au where everything is the same but yuu has a weapon
like, they just have a real ass sword
l. they did sword fighting back in their world, and they know quite a bit, but aren't an expert
2. lilia gave it to them.
3. sword practice with silver <333 maybe sebek but mostly silver
they just carry it around with them?? like, attached to their belt an everything. their excuse to crowley was that it was for self defense, since they're magicless
anything bad happens: they just pull out the sword
oh ace making fun of them? sword to the throat. overblot monster? stabbed. the octotrio? sufficiently threatened via sword.
riddle's um does nothing against cold hard steel babey!!!
also: do u think guns exist in twisted wonderland. just like, glocks. i know we see robots with like, laser things(?) but it's so funny to image someone trying to fight with whimsical ass magic spells and the other guy just,, pulls out a glock
i really want to write yuu with a weapon
I imagine a traveler like Yuu that can materialize a few weapons like spears and swords.
Or maybe they just have a small dimensional space like a teapot they carry with them that also acts as their house/storage?
It's what I always imagine tbh. Yuu reached into a teapot and pulls out 3 textbooks.
Also guns 100% exist but are banned on school campuses (unlike the US).
Yuu cannot be given one, itbwoukd make dealing with ppl to easy.
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usagiblackrose 15 hours ago
Ace: Did I get anything out of this experience? No. It was completely and totally uneventful.
Yuu: He kissed a guy!
Ace: NO I DIDN'T!!
Yuu: Yes, you did!
Ace: DIDN'T!
Yuu: Diiiiiiiid!
Ace: DID. NOT!!
Yuu:馃幎Did,did,did,did,did,did,did, did,did,did,did,did,did!馃幎
Cater: Ahem. I could break this tie? He totally did! *shows on his smartphone a picture of Ace kissing Deuce on the cheek*
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daboar 22 hours ago
Magicshift training gone wrong
Leona: I was going easy on you!
Yuu/MC: Boy, pull up your god damn pants! I can see Pinnochio and he is telling the truth.
Tumblr media
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yuusthings 2 days ago
Tord: Good morning.
Yuu: Good mornin鈥.
Paul: Morning.
Patryk: You all sound like robots, why don鈥檛 you spice it up a bit?
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zariyen a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wake up
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pika-ace a month ago
I may be new to Twisted Wonderland but I DESPERATELY need an AU where Yuu retains all their Disney knowledge and constantly makes blatant references to it and does not care that no one gets it despite how dark they can get.
Crowley: This is Ramshackle Dorm
Yuu: Okay, unless a bunch of ghosts come out and start singing Grim Grinning Ghosts, I鈥檓 not interested.
(Bonus: [ten minutes later] Yuu: HOLY SHIT I WAS JOKING!!)
(Anytime anything is said about the Great Seven being good)
Yuu: *snorts* 鈥orry, had something stuck in my throat. Please, continue 馃ゴ *trying not to laugh*
(In the mine)
Blot Monster: *roars*
Yuu: Grumpy, nooooooo!
Grim: Who the hell is-
Chenya: *appears*
Yuu: *jumps* AHH Cheshire Cat!
Ace: Chessy-what?
Deuce: So that Cheka is Leona鈥檚 nephew?
Yuu: At least he doesn鈥檛 seem ready to murder this one yet.
Ruggie: What the fu-
Jack: You鈥檙e going to talk with Azul? You sure you know what you鈥檙e doing?
Yuu: I鈥檝e watched Little Mermaid a hundred times, I got this >:(
Azul: Do we have a deal?
Yuu: So is this the part where you start singing Poor Unfortunate Souls or do I just need to sign?
Azul: Excuse me-?
Yuu: No? Got it, give me the pen.
(During Azul鈥檚 overblot)
Yuu: Okay, someone better come up with a plan, cause I don鈥檛 think stabbing him with a boat is an option here.
Floyd: Wait what-
Jade: That鈥檚 the Princess鈥 silver comb
Ace: Uhhh, that鈥檚 a fork
Yuu: It鈥檚 called a DINGLEHOPPER, you uncultured swine
Jade: ?????
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kirayamidemon 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twst EN really said fuck Octavinelle stans
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brainlessrot 2 months ago
Twst Wonderland characters with an affectionate friend
Contents ;; Platonical relationships, GN!MC, just pure fluff, listed headcanons
Characters ;; Leona, Riddle, Deuce, Azul, Jamil and Idia
Prompt ;; MC loves giving kisses and other acts of affection to their friends
did this for my friend @leonahateaccount鈥嬄犫妭( 麓 鈻 ` )鈯
Tumblr media
Leona ;;
Doesn't really care, but as he says "don't do it too much or he will bite you"
he's lying, it's all LIES, he loves the attention, he THRIVES on it.
