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#zara loves taylor
fantasyoverreality98 · 9 months ago
i think my worst trait is that i pick songs to be obsessed with and then play them on a constant loop for hours on end, for days at a time
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floralpinktaylor · 3 months ago
London boy has been in my head for days
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ivanathor · a year ago
cardigan reigned for the third week on Countdown Top 40; Go Crazy jumped to number 3
Tumblr media
August 15, 2020 top 40 singles are:
1. cardigan - Taylor Swift
2. ROCKSTAR (feat. Roddy Ricch) - DaBaby
3. Go Crazy - Chris Brown & Young Thug
4. Stay Gold - BTS
5. Kings & Queens - Ava Max
6. Girlfriend - Charlie Puth
7. Nobody’s Love - Maroon 5
8. Savage Love - Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685
9. Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles
10. How You Like That  - BLACKPINK
11. Past Life - Daniel Trevor & Selena Gomez
12. My Future - Billie Eilish
13. Love Me Land - Zara Larsson
14. Be Kind (with Halsey) - Marshmello
15. Lose Somebody - Kygo & OneRepublic
16. Married In Vegas - The Vamps
17. death bed (coffee for your head) [feat. Beabadoobee] - Powfu
18. UR SO F**KING COOL - Tones and I
19. Mariposa - Peach Tree Rascals
20. Secrets - Regard & RAYE
21. Match In The Rain - Alec Benjamin
22. Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters
23. Easy - Troye Sivan
24. Snowchild - The Weeknd
25. Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) - Lady Gaga
26. Hallucinate - Dua Lipa
27. Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN
28. Holiday - Little Mix
29. WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B
30. Naked - Jonas Blue & Max
31. if this is the last time - LANY
32. Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) - BENEE
33. First Man - Camila Cabello
34. Black And White - Niall Horan
35. A Little Bit Of Love - Kesha
36. Balang Araw - Iñigo Pascual
37. good guys - LANY
38. ily (i love you baby) [feat. Emilee] - Surf Mesa
39. Power - Ellie Goulding
40. X (feat. Karol G) - Jonas Brothers
Please see Countdown Top 40 playlist on youtube:
Also, do not forget to subscribe! :)
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soundchxck · a year ago
The Live Lounge Allstars consisting of several artists such as Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Yungblud, Bastille, Ellie Goulding, Sam Fender, Annie-Marie, Mabel, Royal Blood, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Zars Larson among others have come together with Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters to release a cover of Times Like These for charity. Stream it now!
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firstprince · 2 years ago
stephanie beatriz
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY 
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crazywonders · 4 months ago
This is the list of music that make me feel like the villian or will make you feel like the coolest (and crazy) badass Queen / King that you are.
2YA2YAO! - Super Junior
Ain't My Fault- Zara Larsson
All the Time 2 - Wintertime
Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
Black Widow - Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora
Castle - Halsey
Cradles - Sub Urban
Crazy=Genius - Panic at The Disco!
Cooler Than Me - Lucky Luke
Diamonds - Sam Smith
Do Me a Favor - Arctic Monkeys
Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time - Panic at The Disco!
Double Knot - Stray Kids
Emperor's New Clothes - Panic at The Disco!
Everybody Knows - Sigrid
Ex's and Oh's - Elle King
Formation - Beyonce
Heart Shape Box - Nirvana
Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
Heavydirtysoul - Twenty One Pilots
Hell or Hallelujah - KISS
Homemade Dynamite - Lorde ft Khalid
Horns - Bryce Fox
How You Like That - BLACKPINK
Humble - Kendrick Lamar
In My Feelings - Lana Del Rey
John Wayne - Lady Gaga
Kanye's in My Head - Boy Epic
Kill this Love - BLACKPINK
Love Killa - MONSTA X
Me, Myself & I - G-Eazy ft Bebe Rexha
Meltdown - Stromae ft Lorde
Mount Everest - Labrinth
Nate Growing Up - Labrinth
Natural - Imagine Dragons
Nigthmare -Halsey
Obsession - EXO
Old Town Road - Lil Nax X ft Billy Ray Cyrus
Panda - Desiigner
Pirate King - ATEEZ
Power is Power - SZA, The Weeknd & Travis Scott
Pray for Me - The Weekend ft Kendrick Lamar
Pretty Savage - BLACKPINK
Pumped up Kicks - Foster of the People
Quarantine - Boy Epic
Ready for This - Taylor Swift
Sacrifice - Bebe Rexha
Sally Walker - Iggy Azalea
Sleeping Powder- Gorillaz
So What - Pink
Start a Riot - Duckwrth ft Shaboozey
Started - Iggy Azalea
Sucker for Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
Teeth - 5 Seconds of Summer
This is America - Childish Gambino
Toxic - Britney Spears
Victorious - Panic at The Disco!
