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#yuppie psycho
lazarising · 4 days ago
i have to do podcast notes today, BUT i’d like to stream today. rn i’m thinking either yuppie psycho or monster prom
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wandering-shit · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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haru3yuki · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was translated using the DeepL translation tool, so there may be parts that don't make sense.
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kvak-shit · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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supergreatfrien · 13 days ago
Trying out Yuppie Psycho for an hour
It's the first day on a new job, and there's already a body count. But our PC's up and running already, which is better than my first day was.
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greenpony · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Get him, girls!
Love this game, totally recommend it. The horror, sarcasm and humor are on point!
Brian is my current favorite protagonist, the newbie that looks at the hanging dead bodies and says “there’s nothing”, while pushing his tied colleague down the hallway.
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kvak-shit · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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randomfanfictionreads · 18 days ago
The Witch's Gift Writer: BurningFox6 Misc. Games: Yuppie Psycho
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bruwudershaft · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes I want to think that I'm an angel.
Angels don't cry. Angels don't bleed. Angels don't hurt.
I just want to confess my love to this bastard. he's awesome<3<3<3
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worm-party · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
brian malewife truther
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fauxfields · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🩸 🍸
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kvak-shit · 29 days ago
brian pasternak qwq
Tumblr media
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rottingkiss · a month ago
Tumblr media
gone girl screenplay sentence starters.
@virusvirtue​ said: “ i go there for the quiet. “ (brian @ kate)
❝I’ll be honest, Brian: I had no IDEA this stairwell even existed. I saw the yellow tape and ASSUMED it was out of order. Now that I think about it. . .can stairs even GO out of order?❞
Tumblr media
The young man beside her is so BRAVE! Not only did he achieve fifth floor status, but he ALSO walks right past barriers meant to keep employees away. No wonder Sintracorp sent him a letter specifically asking him to work here. She has no clue what his actual job title is, but what she does know is that he’s a NATRUAL born leader! Kate feels so lucky to even be in his company.
Leaning against the stair railing, she beams at the other. The officer worker can understand why Brian would choose this place for rest and quiet. It’s the perfect setting to calm one’s nerve during the fifteen minutes of break they’re so graciously given. The canteen is far too loud with Malone running her mouth, or the screams of pain sounding from the above floors. 
❝Are you sure I’m not bothering you? I’m not all that QUIET.❞
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stillthesunkenstars · a month ago
Tumblr media
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cerinelle-stellarium · a month ago
Video Games I've Been Interested In Over the Years
A Cottage Story (2021; story-drivenfantasy (with romance elements) visual novel)
A YEAR OF SPRINGS triogy (2018-2019; character-driven visual novel series)
Adam: Lost Memories (2020; story-driven psychological horror)
Alisa (2021; survival horror-comedy)
Aria's Story (2018; horror puzzle-adventure)
Bendy and the Dark Revival (2021; story-driven survival horror)
Bendy abd tge Ink Machine (2017; story-driven survival horror)
BLANK FRAME (2021; surreal/psychological horror
The Caregiver (Chilla's Art) (2021; psychological J-horror)
Closed Nightmare (2018; story-driven survival/psychological J-horror mystery visual novel)
The Convenienc Store (Chilla's Art) (2020; psychological J-horror)
Cut the Rope (2009; physics puzzler)
Dark Nights (2019; romance/fantasy visual novel)
DARQ (2019; Psychological/surreal/survival puzzle horror)
The Deep Dark Woods (TBD; survival horror)
Deep Sleep trilogy (2020; story-driven psychological/survival horror point-and-click adventure)
Devotion (Red Candle Games) (2019; story-driven psychological horror)
The Doll Shop (2018; story-driven psychological horror/visual novel)
Eternal Winter (2021; story-drivenromance fantasy visual novel)
FAITH: The Unholy Trinity (2021; story-driven survival/psychological horror)
Grimm's Hollow (2019; story driven RPG)
Hanako (Chilla's Art) (2020; survival/psychological J-horror)
Haunting Ground (2005; survival/psychological puzzle horror adventure)
HOW WE KNOW WE'RE ALIVE (2021; story-driven mystery adventure)
Ib (2012; story-driven horror puzzle adventure)
Lake of Voices (2018; psychological horror (with romance elements) visual novel)
Life is Strange: True Colors (2021; story-driven mystery adventure with romance elements)
Lifeling (Game download link here) (2020; story-driven horror sci-fi adventure)
The Little Red Lie (2021; story-driven horror sidescroller puzzle-adventure)
Lovely Fracture (2021; surreal magical girl RPG)
Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (2021; magical girl visual novel)
Maid of Sker (2020; story-driven survival horror)
missed messages (Angela He) (2019; story-driven psychological horror visual novel)
Missing Children (Chilla's Art) (2020; story-driven psychological horror adventure)
MOTHER (Irwin Segarane) (2020; story-driven psychological horror)
Mundaun (2021; psychological/survival horror adventure)
My Friend is a Raven (2019; story-driven psychological horror point-and-click adventure)
Never Again (2019; story-driven psychological/survival horror puzzle-adventure)
Night Delivery (Chilla's Art) (2021; Psychological J-horror)
No one lives under the lighthouse (2020; psychological horror)
Occult Crime Police (2018; story-driven mystery-comedy visual novel)
Onryo (Chilla's Art) (2020; survival/psychological J-horror)
Paranoiac (2019; story-driven survival/psychological horror)
Purrfect Apawcalypse trilogy (2020; story-driven horror-comedy visual novels)
Starbot (2014; sci-fi/fantasy adventure)
Stay Home (Hikaru) (2020; Story-driven exploration adventure)
Stigmatized Property (Chilla's Art) (2019; story-driven psychological J-horror)
The Supper (2020; horror point-and-click adventure)
//TODO: today (2018; slice of life visual novel)
Turtle Head: Unmasked (2021; story-driven psychological/survival horror)
Umfend (2019; story-driven surreal/psychological horror)
Wick (2020; surival horror)
Yuppie Psycho (2019; story-driven survival/surreal horror puzzle-adventure)
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