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#zatanna zatarra
wrongyoungjustice · a month ago
Wally: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Artemis: I'm a knife
Zatanna, from across the room: She's the little spoon
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meowmeowmeowkins · 5 months ago
Dc Comics Question!
Hey guys I have a question that I’m trying to clear up, if anyone would be willing to help me out. So, I understand for awhile that Metahuman meant anyone and anything that wasn’t just a regular old human. However, didn’t DC Comics change that to mean now only those who gained superpowers, and not those who are alien or magi? Or is it still an umbrella term? Second question, or bonus question lol! If the above applies to be true, then can someone be both meta and magi? If so is there a character like that out there? Example: Marvel comics (sorry this is the only thing that comes to mind) Scarlet Witch is a magic user who gets her powers from her mutant genes. Whereas, Morgan le Fay gets her magic abilities from being half-fae. So, is there someone just like the Scarlet Witch in DC Comics (who would get their magic abilities through meta genes rather than magi genes), or is it just you can only get magic abilities strictly from having magi genes and not any meta’s? Sorry if I just confused anyone, but I wanted to make sure that I got this down right because it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY THAT I CANNOT REMEMBER! lmao (also google is making me more confused, hence why I thought I’d ask on here in case anyone can explain it to me as simply as possible)
Edit: check the tags for the chat for follow up info!
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vassquerade · 5 months ago
Should I start posting my questions or things art related here? 🤔🤔
I'm torn between:
Tim Drake
Zatanna Zatara
Cassandra Cain
(Comment it, reblog, or put it in my ask!!! ♡♡)
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wrongyoungjustice · 8 months ago
Any headcanon for Zatanna?
L-lesbian cottagecore 🎩🏡🐝🌾
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wrongyoungjustice · a year ago
Zatanna: Ekam ti niar smrow no a gnirts!
*Suddenly, thousands of coloured fuzzy worms are seen falling from the sky*
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Like peoples ocs in fanfics are literally Diana Prince or Zatanna Zatarra and its not tagged as a crossover like name origin everything not just the marvel/dc characters that are extremely similar i mean in fanfiction of the movies and tv shows
Idk I've never really read oc fanfics but you're probably right. Its kinda weird tho? Like its one thing to take inspiration for a character but their whole thing?? Wild
Send me asks
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sayitsdrawkcab · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, I'm Siren ( 25+ / she & her ) and I'm a spellaholic. This smol magic bean is Zatanna Zatarra of DC Comics. She is mostly head-canon based with some Justice League Dark influences.
This blog contains highly mature themes & subject matter . Zatanna also speaks BACKWARDS/SDRAWKCAB when casting her spells. If ever help is needed to translate, lemme know!
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cannotgiveafuck · 4 months ago
How would Dr. Fate interact with Billy?
I sorta answered this here, with how Marvel views other heroes who challenge his morals. But here's some more info!
Doctor Fate reminds Marvel far too much of the Wizard Shazam, and thus from Marvel’s side, it's very tense bordering on antagonistic sometimes.
From Nabu himself, he's known Marvel had a new young host this entire time (not that he knew how young or who exactly), but never voiced this knowledge until he had to, bc... well, he didn't see the point. He recognizes that much like himself, Billy must sacrifice himself to be Marvel. The fact that he's a child is irrelevant. The needs of many vs the needs of few, and all that. He views the League's moral quandary about having Marvel stay as useless. Whether or not they keep Marvel on does not stop him from being the Champion of Magic. Working with the League just makes some tasks easier.
After everything is said and done, Nabu is a bit mildly surprised by Marvel's dislike of him. Nearly every time they have to discuss a plan or end goals or something, Marvel always disagrees and they end up butting heads. Marvel is too emotional, sentimental, focuses too much on individuals rather than the bigger picture, can be a bit naive, etc. Nabu realizes pretty quickly just how much Billy is a part of Marvel, how much he contributes to the Champion - the exact opposite of Doctor Fate, where his host's being and personality were totally subsumed.
