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Zayn via instagram
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zaynmalikgallery · 2 days ago
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zayn-javadd · 2 days ago
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bi-80-s · a day ago
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Zouis sharing pickles 🍔
Inspired on this:
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vallentinerry · 5 hours ago
Where Y/N gets tired of cleaning after famous!harry
wordcount: 1k+
"For fucks sake." you mumble to yourself picking up another one of Harry's clothing at the floor.
You have been cleaning the house the entire day and Harry slept the entire afternoon then when he woke up he brought food to your room and played FIFA.
You didn't have problems with Harry enjoying himself since he just got home from tour, but this has been going on for a week and you were tired.
You entered the kitchen seeing more of Harry's dishes on the island.
"Harry! Get down here you fucking twat." You screamed.
"Y/n what? I can't just leave my game." He huffed.
"Wash your dishes and pick your clothes from the fucking floor." you said sternly.
"Can you not today? I'm so tired—"
"Tired of what Harry! All you have done is go up to that god damn room and play your games does that make you tired?"
"That's not the only thing I do Y/n! It's not like you would understand how tiring touring for 2 months is y/n. And I'm tired of you acting like my mother scolding me every chance you get." He complained.
"THAT'S THE THING HARRY IM NOT YOUR MOTHER! I'm your god damn girlfriend and it's not my responsibility to fix your shit."
"If it's not then you do it on your own!"
"I'm done with this shit. Just do the dishes I will sleep on the guest room." He says.
"No, I'm not gonna do your dishes! It's not my job Harry."
"Well what the fuck is your job then?" He spat with rage in his eyes.
You stood there breathing heavily.
You always felt bad that you worked at a flower shop because you were finishing uni still. You didn't come from a financially stable family either so you were struggling with supporting yourself.
"You know what fuck you Harry. Atleast I'm finishing my studies and actually taking Law not just because it makes me look smart." You huffed.
You knew the water works were gonna fall soon so you grabbed your purse with your money and phone, put on your sandals and ran out the door.
It all happened so fast that Harry didn't even realize you stormed out.
The next thing he knows tears were leaking from his eyes and his hands were shaking.
He sprinted towards the door to the stairs and searched for you without shoes.
It has been an hour and you were nowhere to be found.
Harry had called all of your friends then you then did it all again.
He sat at the couch silently crying with his arms wrapped around his knees.
"This is all my fault. If I just—just fucking helped her maybe she'd still be here. M-maybe is I was nicer to her she'd still love me." He said choking out a sob.
ou woke up in Niall's bedroom with a massive headache.
You were so upset yesterday that you called the person that you were most closed with in Harry's friend group. You knew if you stayed with your friends he'd find you easily.
You grabbed your phone, unlocking it.
78 missed calls and 140 messages from 4 nippled toad 3 missed calls from white boy with a Li. 2 missed calls from white boy with a Lou. 2 missed calls from y/brother
You sighed rubbing your eyes. You got out of bed to the living room to see Niall sprawled at the couch.
"Niall! Niall! Open up! Please!" You hear the familiar voice banging the door.
In panic you stood there.
"What the fuck?" you heard a grumble next to you.
Niall peeped through the peep hole seeing Harry. He turned back to you with raised eyebrows you quickly shook your head.
"You have to talk to him eventually." He whispers.
"Niall!" Harry said still banging on the door.
"I know I know. I'm not yet ready. Please Niall." You begged.
"How the fuck am I involved in this drama. Fucking hell." He mumbled to himself.
He urged you to hide in the closet next to the door and you obeyed.
"What do you want?" Niall said swinging the door open.
"Is—is Y/n here?" He stuttered.
"What? No." He said closing the door when Harry pushed it open.
"Do you know where she is?" he asked eyes puffy.
"No Harry, go home." Niall says.
"Why are you being mean today?" Harry questioned.
"Because it's 8 in the morning Harry."
"I know—" His eyes darted from Niall's eyes to the familiar purse on the kitchen Island.
Niall noticed and followed his gaze feeling fucked.
"Whose is that?" he said nodding to the purse and y/n cursed at herself.
"What? None of your business. Go home Harry." Niall said pushing the door close but Harry wasn't giving up.
"Niall." He said voice getting deeper.
"My uhh mum's." Niall says.
"Great. 'My mums' you fucking idiot." you mumble to yourself.
"I don't like it when you lie Niall." Harry said pushing the door open and letting himself in.
"Ha—Harry!" Niall said when Harry started looking through his apartment.
"Y/n!" Harry shouted opening all doors.
"fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck." you say to yourself hiding deeper to the closet.
Harry then opened the closet door first seeing nothing then seeing a pair of legs.
He grabbed your left thigh making you squeal and you stumble out the closet.
"Y/n. I—" He looked at your clothing seeing Niall's boxer and shirt on you.
You looked at what he was looking and you knew what he was thinking.
"Harry please leave." You said softly.
"Did you sleep with him?" He asked ignoring your plead.
"What? It doesn't concern you anymore Harry." you said.
"Yes it does! I'm your boyfriend."
"Not anymore."
"What do you mean." he says his heart dropping.
"Uh—lads I'm still here." Niall muttered still at the doorway.
The both of you snapped your heads towards him and he smiled, waving awkwardly.
"Niall. Leave." Harry spat.
"This is my apa—" Niall gut cut off by Harry pushing him out and slamming the door closed.
