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#zara dearborn
shadowhunter characters as john mulaney quotes
bc i miss him and hope he’s doing better
jace to alec
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will, jace, and kit
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matthew about alastair
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christopher probably (even tho we all love him)
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mark when julian asks if he made a mess of the kitchen
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kit herondale
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the fandom whenever zara says something
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*bonus* simon
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cassandraclare · 2 years ago
Daily Queen of Air and Darkness snippet
The first thing Emma noticed was missing was the tapestry of the Battle of the Burren. The fireplace was lit now, and over it Alec Lightwood’s image had been replaced by Zara Dearborn’s. It was a portrait of her in gear, her long blond-brown hair falling to her waist in two braids like a Viking’s. ZARA DEARBORN, CLAVE HERO, said a gold plaque on the frame.
“Subtle,” Julian muttered.  
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bi-disaster-kit · 2 years ago
Zara: My clave thinks of me as a princess.
Emma: why be a princess when Julian treats me like the queen I am?
*Julian and Emma high five*
Ty: Aww. Why can’t we be like that?
Kit (dressed head to toe in Gucci): Because you’re a peasant.
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kestrel-of-herran · 3 years ago
just a friendly reminder that emma broke the mortal sword so even if in qoaad zara/manuel etc accuses emma and julian of being in love they have no way to prove it so
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clockworkshadowhunter · 4 years ago
I now present, "Lord of Shadows"- a song
Jingle bells Zara smells Kit is really gay Livvy died Julian cried And Annabel ran away
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cassandraclare · 3 years ago
q&A Manuel
queenrosales said:
Hiii!! How are you? Cassie I have another question, I saw a post about Manuel Villalobos Casales and how he was so evil that even Zara was annoyed by him. Is he going to play an important role ? Are we going to see more about him? Is he a cruel guy like Valentine?
Manuel does have a role to play in Queen of Air and Darkness! He and Valentine share a penchant for cruelty, but Manuel doesn’t have the kind of charisma and leadership skills that Valentine had, nor — and this is central to his relationship with Zara — does he share Valentine’s conviction.
Zara isn’t annoyed by Manuel for being evil. Zara is annoyed that he doesn’t care. Manuel isn’t a believer in the cause of the Cohort; he’s a person who saw a schism forming among the Nephilim and decided to throw his lot in the with side he felt was most likely to win. The side whose victory he personally could benefit the most from.
From Lord of Shadows:
“Don’t worry,” Zara said irritably. “You’ll get what you want. Though it would be better if you were more committed to the cause.”
She had already turned away; Kit saw Manuel’s eyes glint beneath his lashes as he looked after her. There was something in his expression—an unpleasant sort of hunger.
It’s implied that Manuel enjoys torture—which is indeed evil!—but Zara doesn’t disapprove of him for enjoying torture, she disapproves of what she perceives as his lack of moral conviction and commitment to her cause. So the question is, which do you think is more evil? The evil that believes in its evil cause? Or the evil that doesn’t believe in the cause, but goes along with it for personal gain?
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la-dama-de-rosas · 3 years ago
Cristina: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "C".
Emma: Let me guess: Is it... corpse?
Cristina: [sighs] It was "cloud". There aren't even corpses in here.
Emma, shooting daggers at Zara: Give it time.
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T.D.A characters as things people have said in my history class.
Mark: Why are you being so salty
Emma: Why are you being so spicy?
Mark: *quietly* what does that even mean?
Julian: We could do the 'what if's' until the cows come home, but I don't have any cows and they're never coming home.
Kit: Yeah, well I have LOTS of cows and they're ALWAYS coming home.
Julian: *to ty* You're friends with him?
Diana: No eating cheese-itz in my class. Only fruits and vegetables.
Emma: Dairy is a fruit!
Julian: *under his breath* oh god.
Emma: Because you are what you eat and cows eat... fruit... and that makes dairy a... fruit.
Julian: Where were you going with this?
Emma: It made sense in my head, okay?
Livvy: *about Jace* we're going to get married and have five kids
Kit: Wow okay, I sure chose the wrong time to walk in on this conversation.
Kit: Livvy is basically a boy
Livvy: Excuse me
Kit: But hotter
Livvy: thank you
Zara: We should make downworlders illegal because they smell bad
Emma: Okay I'm starting to sense you really don't have a reason.
(That was actually about cigarettes btw)
Emma: *looking at a painting of an angel* that's Julian coming down from heaven to bless us all
Mark: Actually that's-
Emma: Shut up. it's Julian.
