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#zee <3
mellifluousart3 months ago
Ahh i am so happy for you, congratulations <333
馃尩 - you know i have to pick remus for this!! Idk what it is, but he reminds me of a handsome librarian who would work long hours in a library, and me being the student that I am, would be there all the time to study my work and admire him from time to time.
Librarian!Remus Lupin
Remus has always liked to read. The feeling of walking into a room filled with books, stroking his hand over the cover of the books. The smell of papers when he opens the book. And all the words inked on paper that has a strong meaning. He liked that one book could give such feelings.
So when Remus started at university. He found himself spending a lot of time in the library. It was a calming place where he could, especially to the words of the book, forming an image in his head. It ended up that Remus took the extra job as the librarian.
He would be working there as often he could. He was sorting the books and helping students find the right book. He enjoyed it.
Remus had noticed that y/n would often visit the library. She always had at least one book in her hand and walked over to the table in the corner by the window. But from that seat, could both Remus and y/n see each other.
It happened that y/n would look up from her book as she admired Remus from afar. The way he smiled when he sorted the books. When y/n would not be looking, Remus would take the opportunity to admire the girl that always had her nose in a book鈥攁lways wearing a smile on her lips.
Remus would work long hours. And y/n would always be staying and studying until closing time. She would always be the last one walking out of the library. Some days would she not even notice the library was closing as she was so into her book. Remus would pretend that he was not about to close the library so that he could let y/n read some more and he could admire her beauty some more.
Join my 500 celebration
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humansdni6 months ago
Tumblr media
never thought i would find myself saying that i wanna be cuddled by a shark but here we are
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riverevelations2 months ago
hi, it鈥檚 me again. i have another cym! cym as your favorite characters (of all time, can be from anything!)
again, im so happy you reached 3k you are one of my fave blogs and beloved moot 馃枻馃枻馃枻 congrats again!
thank you sm ilyyyy
@simplystevies -> jake jensen
@ambrosiase -> sam wilson
@sunny-cinnamonroll -> stanford era!sam winchester
@caskin-gabby -> castiel
@danneelsmain -> dean winchester
@eireduchess -> bucky barnes
@beavtifvl-creatvres -> juice ortiz
@burberrybaby -> andy barber
@jamalflanagan -> mr freezy
@agentofbarnes -> loki laufeyson
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undermattsuna month ago
he'd blame you for it too,, "i told you to tell me if it's too much. not my fault you wanted to tough it out." i wanna be gaslit by him so bad
unconsciously toxic kageyama tobio is my religion,, my husband,, the only thing i need in this lifetime
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ouraniaaa month ago
bestie i missed u
bestie OMFG check your inbox
I missed you too btw
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jakekiszska2 months ago
I associate u with being a hottie
But also adventuring, late nights, warm lattes, fresh bread, and the color navy 馃
i associate u with being my wife 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍
fr tho, zee, i adore you and i鈥檓 so glad you鈥檙e my friend! i love you, my lil lemon drop
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shinypocketknivesa month ago
i put perfection on the left hand side and you on the right hand side with an = in between
omg omg hi zee this is so sweet ily 馃挒馃拰
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moon-write4 months ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 down for Sunday game night!
You鈥檙e just getting in from your lunch break when your secretary tells you you have an unexpected visitor waiting in your office鈥ow and behold when you walk in, you find your ex-boyfriend Taehyung standing there鈥
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the-homicidal-duck5 months ago
Stay well meri Jaan, sending tons of love <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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suditi-says-chai-is-trash3 months ago
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foolkloore3 months ago
hii, i hope you have a good day!!
aww thank youu 馃ズ hope you have an awesome day too!! <33
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mellifluousart3 months ago
Okay, I'm sending three q's for the mutual game. You don't have to answer all if you don't want to!! (I'll answer the same q's towards youuu)
馃槼: what do you think of me
I think you're a really kind person and so easy to chat to, the conversation always just flows and it's only good vibes (which I don't get often)
馃く: one secret thought about me
I adore the way you write fics, I literally came across your blog when I was making my fanfic rec and specifically remember knowing I should read every single fic you have!!
馃檲: If you don鈥檛 know what I look like, guess!
I obviously think you're really pretty and idk what it is, but I get the impression that you've got great hair, does that even make sense?!
