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#zemo fluff
spilledkauffie · 4 months ago
Dating Baron Zemo HCs
The Falcon and Winter Soldier spoilers!
I just have no self control, that’s what this is — Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Waiting— you’ve been waiting a good while to finally see him again, and you had no doubt that someday he’d find his way out. So, you waited. Upon the prison break, you continued patiently waiting for him at one of his nearby estates. Sure enough, he eventually found his way back. There you stood, with a bottle and two glasses of his favourite champagne. “I didn’t expect you to wait,” he smirks, walking to you. “I told you I would,” you tilt your head. Without a hesitation, he pulls you closer by your waist and gives you the exact kiss you’ve been waiting for.
↳ however, he did bring some unexpected company, upon Sam clearing his throat loudly, Zemo turns, putting a little space between you and him, “Gentlemen,” he gestures to you, hand still against the small of your back, as he introduces you. / “Dude’s got everything,” Sam mutters to Bucky as they follow the two of you through the corridor.
Forehead kisses— it’s always been a habit of his, even if he’s just walking past you, he’ll stop and press a quick kiss to your forehead. Other times when you’re snuggled up against him, he’ll give your temple a lingering kiss. As a goodbye, even after a kiss, he places one to your forehead. He also strokes back your hair, keeping his thumb against your temple, while you lift your head a little closing your eyes with a smile as he rests his forehead against yours.
Staying in Bed— mornings are when you take 100% advantage of the fact that he doesn’t have to be anywhere, hence he can stay with you all morning. You actually spend a lot of time just talking, holding hands, and seeing the sun brighten the room gradually. He traces his fingertips along every inch and curve of your body as he listens to you talk, trying his best not to just kiss you mid-sentence, which has happened.
Living like a princess— literally, you want it you get it, anything. Even if it’s just in mention, you’re probably going to wind up getting it as a little surprise. Travel wherever you want to, whenever you want to, he’s got a private jet so there’s no need to plan ahead. Jewelry, lots and lots of jewelry! You never quite get used to living so lavishly, but he thinks that’s one of the best things about you. Everyone he’s known has been accustomed to living so fancifully, but the way it takes your breath away never gets old. 
Event “Dates”— obviously you’re his date to any event he’s attending, but often you feel you are easily out of place around the kind of crows at such fancy and intimidating events. You tend to just stay out of the way and in the corner, holding the one drink you’ve had all night, and subtly, but anxiously tapping your free hand against the side of your thigh. “why are you so nervous?” he takes your hand, pressing a kiss to the knuckles, continuing to stroke his thumb across your skin. “Because I’m nothing like these people,” you quietly say, “I don’t really think I belong here.” / Zemo smirks, “well, a Queen seldom fits in among common people.” 
He’s Not Very Handsy in Public— while you’ve learned to go along with the whole professional side of events, you also know that when it’s just the two of you, he typically likes you near. With a hand always in yours, or somewhere touching your body, thigh, shoulder, nape of the neck, etc., you’ve come to love the intimate TLC, that doesn’t mean you haven’t tried to coax it out of him whilst at an event, but he’s superior at keeping his cool compared to you.
↳ he’s also superior at teasing, wherever and whenever. It can be a simple touch that you never expected to turn you on, or it can be a glance across the room from you, making it very clear what’s on his mind, causing you to blush, look away, and take a deep breath, composing yourself while he just smiles, taking a sip of whatever drink is in his hand.
Attempting to Learn Sokovian— since his entire family was Sokovian you wanted to learn it so he could more freely speak it on a regular basis, much like he used to. You tried keeping it a secret for a while, but when he found out you were trying to learn his language he immediately wanted to help somehow. You’ve found you typically get a little distracted when listening to him speak, but you’ve definitely learned! Plus a “very good” follows by a kiss is much more of a reward than any textbook could offer.
Surprise Trips— you’ve been woken up at three a.m. just to be told your going somewhere. Naturally, you asked why you couldn’t just go later in the day, “it’s very special,” he rubbed your shoulder, “c’mon, you can sleep on the plane, I promise.” And you certainly do, tucking your knees up onto the seat, you nuzzled as close to him as possible, trying to sleep the whole plane ride. Turns out he woke you up so early just so you could see the sunrise coming up over the Pyramids in Egypt. 
Breakfast in Bed— despite having had a family cook, Zemo actually knows how to cook, and pretty darn good. There have been several occasions where you’ve woken up alone, a little disappointed only to find the smell of cinnamon and sugar spreading throughout the room as he brings you breakfast in bed, obviously joining you.
At Home Library— you weren’t exactly sure what he meant when he said he had a library, but you found out soon enough. Feeling like Belle, you were in absolute awe that he literally had a library in one of his estates. A lot of the time you’ll spend house just sitting by the beautiful window, reading. After a while, he’ll bring you some tea and join you, either reading with you or watching you read (which make you blush). 
Art Exhibits— in his house. . . yep, he’s got a whole gallery. Sometimes you just walk through it by yourself to calm your nerves and relax a little. The first time you were amazed that they were all real pieces. “There’s been a recent addition, that just so happens to be here in time for your birthday,” he explained, walking you through the gallery, “and how’d you come across it, may I ask?” you smile knowingly, twisting your hips side to side. He responds with a soft chuckle, “let’s just admire it now that it’s here, yes?” 
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baronesszemo · 3 months ago
Okay, so I love the sexy Zemo/Reader stuff but I’m also a sucker for fluff, so...
Tumblr media
Zemo seeing that you’re shivering, so he silently removes his coat and drapes it over your shoulders.
Zemo protecting you, shielding you with his body when a situation begins to go south.
You resting your head on Zemo’s shoulder or lap while he’s reading, and after a few moments he starts to stroke your hair softly.
Zemo caring for you when you get injured, ensuring that you get absolutely everything you need to have a full recovery. He’s constantly fretting because he doesn’t want to lose you like he’s lost everyone else (he’s also definitely plotting his revenge against the person that hurt you, but anyway).
Visiting the Sokovian memorial with Zemo. He recounts the story of his wife, son, and father’s deaths to you, and you hold him tightly as he cries at the memory.
Zemo smiling at you fondly when you attempt to speak to him in his native language and you mix up some of the words.
The unexpectedly nervous expression on his usually confident face when Zemo tells you that he loves you for the first time.
Trying not to laugh as he dances like an absolute dork.
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nsfwsebbie · 2 months ago
music to watch you to.
summary. | He likes you a lot, so he’s putting on his music to watch his little girl to.
warnings. | smut, stepdad trope, penetration, masturbation (f/m), choking, voyeurism, perversion, watching porn, come marking, breeding kink, Daddy kink, dirty talk, praise, degradation, humiliation, spitting, fishnet kink, begging, and more. 18+ MINORS DNI!
word count. | 5.4k
pairings. | Step Father!Helmut Zemo x Reader.
a/n. | happy early birthday @bvckyswildflower!! i love you so much, thank you so much for everything and for being such an amazing friend! you’re so strong, you deserve the world. ilysm, happy early birthday! please enjoy and don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A specific buzz runs through your veins. Your head throbs immensely, and you walk with tiredness taking over your body. Your high heels swing in your hands, and your phone dies at the same time too. The ache in your back feels as though with one good stretch, it’ll go away, but that’s far from the truth. Your makeup is messed up, and what’s left of it stains your face. You’re lucky you made it out without a horrible stomach ache. You take your alcohol well but not well enough to leave you unscathed.
You almost feel bad for leaving so early, but you just couldn’t spend a second there any longer. As soon as you stepped foot into your old friend’s house, you knew you’d regret it. And you do. You’re still not sure whether the slight sickness inside you is from the alcohol or the shame. Why you ever agreed to go out just a few days after the breakup is beyond you. Familiar faces of people you haven’t seen in years filled the room, and you dread the questions they’ve asked you.
How was university? Did you and your boyfriend get engaged? What happened to you? Are you staying here? Did you graduate?
Your answers disappoint them, and you could see the faux pity written all over them. They turn away, make a mocking face to their friends, and then turn back to you as if they don’t see you as lower than them. Someone who’ll never get anywhere in life, who’ll be stuck in this city while everyone else moves away. It’s what they’ve been whispering about you. They don’t take your return lightly, and you don’t take their words with a grain of salt.
So that’s why you are strolling throughout your home, dragging your feet behind you. There are small noises in the kitchen, but you’re too out of it to genuinely care. You wish for someone who cares. Someone who could hold you tight throughout the dark times, just like he-who-shall-no-longer-be-named would for a split second. You want reassurance; you want love. But you don’t know who to turn to for it except for yourself.
You’d kill for some comfort from your mother, but she’s already taken her sleeping pills, and you don’t have the energy to walk across the house just for a hug and a ‘toughen up, kiddo’ from her. Your stepfather, on the other hand… He’s much better at comfort. Though he isn’t as in touch with his emotions (ignorance is bliss), he knows how weak minds tend to be. Best with his words, you can’t stand to sit down and have a conversation about how the only thing in life that brings you happiness is something you can’t possibly make a career out of. So you’d instead take his awkward pat on the back and half-hug over his overly-detailed psychoanalysis.
But you don’t want to bother him either, so you suck it up and lock yourself in your room. Your heels are strewn onto the floor, and your phone is slammed onto the bedside table. You’ll charge it later. You throw yourself onto your bed, not caring that you’ve just given yourself an unwanted headache that won’t go away until you take some medicine. The dizziness soon parts ways from your head, and you sigh.
You tend to enjoy a good party every now and then, but you’d much rather have a party all by your lonesome.
You fiddle with your fingers mindlessly. A small habit you’ve developed since you were a kid, and your mother would soon learn that it’s your form of bouncing your leg up and down. You always have your own twist on familiar things, such as coping mechanisms and Pinterest baking recipes. Your nail stops at a piece of broken skin, and you’re not sure why it’s there. Perhaps you cut yourself while cooking, or maybe while trying to look for an appropriate outfit. You’re such a clutz, always getting hurt yet never knowing how your injuries have formed.
You want to pick at it so badly, but you remember that you always regret it when you’d look at your finger just to find some blood. So you leave it alone, and in the same manner; you want all the horrible people who aren’t you to leave you alone—everyone except for him. You stare up at the ceiling and let your hands fall to your sides, and your eyes flutter shut. You have no intent to sleep as your tiredness has left you the moment you stepped foot into your small room.
