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Zacharias Stellas
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Zacharias Stellas
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Zacharias Stellas
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1950s Greece by Zacharia Stella via Commas
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The brunette couldn’t remember the last time she slept this peacefully, With no nightmares to haunt her in her sleep ...
Even waking up was so peaceful as if it was a dream , she yawned , reaching her feet out as she expected to feel the cold flooring of her big cold bedroom , but instead.. it was soft.
Her hazel eyes opened and she looked at her surroundings. The room was small, with a wooden desk with a dark green cape on it’s chair, some old decorations and a lilies vase, she knows this place very well, it is her room in the survey corps headquarters.
This is a dream , she thought, there’s no such thing as the survey corps now,everything ended years ago ...
She stood up, but noticed something was wrong... no ... Something insides her felt different, she looked down and her heart skipped a beat , for she was wearing her same outfit she used to wear when she was a soldier, which was just a pair of white pants and a colored shirt.
She pulled on the bottom of her shirt, and gasped when she saw her arm.
Her arm was no longer painted with those nasty scars from missions she’d taken while working for the corps. Her hands weren’t wrinkled anymore, in fact , there were no signs that she’d aged at all. Panicked, her hand flew to her face , she didn’t feel any wrinkles nor scars , is this is just a dream ?
Mirror, she went to find a mirror in the bathrooms , And when she finally saw her reflection, she gasped.
Those white hair strands were gone , and her hair is way longer than what she remembers
She touched her face, her skin was smoother than ever, sending tingles through her arm,  “Is this real,” she asked herself.
“As real as I am, Captain .” a girl giggled from the bathroom doorway. She giggled from the bathroom doorway.
Stella closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to believe it was her. How could it be? She’s been dead for years, she wasn’t here. She wasn’t with her, not anymore. No, she’d open her eyes and be back at her bedroom. The day would be going on, and she’d visit Elias and Leona , and drink tea with them, yes , she’ll wake up any moment now.
Her eyes opened when she felt a horribly familiar hand on her shoulder. She looked up to look at her through the mirror. There she was, without a doubt. There was no mistaking it, she was here with her.
Renèe gave her a knowing smile as her captain eyes flooded with tears, she grabbed her hand. Stella couldn’t control herself as she started sobbing , pulling her girl into a tight hug.
“I’m sorry,” Stella cried, “I’m so so sorry, Renèe . I should’ve stopped you that day.. no, I should’ve stayed with you, maybe things would’ve been different.”
Renèe rubbed her back, but stopped to pull away and hold her face as she forced eye contact. “Yes, things would’ve been different, Captain , would’ve get killed too ”
“ I didn’t matter—“
“ Don’t say that ! Our friends wouldn’t be happy without you , for you’ve made their lives easier just by being in it, thank you for taking care of them, Stella “
Renèe pulled her back into a tight hug. They didn’t know for sure how long they stood there in each other’s arms, and Stella didn’t really care. Renèe was here. She was with her again.
Renèe pulled away once more, “Let’s go see everyone else, yeah?”
Stella nodded furiously, not really caring about who ‘everyone else’ was. The blonde haired girl grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the bathroom and out the barracks, into the familiar headquarters yard. The brunette stopped at the edge of the low stairs when she saw them, but Renée let go of her hand and kept going... She went straight to Erwin , Erwin.
Renèe and Erwin weren’t the only one of her friends here. Nanaba and Lynne were sitting in their favorite spot by the big willow tree. Moblit, Gelgar, and Eld sat on the wooden chairs drinking together as their laughter echoed the old building. Nifa and petra stood just simply talking. Or at least they had been, until they noticed her. The headquarters yard went quiet.
“Well you sure as hell took your time getting here ! Come and have a drink with us! ” Gelgar teased, casually breaking the silence in the air.
Stella almost couldn’t find something to say to the friends she’d missed so much, almost. 
“Where are we,” she choked out.
Hange stepped into view as she’d been standing near the western entrance. “Actually we think it’s peace, but we don’t know for sure.”
