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ユーリ: え?? 本当? 本当に僕と結婚したいの?

ビクトル: ユーリはね可愛いし、ポールダンシング良くできるからよかったね!


Yuri: Wait, really?? You really want to marry me????

Victor: Yu~~ri! It’s a good thing you’re cute and good at pole dancing!

I love Yuri and Victor and Victuuri and that darn show so much I could talk about them for forever and a day

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Category: Anime, Comedy, Yaoi, Sports.

Main characters: Yuuri Katsuki
Victor Nikiforov

Plot: Yuri Katsuki was a Japanese champion in the Figure Skating Grand Prix but his nerves and the weight of all Japanese hopes on his shoulders made him retire right before the finale. a year later, Yuuri returns to his hometown and spends time with his old friends and family, he goes skating in an arena where he used to skate back before he retired and some children uploaded the video of him skating Victor, his idol, Nikiforov’s routine fluently and the video goes viral. Victor was lost and tried to find a meaning for his life and the video of Yuuri skating inspired him to be his coach and to motivate Yuuri into going to the Figure Skating Grand Prix once again.

Rating out of 10: 8

Personal Review
: the animation  was really good and the skating was amazing it felt like i was watching it in real life. the relationship between Yuuri and Victor is so simple and innocent it makes you want more and eager to finish the series. Watching other characters like Yurio and others develop into becoming better skaters and so on was really great makes the anime not only about the main characters but actually about the competition and the people in it as well and it makes you more of a part of what’s going on as well. My only problem was with the episodes with the beginning of the competition and how each one of them show a challenge for Yuuri, which i get, was for the excitement and to make the plot of each episode different but i felt like it was really basic and the only not-so-interesting part of the whole show. overall, amazing and needs a second season.

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Yuuri: um... Eros isn't really me... I think I should do agape
Victor: [mental montage of Yuuri pole dancing]
Victor: I think the fuck not
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