Your bed sheets feel lovely against your skin. You want to lay there forever and ever and never let go of the feeling. It’s rare to have this feeling when in bed, especially during the summer. It’s like finding money on the ground or getting a good grade on an assignment you were worried about. You turn on your stomach with a heavy sigh, worried that you’ll stain the fabric beneath you with your makeup. So you simply just rest your head against your arms. You gaze off to the side, and you think about him. It’s so wrong, and you really shouldn’t.
But you do it anyway.
The first time you met him was a year ago. You weren’t overly ecstatic about having a stepfather, but you warmed up to the idea just for the sake of your mother. She was never that happy since before your father passed away. Your house was so dull, except for the times when your relatives would visit, or your friends would come over. But even they would grow distant from you, and you’d eventually have to stick to seeing your them only at school and birthday parties.
It took you a while to get used to him. Your interactions were always either because of your mother or by accident. Like the one time, your mother forced you to hug him, and you felt his hard cock pressed against your body. Or the other time, when he bumped into you and accidentally spilled water all over both of your white shirts. He got a nice view of your tits, and you got a pleasant sight of his body.
A softly toned stomach along with a bit of chest hair that you’d love to tangle your fingers between, with numerous freckles that remind you of stars in the night sky. An Adonis line runs down to his groin, and God, you really shouldn’t be thinking of your stepfather this way. You can’t help it, though, especially not when he looks like a real-life reincarnation of a Greek God.
You don’t realize the hands that trail along your body until you feel goosebumps beginning to rise. Your red painted nails dance along your skin, and a lovely chill runs down your spine. You let out a shaky breath as your core pools with wetness, soaking your leggings. Now, the cloth doesn’t have anything special to it. It’s cheap and old, from when you just turned eighteen. And it’s the pair that you’ve always managed to soak while thinking about him.
You still wear that cheap dress of yours. You’ve stitched it up, God knows how many times, and yet it never is perfect. It’s silk, cheap silk. You easily could buy another one, heck, even a much better one. But you choose not to because there’s just something about it that makes you want to keep it. ...Oh, right. It’s Helmut’s favourite.
It’s like the conversation happened a few minutes ago when really it was three years ago, a year after they had gotten married.
You're waiting for your mother to finish getting ready for a family dinner, so you lounge around the living room. He comes sauntering in, his tie loose and his hair a mess. You try to avoid jumping to conclusions, but you know exactly what happened. Small talk is never your thing, and it isn’t for him either, but you go with it just to ease the awkwardness.
“Nice dress, you look amazing in it,” he tells you as he ties the black cloth around his neck. “T- Thank you,” you smile at him before looking back down to your phone. Your photos app and settings app aren’t as excellent as he is, but they’ll make do just to keep you occupied. “You should wear it more often.”
Your finger trails along your top lip gently, a feather-light touch that you’ve learned to master years ago. You’re like a light breeze in the hot summer rain against your skin. More wetness drools out of you, and you just wonder how he manages to have this effect on you even though you’ve both barely ever spoken to one another. From your lips, you trail your fingers down to your neck.
Your other hand grips the cloth of the dress right below your decolletage and right above your breasts. Your toes curl, and you spread your legs apart slightly. Your fingers trail to your shoulders, and you push down the thin straps of your dress. You sit up on your knees and slowly pull the dress over your head, letting the rose gold fabric softly brush over your skin and fall next to you.
You push it off the bed and let it find a temporary home on the ground beside the bed. You’re left in a strapless bra and your fishnet leggings. They’re your absolute favourite, and you always get excited whenever the occasion to pull them out comes up. Once again, there’s nothing too special about it. It’s just that the hole-filled accessory never fails to make you feel beautiful.
You unclasp your bra slowly and drag your nails along your back as you do so. Your head involuntarily rolls backwards at the feeling. “Fuck,” you whisper under your breath. The bra lands on your dress, and your hands slowly crawl down to the waist of the leggings. They move over your soft thighs, and your breathing hitches. You get closer and closer to your sticky inner thighs, right to where your sopping pussy is.
Your eyes flutter shut once again, but you quickly open them up when you remember that your laptop is fully charged. Though the gadget was bought explicitly for essential uses, you just can’t help loading up a specific site that never fails to make you drop your panties. The little devil on your shoulder outshines the angel, and you find yourself grabbing the device and placing it in front of you. It powers up quicker than ever, and you’re smiling with glee and mischief.
You type the first letter of the website into your search bar, and it immediately pops up, making you giggle. You drag your bottom lips between your teeth, biting down on it lightly, and you search for your favourite video. The one that you always watch whenever you think about him. The one that never fails to turn you on beyond belief.
Stepdad fucks his stepdaughter after catching her masturbating.
The title itself makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter. A few frames from the video tease you with what’s coming, and excitement runs through your veins. Your drunken haze from the few shots of vodka you took down the hatch no longer exists, and now you’re drunk on arousal. You press play and sit back against the numerous mismatched pillows you own.
It’s your makeshift throne, and you’ll do anything you desire in it. You place your hands on the back of your thighs gently, splaying them against the skin and muscle as you always do. Your wetness makes your pussy glisten like the shiny clandestine jewel it is. The juxtaposing classical music in the introduction reminds you that you aren’t home alone and that someone can hear you.
And by someone, you immediately think of Helmut.
Your heart clamours at the thought of him learning as to what you’re watching. Would he yell? Would he leave? Would he kick you out? ...Would he help you out? Each scenario has you shivering, and yet you decide to open up another tab. The grey, white and red screen of YouTube pops up, and you click the first song shown in your recommendation.
The soft, melodious voice of Lana Del Rey echoes from your computer, and you double-click the music video, putting it on loop. The song blares throughout your room, and you switch back to your intended tab. The video has already gotten to the best part. The woman is wearing nothing except for a sly smirk as the older man––her ‘stepfather’––slowly undresses.
Now, he looks nothing like Helmut, and you know that nobody can compare. But you can’t help but close your eyes and picture him. The stubble beard of his that you’d love to feel between your thighs. Those big, veiny hands that would look so lovely gripping your hips. A lightly sculpted body that would perfectly hover over yours as he plows into you. God, you have it bad for him.
The video’s dialogue doesn’t matter to you because you’ve already got your own script written. You trail your dominant hand to your pussy, while your other hand remains at your thigh. Your inner thighs are sticky with your wetness, and you can just imagine what Helmut would think. “Such a desperate little girl, you’re so wet. Is it all because of me?”
It’s almost as if you can hear him.
Coffee is like a drug, which is why Helmut has stopped drinking it. Tea, on the other hand, is much more soothing. The way the hot liquid tastes on Helmut’s tongue reminds him of the days in college where he would catch a slight fever. He’d call his father for overnight remedies, and he’d always have to instruct him how to make the tea over the phone.
Through his obliviousness, he never knew that black tea has as much caffeine as your average cup of coffee. So that’s why he’s mindlessly exploring his home at half-past-ten. Helmut has wandered around in the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms and even the bathrooms. He’d take one or two of his wife’s sleeping pills, but they’re prescribed, and she’ll get mad. He doesn’t like it when anyone gets mad at him.
Boredom is always a good cure for restlessness. And nothing bores Helmut more than a textbook. Long hours of studying flash into his mind, and he would hate to be a student in this day and age. Gosh, he sounds so old. He knows you have some textbooks still lying in your room, ones that you promised to donate but have kept on your desk since. He’s tried to be understanding in your dropping out, but you’re hard to read.
So he walks up the carpeted stairs that he has nearly fallen down on one too many times. With a sharp exhale, he slowly approaches your room. He recognizes that music all too well. When you’re in the shower, you tend to belt out Lana’s songs while scrubbing that beautiful body of yours. He wants to deny it, and he knows that if he were to be put on the stand, he wouldn’t be able to lie about it.
He’s watched you do so many intimate things in your room. The memories can never leave his mind, and he feels so guilty about it, but he just can’t help but fantasize about you. Sitting on that bed, your hands between your thighs, begging him to come fuck you. Blood rushes down his cock, and he shakes his head in disappointment. “I’m such a fucking pervert, God,” he mumbles under his breath, rounding the corner.
The music gets louder, and though he usually isn’t into the songs you play, he can’t stop the slight skip in his steps. He hums along to the words, and Helmut notices the way your door is a bit ajar. He wonders if you’ve passed out and forgotten to turn off your lights and the computer, only because he knows how much you hate having your door open even by the slightest crease.
He peaks in, and you shock him.
Your back arches off the pillows a bit. The hand against your thigh now grips one of your tits, and your legs are spread out wide. Your heart clamours in your chest as you slowly rub your swollen clit, watching the video attentively. The petite pornstar is plowed into by her co-star, and you can just imagine how nice it would be to have Helmut throw you around like you’re nothing.
“Oh, Helmut…” you moan, pressing down a bit harder on your nub. Helmut’s eyes nearly fall out of his skull, and he just can’t believe his ears. He watches your hips buck against your fingers, and a bead of sweat runs down the side of your neck. You pant like a bitch in heat, and blood rushes both to his face as well as his cock. You touch yourself over your leggings, and Helmut wants nothing more than to fuck you silly while you wear them.
He slowly and gently opens up your door a bit farther, peeping his head inside just to get a better view of you. There is not one voice in his mind calling out to him, saying that he shouldn’t be doing this and should just go to his room. So he just has to assume that everything is okay. “Oh fuck, ‘m gonna come,” you whisper under your breath, loud enough for him to hear.
You speed up the ministrations on your clit, and you watch the screen as the stepdaughter matches your expression of euphoria. Her eyes roll back into her skull, and yours do the same. As her jaw falls slack, your mouth forms an ‘o’ shape that resembles hers. The man fucks her even harder, urging her to come all over his cock, and you want Helmut to do the same to you. Pressure shoots through your abdomen, and you’re so tempted to let out a loud moan.
But the hand that clamps down on your mouth stops you. You let out a squeal out of shock, only to look up and find Helmut staring at you with a dark look in his eyes. A pure, almost childlike terror claims your face, but you soon relax into him. The blue of his orbs are blown out with lust, and you want death right here, right now.  “Shh, don’t stop, little girl, let me see you come undone,” he husks, and you nod your head.
“Go on, show Daddy how much of a whore you can be,” he urges, and your eyes fall to his crotch. You can see the outline of his thick cock through his thin shorts. You imagine it stretching you out, dragging against your sensitive walls while his pelvis grinds against your clit. Soaking him in your juices while telling you how much of a slut you are as if you don’t already know.