The newer one’s hand went to her mouth when she saw her. The last time she saw her was in that plane,The last time she saw her, she was covering an injured eye, But now she’s no longer the 14th Commander of the survey corps. Now she’s the infamous scientist , She’s her lovely Hange again.
“ Can’t help but say it is peace indeed “
A familiar voice said , oh she recognized it immediately
How couldn’t she ? for it was always him in the end.
The huge figure that appeared behind Hange was the one and only Miche Zacharias ,
The man she would fall for with her eyes closed,
The man she’d be oh so ready to curse every star just to be in his arms
For to have him , is to have the whole world.
Stella practically ran from her spot at the bottom of the stairs into his arms. He took only two steps forward and arched his back before she got to him. The Blond soldier wrapped his srong arms around her tightly, and she did the same to him. No one said a thing as the two of them held each other again. She hadn’t gotten the privilege of getting to hold him when he- when the two of them were alive, there wasn’t time for that anymore. 
“I missed you, my love,” Miche whispered into her hair. She could tell he was crying, but she was too. “I’m sorry”
“Don’t be ” she continued to snuggle her face into his warm embrace, not wanting to let go, but he pulled away and held her face like how Renèe had held hers. “You know, You’ve never aged a day “ he smiled as the brunette held his face as well “ Can’t say the same to you love , you’ve aged terribly” Stella giggled, brushing Miche’s bangs away from his grey eyes as it was his turn to giggle now , oh how’ve she missed all of this.
“ Come with me, there’s someone who’s waiting for you “ Miche whispered, taking the brunette’s hand and walking throughout the headquarters as the sunlight begins to shine brighter on them.
“ Waiting for me ? “ she asked
“ Yes , for a long time.”
They seem pretty far from the others , where they are going ?
The bluebirds were singing their summer song sweetly as ever, but it sounded slightly different this time
And more nostalgic.
There was a sweet violin playing in a nearby room, The grip on Miche’s hand tightened as Stella realized who was playing it on the other side of this wall, she looked at Miche as he nodded to her, yes ,,
It’s him.
Closing her eyes, She pushed the door so softly, fearing that any other movement will wake her up from this dream,
Slowly, she opened her eyes, observing the room around her as her eyes finally settled on the raven haired boy who stood by the window, playing his violin peacefully,he turned his head, eyes widened as his sweet notes stopped suddenly
“ I was waiting for you, Stella “ He smiled,
Leaving his violin and its bow on his bed, he made his way towards her ,, he was very tall when standing, that’s a thing she couldn’t see often
“ You... you can walk... “
“ You didn’t see me in years and these are your first words to me? How lovely“ he giggled, making the Blond soldier giggle as well
“ Gellert ...you.. you are Gellert “ she gazed in awe at him, he didn’t change a bit, he only looks ... healthier ... and happier than ever,,,
“ The one and only, Darling “ he kneeled next to her as she broke down in tears, holding his body as his long fingers lingered through her ginger-brown locks... they’ve finally reunited, even if it was just a dream.... wasn’t it ?
“ Is...it ... a dream ? “ she asked her men as they smiled warmly at each other.
“ No ... it’s not a dream our dear ...
