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sabertoothwalrus · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
things I love about Twilight Princess:
the way you hold animals
fyer's outfit
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happyk44 · 20 minutes ago
Nico: I'm a gamer.
Percy: You're playing solitaire.
Nico: It's a game, isn't it?
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a-secret-to-them · 58 minutes ago
btw asks are open, if ur from my rp circle you can request any of the ppl youve seen on my blog so like
Temis (Zant)
Fireni (Fi)
And ill add more later
And if youre coming from the Hyrule-Bound fandom, you can request anyone from there. And yes, i mean anyone, ill be used the older versions of anyone too young in the current story, so they may seem a lil different than how they are in the story.
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tetsxmi · an hour ago
may I request a drabble of you running into an ex and since Link isn’t there with you your ex just assumes you’re “fair game”? It would be great if Link came back and saw the situation, going into big boy mode 😅 thank you!
I'm here don't worry - BoTW!Link
Tumblr media
female pairing - she/her
note - protective link, mentions of past toxic relations 🤢, slight hurt/comfort (if you squint), light teasing, talkative link, slight angst (only a small part)
writers note - ofc !! thank you for the req. this was fun to ponder on and brainstorm <3 hope you enjoy. i got carried away... sorry 🥲, i uhh also gave up in completing it so if it ends awkwardly i ran out of juice for this
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
link decided to take you to on a small tour of the nearest village. that being place your ex had relocated after you ended it with him. you had hoped to never see him again, not that you even wanted to think about him. he had hurt you in multiple ways and you felt sick just even thinking about it. link squeezed your hand gently, drawing you away from your thoughts as you looked up at him.
seeing the small smile on his face made you briefly forget the past. link was your home and he knew that. he did his best to make sure you were comfortable and he was doing an excellent job so far. he only knew of brief mentions of the toxic male, not wanting to reopen sealed wounds by prying it out of you.
“y/n, i’ll be right back okay? i want to look at an armor set.” link spoke quietly, his thumb running over the back of your knuckles gently.
“yea… thats fine. ill stay near this fountain”
link smiled and pressed a light kiss to your head before he walked off in search for the armor set he spoke of. leaving you alone, wasn’t his first choice but he wanted to alot you some freedom instead of keeping you leashed to his side.
staying true to your words, you had stayed near the fountain, looking around mildly bored as you waited for link to return. picking at your nails with tedium, you looked up when someone called your name out with hesitance.
“y/n..? is that you…?” the male asked, his voice filling you with dread as you recognized him.
opting to keep contact minimal, you stayed silent and ignored is verbal advances. you sighed with vexation as he continued to ramble on, trying to coax a response from you. you listened as his footsteps approached, growing more unnerved as he got closer. he soon stood right in front of you, his hand reaching out and gripping your face. you recoil from his touch as disgust churns hotly in the pit of your stomach. wheres link… he should be back by now…
as if on cue, the familiar weight of links boots echoes in from your right. with a sharp jerk, you freed your face as links hand landed on the males shoulder.
“is there any reason as to why you were gripping her so roughly?” his voice was hard and cold, it as lacking the familiar warmth you were used to.
“she knows me, we’re dating. ain't that right y/n?” your ex spoke, turning and shrugging off links hand from his shoulder. your ex was now pulling you up by your arm and tucking you into his side. you had inwardly gagged at his scent, his body smelling no better than the brothel down the road. link had enough of the males antics and promptly tugged you away, standing tall in front of you.
“nice joke, but no one is laughing. now leave, you've made her uncomfortable and showed that you own no restraint regarding someone who is already spoken for.” the way you clung to links tunic gave your ex all he needed to know, you were dating him and he was here to protect you.
and with that, he stalked off, annoyed that he could no longer prey on you with knowing you had the hylian swordsmen by your side. link made sure to watch him leave, hie pretty blue eyes softening once he turned and looked down at your face. he pulled you into a tight hug, letting you hang off him as he held you close to his chest.
the steady thumping of his heart soothed you, taking deep breaths in time with his heart beat. you both stayed quiet, basking in the silence and the soft sounds of links breathing. your eyes watered slightly as you buried your head deeper into links chest. shaky breaths leave your lips as you pressed yourself closer to link, basking in his presence.
link stayed quiet as he let you hold onto him, his hands soothingly rubbing along the small of your back, letting you take your time to steady yourself again. the way you trembled let link know that you needed more than just a short moment to collect yourself. he let you hold onto him for as long as you needed and then some, link just wanted you to be okay and he’ll be damned if he wasn't there when you needed him most.