You rub your little nub even faster now, and you watch Helmut as he pushes his hand inside his drawers. He wraps his hand around his cock, desperate for some sort of release. His other hand moves from your mouth, and he uses it to push down his shorts and boxers. You don’t even have the energy to look at him and his pretty cock, because you’re too focused on coming for him.
He stands right next to your laptop, and you can feel his eyes on you as he switches between watching your pretty face and staring at your dripping pussy. Your legs twitch, and your chest rises and falls as you begin to feel that fire in your core ignite. Precum drips from Helmut’s slit, beads of it rolling down the side of his cock and staining his hand. His fist pumps furiously over his cock––from base to tip––over and over again.
He lets out low, deep grunts and moans as he feels himself nearing the edge already. “God, you’re such a fucking slut; wanting to get fucked by your Stepfather. I bet those young boys don’t know how to fuck you good, right? Yeah, I bet while they were fucking you, you were thinking of me filling up that pussy with my cum,” he growls, and you nod your head.
Every single word of his is absolutely true, and you wonder if it’s been written all over your face for those years you’ve known him.
“Oh, are you gonna come, baby? So quickly? You really are desperate, aren’t you? Већ постајеш глуп? Боже, само сачекај док те не натакнем на пенис,” he growls, quickening his movements on his cock. You have no idea what he’s saying, but his tone of voice is enough to push you over the edge. The dam breaks, and in comes the flood. With a loud moan, you come undone as the girl in the video hits her climax as well. You moan loudly, but the music covers your loud sounds up.
Your back arches off the bed, and wetness drools out of you. Your chest rises and falls as tingles fill your entire body from pleasure. You continue to rub your clit––softly, though. Your legs twitch, and you just can’t handle anything more, even though you’re still needy and desperate to get off again and again. Your digits move downwards, and they pick up some of your slick. You stare him dead in the eyes as you bring said fingers all the way up to your lips.
You push them past your oh-so kissable lips, and the slightly bitter yet sweet taste of yourself fills your mouth. Your tongue swirls around your fingers, lapping and licking up every bit of yourself. And you do it all while Helmut watches you. You smile around them, trying your best to hide the brattiness beneath your exterior. But he sees straight through it. Blood rushing down to his cock again, and he can’t believe how much of a whore you are.
“Fuck, you taste good, don’t you, baby? Вероватно слатко попут слаткиша,” he moans, fucking his hand even faster now. He usually has better stamina, but there’s just something about you that’s changing it all. “I’m gonna come all over you, coat you with my seed so that you’ll remember that you belong to me. Nobody else’s slut, only mine,” Helmut snarls.
“Please, Daddy? Please give me your cum; I want it all over me. Please? I need it so badly, please give me your cum,” you beg him sweetly, and that just does it for him. He’s a goner. His balls tighten up, and he aims his cock towards your pussy. Groaning, he hits his climax. White streaks of hot cum spurt out from his raging tip, landing onto your cunt, and you gasp loudly. You let out soft whimpers, and Helmut lets out soft groans.
His cum mixes with the mess that is your pussy, and you open your legs even wider for him. Ropes of his seed hit your clit, your inner thigh, right near your hole––practically everywhere. “Fuck,” he moans, admiring the painted masterpiece between your legs. It’s so debauched, so wrong to do, but you both love it so much. “Your pussy is even prettier now, baby,” he smirks, dropping his hand that was on his cock to his sides. You stare up at him with a mischievous smirk on your face.
“You still aren’t satisfied, are you? You’re such a whore. I bet if it were possible, you’d get fucked every second of the day. You just can’t get enough of being treated like a slut, I know you can’t, мала беба,” Helmut growls, and you whimper. The idea is simply wonderful, and you realize that he’s not wrong at all. He swiftly pulls his shirt over his head, and you ogle his body. You never really did fancy those overly ripped men growing up.
Maybe it was just the content you consumed when you were younger. His stomach is soft, and you’d love to have your nose against it while his cock is in your throat. His chest is just perfect for you to dig your nails in when you ride his cock. He’s perfect. Helmut smirks down at you––all morals out the window––and he climbs on top of your body. He rests his hands on your waist, right where the band of your leggings is.
At first, you think he’s truly the gentleman he is. You think he’s going to pull your fishnets down, and you think he’s going to be gentle with you. But you’re wrong. His broad hands move to the centre of your core, and he slots his fingers between the spaces of the tights. Suddenly, he rips them apart loudly, and your eyes nearly fall out of their sockets. The sound is quite loud, but your music is louder. You’re sure the video has finished playing, but you don’t care about that.
You only care about him.
He continues to tear the cheap fabric away from your skin, leaving you with nothing on. You admire the tiny bit of strength he puts into the action, almost as if stripping you bare doesn’t matter much to him. Helmut throws the two pieces of what was once your favourite pair of leggings behind him, somewhere near the laptop. He grips your thighs and drags you closer to him until his cock is touching your messy pussy.
You watch him through his every movement. “Such a pretty pussy. I can’t wait to ruin it, baby,” he smiles at you, bringing his index finger to your sensitive folds. You’re so wet, soaking the bed sheets beneath you, and there’s no doubt you’ll do the same to his cock. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me, I’ll be so good for you!” you plead to him, hooking your arms under your knees.
“Боже мој…” Helmut breathlessly mutters, looking at the way your eyes have been glazed over. He pulls his hand away from your pussy, unsure as to whether or not he wants to fuck you into oblivion right here, right now, or to tease you until you’re sobbing and writhing. “Please, please, please, Daddy! Please fuck me, I need your cock so badly, please-” you continue to beg until a hand around your throat shuts you up.
Helmut leans over your body even more now, squeezing the sides of your neck until dark stars taint your vision. “That’s all you know how to do; beg for cock and be desperate. Right? Пошто сте тако лепо питали, ваљда ћу се појебати ти. But don’t expect me to go easy on you. I’ll only stop when I think I should stop,” he smirks, and you moan softly. Nodding your head excitedly, you go to beg once more just for added measure.
As soon as you open your mouth, you’re taken aback. Helmut’s face hovers over yours, and his lips are puckered up. Suddenly, he spits into your slack jaw, and it lands directly on your tongue. “Swallow it, now,” he orders, and you do exactly that. His blown-out eyes stare into yours for a few seconds, and your heart is beating out of your chest. More wetness drools out of your hole, and Helmut’s cock is still hard.
You then feel the blunt tip of his big cock poking at your tight entrance. Your breathing hitches as he slowly pushes his, sheathing his entire length inside of you. The stretch is so painful as he splits you into two. “Shh, it’s okay, baby, you’re doing so good for Daddy,” he tells you, his accent becoming more prominent than you’ve ever noticed. He eventually bottoms out, and you’re fighting so hard to not let out a loud moan that even Lana Del Rey can’t save you from.
“Проклетство, твоја маца је тако уска, just gripping me so tight I can barely move,” Helmut groans. His balls sit against your ass, and you slowly get used to the painful stretch. It turns pleasurable, and you find yourself wanting him to move already. You clench down on him, urging him to start fucking you. But he just shakes his head, not giving in to your Bambi eyes and pathetic pleas. “Feel how deep I’m inside of you, baby? Yeah, isn’t that what you wanted?” he questions, and you nod your head.
The song starts up again for the nth time that night. “Тако добро ћу те јебати, душо. Gonna let your stepdad fuck you, baby?” he questions once more, waiting for your answer. “Mhm, fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me,” you tell him, and he lets out a soft chuckle. Slowly, he drags his cock out of your wet pussy. He watches where you’re both connected, staring at the way you have him shining and glistening. You moan softly as he leaves just the tip of his cock inside you before thrusting back into you harshly.
Helmut fucks you roughly and quickly, desperate to bring you both to your climaxes. His hand grips your throat roughly, and his other hand grabs your waist tightly. “Fuck, Daddy,” you choke out, not expecting him to be so aggressive. “Принцезо, you look so pretty with my cock inside you. I love how stupid you look,” he groans. “Harder, daddy, please, I wanna come for you,” you plead to him. “Such a brat, am I not fucking you hard enough? God, you’re such a whore. You’re gonna be sorry you asked me that,” Helmut warns.
He slows down his pace, but he fucks you even harder. Each thrust sends butterflies throughout your body, and every now and then, he hits your sweet spot. You sing sweet sounds like a hummingbird, all for him. His balls slap against your ass, and his groin rubs against your swollen clit a few times. “Daddy, you feel so good inside me. I love your cock so much…” you whisper to him, gripping the sheets next to you. They’re not soaked, but they may rip by the time he’s done with you.
“I know you do, slut; I know you love my cock. That’s why you’re taking it so well, just like the good girl you are,” Helmut tells you after one particularly harsh thrust. You begin to feel that coil inside you tighten up, ready to snap any moment now. But this time, it’s stronger, and you need to come so badly. “Daddy… I’m gonna come,” you warm him, squeezing your eyes shut as pressure starts to build. “Јебати, yeah, I can feel it, baby. I’m gonna come to, I’m gonna fill you up with my cum,” he moans softly.
You whimper at his words, wanting him to come inside you so badly. “Make you all swollen with my kid, never gonna let you go empty- Fuck.” You both begin to moan louder and louder, and you’re the first to let go. Dizziness sways you as your back arches off your bed. Your eyes roll back, and you moan to him. “Daddy!” you cry out, your heart clamouring in your chest. Your pussy clamps down on Helmut’s cock tightly as you come around him. Wetness coats his cock, and you can barely catch your breath.
“Daddy…” you moan once more, and he just can’t hold back anymore. His thrusts become sloppy, and his balls tighten up as he comes. Ribbons of cum painting your inner walls, and he fills you up to the brim, just like he promised. The hands that are on you loosen up a bit, and you moan at the feeling of his cum inside of you. “Јебени пакао,” he groans above you. You look at him carefully. He’s slick with sweat and slightly red, and you giggle. “What?” he asks, more confused than ever. “Nothing, Daddy,” you whisper.
“Nice music, by the way,” Helmut compliments, leaning over you. In perfect timing, your computer falls asleep. Lana Del Rey’s voice no longer fills the room; and instead, it’s your shallow pants. He slowly pulls out of you, and you both whimper. Your poor pussy has been abused beyond belief. Cum leaks out of you and mixes with the other fluids that cover you. He leans backwards and presses the space bar, and the song starts up again. “How about you put on a show for me now, моја мала девојчица?” he proposes.
He likes you a lot, so he’s putting on his music to watch his little girl to.
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zemo-my-beloved · 3 months ago
Morin' Coffee ((Zemo x reader One-Shot))
Tumblr media
Description: Waking before Zemo you decided to get him coffee. Morning coffee doesn't sound that bad until unexpected guests come to interrupt your morning.