It's a bit surprising to him as well how much he reacts to Marvel's antagonizing. Since very few tend to be able to lure him in. And he does not hold back when poking at Marvel's weak points - that he's a child, inexperienced, has to uphold a grand duty more important than himself, than his childish ideals and morals, etc.
It's actually kinda terrifying being in the same room as them when they get into arguments.
Aside from their contention, Doctor Fate does respect Marvel. He acknowledges how vital a role Marvel plays in the world and how powerful and knowledgeable he is. He also holds a certain level of respect for Billy himself. Nabu knows first hand what it takes to sacrifice oneself for the greater good and balance, he knows what one loses when they become a literal host to something bigger and grander than themself. And sometimes, when it comes to it, Doctor Fate steps in to support Marvel and Billy when the League oversteps their control.
(A very quiet part of Doctor Fate, very deep inside that takes the shape of Zatarra, recognizes how fond of Billy that Zatanna is. He sees how she easily takes on a mentor role for the child when he works on his own magic, and it causes Nabu to pause and just... watch.)
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wonderlandifulcat · 6 months ago
Based off Cannon Edition.
Zatanna Zatarra Celebrates Yule. End of discussion. FIGHT ME. But you aren't changing my mind.
There was one year where Aremis and Her mom spent Christmas with Ollie, Dinah and Roy. Aremis and Roy either ignored each other, begrudgingly put up with each other or fought with each other. Ollie and Dinah didn't do that again until Lian was in the picture.
After season 3 Artemis would host a girls and enbies only sleepover with Violet, Tara, Lian and any girls that join the teams. They will host it at M'ganns place and Conner will go to the new tower and all the boys will meet him there for pillow fights, movies, and a gingerbread building contest.
Dick and wally will pull Christmas pranks on EVERYONE. No one is safe from their Christmas pranks.
They host a party at the cave or Tower every year.
I have more but they won't fit with cannon, so stay tuned for part 2
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peppersonironi · 10 months ago
Welcome To My Tumblr!
Hi folks, here are few things you should know about me. This Tumblr is my main blog, so it’ll be a mix of Batfam (My main fandom), MCU (TFATWS is my current obsession!) a couple other fandoms, along with various non-fandom posts.
I also love recommending fics! Give me an ask with what you want, and I'll hook you up!
I’ll be taking requests for fics and headcanons, and prompts so don’t be afraid to ask! I absolutely love doing gen stuff, but almost of my fave ships below are stuff I'd love to write as well. Also, I REALLY enjoy writing crossovers (My favorites bellow) so you can request those as well!
I also accept questions about fandoms, ships, or just stuff in general.
Sam Wilson\The Falcon\Captain America
Bucky Barnes\The Winter Soldier
Duke Thomas\The Signal
Stephanie Brown\The Spoiler\Batgirl
Damian Wayne\Robin
Harper Row\Bluebird
Cassandra Cain\Black Bat\Batgirl\Orphan
Bette Kane\Flamebird\Bat-girl\Hawkfire
Kate Kane\Batwoman
Jean-Paul Valley\Azrael
Rest of the Batfam
Young Justice (show)
Young Justice (comics)
Justice League
Sambucky - Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes (MCU)
BatCat - Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle (DC)
BatLantern - Bruce Wayne/Hal Jordan (DC)
Harlivy - Harleen Quinzel/Pamela Isley (DC)
BirdFlash - Dick Grayson/Wally West (DC)
Museum Heist - Dick Grayson/Wally West/Artemis Crock (DC; Young Justice)
Joyfire - Jason Todd/Roy Harper/Koriand’r (DC)
Jayroy - Jason Todd/Roy Harper (DC)
TimKon - Tim Drake/Conner Kent | Kon-el (DC)
Core Disaster - Tim Drake/Bart Allen/Conner Kent | Kon-el (DC)
Stephcass - Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain (DC)
Super Sons, Damijon, Jondami - Damian Wayne/Jonathan Kent (DC; note, THEY WILL BE AGED UP, ‘cause they’re KIDS)
Snaibsel - Zatanna Zatarra/Artemis Crock (DC; Young Justice)
Bluepulse - Jaime Reyes/Bart Allen (DC; Young Justice)
Zukka - Zukko/Sokka (ATLA)
Suzukka, Zukki - Suki/Zuko/Sokka (ATLA)
Korrasami- Korra/Asami Soto (LOK)
Batfam (or JL, or YJ) x Avengers
Batfam (or JL) x Miraculous Ladybug
Batfam (or JL or YJ) x Arroverse 
Batfam x Justice League (not technically a crossover, unless its w/ the movie, but either way its one of my favorite tropes!)