Welcome home “
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gli Archivi fotografici Benaki conservano alcune tra le immagini più importanti e toccanti della Grecia del XIX e XX secolo.In una delle foto allegate, scattata a Mykonos, possiamo osservare una ragazza sorridente scendere una scalinata che conduce a un vicolo fiancheggiato da case costruite nel tipico stile cicladico: bianche, cuboidi e con muri spessi, piccole finestre e porte.Il cielo sopra è limpido; sullo sfondo si vede la sommità di un mulino a vento. La ragazza indossa abiti estivi e si può quasi sentire il calore del sole che riscalda il terreno roccioso e irregolare.L'immagine in bianco e nero non apparirebbe fuori luogo in una campagna pubblicitaria che promuove il turismo greco. Gli elementi archetipici di Mykonos in essa contenuti sono quasi un cliché: tutto ciò che manca è un pellicano.Eppure questa fotografia è stata scattata all'inizio degli anni '50, in un momento in cui il turismo era ancora un concetto estraneo per Mykonos e per gran parte del mondo, lo stile "Cicladico" non era ancora ben definito. La ragazza probabilmente è cresciuta sull'isola osservando i primi visitatori stranieri scendere dalle barche e iniziare a esplorare i suoi villaggi e le spiagge incontaminate. Il mulino a vento nella fotografia ha le vele non per migliorare le istantanee turistiche, ma perché veniva ancora utilizzato per macinare il grano coltivato sulle dolci colline di Mykonos.Scattata dall'importante fotografo greco Voula Papaioannou (1898-1990), questa immagine è solo una delle migliaia che documentano la vita in Grecia nel corso del XIX e XX secolo che sono conservate nel dipartimento degli archivi fotografici del Museo Benaki.Creato nel 1973, il dipartimento Archivi fotografici è un importante archivio che contiene il lavoro di rinomati fotografi come Nelly's, Voula Papaioannou, Pericles Papachatzidakis, Dimitris Harissiadis, Georgios Rizos, Nikolaos Tombazis e altri. Il loro lavoro fornisce un'importante testimonianza della vita in Grecia nell'era moderna.Una selezione di questa collezione unica è disponibile per l'acquisto. Le fotografie vengono elaborate e stampate in varie dimensioni all'interno del dipartimento sotto la cura esperta del suo personale, con prezzi a partire da 40 euro.Un’idea fantastica per un ricordo o un regalo di alta qualità che cattura la vera essenza della Grecia e supporta il lavoro svolto dal Museo Benaki.Per sfogliare tutte le stampe disponibili online potete visitare il sito Web del Benaki Museum Shop.
(fonti e foto web)
Do you want to travel to Greece? Visit our website www.gegingrecia.it and contact us
THE BENAKI PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE The Benaki Photographic Archives preserve some of the most important and touching images of Greece of the 19th and 20th centuries. In one of the attached photos, taken in Mykonos, we can observe a smiling girl descending a staircase leading to an alley lined with houses built in the typical Cycladic style: white, cuboid and with thick walls, small windows and doors. The sky above is clear; in the background you can see the top of a windmill. The girl is wearing summer clothes and you can almost feel the heat of the sun warming the rocky and uneven ground. The black and white image would not look out of place in an advertising campaign promoting Greek tourism. The archetypal elements of Mykonos contained in it are almost a cliché: all that is missing is a pelican. Yet this photograph was taken in the early 1950s, at a time when tourism was still a foreign concept for Mykonos and much of the world, the "Cycladic" style was not yet well defined. The girl probably grew up on the island watching the first foreign visitors get off the boats and start exploring its pristine villages and beaches. The windmill in the photograph has sails not to enhance tourist snapshots, but because it was still used to grind wheat grown on the rolling hills of Mykonos. Taken by the prominent Greek photographer Voula Papaioannou (1898-1990), this image is just one of thousands documenting life in Greece during the 19th and 20th centuries that are kept in the Benaki Museum's photographic archives department. Created in 1973, the Photographic Archives department is an important archive containing the work of renowned photographers such as Nelly's, Voula Papaioannou, Pericles Papachatzidakis, Dimitris Harissiadis, Georgios Rizos, Nikolaos Tombazis and others. Their work provides an important testimony of life in Greece in the modern era. A selection of this unique collection is available for purchase. The photographs are processed and printed in various sizes within the department under the expert care of its staff, with prices starting from 40 euros. A fantastic idea for a high quality keepsake or gift that captures the true essence of Greece and supports the work done by the Benaki Museum. To browse all the prints available online, you can visit the Benaki Museum Shop website. (sources and web photos)
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Mykonos ,1960
Zacharias Stella
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My Inspirations
“Every person who is really an artist desires to create inside of himself another, deeper, more interesting life than the one that actually surrounds him.” - Konstantin Stanislavsky
“I am really not of the school of naturalism. I like style, and you can use style more in theatre than in film.” - Marisa Tomei
“Realism, whether it be socialist or not, falls short of reality. It shrinks it, attenuates it, falsifies it; it does not take into account our basic truths and our fundamental obsessions: love, death, astonishment. It presents man in a reduced and estranged perspective. Truth is in our dreams, in the imagination.” - Eugene lonesco
“And your very flesh shall be a great poem.” - Walt Whitman
“In naturalism, man is actually very insignificant, but arrogates to himself stupendous power. In Christianity, man is actually the apex of created significance, but is called to see it in abject humility.” - Ravi Zacharias
“We must overcome the notion that we must be regular... it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre.” - Uta Hagen
“The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.” - Stella Adler
“Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasise about a world we aspire to.” - Willem Dafoe
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Παρθενώνας 1970, Ζαχαρίας Στέλλας 
The Parthenon 1970, Zacharias Stellas 
#Zacharias Stellas 
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Zacharias Stellas Paros island, 1971
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Paros. Photography by Zacharias Stellas.