do give him more if you can
please give him a kiss before tucking him he's like a kitten when you do
if you make it a habit of kissing him on the cheek every morning as a greeting the moment you don't do it once he'll be giving you the stinky eye
his tail with thud against the floor in annoyance until you do give him his daily kiss
he will always deny any idea that he- seven forbid- even slightly ENJOYS your displays of affection
if you give him a kiss on the hair while he naps he will purr. but you'll need to run for your life when he realizes what he did
鈥淗is head laid on your shoulder as he quietly snored. He had been on and off between being awake and probably causing mayhem on his dream. His ears softly poked the side of your face, every once in a while twitching and making you giggle. You looked at him, a fond smile on your face, turning to face him, you planted a kiss at the top of his head, between his ears. He didn鈥檛 wake up immediatly, only moving in his sleep, his tail curling around your wrist.鈥
Tumblr media
Riddle ;;
on one part, please do kiss his cheek, it makes him feel a child-like love that makes him all fuzzy inside
on the other hand, KISSING BEFORE MARRIAGE? /p
The first times you kiss him as a greeting he will get extremely flustered
and even perhaps has collared you on multiple occasions
but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy your daily kiss
also please don't only kiss his cheek, his nose and mostly forehead are a big yes YES (in private, if you do it in public chances are that you both are dying, you because of him, and him because of embarrassment)
dude if you go over to Heartslabyul because he promised to help you do homework and you just,,, get up after he helps you do a really difficult alchemy exercise and give him a lil kiss in the forehead as thanks he WILL melt
it just feels so homey to him
now anytime he does something that he feels noteworthy he will blush and point at his forehead so you reward him
giv him forehead kith rn
鈥淵ou two were playing a casual game of croquet together, since most of the dorm was busy doing school work. Riddle had just beaten you for the fourteenth time, even smiling smugly while doing it. However, it was quickly replaced by his signature red face鈥 in this case no because of anger. He shyly pointed up, towards his forehead. You smiled fondly, he may sometimes be a little bit tyrannical, but he was still a kid. You followed his silent order, planting a kiss in between those two hair strands that poked outwards, earning a grin from him.鈥
Tumblr media
Deuce ;;
At first it caught him off guard but he grew used to it in a really short time
it reminds him to his mother
mama spade used to give him kisses when he got hurt
and now that role is yours
please do also hug him
similar to riddle, you and ace were doing a study session when he actually got a pretty difficult math equation right!! as congrats, you gave him a lil kiss on the cheek and he fist bumped the air
if he's feeling tired or sloppy he will bonk your head with his to recharge
if you miss his daily kisses he will be sulking for the rest of the day
鈥淒euce groaned, the sound his pencil made as it scraped against the paper seemed loud in comparison to the quiet atmosphere of the library. Ace stared poking fun at Deuce, but you quickly shut him up with a kick to the shin. However, silence was not for ever, it getting broken by Deuce鈥檚 loud聽鈥淟et鈥檚 Go!鈥 as he finally got the answer he had been trying to get. He poked you with his pen grinning widely. You giggled, planting a firm kiss on his cheek. Ace started bothering you, asking for one too, but you told him to study so he could get good boy privileges like Deuce.
Tumblr media
Azul ;;
Oh seven, oh lords.
are you trying to kill him bro?
first time you greeted him with a kiss he legit stared off to the distance for a couple of minutes
you were close to calling a staff member because it seemed like his brain died
he's not really a fan of physical contact, and you backed off for a while for that reason
you made him feel so safe that he found himself craving your attention
but he will never, NEVER admit it
he once dared to get close to you to try and sneak a kiss outta you and you instinctly kissed his cheek
you immediately apologized and told him you were sorry for invading his space
this sneaky bastard played it cool and acted like IT HADN'T BEEN HIS PLAN SINCE THE START
another one that craves affection
鈥淵ou were helping Azul catalogue the Monstro Lounge鈥檚 postal services, but you did not expect to be so many junk mail! Did Floyd subscribe to all of these?! You had gotten distracted with a random seafood magazine when, from the corner of your eye you saw Azul, closer than before. He extended an arm around your body, grabbing the magazine you were holding, and as his side profile was basically in front of you, and your eyes were tired from looking at so many words, you pressed forward a kiss to his cheek. The moment you processed what you had done you quickly apologized, worried that you had made him uncomfortable, however, you missed the smug smile he covered by readjusting his glasses when he told you it was fine.鈥
Tumblr media
Jamil ;;
He did not trust your intentions, like, at all
its not that he didn鈥檛 trust you聽
its just that he was not used to being shown that kind of regular affection
one not laced with malicious intent in order to get closer to kamil
it was just,,, friendly acts of affection he was not used to recieve, so he was on guard
but when he warmed up to you (kinda) he was even stiffer every time you did show him any kind of affection
the strings of his hoodies are gonna give out from how much he鈥檚 pulling at them
hes ALWAYS a blushing mess聽
he鈥檒l die but it鈥檒l be in a positive kinda way!!聽
do not worry if he doesn鈥檛 respond for a couple of minutes
hes processing,聽鈥榢ay?
鈥淟aundry? Check, food? Check, notes and books for Kalim to study? Check. After a long day for Jamil, he only wanted to relax, and what better place for it than the desolate, except for a couple of ghosts, Ramshackle Dorm? Kalim knew where he was if he ever needed help, so nothing was in the way between him and relaxation. You both laid on the sofa, Jamil with his back to you. You鈥檇 been re-doing his braids for a while now, Jamil enjoying the way your hands threaded on his hair. As you finished, you kissed the back of his head. He quickly surged forward, the beads on his braids clinking together, he hid his face in his hands, but that did nothing at hiding the way his ears reddened.鈥澛
Tumblr media
Idia ;;
are you trying to kill him?! pt 2
you don鈥檛 even know how you haven鈥檛 calcinated this poor guy already
his hair flares so hot when you kiss him that you actually worry that his clothes will catch fire
physical touch is not his best forte and he鈥檚 not really comfortable with constant contact so you have to resort to your plan B
blow kisses his way, catch a strand of his hair in your hands and say that聽鈥測ou got curious鈥 it doesn鈥檛 matter if this is the 47th time you鈥檇 done this, the excuse always works
usually you rarely kiss him because you don鈥檛聽want him to die on the spot
but if you two are doing a gaming night and you manage to beat him you鈥檒l celebrate victory by blowing a kiss his way
that makes you have a higher chance at winning because he will be flustered
Ortho will sometimes enter to check on him because his vitals are off the charts
you may be his irl gaming buddy but you鈥檙e sometimes too much of a normie for him and his health
鈥淵ou were now on your 19th round, previously Idia has won every and all of the games you鈥檝e played together, but now was your time. You鈥檝e been curating this plan for Sevens know how long, and today was the day you were going to put it to use. When your car and Idia鈥檚 were side to side on the game, just a lap away from finishing you tilted your body towards him, bumping your shoulder with his. This caused him to lose grip on his controlled, his car veering right and left. He accused you of cheating, but you stick your tongue out at him, passing the finish line. Your fist hit him softly in the shoulder, and before he could say anything else, you winked at him, causing him to fall silent. Ortho barged in at that moment to check on him.鈥
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twistedgardens 2 months ago
Good Girl
Tumblr media
Is there any particular reason why I chose to write for the character based off the villain who wants to kill and wear puppies? No. Yes. Maybe. Just look at him.
