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Endless cursed trio gifs 5 ⋆⋆⋆
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ㅤ𔘓 ─ ##. breeding kink with itadori yūji!
ㅤ— minors don’t interact.┊wc: 0.8K.
ㅤcontent + warnings: 18+, including: soft dom!yūji, breeding kink, nicknames, overstimulation, (un)protected sex, creampie, mention of mating press.
ㅤpairings: aged up!itadori yūji x f!reader.
request. | jujutsu kaisen masterlist!
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"Doll, please, can I...?", Yuji's voice was husky, interspersed with small sighs and gasps, his eyes fixed on the way you were moving down and up on his lap, taking him completely into your tight pussy.
Yuji liked to have you on top of him because he could both see you bouncing on top of him with your tits going up and down and see your face contorting with pleasure every time he reached a little deeper inside you.
"What, honey?", you asked leaning over his body with hands resting on his chest.
The two of your faces were close enough for his unregulated breathing to beat against your cheeks.
Yuji looked very cute beneath you, trying not to cum inside the condom because he wanted to ask you if he could finish raw inside your pussy, his cheeks flushed in a color similar to his pinkish hair that was now sticking to his sweaty forehead.
"Inside mhm, can I? Please-ahn?", from the way his dick was twitching against the condom and ypir walls, it was obvious that his climax was dangerously close, "R-Raw, no condom, wanna f-fill you, your pussy, can I? Please?"
An amused chuckle escaped your lips.
Yuji was so kind, docile, always trying not to bend over anywhere and just start pounding inside your pussy madly because he couldn't go more than two days without being in a room with his hands all over your body and your pussy serving as a cocksleeve for him.
And even after months of dating, he still felt embarrassed to ask you to satisfy his breeding kink, even though the first time you two slept together, you had tried to wrap your legs around his hips to keep him from pulling out in time and ending up cumming on your crotch.
Deep down, Yuji found it intimate and even a little romantic to cum inside you. He loved to feel your walls milking every last drop out of him and to see your entrance leaking out afterwards in piles because he always ended up cumming in large quantities; there were not uncommon times when his cock ended up getting hard again just watching your tight hole expelling his cream and you readily volunteered to use your hands to help him to get off.
"You could have just taken the condom off from the beginning, honey", you whispered in response resting the knees on the bed to raise your body and letting him out of your pussy to place your fingers at the round base of the condom cupping him.
"I like to feel your fingers pulling it out", Itadori stammered swallowing dryly and focusing his attention on the slow way your fingers dragged the condom up until his dick was free of it.
And you barely gave him time to properly reason out your next actions because you threw the condom on the floor and immediately sat back on his hard cock, now finally feeling every inch of his shaft, every vein around it pulsing against your walls.
Yuji gasped and forced his hips upward with hands digging the fingers into your waist and holding you still so he could finally thrust himself into you almost as if he were using your pussy as a fleshlight.
Itadori's loud moans mingled with yours and joined the mess of wet sounds coming from between your thighs from his dick fucking you.
On a stronger thrust than the previous ones, your lovely boyfriend ended up cumming deep inside you, filling you finally the way he loved so much, feeling you take every last drop inside your too-tiny pussy that ended up letting a few fillets leak out around the edges of your entrance even though his cock was still widening your walls.
You could feel his legs trembling beneath yours and see his totally fucked face with even more flushed cheeks.
But, Itadori knew that you hadn't cum yet and from the way your walls were massively squeezing his shaft and trying to keep all of his milk in, he also knew that you were too close to do it. So his hands forced your body back, you falling onto the bed and him getting on top now, pushing your legs against your tits and forcing you to stay in mating press for him.
Oh, how cute.
Him and his breeding kink and the need to fill you more, make you stay with his cum inside your pussy for the rest of the day.
"More, I wanna fill you up more", Yuji whispered starting to thrust into your pussy again, the overstimulation coursing through his body and making him at the same time want to stop and keep going until he came again, "Keep it all in, yeah? Don't let any drops leak mhm or I'll need to fill you to the brim again, lovely."
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ㅤ🏷 tagging: @wakasa-wifey @dukina @ravenina14 @saaraunicorn @ranilingus @mizurimirai @sleepy3 @kuroaka @slut4manjiro @qudvxnkanx @hirwishin @inu1gf .
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✶ 3k Followers Celebration ✶ ↳ @kodzucafe asked: Jujutsu Kaisen + Favorite Platonic Relationship
I guess that makes us accomplices.
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One Minute, It's a Beautiful Scene
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part ten | masterlist | part twelve
Yuuji Itadori x f!reader x Megumi Fushiguro
Genre: Smut & Angst Notes: University AU, all characters aged up. I think Megumi is finally starting to warm up to our dear sweet reader! Even if it's only a little bit 🥰 Warnings: 18+, PG chapter tbh! Words: 4.5k
Synopsis: You’ve been dating Yuuji Itadori for nine months. He’s the best boyfriend you’ve ever had, he cares for you deeply and he’s amazing in the sack. When new boy Megumi moves to town and joins your art course, you are shocked to discover he isn’t the quiet introvert you suspected him to be.
Tumblr media
You observe Megumi as he fills in the last few areas of the bear page. He laughs when he puts his pen down. It’s ridiculous, but he likes it. Yours on the other hand doesn’t compare to the purple dolphin you had done previously. Megumi definitely has you beat this round in terms of colouring. He takes your book again, flipping through the pages for another page to colour in.
