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filmforager · 26 days ago
Army of the Dead: Review
Fear and Moaning in Las Vegas
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After the mammoth task of directing Superman and Batman in the Justice League, Army of the Dead sees writer-director Zack Snyder returning to his roots. Free of the well-known restraints he faced in superhero territory, this Netflix release feels more personal and smaller in scope. Well, small by Zack Snyder standards. Revisiting zombie lore for the first time since debut film Dawn of the Dead, this is about as down-to-earth as a zombie tiger.
Set in Las Vegas, the film’s stylish opening is reminiscent of Snyder’s Watchmen. After a military car crash results in a zombified test subject running loose, we witness a dazzling slo-mo montage that shows how the virus spreads through Sin City. When Vegas becomes overrun with zombies, a government-imposed quarantine keeps the population protected.
A heist movie that just happens to feature zombies, the plot kicks into gear when a shady casino owner (Hiroyuki Sanada) comes to former mercenary Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) with a proposition. Can Scott and his team extract £200 million from a casino vault before a nuke drops on this city of dead? Described as ‘a simple in and out’ job, this is, of course, anything but.
As Scott rallies his misfit crew, the main issue of the film becomes clear. Do we actually feel attached to any of the characters here? For the most part, the answer is no. From a tough-talking zombie killer (Omari Hardwick) to a talkative pilot (Tig Notaro), these characters have few if any distinguishing features. There are attempts at comic relief with a goofy German safecracker (Matthias Schweighöfer), but these mostly fall flat. In a film this silly, a little extra humour would have gone a long way.
This lack of connection sadly extends to the main character. Scott’s character motivations are grounded by an attempt to reconcile with his estranged daughter (Ella Purnell), whose mother he was forced to murder when she joined the ranks of the undead. However, her reason for even being involved in the mission is questionable, while the action-heavy story leaves very little chance to focus on this emotional connection.
If the human character development leaves a lot to be desired, this is probably because a lot of the attention has been lavished on their zombie counterparts. With the help of mysterious city guide Lily (Nora Arnezeder) we learn about the interesting hierarchy of the zombie kingdom, which is led by the ‘Alphas’. Unlike the slow-walking zombies of old, these zombies are intelligent and fast, carrying a palpable sense of threat right to the end. Beware – there are some truly gory deaths here.
Despite its flaws, Army of the Dead is plenty of fun. Synder has a solid grasp of his action sequences, from a tense scene with a room of slumbering zombies, to a bonkers final act full of betrayal and zombie carnage. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and some of the decisions will have you scratching your head in disbelief – the characters don’t really seem aware of the time limit - but there is never a dull moment. 
Though it’s certainly more style than substance, Army of the Dead delivers what you’d expect from a zombie heist movie – fun, ridiculous action and not a lot of brains.
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catchester · 28 days ago
So Army of the Dead uses the song Zombie by the Cranberries.
I know it's called Zombie, but really, Zack, it has nothing whatsoever to do with zombies. You could literally replace zombie with sheep and retain the meaning of the song. It's not about the undead. At all.
It's about the troubles in Northern Ireland, you know, the ones that killed thousands of people. The song that was inspired by the death of two very young children by an IRA bomb.
Using this in your fun zombie heist movie is as ignorant as using Another Brick in the Wall in your bricklaying comedy, or basically every prat ever who somehow still think's Born in the USA is a patriotic song.
No. Just, no.
This song brings to mind countless acts of violence and the terror people lived with on a daily basis. It was a very sour note to an otherwise fun movie on.
Did you never wonder why no other zombie movie has ever used this 30-year-old song before?
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eisenswift · a month ago
it’s 2021 yall r too old to still be pretending jesse eisenberg was a bad lex luthor
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batfan1213 · a month ago
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Finally being able to watch the Synder Cut on my TV in China.
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ficcionarioposters · a month ago
Text en ese Twitter hay datos sobre las cantidades reales de las ganancias del Snyder Cut's
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sorens2015 · a month ago
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freedom for walking deads !