War Machine - KISS
What I Know Now - THEY ft Wiz Khalifa
When I R.I.P. - Labrinth
Wicked Games - The Weekend
Wolf - Boy Epic
Wonderland - ATEEZ
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dekusbby · 15 days ago
Artists I think the Bnha characters would like
Tumblr media
Panic! at the disco
Imagine dragons
Loving Caliber
Tumblr media
Arctic Monkeys
Alec Benjamin
Tumblr media
Twenty one Pilots
Billie Eilish
Melanie Martinez
Tumblr media
Mother Mother
Bryson Tiller
Tumblr media
Billie Eilish
Miley Cyrus
Hayley Kiyoko
Tumblr media
John Legend
Olivia Rodrigo
Conan Gray
Tumblr media
The Vamps
Sir Chloe
Girl in red
5 Seconds of Summer
Tumblr media
Dua Lipa
Beach Bunny
Kali Uchis
Ruth B.
Tumblr media
Camila Cabello
Bea Miller
Melania Martinez
Alessia Cara
Sabrina Carpenter 
Ruth B.
Tumblr media
Meghan Trainor
Megan Thee Stallion
Zara Larsson
Nicki Minaj
Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
Billie Eilish
Kendrick Lamar
Cardi B
Doja Cat
Tumblr media
Kanye West
Doja Cat
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taylorswiftstyle · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Taylor Swift Style Turns Ten 10x10: Candids
This was, undoubtedly by sheer volume, the most difficult category of all of them to parse through. After going through some 1,100 appearances spanning 13 years worth of street style moments I somehow managed to narrow it down to my Top 10 (very painfully, might I add).
Organized by month of appearance.
January 21, 2014: Lanston tee / Reformation skirt / Dolce & Gabbana bag / Rag & Bone booties. All black, a blazer, with a pop of colour (in my power colour red, no less). Everything about this outfit still holds up after all these years. And I also love her loose carefree waves.
February 24, 2016: Isabel Marant blazer and trousers / A.L.C. top / Manolo Blahnik pumps. How could one ever forget Taylor’s sensational string of Isabel Marant ‘fits in early 2016? This white hot monochrome suit was only just caught by cameras, but it still holds a firm place in my heart for its aching chicness.
March 29, 2014: J. Brand jacket / Cuore & Pelle bag / Rag & Bone booties. This outfit is timeless and is basically how I dress in the Pacific Northwest for at least half the year. That leather jacket is enviable.
March 30, 2014: Anthropologie bag / Paige pants / Isabel Marant booties. Yes this is definitely an unintentional record for proximity to all time favourite outfits. But I couldn’t shake the impeccable layering and colour palette here. It’s a well-coordinated, office-friendly look that doesn’t rely on just basic black which I applaud.
April 28, 2015: Missguided blazer + shorts / Lulufrost necklace / Elie Saab bag / Prada pumps. I think it’s pretty evident why this lewk made it into the top 10. Everyone, say it with me: Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. The masterful accessory matching to really bring a fun bounce of spring into an otherwise neutral matching set is genius and so fresh. I’d absolutely wear this in a heartbeat.
