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Snow White AU

The Snow White Princess is (by Nachuu), 1/1, complete - Katsuki Yuuri is the most beautiful guy in the whole kingdom and it sparks jealousy to others.

Or Just Some Human Sleep (by Duskisnigh), 1/1, complete - “No, thank you,” Yuuri insisted, holding the broom in front of him like a weapon. “I may be fourteen, and I may have lived a relatively sheltered life, but I am not stupid, and I’m pretty sure you’ve drugged that apple.”

Little Mermaid AU

Out of the Sea (by SophiaFrederica), 7/7, complete - “Someone needs to make sure that you don’t go lusting after him too hard and accidentally enchant him with your beautiful voice and get him drowned. The royal family of Russia has no heir at the moment, so it would definitely drive the country into a chaos, and then it would be no use trying to make an alliance with them.”“Phichit!”

Under the Sea (by Linisen), 1/1, complete - Yuuri is twelve years old when Yuuko brings him to the beach to see a human for the first time. The silver haired boy runs in the sand, chasing after a brown furry animal. The boy smiles and laughs and Yuuri longs to be with him, to have legs instead of his light blue tail. Yuuri comes back to the beach often during the coming eight years, hidden from view as he watches Victor grow from a boy to a man. Yuuri himself getting older and more prepared to shoulder the responsibility’s of being born to the rules of one of the sea kingdoms.One night, Yuuri comes to watch Victor only to finds him on a boat. A storm closes in, lighting striking the ship, sending it in pieces down towards the bottom of the ocean. Yuuri can’t stop himself, as he dives to save the one he longs to stand beside.

Beauty and the Beast AU

The Coin, The Stone & The Rose (by Silver_Scribbles), 17/17, complete - Crown Prince Viktor Nikiforov once had the world at his fingertips; he was rich and powerful and handsome, and he had everything his heart desired. Now, he is a Beast, imprisoned by an Enchantress’ spell; hiding away from the world in the never-ending winter of his shame. Katsuki Yuuri is … odd, to say the least. Beautiful, but odd. While the rest of the villagers put one foot firmly in front of the other, Yuuri would rather loose himself to his dancing and his daydreams; always wishing for something more than his provincial life.Each is captive to circumstances beyond their control; trapped by unbreakable spells and impossible dreams. However, an unlikely meeting is about to change everything.Hope makes a final play for their salvation as the sands of time run out; but as Yuuri and Viktor learn to find themselves in one another, they also make discoveries that they’re completely unprepared for … some wondrous, some wretched … and some treacherous enough to permanently tear them apart. For who could ever learn to love a Beast?

with the power of love (by wartransmission), 1/1, complete - “Viktor?” Yuuri says hesitantly, eyeing him with caution.“It’s me, Yuuri,” Viktor says, smiling a heart-shaped smile that he hopes allays Yuuri’s worries. “And you broke the spell!”

Mulan AU

Stronger than ever believed (by Linisen), 5/5, complete - “There is going to be a war, Yuuri,” his mother says calmly, reaching out her hand with her palm up. Yuuri takes it, hoping to find comfort in the contact. He doesn’t. He only feels cold and empty He feels as if he’s left without any means to defend himself. “There will be hard times for all of us. Morooka, he can take care of you. You will be well fed and have a good roof over your head. He has status, and hopefully when the war ends, he will help this town prosper.” “But I—” “Yuuri,” his father interrupts, and Yuuri looks at him, feeling desperation rise in his chest as they lock eyes. His father looks sure, cold and determined. The first tear spills down Yuuri’s cheek. “You have to be honorable. You have to carry this family’s honor. It is your duty as an omega. This is the only thing you can do for our family.” 

Princess and the Frog AU

Kiss (by BunniesofDoom), 1/1, complete - Yuuri encounters a frog named Victor, who insists that he’s a prince with an unusual problem.

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Day 31 - In My Queue : Hands up if you got caught up in the Tiger King recently. 🐅 Watching it reminded me of this Yuri on Ice fanart I started years ago. I posted about it once in 2018, but for a long time couldn’t decide how I wanted to stitch it out. Last night I did some pencil color studies to see how much blending might work with the simple face shape. Anyone interested in a digital version to stitch your own?

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Hello all and welcome to the YOI Selfcest Etc. Fest 2020! Please read the FAQ and a quick PSA before you send us any messages.

For mobile users, here they are:


Recently, Governor Cuomo of New York released his state’s “Sex and Coronavirus Disease” guidelines on how to have safe sex during the Coronavirus pandemic. This event’s mods (two of whom are New Yorkers) immediately, along with the rest of the internet, started meme-ing the shit out of it – and as longtime creators in the Yuri on Ice fandom, eventually came to the idea for “Taking Care of Yourself During a Pandemic: A Yuri on Ice Guide to Social Distancing.”

The intention is not to make light of what is a very scary pandemic, but rather to provide fandom creators with an excuse to stay inside and write/draw for this event, as well as hopefully provide some fun, smutty levity to people stuck indoors with the future uncertain. The mods completely understand how frightening this all has been – we’re going through it too! - and decided to employ the old saying “laughter is the best medicine” when making this event. Laughter and staying the f*** indoors.

The Sex and Coronavirus Disease pamphlet has some truly wonderful lines - “You are your safest sex partner!” - that we used as inspiration for the prompts in this event. However, please note that we don’t intend the fic/art to be about the pandemic (though you can include it if you really want). This is just a week dedicated to all the ways that people can still have sex even if they’re not physically together!


Q: What should I make for this event?

A: Anything you want! Fic, art, graphics – whatever you’re most comfortable with!

Q: Are there any rules about what kind of content can be in the fan media?

A: Nope, you can include whatever you want, so long as it is strictly tagged for. Any common triggers MUST be tagged or somehow warned for. Please note that this includes Coronavirus! If your fic will include any mention of the virus/pandemic at all, it must be tagged for. The only restriction on content that we have is that if you choose to include Covid-19 in your creative work, you cannot refer to it as the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan coronavirus” or anything similarly race/ethnicity based.

Q: Can minors (people younger than 18) participate in this event?

A: Since this event is primarily NSFW, anyone who is known in the fandom to be underage unfortunately cannot participate. As many participants in this event will be adults, and the content will be mostly explicit, we have concerns about the legal ramifications of letting minors participate. Because of that, we’ve decided that known minor fandom accounts will not be allowed to make content for this event.

Q: Can we create SFW content for this event?

A: Yes! So long as it follows the day’s prompt, you can make your entry either SFW or NSFW.

Q: Can works be posted for a prompt after the day?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Will the ao3 collection remain open after the week is over?

A: Yes! We’ll keep the collection open until we go a full week with no more submissions. If you know you need more time than that to finish a fic, please shoot the twitter or tumblr a DM and we’ll keep it open!

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