Content: professor/college student, slight age gap, semi-public sex, use of 鈥済ood girl,鈥 鈥減uppy,鈥 and 鈥渂itch鈥, fingering, doggy style, slight power dynamic, the man does not remove his gloves,聽
馃敒NSFW Content Below the Cut! 18+ Only! Minors DNI!馃敒
Please don鈥檛 forget to reblog so more people can see it!
鈥淵uu, would you mind staying back a moment?鈥 Professor Divus stopped you on the way out.
You exchanged looks with your lab partners, Ace and Deuce. Grim had already pranced out of the classroom on his way to lunch. Your own stomach grumbled, but you shrugged your shoulders and pivoted around. Professor Divus tidied the bookshelves while the other students filed out. You could still hear your stomach rumble, however you weren鈥檛 about to go against the professor鈥檚 orders. You stayed put, standing in the middle of the classroom as students emptied out into the hallway. When the last of them left you to the mercy of Professor Crewel, he finally turned to you.
鈥淲ould you be a dear and secure the door, please?鈥
You looked at him confused, but went to shut the door at any rate.
鈥淒on鈥檛 forget to lock it,鈥 said Divus. 聽
Your heart skipped a beat the moment you clicked the lock in place. Divus seated himself behind his desk. A leather-gloved hand patted his thigh. That only meant one thing. Heat rose to your head as you padded over towards him. The professor pulled you into his lap to straddle his thigh.
鈥淧-Professor Divus!鈥 You whimpered at the indignity of sitting on him like that. You squirmed in place, but froze when his cold-steel eyes pinned you to the spot.
鈥淣ow, now, won鈥檛 you be a good girl and sit still for a moment? Let get a good look at you.鈥
Divus bounced you on his leg knowing full well that the bundle of nerves between your legs rubbed against him. If you鈥檇 been wearing a skirt, he鈥檇 be able to more acutely feel how wet it made you. Divus placed his hand on your lower back while his other rifled through a drawer in his desk.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good girl. Why don鈥檛 you speak? Whine for me?鈥
He bounced you on his leg harder and rubbed between your legs. You bit your lip to stifle the moans coming out of your mouth. Divus gave your outer thigh a quick smack.
鈥淚 said 鈥榳hine for me.鈥 Let me hear you,鈥 said Divus. He went back to searching for something in his drawer.
You braced yours hands on his shoulders and rode his thigh. You rubbed yourself on his leg, wished for even more friction and fewer clothes. Blood rushed to your head.
鈥淎ha!鈥 Divus exclaimed. 鈥淗ere they are!鈥
Divus had you stop humping his leg and sat you down on his desk. He snapped a red studded collar around your neck. On the metal ring, he attached a chain which he wound around his fist. Divus leaned close to your face steel-colored eyes boring into your skull.
鈥淚鈥檝e noticed you haven鈥檛 been paying attention in class. You鈥檙e not focused enough. Are the boys too distracting for you?鈥
鈥淣-No, sir, I--鈥
鈥淕ood. Then, you won鈥檛 mind it if I gave you some private tutoring, will you?鈥
The fervent shake of your head rattled the chain attached to the collar around your neck.
鈥淐ome with me,鈥 said Divus. He gently pulled on the chain, making you hop off his desk and follow him.
Divus loosened the length of chain around his fist and let you have some space. This was only so he could pull one of the numerous spell books off the shelf, put it on the podium where he鈥檇 lectured not fifteen minutes ago, and open it to a seemingly random page. He left it open on his podium and yanked on the chain. You followed the silent command to stand by his side.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥 He patted your head. Divus ditched his coat and rolled up his sleeves.
You swallowed hard as he wrapped his arms around your middle. Divus nestled his head between your neck and shoulder then whispered in your ear.
鈥淪tart from this page recite the recipe from start to finish and take a guess what it鈥檚 used 聽for. Don鈥檛 stop until the very end. Got it?鈥
鈥淵-Yes, professor, sir.鈥
鈥淕ood girl!鈥
鈥淏-Bring pot of d-d-distilled water to a simmer. Turn down heat before pot comes to boil. T-To the cauldron add three...鈥
You tried to recite the recipe but Divus lips trailing up and down your neck almost proved too much. Leather-clad fingers grazed down the front of your clothes and stopped at your belt buckle.