May 26, 2015: Swarovski sunglasses / Zara top / Mary Katrantzou bag / River Island shorts / Pedro Garcia heels. This outfit absolutely snuck up on me and is part of the reason why I noted “being open to having your mind be changed” at the introduction of this series. While I certainly liked this outfit six whole years ago, it never made a lasting impression on me. In fact I’d say if you’re a longtime reader of TSS that of the top 10 you see here, only this one should be a surprise. But upon reflection in thinking of all my criteria: Actual street style, memorable, impeccably styled with zero changes I’d make … Undoubtedly this moment fills all of that criteria for me. The artful way the shoes tie in to the bag, the sunglasses tie in to the top and shorts, the sleek deep-parted hair, and red/pink lipstick that also ties into the bag. This is a moment where intention was evident and Taylor looks supremely confident in that smirk and that strut. I absolutely have to give kudos to how well this outfit speaks to every single element present here. It’s a fact I’ve always known about Taylor but was never more evident than when I had to pare outfits down and really began to split hairs that she does not always nail it in the accessories department, to the detriment of the outfit as a whole. In the instance of my entire Top 10 but especially here I feel that intentional styling was evident to bring the whole outfit into cohesion and clarity. Well done.
July 15, 2018: Elie Saab sunglasses / Faith Connexion dress / Stella McCartney bag / Jimmy Choo boots. A WHOLE ASS SERVE. I have no other words. This was impeccably styled by Taylor’s longtime stylist Joseph Cassell who saw a slouchy floral shirt dress and envisioned a 70s chic power moment. I know it’s evident by the fact that it’s here but I really need to shout from the rooftops how this is absolutely one of her best street appearances of all time and every single person alive should know it.
August 13, 2010: Urban Outfitters bustier + bag + skirt / Anthropologie ring + belt. There are some people who say to not mix black and brown which I find ridiculous. A careful mix of neutral tones (black + white + brown) is one of my favourite things to do and I love the feminine layers at play here, anchored by a chunky equestrian-esque belt.
October 23, 2016: Meshki coat / Vatanika bandeau / Giuseppe Zanotti clutch / Melinda Maria ring / Blaque Label skirt / Christian Louboutin sandals. This outfit still leaves me speechless and shooketh to my core. I truly don’t know what I could possibly add to this outfit that the outfit doesn’t say on its own as to why it deserves to be here as one of her most memorable street style moments.
November 22, 2011: Ralph Lauren sweater / Fendi bag / Modcloth skirt / Marc Jacobs heels. Completely flipping gears … This outfit. Pure nostalgia. And it’s very appropriate to round out the Top 10 with this particular outfit. If you’ve been following TSS since this moment just … wow. Wowowow. All my heart love and soul and feelings go out to you. This was the first street moment outfit that I found on my own with no press credits or designer notes guiding my way. This was the first time as I embarked on learning how to run a style blog that I felt, “Oh. I can do this, can’t I?” It was such a momentous occasion for me that still gives me all the feelings of validation and pride and my first real boost of confidence and joy that this blog was doing something to me internally and giving me something I had never had before. The final piece of the puzzle I believe was finding the Marc Jacobs heels. That rush of serotonin? Can’t replace it. I also recall spending so. much. time. trying to find that Fendi bag. And it was all mine. Sentimentality aside, this is Taylor artfully playing with an untraditional and unexpected colour palette. Which is one of her best skills in fashion, imo. Nothing about this should work. And yet it’s absolutely charming and evokes all the feelings of fall for me.
What do you think of my Top 10 candids, TSSers?
