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    Victor weighed the options before him. One: he could listen to Chris and ignore the feeling sparking inside him that carried the lingering hint of Yuuri’s touch. The softest, warmest touch he’d ever known. He’d box up everything inside, tape it up thrice, and find Yuuri a suitable placement away from him. Two: he’d find his own way to fix Yuuri so that the function no longer shackled his heart.  

He was fucked.

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Since I haven’t regained my inspiration and urge to work, here is an oldie but a goodie.

It’s been a while since yoi came out and I haven’t stopped loving it, it’s been such a huge inspiration for me (this whole tumblr is solely dedicated to this show). But I am thinking of finding other things and projects to work on… if you have any suggestions, write to me❤️

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“Kind of…but different.” Phichit shrugged, barely turning long enough to acknowledge Victor’s question.

“How so?” Victor asked as his question was answered. A burly competitor knocked into a rail-thin girl as she spun on the axis of her blade, grabbing her by the wrist while the beat kept its consistent laid-back pulse. In an instant, the smaller skater kicked up sharply, slicing into his wrist. The detached hand remained gripped on her arm. Her eyes went ravenous as she leered at the man, unhinging the fingers from her wrist one at a time. She gripped him by the thin layer of hair shooting up from his forehead, bent his head back, shoved his own hand in his mouth, and drove him to the ground.

“These can take your arm off in one swipe.” Phichit cocked a grin as he gestured.

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  1. The askbox is always open my dudes! I’d love to get some new requests to get this blog running again <3 I’ll be taking any type of requests I get!
  2. Please, if you can, consider supporting me via Ko-Fi (if you leave me your username and a character of your choosing I’ll write you a few headcanons or a drabble under 1k as a means to say thank you!)
  3. You can also take a chance and commission me! I usually take 2-3 weeks to complete a full-on oneshot, but I promise I’ll try and make it worth the money ^^

For Ko-Fi requests and commissions, I write for BNHA, Haikyuu, Yuuri!! On Ice, Free!, Kuroko no Basket, Pokémon (all gens) and even some K-Pop groups if that’s your thing as well! Just let me know <3

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