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Zacharias Stellas
Greece 1960's
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@ Zacharias Stellas
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Tumblr media
Part 3
“Hey lemme see ! Oh ... oh they got going ... now it’s our turn ! “ the brunette said , taking the binoculars from Lucas and getting out the bushes she’s been hiding in the whole time.
“ So you weren’t joking , are you really going to spy on them ? “ Miche asked , The idea itself not setting up with him , even though he would sell his soul to see Erwin getting all embarrassed and shaky over a girl ,, again.
“ Of course I’m not joking Mic- Zacharias !, they’re both awkward and stubborn and I want things to go well for them , just for once .. so of course I’m gonna keep an eye on everything they do ! " Stella said, "So now squad ... we are going to spy on them now ! right?"
"Yep," Renée nodded.
“ yes cap “ Hilda added
"Oh, absolutely," Lucas agreed.
“ We'll need to start planning soon, though," said Matthieu. "Like, now-soon."
"Okay..." Stella said. "Alright, listen to me .. so, first things first-“
“ Hellooooo !~ I heard you all need a plan , eh ?! “ a familiar voice approached from afar , getting closer and closer in a mere seconds
“ Hange !! I knew you’ll make it in time ... any Ideas ? “
“ Any Ideas ? Honey .... I’ve planned everything already “
In conclusion, after Gelgar brought them some wine bottles to share, the group spent at least an hour on that Plaza, some of them where into Hange’s plan .. where others didn’t approve it.... at all
But If all went according to plan... poor Erwin and Dela will never even know they had spied on them.
“I’ll never forgive you for this “ Stella said, pouting as she checked her clothes again
“ Neither do I ... this wig is hideous ! What’s wrong with my golden hair ?“ Lucas cried , mumbling to himself as he cursed the day on when he joined them.
“ Don’t say that .. you too look fantastic! alright comrades," their goggle now-leader spoke again , "Operation: First date ! is officially underway."
"Again, I think 'Operation: Erwella ' just fits better," Lucas said.
"That's not fitting !" Stella said "How many times do I need to say this?"
"As many times as Lucas insists his name is better," chuckled Renée
"Enough bickering !" Hange suddenly said, putting her arms in the air. "Let's go into that alley and get this show on the road."
"Three bags of coins says she’ll brings us to our deaths back there," Matthieu whispered to Miche and Hilda , who agreed.
Thankfully, however, Hange didn't murder them in the alley. Instead, all seven of them went to their places, and managed to sneak into the restaurant without the couple noticing.
Today was a quiet day at the restaurant , surprisingly (and thankfully).
And it wasn't long before they set their sights on their Commander and his date ,
“ This Stew is great ! “
"I'm glad you enjoy it. Truth be told, I bet that they could somehow make dirt seem appetizing" Dela nodded in agreement while taking an another sip from her bowl.
Erwin chuckled at his date’s appetite before digging in to the dish he ordered- a simple beef steak.
"You better let me pay at least half the bill this time “
"Alright, but I think we should skip dessert here. I want to show you everything the city has to offer and I don't want to run late."