“The red elephant definitely wasn’t your finest work, O’Keeffe.” he tuts, focusing on which page he’d like to colour the most.
“I wish you wouldn’t call me that.” you tell him, pouting like a petulant child at the nickname he gave you the day you met. It is so loaded and filled with hate. But then again, so is the man who keeps using it against you. He huffs, annoyed, just because you’re telling him you don’t like it won’t change a thing. You’re O’Keeffe, to him. Megumi likes it. So Megumi won’t stop.
“Here, you do this one.” he tells you, pointing at a page filled with different types of flowers. It’s cute, and the big sunflower in the centre is calling your name.
It’ll pass the final hour to colour in again at the very least.
You couldn’t help but smile each time you looked over at Megumi. The song ‘Pretend We’re Dead’ by L7 was playing full blast through his headphones whilst he was poking his tongue out in concentration whilst colouring in an adorable little unicorn. So angsty and still so cute. He scoffed when he noticed you staring, insisting that you shut up.
“I didn’t say anything!” you giggle.
“Alright, O’Keeffe, focus on your flowers.”
You sigh, looking down at the page. The way your stomach twists and spasms is all too familiar to how you’ve felt ever since you first met Megumi. Looking at the flowers now, despite them not being your own creations, is causing you nothing but pain and heartbreak. Flowers were your muse. They always made you smile, feel loved, feel happy. But now all you feel is disdain. Suffering and sorrow.
His eyebrow quirks and he looks subtly over his shoulder as he watches you close your book without finishing your colouring. He pretends he isn’t interested in what you’re doing as you pack your book back inside of your tote bag and fold the tray table back to where it belongs. You place your felt tips onto his table, manoeuvring your body so you’re facing the window and looking at the sea in the distance.
You’re close.
It’s difficult forgetting who you’re dealing with. Megumi Fushiguro is like no one you’ve ever met. Although there is a familial resemblance to Naoya, both arrogant and nasty, he is so cold and uncaring. Most normal people tend to ask what is wrong when you begin acting how you are right now. Yuuji would be begging you to share your woes with him. But Megumi Fushiguro is not Yuuji. He’ll never ask, although you want him to so badly. You want to scream at him, make him realise what he’s done to you. How he’s ruined something as beautiful and ordinary as flowers for you. And he still won’t stop calling you O’Keeffe! He won’t ask, your only choice is to tell him. But you know it won’t do any good.
He just doesn’t care. And you can’t make him.
“I need some fresh air and a smoke. Why are we even going to this hick town?” Megumi grunts, finishing colouring the unicorns horn in a pretty pastel blue. You scoff, and laugh, earning another infuriated grunt from him. “What?”
“It’s not a hick town, idiot. It’s a coastal town!” you inform him.
“Same thing. Nothing to do but look at the beach and morons walking their mutts.” he huffs.
“You’re always on, aren’t you?” you laugh. “You can turn the angsty teen act off once in a while. It’s okay to like things. You might even like the place, the sea breeze is good for you.” you explain. He shakes his head, resuming his colouring. “I didn’t know you smoke…” you sigh, repositioning yourself so that you’re facing him.
“Nosy.” he says. Maybe he has a point. But you never thought you’d be comfortable enough with your bully to sit and talk with him like this. You shrug your shoulders in an attempt to appear as if you don’t care, but the look in his eye tells you that you aren’t a good enough actress to pull it off. “You’ve seen me with coke on my nose and you’re surprised I smoke?” he states. Your eyes widen in horror as you remember seeing his dusted nose in the bathroom that day.
“Oh, I—”
“Everything in moderation. I don’t smoke or do drugs often. Every now and then to remind me I’m alive. Or when I’m stressed, I guess.” he hums as he explains. “You ever do drugs?” he asks.
“Nosy.” you tease back. A smile creeps onto his face, shaking his head with a pout as he considers you. “There was this one time when I got spiked…”
“Alright, shut up.”
“Are you ever going to apologise for how you’ve treated me, Megumi? Do you know what you’ve done to me?” you wonder.
It’s hard to talk to him. He’s so fucking unusual and mystifying you can’t help but lose yourself in conversation with him and want to know every inch of his aching soul. That’s your inner empath talking. But there’s a frightened voice within you that can’t let you forget what he’s done to you. Every single thing he’s done and you keep throwing it up in the form of words each time you remember. He asked you a question, and you couldn’t help yourself but remind him of what he is. He’s a bastard. A bully. A monster.
He covers his ears with his headphones for the umpteenth time, disregarding your words and your existence entirely.
Something is telling you that you won’t be hearing from him for the rest of the journey.
Tumblr media
Somehow you managed to drift off whilst riding out the final hour of the ride. Megumi was happy with his unicorn colouring and admired it for a while as the vehicle slowed down so that it could park. The other students began to stand up and pick up their belongings so they could get outside sooner. Everyone seemed to be desperate for some fresh air.
The girls of your worst nightmares sauntered by you both. But the blonde couldn’t help but stop and look at the two of you. She sniggered, pulling the attention of the redhead to stare at you as well.
“Looking very cosy, Megumi.” she spat, a loathsome tone in her voice.
Megumi looked to his side, seeing you comfortably resting on his shoulder as you continued to nap. He hadn’t wanted to wake you. But for some reason he let the girl’s comments get under his skin. He shrugged his shoulder, hoping it would be enough to wake you. You stirred, but he noted you had no intention of opening your eyes.