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livvyslocket · 9 months ago
A list of things I would kill to see in TWP
- Clace kids/Sizzy kids/Malec kids growing up
- Clary and Julian bonding over art and Emma and Jace bonding over weapons
- A reverse of the Lady midnight knife scene between Kit and Ty
- The Kit, Ty, Livvy trio back together again
- Angst free Blackstairs extremely in love to the point where other Blackthorn kids are lightheartedly cringing at them (but really are very happy for them)
- Tessa reading Mina the beautiful Cordelia and telling her more about James and Lucie
- Mina and Kit having sibling momments. Maybe watching Disney movies, with Jem and Tessa around too ofc
- Jem playing Tessa songs he composes for her
- Kit making fun of Jem and his lack of pop culture knowledge
- Kit being a Taylor Swift stan
- Emma and Jem spending time together and Jem telling her about Cordelia, Alastair and other Carstairs
- Tavvy, Rafe, Max and Mina forming their own little friend group
- Alec and Diego reforming the clave as Consul and Inquisitor
- Zara and Manuel dying or getting their marks stripped
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ivanathor · a year ago
BTS scored another number 1 single with Dynamite
Tumblr media
The top 40 songs of August 29, 2020 are:
1. Dynamite - BTS
2. Nobody’s Love - Maroon 5
3. cardigan - Taylor Swift
4. Past Life - Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez
5. WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B
6. My Future - Billie Eilish
7. Go Crazy - Chris Brown & Young Thug
8. ROCKSTAR (feat. Roddy Ricch) - DaBaby
9. Girlfriend - Charlie Puth
10. Married In Vegas - The Vamps
11. Love Me Land - Zara Larsson
12. Savage Love - Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685
13. Mariposa - Peach Tree Rascals
14. Stay Gold - BTS
15. Secrets - Regard & RAYE
16. Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus
17. Laugh Now Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk) - Drake
18. Holiday - Little Mix
19. Kings & Queens - Ava Max
20. Smile - Katy Perry
21. Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters
22. Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles
23. Lose Somebody - Kygo & OneRepublic
24. Snowchild - The Weeknd
25. Wishing Well - Juice WRLD
26. How You Like That - BLACKPINK
27. Levitating (feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix] - Dua Lipa
28. Over Now - Calvin Harris & The Weeknd
29. Balang Araw - Iñigo Pascual
30. Be Kind (feat. Halsey) - Marshmello
31. you! - LANY
32. Hallucinate - Dua Lipa
33. First Man - Camila Cabello
34. death bed (coffee for your head) [feat. Beabadoobee] - Powfu
35. Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) - Lady Gaga
36. UR SO F**KING COOL - Tones and I
37. Match In The Rain - Alec Benjamin
38. Easy - Troye Sivan
39. Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN
40. Beautiful Scars - Maximillian
You may check Countdown Top 40 on youtube:
Please do not forget to subscribe! :)
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feyretale · 2 months ago
⋆˚✫ gwynriel week: day 4 ˚ ༘
~ playlists + bonus analysis ~
❥ symphony by clean bandit (feat. zara larsson)
❥ how you get the girl by taylor swift
( i imagine this song is nesta and rhys telling their story as a narrator )
headcanon: azriel and gwyn have a talk where az denies his feelings for her because he deems himself unworthy of her and gwyn is hurt. to clear off his mind, az goes off to a mission where he realises with the help of his shadows that he loves gwyn and would make himself someone worthy of her instead of hurting her feelings.
🎶 stand there like a ghost, shaking from the rain, rain. (az standing at gwyn’s door after coming back from the mission)
🎶 she’ll open up the door and say are you insane? (~gwyn)
🎶 say its been a long six months / and you were too afraid to tell her what you want (~az)
🎶 i want you for worse or for better / i would wait forever and ever / broke your heart i’ll put it back together / i would wait forever and ever (~az)
🎶 and thats how it works / thats how you get the girl, girl (~nesta)
🎶 remind her how it used to be, be / with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks, cheeks / tell her how must’ve lost your mind / when you left her all alone and never told her why, why (~nesta telling azriel to make it upto her)
🎶 and thats how it works / thats how you lost the girl (~rhys narrating)
🎶 i want you for worse or for better / i would wait forever and ever / broke your heart i’ll put it back together / i would wait forever and ever (~az)
🎶 and thats how it works, thats how you got the girl (~rhys & nesta)
❥ peace by taylor swift
( i already did analysis for this song here if you want to check it out !)
❥ hoax by taylor swift
one of the lyrics is 🎶 “your faithless love’s the only hoax i believe in” which reminded me of azriel because he would think that there is no way gwyn would want someone like him and think her love is a faithless hoax but he still holds on to it however gwyn will go on to prove how its not a hoax and that their love is real. they both will help each other fight so many inner demons that live within them.
❥ invisible string by taylor swift
( some lyrics that fit into the headcanon of them being mates, the song is mostly in gwyn’s perspective )
🎶 time, curous time / gave me no compasses, gave me no signs / were there clues i didnt see?
🎶 and isnt it just so pretty to think, all along there was some invisible string tying me to you
🎶 time, mystical time / cutting me open then healing me fine / were there clues i didnt see?
