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So I lent my brother my Switch so that my nephew can try it out before possibly getting him one for Christmas. I purposely DID NOT buy AoC yet because I know I would be having withdrawals right about now. What I have now are awesome anticipation feelings and yes…I read spoilers!

Having ADHD and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) has made me go about things a different way. I read spoilers so I can walk into something without fear of the unknown and I’ll push things off until I’m ready to tackle them.

Writing helps to focus on other things too while I wait.

I’m not entirely sure where I was going with this. I guess the moral is to keep posting spoilers and gifs…lovelies like us enjoy it!

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Breath of the Wild Zelink Mini Analysis #1

I never realized how close BOTW Link and Zelda were before the calamity. They really were just hanging out with each other in their free time. In memory 12, the one you find at the castle, we can see Zelda and Link leaving out the door that leads into Zelda’s room and they were probably headed to her study too.


Why would Link need to guard her while she’s in her own room or in the study? He doesn’t, but I really do think that they both found solace in eachother’s company so they started to spend time with eachother outside of what was asked of link. After all, Urbosa did say they would help eachother out if they ever did get along since they’re both very similar.

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Would you like a custom fanfiction?

Hey y'all, I’m an English Major and I’m currently on break. As I study full time it’s hard looking for employment over the summer. However, that’s where you can help! I’ll write you a custom fanfiction. All donations will go towards rent, medical bills and such.

Any fandom, any plot, I am only limited by your imagination! It could be: Fluff, Angst, Self Incert or any ship! (Yes, I can do smut, within reason. ) I, however, will not do pedophilia or non-consensual works.

It’s only $5 for 1,500 words or $10 for 2,500! If you would like something smaller then 1,500 or bigger than 2,500 I am willing to negotiate a price 😊

I also offer a personalized e-letter from any character for just $3!

If this sounds appealing to you, flick me a message and we’ll go from there!

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Some lines that remind me of them:  

“But me and my husband, we’re doing better. It’s always been just him and me together.” (post-Calamity) 

“And I’m the idiot with the painted face, in the corner taking up space. But when he walks in, I am loved.  I am loved.” 

“At least in this lifetime, we’re sticking together.” <3

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