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So Cloud grew up in a small town. And while he isn’t like ‘omegas should be expected to be submissive’ nor ‘alphas must always be dominant’ he probably does have some hang ups he needs to figure out. Plus there’s a difference to Cloud riding Zack while Zack doesn’t do anything to set the pace and what Sephiroth is suggesting. And while Cloud very much isnt’ against it he just didn’t expect any of the alphas to be that interested in it, and especially not Sephiroth. With the personalities involved Cloud had kind of assumed when he got into the relationship with the four alphas that, at least in the bedroom, he’d probably always be bottom and anything else would be more for him than something the alphas really initiated or wanted.

So yeah Cloud is pretty confused when Sephiroth just sugggests it seeminly out of the blue. He agrees of course (he can admit he is kind of jumping at the chance) although it’s probably a bit awkward at first because Cloud ahs a bit of him going this is Sephiroth the General and not wanting to go too far and accidentaly offend Sephiroth. Once they figure out what works for them and Cloud loses the bit of hero worship they both enjoy it a lot and find a good rythm to it.

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Hollow: Would you be here in my embrace (of dream)?
Price of Freedom: Together, we’ll embrace (one dream).

People already talked about similar the melody & instrument of “Price of Freedom” and “Hollow” a lot; but let’s compare the meaning of the lyrics. See the same color & keyword I bold, I feel like Cloud in “Hollow” blocking his other self in “Price of Freedom” to know Zack. 


Well, I don’t ship Zack & Cloud romantically and would rather use the word “Ai” to describe their love towards each other, not “koi.” But in english,  don’t you think the lyrics of “Price of Freedom” sounds more ‘romantic’ than “Hollow’ because there’s a word ‘love’? And if people had no idea about Crisis Core and Zack, they would think “Price of Freedom” is directed to a woman since there’s word “beauty” while “Hollow” is more genderless to even think it if it refers to Aerith unless you’re Cloud x Aerith shipper. 

While “Hollow” is composed by Nobuo Uematsu and written by Nojima, Price of Freedom is composed by Takeharu Ishimoto and the lyrics version is released on his band album, The Death March, but there’s no statement so far mentioning it was also Nojima who writes the lyrics. The lyrics of the two songs is very connected. If Nojima took inspiration from “Price of Freedom” since it’s released first, well… who knows.

Though, the better interpretation of both songs is… it represents us, the gamers’ POV. You play as Zack in Crisis Core but at the end of the game as he dies, you separate yourself and sing FOR him. It also works as Cloud’s POV because the game ends with him going on as Zack’s living legacy and the song indeed describe only the ending moment. In Remake, you play as Cloud and you’re still him because his journey doesn’t end yet, thus you sing AS him. And intentionally, both games end in the same place, wasteland (Midgar’s outskirt)… with two Clouds from past and present crossing each other. And with similar melody and instrument of two events (with or without Zack being alive), the lyrics also connects it.

Again, as I said: Under the rain in barren land, Cloud in “Hollow” blocking his other self in “Price of Freedom” to never know what he had realized from Zack’s death. And that’s the important thing he lost.

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