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Thanatos n Zagreus sketch
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I am suddenly back
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Cave In
Thanatos x Zagreus | 481 words | T | AO3
Thanatos never comes to the Temple of Styx. For the life of him, Zagreus can’t figure out why he’s here now, with a serene expression on his face. He can’t be here to compete. No half-smile on his lips, no glint of annoyance in his eyes, no rush at all in his movements while he kneels at Zagreus’s side.
“But it doesn’t hurt,” Zagreus mutters aloud. He vaguely remembers it hurting earlier, the poison burning through his veins, the pillars crushing his legs, the sharp breaths that felt like knives in his lungs.
“Not anymore,” Thanatos agrees.
Without all that pain, he feels a little like he’s floating, untethered from his body, though he knows the rubble must still be pinning him to the floor. He doesn’t remember how to stand up. He doesn’t think he can.
He forces his eyes open. Even like this, knowing it’s over, Zagreus still wants a few more minutes. He’ll hang on for as long as he can. Death can stare gently into his face all he wants, but Zagreus thinks he can find a way to cling to his life, such as it is. His fingers find purchase on the stone floor, but he doesn’t have the strength to move himself.
“How long do I have?” Zagreus asks through gritted teeth.  
“How long do you want?”
Zagreus laughs, but it catches in his lungs. He heaves and spasms and he can feel the blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth. Thanatos might have a point. Mercy comes in all forms, and he should accept this one, gratefully, even if he doesn’t want to go.
“Forever,” Zagreus replies stubbornly.
Thanatos frowns. “Not that long.”
He can’t laugh again, not even at Thanatos’s peeved expression. And what is a life without laughter, anyway? Not a good one. Not to mention that it would be rude to deny Thanatos his duty. He must have cleared his schedule to take care of this measly death personally.
Zagreus relents.
“Then as long as it takes for you to kiss me,” Zagreus says. And that might have been romantic if he didn’t tack on a nervous, “Or am I too gross for that right now?”
Now Thanatos smiles, just a little, mainly with his eyes. “No.”
He leans down to kiss him, a hand stroking his hair, and the temple fades away. The torches, the shattered stone pillars, and finally the glowing mandragora statues with their curative he was unable to drag himself to recede into the darkness. The mandragora’s bubbling, too, grows softer in his ears as Zagreus opens his mouth to Thanatos, as he drinks him in. His own heartbeat, drumming so loudly a moment before, dwindles until there is nothing left in the world but Thanatos’s lips.
Then even that fades away, too, as Zagreus is taken by the warm embrace of the Styx.
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i have been playing hades for 3 days. why am i this close to writing zagthan smut
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Zagreus 100% has the tboy swag
Thanatos and Megaera know what's up, they all want a go on that fat boycunt
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I illustrated a scene from the fic "Undying Bond" written by the fantastic @ the__pleiades on AO3/twitter!!!🥺💗💗💗 (contains spoilers for the ending if you haven't read it yet & plan to!!)
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Some comfort gods
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Tall and floating boyfriend💕
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Hades (Video Game 2018) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Thanatos/Zagreus (Hades Video Game) Characters: Thanatos (Hades Video Game), Zagreus (Hades Video Game) Additional Tags: Childhood Friends, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, marriage pact, Sexual Tension, Resolved Sexual Tension, Reunions, Reunion Sex, Trans Male Character, Trans Zagreus (Hades Video Game), Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Grinding, Multiple Orgasms, Size Kink, Confessions, Praise Kink, Porn with Feelings, Porn With Plot, Birthday Sex, Hand Holding during Sex, Enthusiastic Consent, Fluff, Fluff and Smut Summary: Event today: Marrying Thanatos
Zagreus sits and stares blankly at his screen, blinking and rubbing the sleep from his eyes to see that no, he’s not imagining it, that reminder is really there. His memory drifts back to when the reminder was set.
“Here’s what we’ll do. If we’re both single by the time we’re—I don’t know, thirty? That’s old, right?—we’ll get married.”
@ddanosaur and i wrote some thanzag childhood friends to lovers!!! y’all should go check it out <3
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ThanZag Digital Zine Part 2: Flamefeet Boogaloo!
Tumblr media
We're heading back into the thick of zine creation! If you are an artist, writer, comic creator, cosplayer, etc, check out the link in the second tweet to apply to ThanZag Digital Zine Part 2: Flamefeet Boogaloo!
If you’re interested, please feel out the form here
While it’s not mandatory, please also consider joining the ThanZag server so you can chat with fellow ThanZag lovers and creators: Discord Link
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even if it’s a lie
Thanatos x Zagreus | Modern AU | T | Chapter 13 | AO3
Long after the sun has gone down, when the entire building is dark except for his lonely office, his phone rings. “Zag?”
“Thannnn. Thanatos. Than. Where are you?”