鈥淎dd three what, Yuu?鈥
鈥淎-Add three drops of l-lavender for luck. Add three parts red rose petals or red rose buds. Boil three swan鈥檚 eggs and break the shells, a-add them to the mixture.鈥
Clink! Divus unfastened your belt and worked on unbuttoned your slacks. You gasped and forced your eyes to stay open on the page. A shudder rippled through you as Divus slipped his gloved hand under your clothes.
鈥淭-Take f-four turtle dove feathers and put them into the pot. W-Wait!鈥
鈥淲ait for what? Do you want me to stop?鈥 Divus nibbled on your neck. His fingertips found your clit and rubbed circles on it.
鈥淲-Wait for feathers to dissolve before adding equal parts rose water. Three parts cinnamon, c-cardamom, and cherry pits. S-Stir...
Divus thumbed your clit while two of his fingers wriggled their way inside your cunt. You gripped the spell book, almost throwing it off the podium. You leaned into his touch as he stirred up your insides. Divus crooked his fingers while buried in your cunt.
鈥淪tir until completion,鈥 finished Divus. He pecked your cheek and rubbed your clit until you came all over his fingers.
Divus鈥 treatment left you panting and moaning for more. When he pulled out, your pussy was forced to clench around nothing. You whined at the absence of him, but he didn鈥檛 make you suffer for long. Divus unbuttoned and shed off his vest, unbuckled his belt, and unfastened his sleek black trousers. Your uniform was discarded next until you were bent over a cauldron with your bare ass in the air. Your clothes, including your underwear were in a pile next to the podium. Divus, however, remained mostly clothed, symbolic of his power over you. He pulled down his trousers and silk boxers just enough for him to pull out his cock. Divus stroked himself with his gloved-hand and teased the hard, reddened blunt head against your weeping cunt. He teased the outer folds, but never entered fucked you silly like you wanted. No matter how much or how loud you whined, Divus played with your poor pussy instead.
鈥淧-Professor Divus!鈥 You cried at the brink of tears. 鈥淧lease, no more teasing. Put it in. I need it!鈥
鈥淥h, how pretty you whine for me, puppy. You sound so sweet when you鈥檙e begging me like a good bitch in heat. I鈥檒l give you exactly what you want if you can answer my question correctly. What was the recipe I told you to recite?鈥
You bit your lip even though you knew the answer. It didn鈥檛 take a genius to know what kind of recipe it was. Divus鈥 palm landed on your ass and make you squeak.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the answer? Don't you want to be fucked like a good girl?鈥 He pressed his cock between your pussy鈥檚 lips, but went no further.
You gripped the edge of the enormous cauldron as if bracing yourself for something. His cockhead stretched you open before even burying itself in your slick walls.
鈥淎n...an aphrodisiac!鈥 You answer.
You shuddered as one of Divus鈥 hand caressed your spine and splayed his fingers between your shoulder blades. His other hand held your hip in a firm grip. Divus kicked your feet apart to give him a better look at the cunt he pushed his cunt into. He moaned like a porn star when he buried himself to the hilt. The hand that wasn't latched unto your hip snaked its way to the front, grazing your throat, and cupped your chin. His thumb brushed your lips and teased them open until you took him into your mouth. You suckled on the digit and indulged in the taste of Divus leather glove in your mouth with a muffled moan of your own.
鈥淪uch a sweet little bitch. What a good girl you are.鈥 Divus rutted against you, snapping his hips against you hard.
His belt buckle smacked against the back of your leg, which only added to the pleasure of getting pounded like a bitch in heat. Divus hissed, cussed, and sighed against your skin while leaving love-bites all over your shoulders. Your knuckles burned the longer you held onto the cauldron鈥檚 rim as Divus fucked you. The classroom filled with the sound of skin against skin slamming into each other, interrupted only by the muffled cant of your moans and the buckle slapping against your thigh. You sucked on Divus鈥 thumb while thinking about his cock and what it would feel like reaching the back of your throat. Your cunt tightened around the thick length pounding your insides, and it didn鈥檛 escape Divus鈥 notice.
鈥淲hat are you thinking about, sweet girl? Am I making you feel good?鈥 Divus husked near to your ear.
All you could manage to do was to nod your head. Your eyes rolled into your skull as white hot heat speared down your spine, making you gush sooner than you liked. Divus continued to use your cunt like a fleshlight and bringing you back to the ledge over and over again. Something sticky and fluid slid down your thighs. Divus grabbed both your shoulders and enveloped you with his body. One arm wrapped around your stomach to hold you tight against him while the other reached down and his fingers played with your clit. His thrusts kissed the deepest part of your cunt without causing pain. He kissed your neck and suckled on your skin as his thrusts turned erratic. You could feel his breath ghost across your skin as he panted to match the pace of his hips.
A thick rope of cum shot into your pussy while Divus held you tight. He groaned into your ear as he emptied himself. Sweat beaded down your brows at the end of the ordeal. You whined when Divus pulled out gently as he could out of your swollen cunt. He teased and folded your sopping wet. Divus patted your head and smoothed out your hair. It would be several minutes before you could uncurl your fingers and let go of the cauldron. Divus cleaned up whatever mess you made coming so hard around his cock more times than you could count. By the time you put on your uniform, no one would have been the wiser.
鈥淵uu. Wait just one more moment.鈥
Divus crossed the classroom to where you stood by the door. His gloves were still slick and smelled of you. He reached for your tie and straightened it for you all the while never breaking eye contact.
鈥淐arry on, Yuu. I鈥檒l see you next class, yes?鈥
You nod, heat rising to your brain.聽
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Yuu: *is eating some shrimps for lunch*
Floyd: Cannibalism.
Yuu: *throws the shells at him*
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setzeri 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Adoptive father questions several life choices.
