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arystocrat · 17 hours ago
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“Alright, perhaps that was too stingy. Fifty rupees, then.”
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zelinkz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All my friends, the entire kingdom, my father most of all... I tried, and I failed them all. I’ve left them...all to die.
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aquaticpal · a day ago
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@zelinkweek2021 Day 3: flight - loftwings, free falling
If I could fall Into the sky Do you think time Would pass us by
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acerunaway · 22 hours ago
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for the Path of the Goddess LOZ zine from 2020!!
Impa patiently waiting... won’t you hurry up, sleepyhead? wake her up!!!
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syilcawrites · 10 hours ago
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summer break is over ft. link (not good at hiding sleep deprivation) and zelda (good at hiding sleep deprivation)
college au doodle :^)
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zeldaelmo · a day ago
I haven't written anything for @zelinkweek2021 because I was busy finishing my next long fic 'stolen kisses' (posting has started!) and the prompts just didn't speak to me. But today's prompt is 'free falling' and isn't falling in love some kind of free fall, too? So I thought I'll post a little mix of analysis and headcanons of Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity zelink.
Free falling - Falling in love - but how does it start?
This is Link's and Zelda's official first meeting. Link has seen the princess many times on duty, of course, but he was nothing more than a simple guard until now.
Link tears his eyes away at the very last second, you can nearly sense how he forces himself to drop his gaze. Breaking protocol? Who cares when he finally can get a closer look at his crush.
Tumblr media
And Zelda? She doesn't even realize that he exists. She only speaks to Impa, ignoring him completely. In the next pictures, her focus is clear. And it's not on Link. Not even that he left his helmet at home helps to get the princess looking at him. Sorry, mate. 😢
Tumblr media
So, what's a boy to do? Saving her life should do the trick.
Nope. Zelda is still focused on the guardian.
Tumblr media
He pulls her to safety and this is the moment when she sees him for the first time. Her gaze travels up his armor and you can nearly hear the famous italicized 'oh'.
Tumblr media
Now that she has finally realized that there is a handsome young man behind the armor, we are getting started. He even risks a smile after the immediate danger is over. Well. What Link calls a smile.
We see them more often together now, surpassing slowly the relationship of princess/soldier by walking side by side and making conversation aka Zelda talking.
Tumblr media
It's apparent that there is more to them when they are under attack. Look at the soldiers doing their job and then look at 'touch my girl and you are dead'-Link.
Tumblr media
Sadly, their bonding is mostly hidden in the sidequests, but they spend a lot of time together, eating frogs and picking flowers.
Tumblr media
The strength of their bond peaks when they awaken their powers for each other, saving each other's lives.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And only logical, the camera shows Link when Zelda speaks about the future just before their fight against Ganon.
Tumblr media
And who would dare to object the Princess of Hyrule?
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skittledoodles · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just doodling to help keep my mind of health issues. BOTW was such an amazing game 🥺
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alwaysunderwaterocean · 2 days ago
Zelink Week #2 - Beasts (Dragons)
I'm sorry I lied. It's just a baby one though. Word Count: 1325
Zelink Week Day 2: Beast (dragons)
“I thought you said you watched my whole journey,” he said around a bite of spicy peppers as they sat on the cliffs near Mount Lanayru, with Zelda wrapped in his Snowquill gear while he pretended not to be uncomfortably cold in just his Champion’s tunic so that she would quit offering it back to him like she'd done a dozen times in the last hour.
“Excuse me for not watching you attempt to kill yourself while trying to ride a dragon,” she whacked him on the back with a gloved hand, “I was quite busy keeping the impending doom from falling over our kingdom.”
“Oh, right,” he smiled at her and she smacked him again before she let him swoon her with it, though the damage had already been done. He knew it too, based on the chuckle he let out when she turned away so that he couldn’t see the laughter growing in the creases of her eyes.
“I just really wanted to ride it. After all we went through together, the least she could do was let me jump off her back.”
“You can literally thrust yourself into the air and paraglide as much as you want with Revali’s gale,” she let out an exasperated sigh as he kept his eyes trained on the skies, “Why would jumping off the dragon be any new thrill for you?”
“Because it’s just different,” he turned to her then and the genuine emotion in his eyes for something so innocently insignificant was enough to make her want to pepper his already crimson kissed face with more affection. But she’d already ruffled his hair and his clothing enough from their previous romp as they waited on the majestic creature and she worried if she distracted him again, they’d end up missing it sailing above them and he’d never let her hear the end of it.
