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nakamoto yuta according to my tumblr tags (insp.)
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YUTA :: SMCU EXPRESS jacket behind the scenes
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220117 YUTA IG Story
"fighting for today too"
"good job"
Translated by qtieneozone
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When He Surprises His Foreign Partner ~ NCT 127 Reaction
“I was wondering when you’d get here,” Taeil called out as he watched you walk out of your office, leaning casually against the door of the rental car he had.
“Taeil?” You questioned, struggling to look across as a result of the dark shy, rushing to get closer to the figure.
His head nodded as you got closer to him, “I was beginning to catch a cold waiting here for you to show up? I really need to have a word with your boss about how late he works you.”
“You’re supposed to be on tour,” you chuckled as his arms wrapped tightly around you, “have you had shows cancelled or something? How else can you be here right now?”
His head changed to shake in reply to you, “I’m only here for two days, rather than ride on the tour bus to the next city I thought I’d fly and stop off to pick something up on the way.”
“I’ve got work, I can’t just go travelling with you,” you reminded him.
“That’s why I’ve already spoken to your boss.”
A gasp came from you in disbelief, “did you come here to pick me up, or just so you could sweettalk my boss into giving me time off?”
“Both, although picking you up is definitely better.”
“Hello?” You called out as you walked into your apartment, noticing that the living room light was on, grabbing one of your boots as you crept in.
“Hello,” a voice laughed from inside the room, a voice that you’d recognise no matter where you were in the world.
You dropped your shoe as you marched into the room, finding Johnny laid out on the sofa. “Is that all you can say, hello? What are you doing here? How did you even get in here?”
“Spare key,” he laughed, placing it down on the coffee table before standing up to greet you, “I’m here just because I fancied a trip on my week off, and visiting you was quite tempting.”
Your head shook as his arms snaked around your waist, “you never fail to surprise me with how crazy you are, I can’t believe you planned all of this without telling me.”
“That’s the whole point of a surprise, not to tell someone,” he teased.
“I thought someone was trying to rob me.”
A loud chuckle came from Johnny as a pout formed on your face, “I think I might just be the most harmless robber that you’ll ever meet.”
“You terrified me; this is why you should say you’re coming.”
“Shall we bring out your cake?” Your mum asked as your dad cleaned the plates at the end of your birthday dinner, “we managed to hide it from you for once.”
“What did you organise?” You asked as your mum left the room, noticing several suspicious faces around the room.
You kept your eyes on the door as your mum walked back through, noticing another figure behind her. “The cake isn’t much, but we’re hoping that this might make back up for it.”
“Hi,” Taeyong blushed from behind your mum as she took the cake from his hold so that he could free his arms to wrap around you as you stood up and ran across to him.
Your hand hit against his chest before cuddling against his side, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were coming for my birthday, I thought you’d just forgotten.”
“I was a little bit too busy flying through the sky,” Taeyong laughed.”
“I guess I can forgive you for that one.”
Taeyong nodded as he kissed against the top of your head, “don’t hug me for too long, we’ve got a tasty looking cake to enjoy.”
“The cake can wait; I think I want to enjoy you first.”
“What are those in your hand?” You questioned as Yuta showed you one of the parcels that had arrived for him earlier in the day, “they look pretty important.
“Oh, these,” Yuta grinned, keeping himself relaxed, “these are just some plane tickets to go to Y/H/N next week, no big deal.”
It took a moment for the penny to drop, but as soon as it did, you let go of a hum. “Wait, did you just say Y/H/N or am I hallucinating right now and living through some sort of dream.”
“Look,” Yuta laughed as he showed you the tickets, “I’ve got a week off, and my family are busy so I thought whereas could I go? I could go and see what Y/N’s up to.”
Your head shook at how relaxed Yuta was, “you booked tickets without telling me, you mean to say we’ve talked on the phone all week and you’ve known you were coming.”
“It’s not the same to just mention on the phone,” Yuta responded.
“I can’t believe you’re actually coming here.”
Yuta nodded as your smile grew, “I was trying to find the right time to surprise you, but I think I hit the jackpot choosing right now.”
“I think you did; I don’t even know what to say right now.”
“That coat looks remarkably like Dongyoung’s,” you chuckled as you walked into your parent’s home, hanging yours up beside it, “did Y/B/N buy a new one?”
“Not quite,” your father grinned as he invited you into the living room, struggling to control the smile on his face.
You walked in as you usually did, only to have your attention immediately drawn to the sofa. “W-what?” You stuttered, as a familiar smile greeted you from your usual seat.
“Weren’t expecting me, right?” Dongyoung teased as he stood up, opening his arms up as you leapt into them, feeling him catch your frame, “your mum makes excellent coffee.”
Your head shook in disbelief back at him, “you can’t say something like that after flying halfway around the world to come and see me, you owe me an explanation.”
“I had time off, so I thought I’d come and visit,” he simply replied.
“How did you get away with not telling me?”
Dongyoung shrugged as he spun you around, “I didn’t think your parents would be able to keep the secret, but I was wrong.”
“I so want to be mad at you all right now, but I can’t be.”
“There’s one final present that we almost forgot,” your best friend called out as all of your friends looked to the back door of your house, where a small knock came from.
“Go and see then,” another of your friends grinned, pushing gently against your shoulder to get you up and across.
You anxiously opened up the door, taking a step back as you met the eyes of a person on the other side of the door. “Happy birthday,” Yoonoh smiled as he stepped forward.
“No way,” you gasped, bringing your hands up to cover your mouth as he wrapped his arms around your frame, “how did you even find a way to get here with your schedule.”
Yoonoh pressed a kiss to your forehead before clearing his throat, “I pulled a few strings at work, and luckily there was a last-minute cancellation on a flight.”
“I can’t believe you came all this way for my birthday,” you mused.
“Did you really think I’d miss your special day?”
Your head shook as your hands moved to rest against his chest, “I’m sorry guys, but this is definitely my favourite present of the year”
“Don’t worry, we all knew we couldn’t compare to Yoonoh.”
“Here you are,” a familiar voice called out as you felt a pair of arms wrap tightly around your waist, picking you up and twirling you around in the air with ease.
“Jungwoo!” You laughed, feeling your accreditation hit you in the face several times, “aren’t you supposed to be rehearsing.”
His head nodded as he placed you back on your feet, “the manager mentioned that you had arrived and I couldn’t wait to see you any longer, Taeyong has given us five minutes.”
“I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you until after the show,” you smiled as Jungwoo spun you around so that the two of you were face to face, “this is earlier than expected.”
The smile on his face continued to grow too, “I mean it when I’ve only got five minutes, but the boys didn’t want to leave me to wait until after the show either.”
“Five minutes it fine when I’ve got three days after,” you assured.
“Make sure you stay safe during the show.”