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funako3 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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more-like-notome 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If he doesn鈥檛 stop doing stupid shit I swear
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k0ushii 4 months ago
Incorrect quote my friend wrote (with permission to post)
Ace and Deuce: You finally found a way home!?
Grim: You're staying here to be my henchman Forever?!
Epel: You wanna be buff??
Jack: You finally understood my morals??
Riddle: You memorized all the rules?
Trey: you brushed your teeth?
Cater: You followed me on Magicam?
Azul: You wanna make a contract??
Jade: You found some exotic mushrooms?
Floyd: You wanna get squeezed?
Leona: z...z zzz.z.zzzZzz
Ruggie: You wanna give me money?
Jamil: You'll finally stop teasing me for saying Dokkan?
Kalim: You wanna go on a magic carpet ride?
Vil: Neige lost?
Rook: *Motherfucker already knows*
Idia: You wanna hand over Grimm to me?
Ortho: You want me to blow up the school?
Lilia: You wanna try out my cooking?
Silver: Zzz zzz ZzzZz
Sebek: you finally understood the importance of our Lord and Savior Wakasama?
Malleus: You wanna plan out our wedding?
Everyone: What?
Malleus: What
Crewel: Oh you all are about to be so disappointed *Holds up Yuu's report card*
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zariyen 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
beans camo yuu! drawn for an oc collab on twitter to celebrate beans day / beanfest in twst en :>
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pika-ace a month ago
TWST: Disney Knowledge Yuu
Well, everyone wanted a Part 2, so here you go!
(Part 1)
Deuce: The Star festival is based on a story about a wooden doll who came to life
Yuu: Oh, Pinocchio
Trey: Pino-what?
Yuu: But I swear, if donkeys or whales are involved, I鈥檓 out.
Deuce: Whaaaa鈥?
Scarabia students: Stop, you street rat!!
Yuu: Huh, so this is how Aladdin feels鈥
(During Jamil鈥檚 Overblot)
Yuu: Okay, if he starts talking in nothing but puns, we kill him
Kalim: Wait no-
((Bonus - Yuu: Fight like a man, you snake!
OB!Jamil: A snake, am I? >:3
Yuu: Oh fuck, why did I say that鈥? XS))
(Meeting the dwarves)
Dominic: I鈥檓 Dominic, nice to meet you :)
Yuu: Doc鈥
Gran: I鈥檓 Gran, don鈥檛 mess with me >:(
Hop: And I鈥檓 Hop! Yay! :D
Yuu: Grumpy鈥appy鈥
Sleepy: *yawns* I鈥檓 Sleepy鈥 -_-
Snick: I鈥檓 Snick鈥
Yuu: Sleepy and鈥?
Snick: *sneezes*
Yuu: Ah, Sneezy
Timmy: *shyly* I-I鈥檓 Timmy鈥
Yuu: Bashful, so then which one鈥檚 Dopey?
Last Dwarf: What鈥檚 my name again? :3c
Dominic: Don鈥檛 forget your name, Toby :(
Yuu: Oh my god鈥
Neige: *singing their song for the contest*
Yuu: *singing along softly* Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it鈥檚 home from work we go鈥
NRC: 鈥hose aren鈥檛 the words??????
(At Harveston)
Epel: The Queen prized apples above all else
Yuu: Uh-Huh鈥
Epel: It鈥檚 tradition to make a wish at the wishing well
Yuu: Checks out鈥
Epel: And the sled race is inspired by forest creatures who helped a girl lost in the woods
Yuu: Geez, this WHOLE TOWN is just one big Snow White reference!
Epel: What in tarnation鈥?
Yuu: *already decorating for Halloween*
Grim: Why the early start?
Yuu: I live in the LITERAL HAUNTED MANSION RIDE, I鈥檓 taking full advantage of this
(Fairy Gala)
Crowley: These are fairies of creating
Yuu: Tinker Bells
Crowley: Huh?
Yuu: Just call them Tinker Fairies *softly* Hopefully they aren鈥檛 all brats鈥
Crowley: Oooookaaaaay鈥?
Crowley: Alright, everyone who鈥檚 going to the Gala must use this Pixie Dust
Yuu: Remember everyone, have faith and trust :3
Leona: Why the fuck would we need-
Yuu: Why can鈥檛 this stuff make us fly? >:/
Jamil: *visible concern*
(During Book 5 probably)
Ace: (about to eat an apple turnover)
Yuu: *slaps it out of his hands* NO ONE EAT ANYTHING APPLE RELATED
Epel: But why?? D:
Yuu: Just trust me on this
((I know Book 4 was just finished like 2 weeks ago but HURRY UP AND LOCALIZE BOOK 5, DISNEY!!))
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ramhell 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i couldn't resist. @wolken-himmel
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brainlessrot 2 months ago
Yo Toby, I read your work and was like yessss another writer to read. Anyways, I was wondering if you could write a scenario for the dorm leaders (could you switch Kalim for Jamil? If you can鈥檛 I understand) with an s/o who is very gen z and makes the comment 鈥淚 came here for a good time, not a long time鈥 after doing something reckless and the dorm leaders meaning worried for them?
Aww, thank you for being my first request, and about putting jamil in kalims place, its alright with me! dw ( 麓 鈻 ` )
i had to slightly change it since having the mc repeating the same phrase like a pokemon was kinda weird, so i hope you dont mind!
Twst OB! gang with a reckless Gen Z S/O
Contents ;; GN!MC (refered to as Prefect and some other nicknames), the boys being pretty concerned about the prefects mental stability, romantic scenario with each of them separetly!