“Well, it shouldn’t be long now, at least, if what you told me is true.”
She could barely hear him mumble “it is,” over the rush of wind that whipped her hair around the shape of her face like a cyclone as the giant, ancient creature finally showed itself, snaking through the muted colors of the Lanayru sky before them as if it were swimming in a sea of clouds.
She’d seen Naydra before, though not in such a corporal sense. When he’d first freed her from her century of torture from the malice that had grown intertwined in her scales, she had almost felt the whisper of her thanks like a sigh in the back of her own mind. Her entrapment had been yet another casualty of the calamity, though one that he had not been so directly tasked with righting, although he did so anyway.
But what she remembered with more clarity than the creature's spirit itself was the look of awe upon his face that he’d had as he watched her return to her former dignity. It was the same look he held then as his jaw went slightly slack and his eyes rounded in that way that made him seem very much like an awestruck child as he followed the curves of its elegant body through the skies above them.
“Isn’t she beautiful?” He breathed into the crisp mountain air, his words condensing in a gentle swirl that rose up to meet the beast itself as it swam before them. He turned to look at her, to share his joy with her as they’d done in the months since the calamity, but instead of her usual gaze, he found her oddly out of focus, draped in a divine light that he knew from experience was sourced from her and her alone.
“Zelda?” he asked quietly as her hair rose from her shoulders into curls of gold and she outstretched her hand, the triforce etched on the back of it pulsating as she reached for the creature whose normally distanced trajectory had now shifted directly towards where they stood.
“She’s coming this way. She doesn’t usually do this. We should step back. If you touch her it’ll hurt,” he tried to take her hand, but she only grabbed him back, sending a spark down his nerves that had him shivering from something more than the cold.
“Zelda, please, you’ll get hurt,” his voice quivered through the feeling of it as he pulled instinctually closer to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and tucking his chin into the curve of her neck if only to shield her that way instead. But his innate motion to protect her proved unneeded as Naydra’s icy horns shimmered above them, the usual shield around her majestic body seemingly disappeared under the influence of Zelda’s divine presence.
The great serpentine dragon took a steep turn so that it flew just above them, closer than it ever had before. He froze as its long body cut through the air above his head, gasping when Zelda effortlessly reached up her hand to run it along the creature's deep amethyst scales as if it had given her explicit permission to do so. She left a trail of divinity along the length of its body, the holy light swirling up and through her fingertips as it crept along the underside of the great beast until it lifted back up into the hazy skies of the early morning dawn.
“She wanted to properly thank you,” Zelda softly explained as she maneuvered herself in his arms until they were face to face, her eyes softening at the look of utter reverence that now held him transfixed before her. He looked at her as if there was nothing else. As if she were the air in his lungs and the earth beneath his feet. As if the sky itself was designed by her hands and he was blessed enough to simply stand under it and admire her in the soft light that now shone between them. He reached a timid hand up to cradle her face, his chest expanding with the chill of the frigid air before leaning in and tasting the breath of Hyrule straight from the source.
For a moment it was just the two of them as it had always been meant to be. Nothing else mattered but the feel of his lips on hers or the tremble of his jaw as he shivered underneath her. When he finally pulled away it was to pull her fully into himself, slipping his icy hands underneath the layers of her tunic so that he might steal some of her warmth and seal any empty space that kept them from being wholly pressed together.
“You are incredible,” he finally managed to speak, letting his words make their home in her hair as he nuzzled his face in the softness of it. She’d been content to leave it at that, gently swaying with him as the sun played at crawling over the horizon, twirling the hairs at the base of his skull as she hummed into the feeling of it, but his adventurous spirit eventually got the best of him and he couldn’t help but ask the question that had buzzed in his brain since he’d seen the dragon in such close, intimate detail.
“Do you think…” he started slowly, the mischievous glint that had taken up residence in his eyes since his awakening firing up again as he craned his neck to see the dragon still in reach of his paraglider.
“You can’t ride it, Link,” she laughed, “She’s an ancient being! It would be disrespectful.”
The disappointment that pulled his once serene face back into a pout had her giggling as she reached for the slate at his hip, wrapping him back in her arms as she scrolled through the screens to find the one she was looking for.
“Let’s go home, I want to get out of these thick tunics.”
She watched the self-satisfied smirk that slowly grew on his face at her choice of words until it lifted up and fragmented in the Sheikah blue that carried them both up and away.
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shipmistress9 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just Three Dorks And Their Ladies
Lady Noire/Mister Bug
Post reveal relationship. Just a romantic dance beneath the stars. They like to spice things up by swapping Kwamis occasionally.
