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Not sure if requests are open?? I can't tell since I'm on mobile :/ If they are-could you write headcannons (or a scenario! Your choice) for Yurio and his s/o as parents with a rebellious teen™ child? Sorry if this is strange! I understand not wanting to write it

Ah, my first request in nearly three years! I’m so nervous; a request that was hidden in the depths of my ask box. Sorry for the 3 year wait, and thank you for your patience! I’m still pretty rusty and out of practice, so please be patient with lil ‘ol me :3 Thank you for requesting!

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • First of all, you know Yurio is gonna encourage this kid and any antics they decide to get up to, including any rebellious attitude or sass they give you and yeah you always get kinda pissed off but SHID that kid reminds you of Yuri and it’s so fuccin CUTE
  • Second of all, you know that there is literally nothing you can do about it, because your child takes after Yuri in so many ways, rebellion is inevitable
  • Are we surprised? No. Not even a little. You procreate with the kitten, you get the claws. Sorry it dont always be like that but sometimes it do
  • Your teen’s room is M E S S Y as F U C K again we aint surprised and it most definitely comes from their father
  • They gag when you and Yuri show PDA when you’re watching television or steal a quick kiss while making dinner
  • Despite Yuri’s unhealthy obsession with cats, your child is absolutely in LOVE with puppies and dogs
  • The day they asked to get a puppy, Yuri absolutely blew a gasket
  • “You DARE ask me to invite one of those DEMON CREATURES into MY REALM??????”
  • Meanwhile you’re like “babe pls can we just talk about it instead of yelling in my good christian household I am sure we can come up with a solution”
  • Okay but this kid is gonna find a way to get their hands on a puppy and sneak it home before his dad can tell him know and i think we all know yuri would eventually fall in love with the thing
  • Your child never really got into figure skating much to your partner’s dismay but they are an excellent hockey player !!!! like so darn good !!!!!!
  • When it comes time to travel during competition season, you kid h a t e s traveling and being stuck at the rink all day
  • They won’t admit it, but they feel so lucky to be able to see the world with their parents who are so in love, so supportive of each other, and supportive of their child :3
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