that laid gingerly in her lap. Natasha had given it to her along with several others a few days after your death. Each of the team members had one to remember you by, but the spy had picked out the biggest and most brilliant ones to give to Wanda.
“I know how much her wings meant to you-” Natasha stiffened as Wanda threw her arms around her. But the witch didn’t care, her tears soaking the redhead’s shirt as she tried to find the words to thank her. She couldn’t, but it was okay. Natasha knew anyway. Wanda had little time to reflect on the memory before her face brightened at the sound of your voice.
“Hi, this is Y/N-
“And her girlfriend, Wanda! She’s taken, so don’t even think about it, you jerk!” Wanda smiled slightly at your jubilant laughter, remembering how you’d pushed her away for interrupting you.
“I’m not available right now, but leave me your name, number, and message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can, okay? Talk to you soon.” The witch’s eyes closed slightly as the greeting ended with a spell of your giggles before it was interrupted by that damn beep. God, how she hated that beep. Nevertheless, she took a breath and spoke out into the clear night sky, looking up at the stars as she did so.
“Hi, lyubov moya, it’s me. Wanda. I’m calling you back, just like you told me to. I’m not okay. I need you. I love you.” Her breath caught in her throat, forcing her to pause for a moment, but she forced herself to keep going a second later. “Sam and Bucky did the stupidest thing today. Nat and Steve were all over their asses. You should’ve seen it. I miss you. Please, call me back. I’ll tell you all about it.”
The last time Wanda called was from the sunflower field. The two of you hadn’t been here since the night you told her you loved her. In fact, it took Wanda several hours to find it since she hadn’t been paying much attention to the route the first time you came.
Once again, the night was clear, the stars lighting up the dark canvas with their radiance. She missed the feeling of your wing wrapped around her, of your presence next to her. But she had one of your feathers in her fingers and your voice in her ear, and to ask for more would be greedy, right?
“Hi, angel. It’s Wanda. I’m calling you back to leave a message, but I can’t do it again after this because I don’t want your voicemail to fill up, okay? I’m sorry, I know I’m being selfish, but I need to be able to hear your voice, so I can’t let it fill up. But I haven’t forgotten you, I promise I haven’t. I never will. I’m still-” Wanda swallowed, a fighting effort to calm the waver in her voice. “I’m still not okay, but I’m trying. For you. But I’m not okay, I need you to call me back. I’ve named one up there Halia, but her twin sister needs a name. And naming stars is a two-person job, you know.” The witch sniffed once as the corner of her lip curved up slightly, remembering the playfulness in your voice when you’d first said the line. “Call me back, Y/N, please.”
With the message over, Wanda clutched the phone to her chest, her breaths becoming faster and shallower as she closed her eyes, trying to accept the knowledge that it’d be the last time she’d ever leave a message, the knowledge that she was really losing you… the knowledge that she already lost you.
Months went by. Wanda wasn’t sure how they did, but they did. The first sign of it was the first Halloween without you, as she saw the other couples dressing up in matching costumes that you would’ve loved, costumes you would’ve pointed out to Wanda with an excited bounce and told her you’d have to wear next year. The next was Thanksgiving, when Wanda ran through the list of everything she was thankful for and came up short when she thought about the people she still had left. And then it was Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, and the first day of summer.
And while Wanda did her best to move on, she always found herself under the stars, dialing your number. She sat on the balcony, in the sunflower field, wherever she could see the sky, and she listened to your voice telling her that you’d call her back as soon as you could, always forcing herself to hang up a second before the beep could cut you off. Wanda named every other star she saw, leaving the ones in between for you and hoping that you’d approve of the names she chose.
“I’m naming that one Angel for you, Y/N,” Wanda murmured. “It’s even brighter than Philip. It’s the brightest star in the sky. I know you think it’s silly to name things after people, but this one’s just special, so you’re gonna have to make an exception, okay?” The brunette’s lips stopped moving, but her eyes stayed wide open as she watched the star as if, if she watched it long enough, studied it hard enough, you would materialize from its luminescence. As if you would come back to her. But when you didn’t, she finally allowed her watering eyes to rest, her eyelids drooping to surround her in darkness.
“I’m not okay, Y/N.” The witch’s voice was softer than it had ever been, more tired. But this time, there was no one to whisk her off and make her forget the heaviness of it all. “I need you so badly. I love you so much. I always will. But, please, angel, call me back.”
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kassiekolchek22 · 24 days ago
Birthday Surprise
Description: You decided to throw Jason a surprise birthday party. And you also had a special birthday surprise for him... 🤭
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, P In V, Oral, Unprotected Sex...
TagList: @lorebite, @buttermykolchek, @yellowroseskolchek, @house-of-kolchek, @kawaiiwitch224, @koexchange, and @yeslieutenant.
I had just finished putting up the decorations. The dining room was filled with streamers. A big "Happy Birthday" sign hung in the arch way of the dining room. Some people may say I went a little overboard, but nothing was too much for my sweet Jason.
I finished setting up the table, as I heard the front door open. I heard the familiar heavy footsteps, walking through the kitchen, and my heart fluttered with excitement. Jason's eyes lit up, as he walked into the dining room. His mouth fell agape.
"Happy Birthday, kitten!" I cheered. He looked at me with the look of shock and happiness on his face, as the corners of his mouth twisted up into a smile. "Darlin', I-" He started, but he couldn't finish. He was lost for words. "You made me dinner?" He asked, as he looked at the plates of food, I had set on the table moments before he had came home.
"Mmhmm!" I hummed cheerfully in response.
"I-I don't know what to say?" Jason laughed.
"How about I love you, and you are the best wife ever." I suggested. He laughed some more.
He walked over to me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me in, before leaning in close, and murmuring. "You are the best wife ever. I love you, Darlin'."
I felt my cheeks go pink with blush, as I felt him gently kiss my cheek. I batted my eyelashes at him a few times, before we parted to sit down at the table.
"It looks amazing, Sweetheart!" He said, as his eyes ogled the food.
"Thanks, babe." I smiled at him.
We ate our dinner and talked about our day. It made me smile to see how happy Jason was. He told me to ignore his birthday this year, but how could I? He deserved it. Besides, seeing that smile on his face was worth almost getting in trouble over it.
"Wait right here!" I said, as I jumped up from my seat, and ran off into the kitchen. A few minutes later I returned, shutting the lights off, and making him jump a little. I giggled. I walked over to the table with a chocolate cake in my hands, singing the famous happy birthday song, watching Jason's face light up like a kid. I set the cake down on the table.
"Make a wish!" I cheered. He blew out the candles on the cake, and I clapped. I handed him a knife, so he could cut the cake.
"Chocolate, my favorite! Did you make this?" He asked, as he cut me a slice first, being the gentleman he is, of course.
"Yup!" I answered, as he handed me my plate. I watched him take his first bite.
"How is it?" I asked nervously. He looked up at me, as his smile grew even bigger, making the dimples in his cheeks more predominant.
"It's delicious! And so sweet! But not as sweet as you." He drawled, as he winked at me. I giggled, as I blushed again.
We finished our cake, and I jumped up again.
"Stay there!" I called out, as I was running down the hall to our room.
A few minutes later, I returned with two wrapped gifts, and a gift bag in my hands.
"No! I told you not to spend money on me, Darlin'!" Jason protested. I rolled my eyes, as I let out a laugh.
"And you thought I would listen? Now open your presents!" I handed him the first gift. He shook it a few times, before tearing the wrapping paper off. He started down at the framed picture of me, himself, and Salim. It was from the time that we went to visit Salim and Zain in London. "Babe, I-I love it!" His eyes began to tear up.
"I thought it was about time we got that framed." I chuckled.
He set down the picture on the table, and I handed him the gift bag. He removed the tissue paper from the bag to reveal a black baseball cap inside. "Oh, I love it!" He said. "#1 Dad?" He raised an eyebrow at me. "Here." I handed him the next gift. "Wait!" He stopped me, as he took off his old cap, and placed the new one on his head. I stared at him for a moment, taking in just how beautiful he was. "Looks good on you." I murmured, as I thought about just how lucky I was to call this man my husband.
I gave him the last gift, and he tore into it fast, revealing a box. He opened the box, and stared down, confused by the context inside. He held up the small, green onesie. "What-" His eyes widened, as he finally clued in. "What?" He blurted out, as if he couldn't say anything else. He shot up, and ran over to me, kneeling down, so he was more level with my face.
"Sweetheart, are you sure?" He asked, as his eyes teared up.
"Yeah. I went to the doctor's a week ago. I'm pregnant, Jason." I smiled down at him, as tears ran down my cheeks. Tears of his own ran down, as a smile grew on his face. "Holy shit! I'm gonna be a father!" He yelled, and I laughed. He stood up, and I stood up from my chair, to meet him in a passionate kiss. We wrapped our arms around each other, as our lips met. I felt so loved. He pulled away, and stared me in the eyes, as he brought a hand up to caress my cheek. "Happy Birthday, kitten. I hope you enjoyed it." I smiled up at the man. He chuckled softly.
"Enjoyed it? You gave me the best gift of all, Darlin'. You gave me a family. I love you." He declared, as he smiled back down at me. He pressed another, more gentle kiss to my lips, before whispering in my ear. "But the night's not over yet, Darlin'..."
Before I could respond, he picked me up. I let out a squeal, as he laughed. He carried me to our bedroom, closing the door behind him with his shoulder. He set me down on the bed, and watched my figure for a moment.
"Did you wear that dress just for me, Sweetheart?" He asked, as his eyes grew wide with ideas, as he watched me spread my legs. "Of course, kitten." I winked at him, and with that, he was on his knees, lifting the skirt of my dress, and nuzzling his face underneath. I felt his warm breath between my thighs, and I began to shudder.
I felt him press a gentle kiss to my clit, through my panties. I shuddered again, as I let out a little moan. I felt him pull my panties down, and I lifted my lower body off of the bed to help him. Within seconds, his lips were back on me. His tongue swirling around my throbbing clit, as he sucked on me. I threw my head back onto the pillow, as he sucked. He moaned, and the vibration went through my clit, causing my legs to shake. He moved his mouth down to my hole, to suck the juices from it. He moaned again as he slipped his tongue inside of me, and I cried out from the sensation.
He pulled back, and I whined in protest. He stood up, and stripped his clothes off, as I sat up, and did the same. I took the opportunity to grab his throbbing cock, and hug the tip between my lips. He moaned as my tongue swirled around his head, teasing him. "Wait." He moaned breathlessly. I pulled back, placing one more gentle kiss to his tip. "I wanna be inside of you for this." He murmured. I laid back onto the bed, and he stood back to stare at me for a moment again. "What are you waiting for, birthday boy?" I asked seductively. With that being said, he climbed onto the bed, on top of me.
"You ready, little lady?" He asked. But we both knew that there was no way that I was going to say no at this point. I nodded my head, and he slowly eased into me, being still for a moment to let me adjust to his size. "Any other birthday, and I would have slammed right into you. But because your carryin' my child, I'm gonna be gentle with you, is that ok, Darlin'?" He asked. I nodded again.
He slowly pulled out, and pushed back in gently. I groaned at how slow he was being. "Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I'm glass." I chuckled. He pulled out again, agonizingly slow this time. "I know." He murmured. He winked at me, while giving me a mischievous grin. He pushed in even slower, making me whine. 'Is this fucker trying to tease me? Well, two can play that game!' I clenched down hard on his cock, and he buried his face into the crook of my neck, as he let out a loud moan.
"Holy fuck!" He said breathlessly into my neck, and I laughed. "Teach you to mess with me!" I said with a chuckle.
He removed his face from my neck, only to give me a smirk. "Y'know, women are more sensitive when they're pregnant. Wanna test that theory?" He asked, as his smirk grew. "Yes, Sir." I answered, knowing that, that would drive him crazy. He pulled out slowly again, and then pushed in harder. "Yes!" I moaned. He smiled at that, and moved one of his hands between us, to play with my clit. He began moving a bit faster. He was still being gentle, but he was moving fast enough to make me whine.
Between the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me, his finger playing with my sensitive clit, and the loving look in his eyes as they gazed into mine, I felt like I was going to burst within seconds. "Jason-" I whined, as my nails dug into his back. I could tell by the look in his eyes, that he was close too. I felt his tip hit my sweet spot. "Jason!" I cried out, as pleasure filled my body. I clenched down on him from how intense my orgasm was. "Ah- (Y/N)! Ah!" He moaned, his voice raising like it does before he reaches his climax. My hole clenched down on him again, and he cried out as he filled me with his hot cum. His head fell, and rested in the crook of my neck, as I brought my hand up to stroke his soft hair.
He lifted his head, and gave me a dopey smile. "So... Were the rumors true? Were you more sensitive?" He asked. I chuckled.
"Yeah, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had." I giggled. All of a sudden, he had this adoring look in his eye, that made my heart melt. "I love you, (Y/N). Thank you for making my birthday better. Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for everything." He murmured, as he placed a hand gently on my stomach. I kissed his forehead, before placing another gentle kiss to his soft lips. "I love you too, Jason. Thank you for making me a mother. Happy birthday, my love." I murmured back. We kissed one last time, before he wrapped his arms around me, rested his head on my chest, as his heavy eyelids fell shut. I gently stoked his hair, thinking about the our child, and the life we would have as a family, as I peacefully fell asleep...
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stationlimbo · 2 months ago
Rose petals and cake🌹
Tumblr media
|| In which you and Noelle go on a picnic date ||
Noelle x reader
Word count:658
🌹|| You and Noelle were going on a picnic date today or well you forced Noelle to take a break from her knightly duties of helping the people of Mondstadt. It took a while to be honest, a lot of convincing and reassuring that ‘yes sweetheart, the citizens are going to be fine’ ‘no the city isn’t going to be attacked if your away’ ‘yes it is ok for a knight to take a break’ etc. All in all as long as you get to have your date with Noelle all is good in the world, even though it took a lot of convincing on your part you feel so happy to see her smiling so cheerfully as you walk to windrise, under the large oak tree the place you choose for your date.
It was the spot where you first confessed and asked her out, and it was also because it was far enough from mondstadt that Noelle won’t go rushing in as soon ad she hears her name being called but it was also close enough to mondstadt where she felt at ease with the distance. You glanced at her from the side as she hums herself a sweet little tone, you smile and look forward already starting to see the iconic large oak where lady vennessa once stood by. “Oh! we’re here [name]!” she says as she looks at you, you smile “yes we are, I wanted to take you out for a picnic for some time now, come on I’ll set up the blanket”. 