An extension of the Moonlight Flight scene in Dawn Of Destruction. I hope they had a wonderful date night. 😏
As descendent of the Goddess, Princess Zelda is in a strange position. Even on her own ball, all eligible men turn to other ladies, intimidated by the legend around her heritage. The only one brave enough to ask her for a dance is a young man from the Royal Guard.
Drawn after a reference from @posereference
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pastelsandpining · 2 days ago
Zelink Week Day 3: Flight
loftwings | free falling
Masterlist | Zelink Week List
words: 844
summary: Zelda’s day is interrupted.
warnings: disgustingly cute
Skyward Sword - pre-game
Zelda never intended to be the cliche of in love with your best friend, but then again, no one ever really plans for these sort of things. They just happen, and she’s no different. She’s not above the fluttering of her heart or the tummy full of butterflies, of whispering with Karane in the hallways and writing hundreds of little notes that never make it anywhere further than her trash can.
And they never will, she decides as she strikes a violent line through the note she’d only just finished. She tears it, then tears it again, then crumples it several times over until it’s no longer legible.
A tapping on the classroom window snaps her out of her frustration. She nearly jumps out of her skin trying to turn to see who it is, but she supposes it’s no surprise that she finds the very boy she was just writing about. It’s always either him or Groose, and it’s no mystery which she prefers.
Link is leaning against the glass with his face pressed to it just enough for his nose to be squished upwards. She rolls her eyes, but there's a laugh trying to break past the smile on her lips as she walks over to join him. He has a hand on the glass and wiggles his fingers, so she presses her hand to the other side, just against his, and wiggles hers in response. She tries not to think about the layer of glass that separates them.
He grins at her and Zelda smiles right back, hoping the pink on her cheeks isn’t as noticeable as it feels like it is. Then, he waves his free hand, a gesture for her to come out and join him. She pretends to think for a moment and sticks her tongue out at him. He pouts, dropping his shoulders all sad like, and she does laugh then, nodding her head towards the exit. She doesn’t wait to see his answer and leaves the classroom in embarrassingly quick strides, but when she throws open the academy doors, he’s nowhere to be found. She steps further out into the bright sunlight, wondering if perhaps he’d thrown himself off of Skyloft without her, but then a pair of arms grab her and she wrestles against them with a squeak just to hear his laugh.
“You’re a blockhead,” she accuses when he finally releases her. “I was busy.”
“Only you would be busy on a Saturday,” Link answers with a huff, crossing his arms over his chest like she’d offended him.
“I was writing love notes to Groose,” she challenges and lifts an eyebrow when he snorts. “What’s so funny about that?”
“You would have to write a second for his hair if you really wanted to impress him.”
She wants to scold him to be nice but the argument falls apart in a fit of laughter. He laughs too, scrunching his nose, and she wonders just how much more of this she can take before she succumbs to the sweet embrace of death. Goddess help her, she really likes him.
“What did you interrupt my work for?” she asks, putting her hands on her hips.
“Come fly with me,” he says, holding a hand out to her. “It’s got to be better than sitting in a stuffy classroom all day.”
“Oh, are you finally getting in some practice for the upcoming Wing Ceremony?” she teases in return. “Careful, or I might think you’ve been replaced by an evil twin.”
“I want to go race through the sky with my best friend, oooh, so evil.”
Zelda bites back her laughter and shoves him hard enough to make him stumble. He laughs and grabs at her hands, pulling her towards the deck closest to the academy. She tries playfully to free her hands, but she isn’t really trying at all. She likes how his touch tingles, how it sends her heart beating wildly.
Together, they throw themselves off of the floating island. She finds that free falling like this is quite similar to falling in love. It’s exhilarating, it takes her breath away, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over it. She likes falling, feeling the wind whipping through her hair hard enough to undo her hair ties, letting the sensation of gravity pull her down closer and closer to the clouds until she thinks maybe today is the day she’ll try going through it. Then Link is winking at her, dropping her hand so he can whistle for his Loftwing, and she has half a mind to not call for hers at all. She knows he’ll catch her if not, but she doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction.
So when he mounts his Loftwing and blows her a kiss, she whistles for her own and soars after him with the intent to overtake him. Zelda wanted to make him feel as dizzy as he made her, and if racing him through the sky was the best way to do it, then she would take it.