🎶 a string that pulled me / out of all the wrong arms right inro that dive bar / something wrapped all over my past mistakes in barbed wire / chains around my demons, wool to brave the seasons
🎶 one single thread of gold tied me to you (um THE MATING BOND)
❥ willow by taylor swift
🎶 show me the places where the others gave you scars. (just this lyric>>>)
❥ when the right one comes along by clare bowen and sam palladio
( this is a song i imagine them singing together <3. its really worth listening, it SCREAMS gwynriel )
❥ safe and sound by taylot swift
( a song azriel sings for gwyn after she has a nightmare <<<333 )
❥ nobody’s love by maroon 5
❥ enchanted by taylor swift
headcanon: this would be their song. like literally. gwyn singing it about azriel before they officially become friends. kind of like a hopeless crush trope. she’s singing this song after coming back from a party w the IC and its the first time azriel hears her sing he doesn’t want to invade her privacy but just cannot help it because her voice is beautiful and his shadows also don’t want to leave and there is an “invisible string” tying him to her in that moment.
🎶 there I was again tonight / forcing laughter, faking smiles / same old tired, lonely place / walls of insincerity / shifting eyes and vacancy vanished when I saw your face / all I can say is it was enchanting to meet you (gwyn singing about how she was anxious at the party and when she saw his face, she lit up because of his enchanting beauty.)
🎶  this night is sparkling, don't you let it go / i'm wonder struck, blushing all the way home / i'll spend forever wondering if you knew / i was enchanted to meet you (gwyn blushes all the way home wondering if az noticed how enchanted she was to meet him.)
🎶 this is me praying that this was the very first page / not where the story line ends / my thoughts will echo your name, until I see you again / these are the words i held back, as i was leaving too soon / i was enchanted to meet you (she prays to the cauldron that their story reaches to a point where they can call each other friends or maybe something more.)
🎶 please don't be in love with someone else / please don't have somebody waiting on you (UM ELAIN)
❥ daylight by taylor swift
( this would be in azriel’s pov where he finally realises that love is golden like daylight )
🎶 my love was as cruel as the cities I lived in / everyone looked worse in the light / there are so many lines that I've crossed unforgiven / i'll tell you the truth, but never goodbye (all the times in the past people az loved did not love him in the same way. he says that he does not think that he cannot be forgiven for his sins but he’s willing to share the truth with gwyn but wont ever say goodbye.)
🎶 i don't wanna look at anything else now that i saw you / i don't wanna think of anything else now that i thought of you / i've been sleeping so long in a 20-year dark night / and now I see daylight, I only see daylight (hes been living in the dark for so long but the mother has finally decided to show him daylight, which is gwyn’s love towards him. and when he realises this he doesnt want to think about anyone else or look at anyone else but her.)
🎶 i once believed love would be burning red / but it's golden / like daylight, like daylight (he once believed love would be burning red for 500 years which is symbolic of mor and spent centuries pinning after her but when gwyn came along he realised that love could be golden like dayight which is symbolic of gwyn because in acosf she was glowing like daylight when nesta heard her sing.) 
🎶 i wanna be defined by the things that i love / not the things i hate / not the things that i'm afraid of, i'm afraid of / not the things that haunt me in the middle of the night / i, i just think that / you are what you love ( he starts to realise how he doesnt want to be defined by his past or by the things that haunt him in the middle of the night but by what he truly is and what he loves)
❥ sparks fly by taylor swift
( again a song that screams gwynriel. its from gwyn’s pov )
🎶 the way you move is like a full on rainstorm / and i’m a house of cards / you're the kind of reckless that should send me running / but i kinda know that i won't get far (gwyn about azriel and how he is considered the most powerful fae to ever walk prythian and people are afraid of him and his shadows which makes him reckless and should “send gwyn running” but she knows that sh wont get far because “an invisible string” will always tie her to him.) 