“Get up.” he demanded, using the full force of his hand to shove you away from him. The back of your head thumped against the window and your eyes shot open. Your heart was racing at your unfamiliar surroundings, evidently forgetting where you were whilst you had been sleeping. “We’re here.”
“You didn’t have to shove me.” you tell him.
“I’m not your fucking pillow, O’Keeffe. I know princess is used to everyone doing whatever she wants, though, so I’ll let you off this once.” he tells you as he gathers his things. Before you can get out of your seat, he’s shoving his three coloured pages in your face and demanding you put them in your bag. He is a princess. A childish little bratty princess.
“Don’t you want to keep them?” you ask him waving them in your hand wondering if he’ll change his mind.
“No, put them in your book. They’re yours.”
He stands in the middle of the walkway, blocking everyone from getting ahead of him as he waits for you to get your things together and get off the bus. It makes you nervous, you can hear people complaining in the aisle about being held back and it’s your fault. Why won’t he just let them by? He looks unbothered, as always. His expression is telling you not to worry. But how could you not? He towers above you when you finally stand up and guides you out.
The salty air hits you like a brick through a window. You’ve never felt so alive. And you can tell by Megumi’s face he’s enjoying it too. He’s disgruntled when he hears your lecturer inform you that you’re five minutes away from an art gallery you’ll be spending some time at. He wanted some time to stretch his legs and breathe in the air; it is a crushing blow to realise he’ll be trapped in a stuffy gallery immediately after getting off the coach. You all walk together in the direction of the art gallery nonetheless. But when you get outside, Megumi pulls you backwards and drags you away from the group so that you can hide around the corner.
“What are you—?”
He’s lighting his cigarette and leaning against the wall. His face instantly turns from tense to pure ecstasy. He snickers each time you look around, tense about being caught with him and not inside with your class. As if you aren’t adults. It’s like you’re scared about being caught smoking. You are.
“Why are you so antsy? Here,” he speaks as he holds his cigarette out to you. Though you politely decline, he continues puffing away and tarring his lungs. “We aren’t teenagers y’know. We won’t get in trouble.”
“We’re meant to be with the group! You didn’t even tell anyone about—”
“Shut up.” he hisses, tossing his cigarette to the ground and stubbing it out with the bottom of his shoe. “C’mon then, princess, let’s get you inside before you blow a fucking fuse.” he moans as he storms ahead of you. Your legs work over time doing your best to keep up with his massive strides, still trailing behind him.
It turns out you were worried for nothing as you seamlessly re-join with the class. The two of you lingering in the back as your teacher explains what is going on. Apparently you have an hour to wander around and admire the work, and after that time you need to meet back up in the main room to listen to a speech from one of the curators here. Megumi rolls his eyes at that, immediately skulking off to the nearest elevator to hide on the top floor.
As much as you want to explore and admire all of the art, you know you’re easy pickings by yourself. The girls are eyeing you up like vultures the further away Megumi gets from you. You look between him and them a few times before rushing over to the elevator. He shakes his head in annoyance as he swallows liquid from an energy drink can he pulled out of his backpack.
“Little bloodsucker.” he mutters.
You ignore him, though, knowing it’s easier to listen to his insults than be involved with the girls downstairs. There isn’t much to look at when you step outside and onto the top floor. A few paintings and nothing more. Although there is a comfortable looking bench that Megumi soon makes himself at home on. You sit beside him twiddling your thumbs, unable to help feeling like you’re missing out on things.
“I’m not keeping you here, go look at the art.” he tells you.
“N-No…” you stutter, pulling your laptop out of your bag and searching the gallery up on the internet. “I’ll use my phones hotspot and… it’s fine. See, most of the paintings are on their website so—”
“It’s different in the flesh. You want to make some notes for your dissertation, right? Go look around.” he instructs.
“I don’t want to go. Those girls terrify me, honestly. They only leave me alone when you’re with me.”
“Well I’m here now. And there’s some paintings here, too. So go look at those.”
You suppose he has a point. There’s no one here but you and him. You tuck your laptop back inside of your bag and decide to look around. He doesn’t take his eyes off you while you look at each painting and make page after page of in-depth notes. You’re smarter than he’s given you credit for. He hasn’t even thought about writing his dissertation. He feels a strange sensation in his chest each time you lean forwards and tuck your pen behind your ear as you study each individual brushstroke on the canvases. He’s getting warmer. And he can’t stop smiling. He tries to shake it away and drink more of his energy drink. He doesn’t want to think about it anymore. About you. Why is he thinking about the time you kissed at your parents manor house?
He gets up, abandoning you as he strides towards the elevator again. It’s hard for you to put your things away and catch up with him, but you do. Standing side by side as the elevator descends to the floor below.
“What’s wrong?” you ask.
He sticks close to you as you wander from painting to painting. He even shields you from the girls when he spots them getting a little close, not that you noticed. Too captivated by the paintings. They’re all so homely and sweet. The type of painting you’d see in a grandparent’s home. Mostly beachscapes and sea life. You turn a corner, and Megumi whistles as he studies the painting in front of you both.
“Wow…” you huff.
“It’s... big.” he follows.
“And so detailed.” you add.