"Fine by me "
Dela noticed that Erwin looked a little more "intense" than he usually did and inquired him about it. "What up with the look?"
"Beg your pardon?"
"You're looking around this restaurant with this weird look in your eyes. Do you know anyone here?"
The group that were in the restaurant solely to spy on the couple almost fell out of their chairs in panic. Did Erwin realize they were being watched? How would he react to the fact that some of his friends were spying on him?
"Well...it's a bit embarrassing, but I'm a little...jealous of how the other male patrons are gawking at you…"
The seven "spies" breathed a sigh of relief when they realized Erwin wasn't actually on to them. Dela however, gently squeezed Erwin’s hand before speaking to him "Well ... I'm kind of.. low-key jealous of how the girls here look at you. You just had to pick a shirt that shows off your body, huh?"
"As if your attire is any more conservative than mine!"
They spent a good while exchanging banter, which bored the hell out of the observing Hange , Stella and Lucas.
Renée, Hilda, and Matthieu were more content listening to the lovebirds simply talking while Miche was having a headache of all the smells and fragments in the restaurant.
"Heads up, Commander eyebrows and his girl are leaving this place ! “ Hange gave a sign for the table in front of her , which contained : Stella , Renée , Lucas and Miche ... as they were dressed up as a small family.
“ Finally , this date is coming to an end ! “ Stella sighed , as she was disguised as the younger sibling in the group.
“ And I don’t have to wear this ugly wig or to pretend that I’m your brother anymore, good heavens ! “ Lucas said , brushing his wig carefully.. and disgustingly.
“ To be honest, I really loved my rule as your mother ! And Miche makes a good father too ! “ Renèe chuckled, looking at her “ sons” with nothing love and affection.
“ Can’t argue on this one “ both of them agreed before leaving the table as the waiter suddenly proceeded towards them :
“ He- hello “
“ .................. “
“ ... what a.... unique.... family “
“ .................. “
“ C-care to order something ? For— for you two and ... these beautiful...bo-boys ?“
“ I’m NOT A BOY—“
Erwin was giving Dela a tour of the park that he had visited since he was a young boy. This place was the site of many vivid memories for him, and some sad ones too ....
“ I used to play with my father here ... “
"I’m sorry...."
"No no it’s okay ,I just know that he’s happy that I'm actually pursuing something ..."
"You said he believed of a world outside the walls , right? That’s why he got ...”
"Killed...that is correct..."
Dela tried to change the subject as she felt a sudden wave of sorrow in the air
"...Hey, let's go sit on that bench right there..it’s a beautiful sunny day .. so let’s enjoy it “
Erwin features softened as he looked at her one more time before chuckling : "Yeah , some relaxation would be nice “
"So...there are just sitting there?"
"Well, that and talking...and laughing...and some more talking"
"Alright Lucas, we don't need to know every little detail."
"Sorry, Hilda."
"Shit ! We wasted an entire saturday night watching these two and we still didn't figure out how that relationship ticks!"
"Why are you so mad, Stella? It was your idea to spy on these two. Me and Renèe just went along for the ride."
The group took a glance at Miche to see how he was feeling about this apparent wild goose chase and he looked contemplative. Suddenly, he bellowed out an order "Hange, use your pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the two. We can't see much from these bushes."
"Okay" Looking through the binoculars she pulled out her bag, Hange was giving a play by play recollection of the events she was witnessing "Aww, Erwin is holding her hand.. no .. he has her in a hug...wait a minute...nope, they're making out. Wow, they are really getting into this! Are they trying to-"
Hange’s befuddled play by play caused a panic to erupt in the minds of the other "spies". Would Erwin do something so blatantly "un-Erwin-like"? Miche grabbed the pair of binoculars to see for himself.
"I know Erwin better than the rest of you and I don't he's the type of guy to- " the blonde didn’t say anything as he dropped the binoculars in shock. Matthieu, on the other hand , picked it up and observed the serious makeup sessioned and whistled . "didn't think our Commander was this type of guy…"
"I agree. I always assumed Smith would be more chivalrous. But then again, Dela seems to enjoy it as much as he does, if not more so. Maybe they just have a certain chemistry between them?" Hilda said , resting her arm on Renèe’s head.