“....y/n” his voice was barely above a whisper, you don't even think you heard him the first time until he called your name again.
“y/n.. c'mon you're okay now, i have you”
with a shaky sniffle you had pulled away from the comfort of links chest and looked up at him with slightly puffy eyes and on the brink of tears. his palm was warm against the skin of your cheek, the soft callus of his hands from the years of swordwork and other things gave him a rough but comforting touch. a touch you became familiar with. a touch you had called home.
“y/n… it's okay now, i have you and hes gone for good. why didn't you tell me he was here? i would’ve brought us elsewhere or just to hateno.”
“...i-i’m sorry.. i.. i just thought i wouldn't ever see him again…. i never want to see him again link…” you whined softly, your face heating up because of the pent up frustration of seeing the damned male again after how bad he hurt you.
“don't be sorry love, don't be sorry for things you cant control”
“link.. i-”
“it's okay. you can't control everything and the sooner you realize that the better it’ll be for us both. like i said, i have you now so don't worry” link cooed softly, his thumb stroking along your cheekbone gently, almost as if hes afraid to touch you.
the tears sitting along your waterline slowly roll down your face, leaving near invisible streaks along your skin. your hands trembled as they lifted to hold onto links. he grabbed them and placed them onto his face, pressing a soft kiss to your palms.
“don't cry… it's okay.. i have you.”
link pulled you into his chest once more, letting your wet face soak against his tunic. his hand rested lightly on your head, his fingers splayed lightly across your crown. link held you closely, a soft hum rumbling from his chest as he let you lay on his chest. with links soft humming and his gentle actions, you were sated rather quickly. your small hiccups softened into inaudible sniffles as you clung to his tunic. he cooed softly, pressing a soft kiss to your head.
“it's okay… i have you..”
you nodded into his chest, hugging him tighter as you took in oaky scent. he always smelt of charred oak, no matter how many times he soaked in a stream. it was a comforting smell. he smelt like home, and thats what he was. your home. link let his lips linger on your head, relishing in your firm grasp.
“...thank you..” you murmur quietly into his chest, a small sniffle leaving you.
“don't mention it.. what boyfriend would i be if i didn't stand up for my stunning goddess of girlfriend?” link spoke as an attempted joke, the breathy laugh that followed after his words evident of this.
your face grew hotter at his words, now hiding in his chest out of embarrassment. a small whine leaving your lips as you pressed yourself further into his chest. your embarrassment wasn't hidden very well but link knew what he was doing, he was trying to distract you from what happened and it was working. a light laugh left his lips, enjoying your embarrassment as best he could with your vice like grip, patting your back comfortingly.
“awh, so shy darling~ whats the matter?~”
with a huff, you swat at his chest, your face feeling like it was on fire from the sheer amount of embarrassment you felt. so with a weak murmur, you clip back. “hush it blondie…"
link snickered but relented in his teasing, opting to just hold you close and let you hide in his chest. peeking out from links chest, you gazed around and took in the scenery. the small fountain allowed the tranquil drizzle of water to mingle nicely with the low chatter of the village folk.
“link… what if we just walked around and enjoyed the rest of the day here..? it would be a waste to just leave and not explore”
link nodded and tucked you under his arm, walking back towards the shop that he was in for the armor set. with link by your side you knew you would be alright but the nagging paranoia that something is off is gnawing away at your stomach making you feel ill.
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved. contents belong to TETSXMI. do not repost or alter/modify my content in any way. thank you.
Tumblr media
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zombiegurlmode · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The journey is finally over!! Wow!! What a ride!!
So i’m assuming botw 2 will feature zelda more?? Well i think it would be interesting if we’ll be able to play as her or maybe not hahaha
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annyllel · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back when I was playing my first file, this lynel tucked away here on a higher area west of Lake Kilsie in Hebra was the last lynel I found. Sometime after that I happened to see a map that detailed where all the lynels in BotW’s Hyrule are, and I was both gratified that I’d found them all on my own, and a little sad that there weren’t any others for me to fight!
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bernaynay · 2 hours ago
I miss Twilight Princess
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xenithfreelancer · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I named her Amame for Edamame because she is a BEAN She has frien named Dahlia an she very cute
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bernaynay · 3 hours ago
This is nothing quite like playing through a Zelda game for the first time
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ainotame · 3 hours ago
There is just something so satisfying about beating an RPG. RPGs aren’t necessarily my favorite genre but they’re still one of my most played because beating them gives me a dopamine rush like nothing else.