“Oh no no! No need I can do it!” Noelle says as she waves her free hand, she was holding the basket in the other, “it’s alright you made the food we’re going to eat, it’s the least I can do” “but-” “no buts! Just let me take care of it” you say as you already started to unfold the blanket you brought and laid it neatly under a patch of grass that didn’t have one of the trees large roots sticking out of. Noelle went silent on your insistent to help and smiled as you finished up, “thank you really for bringing me out here today, [Name]” you smile at her and sat down patting the spot next to you “it’s fine you deserve a break from all the work you do for the city, come on sit down”
She gently lowers the picnic basket and sits down next to you, “should we start eating?” she ask as she looks at you for some instruction, you grin “sure I was waiting to eat what you made!” she smiles happily and claps her hand together reaching in the basket and pulling out some sandwiches, salad and cut up fruit she brought along with some juice. “I’m made some cake too along with some cookies but I think we should save them for later if that’s alright with you” “yup! That’s a ok with me!” as you take a bite of the sandwich she packed. The rest of the time was just with you two talking about what ever, eating and even making some flower crowns with flowers you found and windwheel asters. You made a flower crown for her and she to you, you both wore the flower crowns made by each other and it was clear who made which, Noelle's flower crown is more neat and delicate while yours was a bit messy but still pretty none the less.
As the conversations between you two start to dwindle and instead were replaced with whispers of compliments and promises for the future, as you sit in the shade, Noelle leans her head on your shoulder you look down and saw her asleep with a small smile one her face. You smile and laid your head on hers and closed you eyes falling asleep in the shade and next to your beloved lover made a smile fall onto you face.
What a nice date you had ||🌹
Just wanted to write something today and thought about my sweet girl Noelle this is just a little drabble about how I’d imagine a date with her would be like! hope you enjoyed!
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jschqtt · 6 months ago
okok this is super duper specific but, male!reader teaching ted how to decorate cakes? like yknow those super cool looking cakes with like,, flowers made out of icing? yeah. yup. 🌌
sure! i love cake! :]
Tumblr media
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cw: cursing
reader teaching ted how to decorate a cake
You worked in a bakery, so you know how to nicely decorate a cake. Sure, you’re not the best ever at decorating cakes, but you know how! So when you were decorating a cake at Ted’s place, he got curious, and he wanted to learn how.
“That looks so fucking cool! Can I try?” He leaned on you and asked, poking at your shoulder. You softly sighed, “I mean, I can teach you.” He nodded, “Yeah! That’d be cool. I wanna be relatable and make cakes.”
You chuckled, “Alright, Ted. Here, come see,” You picked up your icing bag, moving it to the side of the cake and making a cute icing flower. It was technically just a swirl, but most people call it a little flower.
Ted smiled, “Now let me try!” You sighed, “Okay, okay. Now don’t grab the icing bag too hard, it can pop,” You handed him the icing bag, and he gently grabbed it. “Okay. So you just like.. swirl it? Like this?”
He made a little flower next to yours, and he smiled, because he was proud of his flower! “See! I can decorate cakes too!” He smiled a little wider, slapping your back, and causing you to drop your phone in the cake. “Shit-!”
“Uh.. Sorry?” Ted got embarrassed, so he blushed a dark red. “I’ll make a new cake! And i’ll use my new decorating skills to make it!” You sighed, rubbing your temple. “Y’know what, go ahead. Why don’t you do that? Have fun!” You left him the icing bag and cake ingredients, hoping the kitchen wouldn’t be left in shambles.
About 2 1/2 hours later, you were called into the kitchen by a very excited looking Ted. “Dude! Come see! I just made the best looking cake ever. You’re gonna fucking lose it.” You smiled, “Okay, okay. As long as you didn’t burn the kitchen down.” You walked to the kitchen with him, and it actually smelled pleasant. You spotted a blue cake on the counter with dark blue flowers on top, and dripping icing down the sides.
“Holy shit, Ted. That’s actually amazing!” You smiled, patting Ted’s back. “Now let’s not drop any phones in this one.”
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captainapple · a year ago
Birthday Special with Ransom
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale X Reader Warning: implied smut, cursing, explicit language, slight angst, fluff, Minors DNI, 18+ Word counts: 973 A/N: I reuploaded it again since either I accidentally delete the post or Tumblr deleted it. This ideas came up after shitty birthday that I had. Happy birthday to all my fellow Leos! Hope you get a wonderful birthday! || Prompt: "Language"
Masterlist || Masterlist Bingo
Tumblr media
Yes, it's implicit smut. Yes, you're probably near 18. But please, minors DNI :)
When you started dating Ransom, you just knew not to expect some romantic moments with him. The first Christmas with him, he decided to introduce you to his family. Not a great move especially he forgot to introduce everyone that you were his partner. You ended up helping Fran collecting empty plates and glasses.
Last valentine, you ended up eating the chocolate that you bought for him yourself. He did not visit, call, or even bother to text you. The next day you just found out that he spent the whole day trying to beat Harlan in Go. Did you get mad at him? Hell no. He was spending time with his grandpa, a big step that he made after dating you.
His birthday? You went all out with baking him cake and preparing a special dinner for the two of you. He went home overwhelmed. Both of you did not make it to the bedroom. The cake and the foods were ruined on the floor as he shoved them before lifting you on the table. It was upsetting you for a bit, but he was very happy. It was his birthday after all. Complaining was a bitch move – you thought.
Today, it is your birthday. All you want for your birthday are probably came from those romantic moments from the movie. Maybe a morning kiss with breakfast in bed, special dinner in romantic place, or midnight picnic under the stars. Those are just what you want, not what you get. As soon as you wake up, Ransom is sitting near the window as he reads some letters.
“Ransom, can you look at the calendar?” You try to give him hint. You circled today’s date, hoping that he gets it.
“You had an appointment?” He furrows his eyebrows, “didn’t you visit the dentist yesterday?”
“Hmm, never mind. I also forget why I marked that date.”
You feel like today could not get any worse. Your coworkers are absent, and you have to do more work on your birthday. Great. The waiter messes your lunch order, and you cannot do anything about it because the lunch break is almost over. Your dead phone cannot call Ransom to pick you up. As you step inside the house, you expect him to prepare you something. Instead, you find takeout packages on the kitchen table and unwashed dishes. He did not even leave you anything.
“Baby, your home?”
“Is that my last cookies?” You point the cookie bag in his hand.
“Yup. Want one?” His hand goes into the package, but he finds none. “Oops, sorry.”
“It’s okay. I’m gonna shower anyway.”
It takes a lot of strength not to cry in front of him. A simple ‘happy birthday’ would be great. Today is supposed to be your day, yet not a single great thing happened to you. The gloom and sadness completely take over your mood today. The shower is long forgotten as you sit on the floor and cry.
“Baby, is everything okay?” Ransom turns off the shower and sits in front of you.
“Today is my birthday”
“Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!” His face turns panic. “I fucking forget about it. I’m such a jerk.”
“Language”, you smile weakly.
“I’m sorry, baby. I truly am.”
He hugs you as he apologizes like hundred times. You already feel better, but he cannot stop apologizing. He curses at himself then kisses your forehead while mumbling sorry. It goes on repeat.
“Ransom, it’s not a big deal. People make mistake.”
“Look, I’m just a jerk and nothing could justify what I did.”
“It’s just a –“
You shriek as he suddenly lifts you up. He brings you on the bed and starts kissing you. It goes from your temple, deep and soft on your lips, your neck, and behind your ear.
“Let me properly apologize and give you my present.” He whispers in your ear. “I can guarantee it’s the best present you ever had.”
Despite the moment, he never leaves his cocky self. But you are too overwhelmed to be bothered by that. He knows every spot on your body as he explores it with his lips. Waves of pleasure keep washing over you until you feel like you could not take it anymore. But you are wrong. Your body always belongs to him, obeying every single command he gives it.
He holds you close as both of you come down from the high. Ransom reaches the blanket and covers both of you.
“It’s already past midnight, but happy birthday.”
You are too tired to answer him, so you smile and burry your face in his chest.
“I love you”, he whispers.
Your eyes open wide. You give him a surprise look. This is something that you never predict would happen. This is the first time one of you says it.
“What? Too soon?”
“I”, you give him a peck in his lips, “love”, another kiss, “you”, and another one, “too.”
The panic leaves his face as soon as you said it. This might be the best birthday you ever had, falling asleep with him holding you close and repeating the word “I love you” again and again until you fall asleep.
The next morning you wake up at the sound of car horn. You look around and Ransom is not in the bedroom. Peeking out, you see a brand-new car park in front of the yard. He steps out of it and gestures you to go down. You grab one of his sweater and rush downstairs.
“Happy Birthday.” He tosses the car key to you. You can see the smirk in his face. Cocky rich bastard.
“I don’t even know how to drive, asshat!”
“That’s how you say thanks?”
“What do you expect me to do?”
“Well, we haven’t tried it in a car, have we?”
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wandanatfluff · a year ago
The Life That's Left To Live - Part I - Take Me Home
Series (This part:) Fluff
Prologue | Part I
Summary series: You’re a little girl when the avengers find you. Natasha becomes kind of a mother to you. Then about 7 years later when you’re 21 you go live with the avengers again for a while, because they need your help with something. The avengers are like a family to you. Wanda is still new to the avengers and doesn’t know what happened in your past. You sleep in Wanda’s room in an extra bed and the two of you become friends. You are a quite happy, social and spontaneous girl, but there’s a sad/depressed side to you that sometimes comes to the surface.
Summary of this part: Natasha calls you with information about your brother and you go to the Avengers compound, where you meet Wanda.
Pairing: Natasha (mother figure/mentor) x Female Reader Wanda (platonic (for now at least)) x Female Reader
Warnings for this part: -
Word count: 2.2 K
A/n: To be honest I think it turned out okay, I spent quite a while on this. Title: Take Me Home, by Chord Overstreet. The fic isn’t directly based or related to the song. The title just fits ;-). The series title is a line from Love Is War, by RUNAGROUND. I hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Source: Pinterest
Absentmindedly you listen to the person in front of you. Some annoying colleague that is going on and on about a something that you would have done wrong. They had been going on for almost ten minutes and by now, you had stopped listening. Your mind drifted off to happy memories. It was something you did quite often. By reliving old memories once in a while, they would become recent in your mind again, which made it easier to go back to them, when you were feeling low. You thought about your younger self on the back of your brother’s bike, your small arms wrapped around his waist, your head pressed against his back. It had been his birthday and he had gotten a new bike. You didn’t like bikes, but when he asked for you to ride along the neighborhood with him, you gave in. Your childhood was filled with a lot of fear, but your brother always seemed to take that away. He was in almost all of your joyful memories. He was your safe place.
Your phone chimed, snapping you back into reality. You excused yourself from the ‘conversation’ and left the room. Once you close the door, you answer your phone.
“I owe you Nat! You saved me!”
“Hey Y/n… What did I save you from?”
“Some colleague, who was being incredibly tedious.”
“Need me to kill anyone?”
“Uhm… No. But what are you calling about?”
“We got new information about your brother and we need your help with it.” You fell silent for a moment at the mention of your brother.
“Oh... What is it?”
“I’m sorry Y/n, I can’t tell you over the phone. You’ll have to come to the compound.”
“Okay… I can do that. I’ll leave tomorrow morning and be there around dinner time?”
“Perfect. See you then.”
After cooking yourself some dinner you went to your room to pack. You dug deep in your closet to find your weekend bag. It had been a while since your last trip. You don’t travel that much. To be honest, you don’t travel at all. Your daily routine leaves just enough time for your daily work-out, some me-time and occasionally a movie. Staying busy avoids overthinking stuff, or well… overthinking more specific things. It took you a while to build up a routine. Have breakfast, work out, drive to the office, do your work, pretend to listen to the gossip from your fellow colleagues during the lunch break. Not that anything about your life is very challenging, but it’s just enough to keep you satisfied and to survive. Every now and then when you have a day off, you go shopping with a friend.
You are quite the cheerful girl. You are spontaneous and kind, people get along with you. You have a few friends, but none really close. The only close friends or family you have, are Nat, Steve, Tony, Clint, Thor and Bruce and you haven’t seen them in the while.
You had to empty your entire closet, but you finally found your white weekend bag with the subtle, pastel flowers pattern. You smile at it. It had been a gift from Nat. You used to have a boring and old grey bag, so she had bought you a new one. After you throw the bag on your bed, you start to fill it with clothes. You had no idea how long you’d be gone, so you packed for five days. Once your bag was fully stuffed you zipped it closed and threw it over your shoulder, making you way back to the living room.
You throw your bag next to the counter and are just about to get yourself some coffee, when the bel rings. You grab your phone and see Natasha standing in front of your door through the camera. Natasha had bought you a doorbell with a camera, to be sure you were as safe as possible when she wasn’t there. Aware of the camera she smiled at you through it. You chuckle at the sight and walk to the door to open it for her. Moments like this remind you of how amazing Natasha is. She had the key to you appartement, but chose not to use it, so she wouldn’t unnecessarily scare you.
“Surpriseee, figured I’d pick you up myself!”
“Hey Nat, come in!”
You take her jacket and hang it on the coat rack.
“How are you doing?”
“Good, actually. Can I get you something to drink?”
“Just coffee, please.”
“Got it.”
You go back to the counter and get yourself and Nat some coffee. You open the fridge and get two pieces of the pie that is left from your graduation ceremony. With two slices of cake and the coffee you go to the living room. You hand Natasha, who has sat down on the couch, her coffee and put the cake on the side table.
“Oehh, is there something to celebrate?”
“Yup… I got a job!”
“Y/n! I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it!” Tears begin to well in Natasha’s eyes and she puts down her coffee to give you a hug. You bury you head in her neck and let out a small sniff. She knew what it meant for you to get your first real job. The small party one of your friends threw had been basic. Everyone had congratulated you, but Natasha was the only one who truly took her time to express her happiness. She was the only one who knew what it meant to you. It had been a long way, a long, long way, but you made it! You did it!
She had been there with Steve when you graduated. She had driven six hours, just because she knew what it would mean to you, having her there. It had been a surprise, she hadn’t told you she was coming, so when you saw her from the stage you had broken down in tears.
You catch up a bit, after which you both go to bed. You turn the sofa into a bed for Natasha so she can sleep on it, but before you rest your eyes, Natasha helps you fill another suitcase with clothing. She laughed at the sight of your single bag and suggested you’d pack another suitcase.
*** After six hours of sleep Natasha wakes you up. You take the time to get out of your bed, you take a shower and put on some make-up. In a pair of light skinny jeans and a lively orange tank top, that complemented you tan, you sit down at the kitchen island. Natasha had made you breakfast and after you finished it, you got in the car. The ride would take about six hours, so before hitting the road, you stopped at the supermarket to get some snacks and drinks for on the way. After three hours you had a pit-stop at the MacDonald’s to get some lunch. You ordered the food via the McDrive and ate it in the car on the parking lot. When the food was finished you hit the road again. You had switched places, meaning Natasha would finish the drive to the compound. Natasha was still sipping from her milkshake in one hand, her other hand on the wheel. You leaned against the door with you head on your arm. You closed your eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin as you dozed off.