Waring(s): Nothing too bad, except being half-naked in front of other people.
Words: 1.4k (Something short)
It was a beautiful morning, the sun shining gorgeously through his big windows. Oranges, yellows, and a bit of pink. That's what woke you up, the light hitting you in the face, tiredly you try to block it by moving where you laid, but at that point, you were up. Pulling the satin sheets off of your semi-naked body as you just wore some underwater and one of Zemo's shirts from his massive closet. To be fair, it was comfy and it smelt of cedarwood cologne he wore with every article of clothing. It was slightly oversized on your figure, just covering your bare ass.
Letting your feet touch his hardwood floor, you glance to the side if Zemo had woken from your movements but all you saw was him slightly shifting more on his back. Maybe you could fetch some coffee for yourself and him for the morning, a perfect way to wake him up.
You head out of the bedroom and going down the staircase to the first floor.
Making your way to the counters your footsteps slightly echoing through his black and white checkerboard kitchen tile. Well, more specifically the counter where Zemo had his special coffee maker. It was an expensive one that you wouldn't even buy if you had the money he had, quoting him, "It tastes more exquisite than that Starbucks crap." He was a firm believer that American coffee wasn't any good, Sokovia had the best tasting caffeinated drink by far. Which, he wasn't lying about.
The sun was so bright that lit up Zemo's house, that you didn't need to turn the lights on. His house was also cold enough to send shivers throughout your body, how you already missed being under the sheet with him.
You wait patiently for the coffee to start brewing, it was going to take a few minutes at least to get it all done. You back into the counters and lean back for the time remaining, letting the same ticks of the clock tok.
It was peaceful and silently, you got a lot of these moments whenever you came to Zemo's house. You'd come to your boyfriend's home at least half or more days of the week, there was such a difference between your and his living. You wouldn't say you were living with him, get you had your toothbrush and multiple outfits in his closet. You were even thinking about asking him if you could move in, it has been months on end with dating him and you were starting to get sick with your own apartment and traveling in-between the two houses.
He didn't admit it either but he much preferred you sleeping at his house rather than your apartment. His big home got lonely when you weren't there to keep company.
The quiet was nice until it wasn't. Hearing the door start to open and heavy footsteps. You push yourself away from the counter. Zemo has told you of his past and what he has done, he doesn't condone his actions but doesn't regret them either and you can live with that. You know of his issues and the people surrounded with those issues. So once you started to sleep at his house he told you if anyone came in unannounced you had to protect yourself, so that's what you did. You try your hardest to stay quiet as the footsteps come closers to the kitchen. Reaching for the butcher's block that held the multiple knives, getting a simple paring knife. Holding it with a tight grip, ready for anyone that stood in front of you.
Your eyes widen once you see who the heavy footsteps belong to, while still holding the knife you loosen the grip. Seeing Sam turn in your direction, at first he was surprised that you were already at his house but then it hit him more surprisingly that you were half-naked right in front of him. "Shit!" He quickly blurts while coving his eyes with his hands and turning his back to you. He was stunned that he just saw you like this and embarrassed that he must have invaded your privacy.
Your face felt on fire from the embarrassment already. "Hmm? What?" You hear another voice saw, of course belonging to Bucky as he peeps around the corner to see what Sam was getting fussy over. Once spotting you he also turns away and shuts his eyes closed, "Oh! Fuck!" He loudly mutters, you were stood in place still shocked at what just happened and as to why your two friends were at Zemo's house at such an early hour. "What the hell are you doing here!" You shout while putting the knife back in its correct spot. Then remembering that you were only in panties and a Tee shirt you pull down on the shirt to cover yourself as even more as you could.
With Sam still coving his eyes, he tells, "Zemo invited us for breakfast!" Answering your question. You just want to squirm back to Zemo, there was no way you could look at Sam and Bucky the same for at least a few days, same going for them. "I- We're so sorry!" They felt terrible for seeing you like this, we're going to be apologizing for the next few hours profusely at this accident.
"Just... Stay there." You throw your hand up at them even though they can see you, you wished you never went for this stupid coffee. "ZEMO! Can you come downstairs!" You yell for your boyfriend, hopefully, that has woken already or does gett awoken from your yelling at the two boys. "So... are you guys like dating?" Bucky asks you awkwardly, you thought it would have been obvious at this moment that you were. But you never told them yet, you were planning to, but you never got the right opportunity to let it slip out. You worried what they would think after you told them, after all, he did split up the Avengers and framed Bucky for murder. But as time passed they forgave Zemo, sure it took a lot of time to pass for them to come to an agreement but you still worried that they wouldn't be accepted for the two of you. "Dude, shut up." Sam wack Bucky on his arm, which results in Bucky stepping away from his friend.
You could hear his fast footsteps on the wood floor. After hearing your sudden shouts between at least two men he was worried about what was happening to you. Seeing Zemo at the top of the stairs with a gun pointing down at the people that weren't you. But quickly pulling it away once seeing it was Bucky and Sam, his two friends.
Sighing in relief that nothing bad was happening he goes back to the bedroom for a few moments only for him to reappear and goes down the stairs. His arms open to the boys, "Good morning you two." He says while heading straight to Sam and Bucky. Sam finally taking his hands away from his face and Bucky opens his eyes, seeing Zemo in a throwaway shirt similar to yours and plaid pajama pants all whistle only a deep navy blue rope.
You watch as the three of them hug and share a "Hello." And "Good morning." Both of the guys moving to the side to let Zemo pass through to go to the kitchen where you still stood while coving as much as you could. "And what are you doing down here?" He asks while stepping closers to you, a sympathetic smile plastered across his face at the state of you. You awkwardly smile back at him, letting go of the shirt while his body covers you from any view. "I was making your coffee so I could surprise you this morning." You softly tell him only to hear him chuckle. You roll your eyes at the fact he found any of this humorous it was humiliating for you. Seeing as you looked away Zemo embraces you, "I'm sorry." He whispers, holding you for a few more seconds before letting you go."Well, that is awfully sweet of you, but here. Go up and change my Schatz." He shows the robe to you with a gesture from his arm, you quickly take it in your hands. "Definitely."
Throwing it on with a knot of the belt, you walk past the two guys and rush up the stairs. Reaching the top of the stairs you could barely hear, "So, how long have you been dating for?" Bucky asks a very similar question from earlier to Zemo.
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spilledkauffie · 3 months ago
Dating!BaronZemo HCs Pt.2
Gimme, gimme, gimme a— sugar daddy!! Part 1 HCs
(Sorry, I meant to post these last night, but life lol)
Tumblr media
Wrapping yourself in that stunning jacket— obviously if you’re somewhere and you’re cold, without hesitation, he’ll set it around your shoulders, holding you close with one hand. Other times it’s more so to get his attention or tease him. And walking around in nothing but your underwear/lingerie and his jacket definitely works to get his attention fast!
Similarly, dress shirts— when you wake up and don’t quite feel like getting dressed, you’ll just grab one of his dress shirts, button it up halfway and call it a day. The lingering scent of his cologne and the softness make you feel safe, cozy, and a little bit sexy all day.
↳ you didn’t think it was that big of a deal, until you were making breakfast one day. He walked past the doorway, giving a causal glance your direction and a “good morning, darling,” but stopped after a few steps. Retracing his steps backwards, he leaned back to see if what he thought he saw was actually what he saw. Looking you over he walked towards you, two fingers pressed to his lips; you gave an expression that innocently asked ‘yes?’ / “Is that…mine?” he questions, you look down yourself, but before you can answer, you got a very sudden, deep kiss.
Sweet Tooth— Baron has a sweet tooth, which means you get to try all different kinds of decadent desserts, literally imported from their origin country so they can “taste as they’re meant to, directly from their loving creators.” Whenever he comes home from a different country, you can always expect some kind of local treat. It’s also his best excuse for when he’s gone longer than expected. You cross your arms and put on your best upset face, only to be met with him saying, “but I brought back chocolate.” Trying okie himself, he walks towards you, you try not to smile knowing exactly what he’ll say next. Slipping an arm around your waist, holding the chocolate box to his side, he tilts his head, “want a taste?”
Learning to drive stick shift (if you don’t know)— it’s an absolute mess at first, of course. It was like a stop and go game, but not on purpose! The first time you nearly had a breakdown you were so upset at yourself for not getting it right. Staring at the steering wheel you were moments from crying when he tucked your hair behind your ear and placed a finger under your jaw, turning you to face him, “you’ll get it darling, like all things practice and patience is required
Flowers!!— you get showered with flowers constantly. It’s not just a dozen or a few bouquets it’s literally a room full of arranged flowers with different colours, types, and arrangement patterns. You’ve woken up to a bed covered in rose petals. He also tends to leave a rose on your nightstand when he gets up before you.
↳ he’ll walk into the flowered room casually, morning coffee in one hand. Circling the room, his fingertips stroking petals, “wow, someone must really have a crush,” he says, before looking back to you, as if he had nothing to do with it. He just loves to see you uncontrollably happy and smiling, nuzzling against the soft flowers as you breath the scent in.
Vintage films— vintage and classic films are some of his favourites, they have the perfect combination of class, romance, and charm. You snuggle up, leaning back against him, with a blanket over your legs, his arm around you, and watch. You have to smile to yourself every time he tells you “this is my favourite part,” because it’s precious, plus he says it about three times every movie.
Poetry— he’s actually a great fan of classic poetry, so it’s no surprise that you get it recited to you a lot. It’s sweet and romantic; one of your favourite times to hear it though is when you’ve had a long day and just want to calm your nerves. Wherever he is, you’ll cuddle yourself next to him and ask for some poetry. Stroking your skin, he’ll either grab a book of poetry, or just go off memory, softly, but meaningfully reciting it, as you close your eyes.
Walk in closet— the man has a great taste in fashion, so there’s not a chance you’re going to be left out of his fashion doting. Silk, velvet, lace, vintage, jeans, shoes galore, literally anything and everything! When you come home from shopping, it’s a routine that he gets a glass of alcohol and finds a seat, whilst you show him everything you got. And when you ask his opinion he actually gives it, not just an “oh that’s nice,” but legit fashion opinions. “I think that would go best with,” type suggestions.
↳ occasionally you get a pause, followed by “I think that would look best on the bedroom floor,” from him. To which you say, “okay, good to know, that one turns you on then” with a smile, biting your lip as you twirl your hips.