"You know what? At this point I'll take any damn answer I can get. It's so late and I wanna go home and get rid of this horrible disguise " Lucas said , about to tear up his dark green vest.
"So, we're gonna pack it up and leave?"
"Guess so “
“ Finally ! “ Lucas said as he got out the bush he’s been hiding in , making his way towards the park entrance
“ Hey ! What he’s doing there ?! It’s not like they won’t recognize him because of his disguise ! “ Hange panicked, trying to call him from afar
“ I’m gonna go after him ! He’s so dumb ! “ Stella said as she ran after Lucas to stop him from exposing them.
“ Guys ..... “
“ Wait a second Renèe ! Stella’s gonna expose us “
“ Um .... guys .. please — “
“ Not now Renèe ! Stella ! Come here ! “
“ Guys.... “
Erwin said, "What are you doing here .... and what are these ...... costumes ? "
Silence fell upon them as no one ever dared to speak.
"H-hey ! We... we were.. umm “ said Renèe , looking at her friends as she mouthed “ help me “
“ Well Commander we just... well..."
" Hmm?" Erwin asked again , raising a brow.
"Well, we honestly just so happy that you and Dela were going out," said Hilda, "we just... we couldn't miss it."
"Our little Erwin all grown up, I didn’t even go on a date before " said Miche.
"We just wanted to witness a historic moment for you two, that’s it " Hange said.
Both Dela and Erwin couldn't help but smile - having the ability to never stay mad at them for long was a hidden talent that they had. And they didn't know how they did it...
"Honestly, while I am still kinda upset," Erwin continued, "I... I really can't blame you all for being curious. We'll let this one slide."
"No we won't!" Dela said.
"Right, of course," Erwin nodded. "But this is just a formal warning."
"No, it isn't," Dela said.
"Absolutely, yes," Erwin agreed. "Totally. Right."
The group just looked at one another in confusion. What was going on between these two?
"Regardless of how we feel, we can't just let this one slide," said Dela. "There's gonna need to be some form of punishment."
Renèe sighed, "You're gonna make us clean your barracks ?"
Dela and Erwin looked at one another... before smirking.
"No," The black haired one smirked, "but... you may prefer it to what will actually happen."
"What the hell could be worse than cleaning the barracks ? And with that cleaning freak too... " Matthieu asked
“ I don’t know ? Maybe wearing your exact disguise for three days straight ? “ Dela smiled slyly as she saw the light in their eyes slowly fades
“ What.... “
“ Hey we’re back ! This idiot couldn’t————- ERWIN ?! DELA !? OH GOD LISTEN UM I CAN EXPLAIN— “ Stella dropped Lucas as she was grabbing him by his collar, she adjusted her looks and brushed her wig before saluting to them.
“ It’s alright, they told us everything !! Relax “ Dela said as she patted her head, taking off the cheap wig hange handed her before their mission.
“ Black do look nice on you , good for both you and Lucas , you’re gonna wear it for three days ! How fun is that . “ she smiled at them before handing Stella her wig again ... as Lucas collapsed on the bare ground crying
“ Why Would do that ?! I’m not even a member of the survey corps !! “
“ A punishment is still a punishment... and you’re not the only one ! See you ! “ Dela took Erwin’s hand in her again before turning away from this miserable squad , as they learned their lesson this time on respecting others privacy , Even if it’s their Commander’s.
“ I’m.. I’m sorry to interrupt ! But there you are ! The— the Unique Family ! “
“ Huh—— “
“I was searching for you everywhere! here’s your order young boy ! Enjoy it “
“ IM NOT A BOY ! “
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Tumblr media
Zacharias Stellas. Paros, 1970.
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Tumblr media
© Zacharias Stellas
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Ζαχαρίας Στέλλας 
#Zacharias Stellas 
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