A bump in the road woke you up.
You shot up straight. When you realized there was no danger, you leaned back into you chair, resting you head against the headrest.
“Slept well, princess?” Nat teasingly said.
“Nat!” You stumped her shoulder with your elbow. She grinned, but kept her eyes on the road. A comfortable silence fell and you closed your eyes again, not intending to sleep again though.
“No, but for real. How have you been sleeping?” You knew what she meant. She wanted to know if you still had nightmares. They would still terrorize your nights sometimes. You would wake up sweating and shaking. Wide awake you would sit in the middle of your bed at midnight, tears running down your cheeks.
“Uhm, okay, I guess. Some nights better than others.” She turned her head to look at you, giving you a sweet smile. She laid her hand on your leg, her palm up. You put your hand in hers, giving it a slight squeeze.
“Now we’re talking about sleeping, a few rooms are under renovations, so the rooms are full. You can sleep in Wanda’s room. She has an extra bed on her room.”
“Is she okay with that?”
“I think so.”
“You didn’t ask her!?”
“No, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”
“Just kidding, I told her she would have to share her room with you.”
“She was fine with it.”
*** With your suitcase in your hand, your bag over your shoulder and music in your ears, you enter Wanda’s room. On the right side of the room there’s a king-sized bed with two chairs and a coffee table on the left side of the bed, next to the window that covers the entire back side of the room, providing a view of the trees and water next to the compound. On the left side of the room there is a large wardrobe, a door to the bathroom and in the corner there’s a single bed, parallel to the window. Above the bed there’s a shelf with a plant, some books and a light string. The room wasn’t very decorated, there weren’t many personal items. One wall was painted in a grey tone with a hint of purple and there was a purple bedspread, covering the lower side of Wanda’s bed. On the nightstand was a photo of Wanda, standing next to a boy with white hair. You figured it must be her brother, Natasha had told you about the twins and the tragedy. Apart from the photo and some plants, there was nothing personal in the room.
You walked to the bed you’d be sleeping in and dropped your bags on the floor. You sat down on the bed and with your feet still on the ground you let your back rest on the bed, closing your eyes as you take the time to take in the feeling of home. To be honest you feel more home at the Avengers compound then at your own appartement. After a few minutes you got up from the bed and put on some upbeat music as you start to make the bed.
Singing along to the music cheerfully, you put the duvet in its cover. With both corners of the blanket in your hands you shake the cover over the duvet. With the music in both your ears you didn’t hear someone come in, so when you feel a hand on your shoulder, you are slightly startled. You quickly stop the music and take out your AirPods. You turn around to lay your eyes on a beautiful woman with coper locks flowing over her shoulders.
“You must be Y/n.”
Wanda knew who you were, your name would regularly come up in a conversation. She didn’t know much about you other than your name. You were kind of a mystery to her. She was new to the team and hadn’t personally met you yet. One thing is clear to her, though. No one bothered to mention how gorgeous you were. With a lump in her throat, she looked into your eyes, once you had turned around to face her. The woman that was standing in front of her seemed like a nice, cheerful person. She had a beautiful smile on her face, but there was something in her eyes that showed her happiness hadn’t always been a given. She took her in, her hair up in a high pony tail with curtain bangs accentuating her face, she was wearing an orange tank top, which showed off her tanned skin, on top of light flared jeans and elegant black ankle boots. Jeez, she was beautiful.
“Guilty as charge.” You responded. “It’s my pleasure meeting you…”
Witty too. You reminded her of her brother.
“Ah Wanda! Natasha told me so much about you. Nice to finally meet you. Oh, and Natasha said I could sleep here for the time being. Is that okay with you?”
Natasha talked about her? That was a good thing… right? To be honest Wanda was rather intimidated by Natasha. Even though she had been welcomed with open arms into the group, once, you know, she had switched sides, it had been quite hard for her to adjust to the group.
“Yeah, she told me. It’s fine”
“Do you need help with the bed?”
“Oh no, I’m done.”
She noticed the bed was nicely made and saw your weekend bag, half under your bed.
“You can use that dresser if you want, and if you want to hang any of your clothes, you can put them in my closet.”
“Oh thanks!”
“No problem.”
“I was about to start dinner, the rest should be back in an hour.”
“I’ll make sure I’ll be there on time, I wouldn’t want to miss whatever culinary art you intend to make.” You said teasingly.
“Great, I’ll see you in an hour then
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rqnvindr · a year ago
pairing: baker!childe x gn!reader
genre: fluff, modern bakery!au, suggestive 
w.c: 1.5k
warnings: making out lol
synopsis: moving to a new country was quite the adventure. and you found new areas to travel further within the cute boy right down the road’s ocean eyes.
it had been a total of two weeks since you arrived in italy. getting settled was your top priority, but now that you’ve got your place set up and are getting used to college life in a new country, it was about time you started checking off some of the more leisurely activities on your checklist.
the streets were clearer, less busy than usual, on the weekend you enter the bakery. it seemed like an unpretentious, small business, with the simple, yet homely, beige walls and the old vinyl in the corner playing soft tunes. the bell rings when you enter, but no one seems to be behind the counter when you examine the array of cakes in the front display.
“welcome! i can help you when you’re ready to order!” a perky male voice interrupts you in the middle of eyeing a slice of strawberry cake. you look up to see a ginger with a warm smile, the crinkles around his blue eyes genuine. 
“hello! i was hoping to get this slice of cake right here.” you point to said strawberry treat.
“ah yes. my older brother has been WAITING for someone to try his new signature strawberry cake. but there honestly can’t be anything special about something that tastes the same no matter what.” you can practically hear the way he rolls his eyes as he takes the cake out to put it in a box. 
you raise an eyebrow. “complaining about your own products? that doesn’t seem like a very good marketing strategy, but i suppose reverse psychology will do its job.” 
“you sound like you know about sales quite a bit.” he smiles wryly. “are you a business major?”
“yup! i actually just moved here to study at the local university for an overseas program.” you only knew this guy for a maximum of 30 seconds, and he had already seemed so open and was able to read you like a book. it made you want to know more about him in exchange. 
“so your family bakes everything here?” you ask. 
“yes we do! my parents usually do the baking while my siblings and i work varying shifts here up front or stocking up the inventory. but we too, also experiment with different recipes to sell new things.” 
you hum in response. “you must have a lot of siblings then.”
the boy chuckles in response. “i do. i don’t know what i’d do without them.” he sounded so happy while talking about his family and it made you feel warm just hearing about how they worked together. 
“is this a competition for how much we can learn about each other within a span of a few minutes.” he smirks. “when we haven’t even learnt each others names yet?”
you inspect his attire, pausing at a name tag pinned to his shirt pocket. “ajax? nice to meet you, i’m (y/n).”
“well, (y/n), hope to see you again after trying my brother’s cake. hope it makes you realize that you gotta go for the chocolate or vanilla, not something that wasn’t meant to be a dessert in the first place.”
“i mean it was good so i came back for another one?” you can’t help but laugh when the same boy you met at the counter last week shakes his head.
“and you came to order right around closing time too, huh? guess this makes you a new challenge for me.” you avert your gaze to the ground, suddenly feeling nervous from his chastising. 
“fine, you can lose the pouty face. i’ll accept your questionable taste just this one last time.” he pushes his hair back with a sigh after packing up your order and you catch yourself staring. 
and of course, just when you allow yourself to indulge in the sight of a mysterious sea of unanswered questions in his blue eyes, he locks eyes with you. he knows you’re checking him out, causing him to smirk coyly. 
“ajax,” you begin, preventing the atmosphere from heading somewhere more tense. “have you lived here all of your life?” 
“as a matter of fact, no i haven’t. my family has been around, but i think we’ve finally found where we’re supposed to belong here. i’ve been living here long enough for people to start calling me by two different names too. ‘tartaglia’ and also ‘childe’.”
hm. so he was attractive and went by multiple names....
“‘tartaglia’? interesting, sounds like you’ve even earned yourself a name amongst the locals here.”
“i don’t know why they named me after the guy from that one play, though. maybe it’s because i leave a little bit of a stutter in people’s lives.” childe winks.
stutter, huh.
you thought he was just being a boastful young man. until you found yourself just happening to visit the bakery during times you predicted he’d be there. 
childe was like a peacock strutting his stuff out in the open, captivating, and divine. you had never met someone so adventurous yet down to earth at the same time. one moment he’d be bragging about his ventures with his friends, and then next thing you knew he’d do a 180 if his little brother called in the middle of your conversation. 
it wasn’t just his actions. he grew more bold with his words too. eyes shooting stars as he looked you up and down, noticing the new outfit you wore just for him when he purred about how good you looked and how it was always a treat to have someone as sweet as you visit after a long day at work. 
he was always full of surprises. you’re reminded of that when you find him standing behind the counter in a hoodie and jeans instead of his usual work attire.
“what’s up? disappointed that i’m not wearing the apron?” childe exits the space separating you two, and stands dangerously close to you. “don’t worry, i can put it back on when i show you the new frosting i’m working on.” he chuckles and rubs your shoulder, the small exchange of body heat making you feel warm all over.
“a new product, huh? is this to help your family business or to compete with your siblings?” you watch him count the cash at the register with your hands tucked underneath your chin. 
“sweetheart, even a guy like me can take on baking as a hobby rather than just a way to make ends meet or pick fights.” with that, he slides the cash register drawer closed. “come on, it should be processed by now.”
you slowly follow childe into the back. as promised, he puts the apron over his casual clothes, the sight rather domestic. 
he dips his finger into the light pink frosting after giving it one last stir and licks it off. the sight makes you shiver and lick your own lips.
“mmm. so i guess strawberry does taste pretty good. if done right of course.”
“what made you change your mind, mr.strawberry-anti?” you smirk.
“baking is a delicacy. i was never a ‘strawberry-anti’, just wary of how it’s supposed to mesh with desserts for the sake of compliancy. i made this frosting to test it out some more, and as a special treat. for you.”
before you can receive his gesture to claim your treat, childe gives you the same glimmering look that he always uses before pulling at your heartstrings even further. 
and it becomes way too much for you to handle when he leans his face closer to yours.
“here, have a taste.” childe teasingly presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth. he continues to leave gentle pecks on your lips, and you let out shaky breaths every time he pulls away.
“why did you stop?” you whine and he hovers over your entire body this time, pushing your hips onto the counter.
“hm, not enough? come closer then.” you wrap your arms around his neck, this time, getting a real taste of his creation when he claims your mouth whole. 
you grip onto his hair when he adds more pressure into the kiss, pulling especially harder when he nibbles on your bottom lip. as if having unlocked the key to your greatest depths, he effortlessly slides his tongue into your mouth, and you moan upon tasting the lingering strawberry flavor mixed with the feeling of your tongues connecting.
much to your dismay, you both pull away for air. your breaths mingle hotly before he coaxes you into taking a bit more for yourself. not long after you savor the sweetness, childe’s lips are back on yours. the way he sucks the cream off your lips makes your head spin, making you forget about everything else but this one boy in front of you, the mystery boy in a foreign country who sent you through a rollercoaster during only your first month of living here. 
“ajax...” you breathe out his name when he lets go of your now swollen and red lips. the boy proceeds to kiss your cheek and jawline gently, laughing softly against your skin.
“i can’t help it, baby. it tastes even better on you.”
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yutahoes · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
main characters: childhood enemies!? Yuta Nakamoto and Y/N other characters: brother! Lee Taeyong word count: 2.2k words genre: fluff summary: You hated Yuta Nakamoto all your life.  warnings: crotch kicking, Yuta is shirtless in one part, Y/N is in a diet, Y/N is scared of thunder, Yuta teasing Y/N about her chest, cursing inspired by the anime ‘Ouran Highschool Host Club’ 
Czennies’ Anime Boy Birthday Project - Day 2
Tumblr media
You hated Nakamoto Yuta all your life. 
No, scratch that, you loathed him. 
It stemmed from when the two of you first met. He, 'accidentally' he claimed, ripped the head of your favorite Barbie doll. While you, intentionally you knew, kicked him in the crotch. It wasn't a big deal. You always see girls do that in TV but your dad had to ground you for doing that which is totally unfair. Yuta still gets to play with your brother, Taeyong, while you're inside the room when it was clearly his fault. 
And that started the cat and dog attitude you had towards each other. 
It doesn't help that your family is close to theirs. So when your family went to Japan for a vacation, the Nakamoto family welcomed you to their beach house. It was a pretty house, you thought, with an exclusive beach behind. 
This will be the best vacation. 
"Yuta!" his mom called which made you frown. Oh yeah, the devil is here. "Where is that boy? He should be helping you with your luggage, Y/N." You gave her a smile, dragging your suitcase in hand. Everything is going on smoothly, you don't want to see him just yet. "Yuta!" she called once again. 
"Yup?" He asked and you clearly heard the footsteps accompanied by that annoying voice. Your jaw almost fell in surprise. Yuta's hair is damp as if he just came from a swim. His bare skin lightly tanned. "Oh, hi auntie and uncle." He greeted your parents before walking past you. When did he get taller than you? He gave Taeyong a brotherly hug which made you pout. 
Your dad laughed. "When did you get so masculine, Yuta?"
"Had to charm the girls in town," Yuta whispered which made you frown once again. A ladies’ man. Why aren’t you surprised?  You felt someone tugged the suitcase in your hand and turned to see Yuta smiling at you. "You're still ugly as ever." he whispered, which made you throw a punch at him. Yuta only laughed. When did his arms become muscular?  
"When will the two of you ever change?" Your mom asked, followed by the others laughing. 
"Yuta, why don't you tour Y/N and Taeyong in town this afternoon?" his dad asked while they're eating lunch. He nodded then lightly glanced at you who were eating small portions of your food. His attention was disturbed when your dad asked some questions about his college education and his recent hobbies which he answered eloquently. 
Taeyong took his dad's car keys to drive to town, Yuta in the passenger seat and you in the backseat. "Y/N," your brother called. "Stop thinking about your ex-boyfriend. This was supposed to be a vacation." You glared at your brother through the rearview mirror. 
"Ex-boyfriend?" Yuta asked. "Someone actually had a crush on you?" 
You gave him a fake smile before rolling your eyes, crossing an arm against your chest while huffing. "Can we get something to eat? I want some matcha cake and macaroons." 
"Are you pregnant?" You only kicked Taeyong's chair in annoyance. 
The market in town isn't that crowded even if it's afternoon. Maybe because the weather is too dry to stroll. Taeyong said that he'll just go to the comfort room, leaving the two of you looking for souvenirs. You already bought a lot of stationery yet your brother didn't come back. "Do you think he ditched us?" Yuta asked while you’re paying for the things you bought. 
"Probably." You answered with a shrug. "We can get a cab back home, can't we?" The guy nodded before opening the door for you. 