Your head nodded in reply to his instructions, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I’m safe, so that I can find you and bring you home after.”
“I can’t wait to not have to sleep in a hotel tonight.”
“Y/N, there’s someone at the door to see you,” your mum called out, stepping aside as you stood up from the sofa to go and see what was going on outside.
“Happy holidays,” a familiar voice spoke as your eyes looked up, chuckling loudly as you let go of a squeal of delight.
You raced across to Mark, colliding with his chest as you struggled to stop. “What are you doing here?” You laughed, running your hands through his hair and then to his cheeks.
“I thought I’d come and see you for the holidays,” Mark grinned as he held onto your frame, “I didn’t want to celebrate another Christmas away from each other, it’s no fun.”
Your head shook in disbelief as you pulled back so that you could meet Mark’s eyes. “Can you pinch me please so that I know that I’m not dreaming looking at you here.”
“I’m not going to pinch you, but I can kiss you?” He offered.
“I think that will definitely do the trick.”
Mark’s smile grew as he leaned forwards to press a kiss to your lips, “they’ll be plenty of those, seeing as it’s the holidays after all too.”
“Don’t worry, there will definitely be no complaints.”
“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Donghyuck proudly smiled as the conversation began to collapse between the two of you, “do you want to see what it is?”
“Of course,” you smiled, placing your phone back down as you looked to the screen, “what have you been up to?”
You watched on, as Donghyuck lifted up a plane ticket, holding it up close to the camera so that you could read the details on it. “Can you see what it says, or shall I read it to you?”
“Are you serious?” You chuckled, reading Incheon as the departure, and your hometown as the destination, “this isn’t some sort of practical joke that you’re pulling, is it?”
Donghyuck’s head shook as he put the ticket back down, “we’ve got a window in our schedule, so I thought I’d come and see you, that’s if you want me to come and visit.”
“OF course, I do, that’s not even a question,” you chuckled loudly.
“My flight leaves in four days if that’s alright.”
Your head nodded immediately nodded in reply, “I don’t care when you come, I just can’t believe you’re finally coming to visit me again.”
“Only four days to go until we’re back together.”
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220116 | Yuta’s Instagram Story update with Johnny, Doyoung & Haechan
[Translation: let’s meet at the dome]
Translated by nctnews
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i wanna see you dance
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Johnny: Did you know pigeons are just free. You can just catch them and keep them in your house like a pet.
Jaehyun: Johnny please don't Fuck with the birds.
Johnny: *running away* I gonna fuck with the birds!
Yuta: Oooh I wanna fuck with the birds too *follows Johnny*
Jaehyun: Taeyong, Johnny and Yuta are catching pigeons.
Taeyong: Without me?! *Runs out the door* I'm gonna catch so many pigeons!
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Tumblr media
pairing: frat boy! boyfriend! Yuta Nakamoto x girlfriend! Reader word count: 3.3k words genre: fluff, college au, my lame attempt in writing about frat boys summary: The other side of frat boys. Or... When a frat boy falls head over heels in love.  warning: alcohol, cigarette, mention of sex
This is for the Party Time collab by @yuta-senpai
Please enjoy this pretty self-indulgent fic based on a dream that I had a couple of months ago. Thank you for your warm birthday greetings. 🥰 I feel so loved. 
You glanced at your phone when the chimes of the shop doors could be heard. You sighed for the third time tonight and shook your head then returned to reading your book. You need to focus, the coming exam will be your make or break. You can't bear any distractions now. 
A sudden knock on the table made you look up from the text about the rights of people. "Do you want a refill?" You glanced at the empty cup in front of you and nodded at the waiter before returning to your book. You heard the sound of a chair being dragged and looked up to the same male waiter sitting across you. "You've been here for an hour already." That long already? How did time pass so fast? 
"Break up with your boyfriend." You raised an eyebrow in confusion. What does he mean by that? "You know pretty girls shouldn't date jerks who would only make them wait."
A revolt was about to come out of your lips when you felt someone hold your shoulder. "The jerk is here." You saw how the man in front of you looked surprised and scared at the same time. "Thank you for keeping my pretty girlfriend company. You can leave now." 
He just finished pouring the coffee on your cup, eyeing your boyfriend who casually sat in front of you. You shook your head then returned to reading your book, smiling to yourself. "How was the party?"
Yuta smiled, reaching out for your hand and started playing with your fingers. His usual habit. "Typical frat party. Lots of booze." 
"Lots of girls." Yuta smirked. "Did you drink?" He nodded with an apologetic look. "You said it might take hours." 
The guy laughed then leaned on his chair, watching as you changed the page of your book. "I want to see my girl immediately. Besides, I told Johnny that I'll only drink a cup. He tricked me into drinking three cups of beer." You smiled. You always liked how Yuta tells you stories about his friends although you've never met them before. It does make you closer to him. "Have you eaten anything?" 
Come to think of it, you just kept on asking for a coffee refill. "I'll get you something to eat." Yuta took your cup of coffee. "How many cups have you drunk?" 
"Three?" You whispered that made him sigh. "Maybe four?" 
He shook his head before drinking the contents of your cup in one shot. You watched as Yuta stood up and went to the counter, staring at the menu. But you're not hungry and you have to finish reading this chapter. You just let him do what he wanted while you highlight the important key points you needed to remember. 
Your boyfriend came back, sitting beside you, with a plate of spaghetti and a glass of water. "Exams?" You corrected that it was your finals while pouting. Yuta smiled before twirling spaghetti on the fork. "You can do it." Before you could answer, he asked you to open your mouth and he gently fed you the pasta. "You're the smartest in your class." 
You're not. But arguing with him would be useless now. You focused on your book while his gaze kept on you, waiting for you to stop chewing before feeding you again. You're not even halfway through the spaghetti when you told him that you're already full. Although he scolded you a bit, he just told you to drink some water. 
Yuta's fingers were threading on your hair, his other hand playing with his phone. You loved your little dates like this. When you're just next to each other, him making sure that you know he's beside you by holding your hand or brushing your hair. The action is making you sleepy, which shouldn't be the case since you finished cups of coffee. 
By your second yawning, Yuta chuckled. "Do you want to go? It's already 9 pm." Your eyes widened in surprise then double checked your phone. It's that late already? "Fix your things." He kissed your forehead before standing up and heading to the counter. You followed him, keeping your books in your bag and making sure that you kept everything. 
He slings your bag on his shoulder and when you were about to pay, he told you that he had already taken care of it. The night breeze was cold when he opened the door for you. He held your hand tight as you started walking on the familiar street where you always walk home. 
Unlike other days, he remained quiet. Normally Yuta would tell you stories about the party or any embarrassing things that happened to his friends. But he's unnaturally quiet. 