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Hey, there was a post circulating a couple weeks ago about everything J*ss Whed*on did to fuck up Justice League, and I am trying to find it and I can't... does anyone know what I mean? Or can anyone provide a comprehensive breakdown?
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locksandwallpapers · 2 months ago
⇢ fav if you like ⇢ rt save yourself ⇢ print if using
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manukenakage · 2 months ago
I’ve watched the synder cut twice now, can’t wait to smoke a joint on the way home from work and have myself a Godzilla double feature. Which might turn into a triple feature, idk shin Godzilla fucked me up and I still listen to the soundtrack
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lol-jackles · 2 months ago
So Zack Snyder's Justice League, how was it? I loved it. The characters were all fleshed out more and did not mind the 4 hour long movie. I did not even mind the too many super hero's that were introduced. Whedon's was too rushed. The VFX blew me away.
It was awesome, it did not feel like 4 hours even though it could have been easily trimmed to 3.5 hours without sacrificing heart and soul.   
I love the non-jokey violence in this movie.  One of my biggest complaints about the MCU is the jokey violence.  But in this movie when Wonder Woman, Steppenwolf and Superman punch, you see the ionized molecules fly away from the punches, the walls shudders and the ground rumbles and the surface buckles.  I love this about Snyder’s visuals, that you can feel these are gods on Earth and not Earthlings with some godlike powers.  
Seeing Wonder Woman utterly annihilate those terrorists was probably my favorite scene.  She didn’t even care that they died; she wanted them gone.  Each and every one spattered against the wall.   That fight showed how dangerous Wonder Woman is, she’s literally a god compared to those regular humans.
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I hate it whenever Marvel fanatics complain that Wonder Woman shouldn't kill when she NEVER hestiates from killing, even in the comics she's like this: 
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Seeing Wonder Woman as both warrior and teacher was the best thing. There’s this sort of debate as to her role in the Trinity.  Superman is always the fireman. Batman is always the police officer.  Wonder Woman has hovered between teacher and warrior, although according to the Delta Force, one of their most important jobs is battlefield teacher, so I say Wonder Woman can be both. 
Cyborg is the heart and soul of this movie, his scene helping the waitress was compelling.  Why did Joss Wheldon cut his arc?????  Ray Fisher saying he will only return to Justice League if Synder returns makes complete sense.  Cyborg's arc is the most evolutionary and seeing his father and him make eye contact on the ship just before they reawaken Superman was emotional.
When Flash entered the Speed Force to break the light barrier, I never thought I would be so moved, it was extraordinarily well done. Even his inner monologue was perfect because was absolutely necessary to frame what was happening — there was literally no other way without using subtitles or a narrator.  It is honestly so inspiring and epic seeing Flash, a normal dude with super speed be the only one left standing and is gravely injured but faces death head on with only one goal in mind: to save the world.  
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 What I loved so much about this movie was it’s a story about heroes becoming Gods…. in compelling ways.   This is a complete opposite direction from Marvel’s Avengers where its shows heroes doing god-like things.  IMO is far more interesting and inspirational seeing these powerful beings come together and act human and work as a team.
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  Other great additons:
Steppenwolf had … motivations? Gasp!
The Mother Box Gods.
The 100 ending scenes. Each one was great.
All of the “premonition” scenes. All of them. Every one. 
Omega Beams??? Squeeeeeee!
The setup for a potential sequel or re-incorporation of the Snyderverse into the wider DCEU is hugely exciting to see.
I love Ben Affleck’s performance because he actually cares about doing well and isn’tTony Stark in a bat suit who says “Something is Definitely BLEEDING!”
Best of all, fleshing out Superman’s ressurection and return, and returning Superman back to being comic accurate aka optimism. There are more scenes of Lois and Superman talking about their history, which I loved, as it builds up their relationship and makes them both likeable.
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The only thing I didn't like, no, loathe was the death of Silas Stone.  I want HIM to be on the Justice League as some kind of civilian scientist/leader.
Can’t have everything.
