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#yuuma mukami

My illustration of Yuuma Mukami for @diabolikloverszine

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So I participated on @yuma-mukami ‘s Naugthy or Nice rating and of course I’m Nice ^_^ (Good thing that he didn’t know about my thirsty sideblog @pihlajamarmeladi ;D)

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I really almost put Dirt for yuuma. I can’t imagine him smelling like anything other than s o d

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Bath & Body Works Scents the S, M, & T Would Wear(Part 2)

What I’ve learned from this is that BBW wants men to smell like trees


Ruki: Noir

“Add an air of mystery with this exotic blend of black cardamom, smoky vanilla & a hint of musk”


Kou: Cypress

“A fresh, modern mix of bergamot, tonic water & Himalayan Musk”


Yuuma: Energy

“Orange essential oil invigorates and uplifts. Ginger essential oil energizes your senses.”


Azusa: Freshwater

“Feel refreshed with a splash of Italian bergamot, mountain spring water and oakmoss”



Carla: Forest

“A crisp blend of bergamot, sage & crushed cedarwood”


Shin: Steel

“A cozy blend of cool bergamot, crushed woods & tonka bean”


Kino: Midnight

“A smooth blend of cedar leaf, amber musk & black pepper”


Part one here:

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Yuma x Yui Fanfiction

Name: Snatched Away

Rating: E (for smutty goodness)

Summary: “Oh, you don’t want to be doing that.” Despite the smile on Yuma’s face, his tone drips with danger. “You see, I can be nice, or I can make you scream. The choice is yours. But mark my words when I say that I always get what I want.”

Notes: This one is dedicated to @hotline-to-hell. I’ve had a pretty crap month, but talking to you and having you around to listen to my rants has made such a difference. Thank you ❤️

Read it here!

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I gave up drawing Yuuma’s hair so he is now bald, I present you shaved Yuuma

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Kiss on the forehead = congratulation/friendship (o・ω・o)

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Small Shuuma (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Kiss on the hair = deep affection

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Yuma: Eh? Don’t mouth me and listen to what I say, or you’ll get extra work for the garden. And I’ll make sure you do it.


Shu: I don’t care how you act. Just don’t bother me. I might just bite you so you’ll keep quiet.


Laito: I like girls like you, you’re rather challenging, but don’t forget who’s in charge here, or I might punish you.


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Lyn: [crouched down to greet the bunny] Aww, a kit. How cute~

Yuuma: You think everything is cute.


Lyn, looking up at him with tears welling up: It’s so cute—

Yuuma: Don’t cry so easily!


Lyn: I can’t help it!

Yuuma: Tch. I doubt that. Besides, what’s the point of keeping an animal around if you’re not going to eventually eat it.


Lyn: Yuuma!

Yuuma: What?! It’s true!


Lyn: Maybe for you, but we humans are easily amused by animals.

Yuuma: Uh huh. [pulls Lyn’s hand away from the bunny] Stop telling it bite you.


Lyn: [claps hands together, turns to you] You should name it something!

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Shin: Well, while you’re with me, I can give you anything you’d like~


Yuuma: Excited and a bit stupid—


Lyn: Look at this complementary tea!

Yuuma: Do you just block out everything you don’t wanna hear?


Lyn: Mmm… pretty much.

Carla: [casually wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his chest] Keep your perverseness to yourself, Shin.


Shin: Oh please. You’re acting like you weren’t thinking the same thi—


Lyn: I made tea!

Yuuma: How did you… so fast?


Lyn: [shrugs, turns to you] Do you want some? It’s one of the only things I can make well ^^

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Lyn: I’ve been to a few traditional hotels in Japan… but they still take my breath away.

Yuuma: It’s difficult to be nice to her when she sets herself up to be teased all the time…


Lyn: [has found the section for tea ceramonies and is sitting crisscross-applesauce there]

Yuuma: [disappointed sigh]


Carla: Of course you can use a towel if you must.


Shin: Ah, ah, ah~ but you can’t take it into the water.


Carla: Shin.


Shin: It’s true!


Lyn, poking head out: Oh, on top of that, we have to tie our hair up so that it doesn’t touch the water and bathe before we get into the bath—

Yuuma: How often do you go to these things?


Lyn: Too often. Probably.

Carla: I suppose I will have to tie my hair up too when the time comes.


