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Yeah, he’s super clingy. And he picks out your clothes for you because he doesn’t want you to go out looking like a clown. The others also have a very rocky relationship with him – Yut-Lung hasn’t quite forgiven Ash for slitting his throat at the museum. Both Yut-Lung, Arthur, and the trio will have to fight over you. Ghost turf wars in your dreams? NOT fun.

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TW: Kidnapping

OKAY THAT ENDING IS TERRIFYING. I can’t imagine being in that situation. Think of it: you’re almost out of here. You can taste it on your tongue. Freedom is just in grasp, and you’re conversing with someone on escaping. And when you turn around, Ash just looks you dead in the eye and starts speaking in that language. And his stare says: “I know everything.”

The ones that speak another language (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.) will absolutely say creepy ass things without you knowing. And they’ll talk about cameras and shit behind your back. God, and you wouldn’t even know a thing. You’d believe their lies like it was nothing. 

Honestly? I personally headcanon that Arthur’s mother knew German (she’s a military child that was born in Germany). So she grew up speaking both English and German. So Arthur knows enough to get by. Sorry, German speakers. Stabby man’s got you all figured out.

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WHOAAA THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION. I think the most likely to be okay with it/change their own last names are Eiji and Ash. Eiji doesn’t see the big deal about it, and Ash’s name gives him bad memories. Both would be fine with it.

Characters like Frederick, Max, and Yut-Lung will argue back on your decision. They’d rather you change your last name to Arthur, Lobo, or Lee. But ultimately, they’ll cave if you beg them enough.

And finally, characters like Shorter and Blanca wouldn’t want you to keep it. They wouldn’t accept it. Shorter wants you to be connected to him in all ways possible. Having you change your last name to Wong is part of that master plan. And Blanca? Well, it’s similar to Shorter. He wants you to stay connected. It’s less of the “building a family” like Shorter wants, and more of feeling more close to you. He’d rather you change your last name to Varishikov than you keep your original name.

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Yeah, Ash would probably be at the end of the stick. But as time goes on, he’ll get more used to affection. Yut-Lung has also been through a lot of shit, so I think he’s the same level as Ash. Blanca would be higher than Arthur in my opinion, since Arthur is a lot more standoffish and introverted. And ofc, Shorter “Simp” Wong and Eiji, King of East Simp Kingdom, are the best at accepting affection.

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TW: None

When I finished this, I accidentally exited out of the tab while trying to switch them. I hate myself. 

I had to research this online. If any of my followers speak fluent Chinese or Russian and would like to correct me on my explanations, I am all ears!

Shorter Wong

  • Shorter usually calls you English terms of endearment like “doll” and “babe”, but busts out the Mandarin once in awhile to spice things up (assuming you don’t speak Mandarin in everyday life together – and in the case you do, he probably uses Mandarin a lot more often).
  • One of Shorter’s favorites is 甜心 (tián xīn), which means “sweetheart”. And when he’s teasing you, he likes to call you a loving pet-name that’s used to playfully pick on each other in Chinese; 傻瓜, while translated into the English word “fool”, translates to “silly melon” when taken literal in Chinese. 
  • Shorter finds himself tripping over his words sometimes when he’s flirting with you, so he sticks to more simple compliments that still mean a lot. He likes to use 你非常可爱 (nǐ fēi cháng kě ài), which means “you are very cute”. And while this may sound endearing at first, Shorter often says 你只属于我 (nǐ zhǐ shǔyú wǒ), which means “you only belong to me”. Cute at first, terrifying depending on context.

Yut-Lung Lee

  • Yut-Lung calls you nick names in Mandarin more than English. While he doesn’t have a diverse list, the few words he frequents feel more natural and personal to him. 
  • He likes to use the name 亲爱的 (qīn ài de), which means beloved. But 心肝 (xīngān) is a very special nickname he gives you. It translates to “heart and liver”; as one cannot live without their heart and liver, Yut-Lung cannot live without you. This nickname is only used for people that you see as extremely precious to you. So if Yut-Lung uses this nickname for you, you know that he really loves you!
  • To flatter you, he says things like 你的眼睛很美 (nǐ de yǎn jīng hěn měi), which means “your eyes are beautiful", and 你很特别 (nǐ hěn tèbié), which is “you are really something special”.


  • Blanca usually resorts to the English words “darling” and “beloved”, but slips into his native tongue more often than not.
  • A common term thrown around is “zolotse” (my gold). He thinks it describes you well, since you’re his treasure. He also likes to use the words “kotyonok” (kitten) and “zaika/zaichik” (bunny). It’s likely that you’re smaller than him, so he uses the latter terms a lot.
  • When he wants to flatter you, he says “Ты согреваешь мою душу” (You warm my soul) and “Ты мой рай, ты моё небо, ты моё солнце” (You are my paradise, my heaven, you are my sun). He’s quite the romantic, and loves to absolutely spoil you with flattery. 
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Dino Golzine- Presenting Ash Lynx  ( Wheels in Ash bearly able to keep himself up in a wheel chair) 

Yut Lung- I’m starting to realize this was a terrible idea.  

Dino- I finally got Ash under control. 

Yut Lung- Yes its easy to bring to heel someone who’s half starved! 

Dino - He’s just doing this to annoy me.  

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