More cute nicknames— he calls you his “little dove” / “darling dove.” When you come home late, you typically make straight for the bedroom to absolutely just fall face first onto the fluffy duvet cover. Hearing a familiar footstep come down the hallway, you lift your head and wait for his appearance. Glass in one hand, he leans against the doorway, “I thought I heard a little birdie come in,” he smirks, making you smile, as he walks to the edge of the bed, sitting, he reaches his hand to rest on the other side of your body, “how are you, my dove?”
Top of the shoulder kisses— it’s just a habit he has when walking past you. It can be super sweet or super erotic, there is no in between. It’s either a soft press of his lips against your skin, maybe lingering a little, or it’s an intense, nearly love bite, sensation. When it comes as a total surprise, you silently inhale, pushing up onto your tiptoes for a brief moment, but just enough for him to notice. 
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clints-lucky-arrow · 3 months ago
Little Hours (Baron Helmut Zemo x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Every night, you wake to find the other side of the bed cold. There’s only one other girl that Helmut would rather spend the night with, and you can’t begrudge her that at all.
Fluff. Parents. F!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of Child Loss (Zemo’s son)
Based around the below request as part of ✨Mack’s Triple 1000 Celebration✨
Tumblr media
Requested by @phoenixofthevalley​ (hope that you like it, darling!)
Word Count: 758
A/N: I was never going to be the same after this concept.
Tumblr media
A realisation pulls you from your slumber. You’re not sure what it is at first. Sleep still clings to your mind, and so it takes a second to readjust to the waking world. A groggy peek at the clock shows that it is shortly after three in the morning. As soon as you catch sight of the time, you just know.
Your hand reaches as you turn, sliding along the mattress. Sure enough, the other side of the bed is cold. The duvet thrown slightly back, revealing the bare space underneath. Helmut is gone. 
Cold air wraps around you as you slip out of bed. It brings a shiver that you hope to subdue by quickly sliding on your robe. Your feet settle inside the thick fur of your slippers, protected from the chilled marble floor below. Lifting one hand to your mouth to stifle a yawn, you rub a hand tiredly over your bleary eyes before setting off.
The castle is dark and quiet. All of the staff are in bed, as you should be too. As he should be also, but isn’t. Not that you could ever begrudge him for it. Your footsteps whisper as you stride down the shadowed hall, towards the line of golden light spilling from a slightly cracked door.
His voice reaches your ears as you grow closer, quietened into a low murmur. Humming another lullaby, undoubtedly. The thought makes your heart swell and lurch at the same time, beating in a mixture of gentle, appreciative love and deep pity. Your hand falls on the wood of the frame, and you slowly push the door open.
Helmut is seated in the rocking chair. Those deep brown eyes are heavily lidded, mostly closed over as his lips purse while murmuring his gentle tune. Upon his chest, your daughter rests. Her little face - so like your own in features - is turned towards you. She has his eyes, though. Her father’s eyes. Not that you can see them when she’s sleeping.
Your approach is near silent. Helmut doesn’t leap when your fingers gently brush your shoulder, but stirs in a small start. Your eyes swiftly flit down to the infant. Mina does not wake at the intrusion. Her small fist is curled in the collar of her father’s t-shirt, tightly clinging to him. It’s hard not to smile when you see how she is cuddled into his chest, her body covered by the fabric of his own robe to protect her from the night’s chill. 
No. You need to be somewhat disapproving for both of their sakes. Tutting softly, your head shakes at your husband. 
Your voice is barely more than a whisper. “She’ll never learn to sleep through the night if you keep coming in. Was she even crying?”
He pauses, still blinking away sleep, before answering. “I thought that she was.” 
There’s a trace of guilt in his tone. He doesn’t like lying to you, and doesn’t usually do so. It’s different when it comes to her. He needs these moments, even if he doesn’t like to admit it. Knowing what happened to his son, you cannot bring yourself to truly scold him. Not as the memory of the day she was born - a mere ten months ago - crosses your mind. 
It all flits past. How manic he had been during the labour, to the extent where you’d almost shrieked at the nurse to stab him with some kind of sedative. The way that he had frozen as she came screaming into the world, as if the mere sound of her tiny cries turned him to stone. That wild, torn expression that had adorned his face as she was placed into his arms for the first time. 
You had seen his fear then, and somehow understood it. While he had never voiced it aloud, it was clear in that moment that he was utterly terrified to have another child. Another piece of himself to risk losing. 
And so, when he sneaks out of your bed every night to rock her until dawn, you can’t bring yourself to be annoyed or upset. 
All that you can do is sigh softly, and gesture for him to readjust your child. To give enough space for you to lower yourself into his lap also. His lips draw into a soft smile as you do, bronzed eyes alight with gentle affection. Your head nestles in the crook of his neck, forehead pressing against his cheek as you curl up with them both, and quietly drift back to sleep again. 
Tumblr media
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cazzyimagines · 3 months ago
Perfectly Exasperating - Part 2
Synopsis: After John Walker knocked you out with his shield you wake up in a strange bedroom with a man you were not too happy to see
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Nothing just kinda Zemo fluff
Author’s note: Usually I like to stick to canon, I enjoy keeping my fics as accurate as possible, but I had to go off canon for this one. I hope you all enjoy this sequel to ‘Perfectly Exasperating’ the writing style differs from the last one but it adds a lot more detail in my opinion
Master list
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Tumblr media
Your eyes crack open as the redness of dawn light flows over your eyelids, drawing your mind out of a deep sleep that encompasses you. Closing them again, you groaned in irritation at being pulled out of your slumber.
“You’re awake at last,”
Your eyes snap open.
You shot up so fast, making your head lurch, a dizzying effect taking over it, and your eyesight goes black for a moment. “Are you okay?” a worried voice asked, moving over to you.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine” you mutter, putting your hands down, feeling the softness of a duvet underneath you, grounding you. The bottom of it dipped as Zemo sat down at the end, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you.
Purple and brown bursing littered the side of his head enough to make you wince at the pain he endured to gain them. His right hand was wrapped up in bandages, a reminder of what he did for you.
“Zemo… why uh, why are we in the same bedroom,”
Zemo tilts his head, looking away as he thinks, then recognition flashed in his eyes and he grins, glancing back over to you.
“I assume you remember little?”
You try your hardest to think back to what could have happened, but everything felt hazy. Your last clear memory was when John Walker had hit you with your shield and Zemo had broken out of his cuffs to attack him. Anything after that was blurred, like a fading dream. It was on the tip of your tongue, but you couldn't quite reach it.
“Nothing after John hit came in here to see how I was doing, right? Just that,”
“You didn’t spend the night in here with me,”
“I can neither confirm nor deny that,”
He laughs at your horrified expression, your cheeks burning in embarrassment. “Just tell me what happened!” you whined, but he shook his head with a cocky smirk, “I don’t think I will,”
You groan and let yourself fall back onto the soft pillows which cradled your aching head.
“I’ve made you a drink, it's to help with your headache,” Zemo says, getting off from the bed, grabbing a drink from a tray, bringing it over to you. You kindly accept it, though your gaze flickers to his hand.
“How’s your hand?” you asked
“Is this some concern coming from you y/n?” Zemo asks, raising an eyebrow at you as he pulls a seat out beside you.
“Fine, if that’s how you act I won’t ask you anything in the future,” you grumble, trying to shift your body so your back was turned to him but all efforts resulted in your head hurting more till having to look at Zemo was better than the pain it inflicted on you.
He holds his hands up in surrender chuckling, “I’m sorry y/n, it’s just the other day you were refusing to even talk to me-”
“And today I’ve woken up to find you in a bedroom. It seems we have skipped a few steps in our relationship,”
He looks away, smiling slightly as if sad, “Yes, I suppose we have. My hand is okay, sore but it will be fine in a few days,” he looks back at you, his eyes burning into yours with sincerity, “Thank you for asking, y/n”
Suddenly feeling very self-conscious about the way Zemo was looking at you. Your eyes focus on the glass in your hand, gazing at it in the hope Zemo will grow bored and look away from you, but Zemo seems content observing you.
“So uh, where’s Sam and Bucky?” you ask,
“They’re gone,”
“... I’m sorry what?”
“They went back home. I’m afraid you’ve been knocked out for a while. During that time John Walker killed one of the flag smashers, in front of many people with a lot of cameras. You’ll be happy to hear that he is no longer Captain America,”
Zemo pauses for a second to see your reaction, but to his surprise, you didn’t show any. You sit there emotionless, your eyes glazed over in thought.
Swallowing, he continues, “The flag smashers ran so Sam and Bucky went their own way till they appeared again,”
You look at him confused, “And left us?”
“Well, at first they weren’t sure what to do with you. You weren’t waking up, and we were worried. James had another plan for me. I was supposed to go to the Raft but James let me escape last minute,”
“Why did he do that?”
“I said I would look after you,”
You snort, “And he believed that,”
Zemo’s lips curled into a slight smile, “No, they didn’t want to leave you with me but there weren’t many choices left. We weren’t sure when you would wake up and out of all of us I had the most resources to look after you,”
“It still makes little sense,” you mutter
Zemo reaches forward to grasp your hand in reassurance, “There isn’t a lot in the world at the moment that is making sense.”
When Zemo’s hand touches yours, it makes yours feel tingly, like it was foreign from you and the feeling slowly crept up your arm, making you shiver. You look up to Zemo, not speaking. He perplexed you. Yesterday you hated him and you had every reason to, yet he had been nothing but kind to you, trying his best to be friendly, to help you. Even stepping up to John Walker for you, hurting himself for you, and now he offered to look after you? You just didn’t get him.
You make a move to stand up but Zemo mutters ‘no, no, no’ and gently pushes on your shoulders to lie you back down.
“I’m afraid you are going to stay in bed for a little while just in case you are still concussed,”
“I said I would look after you and I plan to do that to the best of my capacity,”
You struck your hands on the bed in frustration, “Great, what the hell am I supposed to do then while I am stuck,”
Zemo’s eyes glance away from yours then back a cat-like smile gracing his lips, “We could find ways to stay entertained,”
You glare at him, not even wanting to dignify him with a verbal response.
“I’m joking, I’m joking,” Zemo says, jokingly putting his hands in the air. He turns away from his seat and walks towards one of the many bookshelves in his room. “Is there something you would like to read?” he asks
You pause for a moment thinking, “Just pick something for me,”
Hovering his fingers over a few books he finally settles on one, pulling it out from its place, and then he backs over to the chair, offering the book out to you but you shake your head.