I believe Zach Synder’s Justice League is revolutionizing the streaming movie experience.  This changes the game now.  Before, peoplle were worried that fans would get bored after 3 hours but not anymore, thanks to this movie.Sure, it doesn’t make a lot of money but it does bring in NEW subscribers.
One last thing, Holy Zeus Abs Batman!  (every gay fanboys checking Grindr for Zeus)
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Wow, I just saw the Zach Snyder Justice League cut. Just goes to show how studio involvement can tank a movie. It was a 100 times better than the 2017 re-edited version. Joss Whedon tried to add stuff in, while simultaneously removing stuff that Zach Snyder filmed. What’s weirder is WB saying the Whedon cut remains canon, even though it’s a dead-end story. Most of the cast has either stepped down, or been left in limbo.
I feel like their needs to be a name for this... I’m calling it the “Marvel effect.” Every franchise needs to be a copycat of Marvel now, and it’s hurting creativity and original storytelling. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Marvel. I like their shows, but every franchise is trying to copy the same old recipe. Even Disney’s trying to recreate the same formula with OG franchises like Star Wars. It’s causing a void in originality.
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vcbarrera · 2 months ago
Después de ver de ver la nueva versión de liga de la justicia... Imposible no ver lugar de la justicia oscura la guerra en apokalipsis para cerrar la puerta abierta contra darkside.
Por los que nunca dejan de ser héroes
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Por las batallas que te recuerdan quien eres
Tumblr media
Por los momentos enternecedores
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Los nuevos dioses y por viejos dioses
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
La batalla épica
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Y sobretodo por un nuevo inicio
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movieslicereviews · 2 months ago
MOVIE REVIEW: Zach Snyder’s Justice League
Tumblr media
How did a director’s cut of
by a director who made
one of the most
HATED (by many)
superhero movies of the 21st century become the event of the year?
And how did a movie that I was so reluctant to watch but had to because
end up being such a great time?
Yes I admit it, I enjoyed 
and this means something becuase I hated Batman V Superman so much that I was relieved when I heard Joss Wheden was taking over for 2017′s Justice League...
until I saw
and realized the movie is crap and Joss Whedon is awful!
And what makes this new one so much better?  
was too serious and boring while
was too goofy without being fun!
The Visionary
is the perfect balance of being
making for a really good time!
This time around you also have 
that actually makes sense and characters that are developed!
The biggest complaint for many about this new movie,
 and rightfully so,
is that it is too long but I was fine with it! 
The best way to watch 
is in segments, like I did, and the movie is set up for that!
Without the length,
you wouldn’t have 
the back story,
and for a film as ambitious as 
I believe this is the only way it was ever going to succeed!
An example here is 
who in 2017′s Justice League
was just 
there to look fancy and cool!
In this one he becomes the heart of the movie, something that B.V.S and 2017′s Justice League lacked...a heart!
And now that the movie
has a soul
developed characters,
the action sequences, like the Avengers movies, acutally feel earned!
Speaking of The Avengers
likely wont have the same crossover appeal like those movies do...
but if you enjoy comic books or comic book movies,
and can handle the length and a really bizare 
“made for DC fans” epilogue,
is guaranteed to deliver!
Three Stars (out of four)
Now Streaming on HBOMax
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thatguyincountryside · 2 months ago
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inthecutzine · 2 months ago
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After four years of lamenting the disintegration and utter pathetic nature of Joss Whedon’s laughably terrible JUSTICE LEAGUE, WATCHMEN’s visionary director, Zach Snyder returns to his darling magnum opus--- a four hour straight out of the comics extravaganza. In Snyder’s film, the film's heart and soul is Ray Fisher’s indelible performance as Cyborg, a former human battling with his humanity as he is now constructed in the confines of machine. But his Cyborg never loses what makes him man, and the bending of his sheer will to fight against the brokenness he feels inside to stand up against the mechanics that make him is what defines his character.
Fisher’s Cyborg fights against all odds, never allowing the machine to define his humanity. He will not allow the mind to construct him into the monster that the voices have designated him into becoming one. He instead has the free will to chose a family, to choose humanity.