Characters ;; Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Promt: Reaction of the boys about their Gen Z! S/O being reckless
Tumblr media
Riddle ;;
Ah, the Adeuce duo plus Grim, or, as you call them, the bane of your existence. Joking, but even if you are quite fond of them, they are still very annoying.
And what's more annoying is when they rope you in their dumbass shenanigans. lt always ends with you four sitting in front of Riddle while he yells furiously about rules.
Now, today Ace had decided that it would be a fun thing to do, trying to parkour above the rose maze. And you all, with your collective single brain cell, decided to follow suit.
"STOP!!" His shrill voice echoed from in between a couple of bushes, his face was bright red, it almost seemed as if he popped a blood vessel, which would probably happen soon. "STOP RIGHT THERE. IF YOU JUMP IT'LL BE OFF WITH YOUR HEAD IMMEDIATELY." All of you looked from one another, emotions ranging from fear to deathly terrified on your face. But you were not going to give up. You had already gotten on top of a small building, and the pole right next to you was so, so close. And you had been so, so bored before this鈥
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" You were walking backwards to propel yourself, and as your feet left the roof of the building you screamed, saying that you came here for a fun time, not a long time. As you held onto the pole, you looked back, seeing Riddle staring at you with a mix of concern and rage. As you slide down towards the floor, Riddle jogs at you, and the moment you land, with your back to him, he puts his magic pen up.
"OF WITH YOUR HEAD!" His face had slowly gone back to his normal skin color. He stepped closer to you, holding the back of the heart shaped lock. "You're coming with me. Right now." He stopped for a moment, stopping his tugging at you to look at your face "Don't you dare do that again. I鈥 I was worried."
Tumblr media
Leona ;;
Leona had invited you over to Savanaclaw, probably to just nap for the rest of the day. But the moment you reached the lounge he was not there, waiting for you like he had said.
Instead, there were a couple of Savanaclaw students, water dripping down their hair. Apparently, since Leona was busy doing Seven know what, they had decided to host鈥 a pool party? All of them seemed to be having so much fun. And鈥 it wouldn鈥檛 hurt if you joined in, right?
And so you became part of the so-called party. Taking part in their little games.
Until some of them dared, dared you to jump from the top of the rock above the water. You looked behind you, staring at that cliff for a couple of seconds, they began telling you that if you were a chicken and did not want to do it you didn鈥檛 have to do it鈥 but oh, you were going to do it, just to spite them.
There you are now, on top of the rock, looking down on the water. You still don鈥檛 know how deep the water is, but you鈥檇 seen some people jump from up here鈥 right? Or were they jumping from the edge down below? You shrugged, who cares! Definitely not you.
Leona cared, Ruggie had seen you talk to the beast men, and he did not want to miss Leona鈥檚 reaction to you jumping from up there. And so the grumpy lion, recently awakened from his long nap, was now walking between the mob of students, tail swaying behind him. However, the moment he saw you perched up there, it froze, and he stopped moving altogether. Just when he saw you leap and splash as you reached the bottom and broke the surface of the water he could react.
鈥淗ERBIVORE!鈥 He ran to the edge of the water, the crowd erupting in cheers. The moment he saw your head pop up from the water he gnarled. 鈥淎re you stupid?! You could have broken a rib or somethin鈥!鈥 When you jokingly told him that you didn鈥檛 really care, since you鈥檇 come for a fun time, not a long one, he slapped you in the back of your head. Muttering something along the lines of you being 鈥渁nnoying and dumb鈥. But he still carried you off to get dry in his room.
Tumblr media
Azul ;;
You were helping your boyfriend at the monstro lounge when Floyd, tired of working, snatched you away from your own work, instead deciding that he wanted to show you the fish in the aquarium they had at the back of the lounge. Azul was slightly annoyed at this, but decided to keep his mouth shut.
That was until Floyd opened the lid and you put your arm in there, putting your body weight forward to be able to reach lower. Not only he was worried you would accidentally touch one of the jellyfishes, since they not only had the harmless and cute moon jellies, but a wide variety, like mauve stingers and compass jellies, but you could also fall inside the tank!
鈥淎ngelfish, please back off from the tank.鈥 You both looked back at him, and he could perceive how Floyd鈥檚 smile widened, sharing similarities to the ones cats had when you tell them to not throw a glass off the counter and they stare at you, paw slowly pushing the glass towards the edge. But in this case, you were the glass.
You fell face first into the water, your clothes making you sink slightly. Some curious fish and shrimp got near you, inspecting their new 鈥渢ank mate鈥. Even under the water and behind a heavy glass, you heard Azul鈥檚 scream, sharp and high, and Floyd鈥檚 laugh.
You saw a slightly distorted Azul come running towards the tank, and a hand yanked you back to the surface from the back of your clothes.
鈥淎re you okay?!鈥 Azul grabbed your face to check for any sting or cut marks, pushing you and moving it to different angles to get a better look. His hands stopped as he looked you in the eye when you told him that you had fun and wanted to do it again.
He seemed to be processing what the hell you were saying when Floyd chuckled and pointed to your leg, still underwater, where a small octopus had clung itself on, saying that it resembled Azul.
Azul blushed, but helped you get out of the tank and lent you a towel, however, he was still dumbfounded at what you had told him, did you need therapy? He could use some of his contacts for you if needed鈥
Tumblr media
Jamil ;;
Ah, magic carpet rides with Kalim, they were so nice. Even as you both screamed your lungs off while he swerves, loops, and sudden falls just to pick the height back again.