Batfam x Young Justice
Batfam x The Old Guard
Batfam x Leverage
Thank you so much for checking me out! I hope I don’t disappoint!
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birdsandbats · 10 months ago
Justice League Dark Masterlist
John Constantine🍺
Zatanna Zatarra 🎩
Boston Brand 💀
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birdsandbats · 10 months ago
Character List
Bruce Wayne
Selina Kyle
Dick Grayson
Jason Todd
Tim Drake
Damian Al Ghul Wayne
Stephanie Brown (coming soon)
Cassandra Cain (coming soon)
Duke Thomas (coming soon)
Barbra Gordon (coming soon)
Katherine Kane (coming soon)
Helena Bertinelli (coming soon)
Terry Mcginnis
Justice League;
Clark Kent
Diana Prince
Barry Allen (coming soon)
J'onn J'onzz (coming soon)
Arthur Curry (coming soon)
Hal Jordan
Jessica Cruz (coming soon)
John Stewart (coming soon)
Justice League Dark;
John Constantine
Zatanna Zatarra
Boston Brand
Roy Harper
Bizzaro (platonic only)
Teen Titans/Young Justice;
Rachel Roth
Gar Logan
Victor Stone
Konner Kent
Wally West (coming soon)
Bart Allen (coming soon)
Kaldur’ahm (coming soon)
Donna Troy (coming soon)
Rogues Gallery;
Harley Quinn
Edward Nygma
Jonathan Crane
Pamela Isley
Harvey Dent
Roman Sionis
Floyd Lawton (coming soon)
Slade Wilson (coming soon)
Dr. Victor Fries (coming soon) 
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pl-panda · 11 months ago
Vegas Vacation - chapter 1
Disclaimer: See Master Post
While in darkness, some look for the light. Others, light up a match. There are also those who learn to adapt and push through.
Vegas Magic - chapter 1
Harry felt a headache at least the size of Fluffy. He tried to open his eyes, was momentarily blinded by the light. He tried to lift his hand to look for glasses, but something weighed him down. Something warm and soft... Something that started to move!
His head instantly snapped in that direction only to see a mess of black hair. From under that mess, he could see a girl staring at him with a smile on her face. She had soft blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and a slight tan. For a moment his eyes wandered a bit lower and he blushed Gryffindor red. She was naked. It took him a moment to notice he was naked too. Seeing his reaction she giggled. A melodic sound hitting his ears was enough to finally break him from the daze.
Absentmindedly, he tried to pull the cover up to regain at least minimum modesty and maybe stop the blush. This earned another giggle from her. When he finally managed to at least partially cover himself, she pouted.
"Why the sudden modesty, mister?"
"Um… eh… I… did we…?" He managed to ask, which earned more giggle from her. She sure was in a really good mood.
"I think that is quite obvious."
He tried for a few moments to remember who she was, but his mind came empty. "I… I'm sorry… I… I kinda don't remember your name." He managed to finally squeeze the thing out.
"Why I am offended, mister." She gave him a smile that could only be described as sultry. "I thought the night we just had would be rather memorable. I will definitely remember it for the rest of my life. As for my name… I think since yesterday it's Zatanna Potter."