You also regret that the walk to your house is so short. "When are your exams?" he asked, seeing the door to your residence. "This Friday." Yuta smiled. "Then you're free on the weekend?" You nodded. Maybe you can go watch a movie with Yuta this weekend. Hopefully, he isn't that busy.
"Yuta, are you alright?" You asked while sitting on the front steps of your house. He sat beside you, putting your bag beside him. "You were quiet the whole time we're walking. Are you drunk?" 
He shook his head, smiling timidly. He held your hand and played with your fingers. "I'm sorry, Y/N." You stared at him in surprise. Sorry about what? "That guy was right. I'm such a jerk for making you wait for me every time." 
"Are you breaking up with me?" 
His eyes widened in surprise then defensively shook his head. "No. Of course not." If possible, his hold on you got tighter. "I'd rather die than break up with you." You giggled. "It's just that, you deserve better. I don't even know why you agreed to be my girlfriend. I'm just a dumb frat guy."
You hummed, staring at your linked hands. "You're like an otome game that came to life." He laughed wholeheartedly at that. "You always fascinate me, Yuta." Then you breathed heavily. "I don't know why you asked me to be your girlfriend when a lot of girls would die in war for you. I'm just a geeky boring girl." 
Yuta chuckled before poking your waist, tickling your side. "You are my geeky, boring girl." He emphasized the pronouns in his sentence, bumping your foreheads lightly that made you smile. He mirrored the same expression that made you giggle. You love how adorable Yuta is. 
"It's late and it's cold. You have to get inside." You nodded. Although you don't want it to end just yet, it is getting late and Yuta had to return to his dorm. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." You nodded, smiling. "Call me if you can't sleep." He kissed your forehead and you hummed in agreement. 
"Goodnight, Yuta." 
You were walking the steps to your house when he called for you suddenly. "This weekend," he started. "There's a party at Jaehyun's villa. Do you want to come with me?" 
Honestly, it did surprise you when Yuta asked you to come with him to a party. A frat party, to be exact. You've never been to one even though your boyfriend is one of the most known frat boys on campus. It's not your vibe. The heavy music. The alcohol. It scares you. 
And maybe that is the reason why Yuta didn't let go of your hand as you made way inside Jaehyun's villa. There are a lot of people that made you dizzy, girls who were wearing little clothing that made you so out of place. The smell of sweat, cigarette smoke, and alcohol filled the air that made you wince. 
Everyone was greeting Yuta and you might have heard their name but it's too much for your brain to comprehend. Girls would hold his chest and seductively stare at him but your boyfriend would just laugh and hold you closer, introducing you to them. The sounds got louder as you exited the hall and entered a large room filled with people. "Golden boy is here!" someone shouted and they hollered at Yuta, making you smile. Golden boy? "Let's play some beer pong!" 
Yuta glanced around, not caring about what the other guy said. "Haechan, stand up." He ordered that made a guy from your left follow his orders. The other guy was looking at him curiously but Yuta just held your hand and asked you to sit down at the place where the guy named Haechan was sitting earlier. He knelt in front of you, putting his jacket on your lap. "Are you alright here?" 
Wait, what? "Are you warm?" He raised his hand to feel the air from the aircon. "Or is it too cold?" You shook your head. "Do you want anything to eat? Is it too loud?"
You saw how all the guys around seemed to focus on the two of you. "I'm fine." You held his cheek, smiling at him. "Don't worry about me." 
"I'll get you something to drink." Before you could tell him anything, he stood up and exited the room. You can feel how everyone looked at you in a curious gaze and you shuffled your feet in nervousness. 
"Hi." You heard the guy beside you say. "I'm Mark." The guy next to him introduced himself as Jungwoo and you smiled, introducing yourself. You knew about them. Yuta had shared stories about how he adores them. "I'm excited to meet you." A confused gaze was all you could give him when Yuta reappeared with a bottle of water at hand. "This is the only non-alcoholic drink here. Do you want me to get you something from the store?" You shook your head. "This is fine."
Yuta casually uncapped the lid and you can hear Mark hitting Jungwoo lightly, giggling. "Are you alright? Is Mark bothering you?" It was your turn to giggle when the guy beside you revolted. Why is he like this? "I'm fine. Don't worry about me." You gestured at his friends who were staring at him as if waiting for his attention. "I think they want to play with you." 
He glanced at them before turning back to you. "Can I play?" You nodded. "I'm going to get drunk." You could hardly believe that and just mouthed 'Go'. "Keep your eyes on me, hmm?" You nodded, hearing Mark lightly squealing beside you when your boyfriend gave you a wink. 
It was Beer Pong, a game that you only heard when they tell you about frat parties. Mark supplied that it's a traditional game in their frat group and Jungwoo supplied that your boyfriend is the best in the game. You didn't know that fact. It feels like you’re discovering new things about your boyfriend everyday. 
But watching him play made the claim evident. Maybe your boyfriend is good at Physics. Whenever he would bounce the ball to the table, it would magically bounce inside the opponent's cup. He can also accurately shoot the ball inside the cup. Yuta is indeed good at this. 
Mark would always giggle whenever Yuta would send finger hearts on your way before shooting or winking when he got a shot. "He's so cool!" Mark would comment and you nodded. Indeed, he is. He won round after round of their beer pong and he drank a lot of cups of beer, yet you cannot see him slow down. He looks so happy. 
"Mark," you lightly called, whispering against his ear. "Do you know where the bathroom is?" He told you that it was by the hall and you nodded, standing up and leaving Yuta's jacket on the chair before your boyfriend held your hand. "Are you bored?" he asked immediately and you shook your head, telling him that you just needed to use the bathroom. "I'll come with you." You glared when he said that out too loud. 
"Where's your phone?" You told him that you left it inside your bag that was on the chair. He took his phone from his pocket, handing it to you. "If something happens, speed dial two. That's Mark's number. I'll go to you." You giggled before nodding. Speed dial two? But his speed dial one is his mom. What about you? "I memorized your number by heart, I don't need a speed dial." He kissed your forehead, in front of his friends, before letting go of your hand. 
Navigating through a house full of people was a lot more difficult than you expect it to be, you have been shoved a couple of times and almost fell twice. When you reached the bathroom though, there were two girls inside where one was vomiting while the other tapped her back. You quietly apologized then closed the door behind you. Where to go now? You only know this bathroom. 
If you thought that there may be fewer people upstairs, you're wrong about that. When you did find the bathroom, across the hall, you immediately closed it, seeing a couple inside. Now, you're more scared of opening the door. God, why is it difficult to find a bathroom? 
The stairs leading to the third floor seemed to be calling to you although it's dark. There's not a single person there that makes you wonder. Using the light from your boyfriend's phone, you navigate upstairs to find a single door. Hopefully, it's a bathroom. 