Shin, turning to you: Don’t worry, I could help you bathe~

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@munarisblogHi! I saw the “who would they fall for?” headcannons and I love them! Could you please do it for Kino too? Thank you 😊

hello~! i’m so glad to hear that you liked the headcanons, they were really fun to write ^^ i definitely can and you’re very welcome ^^ 

Anonymous: What type of person would Yuma, Carla, and Kino fall for? 

you all always pick the most random sets of boys i love it XD

Yuuma Mukami

  • first and foremost, I feel like he would like shorter or smaller-framed girls just cause he likes the feeling of their size difference when they’re close
  • i think he would hate condescending girls or girls that feel too above recieving help, if that makes sense
  • I also feel like he would like girls with a cute face but a nicely maintained figure, someone who is healthy and can keep up with him in activities
  • I think he’d like someone who is observant but somewhat naïve and trusting (think the beginning of versus II)
  • he’d like someone who’s smart but, again, isn’t condescending about it, someone who doesn’t make that a big part of them (think character cd)
  • he needs someone who can take care of him but won’t baby him
  • I think he enjoys the chase so i don’t think he would take an interest in a girl who is overly clinging about him
  • I think he’d like a girl who can rely on him but doesn’t need to, like the little things (i.e. she can’t reach something that’s high up)
  • something that I think maybe some people gloss over is the fact that he can be perverse from time to time (maybe not as much as Laito or Shuu, but a close third) and I think he’d need someone who can keep up with that, but not overstep him in his playfulness or teasing attitude, I think he likes to be the one to take the lead, most of the time that is
  • I think he’d like someone who is honest but openminded and careful with her words, he can’t stand judgmental people
  • I feel like he needs someone who can contrast, not necessarily match, his passionate and fiery attitude, it’s a little difficult to explain. 
  • again, yay, more horoscope trivia~! okay, Yuuma is a Leo and I think he would work best with either an Aries or a Sagittarius. 

Carla Tsukinami

  • i think carla would be drawn to respectful people, people who aren’t loud or overbearing or rude, but someone who is thoughtful and concerned with other’s wellbeing when around them
  • he would love someone who can relate to his interests but maybe in a different way (he loves art, so someone who loves art too, but takes a different perspective than his own)
  • i think he’d love a girl who concerns herself with caring for him and doesn’t rely on him to care for her
  • someone who he can relax around because they are very honest with their intentions, never trying to manipulate or trick him
  • he’d like someone who can have manners, but isn’t stiff
  • he’d definitely love a girl who relies more on logic, someone who can formulate their own thoughts about the world
  • i also think he would kind of love that old fashioned kind of romance, so someone who he can share that with from time to time would be nice too
  • he’d like someone who is creative and can dwell on the “what-if”s of life
  • he’d definitely be charmed by someone who can get along with his brother, even though their personalities can be so different
  • he’d love someone who is loyal, it’s definitely a big thing to him
  • someone who can see from multiple perspectives but never loses sight of who they are
  • and of course the horoscope trivia! Carla is a Gemini and I think he would work well with a Libra or Aquarius.


  • he would love a fun and kind girl
  • he’d love someone who can give him the sort of emotional connection that he’s looking for, someone who is welcoming and warm
  • he’d love her if she knew how to have fun, someone who wouldn’t mind doing silly things or playing games all night
  • someone who’s a bit out of the ordinary in a quiet, subtle way. not someone who shoves their uniqueness in people’s faces but rather someone who is content with only those around her knowing what truly makes her special
  • he’d love it if she liked taking care of him and did it out of love
  • he definitely wants someone who loves him and always reminds him that she loves him with words and physical affection
  • i do think he would prefer somewhat of a passive girl, but not one that doesn’t have her own opinions or preferences, it’s a bit of a difficult balance
  • i think he’d like a cute appearance more than anything else, something like oversized sweaters, pale pinks and yellows and blues
  • i think he’d definitely love someone who he can “geek out” with about mobile games and stuff like that
  • someone who’s comfortable in their skin
  • someone who is lighthearted and doesn’t take things too seriously, but also can take his emotions seriously
  • with all traditions, here’s the horoscope trivia! Kino is a Cancer and I think he would work best with a Pisces or Virgo.
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@madamred14: Can you do the forced hug scenario for the Mukamis? Or Azusa specifically? :) 


Ruki Mukami

Harsh boi. Ruki’s always doing something, so when it happens he quickly pushes his partner off to make sure that he doesn’t mess up on what he was doing. He then tells them that if they want attention, they have to ask nicely for it~

Kou Mukami

Is very fond of this sudden physical attention and affection. They probably don’t even get the chance to wrap his arms around them before he’s already hugging them. Depedning on the type of mood he’s in, he may or may not take some blood.

Yuuma Mukami

… [cesored] … for the second time…

Azusa Mukami

He’s a little confused at first. He asks them what they’re doing or why they’re sitting on his lap. When he hears it’s because they just love hugs so much, he gives them one of his famous, soft, Azusa smiles and continues hugging them. Again, depending on his mood, he may or may not take some blood. 

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<b></b> Mukami team bonding<p/><b>Ruki:</b> Now we're going to compliment the person to our right.<p/><b>Yuuma:</b> *looks at Kou fondly*<p/><b>Yuuma:</b> Nothing brightens up a room like your absence<p/></p>
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SHUUMA! I love these two so much I gotta make more for these two.

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I have a feeling that the day Shuu gets his own dorm will be the last we hear of him... hmm...

Yuuma: Ya know, you’re probably right. I barely ever even hear from him and we live in the same damn dorm!


Reiji: I could hardly imagine why anyone would consider that a problem at all anyway.


Shuu: What was that? Did you hear something, Yuuma?


Reiji: How…typical of you, you good-for-nothing. 



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