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On March 27, 2020, Aikasa Collective announced that its new fantasy visual novel, Mizuchi 白蛇心傳, will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux on April 7. The game will be sold in Steam and

The developer describes the visual novel:

Abruptly finding herself at the bottom of a snake pit, an impoverished girl named Linh is bound and helpless for a crime she did not commit. Left to the mercy of the village snake god, a mysterious entity appears before her, offering to save her in exchange for her soul.

Finding herself in a new reality, she is torn between staying with the beautiful temptress, Ai, who had rescued her from death, and the resourceful wanderer, Jinhai, who promises to set her free.

Who is the real savior? Will Linh discover the strength to change her own fate? Journey with Linh as she is forced to question her understanding of life, happiness, and what it means to be human. Each decision matters in this tale about identity, friendship, love and loss.


Mizuchi is written by Roxie and Amori. The game has five endings and features lesbian romantic relationships. Each playthrough will last about five hours. CG and character artwork are done by Moonsta and Natalie AO. The visual novel features a 15 song original soundtrack by Glim.


Additional staff includes:

  • GUI Designer: Jey
  • Programmer: DragoonHP
  • BG Artist: Vui

Look forward to the release of Mizuchi 白蛇心傳 on April 7.

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Hey, do you have a good Yuri story recommendation with good art? I have been reading Run Away With Me Girl and I would like something of the similar sort. Manhwas are also okay!

i’ve made a few recs in the past talking about series with good art styles, so maybe i’ll make another one?? w/ a few manhwa and webtoons thrown in! stuff with unique presentation and/or good art :00

- ano koro no aoi hoshi


- after hours


- nettaigyo wa yuki ni kogareru (aka a tropical fish yearns for snow)


- partition


- blooming sequence


- muted (on webtoon)

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“I guess that other Monika is right about one thing… I probably should introduce the other members of the Literature Club… you know, since the blog is called ‘Monika’s Literature Club’ and not 'Just Monika’. Let’s see, now…”

>natsuki.chr has been added

>sayori.chr has been added

>yuri.chr has been added


Natsuki looked around. “Huh? Where are we?”


“Looks like… we’re back in the Literature Club.” Yuri responded to her.


Sayori jumped in shock seeing Monika. “Is that you, Monika?”


“Good morning, everyone! Gosh, it really has been a while since we met like this, hasn’t it~?”

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The crowds shift and fill the corridors

Yet no impression is left

Empty and hollow of ghosts still living

I pass among them wondering the truth

Of surreal touch and existence

Untouched by waves of change

Who is already dead decomposing

Laughter rings false in their ears

I watch my ghost haunt my life

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doki doki literature clubAU"Doki doki detective club"

“Doki doki detective club”

Kuroba Kaito (sayori)

Hattori Heiji (natsuki)

Hakuba Saguru (yuri)

Kudou shinichi (monika)

Tying mouri ran??? However, there is also my reason. Shinichi kudo is the detective minister and finally summons the god of death conan kills the other three male masters (monika removes the character files). According to the conan plot, death comes to “just kudoushinichi”.

Maybe ran and Kaito were childhood friends in my doki doki detective club… First, the original doki doki literature club where the hero and sayori were childhood friends, and I as a shinichi x ran will have to play down the shinichi x ran. Secondly, if shinichi is sayori most of the characters are not fit (shinichi is not that childish) I personally think kaito is very naughty so I can only assume that kaito is sayori’s position, after all shinichi is a minister. I’m going to play out the AU (long wait) story in comic form, probably with some minor changes to the DDLC story, and post it to bilibili, tumblr, Pixiv, and Twitter until I can draw.

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