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Kandagawa Jet Girls

If you’re looking for a yuri anime that’s more engaged in a romantic relationship, this isn’t for you. This one is fun to watch and light on the heart. It will also remind you of kindness, enthusiasm, trust, bond and being a good sport. ✌️💞💕

There are uncensored scenes but it has nothing to do with ecchi.

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Y'all, so I’m self quarantining. I lost my job over this, I’m kind of stressing…

I need a little light.

So. I had an idea.

What if we all write fics for each other? Like a pay it forward type of deal but with our stories? One of us makes a request, someone writes it. Then someone pays it forward and writes one for the writer or the next person. It would help keep me sane you guys, and I’m sure it would help others. Make a huge community of writers and have some company.

I’ll start.

My request is: A Gigi/Amy pairing from the film BOOKSMART.

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Ever think about how there aren’t really any harem anime that involve all women aka yuri harems? Apparently, there are only a few that involve a protagonist girl and two other gals, but none that qualify as an actual harem with 4 or more women. ┌(-.-)┐

It’s so disappointing, though considering how it’d most likely sexualize minors and fetishize sapphic relationships by catering to a largely straight cis male audience, maybe it wouldn’t be worth it. ಥ_ಥ

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