Synder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE is a war within ourselves to never lose sight of our light. When the world is cold and bleak, and the evil twiddles its thumbs, bending our hopes for a bright and better tomorrow, we have free will to choose our destiny.
When I was a child, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was my favorite program. Much of its legacy shaped what I thought of Joss Whedon. He created Buffy and a universe that saw a Valley Girl come into her own power and save humanity from the wiles of evil and destruction. What I know now is that Buffy didn’t choose to be a Slayer. It was predestined in her to become one. But she chose to fight the war and free humanity of the evils that enslaved their salvation.
I also learned that Joss used BUFFY and its protagonist to cloak his sins so nobody would ever question his inhumanity, misogyny, and utter lack of regard towards women and minorities. When varmint like Joss Whedon or Woody Allen chooses to weaponize femininity as a way to shield themselves from the conversation of their indiscretions and felonious natures, we find ourselves apologizing for their criminalities because their art meant something to us. They chose to ride the wave of success on the backs of empowered fictitious female characters while denigrating and deriding the real-life women in their lives, so they are not beholden to accountability for their actions.
The point is, don’t write female-based works if you yourself do not respect women in the first place. Your female characters should not be used as a weapon to tranquilize your accountability. If you can’t respect women for whatever disease is imposed upon you, then don’t bother at all. Nobody is forcing you to use women as a crutch for your misogyny.
Warner Brothers and Joss Whedon successfully ruined the lore and aura that a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie concept has while trying to out-best the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The reason why Marvel works is not because of the superheroes it host, but because the MCU regard their cast and crew as a frontline of everyday heroes who without Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Chadwick Boseman, Tom Holland, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and the rest of the large ensemble cast of a colorful and diverse group of actors, we would have nothing.
Outside of Spiderman and the X-Men, Marvel IP wasn’t popular until Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man. But DC comics host the most popular line of heroes AND supervillains known to any comic book superfan.
Batman alone has the greatest Rogue Gallery of villains, including The Joker, one of the few characters in modern-movie history to have been the vessel for two legendary actors to have won an Oscar (BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR- Heath Ledger and BEST LEAD ACTOR- Joaquin Phoenix).
What happened during the filming of the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is deplorable and precisely the reason why the DC Extended Universe will never work, because as long as your actors are treated like garbage and the scripts continue to churn out like fifth-rate high school bodies of work, you’re never going to best MCU. 
To outright throw away and destroy Synder’s film, out of spite, during a time where this man loses his child from an unspeakable pain to wallow, as your child dying from suicide, is callously cold and unforgiving. Snyder’s fans, however vocal, were right all along. They knew in their hearts that the film Snyder had was a precious film of mending our hearts in the face of danger. It is to their love of comics and the man who, for better or worst, as delivered on a visionary level to release to the world the true faces of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and especially, Cyborg.
It also bows down to the men behind the cloak of superhero notoriety: Bruce, Clark, Diana, Arthur, Barry, and Victor.
CYBORG: @snyderzack
CYBORG & FLASH: @justiceleague
SUPERMAN: @billy-crudup
BARRY ALLEN: @afreauxheaux
IRIS WEST:  @afreauxheaux
SUPERMAN: @billy-crudup
WONDER WOMAN: @dcmultiverse
AQUAMAN: @dicapriho
BATMAN: @billy-crudup
ZEUS: @dcfilmblr
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movieexpert1978 · 3 months ago
All I could think of when watching Batman v. Superman and Justice league
Tumblr media
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gothamsgaygirlgang · 3 months ago
that tweet comparing the amazon's outfits in ww vs jl is so funny because like the men in jl are the eye candy like aquaman has two scenes where he takes off his wet shirt in slow motion and superman spends most of his time in the movie with his titties out meanwhile the amazons are wearing more "revealing" clothing because they are fucking jacked and are meant to look powerful lmao
like in general this argument isn't wrong or bad (just look at harley in ss vs BOP) but damn was that one a bad choice for the argument
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movieexpert1978 · 3 months ago
For Autumn
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