Zagreus does not want to hear how he’s scanning his slide deck for typos, so he reminds him for at least the third time today, “I’m at work, remember?”
“Oh, right. You work so hard all the time. How do you even do that? How do you work so hard? I’ve never been able to work like that.”
He tries to remember if the Americans put a ‘u’ in ‘favour.’ It looks stupid without it. That can’t be right, can it? “Zag, did you need something?”
Zagreus breathes loudly into the phone. “I missed you. I missed your hair. You have the prettiest hair. It’s always where you want it to be. I don’t know how you do that. Mine goes everywhere all the time”
Behind his voice, Thanatos can hear the muted rumblings of a dozen conversations at once, some sort of clanging, and music, too. “Where are you?”
“Achilles and I went to a bar to meet my cousin. You should be here. It’s probably too loud for you, though.”
He doesn’t tell him he’s been to far more bars and clubs than Zagreus ever has. “Achilles is with you? Can you put him on the phone for me?”
He hears the phone shuffling hands, and then the reassuring sound of Achilles who does not slur a single word when he says, “Hey, Thanatos, sorry, I didn’t realize he’d never drank before. By the time he told me that, he was, well, he was like this.”
Thanatos laughs to himself. “Yeah, Hades is kind of a hard ass about that. He’s got these wine cellars that nobody has ever touched. Zagreus never seemed interested.”
“All those times in Tartarus he snuck out in the middle of the night and came home the next day—I figured he was—”
“Fishing,” Thanatos interrupts. “He was sneaking out in the early morning to go fishing.”
He hears Achilles sigh over the phone. “That explains the smell. I swear, he only had three mixed drinks, over conversation, and now he’s like this. I’ve already called a cab home. Hang on, he wants you.”
The phone exchanges hands again, and Thanatos is almost disappointed he’s missed Zagreus deciding to drink for the first time in his life. He wonders what made him do it.
“Than. Thanatos. Are you at home?”
He huffs a small laugh. “No, Zag, I’m still at work.”
“Ugh. No. Achilles told me I have to go to bed and what is even the point if you aren’t there.”
Zagreus probably has no idea what the implication of his words are right now, so Thanatos ignores the flush creeping up his neck. “You’ve managed it before,” he gets out.
The sounds coming through the phone change, quieten. He hears a muffled, Come on, lad. They must be leaving. Thanatos should get back to his work and not let this distract him, but he can’t seem to hang up, listening closely to the sounds of footsteps, a car door shutting, Achilles saying something.
Zagreus starts talking again. “Than, are you still there? Did I hang up on you?” He doesn’t pause in his babbling for Thanatos to answer. “I just need you to know how important you are. You know that, right? You’re so clever. You probably know it already. I hate how much you work but it’s only because you’re so diligent. And good. You’re just good at things. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world I care about as much as you. I missed you so much when you were gone. I missed your ugly boots, do you still have those? They made you walk funny. They were awful. I missed your nose, too. And your shoulders. I always remember them narrower than they are. I wish you never left.”
Thanatos’s face has gone entirely red. Somehow, the only thing his mind can focus on is, Which pair of boots does he think are ugly?
Zag’s words are getting lazier, his voice is getting sleepier, and Thanatos hears what sounds like the phone falling on the floor. He waits, and then it’s Achilles’ voice on the other end. He tries not to be disappointed. “Sorry, Than, but I’m going to hang up for him now.”
He clears his throat. “Yeah, good call. Take care of him, Achilles.”
He hears a muffled, Wait, and then, tell him I love him, followed by Achilles saying, you can tell him yourself when—
The phone goes dead.
Read the rest here | Or start from the beginning
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wasting beats of this heart of mine by argetcross
Chapter 19: The Fire and the Blood
The storm did not break. For five days, its winds howled over Mount Cithaeron, with no signs of abating. Zagreus, Callisto, and Iphios remained huddled in Callisto’s den, sheltered by the warm underbelly of the earth, as the snow piled higher and higher outside. The weather prevented them from hunting or straying far from the cave, and all they had in the way of provisions was snowmelt, bark, and some pork jerky Callisto had stashed away.
Slowly, but surely, Zagreus was going insane.
Read it here on AO3!
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old narumitsu fans are thanzag enjoyers now
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ok I need to tell you what happened between me (zag) and thanatos today
after encountering him out in elysium on a really good run, back at the house, we had the "what am I to you" convo, at the end of which thanatos is like yknow what nevermind and poofs out
very next run, he shows up in like the fifth chamber of tartarus to be like "are we just friends or... look, this is embarrassing"
back at the house many chambers later. had an unrelated conversation with achilles about nyx and chaos. but at the end of that zag is like "they drifted apart, huh..." and then ran halfway down the hall and stopped short when he saw thanatos
ran up to thanatos and told him "hey you know you're pretty mean to hypnos"
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