You were just enjoying the market, not caring about Yuta. Luckily, your parents had given you money to spend. Maybe you'll buy small gifts for your friends back home. Your attention was on some bracelets when Yuta told you to come with him. Although hesitant, you just went with him. 
The pastry shop looks so pretty with its pastel shades. The pictures in the menu look so delectable that you're quickly hungry. "Order a lot, you didn't eat properly earlier," Yuta claimed, looking at the menu. "Are you on a diet or something?" 
You glared. "Yeah, yeah. My ex broke up with me saying I'm fat so I'm trying to lose weight." 
"Then you're dating the wrong guy. It's your body, he shouldn't care." He turned the menu to look at the cake selections. "Eat lots and be a cute piggy instead." You stepped on his foot which made him glare at you. 
When the waitress came, she smiled at Yuta and he flirted back. You rolled your eyes, such a ladies' man. You ordered a chocolate cake and he ordered matcha, claiming that you wanted that in the car. Well, Yuta isn't that bad. But he's annoying. 
The clouds turned darker that surprised you. It was alright earlier, why is it so gloomy now? "Do you think it will rain?" Yuta nodded, there's a high possibility. "I hope it isn't a thunderstorm." You whispered. 
You walked around one last time, buying things that you might need at home when you bumped into someone familiar. He was Yuta's friend, you remembered, the one who talked to you in the playground when Yuta refused to let you join him and his friends back then. "Y/N," he greeted and you smiled, calling for his name. "Long time no see. You've grown up." It really has been a long time since you saw him. "Are you here for vacation?" 
You nodded and made little chats with each other. When he excused himself to leave, you turned to find out that Yuta is gone. 
Fuck! Where is he? 
When you glanced at your phone, the battery was dead. Another fuck! 
The raindrops fell on your skin that made you hiss. Third fuck! 
How are you going home now? 
Of all the people to meet, why does it have to be that guy? Yuta knew that he had a huge crush on you and seeing how you smiled at him, you probably had a crush on that guy as well. He just went inside the store and bought some macaroons that you kept on asking for since earlier. 
When he returned to where he last saw you, you're nowhere to be seen. Maybe you went with that stupid guy. He was about to call you when he realized he didn't have your number. You're with that guy, right? He'll bring you home safely. 
The raindrops fell. Maybe he'll just stay under a shed and wait until the rain stops. But as the minutes passed, it grew heavier. 
The sky was so dark and little rumbles could be heard. A flash of lightning can be seen followed by large raindrops falling on the pavement as thunder came rolling in. A thunderstorm. He might stay here for a long time. 
Yuta was tapping his foot along the music in his headphones when his phone rang, indicating a new number. When he took the call, it was Taeyong's voice. "Where are you and Y/N? I'll come…" 
"I'm not with Y/N." 
"What?" he asked, shouting through the phone. Yuta explained that he left you with a friend but it was his mom who answered on the phone that his friend came and you were not with him. "Yuta, my sister is scared of thunder. She can't move at all when she hears thunder. Please…" Yuta doesn't need to hear the continuation, he knew he had to find you. 
He kept on running under the pouring rain, asking people he passed if they saw the girl he kept on describing. He kept on looking inside shops opened to see if you were inside. The sky is getting darker, it's almost nighttime. He needed to find you, quick. 
A flash of light came followed by rumbles of thunder that startled him. If he's surprised like this, how would you feel? Maybe you're too scared now. Where could you be? He stopped in front of the town chapel, a puddle of water can be seen by the entrance. 
Yuta ran the steps of the chapel, opening the door widely. "Y/N!" he called. "Are you here?"  A bolt of huge lightning illuminated the place, followed by a loud rumble of thunder but he heard the small whimpers coming from the altar steps. 
He stood there, watching you under the table. Eyes closed, both hands on your ear, shaking, soaking wet. Another thunder and you jolted in surprise, crying louder while calling for your dad. 
He pulled the linen above the table, wrapping it on you which made you look at him. He put the headphone on your ear as you gaze at him with tear-stained eyes. "I'm sorry, Y/N." he whispered before you wrap your arms around him, relieved that someone is here. That he is here. You flinched when the lightning struck, loud thunder echoed through the walls of the small chapel that made you clench tightly on Yuta's shirt. "I'm here now, Y/N. I won't leave you." 
You woke up with the sound of chirping birds outside, the sunlight hitting your face that made you groan. When you turned to the side, away from the sunlight, you felt something warm. Surprised, you opened one eye and saw Yuta's bare torso lying next to you. "Yah!" you shouted, immediately checking your clothes under the blanket then pulling it up to cover your clothed body. 
The guy rubbed his eyes, "What? It's still so fucking early." 
"Why are you sleeping in my bed?" 
He stared at you dead in the eyes. "This is my room." He stated as a matter of fact and you glance around the unfamiliar room full of L'arc En Ciel and Ultraman posters. "And you were the one who didn't let go of me last night." He claimed while lying on his bed again, groaning.  
The happenings that night came to you. When his dad and Taeyong came to pick you up in the chapel, you kept clinging on Yuta under the warm blanket in the backseat of the car. After showering, you cried in his arms in fright. Maybe, you slept like that.
God, it's so embarrassing. Why are you like this? "Nothing happened, right?" 
Yuta chuckled before pulling the blanket to cover himself. "I won't ever touch your non-existent breasts." This guy, really. You lightly kicked him off the bed, startled that instead of his thigh, you felt something hard by your foot. 
Then he disappeared from the bed. 
He stood up from falling on the floor, glaring at you. "Why do you keep kicking me there? Will you be responsible if I can't have a child?" What? "If something happens…" You heard the door open behind you, "Will you marry me?" 
A gasp can be heard followed by your mom's voice shouting, "Honey, Yuta already proposed." What? You glanced at the doorway, his mom was there with a wide smile on her face. "Oh my God, you two. We've been waiting for this for so long." 
"No, it's not…" But the door closed before you could finish your sentence. You were about to go out the door when Yuta raced you to it. He closed the door, trapping you between his body and the door. "Yuta, our parents will…" 
"Let them misunderstand," he whispered that made you look at him. "Be responsible for me. I have the biggest crush on you since we first met." 
"You broke my Barbie the first time we met." 
"Because you spend more time on that toy than playing with me." he revolted. "You only look at me when I tease you so I kept doing that." He stepped forward, removing the distance between the two of you. " Please take a chance on me, Y/N. I'll hug you during thunderstorms. I'll let you eat all your favorite food. Just please, take a chance on me." 
There's nothing wrong with taking a chance with Yuta. Both your families are friends. Your mom seemed so excited at the idea of the two of you together. And his mom already said that they've been waiting for this for so long. He's handsome, has a nice body, has a nice smile, and did you mention that he has such a nice body? You nodded and he flashed his million-dollar smile, hugging you. "Wow, you really have small breasts." You lightly pushed him, kicking him in the crotch. 
"You're really unbelievable."
Yuta crouched on the floor, repeatedly punching his lower back. "That's the third time. You'll really be responsible for me." He stood up but you opened the door and ran outside, him chasing after you. 
Your parents were both looking as you got out of the house and into the beach sand outside. He hugged you from the back, lightly raising you. "Caught you." Then proceed to throw you in the water. 
"They look really cute together." Yuta's mom commented that made the older men nod. 
"Nice job, Taeyong." your dad claimed, tapping your brother's shoulder.
The younger of the five chuckled while watching you and Yuta playing tag on the water. "I just hope they won't be too lovey-dovey." 
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spoon-slayer · a year ago
A price We're willing to pay.
At some point we need to grow up.
We change throughout the years...
I guess it's time to check up on our old friends, huh?
MCYT x Child!Reader.
A little angsty!
You were raised by many people you met along the way.
A cat, what was his name again?
He taught you how to walk, how to crawl, he helped you speak.
He loved cake..
His laughter made you smile, it brightened the room.
It gave you something to hold onto.
He had many friends... A squid, and a mermaid..
You were fairly young.. And he was all you knew..
And then you met another.
The cat you once stayed with ushered you to go with the other.
"Are you sure stampy..?" You looked up at the cat who crouched besides you, your small hand gently grasping his fur.
He smiled at you, ears flicking. "Yeah! I'll be right here if you want to come back.. Don't you worry!"
And.. You walked up to the other, the man with goggles and a bright smile, a smile that reminded you of Stampy's. You looked back warily, watching as the orange cat stood straight, as his friends waved to you. They called out to you, tearfully.
Looking up at the man before you, he introduced himself. "I'm DanTDM, it's nice to meet you!"
Now, Dan... DanTDM..
He had a dog made of bones, he had a friend, a villager, a doctor.
He ran experiments, he let you join in, dragging you in by your arm, letting you mess with the more... Safer experiments.
He taught you how you should keep trying. He taught you how to be confident.
He taught you that while things may go wrong.
Theres always a way to go back.
You can fix mistakes.
And then you met another.
He had an amulet, it held a purple hue.
He had a lot of friends, like Stampy!
Dan held your hand as he walked you to the others, letting go and gently nudging you forward. "Go on.. I'll be right here if you need anything."
You gave the Man one last hug before letting yourself run over to the group, getting swooped up by the narwhal, he could barley look straight. "Welcome to the gang! I just know you're rossome!"
"God damn it Ross!" Presumably 'Adam' shrieked, causing Dan, in the background, to cringe. You've never been exposed to cuss words until now... How odd!
Sky and his friends!
There was Max, Ross, Shelby... Aphmau.... And more!
They played great names, cursing quite a bit!
They taught you cuss words.. Unfortunately.
They taught you how to get people to laugh!
Oh, they were funny.. You miss them...
.. Maybe you could-
You found another...
You want to stay but-
You'll be staying in your own way, right?
RTgame found you alone. You had went searching for someone..
And he played a lot of games!
He gave you variety, he gave you friends!
He helped you get to where you are now-
He helped you find-
Wilbur Soot, as some called him.. He came over, to pick you up.
You looked at him with wide eyes, "Rt, are you sure this is the guy?"
"He's so... Tall..."
"We're both tall!"
"He's intimidating, okay??"
And here you are today...
You grew to find out who you were..
You met Tommy, you met Tubbo, you met Dream and Philza, you met everyone in the Dream SMP.
... Oh, if only...
If only you could see them again..
A/N: This is based off of my own experiences! This is a concept I've thought about! I decided to write it so it wouldn't bother me later on... I hope you like it, it's not the best!
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hwangsies · a year ago
Tumblr media
(n) a gentle breeze
Tumblr media
pairing: seo changbin x female reader (hwang hyunjin x female reader)
genre: rebound to fwb to dumbasses to lovers(?), college!au, undergroundrappers!3racha
warnings: angst: mentions of infidelity, heartbreak and abuse, seemingly unrequited love, they are both so dumb and prideful its annoying, fluff, bad attempt at comedy, minsung on the side, cursing, alcohol consumption, smut: protected piv, oral (f), studio sex, praise, mild degradation, hair pulling, mild spanking
wc: 10k
enjoy <3
"y/n?" you hear your roommates faint voice calling out your name.
You dont bother to answer because you know she's going to come into your room at any second now.
And you're right. "y/n??" Your door opens a few seconds later.
You groan in response, not looking up and instead staying in your little cocoon of blankets.
"no babygirl what are you doing?" you feel the bed shift under lias weight when she sits down.
"what does it look like i'm doing?" you grumble back, her hand gently rubbing over your arm.
"sulking, babe" she replies, dropping her purse to the ground.
"10 points for griffyndor" you sniffle as you scooch and sit up, pushing the blankets half off of you at which she sighs.
"wooyoung was not that good of a boyfriend for you to still be crying over him" lia presses her lips together concernedly.
She's right, you know it. It has almost been two months and you still feel like crying everytime someone mentions him.
"i know" you nod somewhat defeatedly "still, i was with him for almost a year and" you hiccup "he literally ripped my heart out and trampled on it"
"i know" lia nods understandingly "but i do think it would help if you went out again, even if its just for a night, you know just to be around people"
"it probably would but i just dont have the energy for it" you shrug your shoulders.
"i get it, girl, i really do" she pats your knee "both of my exes cheated on me, my only luck was that they were both awful at hiding it so i found out pretty quickly" she huffs.
You force out a chuckle, from what you heard from one of the girls that wooyoung cheated on you with, was that it started 3 months into your relationship.
"this the most humiliating thing ever, lia" you scoff "being with someone for so long, trusting them and telling them all your secrets and you think they are doing the same for you but then realizing that they were faking it all along to have multiple side chicks, and the fact that i was too oblivious to figure it out is the icing on the cake" you rub your forehead, feeling a migrane approach due to the sheer amount of crying you've been doing.
She seems to know what's happening and hands you the water bottle next to your bed "hydrate, sis"
So, you do. Taking four big gulps out of the water bottle.
Once you place the bottle next to you and tie your hair in a messy bun, you look at your roommate more thuroughly now that the tears are wiped away.
"you look pretty" you compliment her makeup and casual yet chic outfit "what'd you do tonight?"
Her contagious grin spreads over her face, eyes turning into little crescents.
"chris took me to the fair in town" lia grins before her face drops "I'm sorry, this is maybe not the time to ta-"
"No! It is, tell me about it" you interrupt her.
"O-okay" she nods hesitantly "well, i dont know if you've been keeping track but today was our fourth date and it was amazing" she gushes.
"I cant believe how much i like him, like, its crazy" she squeals a little, at which you giggle.
"so, fourth date huh? And he hasnt tried to get into your pants yet?" you quip.
"nope, i initiated our first kiss and other than that nothing" she whispers the last words before laughing.
"thats great" you smile, genuinely happy for her.
"Hmm yea" she sings as she gets up "i'll go to bed now too"
"Oh, hey, i have an idea" lia speaks up when standing in your doorway "chris has this performance thingy in two days, you should totally come!" she offers enthusiastically.
"he has a band?" you ask, partly to distract her from her offer.
"Hmm not really a band, they're a trio and there is this performance on saturday where a bunch of underground artists perform, i didnt fully listen if im honest" she giggles "but you should come with me!!" she jumps excitedly.
"i dont kno-"
"y/n pleasee? You'd do me a huge favor too because i dont know anyone there" lia pleads, clutchig her hands together.
"you know chris" you rebuttal.
"and what am i supposed to do when he's performing? stand around like an idiot? please y/n" she pouts.
"I dont really think this is my type of crowd..." you scratch your head.
"please please please" she jumps once more.
You sigh and tilt your head as you look at her sternly.
"one of his friends is single" she adds carefully.
"and cute" she sings "from what ive seen in pictures" she adds.
"lia" you groan.
"I'll do your laundry for two weeks if you come with me"
"you will?" Your head snaps towards her.
"yes i will! i promise, just come with me, please?"
A long sigh leaves your lips "okay"
The strong bass of the loud music rings in your chest as soon as you step foot into the club where “3racha” is supposed to be performing tonight.