Anyway, Jamil didn鈥檛 share the sentiment. It made him grow grey hairs by just thinking of you both- the boy he serves and his significant other- just seconds away from becoming pudding against the floor if Kalim wasn鈥檛 swift enough to pull at the carpet so it鈥檇 fly upwards. Which almost happened every time.
He had been doing laundry at the dorm when he saw you flying through the window, you both screaming and laughing while the wind whipped at your face.
His hold on the clothes he was hanging loosened, and fell to the ground as he rushed to the window, just in time to see Kalim try to slow down before landing, falling miserably.
He rushed through the corridors towards the dorm鈥檚 garden. Kalim and you were sprawled on the grass, legs tangled as the carpet wiggled under you both. As he saw you, he rushed to check on you both, looking over Kalim quickly before his eyes landed on you. You were still laughing, that was fun! You said, you really wanted to do that again, perhaps with more precaution, but it had been so fun.
The look of concern Jamil sent you the moment those words left your lips got rid of those thoughts, he looked so tired and so worried. You felt compelled to promise him that you鈥檇 take care and stay safe, and even stay away from the carpet if it鈥檇 make him feel better, at which he only sighed, pulling you for a hug.
鈥淛ust鈥 Don鈥檛 go scaring me like that, okay?鈥
Tumblr media
Vil ;;
Ah, the weather has been so nice lately, not too hot to melt your bones and not cold enough to freeze your toes, the perfect middle ground. Perfect to go outside.
And your beloved boyfriend thought the same way, as he had invited you on a walk. You were now waiting on top of a hill at the edge of the campus, waiting for him. As you overlooked your surroundings, you couldn't avoid staring intently downhill. You remember being a kid and laying down at the top of one, letting go and rolling to the bottom, you held those memories fondly, and nostalgia hit you hard.
And what's better to reminisce about old memories? Remaking them.
You left your bag on the grass, kneeling down as you started giggling, you had completely forgotten about your walk with Vil, fully focused on your task at hand.
And as you laid down completely and started rolling, you heard Vil's powerful voice鈥 it was not a scream, but definitely not normal volume.
"Sweet Seven what happened to you?" He sounded agitated as he stooped you, almost near the bottom of the hill. You couldn't avoid laughing loudly, still quite dizzy from the multiple turns you had taken. You told him that you just felt inclined to do that, and the way his eyes stared at you with such attention made you believe that he was wondering how he ever started dating you. His concern disappeared as he realized you were fine, but was quickly changed for anger. You both were supposed to go on a date! And now you were covered in dirt, grass and leaves, absolutely not acceptable to be seen outside! He grabbed your elbow, helping you get up. 聽"Go grab your bag, there is a change of plans," You couldn't resist shivering at the way his cold smile complimented his lavender eyes. "We're going back to Pomefiore for an intensive spa day."
Tumblr media
Idia ;;
Ortho had acted as a messenger pigeon for the hundredth time today, telling you that Idia wanted to see you, since he had a 鈥渟uper cool UR+ surprise鈥 for you, and you had to go as quick as you could to his dorm room.
You were now familiar with Ighnihyde鈥檚 layout, since most, if not all, of your dates and gaming nights with your boyfriend had been inside the dorm鈥 more specifically his room.
You saw his dorm鈥檚 door with his usual 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 sign still slightly skewed. You believe he had never moved it, much less removed it, not even when he was expecting you to enter, since he always seemed to know when you came and opened the door right before you knocked.
Today this fact did not change, you held your hand in front of the door as it creaked open, the faint blue light emitting from his hair lighting the ever-so-dim hallway. You playfully poked his forehead as you already had your hand up, he only clicked his tongue as he swatted your hand away, but the blush on his face betrayed that he was not annoyed. Without even a word, he opened the door completely, letting you enter before closing it behind you. You were now used to the messy interior, since after a couple of weeks of dating you became a regular guest, but today it was exceptionally chaotic. Candy wrappers and empty cans of energy drinks littered his desk, his computer still on, a random tab still open. His bedsheets were a mess, and some of his pillows even lay forgotten on the floor. Before you could tell him, 鈥渂itch you live like this?鈥 he called you to his side. He was crouching down, rummaging in between some boxes.
He had his back to you, throwing some trash to either side while searching that UR+ item Ortho had told you about.
鈥淲ait this is useful,鈥 He extended his arms towards you, holding a colorful鈥 battery? 鈥淐an you hold this for a second? thxs.鈥 You always wondered how he managed to pronounce those ungodly words.
You held onto the battery, turning it around and on its side, it almost looked鈥 tasty. You wondered out loud, is it edible? You could probably lick it, at most it would only zap you鈥 right?
鈥淲HAT?! NO!鈥 Idia quickly turned to you, taking the battery off of your hands as your tongue poked out of your lips. 鈥淎RE YOU CRAZY?!鈥 He looked at you like he wasn鈥檛 the dude who went outside as a flying magical tablet. 鈥淯gh, forget it,鈥 He hid the battery between some boxes before you got any idea. 鈥淗ere, take this, and no eating!鈥 He held out a hand, a small figurine of鈥 you both, it looked handmade. His hair was flaring pink. 鈥淭ake it before I change my mind and kick you out.鈥
Tumblr media
Malleus ;;
Your boyfriend had whisked you away the moment you stepped out of your dorm during the early day, not even a ray of sun in sight, promising you to show you something beautiful. However, as you thought, he had already shown up, so you didn鈥檛 know what to expect.聽
He had helped you get on top of one of the old school roofs, you wonder how this thing could still hold up, since it was definitely older than Malleus, and maybe even Lilia. He held your hand tightly in his, perhaps because he was afraid you were cold, or you could slip on a mossy tile and fall, which would be, in his imagination, fatale. In his mind, as strong and tough as you had demonstrated yourself to be, you were still a human, a fragile human. And he cherished you too much to even afford to let you get a single scratch on those hands he loved to hold.