Harry was too surprised to answer. He could only gape at the girl next to him. She decided to add fuel to fire and raised her hand, showing him a small golden ring on her finger. Harry managed to grab his glasses from the night table and put them on before taking a close look It was a beautiful wedding ring that could double as a family signet. Harry's seen a similar ring on Narcissa Malfoy's hand. Just to check, he raised his own hand and saw an almost identical ring. His was a bit bigger and bulkier though. He also noticed that there was an identical coat of arms engraved on both.
Harry let out an audible groan. There is a dark lord after his head and the first thing he does is get married.
"Am I that undesirable?" She teased him while slowly trailing fingers along his arm.
"No… No! You are breathtaking! Beautiful!" He quickly reassured her.
"Good answer." She leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips before standing up. Now Harry could admire her in all her glory. He noticed that she must have been about his age. Her… assets were well developed. She could probably rival Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass in his year. "I am going to get a quick shower. I guess we should sit up and talk after that…" He trailed after her long legs as she made way to the bathroom. He would bet his wand she was intentionally swaying her hips just to tease him.
As soon as the doors closed, he let out another groan. Resigned, he got up and started to gather his and her clothes and sort it into separate piles. He froze for a moment when he picked a pair of lacy thongs and a matching bra, but he quickly got back to work. He just hoped that it could be fixed. Maybe they could just cancel the whole thing?
"One thing for sure. I am not drinking again…" He said to himself before sitting back on the bed. Harry tried to remember how exactly he got there, slowly retracing his steps in memory.
He could remember being at the Dursleys' after the Tournament. He could remember Prophet informing about Bellatrix LeStrange escaping. They blamed it on Sirius. He then remembered a missive from Goblins, informing him that Sirius Black was dead. Harry was devastated by this. Sirius was one of the few links he had to his parents. He promised that once he was cleared he would be able to live with him. For a moment, Harry hoped for a family. And then Sirius was gone. Just before Harry's fifteen birthday
Then there was the last will. In his infinite wisdom Sirius made a stipulation to his will that for anyone to access anything of his or the whole Black Family, Harry was to take vacations. Remus was to be his chaperone while they were to leave to 'Black property somewhere in America'. Dumbledore was really against the idea, but Sirius' old house that he let Dumbledore use was locked tight until the stipulations of the will were met. As such the wisened Headmaster had no option but to allow Harry the trip. He and Remus were taking a portkey from Gringotts, making any tracking impossible. While it was clear that Dumbledore was against the idea, he could not stop them in any way. Also, while the headmaster was unable to follow them in any way, so were the Death Eaters.
They arrived in Magical Las Vegas, which was in normal Las Vegas. The two made their way to Black Casino, which was the 'Black property in America'. Harry hoped to enjoy the luxurious hotel, but a waitress that strangely reminded him of someone he saw somewhere handed him a drink when Remus was distracted. He hesitantly downed it, enjoying the burning sensation. From there, it was hazy. He could remember flashed. They didn't stay at Black Casino. Remus took him to a magic show. Apparently, it was similar in fashion to a talent show for Magicals. This was supposed to be a world-famous Giovani Zatarra.
The show was taking place in another Casino. Harry could remember that he lost Remus in the crowd. He ended up at one table where a man that also looked a bit familiar gave him a bunch of tokens.
He played, won, played again, won even more.
Through the mist, he recalled taking his win and going to look for Remus. The rest of it was a total blur. He could remember meeting Zatanna. More games, cards, machines, roulette, etc. Then he had a brief flash of… Elvis? Then there were a bit more games and finally, Zatanna dragging him to a hotel room. At each stage, he got more and more drinks. The drilling headache still served as a reminder of the amount of alcohol he consumed
The doors to the bathroom opened and Zatanna walked out, wrapped in a towel. Once again, Harry stared at her for a moment with open mouth before quickly averting his gaze. She grinned and slowly walked to him.
Zatanna took a seat next to him. "So…" She started solemnly.