It’s another beachscape, but with a ton of attractions included in the image. Amusement parks, restaurants, you name it. You’re scribbling down notes furiously as you take in every inch of the beautiful painting. Megumi, meanwhile, is more interested in the floor to ceiling window overlooking the town and bathing the painting in natural light. He notices something in the distance that makes him squint in concentration. His vision begins to alternate between the painting and the window. He takes your breath away as he drags you towards the window so you can see what he’s looking at. You begin to copy him as you look between the painting and the window, seeing what he’s seeing.
“An aquarium!” you smile, excited by the prospect of going.
“Shall we go?” he asks. You shake your head.
“We can’t,” you tell him as you hoist your bag over your shoulder and begin to walk towards the elevator for the final time. “we have that speech thing in ten minutes.” you remind him. When the doors open and you blend in with the group, your lecturer stands proudly in front of everyone.
“Feel free to look around for another ten minutes before the wonderful curator tells us about the history of the town and how it influenced the art on display.” he announces.
You turn to see Megumi standing with raised eyebrows. Do you really want to stick around and listen to that? Both his facial expression and your internal monologue ask you. When there’s an aquarium down the road? Absolutely fucking not. He tilts his head in the direction of the exit, and you both casually walk towards it hoping to not get caught. Once outside, you begin to sprint together down the streets.
“You’re a bad influence.” you tell Megumi as you slow down now that you’re safe enough to walk.
“You feelin’ alright princess? Didn’t think you had this in you.” he taunts.
“Let’s just go,” you demand as you overtake him in your speed walking, “I wanna see some fish!”
Tumblr media
Megumi covers the cost of the admission free, telling you that you have to pay for food. You remind him that you can’t be any later than 5pm or you’ll miss the coach home. He side eyes you as your phone lights up with a text. You reply with a cheesy smile on your face. Why does he feel so fucking angry about it? He feels even worse as you giggle with your reply.
“Who’s that? Yuuji?” he asks. Instantly cringing at his questioning. He shouldn’t have asked. He doesn’t care. Does he? Why did he ask?
“I haven’t heard anything from Yuuji since he left.” you sigh, wondering why he hasn’t made the effort to answer any of your messages yet. You hold your eyes shut as you try and dispel the negative thoughts from your mind. Smiling when your eyes open and excited to tell Megumi the truth. “It was your dad, actually.” you chuckle.
“Oh, yeah? You text with my dad?” he queries.
“Not really, he was asking how we’re doing and if you’re giving me any shit.” you explain.
“Gonna rat on me again?”
“No! I—”
“Ugh, you’re sick. You want to fuck each other so bad. It’s obvious.” Megumi pouts, walking away from you as he steps into the first room.
“I do not! I can’t speak for Toji and I wouldn’t blame him because, well, look at me.” you joke as you flaunt your body and your face sarcastically. “But I’m with Yuuji and I love him and I’m happy.” you speak a little louder than intended. He nods, but doesn’t speak. You think he’s more interested in the fish, which is fair.
You spend time in each room. Sometimes you stand together, and other times you stand apart. The rooms all link together, so you take your time exploring them all. From Amazonian fish to cold water ones. By the time you reach the warmer waters room you hear Megumi’s stomach begin to growl.
“There’s a café upstairs.” you tell him as you lead the way.
You point at the window while you wait for your orders to be brought to your table. It’s raining. His face scrunches in disbelief. It has been perfect sunshine all day. Barely a cloud in the sky and now it’s pouring down rain.
“I told you.” you remind him.
“Yeah, you did.”
You note the time on your phone, telling him that you should probably go back to your class soon. But he disagrees. You’ve got over an hour before the bus leaves and you still have a few rooms left to look at. You’re satisfied with your small plate of food but it’s clear that it has barely touched the sides for Megumi. Though he declines your offer to get him something else, he’s more intrigued by the prospect of looking at the sharks.
“Maybe we’ll see a purple dolphin.” he jokes. He starts to think of all of the colouring you did together on the coach. And the flowers. Why didn’t you finish the flowers? They’re your thing. He calls you O’Keeffe for a reason! He picked that page specifically for you. Were you just too tired? “How’s your sketchbook doing? I bet you’ve got a garden growing by now.” he asks, distracting himself from annoying, niggling thoughts. You puff out air, unsatisfied with the question and your current predicament.
Flowers. Fucking flowers.
“I’ve fallen out of love with flowers, honestly.” you admit, earning a surprised expression from Megumi.
“Shame. What’s the reason?” he questions, oblivious.
“… You. Because of you, Megumi.”
He clears his throat, awkwardly. It’s not that he feels bad, he doesn’t, but it’s like a real look in the mirror. You aren’t joking with him like you had on the bus. You aren’t trying to get him in trouble with Toji. It’s earnest, it’s real. You’ve stopped loving something that meant so much to you, because of him. Painting flowers meant so much to you. It calmed you. Brought you joy, happiness, strength. And each time he harassed you, called you names, harmed you, destroyed that. It was like he personally ripped an individual petal from every single flower to exist. You’ve lost love. The world has lost its bloom.
He gets up, walking away from the table without a word. You’re never going to get a word out of him. You’ll never get an apology or an acknowledgement of what he’s done to you. What you’ve become because of him. That’s just something you need to come to terms with. You step out into the tropical waters display, a huge underwater tunnel showing you the sharks swimming over your head. The unpleasant conversation seems to melt away from you as you watch the sharks movements and rippling water above you.