“Could you perhaps... Perhaps read it out to me”
He tilts his head surprised then smiles, genuinely.
He opens the book, flicking through till he finds the page that he wants, “This one has always been a favourite of mine to read,”
You nod, settling into the comfortable cushions on the bed.
He reads out the title to you, “The nightingale and the rose,” it sounds familiar to you, in a long distant dream type of way.
Zemo spent the next few minutes reading. It was a short story, but impactful. The way he read it stirred emotions in you, his voice gave the story life. His voice felt like he could speak the very words he said into reality. As if rather than telling a story he was simply narrating what he saw before him. It captured you and pulled you into the imagery of the story.
“'What a silly thing Love is,' said the Student as he walked away. 'It is not half as useful as Logic, for it does not prove anything, and it is always telling one of things that are not going to happen, and making one believe things that are not true. In fact, it is quite unpractical, and, as in this age to be practical is everything, I shall go back to Philosophy and study Metaphysics.' So he returned to his room and pulled out a great dusty book, and began to read.”
Zemo reads to the last sentence then slowly closes the book as if he was shutting out a long life. Ready to let it end, but sad nonetheless.
You close your eyes, engraving the story into your mind. You can hear Zemo sigh before you, the silence of wanting to speak but not knowing what to say stretches out before you till he gathers his sense to speak.
“Do you think love is foolish like the student?”
It’s an earnest question, of innocent curiosity, but hidden underneath was a harder question. He was hiding it under a more easy-to-answer question so as not to startle you.
You swallow, collecting your thoughts together to answer. You have to pick out your words carefully, as if walking on eggshells you couldn’t make one wrong move.
“No. In the right place, at the right time, it isn’t but people give love too much power over their lives, like the nightingale. Love becomes foolish when you trade it over your sense for survival,”
“You speak as if you know from experience,”
Your eyes flicker to his, fearing he could sense the inner emotional intensity inside you, but as you look into his warm eyes, you could see the same emotions reflected in his.
You nod in understanding, “You can feel yourself relate to the nightingale, can’t you? After all, you did to the avengers because you lost your family,”
“I relate to both sides of the story. Love, after all, is a complicated thing,”
The next hours of your life tick away as if seconds on a clock. You and Zemo discuss the book in great detail and read over more that rested in the room. In these moments it was as if you were talking to an old friend with whom you shared fond memories of your youth, not a war criminal. Zemo was peculiar in how he made you feel that way.
Your discussion was interrupted though when his phone let out a loud chime.
“If you would excuse me y/n,” says softly, reaching his hand out to yours, squeezing it gently as he gets up and leaves you alone in your thoughts.
As he walks out of the room, he looks down at the phone and smirks,
“Sam: Once we have found out where you have kidnapped y/n you will never see the outside of the raft again,”
He places the phone back into his pocket, leaving Sam on seen and struts down the desolate hall of his secret mansion.
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zemo-my-beloved · 3 months ago
2 A.M. ((Zemo x reader One-shot))
Tumblr media
Description: How can you eat your cake and enjoy it? Well, Helmut Zemo will make sure of that at the late hours of the night. When everyone is asleep he brings you a late-night snack.
Warning(s): Talks of an age difference, other than that nothing but some fluff :)
Words: 988
It was a brilliant plan to be honest.
You wait on the couch patiently for the last ten minutes of Zemo leaving you. Sure you had Sam and Bucky on the other couch. But them being asleep meant you could talk about the movie that was loudly playing in front of you. Even in their sleep, they fought for the blanket they were under.
Suddenly hearing the familiar fiddle of the door and then hearing a clicking of unlocking it.
You stand with hesitant footsteps to make sure you don't wake the two men, them being cranky is one thing but them finding out what you were about to do was going to make them even more upset. How could you make Zemo go out at 2 a.m for a late-night snack of cake and not invite either of them to join in.
Yet here you are at the door trying to help Zemo with the door, opening it to see him with four cakes. Two stacked on either arm and all different flavors. The crinkle of the plastic was loud and you hush out to Zemo to stay quiet but he just chuckles at you being so worried that you would wake them up. They weren't going to wake till the morning.
He closes the door with his foot and walks over to the kitchen, where you follow right behind him. "I didn't know which one you were craving, so I go Vanilla, Chocolate, Velvet, and Strawberry." He lightly places the bottom cakes down and beside them the other two. Laying them out for display, well only for you to choose one. "The ones we don't finish I'll give to Sam and Bucky-" Zemo looks over to the couch to see them both passed out, but you cut him off. "No, we are going to eat them tonight and whatever we don't finish we hid so we can eat them later." You explain to him, which he nods to your plan.
"Let's get started." Your hand latches onto his shoulder and pulls the fabric towards the counter. You quickly hop on top of the counter, Zemo pulls on the Chocolate cake for his picking. He waits for your choice before he lifts the lid and starts to devour this cake. You were slightly hesitant on which one you choose but you just grab the one you found the best. Laying the case on your lap before opening it. Zemo does the same. He hands you a bigger fork and the two of you start eating the cake.
The two of you eat for a while before you found Zemo in-between your legs and the two of you sharing your cake as he got tired of Chocolate. It was these small moments with Zemo that you found yourself falling deeply in love with him. The kitchen dim light putting not the perfect romantic atmosphere, but it was enough for you at this time.
Taking a big bite of cake Zemo starts up a conversation, "I'm getting old." You almost choke at the shock of what he said. It was no secret that he was older than you and you didn't have any issues with that being the case. But for him it was a problem, he thought maybe you'd leave him for someone younger like yourself. But you always reassured him that you wouldn't do that to him. "What?" You question with a slight chuckle. He looks up at you, tilting his head, "Look - I need to cover my grey hairs." He tells you while gesturing towards his head. And from where you sit you can only see a few streaks of grey hair in all of his hair. "Oh stop it." You lightly smack his arm with your free hand, it was absurd for him to think he was getting so old with a few grey hairs.
"What? It makes me feel so much older." He takes another bite of cake. "Especially with you next to me." He explains further and that's when you realize that he was being serious about this. He truly thought this was a bad thing. "You are dramatic Helmut Zemo." You say while dropping your fork, looking at him straight in the eyes. He was paying much attention as you tell him, which he softly sighs. He didn't exactly like being older than you, it did make it strange from an outsider's perspective. But even with someone not in this relationship, Sam and Bucky didn't care much about the age gap, so why did Zemo care so much.
You had to get his mind off of this negative and into a positive, the best way to do so is to compliment him and make him forget about this whole conversation. "It makes you look hotter." You speak honestly in a low tone, which only draws Zemo closer to you. The cake was the only thing separating you two. "Really?" He whispers while getting closer to you, which you also lean into. "Definitely." You lay your lips on him for a loving kiss. You could feel the smirk on his lips before pulling away.
"I can't believe they actually bought four cakes in the middle of the night." Bucky speaks while looking down at the two of you. Later on, in the evening you and Zemo went on the couch to finish the cakes but fell asleep in each other embrace and with cake beside them. There was no hiding it anymore. "Let's eat one before they wake up?" Sam says while rushing to the kitchen where Bucky follows quickly.
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spilledkauffie · 3 months ago
I’m sorry this took me so long!! 
Tumblr media
For starters, he loves it— he’s not the most verbal about it, because he wants you to be comfortable with whatever, so while he’ll start it towards you, he doesn’t ask for it in return, hence having an affectionate s/o is perfect, you both get a great amount of affectionate attention from the other. It’s also cute because sometimes you’ll both be going in for an affectionate touch / gesture at the exact same time, which just makes him flustered saying, “apologies,” softly, becoming slightly bashful. 
Holding hands while driving— you typically take his hand in both of yours, lacing your fingers together, one underneath and the other stroking fingertips on top of his knuckles. You set your intertwined hands on top of your thigh.
↳ if it’s one of the older cars with a bench seat, you always sit in the middle, sometimes leaning your head against his shoulder on long trips. He’ll also tend to have an arm around you when you’re sitting so close, that’s when you’ll relaxedly lace your fingers, letting your hands drape over the front of your shoulder, sometimes you place little kisses against the inside of his wrist to make him smile, usually responding with a kiss to you head.
Arm in arm— it’s classy, he always offers his arm to you at fancy occasions, but you have a habit of it in general. When you’re walking, even if he has his hand in his pocket, you just hook your arm around his. If he’s sitting nearby, you’ll do the same, snuggling up to his arm, using his shoulder or bicep like a pillow with your arm hooked comfortably around his, sometimes you stroke the inside of his forearm.
Pressing foreheads together— when he holds you after a hug, you have a habit of pushing up just a little bit to press your forehead against his, on occasion you kiss the tip of his nose whilst doing this, making him actually chuckle. 
Learning his native language— there’s more to affection than touch. It’s been a long time since he’s been around someone or people who speak his language. So, learning his language means literally the world to him. / you surprise him with it once you’ve fully learned it so you can hold full conversations. It’s something that brings you closer than you ever thought it would. He actually nearly cried when you walked in, starting a conversation. He immediately stared at you, confused. You tried to play it cool, but it was a little hard when he responded a little difficultly to see if you understood him. When you nodded and answered, you could literally see his chest sink as he exhaled jaw slightly dropping.
Making tea— (aka when he doesn’t beat you to it) you make him his favourite tea. You always do it without him asking so it’s a surprise for him. Having been on his own for a while now, it’s a sweet gesture to remind him that you’re there for him in a lot of ways, big things, everyday things, small things, and most importantly anything. He’s always shocked, and claims that “you do make it better.” / Laughing, you take a sip, “I think you’re a bit bias,” you playfully squint your eyes. / “Oh no, I don’t care how cute you are, this is the best cherry blossom tea I have ever had,” he insists, “…but that’s probably because you’re so cute,” he winks.
Kissing his hand— raising your hands linked together to your lips to kiss his knuckles softly. You rest your cheek against his hand whilst you listen to him talk, leaning into his touch, softly stroking his hand with yours, before you tilt your head to actually kiss his hand.
Dancing— oh yes, you can both break it down. However, sometimes you’ll pull him close and just sway to some classic orchestra for a while, you hum along closing your eyes, holding him, you find out he knows a few traditional dance styles. You love it because when you ask him to teach you, you can see him happy to guide you, it’s intimate and sweet. When you mess up, you laugh at yourself saying “sorry,” with a wince for almost stepping on his feet, “no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he says happy to just be dancing with you.