Lia comes to a halt and you almost run into her because you were to busy checking out the venue and the other people around you.
“sorry” you mumble and hold onto her arm to avoid getting lost in the crowd.
She pulls out her phone and clicks on her and hers and chris’s chat, to figure out where to meet them, you assume.
“okay” lia puts her phone back into her jeans pocket and grabs your hand “they’re backstage, lets go”
“can we just go there?” you almost yell for her to understand what you’re saying.
“yea! Chris said he’ll make sure we’ll get in, come on” she tugs at your hand for you to walk faster.
You waddle behind her, barely dodging some drunk guys beer that goes flying before you arrive at the sign that says “artists only” and a black curtain behind it.
The guy standing infront of it raises a brow at the two of you before pointing at said sign “read ladies, no fans allowed”
“hey, they’re with me” a guy, you assume to be chris, taps on his shoulder and shows his artists badge, half of his body still covered by the curtain.
The bigger guy sighs and lets you through.
“thank you” lia lets go of your hand to loop her arms around chris’s neck once behind the curtain, they kiss and you look around.
Not because you are particularly uncomfortable, maybe still just a little bitter at happy couples.
You audibly clear your throat when they are still making out after a good ten seconds.
“oh-uhm” lia looks back at you after breaking the kiss “chris, this is y/n, y/n, chris” she giggles.
“hi y/n, nice to meet you” he gives you a quick hug and a smile full of dimples, finally understanding why your roommate is always swooning about him.
“hi” you smile back, somewhat forced.
“lets go to our dressingroom” chris suggests and leads the way.
Opening the door, he lets you and lia walk in first.
One guy is dancing around in the middle of the room, singing along to the current song that’s being played in the background with a water bottle as a pretend mic.
Another is one sitting on the small couch and laughing at him.
“oh, hi” the guy stops singing and quickly hides the bottle behind himself at which chris chuckles.
“guys, this is lia and y/n” chris points at the two of you before closing the door behind him.
“ooo the lia?” the waterbottle guy wiggles his eyebrows, at which you cant help but laugh as well, he isn’t very tall but looks lean.
“what is the lia supposed to mean?” lia laughs when chris comes up and slings an arm around her waist from behind her.
“I..well-I talk about you sometimes-“
“sometimes my ass” the guy sitting on the couch scoffs amusedly, your eyes shift to him.
He’s wearing a white baseball cap and a pretty tight fitted black Versace shirt, making his shoulders and arms look broad.
His hands clad in black half-gloves, he adjusts his cap before locking eyes with you and quickly looking down again.
“channie hyung must’ve forgotten his manners, I’m jisung” the waterbottle guy speaks up “and that’s changbin hyung” he points at the most intimidating-looking of the three of them, on the couch.
“channie?” lia squeals as she sits down with chris on the couch changbin is sitting on as well, jisung coming up to you.
“hey, you want something to drink?” he asks, pointing at the mini bar feigning cockiness  “we have a mini bar”
“woow” you chuckle, playing along “sure I’d love a drink”
“how come we’ve never met on campus before?” jisung asks after mixing you a vodka soda and sitting down on the second couch in the room.
“oh, you all go to uni here as well?” you ask surprisedly as you sit down next to him..
“yea” he grins “that’s how we all met” he points at lia and chris almost sitting on top of each other “and those two”
“oh I didn’t even know that” you take a sip, trying to loosen up “I guess I wasn’t listening when she was ranting on about him”
Jisung laughs and changbin joins the two of you as he sits down next to jisung.
“they just started calling each other bubs I feel like throwing up” changbin groans as he drinks from his beer.
You huff before jisung speaks again, looking from his friend back to you “he’s usually more romantic” he quips.
“I bet” you joke with him.
“yup” changbin locks eyes with you “that’s why I’m single, I’m just too romantic” he shakes his head sarcastically.
“ooh” you squint your eyes “emotional unavailability? love that in a man” you grin, at which his eyebrow quirks up amusedly.
“speaking of man, did minho hyung text you when he’d be here?” jisung asks his friend.
“yea he said he’ll be here in 5 and that you should finally buy a new phone” changbin answers, reading it from his phone at which jisung scoffs before turning to you.
“minho is my boyfriend” he explains “he’s hot” he grins at which you laugh “I bet”
“so, y/n, do you have a boyfriend?” jisung asks after taking a sip of his drink
“not anymore” you scoff, jisung inhales excitedly “guess what, changbin is single as well” he grins from ear to ear, comically looking back and forth between you two.
“oh, please dont start like lia” you chuckle, leaning forwards to lock eyes with changbin “no offense, but I only attract assholes”
He shakes his head, amusedly raising his brows “none taken” he grins at which you huff before a young woman comes into their dressing room to tell them they’re up next.
Back in the crowd, you and lia find a good place just as the lights dim and the music begins to play.
Suddenly you feel someone run into your side “woah I’m sorry” he quickly apologizes “this guy pushed me” he looks behind him.
“its alright” you nod, loud enough for him to hear.
Once they come outside, the crowd goes wild.
“jisungieee” the guy next to you all over sudden screams, you have to smile when looking at him.
“are you minho by any chance?” you ask him.
He nods aggressively “yea! do you know jisung?”
“I just met him backstage” you yell over the loud bass.
Minho laughs and nods before the bass drops and chris starts the first verse.
“he’s great right?” lia screams into your ear when the first chorus ends.
“yea” you nod, actually surprised at how good their music is, now understanding as to why the crowd loves them so much.
Changbin starts his verse and suddenly you feel somewhat entranced, his voice is rough and his bars are hard, definitely fitting his appearance but what entices you is the passion with which he appears to be performing.
Throughout their whole performance you cant take your eyes off him, the way his arms flex when he grips onto the microphone a little harder or the way his jugular sticks out when he growls into the microphone.
Not to mention the thighs you somehow didn’t notice in their dressing room, you watch them strain against his leather pants and feel even hotter suddenly.
Their last song ends and lia is quick to be in your ear about going backstage to chris again.
“oh you know chan hyung?” minho overhears and chimes in.
“yea she’s his date” you point at your overly excited roommate.
“changbin just texted and said they’re upstairs in the vip lounge, come with me” the brunette holds out his hand for you to take, which you do and grab lia with the other one.
“do you know where you’re going?” you ask minho after a minute of pressing yourself along sweaty dancing bodies.
“yea! they’re here a lot” he yells back “its right over there” he points to a flight of stairs where yet another bouncer is standing in front of.
“hey minho” the bouncer greats him with a fist bump “these girls are with you?” he points at lia and you.
“yea” he nods.
“trying something new, I see” he laughs atw hich you frown.
“oh, nono” minho chuckles uncomfortably “I’m still with jisung”
“ah-alright well, have fun” the bouncer moves after looking you all up and down, letting you walk up the stairs.
“wow, you’re famous” lia giggles at which minho huffs and shakes his head amusedly “yea, for being the only non-straight person they know”
“baby” you see jisung jump up from his seat in the spacious lounge as soon as you enter.
“hii” minho holds out his arms for him to run into, you cant stop yourself from smiling when you see jisung jump into his boyfriends arms.
“lia, y/n come over here” chris waves at the two of you.
“you were so good, baby” you hear minho praise jisung behind you as you walk over to the large round sitting booth where chan and changbin are sitting.
Lia slides into the booth and cuddles into chans side “you were awesome” she squeals as you sit down on the other end and grab a fresh glass from the middle of the round table, holding it next to changbins where he’s pouring cherry vodka into.
“can i get some?” you ask, he glances at you and smirks before silently filling your glass with a  double shots worth of the slightly rosy liquid.
“so, how did you like it?” he asks as he leans back, taking a swing of his drink.
“you guys were really good” you nod “to be honest I didn’t expect such high quality music”
He laughs, leaning his head back a little, his adams apple bopping with it.
You cant help but notice the sheer sheen of sweat that expands over his thick neck, obviously coming from their escapades on stage just now.
“what did you expect? a bunch of drunks playing wonderwall on the guitar for more drunks?” he grins, straight white teeth on display.
“hey, don’t come for wonderwall” you raise your hand jokingly at which he laughs.
“I wouldn’t dare” he raises his hands comically.
“hey” you whip your head around to see jisung and minho “scoot, please” jisung speaks again.
“oh-yea” you grab your drink and scoot further into the half circle-shaped booth.
“so what do you study?” changbin asks, his voice catches you off guard because you hadn’t calculated how close you’re sitting to him.
You turn to him to realise you’re close enough to smell his perfume and aftershave.
“uh- I- art” you answer shakily before taking a sip of your drink just to pull a face afterwards.
“jesus christ” you cough a little and hold your chest as changbin laughs.
“its stronger than you’d think” he grins “can you handle it?” he teases when your eyes get a little watery.
You stare at him for a second before playfully rolling your eyes “im good” 
His eyes trace over your face as you look around before he breaks the silence ”i can get you something else if you want” he offers.
“oh-uh no, I’m just being dramatic its fine” you chuckle.
“so...what do you study?” you change the topic.
“I’m majoring in music” he says, stretching out his arms over the backrest “all three of us are”
“oh, so you like, produce all your own stuff?” you ask, your eyes jumping to where his forearm touches your shoulder, that’s leaning against the backrest.
“yea, channie hyung composes the most, me and ji write a lot” he explains,
“thats really cool” you nod, looking over to the mentioned guy.
Changbin follows your eyes and huffs when the both of you see him and your roommate sucking face again.
After a few seconds they stop and giggle before standing up to go somewhere.
“where are they going?” you huff.
“I guess they want some alone time” he chuckles, lifting the arm close to you to take off the cap he’s still wearing.
You flinch when his forearm brushes your shoulder.
“are you scared of me?” he asks slowly, stopping his movements, cap still in hand.
“no- no” you shake your head, chuckling “I- its just been a while since I’ve gone out and I don’t know” you shrug “I feel a little lost”
“hm” changbin cocks his brow at your words, running one hand through his dark brown locks.
You divert your eyes from his bulging bicep back to his face quickly when he speaks again.
“any reason why?” he leans back again.
“oh, just a shitty ex and a shitty breakup” you shrug “I’m gonna spare you the details”
“aw, no please, tell me he had a small dick and everything, now im invested” he jokes.
You tsk at him and push his arm playfully, feigning annoyance.
“that still doesn’t answer my question as to why you jumped like that when my arm touched you” changbin raises his brows expectantly.
You open your mouth to speak but-
“we’ll go get some more to drink” minho interrupts you at which changbin nods.
“so?” he asks again, once minho and jisung leave.
“did that ex hit you? give me his address I’ll beat him up for you” changbin deadpans.
“no” you shake your head after taking another sip “he didn’t” you huff incredulously.
“its just- you look kinda scary” you blurt out finally.
His eyes widen before he falls into a boyish laughter, which you cant help but join.
“me?” he points at himself before laughing again, the image you had made up in your mind about him cracking.
“yea!” you raise your brows “when you look like this” you furrow your brows and lightly squint your eyes to mimic his resting bitch face.
“what the-” he splutters laughingly.
“stoop, don’t laugh” you hold onto his forearm, still giggling yourself.
He calms himself, subconsciously scooting closer to you in the now empty booth.
“maybe scary wasn’t the right word” you snicker, looking down.
“I think the word you were looking for was: sexy, hot or mysterious, maybe handsome-” he quips, grinning to himself when you start laughing again.
“no, no, I know what I meant” you joke back, just now noticing how close he is, his knee touching yours as his whole torso is turned to you.
“so none of my suggestions are accurate?” he cheekily raises one brow at which you scoff playfully.
“maybe one or two” you see his eyes jump to your lips.
The air suddenly feels thick around you with tension, changbins tongue darting out to wet his plump bottom lip while his eyes are still locked on yours.
You breathe in before the two of you lock eyes again "so…are you gonna kiss me, or just stare?"
He raises his brows at your sudden boost of confidence, grinning amusedly.
"what happened to me being scary?" he counters before urging you to swing one leg over his thighs with gentle hands.
You take a seat on his lap, straddling his thick thighs before looping your arms around his neck "i dont know, i think i'm into it" you quip.
His hands wander up your waist "well then i wont make you wait any longer" he grins, looking at your lips one last time before closing the gap inbetween you two.
You meet him in the middle, changbins grip on your waist tightens when his plush lips land on yours.
He pulls you closer to him, pushing his tongue past the seam of your lips.
You can taste the cherry vodka on his tongue but it riles you up even more, sucking at the wet muscle before his hands wander over the swell of your ass and each grab a handful of the flesh; your short skirt riding up when you subconsciously grind against his lap.
“be careful” he mumbles against your lips, gently tugging down the piece of fabric so you don’t expose yourself to bywalkers.
“where’s the fun in that?” you cock your head to the side teasingly.
Changbin scoffs and leans in again but you get interrupted by jisung.
“hey, we-oh” you whip your head around.
Jisungs frown turns into a grin “uh” he chuckles “we dont mean to interrupt but chan hyung texted minho and they’re going to your place” he points at you.
“ugh, seriously?” you mutter.
“I’m sleeping at minhos so, hyung you’ll have our place to yourself” he winks at changbin.
“so, we’re out too, have fun you guys” minho waves teasingly as jisung drags him away.
For a second you stare after them, until a gentle squeeze at your waist makes you turn around again.
“you could come over to my place if you don’t want to go to yours right now” he offers, eyes flickering to your lips when you bite at your lower one.
This is usually like not you, letting some guy you barely know take you home.
But here you are the next morning, looking up at the ceiling, changbins room flooded with daylight.
You sit up and look at the still unconscious changbin next to you. His blanket had fallen down and exposes his toned torso, barely covering his private parts.
A tingle forms in your lower abdomen when you think of what happened here a few hours ago.
But you pull yourself together and start looking around for your clothes.
You spot your bra on his desk and your skirt and shoes on the floor, gently shimmying out from underneath the blanket; you grab your skirt and slide it on without your panties, not being able to find them anywhere.
Right as you clasp your bra behind your back, changbins morning voice makes you flinch “you would’ve just snuck out?” he grumbles, rubbing his eyes as you look back at him.
“what? did you take me for a breakfast lover?” you quip as you slide into your shoes, looking around for your shirt.
“damn, that’s cold” he chuckles lowly, sitting up and watching you stride around his room.
“where did you put my shirt?” you ask, bending down to look under his desk.
“maybe you should worry about your panties first” he snickers, eyes glued to your core when you look back at him.
You kiss your teeth and straighten up quickly, having forgotten about your lack of underwear.
“not that that wasn’t a great view just now-“
“you’re not helping” you interrupt him, eyes lighting up when you spot your shirt in the hallway.
“why so serious all over sudden?” he grins “last night you were everything but tense”
You scoff as you pull your shirt over your head and stuff it into your skirt before grabbing your purse and phone.
“I have an exam in 2 days and I haven’t studied yet” you exhale.