The bright blue water illuminates both of you. Though you don’t pay attention to Megumi, he can’t stop staring at you. After torturing you for so long, he doesn’t think he’s seen you truly happy until today. You look like a totally different person to him with an earnest smile on your face.
“Aren’t they beautiful?” you query as you make eye contact with Megumi. He does nought but nod, looking above him at the sea life once again.
“Yeah.” he mutters, so quietly you can’t hear him. He watches you for a while as you take more pictures on your phone.
“Smile!” you tease, pointing your phone at him and catching him off guard. You manage to get one nice one, the rest you take are him covering his face. “Will you take one of me?” you wonder. He hesitates, but nods.
He takes a few as a shark swims behind you, handing your phone back to you to see if you’re satisfied.
“I think you’ve got a new muse.” Megumi informs you. You look deeply into the water, considering his words. Maybe he’s right. It can’t hurt to take some more pictures just in case.
“Come here.” you command him. He gets closer, but begins to retreat as you flip your camera to selfie mode. “Just one, stay still!”
He cracks a smile as you take a photo of yourselves together with the blinding blue water highlighting you both. You consider putting it on your story, but your stomach sinks at the prospect of Yuuji stumbling upon it. He watches you save the image and close out of it, keeping it for your own personal memories.
“Shall we get another coffee and then go?” you ask.
“There’s a gift shop over there.” he points. Your eyes widen. There is nothing more exciting than a gift shop. Regardless of how overpriced they can be.
“Okay. Coffee. Gift shop. Bus.”
Tumblr media
“How cute is this shark!” you smile as you practically shove the shark plush in Megumi’s face. “I want it but—”
“Sure. Hurry up and decide while I go piss.” he sighs as he leaves you alone in the gift shop.
You become incredibly tense after you put down the shark. It was as soft as a cloud, but as the time draws nearer to 5pm, your nerves get the better of you. Where the hell is he? You linger outside the bathrooms for a little while, despite the fact it’s making you feel like a criminal, but he doesn’t appear.
The time hits 5:29 and you can’t help but wonder if he is back to his old tricks. Did he go to the bus alone and leave you stranded here? You look out of a nearby window, and spot him standing across the road. A cigarette between his fingers on one hand and his phone to his ear in the other. Even from this distance you can practically see a vein bulging in his forehead. He’s yelling, furiously. He tosses his cigarette aside and continues talking as he walks back into the aquarium.
At that moment, your heart sinks.
Right as he walks inside, you see your class’ coach drive behind him and out of town. Fuck. You run faster than you ever have before, sprinting down the stairs and out of the building. You didn’t see Megumi, but you pick your phone up and begin to dial your lecturer again and again.
No answer.
You run back inside; searching each and every room to find Megumi again. In hindsight, it would have been a great idea to finally ask for his number while you were on the coach. He’s nowhere in sight, and you worry you’ll never find him at this rate. Should you wait outside for him? Stay in one room and hope that he finds you?
You rush outside into the torrential rain, tears streaming from your face. You aren’t sad, you’re stressed. You’re scared. Where is he? What the hell are you going to do? You’ve been left here and you’re stuck! How could they do this? How could your school just leave you here and not even try to get in touch?
“What are you doing out here?” Megumi asks, yet another cigarette latched between his teeth.
“Did you do this on purpose?” you accuse him, a dangerous scowl on your face telling him you aren’t playing around.
“I was just—” you cut him off as he raises a bag he’s holding in his hand.
“You knew we had to be back at the pick up site for 5pm. Look at the time! It’s gone, we’re stranded! What the fuck are we going to do?” you rant and rave as he continues to smoke casually.
“I don’t want to be stuck here in this weather with you. I didn’t do it on purpose.”
“Who were you on the phone to?”
“I saw you from the window. Arguing. Was it Toji? Were you telling him your latest plan to make my life hell? No one can save me while we’re here. Haven’t you fucked my life up enough?” you begin to cry harder as the stress sets your mind into overdrive. Why did this have to happen to you? Why is he doing this?
“It wasn’t Toji. It’s none of your fucking business who I talk to on the phone.”
“Shut up. Stop crying. Let’s go inside and figure out what we’re going to do.”
You suppose he has a point. Crying won’t solve anything, and maybe you were a little rash in accusing him. Not everything is about you. That’s what you’re sure he’s telling himself in his mind. That you’re a spoilt princess and making something about you which in reality didn’t have anything to do with you. It’s just an unfortunate circumstance that you missed the bus home. You need to figure out how to fix this.
You need to find a way home.
Tumblr media
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Kenjaku's memories part 2
Inspired in Ezel
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Wedding Traditions They Will/Will NOT Do- jjk men (Pt. 1)
Mentioned: Gojo, Nanami, Yuuji, Megumi, Sukuna (lmaoo you think he's really gonna?), Toji, Choso, Yuuta,
The "Garter Toss"- the bride sits in a chair while her groom removes a garter from around her leg.
Part 2 (TBA), Part 3 (TBA), Part 4 (TBA)
Gojo- "What? It's cute!"
It's actually him who brings it up
You think that he's more excited over the ceremony over the actual wedding, but he makes it clear at the end of the night that he really does look forward to starting a new chapter of his life with you (Awww)
Okay, I either see him as one or the other
1- He will throw a HUGE PARTY. Immense. Over 500 invites, a 3-story venue. It's grand, spectacular, and unforgettable.
