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#zebra mildliner

Slept in today since I did extra work yesterday, I spent today doing some volunteer work and playing sims 4… I’m looking to be productive however, so I might end up doing something more useful like decluttering my room. My asks are always open!

🌤 - Classic sunny Florida :)

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I woke up forty minutes before my alarm, so I was able to roll around half asleep enjoying the morning light that peaks through my window. I haven’t actually read this book yet, I was going to begin my “studies” today. I am taking psychology this year and I thought I would get a head start on some basic terminology and logic. My sister bought this for one dollar in New Paltz on vacation!

📖 - “A guide to behavioral analysis and therapy” by

Robert Paul Liberman

🎼 - just like a movie by wallows

🌤 - sunny but on and off rain expected

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reminiscing about my la la land spread from february! this was an eventful month for me, as shown by my memories haha! i also watched a ton of movies!! la la land is definitely one of my most favorite movies and im head over heels in love with the soundtrack. 

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[019/100 days of productivity]

i’ve been having a really hard time concentrating recently, libraries are close and i can’t got to any parks because it’s been raining like crazy

i’m actually desperate to find any motivation but in my house there are too many distractions

any tips on how to stay focused?

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Hi, guys! It’s been ages since I’ve been on studyblr, ironically enough I was too busy studying 🙃 I have officially completed all my classes at uni, now I just need to wrap up my internship and my thesis, and I’ll officially be a chem engineer! I’m back here because I wanted to be a part of this amazing community again, and to keep up my motivation so I can pursue some other interests (like digital marketing, as shown in the notes above), and keep up my German studies (and maybe start learning Italian!).

Anyway, most of the blogs I follow are inactive, please follow me and I’ll follow everyone back! If you already follow me and we’re not mutuals, don’t be shy, message me and I’ll follow you 💕

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Hello studyblr community! Posting my newly made notes about the 9 types of Intelligence! (see photo)

I know most of us feel that we are not smart enough, specially those who are still in school. But in reality, YOU ARE SMARTER THAN WHAT YOU THINK! We all possess these types of intelligence, meaning we have it ALL within us. However, it vary to a certain degree from person to person. For example, i am more of an Intra-personal and Spatial intelligent type. I’m good at understanding myself and picturing things out in my mind. But i’m also into Musical and a bit of Logical & Mathematical. What I’ve mentioned are the types that dominates in me. And by knowing what type of intelligence you possess, it can help you to effectively study. 😊 I actually had fun making these notes since it’s been a long time since the last. I miss you all A LOT! And i know that things are getting out of hands lately, be it in health, politics, relationships, etc. But i wanted you all to know that WE HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK. So i am praying for everyone’s safety and health! And don’t forget to hydrate yourself studynerds! 🤓❤️

- Studyingain

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|05•28•2020| June Cover Page

Since I’m on summer vacation I will be posting my bullet journal. I started making spreads last month and I’m really liking it since I can change it up every month.

This month I decided to go with a citrus theme since it is the first month is SUMMER!!

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[018/100 days of productivity]


for this month i went with a flower design i found on Pinterest and i think it turned out pretty cute ^^ i planned on it looking a little more pink but i think the orange suits it better

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Day 1/100

today i attempted coding by doing khanacademy’s hour of code. these are the notes i took for the videos i watched from. i’m still working on the final project, but so far i think i learned a lot today! it was fairly easy to understand too which i think was great. i’m probably going to practice some more coding tomorrow.

song recommendation of the day: instagram by dean

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My set of 15 Zebra mildliners have arrived and I am excited to try them! I want to make my notes coloring less bright and distracting but more accented and tuned down. 

And hey, make sure you get that lunch and yummy snack!

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