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linktheacehero · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Zelink Week Day 3: Flight- Loftwings
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aquaticpal · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
@zelinkweek2021 Day 4: trust - broken, forged
Hilda and Ravio are totally a zelink, okay
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kayladaugherty · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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fatefulfaerie · a day ago
Zelink Week 2021 prompt #4/7 @zelinkweek2021
Word Count: 881
Incarnation: Breath of the Wild 2 (post)
Additional Prompts Followed: Broken
No Trigger Warnings
She didn’t know why she felt like she was still running. Zelda could take a good guess why, but it wasn’t every time that she held Link’s hand that she was thrown back to the calamity, thrown back to the blood, the mud, the running, the panting, the death, the sorrow. If she were thrown back every time, she never would have been able to stomach a relationship with the former knight. She would have seen none of him and all of the past, her sight clouded by grief and grief alone.
They weren’t even running now, Link holding her hand as they walked through the castle slowly, solemnly, staying close as if leaving room for each and every ghost.
Zelda had felt like leaving as soon as they stepped foot onto royal grounds, a feeling familiar to her. It came up every time they visited the ruined castle and each time, Zelda swore never to come back. Link understood until she changed her mind, and the cycle continued. After Calamity Ganon was presumably sealed away, they went once. After their adventures in the caves and the sky they went twice more, to fully eradicate his presence from Hyrule once and for all. Now, on their fourth trip, the two came to assess the damage and decide whether or not they really wanted to make a home here, to re-establish the kingdom, or to stay in Hateno and let Hyrule grow into what it was meant to be, for better or worse.
Link often reminded her that even without taking the throne they could still play a part in diplomacy and bringing everyone together with something besides a common enemy, something akin to peace. Yet Zelda still had royal blood, still had an ounce of her that made the decision a complex one.
Although they walked through most of the castle hallways, they eventually reached their main destination, the second tier of the sanctum, book-ended by statues of warriors on horses and featuring two thrones, one still intact and the other crumbled much like the rest of Hyrule.
Link let Zelda’s hand go finger by finger when she took a step forward and he did not. He waited like he always did, back straight, hands resting near his hips, thumbs hooked into his leather belt and elbows relaxed. His blue eyes like sapphires were faceted with concern, sadness, and yet, patience. His stoicism had faded a long time ago.
“Which one is which?” Link asked.
It took Zelda a while to reply, and it wasn’t until her hand was on top of the intact throne that her throat buzzed with sound.
“My father’s throne is intact,” she said. “My mother’s throne is not.”
Link nodded in understanding but Zelda didn’t see it, as she was facing away from him.
“Did you ever sit in it?”
Zelda shook her head.
“No,” she replied. “Neither of them.” Her voice wasn’t entirely weak, but it was quiet, as if she feared she might disturb her father. Link wagered that she was never allowed to be very vocal in this room. Besides, the way it echoed, anyone would be hesitant to speak. Perhaps all of Hyrule would hear.
“I remember wanting to,” she continued. “I think it’s hard to tell if I was raised to want it or if I really did…”
Without Link’s prompting, she sat on the throne, situated herself and looked forward, into the very horizon it seemed.
She was the very picture of elegance and poise, and it was no surprise. She had been taught her whole life to sit on a throne, and thus it suiting her was a result of that. She was bred for it, her cheekbones, her eyes, her height, her stance, even her hair and the shape of her figure, every little thing fit into being royalty. She was just in her blue travel clothes but she looked as if she were wearing the most ornate of dresses, a crown atop her head made not of braids but of gold and jewels far beyond the dreams of a peasant.
“Link?” she asked eventually, not moving her head. It seems as though she thought for a long time, but Link was in no hurry.
“Yeah?” He prompted, taking a couple cautious steps forward.
“You trust me to make the right decision?” She inquired.
Link nodded.
“Of course,” he said. “As long as I have you, I can live anywhere.”
It was Zelda’s turn to nod, and Link saw in just her profile that she looked a little scared.
“Link,” she repeated.
She breathed and she could smell the wild, the scent of flowers and grass and earth and life wafting in from Hyrule.
“I don’t like this chair,” she finally said. She turned her head over to Link, and she was sporting a beautiful smile. “I want to go home.”
Link smiled too, almost laughed. He probably shouldn’t have been too giddy after saying he would be okay with whatever she chose, but living in Hateno felt so right, so safe, so warm. This place was cold and dangerous. This place would take a lot of work that Link believed would just not be worth the effort. This was the place, after all, that had broken both of them.
Why return?
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rottentreegremlin · a day ago
In skyward sword, it was Link and Zelda’s destiny that separated them. But in botw it was what brought them together. Interesting.
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