“I could drive you home-“ he runs a hand through his messy hair.
“I’ll call a cab, uhm- thanks for last night” you hurriedly smile before walking out.
“bye” changbin calls after you, frowning and dropping back down onto his bed when he hears the door shut behind you “have a nice day I guess” he mumbles to himself.
You cling your jacket closer to your body as you walk through the howling wind the seasonal change had brought with it.
When you arrive at lias faculty building you take out your phone to see if she texted you about when her lecture would be over.
lia : hey babe, chris took me to his place -received at 4:17 pm
You roll your eyes, typical you think.
you : are you serious? you begged me to walk home with you -sent at 4:25 pm
You see her the little blue bubble pop up, indicating that she’s writing a message.
lia : im sorry!! please don’t be mad, he surprised me :((( -received at 4:25 pm
You scoff and turn off your phone before slipping it in your coats pocket alongside your hands. Typical, you think, ever since that night at the club the two of them have become inseparable and lia cancelling on you had become a regular thing. You are happy for her but you also miss your friend.
“y/n?” a familiar voice calls after you right as you start to walk away, you freeze and turn around.
“yea?- oh” you swallow harshly when you see changbin walk your way.
“hey” he smiles brightly and you have to bite back a grin at the cute beanie he’s sporting alongside his slightly red nose due to the cold weather.
“hi” you smile timidly.
“you never texted” he tilts his head at which you nod.
“yea, sorry I actually never got your number” you look at the ground “uh- what are you doing here?”
“oh um im on my way to the studio” he points at a nearby building “that’s the music faculty”
“ah okay, well” you lock eyes “have fun then” you turn around again, ready to walk away.
“hey” he catches up with you “you wanna join me? check out some of our new stuff?” he burries his hands in the front pockets of his jeans.
“I don’t know, changbin I really don’t want to date right now-“ you start at which he chuckles.
“I didn’t ask you to marry me” he stops in his tracks, grinning when you do as well, locking eyes “come on, I just need an unbiased opinion on some new tracks” he tilts his head.
You inhale before looking around you “I could drive you home after? So you don’t have to walk through this weather?” he offers, raising his brows at which you purse your lips.
“alright” you give in, changbin smiles and extends his elbow for you to hold.
You simper and coyly hook your hand around his arm as the two of you start walking.
“this is awesome!” you point to his laptop a minute after he played the first song for you.
Changbin grins bashfully and leans back into his desk chair “you think?”
“yea, the hook is super catchy” you bob your head as his eyes fix on your profile “you’re really talented, changbin” you catch him blushing before putting on another song.
After a few other songs, he takes off his headphones when you take off yours.
“can I ask you something?” he asks, you glance at him.
“you just did” you quip at which he huffs, “sure” you nod.
“how much of that night do you remember?” he fiddles with one of the rings on his left hand.
“why?” you ask back.
“well, you seemed really upset the next morning so I got kind of scared that you didn’t actually want it and I kind of took advantage of you” he recalls the night the two of you spent together.
“oh, no. you didn’t take advantage of me, I wasn’t even  drunk and I would’ve told you if I had changed my mind or something. That was just the first time I ever spent the night at a guys house for a one night stand” you absently pick off some fuzzies from your jeans.
“plus I had just come out of a relationship so I was a little too emotional anyways” you chuckle.
“alright” changbin nods “just wanted to make sure” he smiles down at his hands “cause I remember all of it”
You whip your head, scoffing when you see him with a shit eating grin on his face.
“hm” you feign ignorance as you lean back “I don’t know, there wasn’t a lot to remember” you grin mischievously.
He laughs out loud, leaning forwards “no?”
You shake your head, pursing your lips comically “nah”
“cause I remember you shaking and screaming” he grins.
You shrug your shoulders “weird, must’ve faked it” you deadpan, fiddling with the headphones you’re still holding.
Changbins tongue prods on the inside of his cheek, huffing when he catches you grinning.
“right” he grins slumping into his seat a little further.
A thought flashes in your head when your gaze drops to his crotch and thick thighs, you swallow some spit in frustration as you feel your core getting hotter.
He was right, the night was amazing, maybe that was even part of the reason you stormed out the way you did.
You clench your thighs for some relief, anything really.
“want me to refresh your memory?” your eyes jump up to meet his, you open your mouth but nothing comes out; do you want him to?
Yes. Yes you do.
So, you get up and straddle him on his chair: his hands instantly gripping at your hips, pulling you closer.
“someones eager” he grins, pushing some of your hair behind your ear.
“shut up” you whisper before crashing your lips onto his.
Changbin groans when you tug at his hair, inviting you to slip your tongue in between his lips and grind your hips over his crotch.
He hisses before propping himself up on one armrest and holding your lower back with the other as he stands up; you squeal but he holds you before sitting you back down on the desk, next to his laptop.
“now who’s eager” you grin when his hands find the waistband of your leggings and tug them down with your panties in one.
He huffs as he bunches your leggings and panties around your ankles before slipping underneath the fabric barrier and inbetween your legs.
“by the looks of it..” he runs a finger through your wet folds “still you” he quips before pushing one finger in without warning.
You moan, you head dropping back onto the hard wooden surface.
“look at me” changbin orders as a second finger prods at your entrance, you whimper but prop yourself up on your elbows.
He curls the two fingers and pumps them almost violently, the palm of his hand smacking your clit with every pump.
“oh god-“ you yelp, your eyes scrunching together as your hips buck up.
“its changbin but god is fine too” he quips as he lowers his head, you curse at him, even though you have to laugh a little.
“you’re so annoy-ah!” you cry out because suddenly his tongue is lapping over your swollen clit, sucking on it forcefully when you claw one hand into his already messed up dark locks.
“fuck-bin- gonna cum” your hips stutter and you feel the pleasure that’s blooming in your tummy is getting ready to snap.
“mmh” he humms against you “cum then, baby” he moans, knowing full well what the added vibrations are doing to your body when your chest arches and your mouth drops open.
Your cries fill the studio as you clamp down on his fingers; he rides your through your high, holding down your hips with his unoccupied hand because you squirm with the euphoria that’s filling your veins.
“good girl” he mumbles, removing his fingers from you before bringing them up to your lips “now, suck them clean for me, yea?” he grins, lips and chin shiny with your cum.
“finally” you huff when arriving at 3rachas lounge in a club out of town; where they had just performed “this club is huge” you breathe, jisung scooting and changbin letting you squeeze past him to take a seat in between them as they chuckle.
Lia and chan already lost in their own world again as she drags him to the dancefloor, squealing when chan teasingly squeezes her sides as they disappear into the crowd.
“they are made for each other” minho sighs, sitting down and giving jisung the second beer from his hands.
“I know right” you lean back, breathing in.
“you’re still out of breath?” changbin laughs at you at which you hit his arm.
“stop it, oh my god” you feign annoyance “you know how exhausting it is to dodge beer bottles and not loose lia? she’s like a Chihuahua, I swear, you loose her once and its over” you chuckle, jisung and minho laughing too.
“you just don’t have any endurance, woman” changbin grins teasingly.
“that’s so not true” you laugh incredulously “what about two nights ago-“
“AH-“ jisung interrupts you, placing his hands over his ears “please spare us your sex stories, I hear enough of that when you’re over, babe”
You huff and changbins cheeks turn red.
“you guys are fucking?” minho asks, eyebrows raised as he takes a swing of his beer.
“good job keeping up, baby” jisung pats his boyfriends thigh teasingly at which he tsks at him.
“are you together or what?” minho props his elbow on the table to support his chin with his hand as he looks at the two of you expectantly.
“no, we’re not” you chuckle somewhat uncomfortably before looking over at changbin who just grins awkwardly.
“just here to be a good friend and keep the groupies away” you joke “right?” you nudge changbin with your elbow at which he nods swiftly, looking down again.
“yea, baby don’t be so old fashioned” jisung teases his boyfriend who just rolls his eyes playfully.
“speaking of groupies” minho mutters, spotting a group of girls just before they approach the lounge.
“hey jisungie, you wanna dance?” a pretty blonde girl bats her eyelashes as she leans down a bit to expose more of her cleavage, making jisung grin.
“baby, you’re gorgeous but I’m very gay” he nods apologetically, “Oh” she straightens up “really? You sure?”
You and changbin have to bite back a laugh when jisung nods again “very sure, thanks though, for coming”
She shrugs and looks at changbin “what about you? Wanna dance?”
“uh-“ changbin starts but you cut him off “he’s with me actually” you tilt your head.
“for real?” she stems her hands into her hips as she looks back at her posse, scoffing.
“yea” changbin loops his strong arm around your waist and pulls you closer to him “that’s my girl, so a little respect, please”
“aww” you coo dramatically as you play along, putting your hand on his jaw to turn his head towards you before you lock lips.
“whatever” you faintly hear the girls voice get quieter when changbin slips his tongue in between your lips.
“they’re gone” you hear minho but changbin pulls your legs to dangle over one of his thighs as he grips your waist.
“guys” jisungs voice only registers in the back of your head when changbin sucks at your bottom lip and you run your fingers through the hair on the back of his head.
“can I get you some more beers?” the waitresses voice pulls the both of you out of your trance as you break the kiss abruptly.
Jisung laughs, shaking his head at the both of you before turning to the waitress “we’ll take a round of shots I think”
 “fuck-harder” you gasp “..mhh binnie-shit” you moan while changbin pounds into you from behind, gripping your hip tighter with one of his hands; the other one migrating up your back to gather the legth of your hair, twisting them before he pulls at their root.
You groan when you feel your hair getting pulled back, neck stretching as he picks up his pace.
“like this? fuck you love this don’t you?” he breaths ragged, but you can hear the dirty smirk that lingers on his lips every time you have rough sex..
You moan out loudly when he releases your hair and pushes your torso down onto the mattress, your hand pulling at the sheets , needing something to grip and release the pleasure.
“fuck- answer me, slut” he grunts and delivers a harsh slap to your ass.
You cry out “yes-yes-fuck-love it” you desperately gasp as he leans down to you, earning a low chuckle which sends shivers down your back.
His lips latch onto your shoulder blade and start sucking on the skin until a purple mark blooms under his lips.
“fuck” you let out a strangled yell when the hand on your hip makes its way to your front and he started circling your clit with his fingers, the pace and firmness matching his thrusts.
You cry out for him as you clench furiously around his cock “that’s a good girl” he whispers, only letting go of your clit when you flinch in overstimulation.
“cum for me- fuck baby, cum for me and let the others know who’s fucking you this good” he rasps in your ear. Not 5 seconds later, your orgasm ripples through you and you would’ve collapsed completely if he wasn’t holding you up.
You’re still panting when both of his hands go back on your hips and push them down, laying you flat on the mattress before he picks up his pace again with his last left strength to reach his own high.
“shit- y/n“ he grunts when you tighten around him again and you feel him filling the condom with some drawn out groans and a sharp hiss.
After a few seconds of nothing but heavy breathing filling the room, he pulls out and falls next to you on his bed.
You wince at the soreness that’s already presenting itself when you turn around on your back, looking over to him; you watch as he ties a knot in the condom and throws it into the trash next to his desk.
“kobe!” he exclaims gleefully at his perfect throw before looking back at you to see if you saw.
“jesus christ why am I sleeping with you” you hold your hands over your face, hating the fact that it made you laugh.
He gasps, feigning to be offended “that’s not how you speak to the guy that just made you cum three times”
“you are so full of yourself, seo changbin” you shake your head amusedly as you sit up.
“wait, I’ll clean you up” changbin is quick to rise from his comfortable position to grab some tissues from his nightstand.
“come here” he mumbles, gently urging you to lie back down before carefully wiping your own cum off your inner thighs and mound.
You watch him as he gently moves to wipe the tissue over your puffy folds, your hips jumping a little when he accidentally passes your clit.
“sorry” he grins, pressing a kiss to your angled knee; at which you feel your heart lurch forward a bit.
Woah, wait.
You’ve been seeing changbin just for sex for almost two months now, you’ve even gone with him other performances and after parties to keep groupies away and be his arm candy and never has your heart done this.
Mayday. Abort mission.
“should be good for now” changbin shrugs, shooting you a sweet smile before turning away from you to also get rid of the tissues.
You use the opportunity to shuffle to the side of his bed and slip on your panties before grabbing your bra.
“hey, you wanna leave already?” changbin asks “I thought we could hang” he tucks his hand under his head as you look back at him, clipping your bra closed “watch a movie or something”
“sorry, I promised lia I’d help her clean the apartment today” you lie, surprisingly quick, before pulling your hoodie over your head.
“so you’re just gonna fuck me and leave again?” he jokes dramatically “I don’t even get cuddles?”
“shut up” you chuckle.
“am I nothing more to you than a pretty piece of meat?” he continues as you slip into your jeans, rolling your eyes playfully.
“a toy you use when you need stress relief??” he holds his chest dramatically.
You step into your shoes and raise your brows at him.
“are you complaining?” you ask playfully.
“nahh” he pulls his covers over his abs as he watches you grab your jacket from his desk chair.
"At least give me a 'gopdbye, thanks for the bomb dick, kiss" He grins when you scoff at him. So, you lean over him and press a quick peck to his lips; he whines playfully when you lean back up again, sitting up and catching your lips with his roughly once more.
“alright, see ya” you shrug."
And shit, your heart does it again. What are you doing?
You break the kiss and ruffle through his hair.
“ugh” he huffs annoyedly, fixing his hair “I hope you have trouble walking” he quips as you go for the door.
“I’ll text you if I don’t” you wink at him before closing his door, leaning against it from the outside and closing your eyes.
“fuck” you whisper to yourself before making your way through the guys apartment.
“don’t break his heart, y/n” minhos voie comes from behind as you twist the doorknob.
“huh?” you trun around to look at him, he’s wearing a shirt that you know to be jisungs so he must be staying over.
“I’ve known changbin for a while, he seems tough but he’s a softie deep down” he crosses his arms over his chest “he hurts easier than you think”
“we- we’re both not in this for anything serious” you stammer “what do you mean?”
“I see the way he looks at you, y/n” minho smiles softly “I’m not telling you how to live your life, just, be honest with him… and yourself for that matter” he quirks one brow up, smiling before disappearing around the corner.
 You squint your eyes as you’re trying to make out the label of the cereal boxes in the upper shelves, looking back at your phone you check to see what brand lia had texted you about so you don’t accidentally buy the wrong thing.
“fuck” you mumble when you see her desired cereal at the top of the shelf, so you reach up but to no avail.
“y/n?” you lower your heels to the floor again before turning around to see…
“hyunjin?” you face drops in awe.
“hey!” the tall young man smiles widely, opening his arms and inviting you to a hug.
“wow, hi” you hug him back.
Damn, what happened to him? The last time you saw him was before he moved away in 10th grade.
You used to be good friends with him, or, well, the freakishly skinny and lanky highschool version of him you met in dance class.