"Um…" He really had no idea what to say
"What is the last thing you remember?" She asked suddenly after a brief, but uncomfortable silence.
"Well… I was separated from my chaperone. I ended up at some table where a guy handed me a lot of tokens and I won quite a bit. Then I packed and left looking for Remus… I walked into some empty corridor and after that, I can't really remember much. Everything is hazy.
"I actually think this is where we met…" She mused for a moment. "My dad was giving a show. I actually had a bit of a fight with him just before he left." Seeing Harry's raised eyebrow, she frowned. "He keeps treating me like a baby. No helping at the shows, no Justice League stuff, if it was up to him, I wouldn't be allowed to date anyone until sixty." She quickly blushed, remembering last night. "That was actually why we argued. He overheard me talking to a friend about a cute guy I've met recently. I was so angry. He showed no respect for my privacy and to boot that up scolded me."
"He sounds… strict…" Harry was unsure of what to say.
"I mean I love him, but he just… Anyway, that evening I was angry. I walked out of the room, hoping to maybe at least watch the show from backstage, but then I stumbled upon you. I… I kinda decided to spite my father and invited you for a date. You agreed and we played several games. You were so sweet and cute." She smiled at him. "Not to mention hot."
Harry focused on what she was telling and remembered meeting a girl in that corridor. They spoke for a moment before she asked him if he wanted to join her in an outing. They returned to main hall and Harry kept on winning. At some point, they decided to switch casinos. The next one was very interesting too.
"How is it that nobody batted an eye at our age?" He asked suddenly.
"I mean… it's Magical Los Angeles. As long as you have money, they don't ask questions…"
"Yeah. That's about right." He grumbled. "It's probably the only reason why Malfoy still walks around to torment me…" She placed a hand on his shoulder. Harry looked at his wife and nodded. "Sorry. It's been… a hard year for me."
"I remember… mostly. I am pretty sure you omitted some details, but I won't dig…"
"Okay. We cleared some casinos. But how did we end up married?"
"I… I received a text from my father. He was furious that I went behind his back. I wanted to spite him, so I… kissed you. Hard." She blushed, albeit not as hard as Harry earlier. Or now for that matter. "I tried to push further, but you were a perfect gentleman." She smiled at him. "You said that you wanted to wait until marriage. It was so sweet. I kissed you again as a reward." Seeing his look, she smiled sheepishly. "I was not exactly sober either…"
Harry quickly raised his hands in a surrender gesture. "I am not saying anything."
They both laughed weakly at that. "Anyway, you had this goofy grin on your face after that. The Casino we were at… Black Casino I think… Had a chappel in it. You actually proposed to me and we got married on the same evening. Then… let's just say I am a very pleased wife." She gave him a sultry smile like before. Harry squeaked when she moved to sit on his lap.
"Um…" then a dreadful thought entered his mind. "Oh, Merlin! Remus! He is going to kill me!"
"You mean the werewolf?" She asked surprised. Harry skipped over the fact she knew his secret "He was at our wedding. With another woman at that. I'm not sure if he was there for us or waiting in line…"
Harry was about to answer when he heard a knock at the doors. He got up and was about to move to open when Zatanna caught his hand.
"wait a moment." She nodded at him and Harry realized he was completely naked. "Let me… Sserd pu um dnabsuh!" In a puff of smoke, Harry was now wearing a two-piece suit and white shirt underneath. For a moment he wanted to ask her about that, but the knocking got more irritated and he actually worried who might that be.
"Maybe… Dress up while I check whose that?"
She nodded and Harry walked to the next room. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. It was an exclusive suite of the kind he saw on movies when he sneaked a look at the Dursley's. He focused on the doors. He had his wand in one hand when he opened the doors. Outside he was greeted by a very much alive Sirius Black, his godfather!
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lilmissriottbliss · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lleh ni nrub
WWE Stars + DC Superheros
Ruby Riott as Zatanna Zatarra for @thirst-n-bullshit​
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