Mark: He has blond hair??
*Distant sound of screams from a movie coming from down the hallway*
Kit: what is that?
Emma: That's the sound of freedom.
Kit: I'm pretty sure that's someone being stabbed...
Emma: Freedom.
Diego: I'm gonna kashoot myself.
Diana: Who would want their company run by a bunch of drunks
Emma: I would
Diana: You would want-
Emma: yes.
Diana: Nothing would get done
Emma: But it'd be entertaining
Deigeo: Explain it to me like I'm an idiot
Emma: Well, this is going to be a lot easier than I expected
Kit: You don't understand me, my therapist doesn't even understand me.
Christina: Mark, stop.
Mark: Cry me a table, Linda.
Christina: ThAt'S NoT EvEN MY NaME
Emma: Dammit.
Julian: *holding a bag of ice to his knee* What?
Emma: I thought you were holding a goldfish.
Julian: Why would I have a goldfish? We're in the middle of class??
Emma: I don't know it just looked like a goldfish bag
Julian: Did you want it to be a goldfish?
Emma: Kinda
Emma: If you say 'skrrt skrrt' after committing a crime it's no longer illegal.
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cassandraclare · 4 years ago
Q&A Zara and the Mortal Sword
leianaberrie said: a big thank you for mentioning/including the Lagos Institute and Shadowhunter Maduabuchi. I showed my friend who has the same last name and he yelled. I don't ever even dream of seeing Nigerians in US/Western media except as something unsavoury (thanks District 9) so thanks so much for putting us on the Shadowhunter's World Map. :)
That’s so cool! You’ll see Rayan again; he’s one of the good guys. And now for the more spoilery part of the question!
leianaberrie said:Why didn't they just ask Zara to hold the Mortal Sword and admit to not killing Malcolm?
fictionisalwaysbetter said: Hello Cassie! I had another tiny question regarding LoS? I just wanted to know why the council did not make Zara hold the mortal sword? She knew she did not kill Malcolm, and while it was easy to shun Annabel's words, the council would not have questioned Zara's. 
The Council would have had to believe Annabel in the first place in order to question Zara.
The point of the meeting was questioning Annabel (and Kieran’s testimony) — — Blackthorns brought Annabel as a witness to testify, so naturally she was the one who was questioned. When she started shouting that Zara was a liar, there were already Clave members shouting that the Mortal Sword did not work on her, and throwing objects at her. They were not in any sense listening to what she had to say.
Few members of the Clave had any particular reason to question Zara's story of having killed Malcolm, so they wouldn't think to ask Zara for a trial by the sword. At this point, Zara is considered a war hero and a favorite of the Clave. The idea of putting her on humiliating and public trial without a very good reason wouldn’t have occurred to them off the bat, they’d be very reluctant to do it, and even if they were willing to do it, they’d hardly interrupt what was going on with Annabel in order to hold a surprise trial of Zara. Something like that would have to be set up in advance, and if they turned out to be wrong, Zara’s family could well sue for reparations. 
It’s important to remember that what happened was not Julian’s plan. Magnus was essential to Julian’s plan going well, as he would have been there to calm Annabel and be a person she could trust as well as being one of the only people in the world who could convince the Clave to listen to Annabel. The fact that Julian promised Magnus would be there and Magnus wasn’t — for a reason Julian could never have guessed — is partly why everything went incredibly wrong. If things had gone according to plan, and Magnus had been able to stay with Annabel and help her remain calm, Annabel might have been able to reveal Zara's lie in such a way that Zara would have been questioned with the sword. But we'll never know, because that didn't happen, and instead the scene descended in minutes into utter chaos and tragedy.
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daddyblackthorn · 2 years ago
Zara: Still not straight I see.
Alec: Neither are your teeth but here we are.
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turtlingturtle · 4 years ago
psa: Alec Lightwood did not even need to raise his voice to cut the legs out from underneath Zara Dearborn for her intentionally cruel and bigoted remarks and he proceeds to be my ultimate, lifelong favorite character.
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thomastair · 3 years ago
“Vanessa Ashdown says Emma is a boy-crazy slut,” said Zara.
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shadowhunterworld · 4 years ago
Zara: Tomorrow is garbage day.
Emma: I can't believe they dedicated a whole day to you.
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zara: i think only pureblood shadowhunters should be allowed in the shadowhunter community, and I’m here to take over the institute
jules: ok let me ask mark
zara: this isn’t a choi-
jules: he said no
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