By the feel of it, even through the trenchcoat he’s wearing, you can tell he’s bulked up quite a bit.
After letting go of him, you cant help but stare.
His acne had cleared up and his brown hair is chin length with the top parts pulled back into a little pony tail, leaving some face framing strands in the front.
“wow- you look-“ you blink a few times to make sure you’re not dreaming “…really good, hyunjin”
He smiles on the ground, his pretty plump lips parting to reveal beautiful pearly whites which used to be covered by braces.
“so do you” he grins.
“no- I mean you look… good-good” you splutter, laughing awkwardly “like what are you a model now or something?”
“actually, yea- part time” he chuckles.
“oh” you huff  “wow of course” you shake your head laughingly, blushing furiously when he doesn’t break eye contact.
“so- uhm” you gulp, making him grin even wider “what are you doing here?”
“I’m transferring here” he nods “better dance programme” he explains shortly.
“oh you still dance” you observe out loud “I haven’t danced in a while” you look down.
“you should come by after practice sometime” he offers “to catch up- or dance if you want” he giggles, a little dimple appearing on his left cheek.
“yea, I’d love that” you smile, nodding before he takes out his phone.
“put in your number, I’ll text you” he smiles softly when holding it out to you.
“mhm” you agree, saving your number in his phone and trying not to think about him staring at you the whole time.
“alright well” he checks his phone for the time, you guess “I gotta get going, only came here for this” he chuckles, holding up a carton of milk that you, weirdly enough, haven’t noticed until now.
“alright” you nod before he moves in for a hug again.
“bye” he smiles when loosening his arms again.
“bye” you mumble, staring at the back of his perfect head as he walks away.
You were about to pull out your phone and rant to lia about what just happened, when he stops in his tracks and turns around.
“almost forgot” he grins, reaching up and getting your cereal from the top shelf; winking when he places it in your hands, your body freezing.
“bye” he grins, walking away before you could thank him.
 You had taken hyunjin up on his offer and met him in the dance studio after class where he showed you some of his contemporary pieces before you made your way to the popular coffee shop on campus together.
“-no seriously the second piece was my favourite I think, but they were all amazing!” you smile up at him at which he shakes his head cutely.
“can you stop complimenting me, y/n I’m getting all nervous” he laughs softly.
“oh please” you quip “with your talent and looks I would think nothing could make you nervous” you roll your eyes playfully.
Hyunjin huffs, opening the coffee shops door for you “you can” he says softly as you walk past him, you turn around to him to see him blush a litte but diverting his eyes to the big menu above the counter.
Did he just flirt with you? No, you must be tripping.
You look around to see only two other people sitting in one of the booths together, the cold must keep most people home, you think before hyunjin gently pulls at your sleeve to get your attention.
“what do you want?” he asks, the barista looking at you expectantly.
“uhm- a hot chocolate please” you say, reaching in your purse to get your wallet.
“I’ll take the same” hyunjin smiles politely, giving the barista money.
“on me” he smiles down at you.
“oh, thank you” you smile sheepishly, letting go of your purse again.
Once your hot chocolates are ready, you sit down in one of the booths, hyunjin sliding in to sit across from you.
“I was back home last week before I came here, you’ll never guess who I met” hyunjin grins.
“who?” you ask curiously.
“tim” he grins.
“tim?” your eyes almost pop out of your head “as in my first boyfriend tim?” you laugh, holding your hand to your face incredulously.
“but he moved away as well?” you half ask.
“yea he said he was visiting his grandparents, but guess the best part” hyunjin bites his lip
“what?” you chuckle.
“he got a nose job” hyunjin bites back a laugh when you gasp surprisedly “really?”
“one word” hyunjin says “botched…”
“aw no, poor tim” you frown, looking down at your hot drink as memories from back in the day come back to you.
“he always used to put his hand up my shirt when hugging” you frown, making hyunjin laugh.
“it was 9th grade y/n what did you expect?” you scoff at his rethorical question.
“I don’t know, some basic manners maybe?” you counter playfully…slowly letting the conversation die down as you both take sips from your cocoa.
“how come we never dated?” he asks softly after aminute of silence, looking up at you.
“we were friends?” you chuckle awkwardly.
“come on” hyunjin sits back in his booth “you must’ve known I had the biggest crush on you”
“you did?” you almost launch forwards in your seat, making hyunjin laugh.
“well, I guess you didn’t know then” he giggles, hiding his face in his hands embarrassedly.
“anyways, I would’ve paid good money to be able to slip my hand up your shirt” he jokes, cheeks reddening when you laugh.
“I honestly liked you a lot back then” you say “if you would’ve said something we might’ve actually gone out” you shrug gently.
“damn, way to rub that in my face” hyunjin grins.
You hold his eye contact for a few seconds before you feel your blood rushing to your cheeks again, quickly lifting up your mug to take a sip and partly cover your face.
When you put your mug back down, hyunjin grins widely, mumbling a “cute” before slowly bringing his hand to your chin and gently swiping his thumb over your top lip where a foam mustache had formed.
You gulp when he swiftly sucks the foam off his thumb, your eyes darting from his eyes to his lips.
When he notices, he leans over, slowly as if scared to overwhelm you.
That’s when minhos words pop up in the back of your head.
“be honest with him, and yourself for that matter”
But you aren’t together, and hyunjin is great and you want to kiss him but you know it would be wrong.
However, before you know it his lips are on yours and you’re not doing anything to stop him.
They are soft and inviting and you let him swipe his tongue over the seam of your lips, but then the little doorbell rings and you hear lias voice, followed by a male one before they abruptly stop, making you pull away abruptly.
There they are, lia, chan, jisung and changbin; looking at you.
“y/n” lia grins widely, approaching your table “aren’t you gonna introduce us?” she squeals, hyunjin clears his throat and sits back down.
The three guys hesitantly follow lia when-
“woah- hyunjin?” chan speaks up.
“chan-hyung?” hyunjin gets up from his place to receive a hug from the older one as your eyes divert to changbin who is looking at the ground.
You aren’t together. Then why do you feel so guilty and why does he look so disappointed.
“he’s cute, girl” jisung grinningly interrupts your daydreaming, nodding towards chan and hyunjin who are still talking.
You force out a smile.
“how do you two know each other?” lia asks curiously.
“he went to my highschool, the last few years” chan grins.
“what a coincidence” you mumble, almost ironically.
“I went to highschool with y/n too, the first couple years though, then I moved away” hyunjin explains “oh, im sorry, I’m hyunjin by the way” he turns to jisung and changbin.
“I’m jisung, this is changbin” jisung smiles, pointing at his grumpy friend.
“I’m lia” lia grins “his girlfriend and her best friend” she points at chan before snuggling up to you, giggling.
Jesus, woman where do you get the energy? Is what you want to ask but you just flash another forced smile, hoping this moment will pass quickly.
“where were you guys?” you change the topic, hoping changbin would maybe look at you if you spoke up.
“oh, I caught them all huddled up in the studio” lia grins “they probably haven’t been outside in a week again” she giggles.
“true” jisung quips.
“hey lets all sit down” hyunjin suggests.
“I’ll get a coffee” changbin mumbles, walking back to the counter.
You usher lia to make way for you to get out of the booth, following him.
“bin” you stand next to him as he looks up at the menu but he ignores you.
“you could at least acknowledge my presence, your highness” you quip annoyedly.
“what do you want me to say, y/n?” he mutters.
“I didn’t know this would happen with him or I would’ve told you” you say, looking back at the other four talking and laughing in the booth.
“we’re not together y/n, you’ve made that very clear; if you wanna kiss lord farquaad go ahead, I’m not stopping you” he looks over to the booth as well.
“jesus christ” you huff “why are you so defensive then?”
“hi” changbin greets the barista who just came from the back “I’ll have an iced coffee to go, please” he orders.
“the world doesn’t revolve around you y/n, maybe I’m having a bad day” he answers when the barista makes his way to the coffee machines, you feel a lump from in your throat.
“yea, well thanks for making mine bad as well” you turn on your heels to join the others, hyunjin sees you coming back and scooches to make some space for you next to him.
You smile and thank him quietly when he also gives you your mug.
“everything alright?” he asks quietly, as to not disturb the others conversation.
“yea, just had to ask him some stuff” you smile at which he smiles back, turning back to the others.
After a minute changbin approaches the booth with his iced coffee “hey, I’ll run back to the studio I gotta finish that track”
“ugh, changbin I just dragged you out of there, stay for a second” lia protests and jisung nods along.
“nah, gotta get it done tonight” he shakes his head.
“alight see you later” chan nods.
“nice to meet you, man” hyunjin says, nodding at him as well.
“yea” changbin answers tight-lipped before walking out.
”I’m sorry, hyunjin” you frown “I’m just not ready for a relationship after what happened with my ex-“
“its alright y/n” his large hand encases yours “you don’t have to explain yourself to me”
You sigh in relief “I’m sorry I tried to rush things, it just, seemed to good to be true to find you here and everything” he says.
“but I’ll wait for you, if that’s what you want” he looks up at you.
“oh, jinnie you shouldn’t have to do that” you shake your head “I’m sure there are great girls out there who are emotionally ready to be with you”
“yea, but you’re the girl I want to be with” he says softly and your heart shatters into pieces because you’re not sure he’s the guy you want to be with.
You fight yourself through the crowd at 3rachas last performance of the year, at the same venue where you met them for the first time. Just like the time before, chan makes sure lia, hyunjin, minho and you are able to come backstage.
“I’m excited to see you perform, man” hyunjin grins at chan, patting his shoulder “your stuff was already dope back then…” they continue speaking as you enter their dressing room.
Jisung greets his boyfriend as you and lia sit down on the leather couch.
Changbin is standing in front of the mirror, fixing his hair before his eyes lock with yours through the mirror, but he just diverts them to chan who’s grabbing a beer for hyunjin and himself, you guess.
“did you have to invite him?” changbin semi-whispers to the older one, nodding at hyunjin, chan just frowns confusedly,making changbin shake his head and walk out.
You look at hyunjin who is talking to minho and jisung, and doesn’t seem to have heard changbin. So, you get up to follow him out but lia holds your wrist “y/n you cant keep running after him” she hisses.
“he cant keep treating me like im invisible, I just want to clear the air” you free your arm and walk out to see changbin almost at the end of the corridor, walking out of a heavy door which, you think leads outside.
After reaching the door you open it to find him outside, leaning against the brick wall of the building, looking down at his phone.
The cold air hits your skin and you shiver, only wearing a top and some jeans since its warm in the club.
Changbin notices you and looks up “what do you want, y/n?” he asks.
“that was real classy back there” you comment, holding your arms to your body to preserve some warmth. Changbin huffs, unfazed as he looks back at his phone “whatever, y/n”
“no, not whatever bin” you step closer to him “he asked me to date him” his head shoots up and you lock eyes, for a second they are soft in the way they look into yours but something changes and they turn mean when he speaks again.
“so? that’s a you proplem” he shrugs.
“its not a problem at all, he’s sweet and loving and cares about me but for some reason im standing here, hoping that you’ll give me a reason to not be with him” you feel your throat closing up with anger mixed with confusion when he starts chuckling.
“you’re not serious are you?” he squints and your heart drops, tears pooling at your lashline.
“of course not, I couldn’t expect someone as stubborn and- and comunicationally incompetent like you to understand anything about feelings” you turn on your heels when a teardrop rolls down your cheek.
A hand wraps itself around your wrist, making you turn back “I’ve wanted to be with you since that moment in the club where you kissed me infront of all these girls. It was always you who was stubborn y/n, you never wanted to spend anymore time with me other than fucking” he snaps at you, taking a breather to start another sentence but you cut him off.
“-then why didn’t you say anything?” you ask quietly and he looks down.
“because- fuck” he lets go of your wrist “I didn’t want to scare you away, you in my bed was better than no you at all. But then fucking prince charming appears out of no where and sweeps you off your feet-”
“but I don’t want prince charming I want you” you blurt out, tears now streaming down your face, making him take a step back as his eyes soften.
“then why didn’t you say anything?” a small smile tugs at his lips as he closes the distance between you, gently running his hands up your arms, feeling the goosebumps brought on by the cold.
You huff, looking down and watching one of your teardrops melting a tiny hole into the snow before looking back up “because I’m stubborn and comunicationally incompetent” you sniffle “and stupid apparently” 
A grin spreads over changbins face as his hands cradle your cheeks, wiping your tears away with his thumbs “so, you wanna be stubborn and stupid together?” he whispers, locking eyes with you.
You press your lips together, trying to keep yourself from sobbing even more as you nod.
He chuckles softly ”you can stop crying now, baby” at which you nod beathing in shakily but smiling when he pushes some hair out of your face.
“can you kiss me now please” you sniffle whiningly, huffing in a laugh when he pulls a face.
“i dont know babe, you’re a little snotty right now-” he jokes.
“shut up” you hit him, chuckling when he pulls you even closer by your waist and gently connects his lips with yours.
A soft wind blows through your hair and you loop your arms around his neck even tighter, deepening the kiss at which he moans, holding your waist tighter to his body.
The door creaks open and “are you guys finally together?” minhos voice makes you break the kiss.
“yea” you grin when jisung comes out after his boyfriend.
“nice” he grins, nodding at you.
“yea yea nice, beautiful love whatever, hyung we’re up, lets go” jisung rambles, laughing and running back inside when changbin pretends to hit him, minho shaking his head and following him.
“you’ll watch me yea?” your boyfriend grins at you, taking your hand and planting a kiss on the back of it.
“from the front row, baby”
a/n: omg im finally done wth this took me so long yall, i started writing this sin september (which is why the fic starts in september as well lol) sorry about the winterly feelings i’m pushing onto you in the end but last week it literally snowed where i live so i was like uh?!?!?!? okay lets write some snowy shit, global warming ftw i guess....anyways i hope u liked it pls leave some feedback and/or ur favourite part ig lol i would appreciate it alot <33 (not proofred yet oopsie)
taglist: @kpopscape​ @oopsie-whats-this​ @zhaqifa​ @synnocence​ @changlix-mp4​ + some besties who always inspire me wether they know it or not😭 @bangtantaegi @hanflix @bruh-changbin @hyunyin @yyxgin @hyunsluvv @unstableskzstan @violethhj @missskzbiased @cartierbin @dom--minnie
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curlynerd · 11 months ago
Happy Birthday, Cas! Word Count: 3K Rating: T Summary: Appalled that Cas has never had a birthday party before, Jack drags Dean into his schemes to plan a surprise party for him. Dean finally works up the courage to tell Cas how he feels. Notes: love confessions, first kiss, lots of fluff, and lots of Cas' family showing up much they care
Also read on AO3!
"You've never celebrated Cas' birthday?!" Jack exclaimed by way of greeting at -- Dean groaned and rolled over to check the time. -- 6:47 in the morning.