"Harry! You can't do th—"
"This is not about him y/n! This is about you and me. Did you sleep with him?"
"No Harry! How low do you think I am."
"And what do you mean 'not anymore'?" He argued.
"Harry. I just—you're right. I can't keep up with your lifestyle I can't keep waiting for you to get back. I'm so tired." You admitted.
"I'll bring you on tour with me! I'll do the dishes I won't make you clean anymore— I'll be better just please don't leave me."
"Harry." You sighed.
"Don't do that tone." He chuckled nervously.
"You bringing me on tour will be too expensive Harry. I have to go to school too Harry. Don't you think I have burdened you enough?"
"But I do Harry. If I depend on you what you said yesterday will be worse—"
"Im sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I was mad and frustrated and I say stupid shit please don't listen to that." He says stepping closer to grip your shoulders.
"Harry. You have your whole entire life ahead of you I do too. You'll be all right without me."
"Stop saying this shit! You don't know half of the things I feel. You make me so happy y/n please don't give up."
"You will not fucking leave okay? Zayn left me you won't be the next one too. I'm sorry for all the shit I promise I will treat you the way you deserve to be. Just give me one chance. Just one more."
"I don't know—"
"Please." He said as the tears escaped his eyes.
"Don't cry." You whispered.
"I'm not." He said sobbing.
Your heart ached seeing him like this. The last time you saw him crying this bad was when Zayn left the band.
You hugged his chest and his immediately nuzzled his face at the crook of your neck, arms wrapping tightly around your armpits.
"Okay." You said. Words mumbled by his shirt.
"What?" He lifted his face from your neck looking at your eyes.
"Okay Harry, let's try again." You said touching his face while he leaned against it.
"Really?" He softly says.
"Yeah." You booped his nose.
"Thank you." He giggled hugging you again.
"Oi! Love birds I need to piss!" Niall shouted from outside.
"Oh shit sorry mate!" Harry says rushing over to the door while you laughed.
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bus1zouis · 2 days ago
Louis and Zayn played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who is going to speak with Niall 1st. Zayn won but told Niall to talk with Louis 1st (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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ziamminds · 2 days ago
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zaynmalikgallery · 16 hours ago
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inzaynselfies · 16 hours ago
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pathetic-dreamy · a day ago
Niall: How come I have to be the one to distract Paul?!
Zayn: Because we're gonna flip a coin, you're gonna call scissors, which isn't even an option, and I'm gonna win by default.
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vallentinerry · 6 hours ago
Backstage Sickness
Where boyband!harry is sick on tour and Y/N takes care of him.
wordcount: 660
The night before Harry's show was filled with him coughing and sneezing. It was so bad that you had to call a doctor and get him his antibiotics.
But today, he had a show and he didn't want to dissapoint his fans so he decided to still go.
"Harry, I'm not joking. Take it easy and don't exhaust yourself too much okay?" You scolded and he nodded.
He tugged on your hand and pulled you down to his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck while he hugged your waist, hiding his head at the nape of your neck. You massaged his head and whilst your other hand rubbed in his back.
"Thank you for taking care of me, baby." He mumbled and you hummed in response.
You stayed like that for an hour before they had to go on stage. He hesitantly unwrapped himself around your body but pulled you to stand up as well.
The both of you reached backstage and you kissed his forehead," Harry remember what I said."
"I will, don't worry. You can go to the backstage VIP room with Lou and Lux if you want to." He explained and you nodded.
He kissed your hand and the top of your head since he couldn't kiss your lips.
The show has been going great and Harry explained to some of the front row fans why he couldn't sing making you smile.
They finally had a break while Liam was entertaining the crowd.
He walked in the door to find you talking to phone with your boss so he wrapped his arms from your back and rested his head on your shoulder.
"Alright, thank you." You ended the call and turned around to Harry giving you a peck on your cheek. "Hi."
"Hello." He giggled. And you noticed him heating up so you told him to sit down on the couch.
You gave him water to drink while you searched around for the medicine you packed.
"Here. Take this." You handed him the pill.
"Thank you." He smiled and you sat down next to him combing through his curls.
Once finished he pushed you to lay down and situated himself in between your legs with his arm encircling to your back while you played with his hair kissing it every once in a while.
After atleast a minute he was called to go back to stage so he stood up with a groan pouting at you.
"We'll go to bed soon don't worry." you said and he shrugged getting up but not before pressing feather like kisses on your cheekbones.
"Bye, pretty lady." He said then closed the door.
The concert was finally done and they have taken pictures with the VIP's. So all the boys were piled up in the dressing room where you are and stripping down every clothing they had.
It didn't bother you that much since you knew them for a long time now. You helped Harry get out of his sweater, shirt and pants then using a towel wiped down the sweat on his back. You grabbed a new white shirt and sweatpants for Harry and gives him his blanket so he can lay down on the couch.
You wiped all the other boys sweat on their backs and then helped them pack as well.
When it was time to leave Harry puts his arm on your shoulder and wrapped the blanket around you.
Paul brought you to the garage and you, Harry and the rest of the boys climbed in.
You shared bunks with Harry so it was a bit tight but it was fine. The both of you shared earphones while listening to All I want by Kodaline.
Harry scooped you and brought you close by your armpits. You ended up being the little spoon while he nuzzled his head on the crook of your neck.
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ellaknowslucifer · 2 days ago
All i want is to see harry styles perform kiwi live. Is that too much?
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