When you opened the door, you were welcomed by a musky scent. Must be a male's room. You were relieved to see another door that opened to a bathroom. Quietly, you apologized for trespassing but were thankful that you got relieved. Exiting the bathroom, you saw medals and trophies on one side of the room. A large bed in the middle of the room and photo frames above the cabinet. Your gaze fell on that one polaroid picture by the corkboard, Yuta and the guy he's playing beer pong with. Must be Jaehyun, the owner of the villa. 
You saw pictures of the frat group, smiling widely at the camera. Yuta's smile was the brightest of them all. He's happy. Really happy with them. A happiness that made your heart throb. A happiness that you don't want to take away from him. 
The room seems cozy, a complete irony to the loud party happening downstairs. It feels so warm, so quiet. And you didn't mean to lie down on someone's - particularly, a guy's - bed. 
You didn't mean to sleep either. But when you open your eyes, it's already dark. The room seemed colder than when you first came in and from the sounds of it the aircon is open. Did you open it? You were also covered in a warm blanket. Did someone come into the room? You glanced beside you and luckily, no one was there. How long have you been inside the room? And where is Yuta's phone? 
You fixed yourself, trying to calm down. Did someone come inside the room? Did someone take Yuta's phone? You should look for him first. Maybe he's worried.
Upon opening the door, you were startled by Jaehyun sleeping on the floor outside. Funny, it was locked. You don't even remember locking it. The party had died down and bodies were lying unconscious on the floor. If you didn't know that it's a party, you might think that there's a huge massacre.
The smell of alcohol, cigarettes, and sweat fills the house that suffocates you. A pungent scent of sex makes you wince. Where is Yuta? You don't want to think about it but what if he's staying in one room with a super hot girl with a killer body? What if she's giving him the best time of his life? And the thought made you so dizzy. You needed to breathe. 
It was dark outside, the cold breeze making your skin shiver. What time is it? 
A smoke from cigarette made you flinch. Someone is awake. To your surprise, it was the person you have been looking for. "Yuta?" He blew the smoke away from you and threw the remaining cigarette butt on the ground, stepping on it. "I didn't know you're smoking." 
"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm trying to quit but it's cold and…" He stopped then removed his jacket. "I'm sorry, please don't be mad." He wore the jacket on you, keeping you warm. "Did you sleep well?" 
Your eyes widened in surprise. He knew? "I was worried so I came looking for you. Is the room warm?" So he is the one who opened the aircon, the one who put the blanket on you, and the one who locked the door. "Sorry." Why does he keep apologizing to you? 
"Why aren't you asleep?" You asked, pulling him closer so you can share the warmth of his jacket. "Aren't you drunk? You should have slept beside me earlier." 
Yuta chuckled. "We're not yet married, babo." He flicked your forehead before kissing the spot he touched. "Your dad is going to kill me." He pulled you close, hugging you by the waist. "I'm sorry for bringing you here. I understand if you don't want me anymore." Wait, what? Where is this coming from? He hugged you tighter. "I can quit everything if you want me to." 
"What?" He stared at you when you let go of the hug. "They are your friends and I saw how happy you are with them. You're smiling widely and you are super cool while playing beer pong." He giggled. "I also felt proud when Mark is squealing about you, knowing that you're my boyfriend." Yuta laughed wholeheartedly then hugged you once again. 
"If there's something you should quit, it should be smoking. Do you know how many chemicals are in a single stick of cigarette? It can cause cancer and lessen your sperm count…" You stopped, realizing what you said. 
Yuta just laughed once again then kissed your nose. "I'll stop, I promise. But please motivate me." You stared in question. How? "A kiss for every stick I won't smoke." 
"That's unfair." you revolted. "How about a kiss for each day you won't smoke?" Yuta groaned that made you chuckle. "A deep kiss." He groaned again, head leaning on your shoulder that made you laugh. "With tongue?" he asked which made you poke his stomach to tickle him. 
Yuta's phone rang, "Come with me." He held your hand tight and you went outside the villa to the sandy beach. You didn't notice that it's a beach villa. The sound of the waves calmed you, the sea breeze making it colder. Yuta wrapped his arms around you as the break of light can be seen, illuminating the wonderful sunrise hue of orange and pink. "We call it asayake in Japanese," he whispered, "The morning glow, the colors of sunrise." 
"Sunrise always meant a new day, a new beginning," he whispered and you hummed, gesturing that you're listening to him. "I've always wanted to see the sunrise with you. I even imagine seeing all the sunrises with you for the rest of my life." You smiled. 
Yes, you have been dating for a long time but you've never talked to Yuta about the future. Maybe a little teasing about having a soccer team in the future or his usual 'I hope our daughter looks like you' comments. Hearing him now, you're sure that this is the future you wanted. With Yuta. 
"I'll try to be better, Y/N. For you. For me. For us." His hug got tighter and somewhat the temperature felt so warm than before. "So please, don't give up on me." 
You held his arms that were wrapped around you, liking the warmth and comfort that he's giving you. "Let's be better together, Yuta." You smiled. "And I won't be leaving you, I just unlocked your romantic type." He laughed. "I can't wait to unlock all your other types, my otome kareshi." 
"Just stay beside me and I'll help you unlock all the other types." 
You smiled. You planned to anyway. 
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Ways of Showing Affection - NCT 127
Tumblr media
With Cancer Venus he will show affection by just caring a lot for his partner. Will strive to create a safe space for his partner just so they know that they can be vulnerable and just open around him. Just so gentle! He’ll show affection by paying a lot of attention to small things. He’ll know his partner's coffee order by heart kind of thing! Will cook for them. Surprise dinner dates at home! Will show affection by making plans for the future with his partner or just showing how he sees his partner in his future. Will show affection by making his partner’s family like his family!
With Taurus Mars physicality and sensuality are also very important to him. Expressing affection through warm hugs or just overall cuddling, soft kisses. Just have some kind of physical touch. Will like to treat his partner to just relaxing meals.
Tumblr media
With Capricorn Venus he will mainly show his affection through his actions. Will show affection by putting in a lot of effort in the relationship. By taking responsibilities wherever possible and just trying to make life easier for his partner. Through actions will show how appreciative he is for his partner. Will try show that he takes his relationship very seriously. Will try to create a relationship that is stable and predictable but still steady. Will show affection by being really patient and gentle with his partner and even giving space to them if needed. Will also show affection through physical touches, even though not huge on PDA but will find a way to show his partner that yeah he is there with them.
With Leo Mars he’ll show affection by being protective of his partner and just taking care of them. Will like to compliment them a lot just because he likes to make them smile. Very warm embraces.
Tumblr media
His Venus is in Gemini so he’ll show his affection by being playful with his partner. Giving his whole attention to his partner will also show his affection. Will let his partner into the curiosity of his mind and will share with them every little thing that fascinates him. His affection can be felt when he just sits silently and patiently listens to his partner talk for hours on any and everything. Will show his affection by light teasing. Lots if hugs!! and if he can stay in silence with his partner without it getting awkward or stifling then yup true love.
