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alexasilvasworld · 2 days ago
Spy x Family Masterlist
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Anya (platonic)
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luccie-eclair · 3 days ago
...I want to share an Unpopular Take about Yuri...
I see quite a bit of criticisms of Yuri's character that are all fair and valid. He's creepy. He's overprotective. His relationship with Yor borders one-sided incest.
And I agree with all of this, but I do think that it's a little different with Yor and Yuri. [I am not defending the move to make the relationship seem almost incestuous, but I am more discussing the point of creepiness and overprotectiveness.]
I don't know Endo's intentions with Yuri's character, but to me it reads as Yuri having an extremely dependent relationship with Yor because of their childhood (or lack thereof) and he's merely trying to repay her or be the pillar that she was for him.
They lost their parents at a young age (exceptionally young for Yuri) and Yor basically gave up her entire childhood in order to give Yuri a chance at having one. And Yuri saw that. He, of course, didn't know what she was actually doing, but he always saw her working all types of hours, coming in late, covered in blood & maybe some injuries. All so that she could keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, clothes on their backs, and still have a little extra to spoil Yuri with books, materials, and activities that he'd been eyeing at shops because he loved learning. In his perspective, Yor gave up so much: going to school, having a social life, being a normal kid, and being truly happy for him (and she admits this in her thoughts). So, in his adult years, Yuri is trying to give that up to ensure that she's happy and finding that with a good, worthy person.
I *absolutely* agree that the way it's portrayed isn't... the best. I think it could've been written in a way that didn't seem to lean into a one-sided incestuous relationship. But (assuming that this was his intention) I think Yuri is just extremely dependent and feels indebted to Yor, so he's doing everything to ensure her happiness the way she did for him.
Despite this being a slice of life/comedy, there's a lot of moving parts going on underneath that's making literally every character On Edge All The Time: the war, losing parents/friends/homes, people are plotting another war, SSS arresting everyone for everything. Perhaps, it makes sense for Yuri to be the Overprotective Trope. Yor is all he has left and losing her after everything they've been through would crush him. I would find it strange in a world where everyone's suspicious, everyone has a motive, everyone has something at stake that Yuri, who only has his sister left, isn't overprotective of her.
The Overprotective Brother/Father/BF/Male BFF Trope is annoying, toxic, and kind of overdone. With Yuri, it still isn't portrayed well. It's still creepy and bordering on incestuous, but the Overprotective Trope for Yuri makes the *most* sense.
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daisydduval · 4 days ago
Chills 🫣
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sp00pyp0 · 5 days ago
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I keep forgetting to post my stuff on here😂
I mainly post things on my Instagram account
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dazai-hoe-samu · 7 days ago
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This man is a sub. 100%.
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miraokkie · 8 days ago
This weirdo 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
But I kinda like him tho 🤡
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mj-ackerman · 8 days ago
I really love it when Yuri's being a clown to himself coz he says shit like this then....
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Seconds later he's like this:
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sunfoxfic · 9 days ago
The world has had enough fics where Loid hates Yuri with a passion. I need more fics where Loid feels deeply sorry for Yuri. Where Loid sees Yor in all of her faults and knows that she did the best she could but she did not raise Yuri with everything that he needed. Where Loid understands how the system works and understands how it produces broken boys who want to hurt other people. Fics where Loid knows that Yuri may not be a good person, but who knows that this isn't Yuri's fault, not really, and that Yuri is as deserving of compassion as anyone else.
Just. More fics where Loid doesn't see a brutal police officer when he looks at Yuri so much as he sees another child that the Ostanian government failed.
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yuribriar · 9 days ago
url ufs
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