🎶 and you stood there in front of me just / close enough to touch / close enough to hope you couldn't see / what i was thinking of (this is also a very gwynriel thing because gwyn is probably thinking about being in his arms but also hoping he cant see what she’s thinking of because his shadows can detect it and tell him SO CUTE)
🎶 drop everything now / meet me in the pouring rain / kiss me on the sidewalk / take away the pain / ‘cause i see, sparks fly, whenever you smile (”meet me in the pouring rain” NO BECOZ RAIN IS A GWYNRIEL THING, they would be the kind of couple that walks in the rain and dances in the rain when everyone’s trying to run and find shelter)
❥ long story short by taylor swift
( this ones in both of their pov’s because in my interpretation of the song, its one that dives into the difficulties of past relationships and life but despite it, people find love. we know both gwyn and az have faced so many demons in the past but they will find love despite it and be happy. )
❥ just a little bit of your heart by ariana grande
~ ✫
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senkued · 3 months ago
anyways this isnt a formal post bUT:
gen is a pop bitch. he listens to lady gaga, ariana grande, taylor swift, rihanna, nicki and doja—every iconic female artist you know babe. he knows the lyrics and i will bET HE IMPERSONATES THEM TO PERFECTION
hyoga is the one that listens to the neighbourhood, the 1975, chase atlantic, arctic monkeys—you get the memo. BUT NO HE FITS THE BAD BOY TROPE WELL ???? WTF ????
tsukasa listens to fall out boy. no i will not reiterate. he just does. AND HIS FAVORITE ALBUM IS SAVE ROCK AND ROLL
ukyo my love,,, conan gray halsey troye sivan allie x rina sawayama blackbear lauv zara larsson melanie martinez olivia rodrigo i cOuld GO ON BUT WHAT IM SAYING IS UKYO'S MUSIC TASTE = IMMACULATE BUT SOMEHOW UNDERRATED
taiju and yuzuriha like kpop. have stan twt accs and are the cute moots w matching layouts.
senku & ryusui r mix of everything—but ryusui leans more to gen's taste, and senku to hyoga's.
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banalbutalive · 2 months ago
Uhh... Hi? Idk how to do this.
Welcome to this ~whatever this is~. You can call me hana. I absolutely do not give a shit about most things in life, and despite this being a coping mechanism, I say it is a personality trait. But I do have anger issues. It's a delicate balance. I made this post because I am so famous and get so many questions that it gets hectic.
But, if you come here and talk shit about any person who you are not entitled to have opinions on, beware that I am better at the game and I will be ruthless. I am mostly cordial. It's just that I am very emo rn making this post.
My pronouns are she/her and I love buying books and then not reading them.
I got inspired from @thatbooksimp who made an extremely detailed post about herself, and I was like... Hell someone can be more self indulgent than me. So here I am.
Music I am into:
Taylor Swift ofc.
Tamino my beloved
Harry Styles
Arctic Monkeys
Arijit Singh
Jagjit Singh
Anything written by Gulzar
A. R. Rehman
Armaan Malik
Classical songs basically
The Veer Zara album
My Fandoms are:
Grishaverse (all books and series)
Harry Potter (jkr who?)
Jujutsu kaisen
Bungou Stray Dogs
Attack on titan
Some books I've read:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (obviously)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
5/8 Sherlock Holmes Novels by Sir A.C. Doyle
1984 by George Orwell
Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
All the grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo
ACOTAR trilogy by Sarah J. Maas
The folk of the air trilogy by Holly Black
My favourite authors:
George Orwell
Virginia Woolf
Oscar Wilde
Jane Austen
Leigh Bardugo
My favourite poets:
Sylvia Plath
Richard siken
Edgar Allen Poe
Anne Sexton
Currently reading (or atleast trying to):
Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
The Iliad by Homer
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf
The song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
Did I mention I am a swiftie? She owns me.
Feel free to flood my inbox with literally anything related to these or in general if want to say or ask or rant or anything.
You can catch me sulking and screaming at @its-privateer-not-pirate
Love and Hate, Hana.