After he’s had a long day, you subtly start to play footsie with him— at the dinner table, you can tell it’s been a long day when he’s quiet. Of course he tries “let’s talk about your day,” to get the topic off of him. So, to cheer him up, you begin casually explaining how your day went whilst slipping the side of your foot against his ankle in small circles. It flusters him for a moment, literally makes him put his fork down. It’s really cute because he’s trying so hard to listen to you genuinely, but he’s also super curious about what you’re playing at. 
↳ sometimes he catches on and will reach a hand to grab your ankle from underneath, setting it on top of his thigh, just to see your reaction, when he softly strokes a pattern against the back of your heel is when you start giggling, which makes him smile, so mission accomplished at cheering him up.
Kisses for comfort— bringing him a glass of his favourite alcohol, you hand it to him, other hand subtly combing the back of his hair, with an exhausted “thank you,” he takes the glass. You dip down to place a lingering kiss to his cheek, it confuses him at first, but then he smirks, “what ever was that for?” You smile softly, placing another one, this time on his lips, “just because.”
Surprises, in general— he’s not easy to surprise to begin with, he catches on very fast and from very little clues. He’s also typically the one surprising you with things, so when you actually manage to pull off a surprise it’s a pretty big deal. One of the best had to be when you bribed Oeznik to keep it a secret as to where you were taking Zemo on the jet. “You’re controlling my men now?” Zemo asked as you drug him by the hand up the plane stairs but you just smiled, “Oeznik, where are we going?” no answer, just a chuckle, “is anyone listening to me?” / needless to say he asked questions the entire time.
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zemosimp05 · 14 days ago
Zemo x Reader | SMUT |Minors DNI | A/B/O headcanons | tfatws plot
Dedicated to @kiwi-the-first because they made me feral about it😫😮‍💨
An: this is the first time I’m writing smut so please bear with the crap writing… it’s a Drabble smut not that descriptive.🙃reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
The first thing Zemo felt when he walked in that basement was your sweet scent. Ahh how nice to find a unmarked unmated sweet little Omega after almost 7 years of isolation.
Your wolf literally screamed inside you when your eyes met with this man. Alpha… your wolf purred softly seeing the man standing in that damn prison guard suit. You just scoffed yourself mentally looking away.
You were not in heat, at least not yet. The medicines had always helped you to hide your scents around alphas and also helped in your heat. Because of them you never went feral in your heat so there was never a alpha needed to clam you down. Perhaps your wolf never find the perfect alpha so she could act all that needy in heat but now seeing him she’s just awestruck already.
You knew you gonna fuck things up if you stay near to this man. His scent was strong, alluring, intimidating. The way you felt his intense gaze at you , observing every single detail of you made you shiver. Every instinct inside Zemo was telling him not to just mark you claim you then and there.
While Sam and Bucky was arguing over Zemo , you stood there awkwardly in silence looking anywhere but at Zemo. You didn’t even noticed when he took few steps towards you.
“Name…?” His voice startled you from your thoughts and you looked up to the man. So beautiful.
“Huh?” That’s all you could utter.
“I asked your name Omega…” he asked with a soft tone and your eyes widened. He already knew you’re an omega but how? The medicines weren’t working?
“Y/N…Y/N Y/L/N…” you mumbled looking away shyly. Fuck where’s your confidence about being the sassy agent has gone now? You’re practically fumbling with your words.
“Y/N…sweet…” Zemo repeated your name and your wolf literally purred inside again. Fuck , was this really happens when a omega goes feral? This desperate…
And one thing lead to other things and now you just had become a whimpering mess in heat. You refused to go the party with three of them. You knew you’re body was acting all different, the pre heat symptoms were showing. You couldn’t even find the medicines in you bag and you screamed frustratedly. There’s no way you would survive without the medicines.
You whimpered again as your body was heating up. A shower probably would help maybe touching yourself too but when nothing helped you practically started to cry because of it. You made yourself a small nest with the pillows in the bed and tuck yourself undercover , trying your best to compose yourself.
It was late at night when they arrived back. And your senses immediately highlighted. Alpha Zemo… he’s here… your wolf could feel his presence immediately. Zemo knew something was wrong , he could sense it. So he excused himself for the night walking upstairs. As he crossed your room via corridor he heard a faint crying from inside . Were you crying?
“Y/N? You okay?” He knocked softly but when there was no answer he pushed the door open and immediately your scent kind of knocked him back a couple of steps. You’re in your heat.
“Omega..?” Zemo asked shaking his head lil bit as your scent was driving him mad. He noticed the piles of pillows and the then you under the covers , whimpering softly, shaking basically.
“Alpha…it’s hurts…” you said mewling softly, picking you head out from the cover. All your restraining powers were gone and all you needed was Zemo to fuck this heat out of you. He was smelling so delicious.
“Oh you poor thing…” Zemo cooed softly seeing you in a complete mess. He removed his coat then carefully removed some pillows not to startle you much. He was controlling his Alpha instincts from just going in rut and take you then and there. He had to be gentle with a unmated omega.
“Omega…will you let me help you?” He asked with so much concern. A part of him still wasn’t sure so he needed your consent. He’s older than you. You probably deserve a alpha of your own age.
“Please…alpha…need you…” you begged reaching for him so he happily cuddled you in his strong arms. Of course you’re naked and you didn’t gave a fuck about that in that moment. You whimpered softly against him burring you nose in the crook of his neck hugging him tightly. God his scent was driving you crazy.
“Shh…I’m here…liebling…” he kissed the exposed skin of neck inhaling you scent deeply , making you gasp. You’re desperate. You tugged at his purple turtleneck as you needed him more closer. He pulled away before removing his shirt. The moment it was gone you just smashed your lips with him , practically moaning in bliss.
The kiss was rough yet so passionate. Zemo’s hands were groping you everywhere possible as his alpha instincts were taking over him.
“Omega…you sure about this.. because if I go in rut I don’t know if I can control myself then…I don’t wanna break you little one…” he said kissing you. Your mind was clouded with lust already. Never in your life you have craved anyone like this before.
“Please alpha…take me…break me…mark me …I’m all yours…” you whimpered grinding your hips on his hard now. And that was it for Zemo to snap. His eyes going dark with lust and he literally growled towards you. He grabbed your neck pulling you in a rougher kiss making you literally melt in his arms.
“You gonna be a good omega for me yeah…?” he smirked against your lips guiding your hips more roughly over his hard. You just moaned in response.
“Words Kätzchen” he growled before guiding his fingers to you heat making you yelp suddenly.
“Yes yes please….I’ll be good…please…” you moaned riding his fingers this time.
“Look at you….so desperate…and wet…fucking yourself on my fingers…god I’m gonna destroy you liebe…” he chuckled softly butting on your lowers lip.
“Does it feel good …yeah??” He growled lowly in your ears placing kisses along with you jaw, occasionally nibbling at the soft flesh, adding another digit.
“So good -fuck…” you nails dig in his shoulder maintaining your balance on him. The pleasure was getting way too much.
“Alpha…” you whimpered nuzzling you head in the crook of his neck biting him softly to muffle your screams. Zemo other hand hold you close and the other continued his blissful torture.
“Gwad .. you so fucking tight ‘mega….can feel you clenching around my fingers…yeah you gonna cum for me sweetheart…? …” Zemo chuckled darkly pulling your hair so you can look at him. Your eyes got teary , head dizzy with pleasure just by this.
“Beg for it …” he growled lowly.
“ please please please alpha…oh-”
“That’s it…cum for me little one…” it was a command that your body immediately obeyed. His lips crashed with you in a sheering kiss to muffle your screaming for the intense orgasm. You felt like the world just exploded around you in pleasure.
“So…good…you did so well little one….” He started praise you as you came down from you high panting, gasping in his arms.
“Will you let me mark you up … claim you as mine draga…?” He asked kissing you. How was the man still was so composed around you. You’re really expecting him to jump on you and fuck the shit out of you. But he’s so gentle with you was it because you’re unmated? You wolf purred inside you. Mate mate mate….need him..
“Want you…” you purred softly smiling at him with lust grinding your hips again. So ready to take him. You heard a low growl from Zemo and before you could think about anything else he flipped you over on the bed , getting on top of you before smashing his lips in a desperate kiss.
Oh yeap this gonna be a long night. And you won’t even be surprise if you couldn’t walk straight for few days after this.
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hiraeth-maximoff · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff
You brought your face closer to one of the Van Gogh paintings that were exhibited in the mansion, they were all truly exceptional works, it reminded you of when you were younger and used to paint, although of course, you abandoned that dream when you became an agent.
- It's wonderful, isn't it? - You looked at Zemo next to you, he was a man who was too educated and really smart.
You answered '' yes'' in a whisper before look at the painting again.
In the short time that you had been spending with Zemo you discovered he had something that made you feel nervous.
Zemo stopped looking at the painting and looked at you
- Do you want it? - you looked at him with a funny smile while crossing your arms
- are you trying to become my sugar daddy or ..
- I'd never try to persuade you with material things to sleep with me, (y / n) - he assured with a smile of self-sufficiency, of course he would not have to pay you to sleep with him, you would do it for free, 'cuz anyone would do it, would not ?
- great, 'cause I'd never sleep with you - you lied, Zemo laughed getting closer to you
Sam and Bucky were gone, only you and Zemo were among a huge crowd, it seemed that he read your mind because in a matter of seconds Zemo pushed you against the wall and kissed you, his lips colliding with yours was a magnificent sensation, you gasped when you felt his tongue enter your mouth while Zemo pressed you against the erection that began to form between his pants, you moved away from him with a smile, you gasped when you saw him with his lips turns red
- okay, we have to get a room - you said with a mischievous smile before Zemo returned to kiss you with more desire.
You were going to have the best night of your life and you were also going to get a painting valued at millions of dollars, you were a lucky girl.
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spilledkauffie · 3 months ago
SFW (Fluff) Alphabet · Zemo
List made by @caitlinpotter || Sorry I’ve been so absent this week; I promise I have content for the weekend!
*xFemale!Reader || NSFW Alphabet ❤︎
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
Quite affectionate— he loves giving you affection, and it’s all across the board with him. It can be from soft sweet touches to actual affectionate actions done for you.
Full HC list on this soon! ✧
B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend?)
Literally the best— for starters he’s super loyal, because if you’re truly friends with him he’s not giving up on you easily. Your friendship wasn’t exactly easy to get to, mostly thanks to his profession, but once you’re in, you’re in. 