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writermich18 · 3 hours ago
The Lies of a War
(Inspired by and influenced by @growingupgerudo ‘s Growing Up Gerudo story. I played around a bit with Daphnes and his story to the point of him being a completely different character from what he is like in their story. Hope y’all like it. 
This chapter tells the perspective of a young Daphnes Giotto Hyrule - if ya’ll like it, I may write the perspective of an older version.) 
It is easy to lie. When you lie, you survive. When you lie, you die. Then again, in war, you die no matter what you choose. 
19-year-old Daphnes has never known the peace the history books and legends spoke of. Has never known a Central Hyrule that wasn’t a playground of corpses, blood-soaked and lifeless grass, and burning heat that killed those unsuspecting. The legends spoke of them a lot - of a green field so full of life you could feel its magic in the air itself. The air here is choked with Malice and blood and fear and hopelessness. 
Daphnes’s hands didn’t know the feel of a book, only a sword or a bow or a spear, hell, even a tree branch. Whatever it took to survive and make it through the day. Never knew the tenderness of holding a loved one’s hand or arms without thought or hesitation, without the weeping despair of watching them die in your arms. 
He never knew his parents either, but people spoke of them with a clear fondness and love. 
Then again, anybody would be better than the evil traitorous tyrant that had taken their life and ended his innocence at the ripe old age of 4. 
One year since he learned of his true heritage and he still didn’t call them or himself by their titles. He doubted he would survive this war in time to need to. Anybody would be better than that tyrant, but that didn’t mean they should. 
In another time he would have been called by a different name, a different title. 
There is no Hero that will appear from no where, literally in some cases, to save the day. War doesn’t bring something like that. 
War and the traitor he is being forcibly dragged to stand before now threw quite a literal spanner through fate’s cogs. 
“I will ask you once again, rebel,” the traitor sneers, leaning closer to Daphnes on his throne of Lies and Trickery, “Where’s your Hero now?” 
There is no Hero, Daphnes knows this, just as clearly as he knows fate’s original plan regarding himself, the King of the Gerudo, and the Hero. Prophetic dreams were the one thing this traitorous evil tyrant couldn’t and will never be able to take from him, like he took his ability to use his sealing powers and his parents. 
No evil was supposed to rise up during Daphnes’s younger years - no, he will not, is not supposed to, rise up until Daphnes is well into his old age. 
The Hero rising up during this time was a lie Daphnes himself made up, to spread fear among enemy ranks and raise up the hopes of his people. 
Lying will save your life. Lying will get you killed. A wise person would have kept their mouths shut either way, no matter how good they were at lying. 
Daphnes learned at the ripe age of 4 that War doesn’t give a damn about wisdom and its many paths. 
Daphnes knew from the moment he started this rebellion with the Gerudo, Zora, Gorons, and Hylians at his side, (other than the traitors of course) that he would not live to see the Peace they all strove for. He never said a damn word when the other rebels spoke of what they will do once this War ends. 
Giotto looks right in the Evil Tyrant’s face, sucks in a breath, and spit in his face. 
I don’t give two shits what you do to me, traitor. You took everything from me already, there is nothing left for you to take, and I will enjoy every second of every piece of humiliation my mere existence brings you! 
There is nothing this man could do that this War hasn’t already done to Daphnes. There is nothing that this man could do that will end this War and make people give in to him even after Giotto’s death. 
He isn’t even a Hatred Incarnation. A Hero of Courage isn’t needed to beat him and he knows it. But it is so juicy seeing his paling face at the mere possibility of there being one after all.
After all, the Goddesses work in mysterious ways. 
He turns his head right back to giving a Death Glare to the evil man and lies through his gritted teeth. 
It is easy to lie, even in a war, when you have nothing left to lose for it. 
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galaxyqueenzzart · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
(My current fictional crush 💖)
(He looks werid in my style but it's fine 😭✋ Can you guess the trend I am doing for the reel on Insta? Lmao, was gonna do the reel tmrw but I have a special post for tmrw! The reel hopefully will then be made and posted the next day 💖)
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kakarotgamingxp · 3 hours ago
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wild: if you punch yourself and it hurts are you strong or weak
sky: strong!!
sky: it’s never weak to feel pain
mask: both.
mask: you’re strong because it hurts, but weak because you fucking hit yourself, what were you thinking you dumb shit
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