With Virgo Mars will show affection by taking care of his partner. His love language would be acts of service. Will try his best to ease things for his partner. Has the ‘I’ll do it for you’ attitude. Will show affection by always encouraging his partner in all their endeavors. Will show affection by worrying a lot about his partner specially about their health.
Tumblr media
With Scorpio Venus he’ll show his affection by trying to learn and understand everything about his partner. Through different ways will show how much he trusts his partner and will want that trust to be reciprocated. Will let his partner on on his ‘secrets’. Slowly and steadily will make his partner a part of his world and introduce them to everyone important to him. Will show affection by noticing simple little quirks of his partner at times even imbibing those little habits into his.
With Sagittarius Mars will show affection through opening up to his partner. Would like to share interests and explore new things with his partner. So way of showing affection would be inviting his partner to join in on his ‘adventures’ or ‘explorations.’ Will show affection by being a motivator to his partner and just being an optimistic presence for them.
Tumblr media
With Pisces Venus he’ll show his affection by giving! When in love he really wouldn’t mind giving his time and energy or even resources to the other person. Will pretty much not ask anything back but will absolutely love if whatever he gives is reciprocated back. So yeah affection through generosity. Pisces Venus overall is very romantic and like to show affection through personalised stuff like writing a letter or singing a song or painting.
With Aquarius Mars will show affection by trying his best to get to know his partners friends. Will want to share all his thoughts and ideas with his partner to the point he’ll want them to be the first one to know anything.
Tumblr media
Will show affection by treating his partner like his best friend. Will send his partner things randomly just because he saw it and it made him think of it. Will like to hear their thoughts about everything in the universe. The kind to discuss conspiracy theories at 2 am. Will show affection by boosting his partner’s individuality and just letting them be. Will be extremely helpful.
With Libra Mars will show affection by flirting with his partner a lot just because he likes to get a reaction out of them. Will always try his best to charm them through anyway possible. Wants to make his partner feel special. A lot of compliments!! Really giving when in love so will probably put his partner before himself. Will be very cooperating and adjusting.
Tumblr media
With Capricorn Venus he will mainly show his affection through his actions. Will show affection by putting in a lot of effort in the relationship. By taking responsibilities wherever possible and just trying to make life easier for his partner. Through actions will show how appreciative he is for his partner. Will try show that he takes his relationship very seriously. Will try to create a relationship that is stable and predictable but still steady. Will show affection by being really patient and gentle with his partner and even giving space to them if needed. Will also show affection through physical touches and  will find a way to show his partner that yeah he is there with them.
With Pisces Mars will show affection by being attentive. Will know every little habit of his partner. Will flatter his partner a lot. The kind to say thins like ‘you are the best thing to happen to me.’ Will show affection in some creative personalized way such as writing a song. Affection through physical touches and being clingy! A lot of cuddles and hand holding!
Tumblr media
He has Virgo Venus so definitely has boundaries specially when it comes to initiating any kind of touch with others. This makes him naturally reserved and shy when it comes to showing affection to the point at times he won’t know how to react. His go to way of showing affection would be practical like getting things done for the other person. He’ll like to be on the side lines and just be supportive in any way he can.
With Scorpio Mars there would be a need of physical touch too so once he has torn down his walls and completely trusts the other person his way of showing affection will be more physical.
Tumblr media
His Venus and Mars both are in Gemini so he’ll show his affection by being playful with his partner. Giving his whole attention to his partner will also show his affection. Will let his partner into the curiosity of his mind and will share with them every little thing that fascinates him. His affection can be felt when he just sits silently and patiently listens to his partner talk for hours on any and everything. Will show his affection by light teasing. Lots if hugs!! and if he can stay in silence with his partner without it getting awkward or stifling then yup true love
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
220116 YUTA IG Story
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blu-joons · a day ago
Tumblr media
It was very rare for you to not have Yuta by your side whenever the two of you were together, he never tired of being able to hug you or kiss you, whilst he hated considering himself as clingy, you knew that he definitely was.
The rest of the boys welcomed you with open arms after seeing the positive influence that you had on Yuta. The only thing they wanted from him was to see him smile, and so when they saw how big his smile was whenever he was around you, they just knew that you were going to be someone that they’d all adore.
You both always made sure to be there for each other, when the other was upset you’d drop everything else in order to support each other. Yuta especially forgot everything else when you needed him, even if it meant him showing up late for work, he wouldn’t leave your side until you were ready for him to go.
The two of you were good at making sure that you shared all of the jobs around your house. Yuta tended to prefer the cleaning and keeping things polished, whilst you preferred to hoover and make sure the floors were clean. Together the two of you split the jobs perfectly, working around each other to do the jobs that you enjoyed before coming together to complete the jobs that neither of you enjoyed at the end.
Your engagement came as a complete surprise to you, you had no idea that Yuta was even planning on asking you to marry him. For him, that was just the way that he wanted things, with the help of many of the boys he managed to organise everything without you finding out, with the penny only dropping for you when you were positioned by Yuta, watching on as he suddenly went down on one knee before you.
Yuta’s favourite thing about being with you was how similar you were to him. The two of you seemed to just fit together perfectly, you tended to like the same things, have quite similar opinions, and understand each other incredibly well too. He loved having someone just like him in his life, someone that he knew he could be himself around and someone he knew got everything about Yuta as well.
The two of you were quite social and very rarely missed an event with your friends, but you also didn’t neglect your time together too. At least once a week you would make sure that you dedicated a day to just being with each other so that you could enjoy being with each other without anyone else around you.
Rather than going anywhere too fancy on your honeymoon, the two of you simply decided to go home. The two of you had spent so long away from home, the idea of going on a holiday didn’t appeal to either of you, the only places that the two of you even thought about was your home, and Yuta’s too.
As far as Yuta was concerned, there was never enough times for him to be able to tell you that he loved you. Whenever he thought of you, he made sure to tell you that he loved you, whether that was in person, a text, or leaving a voicemail when he was on the other side of the world, he would always get in contact with you.
He made sure that he trusted in you more than anything else, knowing that he would only ever need to feel jealous if you were being made uncomfortable. The two of you had plenty of friends and so Yuta was usually understanding whenever anyone got a little too close to you as you were simply just friends, however around random people that he didn’t know, he definitely found himself a little more observant.
There was never a doubt in Yuta’s mind that he saw himself having a family with you anyway, but as the two of you married and settled down, he began to think about it more. Although he didn’t want to timestamp anything, he definitely had a rough plan of how he saw things going once the two of you set up home.
Even though your lazy days were supposed to be lazy, it was hard work for you to try and keep Yuta still on your lazy days. He could never just spend the whole day at home, he would still try his hardest to get you to go out with him, even just for a walk. You’d try your hardest to protest, but Yuta usually ended up winning, with the promise of a coffee along the way enough to get you out of the front door.