Tagging moots:
@buttcrflys-rose @thatbooksimp @the-good-ones-argon @revvs-trash @kitandtyarelife @haline-of-troy @claradoesntevenknow @like-we-are-made-of-starlightt14 @chrysalism-sonder @ghafa-dale @potayto-potahto @aphrodisiacal-nyx @queen-born-out-of-fire @darkshadowqueensrule @our-insentient-touches @herondalesunsetcurve and all others :-)
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armyfordayz · 10 months ago
Bts mafia aesthetic ❣
*Updated *
Kim Seokjin:
Afraid- The Neighborhood
Sweet but psyco - Ava Max
Centuries - Fall out Boy
Death bed - powfu
Bad bitch - bebe rexha
Desperado - Rihanna
Heartless - The weeknd
Do re mi - Blackbear
Sucker for pain - lil wayne
Sail - awolnation
Precious - Ateez
Guys my age - hey violet
Hostage - Billie Eilish
Alive - pearl jam
Misguided ghost - Paramore
Build God then we'll talk- panic at the disco
Fake your death - my chemical romance
Bang - ajr
Look what you made me do - taylor swift
The city - the 1975
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi -
I'm a wanted man - royal deluxe
You're so dark - Arctic Monkeys
My demons - starset
Aint my fault - zara larsson
Gun in my hand- dorothy
Dangerous - The neighbourhood
Humble- Kendrick lamar
Broken - lund
Back to black - any winehouse
Not afraid any more - Halsey
Look at me - xxxtentacion
I did something bad - Taylor swift
Little pistol - mother mother
Nervous - the neighborhood
House of wolves - my chemical romance
House of cards - bts
In the end - linkin park
Break stuff - limp bizkit
Troublemaker- only murs
Issues - julia michaels
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok -
Call out my name - the weeknd
I'm so sorry - imagine dragons
7 rings - Ariana grande
Carolina - Harry styles
Me myself & I - G easy
Do I wanna know - Arctic Monkeys
I'll be good - Jaymes Young
I found - amber run
Show & tell - Melanie Martinez
Madness - Ruelle
Wave - Ateez
Wires - the neighborhood
Aint my fault - zara larsson
Sex money feelings die - lykke li
White inversion- post Malone
Car radio - twenty one pilots
Narcissist - no rome
Kiss the ring - my chemical romance
Feel invincible- skillet
Creeping death - metallica
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon-
Teeth - 5 Seconds of Summer
Wires - the neighborhood
Nightmare - Halsey
Heathens - twenty one pilots
Way down we go - kaleo
Him and I - G Easy ft Halsey
Bury a friend - Billie Eilish
Crossfire - Stephen
Middle finger - bohnes
I'm a mess - Bebe rexha
The ghost of you - my chemical romance
Paint it black- the rolling stones
In the end - black veil brides
Born for greatness - papa roach
Ru mine - Arctic Monkeys
Dani California- red hot chili peppers
Cherry wine - hozier
Robbers - the 1975
Burning desire - Lana Del Rey
Bitch better have my money - Rihanna
Tumblr media
Park Jimin -
Gangsta - Kehlani
No Time to die - Billie Eilish
Wrong - Max ft lil uzi vert
Twisted - two feet
Swerve - Arizona zervas
Dangerous women - Ariana grande
I mean it - G Easy
Let's kill tonight - panic at the disco
Blood sweat and tears - Bts
I feel like I'm drowning - two feet
Love on the brain - rihanna
What a heavenly way to die - troye sivan
Now or never - halsey
One time - marian hill
Save yourself- kaleo
Put the gun down - andy black
Dead - my chemical romance
Kill somebody- yungblud
Cut my lip - twenty one pilots
Bad guy - Billie Eilish
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung-
Devil eyes - Hippie Sabotage
High for this - The Weeknd
Sweet dreams - Emily Browning
Raise hell - Dorothy
Sex money feelings die - lykke li
I dont even care about you - missio
Rockstar - post Malone
Earned it - the weeknd
You should see me in a crown - Billie Eilish
House of memories - panic at the disco
Dark paradise - Lana Del Rey
Attention- the weeknd
Hotter than hell - dual lipa
My blood - twenty one pilots
Bad habits - the kooks
Pull the trigger- Russ
Single - the neighborhood
Bad reputation- Joan jett
Run. Away - Got7
Young god- Halsey
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook-
No role modelz - j Cole
Feel good inc - gorillaz
Obey - bring me the horizon
m.A.A.d city - Kendrick lamar
Chains - Nick Jonas
Youngblood - 5 seconds of summer
Boss - Nct
Arsonist lullaby- hozier
Bang - Ajr
Hollywood's bleeding - post Malone
7 rings - Ariana Grande
Infinity- Jaymes Young
Taste - tyga
Monsters - Ruelle
Say amen - panic at the disco
I'm a mess - bebe rexha
I feel like drowning - two feet
Often- the weeknd
Goosebumps - Travis scott
All the stars - Kendrick lamar
Tumblr media
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