"Jack..." Dean sighed, dragging his hand down his face and sitting up in bed. "We've been over this. You promised not to come barging in here until at least 8:30."
"Huh?" Jack titled his head at Dean before his gaze trailed over to the bedside clock. "Oh. Sorry. I forgot to check the time."
"All those God powers and you can't even conjure up a watch?" Dean grumbled as he threw the sheets off his legs and planted his feet on the floor. "Now what were you saying about Cas?"
"His birthday!" Jack's expression was too damn excitable for this early in the morning. "I was telling him about how we celebrated my birthday after Mrs. Butters left, and I asked him about his birthday, and he said he'd never celebrated one before!"
Dean frowned at Jack. This was what he was woken up for? "Kid, I don't think he has one. The dude's older than calendars."
Jack was undaunted. "Yeah, but he was born, right? Even angels are born."
Okay, it was way too early for existential questions. He needed coffee. Dean grunted his acknowledgment and dragged himself to his feet. "Did Cas say when his birthday was?"
"Well, no." Jack furrowed his brow for just a second before his face lit up in enthusiasm. "Why don't we celebrate today?"
Dean stared at Jack. Jack's eyes were wide and sincere and full of love, just like his dad's. And, apparently, just as effective. "Alright..." Dean said with a defeated sigh. Who was he to deny the kid a chance to make his dad happy? "Whacha wanna do for his birthday?"
Jack beamed. "A surprise party! With cake!"
"Yeah, I figured as much." Dean scrubbed at his hair and wiped the last of the sleep out of his eyes as he shuffled his feet into his slippers. "Coffee first, though. Then the store."
"What kind of cake should we make?" Jack asked an hour later, as he and Dean pondered every box mix the grocery store had to offer.
“Hmm…” Dean eyeballed the box of funfetti mix. Jack would probably like that one best. It had sprinkles baked in. Dean kind of wanted a classic chocolate cake. And Cas, well. He wouldn’t care. He’d probably take two bites at most, just to appease Jack.
“This one.” Dean’s eyes twinkled with mischief as he reached for a box and held it out for Jack.
“Angel food cake?” Jack read.
Dean nodded, his grin widening at his little joke. “Yeah! It’s special. Angels love it, ya know.”
Jack tilted his head at Dean, then the box, before a smile bloomed across his face. “You gave me angel food cake once. I really liked it! Is that why you got it for me?”
Dean thought back to that drive, and his little snack cakes morality test. “Yup. That was definitely why.” He snatched the box from Jack’s hand and tossed it into the cart before he could ask more questions. “Let’s wrap this up before Cas wonders why we’ve been gone so long.”
If Cas was ignorant of Jack’s birthday plans before, he wasn’t for long. Neither Dean nor Jack thought to do much to conceal the contents of their shopping bags when they returned home. Or figure out a way to keep Cas from wandering the bunker. So when he stumbled upon the two of them hauling bags toward the kitchen, both Dean and Jack traded suspicious glances.
“Dean and I will be in the kitchen for awhile,” Jack said seriously, cutting straight to the chase. “Do not come in there though!”
“Oh?” Cas’ gaze flickered down to their bags. A package of birthday hats stuck out of the opening of one. A canister of rainbow sprinkles was nestled at the top of another. His mouth twitched as his eyes softened with warmth. When they met Dean’s eyes, Dean’s stomach did a flip. Cas’ eyes grew even warmer.
‘He loves you,’ Dean’s thoughts helpfully supplied at the worst possible moment, ensuring Dean’s face burned with a fierce blush right as Cas looked his most adoring. Dean hastily averted his gaze.
Cas hadn’t been back from the Empty for long, only a couple of weeks really. But it felt like an eternity.
Because Dean hadn’t told him yet. He hadn’t looked him in the eyes and said ‘I love you too.’ Hadn’t dragged him in by the lapels of his stupid trenchcoat and kissed him senseless. Hadn’t held him close and promised him that he could have Dean, all of him, for as long as he wanted to keep him.
The moment had never been right. There were always people around. Jack. Sam. So many of their friends, eager to see them and celebrate their victory over Chuck and their newfound freedom. Things were only now starting to quiet down, and still Dean hadn’t worked up the courage to tell him.
“It’s for a surprise,” Jack continued, pulling Dean from his thoughts. “Er, not a surprise! We’re not planning any surprises!” Dean barely controlled his eyeroll. The kid really needed to work on his lying. “It’s something you can’t know about until later. So don’t even think about peeking!”
Cas and Dean traded knowing looks. Dean shrugged a little. “I wouldn’t dream of it,” Cas assured Jack.
Jack brightened. “Great! Come on, Dean. Let’s go!” He practically skipped toward the kitchen, radiating enthusiasm with every step. Dean sighed and followed after him, already anticipating the huge mess at the end of all this. At least it was just box mix. That was easy enough to handle.
As it turned out, even box mix wasn’t foolproof.
“Is it supposed to look like that?” Jack asked in concern. He poked at the misshapen mess of their cake.
“Probably not.” Dean shrugged. It was a disaster zone, is what it was. Apparently angel food cake required a special pan. It looked similar enough to a bundt pan, though, so Dean thought it was an okay substitute. Clearly not. Or maybe they overmixed it? Was that why it sunk into this lumpy, craggy mess and then fell apart when they tried to shake it out of the pan?
“But ya know, homemade cake never looks as fancy as the stuff you get at the store, but it tastes just as good.” He slapped Jack on the back. “Put some frosting on this thing, maybe some decorations, and we’re golden.”
And so they set to work. Jack clearly had a vision of what he wanted, pulling supplies from the pantry to add to the disaster cake. He insisted on covering it in a thick layer of chocolate frosting, even though Dean tried to tell him angel food cake didn’t usually need it. It was vital to what he was creating. A full hour passed, and somehow the thing looked even worse than when it first flopped out of the pan.
“Cas is gonna love it,” Dean said anyway, because he knew it was true. Jack beamed with pride.
“At what point am I no longer banned from the kitchen?” Almost as if on cue, Cas’ voice called out from down the hallway. “Am I allowed to walk past it? I’d like to go into the library.”
“You can come in!” Jack yelled back, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet with excitement.
Dean looked around at the decoration-less kitchen, the party hats and the balloons still in their packaging. “Wait, hold on--” he began, but it was too late.
“SURPRISE!” Jack shouted as Cas rounded the corner. “Happy birthday, Cas!”
“A surprise for me?” Cas didn’t even seem to notice that the only things in the kitchen were a weird brown blob of cake and a massive mess. He was smiling from ear to ear at Jack with that special, endeared smile parents reserved just for their children. “But I told you I didn’t have a birthday,” Cas said. Which he and Jack had talked about literally hours ago. Before Jack raced off to talk with Dean and plan an impromptu trip to the store before baking all morning.
Yeah. Cas definitely knew what Jack was planning today.
“Well, Jack decided today was your birthday. So, happy birthday.” Dean shrugged a little in a ‘Kids. What can ya do?’ sort of way.
Cas’ expression softened. “Today is a perfect day for a birthday.”
“We made a cake!” Jack bounded over to Cas and practically dragged him to the kitchen counter. “Do you like it?”
“It is…” Cas frowned and knit his eyebrows together at the monstrosity before him. “An inside-out hedgehog?”
“It’s a Sarlacc Pit!” Jack exclaimed while Dean clutched at the table, doubled-over with laughter. Jack pointed out the pretzel rods jutting out around the misshapen, lumpy hole in the center of the sunken cake. They’d done their best to make the chocolate frosting around it look like smooth sand, but of course it was way too brown. And bits of warm cake kept breaking off while they iced it. “That’s its teeth, and that’s the sand. It’s a Star Wars cake!”
“Oh, of course it is!” Cas said generously. He patted Jack’s shoulder. “It’s wonderful, Jack. And Dean.” He nodded at Dean, who was still trying to catch his breath.
“Yeah we’ve got ourselves the next Cake Boss over here. If the God thing doesn’t work out.” Dean’s voice rippled with laughter. He snatched up the bag of party hats and ripped it open. Cas looked exceedingly tolerant as Dean snapped one on his head with an impish grin. “So birthday boy, whacha wanna do on your special day?”
“Oh I know!” Jack exclaimed. His enthusiasm was infectious. “First we’ve gotta…”
The day wound up being more about Jack than Cas. Or rather, Jack doing all the things he loved to do with Cas. There was a Star Wars movie marathon. There was cake. There were more board games than Dean had played in a lifetime. Dean had a sneaking suspicion Cas let Jack win most of them.
But Cas had smiled almost non-stop the entire day, probably more than Dean had seen the entire thirteen years since he’d met him. And yeah, Dean knew why. What was better to do on his birthday than spend time with his kid?
By the end of the day, even Cas was looking a little tired. Dean was absolutely exhausted. He was half-tempted to drag himself to bed early, but when Jack finally retired to his own room to give Dean and Cas some time together, there wasn’t any hesitation about settling down in his favorite armchair, Cas beside him, with two glasses of Dean’s favorite whiskey to share.
The drink was warming through his limbs, but the light in Cas’ eyes was warmer. He looked content, if not a little overwhelmed by all the love his little family had shown him today. Dean leaned back in his chair and let the peacefulness of the moment wash over him.
“You know, it’s serendipitous Jack chose today for my birthday.” Cas smiled down at his glass.
Dean cracked a sleepy eye open. “Yeah? Why?”
“Well, today is the anniversary of the day I raised you from perdition.”
Dean stared at Cas. Cas eyes twinkled with nostalgia. “Really?” Cas nodded, and Dean laughed. “Well then I suppose it’s really my re-birthday.”
Cas chuckled. “I’ll remind Jack to bake two cakes next year.” They fell into easy silence, nursing their drinks as they reflected on the years.
“It really is a good birth date,” Cas said awhile later. “I may have been alive for eons before then, but the day I met you was when I changed...That was when I really started living.”
Dean’s heart leapt into his throat, Cas’ love confession ringing in his ears. “Didn’t I stab you?” he joked weakly, deflecting the spiraling nerves that bubbled up in his chest.
Cas laughed. “Yes. Yes, you did. I didn’t realize it at the time, but even then you were making me feel. Mostly confusion,” he added with a wry twist of his lips. “I saved you from eternal damnation, and you repaid me by stabbing me in the chest!” Despite his amusement, Cas’ eyes were overflowing with warmth and affection. Dean could almost read the thoughts going on behind them. ‘I fell a little bit in love with you right then.’
“What can I say? I have that effect on people.” ‘Now,’ his thoughts urged. ‘Tell him now!’ “I dunno what I’d have done without you,” Dean mused around a sip of whiskey. A little more liquid courage. A little more and he could do this.
“Another angel would have been sent. You would have been pulled from Hell anyway.”
“Not what I meant, Cas,” Dean said, rolling his eyes. “All of it. All the crap we’ve been through. All the crap Chuck put us through. Put me through.” He watched the way the warm lamplight reflected off his drink. “I...I’m glad I had a best friend through it all. You know?”
“Yes,” Cas said, but there was a twinge of sadness in his voice that made Dean look up. He was smiling softly, but the longing in his eyes was impossible to miss.
Dean sighed. His gut churned with fear and guilt and yearning. He knew Cas loved him. And he knew he loved Cas. Hell, he’d known that for a helluva lot longer than he’d known of Cas’ feelings. He just needed one little push to make him confront those feelings head-on.
“Ya know, I think I have one more present for you.” Dean set his glass down with heavy meaning. He nodded to himself and stood up, his jaw set firm, his eyes determined.
“You do?” Cas started to ask. “What--” And before he could finish his sentence, Dean crawled into the chair with him, his knees straddling Cas’ hips, bracing himself against the backrest with one hand. Cas’ eyes went huge. “Dean?” His voice trembled.
Dean was pretty sure he looked even more nervous, but he’d be damned if he owned up to it. “Hey birthday boy,” he hummed, forcing a flirtatious smile despite the anxiety pounding in his chest. He was going to kiss Cas. God how he wanted to kiss Cas.
But instead of looking delighted Cas looked...hurt. “Dean, you don’t have to do this for me.”
Dean’s heart went cold. “For you? You don’t think I want this?”
“No,” Cas said simply. Honestly. His bright blue eyes were so close now, but the heartache in them was almost painful to look at.
Dean swallowed thickly. “Well then you’re dumber than you look,” he teased, forcing bravado he did not feel. Dean leaned in until his forehead rested against Cas’. He could feel Cas’ warm breath across his lips. “Cas, if I could pick anyone in the whole damn world to be with, it’d be my best friend. You know that, right?” Cas licked his lips. Dean yearned to tilt his head down and catch them with his own. “But I thought you didn’t...Couldn’t...Well, I thought love wasn’t something angels did.”
“But I told you, Dean. When the Empty came, I told you--”
“Yeah I know. But you know how I drag my ass for important stuff.” That finally elicited a tiny puff of laughter from Cas. Dean smiled. “Come on, man. Cut me some slack. Lemme use this as an excuse to nut up and kiss you.”
As it turned out, Dean didn’t need to, because Cas surged up and pressed their lips together.
Dean gasped into the kiss as his hand resettled itself on Cas’ shoulder. Cas’ glass clattered as he hastily set it on the table in order to hold Dean’s waist with both hands. Cas kissed like he was starving for it, voracious and desperate, licking his way into Dean’s mouth without preamble and moaning deeply into the heat he found there.
Dean gave as good as he got, letting over a decade of longing finally escape through the hot, greedy press of their lips together, through the long trailing kisses along Cas’ jaw while Cas dragged his hands down Dean’s back and up underneath his shirt.
“We should...do this in my room…” Dean whispered in Cas’ ear as his teeth nipped at the sensitive area. Cas nodded and, without warning, stood up with Dean still wrapped around him. Dean startled and reflexively jerked his feet down toward the floor, though he realized with delight that Cas could almost certainly carry him the entire way if he wanted. Later. He’d test that out later. For now Dean grabbed Cas by the tie with a lecherous twinkle in his eye and hauled him in the direction of his bedroom. Soon to be their bedroom, if Dean had anything to say about it.
Much, much later, when they were tangled together beneath the sheets with Dean’s head nestled on Cas’ chest, Dean realized that Cas had been wrong. Because his happiest moment wasn’t when the Empty took him away. It wasn’t in just saying how he felt.
Because it was in loving, yes, but it was also in being loved.
Because when Dean peeked up at Cas’ face, he was radiating so much happiness Dean’s heart ached from it. Today was the happiest he’d ever been. And perhaps tomorrow, if Dean had anything to say about it, tomorrow he’d be even happier.
Cas’ eyes were full of love as he carded his fingers through Dean’s hair. “I know I don’t have any others to compare this against, but today was a very good birthday.”
“Good.” Dean pressed a sleepy kiss to Cas’ skin as his eyes drifted closed. “You deserve it.”
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