It almost became a tradition for you both that you woke up together in the mornings, doing your routines side by side. To begin with it was funny, but one morning when Yuta did his teeth without you there, he realised how comfortable he was during the mornings thanks to you, missing you when you weren’t there.
The two of you loved getting cosy in the evenings, quite often you would sit and watch an episode of something, usually something from your childhoods and home to help you whenever either of you felt a little homesick.
Yuta was obsessed with the way that you made him feel, being with you felt like home to him. He never quite felt like himself unless he had you with him, it was only in your company, did he truly feel as if he was settled.
Being able to have someone to just do nothing with was one of Yuta’s favourite things about being with you, and so the moments that he tended to treasure the most were the ones when the two of you could just enjoy each other’s company and relax without feeling the need to do, or say, a single thing.
You constantly found yourself answering Yuta’s questions, even the most random ones. He loved to find out your opinion on everything, always making sure that he learnt at least one new thing about you every day.
One of the most important things to Yuta was making sure that you had the fans support with your relationship, and so when the two of you got married, he made sure to share a few photographs with all of the fans, and then once everything had settled down, he enjoyed reading back through and reading all of the fans’ comments.
At times the two of you appreciated quiet moments, especially when the two of you were busy, but for the most part you were quite a loud couple. The two of you never really found yourselves running out of things to say, even though you could be quiet around others, when you were together, conversation flowed.
Yuta’s one trick for really making sure that your marriage worked was to try and laugh as often as possible, even if you were doing nothing, he would try his best to find a way to keep the smile wide on your face.
It was very rare for Yuta to upset you, but whenever he did, he refused to let you go until he saw you smiling around him again.
As the two of you continued to settle down more in Korea, you found that your families tended to visit the two of you a lot more as they began to realise that neither of you were planning on moving home anytime soon.
The one thing that Yuta always wished for was another day with you, he never wanted to look too far ahead and runaway with himself.
He was never afraid of being affectionate with you, even if he was around friends or family, if Yuta felt the urge to kiss you, then he would never think twice about it, never fretting about other people’s reactions too.
You were his best friend, whenever Yuta needed someone, he knew that you were there.
It becomes habit for the two of you that you end up sharing a pillow, at first you weren’t happy about sharing with Yuta as he refused to sleep with one, but over the years you got quite used to having him cuddle up next to you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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220117 | OSEN Kpop’s Line update with NCT 127
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
smcu behind ☆ taeil and jungwoo
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double exposure (yuta/taeyong)
Tumblr media
During promotions for his first Japanese mini album, k-idol Taeyong meets one of his favorite artists, j-rock star Yuta. Though it starts casual, Taeyong begins to realize he may be in over his head, and struggles to reconcile his affection for Yuta with all the things that keep them apart.
Chapter 2 |   prev   next   mlist
Characters: Taeyong, Yuta
Genre: k-soloist taeyong, jrockstar yuta; romance, smut, angst
Warnings: dom/sub dynamics, smut, alcohol mentions, homophobia mentions
Rating: Explicit
Length: 3.1k
taglist: @meowniee​
Tumblr media
It’s soft light on Taeyong’s face that wakes him. He blinks, bringing a hand up to shield his eyes as he surfaces from sleep. His gaze lands on Yuta, lying on his back beside him, head propped up by one hand, scrolling through his phone. 
“Good morning,” Yuta says, glancing sideways and putting his phone down so he can roll over and face him.
“Morning,” Taeyong whispers. Here, in the early morning sunlight, the gravity of last night hits him, and he reels from it. Oh my god, what would people say if they found out? Scandal is one thing; idols are always revealed to be dating, and though their careers may take a hit, it’s nothing any semi-popular celebrity can’t handle. But to be outed—to not just be found sleeping around, but to be gay—that’s another story entirely. Normally, he wouldn’t be so concerned, because he would have run it by his manager and gotten all the proper forms signed. But he and Yuta had kind of just jumped in headfirst, and now Taeyong has to worry about the consequences. 
He feels pressure between his eyebrows, and realizes that Yuta is resting his fingers there, smoothing the crease that has appeared. “Let’s take a deep breath,” Yuta murmurs, and Taeyong finds himself obeying. He takes a stuttering breath, eyes flickering over Yuta’s face. “Don’t worry,” Yuta continues softly. “I won’t tell anyone. My manager, my staff, won’t tell anyone.” He runs his fingers up Taeyong’s forehead to his hairline, and then lifts them and places them between his brows again, and repeats the motion. “I promise. My manager sent yours the paperwork last night. I already signed it. You’ll sign it this afternoon. Everything will be fine.”
Taeyong nods, blowing out another soft breath. “Sorry,” he whispers. “I’m just always nervous. It feels better—to do things officially.”
“I know,” Yuta says. “I agree. We were rash. Probably should’ve waited a day to make sure everything went through.” He smiles, drawing his hand back from Taeyong’s face. “I couldn’t help it, though.” He leans in. “I didn’t want to wait. I wanted you.”
Taeyong feels his worry dissipate. Yuta’s eyes are warm and sincere. “Only wanted?” he asks cheekily. “What about now?”
Yuta laughs. “What do you think?” he asks, and doesn’t wait for Taeyong to reply. He kisses him, gentle at first, then more insistent when Taeyong kisses back. Taeyong grabs the front of his t-shirt, pulling him closer, and Yuta climbs on top of him with ease, the blanket falling away from their bodies. Cool air brushes across Taeyong’s skin, raising goosebumps as it goes. He melts under Yuta’s touch, remembering now what exactly made him throw caution to the wind last night. 
“Yuta,” Taeyong mumbles. Yuta laughs, ghosting his fingers down one of Taeyong’s arms. “Yuta, please.”
“Mm, you’re a bad influence.” Yuta pauses to kiss him. “We really should—” Another kiss. “—get some breakfast first, or something.”
“We can eat after,” Taeyong wheedles. 
Yuta buries his face in Taeyong’s neck, pressing his tongue to the tender skin there as he moves down from the point of Taeyong’s jaw to the top of his shoulders. “But if we don’t get going, we’re going to spend all morning in bed, and then we won’t have time to go out before your manager steals you back.”
“If you’d stop arguing right now and just fuck me, we’d be able to fit sex, breakfast, and a tour of Akiba in before I have to go,” Taeyong replies drily. 
Yuta laughs again, drawing back and looking down at Taeyong. “You’re very hard to say no to, you know that?”
“Are you gonna say no?” Taeyong asks, hooking two fingers under the hem of Yuta’s shirt.
Yuta grins, wide and wicked, and leans in until their noses are only a couple centimeters apart. “No,” he whispers, and kisses Taeyong again. 