Omg how cute of you to respond on it as well!! 馃グ
馃槼 please that鈥檚 so nice of you 馃槱 well I think that you鈥檙e also so kind. Like right away you gave off a very kind person vibe. And I was happy when we started to interact as I really enjoy talking to you!
馃く thank you thank you. I鈥檓 so happy to hear that!! I think I came across your blog when you did the fic rec, as I saw it a few times reblogged by some moots. Ok one secret thought is that I always thought that you鈥檙e the same age as me. I think it鈥檚 just that you give off such mature vibe. So I thought you were the same age as me at first hehehe.
馃檲 my hair is actually one of the things I like on myself 馃槍 but omg thank you so much! I get the vibe that you鈥檙e as well are very pretty. I think dark brown hair and brown eyes. I get the vibe that you have an updo hair style quite often.
Mutuals ask game
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riverevelations2 months ago
congrats on 3k you deserve it !!! for your celebration how about you cym as your favorite shows or movies (you can pick between either of them!)
again, congrats and i 馃挆 you
3k in the dark celebration
mwa mwa mwa & i鈥檓 doing a mixture of both!
@simplystevies -> the losers
@ambrosiase -> scream (1996)
@sunny-cinnamonroll -> the iceman
@caskin-gabby -> corpse bride
@danneelsmain -> rocky iv
@eireduchess -> the nightmare before christmas
@beavtifvl-creatvres -> fear street p. 2
@burberrybaby -> captain america: the winter soldier
@jamalflanagan -> sons of anarchy (i have to)
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moons-and-mushrooms5 months ago
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undermattsun3 months ago
smh why yell at me in the tags when you could go yell at tobio instead??
LISTEN if i could i would i would yell at that man all day
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desi-culture-isa month ago
desi culture is using a tawa instead of toaster for your morning bread
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zeethebooknerd10 days ago
okay so, a conversation with K and Isha (obviously) got me thinking...
some of the biggest moments we've seen between eddie and buck are...eddie validating buck's every emotion but also talking him down when he needs it, and buck trying his best to protect eddie.
There鈥檚 all the instances of eddie basically...鈥渨hat, and you think you failed?鈥澛犫渋 know you did鈥澛犫測ou act like you鈥檙e expendable鈥澛犫渂ut maybe this isn鈥檛 something you can fix鈥 and then buck 鈥...make that jump so i can help eddie鈥澛犫渃an鈥檛 we give him a little more time鈥澛犫渉ow long can he survive down there鈥澛犫測ou all think he鈥檚 dead鈥澛犫渋 got you鈥澛犫...just the guy standing there who couldn鈥檛 do anything to protect him鈥
(there鈥檚 also a connection of how buck extends like a protector to christopher too, but i don鈥檛 want to focus on that for this post)
but that's not how the pattern has been before they met each other, right? eddie's always been the protector - hell, his name means wealthy protector xD and buck, even with the heart-on-his-sleeve thing he鈥檚 got going on, only maddie pre-118 has validated him that way. post-118, a few people have gotten to know him that well, but eddie still takes the cake, any day
(ironic that the person he's known for the least amount of time knows him best but that's none of my business)
the show constantly puts these layers between them. for them to put eddie, who struggles with his own emotions and feelings, constantly being buck's safe space when it comes to stopping him from spiraling, or from gently steering him away from letting rejection sensitivity run wild. and then for them聽to put buck protecting eddie, who's protected other people his whole life, while buck's been protected by maddie in all the ways she could.
there's just a lot of symbolism about them having a partner to take some of the burden they鈥檝e held their whole lives practically alone. i don鈥檛 even have to bring the physical proof of legal guardianship into this, because this is still true with or without it.聽
like...it鈥檚 about them being each other鈥檚 person and partner and then constantly paralleling that to the love interests??? how are we supposed to believe this is anything but a slow burn if the show keeps consciously or unconsciously putting eddie and buck as the standard in each other鈥檚 lives, and then gives them L.I鈥檚 that don鈥檛 meet that bar by any stretch. how.
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moon-write4 months ago
馃尫馃尲 Send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going! (no pressure <3)馃尲馃尫
Thank you Zee, I think you and your works are wonderful! Bangtan hug for you <333
Tumblr media
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