He wants to make it so that he can actually rub it in his Elder's face that he's actually married.
2- it will be a smaller wedding. At this point, you've already tied the knot in Vegas, but he wants to make a smaller wedding. Perhaps traditionally Japanese. It's up for the two of you to decide.
Speaking of weddings- this man is a menace in wedding shops.
He's seen all seasons of 'Say Yes to The Dress' so he knows his fucking terminology.
Will even fly you to the store if you so desire. (It's mostly him who wants this), but he's dying to appear on the show. It's like a personal fantasy of his.
Another personal fantasy of his is seeing his daughter wear your dress (kind of like the TikTok videos), and while there is a lot of sentimental value, he wants his daughter to show off your dress.
The dress he bought you. 💍
After an unsuccessful appointment of nearly flipping Randy off, Gojo leaves dissatisfied (well, they threaten to kick him out) and throws the towel, opting to get you a personal designer instead. He does and is shameless to want to drop a couple grand on the dress.
"Gojo, I am not spending $34,000 on a dress I will only get to wear for one night. How about we use that money for-"
"If you ever have a daughter, which I'm sure you will, I want her to try your dress in 20 years."
That shuts you up.
If you are choosing a 'bigger' wedding, you opt for a dress that resulted in a whopping $15,000
I mean, it's prettier and affordable. Gojo wanted to run the extra mile and buy a $64,000 dress, but it was too extravagant for your taste.
(Small head canon): Gojo LOVES lace lingerie, but he absolutely HATES lace on wedding dresses with a passion.
That might be why he got mad at one of the employees at SYTTD staff.
Anyways- wow I'm literally writing sm- back to the main idea. 😩😭
It's his idea. He is SO down, but at the end of the day it's up to you.
Also, he's pulling a mf Twilight move
After your event ends, you're in your wedding dress on your way to his private jet. The two of you directly head to your Honeymoon shortly after.
"Gojo, I am not having sex with you on a plane. It's literally our wedding night."
"Come on," he nudges, "I paid for this plane to be soundproof." his eyes follow the back of the plane. "Or-" a suggestive look plays his lips, "We can head over to the bathroom."
You smack him.
"I'm kidding! JEEZ woman!"
Yuuji- *Nervous chuckle*
Is the shyest of them all
Don't get him wrong, he's excited to marry the love of his life, buuuuut does he really want people to see him under your dress?
He doesn't want his friends, more so your parents watching, so what makes you think he's going to allow that?
(Small HC): This boy might even play along like "yeah okay honey, whatever you say," and completely forget about the event until they call him to the main dance floor on the day of your wedding
Let's just say he's freaking out
And you bet your ass Gojo has the camera, ready to post it on YouTube
Yuuji was already nervous to kiss you at the aisle (in front of everyone), so this does NOT help at all
Nanami- "I'm sorry, you're supposed to do what?"
He's already shy as it is (though he will never admit)
Imagine being vulnerable, having a party, and then reaching for your partner's undergarments?
He's already thought about it, and it's a solid no. He's already seen the YouTube videos of couples doing it, and while it may be tradition, he finds it unnecessary. (Link)
"Nanami please, it's tradition."
Still a big no, but if he sees that you want to do something, he'll be open to another alternative. Better yet, make your own tradition.
Megumi- "I am not getting on my knees for people to see. That's only meant for after the wedding."
Being the introvert he is, your wedding is already small. Filled with close friends and family. He's already being vulnerable enough to host a ceremony.
"Do I really have to pull it with my teeth?" He asks as you show him a video with a couple. While he may understand the 'cuteness' of it, he's not budging.
He's already having a party, a WEDDING. He knows people know that after you have a wedding, you have sex. So, when you do marry, just know he won't want to have sex (at least) the first night. The idea (not you) nearly icks him.
It's not the idea of you, rather the idea of having an event solely on this makes him want to retract.
After a (surprisingly) successful wedding, the two of you head for your Honeymoon 2-3 days later.
Sukuna- "I have a better idea."
mf- DO YOU THINK HE WILL REALLY MARRY YOU? What kind of 'pick-me-girl' shit-
"What did you have in mind?" you ask.
"Oh, it's very practical. Very traditional."
mf pulls up with a blood ritual.
He's so fucking cocky. Not even Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox can compare to this level of extra.
And yes, he places a ring on you. But not the kind you'd expect.
If you take your ring off (without his permission), the ring will painfully impale your finger; drawing blood.
For some reason- this excites him???
But yeah, there's no going back now. You wanted marriage? You're in a full-life commitment now whether you like it or not.
Toji- "So what if we did it? It's not like they don't know we're fu-"
Out of everyone, this mf is smug. He knows what he's doing.
Also- what makes you think this man wants to commit? AHEM- parenting?
Unless you're that bitch that goes "I can fix him" -🥺🥺🥺
But if marriage is what you're looking for, he's taking you to the courthouse.
"Put your shoes on, we're going to the courthouse."
Probably the least romantic
Your Honeymoon (in modern!AU) would consist of him taking you on his motor bike across America. The two of you fuck at a local motel.
it's wild
Choso- *Gulps*
He loves you, he's already imagined a family with you, but him + you + pulling your garment while everyone is watching him?= the perfect cardiac arrest.
Anxiety will literally kill him before he even steps foot on the dance floor.