He rolls off to the side, stretching an arm out to retrieve lube and a condom from his bedside table. Taeyong struggles out of his underwear, discarding them and waiting for direction. 
Yuta coaxes him onto his side, curling up behind him. He presses his lips to Taeyong’s shoulder, reaching down with lube-slick fingers to Taeyong’s entrance, his other hand braced against the small of Taeyong’s back. 
Taeyong shivers when Yuta pushes his index finger in. He’s still a little loose from the night before, so there isn’t much of a burn to the stretch. Taeyong spreads his ass with one hand, using the other to cup his cock, already growing hard.
There’s something different about this. It’s like last night didn’t happen; Taeyong almost feels nervous. Maybe it’s that Yuta can see him now, in the morning light, muted by the curtains. Maybe it’s that he thought waking up this morning would feel like waking up from a dream, and now he’s found that it wasn’t a dream at all. He’s keenly aware of Yuta’s lips on his skin—somehow that’s what he’s most focused on, not the way Yuta’s pumping his fingers in and out of his body, stretching him open.
Or maybe it’s the intimacy of all of this—the morning-after feeling, the answer to the unspoken do you still want me? Yuta pressed up against his back, Taeyong in the palm of his hand. The quiet intensity of choosing the same thing twice. Something like that.
Yuta’s fingers brush his prostate, and Taeyong gasps out a moan. Yuta hums, pleased. “I’m glad you’re vocal,” he says softly. “Like hearing you.”
“Yuta,” Taeyong murmurs dreamily as Yuta grazes his fingers across his prostate, back and forth, making Taeyong shiver.
“So sensitive, too,” Yuta continues. “I’d like to see what a vibrator would do to you. Another time, perhaps.” Taeyong feels teeth against the top of his spine. “Think you’d like that?”
“Yeah,” Taeyong breaths out.
“Mm, yeah? Would you let me tie you up, stick a vibrator in you, and watch it make you fall apart?” Yuta asks. He adds a third finger, slowing, letting Taeyong’s body adjust. “You’d look so pretty.”
“Please.” Taeyong’s skin burns with embarrassment and arousal just thinking about it—lying helpless on the bed while Yuta stands back and laughs, how he’d smile and coo when Taeyong cried, how it would probably make Taeyong come untouched. He whines without meaning to.
Yuta's voice is low and sweet with delight. “Oh, you’d really like it, wouldn’t you? It’s so naughty, honey,” he adds, like he wasn’t the one who suggested it. But Taeyong doesn’t have the wherewithal to argue.
Yuta adds a fourth and final finger, and Taeyong draws trembling breaths, trying to keep his head, at least for a little longer. But it’s difficult, in the soft warmth of Yuta’s bed, with Yuta’s lips on his neck, breathing in the scent of Yuta’s shampoo; it’s Yuta, Yuta, Yuta, surrounding him and taking him over, little by little.
“Ready, baby?” Yuta asks, pulling his fingers out and leaving Taeyong feeling empty.
“Ready,” Taeyong slurs.
Yuta takes a moment to roll a condom on and slick up his cock, but soon he’s lining up with Taeyong’s entrance. He pushes in, slow at first and then faster once Taeyong’s body gets over the initial stretch. Yuta rolls his hips experimentally, moaning softly when Taeyong clenches up around him.
There’s merits to this position. They’re pressed so close that Yuta can’t comfortably fuck him like he was last night, hard and fast. Instead, he grinds into Taeyong, deep and dirty and slow. Pleasure scatters like goosebumps across Taeyong’s skin, electrifying and heady, but it’s not overwhelming this time, just good and right. He sighs as Yuta rocks his hips, patient and even.
Yuta reaches around with his right hand, running his fingers up Taeyong’s chest until he finds one of his nipples. He rubs his thumb over it, making Taeyong gasp. He circles it with the pad of his finger, making soft sympathetic noises in response to Taeyong’s moans. 
There’s something about this position, too, that makes Taeyong feel used. He can’t see Yuta, can only feel him as he grinds up into him lazily. It’s like he’s just a doll. He thinks about what Yuta said last night. I like beautiful things. And you are very beautiful. Almost like he’s adding Taeyong to his collection. Somehow, the thought of it makes Taeyong’s skin hot, makes it impossible for him to swallow all the little noises that are bubbling up out of his chest. 
Taeyong shifts, half-rolling onto his stomach, bending the knee of his upper leg and sliding it out onto the mattress. It’s easier for Yuta to get deeper this way, and more comfortable for the both of them. Yuta moves with him easily, moving his hand from Taeyong’s chest to the mattress beside him to help prop himself up. His thrusts grow a little rougher now that he has the space for it, and Taeyong moans at the feeling of Yuta moving inside him. 
Yuta dips his head down to kiss along his neck, over his pulse point. “God, honey,” he murmurs. “You feel so good. It’s like you’re made to be fucked.” He nips at Taeyong’s skin, laughing low and dark when Taeyong whines. “But I could’ve guessed that. Something about the way you move.”
Taeyong lets his eyes roll back, thinking about Yuta thinking about him. He can feel his cock drooling precome onto Yuta’s sheets, and he rocks his hips to get a little friction, to stave off the consuming vortex of pleasure that’s threatening to swallow him whole. 
He lets Yuta fuck him into the mattress, lets his body go limp under Yuta’s hands. It’s not like he can do much else, anyway; he can only moan and squirm weakly as Yuta’s cock hits his prostate dead-on with every stroke. He’s going to be sore from it, he can already tell; he thinks about how he’ll have to perform later today with the reminder of this morning sitting underneath his skin, how he’ll sit through an interview and do what he’s always done: fight to keep a straight face so he doesn’t ruin his image. 
He wishes he could be like Yuta, cheeky and open and imperfect, and beloved for it. But instead he must always be cute and sweet and unassuming. And it is frustrating, but it’s also a little thrilling to him—faking it for the world when only a select few know what he’s really like. And now Yuta is one of those people. Taeyong squeezes his eyes shut, letting out another moan as he thinks about Yuta watching his interview later, knowing what they’ve done.
“What’re you thinking about, honey?” Yuta asks.
“Just—that later, I’ll, ah, I’ll be performing and stuff,” Taeyong stutters. “And, you know, everyone thinks I’m sweet and innocent. Or mostly. And they—they’ll have no idea. But you’ll know.”
Yuta’s laughter rumbles in his chest. “I’ll monitor your performance closely,” he promises. “See if I can see the difference.”
“You’ll watch me?” Taeyong asks.
Yuta leans in close so he can kiss his jaw. “Yeah, I’ll watch you, honey,” he says. “I always like watching you.”
Taeyong knows he’ll be thinking about it later, knows the entire time he’s on camera, he won’t really be performing for his fans like he usually is. Instead, he’ll be performing for Yuta. There’s something about that that’s thrilling, too.