Your walking ended some steps away from the edge, overlooking the forest at the back of your school, you could see a tall tower to your left, the sun peeking from behind.聽
Some gargoyles shared your view from the edge of the roof, overlooking the various trees and plants. One of them, under the early sunlight, had a part of a horn that sparkled, and you, filled with curiosity, tried to get near.
But, against your worse judgement, it was early morning, and the morning dew under your feet made you slip. Malleus had been looking at you with a fond smile, but when he saw you get way too near to the edge, almost dangling, he was terrified. His blood ran cold, jumping forward to grab you before you fell off.
The moment you were on a safer spot, he held you in his arms tight, your back to his chest. You tried to reassure him, telling him that he wasn鈥檛 getting rid of you for a while, after all, weeds are not killed by frost, and you still have to annoy him a little bit more. He chuckled, but still felt a little bit shaken, so you both stayed sitting in the roof until the sun completely illuminated your faces.
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raven-at-the-writing-desk a month ago
Did you see the ending of chapter 6? I have so many questions but don't wanna spoil anything
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I did indeed 馃憗 馃憚 馃憗
***Chapter 6 main story spoilers below the cut!***
From what I understand, it seems that OG!Ortho and Robo!Ortho 鈥渕erged鈥, so now they are one being? Like, it鈥檚 still the Robo!Ortho we know and love, but with the full extent of a聽鈥渉eart鈥 and聽鈥渉umanness鈥 that he lacked before (contributed from OG!Ortho, who has now safely passed on).聽
Idia also formally acknowledges Robo!Ortho as his聽鈥渂rother鈥 and tells Ortho he鈥檚 free to be his own person instead of just an AI with the sole purpose of emulating his dead brother. Ortho even becomes officially enrolled as a first-year student (he鈥檚 in Class 1-C!), so he鈥檚 already making great leaps in terms of personal growth and developing his own identity.
As for Idia, he鈥檚 slowly starting to acclimate to being around other people and socializing instead of always shutting himself off from the world and stewing in his own self-loathing and guilt. He鈥檚 on the path to growth and recovery as well!
We also get a preview and hints for what Diasomnia might entail. Mickey mentions having seen a boy with silver hair and strange eyes (which probably refers to Silver), though the context for this isn鈥檛 quite clear yet. More importantly, I feel that the subjects Malleus and Lilia discuss throughout chapter 6 will become extremely relevant again in chapter 7. More specifically, I am referring to the importance of bonds and what one does with the short lifespans they are granted.
It seems that Malleus is either unaware of or demonstrates very little understanding for the brevity of non-fae lives (and, I would argue, the true importance of friendships). But he is forced to look mortality in the face when he sees how much Vil has aged. He sees his classmates rejoicing as they are united with their kidnapped dorm leaders (and vice dorm leader, in Jamil鈥檚 case). It鈥檚 all so different than anything he has personally experienced.聽Malleus has so much time left ahead of him, time that his classmates won鈥檛 have. Most of his own relationships seem shallow at best, and school life fleeting. He鈥檚 confused by it all, or at the very least contemplating about it now that Lilia has reminded him of those concepts (if his long pauses/moments of silence are anything to go by).
鈥淗uman lives are as fragile as threads, but they become stronger when they are weaved together.鈥
I think that chapter 7 will further expand on this concept, tackling the ideas of mortality, how short lives are, how one must cherish the relationships and the time they have. Most importantly, I think the story will come full circle with something Crowley introduced in the prologue: that in cooperating and working together, we will be able to overcome any obstacle (well, specifically defeating RSA, but I mean in more holistic way). These ideas will most likely use Malleus鈥檚 loneliness as a springboard for exploration, but I think that it won鈥檛 be exclusively applied to his friendship with Yuu. I think it鈥檚 very likely that chapter 7 will also address Malleus鈥檚 relationship with the others in Diasomnia, particularly Sebek and Silver, who are in part or entirely human.
Regarding Yuu, I honestly don鈥檛 think chapter 7 will revolve too heavily around their relationship with Malleus (but obviously it will still be present, probably to help with investigating or something), but rather will deal with the mystery of the mirror and Mickey, as well as their friendship with Grim. Keep in mind that we still haven鈥檛 seen Grim鈥檚 (anticipated) OB yet, we only recovered him from STYX. It鈥檚 possible that Grim will be the chapter 7 OB, whether in conjunction with, or in place of, Malleus鈥檚 OB. I can definitely see Malleus and the rest of NRC coming to grips with聽鈥渢he power of friendship鈥 and banding together to fight OB Grim in one final, epic battle.
I don鈥檛 really have an idea for how Ignihyde will return and help with the Diasomnia chapter though I鈥檝e seen lots of memes about Idia flashing technology at OB Malleus to one shot him 馃槀 Considering all the memeing being done about Vil would kick down Idia鈥檚 bedroom door and drag him out to socialize before the official release of chapter 6... and then chapter 6 turning out to be nothing like what we expected, I鈥檓 thinking chapter 7 will also be something completely unexpected.
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During the Fairy Gala
Yuu, not being on the receiving end of Crowley's blackmailing for once, watching the others struggle:
Tumblr media
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