Like Yuuji, he'll be super polite about it. Out of everyone, Choso is possibly the one who makes the least of a big deal out of it (externally, because internally- he's freaking out).
He does a really great job
When he suggests leaving it out, you simply agree. Throwing the idea aside (*internally sighs in relief)
Yuuta: *blank smiling stare* "What"😃
He's so stiff when he watches the video you show him. At first, he didn't know what the tradition was, but when he saw it, he nearly considered marrying in Vegas (kind of what like Gojo did).
Has an unreadable expression plastered on his face? "I thought we could possibly have a small wedding. Or maybe we can use that time and plan a trip abroad. Like London, how's that?"
WILL negotiate. Literally.
He'll come up with lamest excuses. A day prior to your wedding, he comes up with an excuse.
"Sorry, my back hurts."
"That's not what your hips said yesterday. Or this morning." 30 seconds after this tease, you gave up and laughed. Once you confessed, Yuuta was not upset, rather relieved.
"Now, does your back still hurt?" you smile as you place a hand on your hip.
The next 30 seconds proved otherwise.
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gojosimpehe · 2 days ago
The Other Half
Ch 14
Links to previous chapters at the end :)
Summary: It is a Mikasa-Eren like situation. Y/n was taken in by the Itadori family and raised with Yuji. Once Yuji goes to Jujutsu Tech, y/n begs to come along. It turns out y/n is part of one of the most powerful ancient clans. yada yada
“Yuji?” You crawled over to his body. “Yuji! Please.” You shook him. “Wake up! Yuji. YUJI!” You started shaking him more frantically, tears flooding your face. “FUSHIGURO DO SOMETHING! Please! Fix him.” But Fushiguro just stood there, looking down sadly at you.
“Y/n. He’s dead.”
Tumblr media
Megumi was worried. No. He was a step past worried, whatever that was. It had been almost 23 hours since Yuji's death. After he insisted you see Shoko, you went to your room and hadn't come out since.
How is she healing? Is her hand alright? Is she hungry? Did she sleep? These questions plagued his mind all day as he went through his training. Would y/n want to join the goodwill event? Will y/n even want to be a sorcerer anymore?
"Fushiguro!" Nobara snapped, whacking him on the head with the bamboo stick they were sparring with. "Can you please TRY to focus?" Megumi scowled and rubbed the back of his head. He was trying his best to be patient with Kugisaki because he knew she was trying to get over Yuji, but she was really testing him.
"Yea. Sorry," he growled, getting tired of being nice. Ugh, having friends had made him soft.
"Ack," Kuisaki dismissed. "It's getting too hot to train anyways. Let's be done." Megumi sighed in relief and plopped onto the ground. Kugisaki came to sit near him. It was awkward. Megumi was never good with his words. By now, he considered Kugisaki his friend. A good one, even. After all, they almost died together. He could feel her sadness and anger, and he felt the need to comfort her. He felt the need to comfort you, too. He felt the need to make sure all of his friends were happy and safe. But he failed. Yuji was dead, Nobara was doing her best to keep it together. But you. You were- well he didn't know how you were doing. And the idea was eating him alive.
"Do you think she'll be ok?" Nobara asked, cutting through the thick silence as if she had read his mind. "Y/n, I mean."
"Yea. She's strong."
"Yea. I'm sure she'll be back in no time."
Megumi had been standing in front of your door for 5 minutes now, and the food he was carrying on the tray in front of him was getting cold. Did you want to be alone? Were you sleeping? Would you even want food? Did you like soup? Was it this normal to be nervous about visiting a friend? He gulped and raised his fist to knock.
"Megumi, just do it already." Fushiguro whipped around to see his white-haired sensei leaning against the wall behind him. "I've been watching you for like five minutes. What is the problem?" Fushiguro turned his face to hide the blush growing on his cheeks. Had Gojo really watched him try to muster the courage to talk to you for five minutes??
But before he could retort, Gojo reached across him to knock on the door and then pranced off. Megumi clenched his teeth. Never in his life did he want to strangle the white-haired menace more than now. But he couldn't. Not now, at least.
"Y/n?" He started, opening the door a bit. "Can I come in?"
There was no way. No way on Earth that you were just going to sit around and rest. Sit by yourself and think about him, wallowing in self-pity. So you left. Right out the window. It's not like anyone would know. You'd be back before they could worry. You just needed a short walk. Five minutes.
Well, somehow that five minute walk led to a train ride to Sendai.
At first, you just wandered the streets. Getting some air. Getting used to the feeling of only having one hand (which meant getting weird stares from onlookers). Getting lost in the sea of people almost felt nice. It made you realize how small you are. How small your life is. Every person you passed had their own grievances. Their own families, their own memories, their own stories. It comforted you. You were planning on heading back to the school until you saw the train sign and its departure to Sendai.
Why not? You asked yourself, turning off your cursed energy. You found it one of the biggest perks of your technique. Mainly for sneaking up on Gojo sensei, but it came in handy now, too. With your energy turned off, he couldn't track you. It's not that you didn't want to see your friends. You loved them. But you didn't think it would be fair without Yuji. Laughing without him. Crying without him. Sparring, chatting, fighting. You had a hole in your heart, a Yuji-shaped one, and You weren't for sure anything could ever fill it. So you just needed some time away to reconcile with your memories in Sendai.