He realizes Yuta’s panting above him, that his movements have grown uneven, that he’s digging his nails into Taeyong’s back where he has him pinned to the mattress. There’s a certain pleasure in knowing that Yuta was thinking about it too, and that he found it just as hot as Taeyong did. Taeyong arches back a little to meet his thrusts, humping against the mattress. It makes him feel desperate, but it only turns him on more. Besides, he knows Yuta will like it. 
He’s proven right almost immediately. “So good, baby,” Yuta forces out through gritted teeth. “So good, gonna make me come.”
“Good,” Taeyong murmurs. “‘M close, too.”
“Yeah?” Yuta punctuates it with a hard thrust, and Taeyong bites back a squeal of surprise.
“Y-yeah,” he answers shakily, “just don’t stop, please—”
“I’ve got you, honey,” Yuta says, even as his hips stutter, even as he convulses, but Taeyong knows he means it. He fucks him even as he comes, dutiful to the end, and only a few more seconds is all it takes for Taeyong to come, too.
They catch their breath as the pleasure ebbs away. Yuta pulls out and drops down onto the bed beside Taeyong with a groan. Taeyong groans too as he rolls onto his back, away from the sticky puddle of his own release. Yuta huffs softly, gathering him into his arms.
They’re silent for a moment.
“Sorry about your sheets,” Taeyong says finally, glancing over at the stain that’s forming, then down at his own stomach. “And about your t-shirt.”
Yuta laughs. “That’s what laundry machines are for,” he says easily. “It’s alright. It means I made you feel good, right? I don’t mind.” 
“I guess so,” Taeyong agrees, giggling.
They stay there for a few moments more, but eventually drag themselves out of bed so they can actually start their day. Yuta runs them a quick shower, and they strip his bed together, leaving the sheets in a pile on the floor to be dealt with later. They get new shirts; Yuta throws Taeyong a pair of sweatpants so he doesn’t have to walk around half naked, and Taeyong pulls them on gratefully.
“Okay,” Yuta says, combing his fingers through his hair. “What do you want for breakfast?”
“Something quick would probably be best,” Taeyong admits. They are on a timer, after all.
“I have freezer waffles,” Yuta offers.
“Honestly?” Taeyong stands, stretching. “That’s just fine with me.”
“Great,” Yuta says with a grin, and turns to lead Taeyong out of his room and down to the kitchen.
Taeyong didn’t see Yuta’s kitchen last night, so he takes his time exploring as Yuta pulls the waffles out. His counters are black marble, his fridge and cupboard spaces huge. At risk of sounding like a wannabe housewife, Taeyong finds himself thinking that the kitchen is beautiful. He stops himself from saying something ridiculous like it gets great light in the morning!
“You okay with strawberries on top?” Yuta asks, holding up the little plastic carton. 
“Yes, please,” Taeyong chirps. “Is there anything I can do to help?”
“There’s some cold brew in the fridge,” Yuta says. “Top shelf. You can have a glass, if you’d like. Either way, could you pour me one? The glasses are in the second cabinet from the left along that wall.”
Taeyong pours them coffee, Yuta plates their waffles and retrieves syrup and whipped cream from the fridge, and they sit down side-by-side at his breakfast bar to eat. Taeyong laughs to himself, watching Yuta devour his waffle in a few swift bites, while Taeyong takes his time cutting his into little pieces and decorating each with a slice of strawberry and a dollop of whipped cream.
But eventually, Taeyong finishes, too, and they stack their dishes in the sink and head back up to Yuta’s bedroom to find something to wear so they can go out.
“Your usual street style is pretty casual, right?” Yuta says, rummaging through his closet. He holds up a light blue sweatshirt. “Think this could pass as yours? I don’t think I’ve ever worn it out.”
“Yeah,” Taeyong agrees, reaching out for it. 
“How’re jeans for pants?” Yuta asks. “Jeans are pretty universal, anyway.”
“Jeans are good,” Taeyong agrees, catching the pair that Yuta tosses his way.
And with that, they’re dressed. Taeyong manages to fit his outfit from last night in the little bag he brought with, and they head down to the garage so Yuta’s manager can pick them up.
She presents Taeyong with the NDA, which he skims and then signs. He folds his copy and slips it into a small zippered pouch in his bag to give to his manager later. Really, it should be more official, with more company representatives present, but it seems this relationship has a bit of an unspoken good-faith agreement on it, and the paperwork is mostly so that people like Taeyong don’t lose sleep worrying about what-ifs. 
“Akiba, here we come,” Yuta says, flashing Taeyong a grin as his manager starts the car. Taeyong smiles back, a strange, happy feeling blooming in his chest.
ϟ ϟ ϟ
That evening, after his schedules are complete, Taeyong sits down with his phone. He has a text from Yuta from earlier, when they exchanged numbers before they parted ways. 
“Text me, okay?” Yuta said as Taeyong climbed out of his car. “I wanna see you again before you leave for Korea.”
“Okay,” Taeyong replied, feeling a shock of excitement run through his entire body.
He smiles at the little emoticon that Yuta sent, and then swipes out of the window and opens his Instagram. He toggles over to his notification, to follow Yuta back. Their managers agreed it would be fine, since they were already sighted together in public, and would probably bring in some good press, anyway. With that out of the way, he taps over to the search feed. Already, he sees articles with his name: Lee Taeyong spotted out and about in Akiba with J-rock star, Nakamoto Yuta, from Korean news sources, and Yuta, the nation’s pride, spotted giving a tour of Akiba to well-known Korean idol, Lee Taeyong, from Japanese ones. 
He taps one of the posts and navigates over to the comments, skimming to see what the fans are saying. He smiles at all the little heart emojis as he reads.
So cute! 
Didn’t Taeyong mention he was Yuta’s fan? It must be a dream come true.
I hope they become good friends, it’s always nice to see friendships that cross borders!
Omg collab? 
Put them on a show together!
I wonder how they met?
He hears a knock on the wall, and looks up to see his manager poking his head in around the corner. “News looks good,” he says, nodding at Taeyong’s phone. “You know how to handle yourself, so I’m not worried. I’m going to head out, okay?”
“Okay,” Taeyong says. “Thank you for your hard work.”
His manager grins. “You too,” he replies. “Sleep early today, okay? You have that magazine shoot tomorrow morning. And drink some water so your face isn’t puffy.”
“I will.” Taeyong’s phone buzzes in his hand, but he doesn’t dare look down. “Goodnight!”
He waits until he hears the door shut, then gets up and pads over to it to lock it. He checks his phone on the way back to the couch, and sees that it was a text from Yuta.
Your broadcast looked good. I liked the pants they put you in haha. You performed well. But you’re right. I could tell the difference.
Taeyong flushes, pleased. I’m glad you watched it, he replies. I was thinking of you.
Yuta’s response comes only seconds later. I could tell that, too.
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