But you weren't on the train for longer than ten minutes before you were knocked out cold, snoring softly into the seat cushion.
You awoke when the train stopped. In the train, there were only a small handful of people, and, out the window, there was even less. It had grown dark and rainy. You left the train, head in the clouds. Maybe you should walk to the school, where all of this started. Or maybe the house you and Yuji grew up in. But as you shuffled through the streets, you quickly realized they had all changed.
Wow, you mused. It's crazy how life changes. It feels like it's only been...wait
You snapped to attention. It had only been 2 and a half weeks. There was no reason for the streets to be changed. You felt panic grip your chest and you ran into the nearest open store.
"Excuse me, what city is this?"
"Osaki," the store clerk replied, giving you a doubtful glance before returning to his work.
"Oh. Thank you."
Oh, boy, had you really done it now! Why didn't you pay attention! How could you be so careless? You somehow managed to miss your stop in Sendai by four hours!
You ran back to the station, looking for the next departure. But there was none. The station was closed.
"Aw man, I fucked up."
Megumi couldn't tell if he was more worried or relieved when he found you were gone. It would have been so awkward. But Megumi kicked himself for thinking that. How could he be so selfish? You were out all alone! Did someone take you? Were you hurt? He pulled out his phone to dial your number, but your phone rang from the table next to your bed. Damn it. He scowled. This could be bad. Very bad.
"Gojo? Gojo!" He called into the hall, knowing that his nosy teacher wouldn't have gone far. "I know you can hear me. Y/n is gone!"
"Gone?" Gojo gasped, peeking his head around the door frame with a mouthful of candy.
"Yes. And her phone is here." Megumi watched Gojo lean back for a second, thinking.
"I can't pick up her cursed energy anywhere. Where do you think she could've gone?" Megumi didn't know you well enough to have a good answer. If only Yuji was here. He would know. Actually, y/n would've never left if Yuji was still here. But that didn't help at all. You were out somewhere, all alone, and no one had any clue where.
"I don't know."
Tumblr media
a/n: honestly i have been so excited to get past Yuji's death to explore what went on while he was gone so yea i hope you all enjoy also i just googled cities near sendai and Osaki came up so i do know it is 4 ish hours but we will just pretend it is a big city even tho it's not :) also (one more thing I promise) this is slowly turning into a megumi x reader and I'm just gonna flow w/ it for now and see where it take me
First Chapter
Previous Chapter
Next Chapter
Taglist: (I LOVE YOU ALL <3)
@sunfloey @imjustanuser @hannya-exists @londonbrandcandy @artist-bby @thelovehashira143 @wicked-laugh
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brautschnitzel · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Make me feel like I am breathing, feel like I am human
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And he had said “Darling, your looks could kill” So now you’re dead.
Please don’t repost or use without permission!
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hitoshishinzou · a day ago
who wants jjk hcs? you're getting jjk hcs.
whenever they go into town, fushiguro is asked so many times if he's dating kugisaki that he can now start a sentence, stop, and continue it right as kugisaki pulls the threats out. "no, we're -" - kugisaki squawks in indignance - "definitely not, thank you."
they've fallen asleep in the common room more times than they can count. it is always gojou who puts blankets on them, but he does so by wadding the blanket up and throwing it like a weapon at their sleeping forms.
fushiguro is not allowed in the kitchen. he may go in if he is getting coffee or if he's helping itadori, and that is where it ends. because he has set the microwave on fire making instant noodles, and will do so again, because it tastes better.
kugisaki makes sure itadori can recite pretty much all of her favorite idols. she doesn't have many favorite idols.
inumaki is the reason fushiguro learned sign - when he was younger - and they like to have sign conversations to complain about the others. the other first years don't get it but the second years understand perfectly and maki glares all the time.
itadori's yellow hoodie is a permanent fixture of fushiguro's closet. itadori hasn't noticed it yet, but everyone else has.
the second years binge-watched haikyuu together and panda, strangely, has some strong opinions on it.
sometimes shouko gets so tired of hearing the first years argue that she just offers them cocktails. more often than not, they accept.
gojou tries to reprimand her for it, but her logic is that she'd prefer they get wasted when she is there, and not like they used to do. you do remember the forest incident, right, satoru?
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jujuhigh · 3 hours ago
The one eyed cyclops cat taking away both of Yuji's father figures in one night is because Gege needed some gratuitous daddy issues to balance out Yuji's ~*mommy issues*~ later on
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herdecisions · 17 hours ago
Just started reading chainsaw man and why does... denji kinda look like itadori to me (+ denji having something that people in their universe actively get rid of like sukuna in itadori) , hayakawa lookin like human (jjk spoilers) mechamaru, and makima lowkey giving female gojo vibes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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joker-ace · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
had a collection of drawings of these 3 snuggling and had to make a comic out of it
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nicostiel · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen + YouTube comments
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josyuss · a month ago
Tumblr media
shop trip max chaos
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rysng · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday to best bread daddy, NANAMIN!!! 🎉✨
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kinbari14 · 10 months ago
Don't you just love found precious but annoying family tropes?
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nagisa-cchi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♪ *:・゚✧ Lost in Paradise *:・゚✧♫
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lizethdraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jjk characters in a haunted house!!
i love this drawing meme sm and i’m probs gonna do more lol
bg drawing by @it-a
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spidertams · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
jjk doodles
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tohmura · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
「 give it back 」
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