100% defensive of you— anyone tries to come at you in any negative way, he’s got a comeback to absolutely destroy them. Also, having someone of his reputation around can be beneficial for when you want to be left alone, as he seems to intimidate people a little bit.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
When you cuddle him— he loves it when you just come over without saying a word and cuddle up next to him, he doesn’t ask questions he just lets you get as close and be as cute as you want. Sometimes he has to chuckle at just how physically needy you are, like absolutely burying your face against his back, nuzzling softly, with your arms around him in an attempt to get his attention / also loves waking up to you cuddled right up against him.
When he cuddles you— he can just tell when you need it, so often times he reaches out for your hands with a “come on, come here,” naturally, you give in, he pulls you into a hug, slightly rocking you back and forth. It’s a lot of soft touches and feathery kisses.
↳ if you’re lying on your stomach, he’ll lie down with you. Resting his head on the small of your back, brushing his fingers across or down your back, sometimes he places soft kisses against your skin, which always gets your attention. You either: 1). turn on to your side, he hooks and arm between you legs and uses your thigh as a pillow. 2). you lay on your back, letting him rest against your stomach, gradually he makes his way up to give the corner of your lips a kiss.
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they around the house?)
For sure— it’s not long before you’re practically living with him. Now that you’re in his life, he wants you around for everyday life; what is his very soon becomes yours. You picked up on it when he started to suggest “why don’t you stay here... tonight? And maybe tomorrow?” more often.
Around the house— he’s quite casual. You never feel expected to get up at a certain hour (regardless that he gets up early), you’re never expected to be downstairs and dressed immediately, it’s more of a calm atmosphere that lets you wake up. You don’t constantly have to be around each other, he knows space is important. Sometimes it’s just doing your own things in the same room in silence together. Despite the status of Baron, he behaves like your average individual around the house, he likes to do things himself.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
It’s actually really hard for him— it’d have to be in person though, as hard as it would be. For starters it would take a lot for him to actually call it over, he’s extremely patient and an expert at working things out with you, because he truly doesn’t want to it end.
↳ a most likely situation for ending it would be that he can’t guarantee your safety due to whatever he’s getting himself into, and he’d rather make the call to let you go than to have no choice in truly losing you because of his own dangerous choices. 
He’d leave it open though— sitting across from him, you stay quiet after both coming to the conclusion that it’s over. However, he leaves you with: “if you ever need anything, in any way. . .” you nod, a few tears falling as you stay silent, staring forward. Coming over to you, he softly wipes a tear away, kissing your temple, whispering, “I’m sorry,” before walking away.
F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)
He’s definitely committed in the relationship— ring or no ring, if you’re in a relationship with him he’s all in, not the type of person to just have a fling here and there. It’s total dedication to you, and you only. 
Considering he’s done it once before—there’s a lot of past memories surrounding the topic of marriage for him, which is why there’s probably going to be a good amount of time together before any proposal. He just wants to be sure, plus there needs to be time to talk everything out before rushing into anything. 
↳ when the time does come though, it’s a mad romantic, but personal proposal, with the most gorgeous ring in the world.
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
Physically— he’s super soft with you. He never wants to startle you, it’s always what you’re comfortable with. Touches are more than just flirtatious with him, they can be comforting, encouraging, supporting, etc. (He also knows what you’re not comfortable with as well so he can avoid it)
Emotionally— it’s a little more complicated. With your emotions he’s super gentle and understanding, always. He listens to anything and everything you say or just need to vent. He doesn’t interrupt and only gives his thoughts when you ask for them. He never intends to hurt you feeling either, he’s very careful. However, with his own emotions however, he’s a little harsher. He doesn’t really like to show any of the more complicated emotions. And doesn’t always give himself much grace for feeling certain ways, he tends to repress.
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? What are their hugs like?)
Only from you— he doesn’t really like other people getting friendly, unless he really really knows them, even then it’s different. He doesn’t get physical with other people unless it’s a “move— you’re in my way,” situation, but that doesn’t count as friendly.
Extremely handsy— he love to bring his arms around you, so he can completely hold you whilst hugging you. Whether it’s around your waist, shoulders, hips, etc., just depends how the hug is done. He also tends to stroke his hands when hugging you, up and down your arms, back, sides, thighs, wherever.
↳ he likes to nuzzle against your neck, during front or back hugs, with the bridge of his nose, or his lips. He also gives tender kisses while he has you so close. Not kisses with other intentions, just sweet loving kisses that make you smile. Sometimes he brings his hand under your jaw, to tilt your head just enough so he can kiss your lips.
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)
It takes time, but it’s not forever— when he knows he will tell you with no hesitation. He doesn’t debate telling you or worry about it being too bold, nope, he means it when he says it and he says it when he means it.
He also says it in different ways— it’s not always “those three words,” through his gestures and other phrases you hear I love you a lot.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
Not if it’s someone you’ve known before him— he’s not intimidated by pervious friendships that predate your relationship. 
When people flirt with you knowing he’s with you— he gets real jealous, real fast. Given that fancy occasions are kind of a routine thing, you’re around a lot of other people who want to flirt with you, and often do pretty openly. It’s rare that Zemo ever leaves your side, which helps, but that doesn’t stop people from trying, which he hates. Typically he just tries to keep you physically near, so he can be there to prevent it.
↳ one time he left to get you a drink and an old rival of his found you. Trying to be polite you remained in conversation, feeling fine until he caressed your shoulder. Almost immediately Zemo was back at your side. Handing you your drink civilly, with a “here you are, Darling,” he then glared at the man standing across from you. Not so subtly, Zemo slipped his arm around you, literally pushing off the unwanted hand and replacing it with his own. You leaned into him more, attempting to make a point, as Zemo continued giving a half smile half glare.
He doesn’t do much about it in aftermath— he’ll calmly admit to you that he was jealous, but he also gets you with “I understand why people want to talk, flirt, and be with you,” he shrugs, “you’re beautiful, they’d have to be blind not to see that, but yes,” he tilts his head, “but. . . I have to admit, there’s part of me that wants that only to myself, of course.” It makes you smile how calm he tries to keep himself, despite the frustration. It’s usually you who actually does anything after these type of conversations though.
K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
Lightly running fingers up your neck— when he’s kissing you, he traces his fingers slowly up the side of your neck, until he reaches your jaw, there he strokes his thumb across your jawline.
Holding your hand— sometimes when you’re flirting with him, you like to get as close as possible without touching, he knows the game and subtly slips his fingers between yours, then he goes in for the kiss. He can feel your smile and your hands hold his tighter as you give in.
Hand kisses— he gives these whenever, wherever, and however often he can. It’s a cute way of showing affection in a very classy way. He uses them as hello / goodbye greetings, although typically you require more than a kiss on the hand for saying goodbye.
Soft, but turns into more— it starts out as a super sweet gentle kiss, but slowly you can feel it deepen, to which you usually break the kiss with a smile, “Helmut,” you laugh, holding onto his arms around you, as he moves his mouth to your neck, “I don’t have time for this,” you try to stop giggling.
As for himself— he loves the taste of you lips, so every time you kiss him, he adores it. However, there is a sweet spot at the base of his neck, that when you kiss there makes him stop mid sentence.
L = Little ones (How are they around children?)
Fantastic— he’s actually perfect with kids. Maybe it’s past experience that plays into it, but he’s so sweet with kids. When they accidentally run into him, he gives a “be careful, little one,” before stepping out of their way. Something you’ve noticed is that he talks to them like they’re little adults, which is adorable.
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
Staying in bed— one way or another one of you convinces the other to stay in bed. Sometimes it’s him asking you to stay just a little bit longer, when you can’t, he understands and watches you get dressed, asking what your day looks like. / Other times it’s you compelling him that it’d be more fun to stay and cuddle with you.
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)
Relaxing— it’s a calm, safe, and warm environment when you can both just relax from the day in each other’s arms. Sometimes you’ll lean back against him and ask what he’s reading, when he says Machiavelli, you smile and get cozy, “perfect, that sends me right off,” you close your eyes as he begins to read aloud.
O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
He’s not an open book— there’s a lot of history with him, some good, but also some bad. Even before the whole campaign to end Super Soldiers, he has a bit of a shady past, with his own military exploits. Some he’s made amends with, others he hasn’t.
Depends how much you already know— if you already know a good amount about him, 1). he’ll ask to even the playing field, so he can know you equally as well 2). he doesn’t mind you asking questions since you’re already aware of his general history.
Surface level stuff— interests, fascinations, favourite this-or-thats, he’s pretty open about though! He doesn’t mind sharing or talking about any of the casual topics about himself, it’s just the more personal stuff that takes time.
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)
He’s extremely patient— The only way you would know is by a facial expression. His looks give him away more than his words or attitude does.  
↳ if you’re not getting along, he’s the first to apologise, and it’s not an “I’m sorry” end of conversation apology. It’s a well thought out apology, because you don’t argue about the little stuff, it’d have to be something big to get you at odds for a while.
Silently frustrated— even if he gets mad, he keeps his cool in circumstances. Never raises his voice, his tone just gets a little deeper.
Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
He remembers everything— seriously, he does not forget anything. You’re his number one priority, so of course he pays attention. Even if there’s something you just mention at random, he’ll remember it. Say you mention how you used to have/like/want something, there’s a good chance it’s showing up again.
He also asks— he’s genuinely curious about you and wants to know as much as he can about the person he’s in love with. So, he loves childhood stories, random details, and little quirks about you.
R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
The moment you said those three words— when you know everything about him, his past, his lifestyle, and you still decided to say I love you. And you still standing by it even though it meant waiting for him.
He also loves remembering the first time he saw you— he says he could never forget it, it was like a divine beauty just walked in.
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you?)
Veryyy— he’s extremely protective of you, but not overbearing, he’s good a being distantly or subtly protective. In other words in public / at events / new places he keeps an eye on you, even if it’s from a distance.
He will literally do anything— there’s no limit with how far he’d go to protect you from anything or anyone, even if he knows he’s outmatched, he’ll find a way.
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
Dates— he puts a lot of effort into them, mainly trying to make it a perfect yet comfortable setting. So if you like quiet restaurants, that’s what he’ll find. If you like outdoors, he’ll find a stunning walkthrough garden, etc.
Celebrations— it’s always extravagant and grand and beautiful whenever you’re celebrating anything with him. He wants you to feel like the royalty he believes you are.
U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
How easy criminal life is for him lol— you love the fact that he surprised you with a real classic art piece for your birthday, but the exact details on how he got it isn’t as pretty. You frequently ask if there’s any other way he could make a living.
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)
He’s not vain— despite the fancy and classy lifestyle, he’s never thought himself as an individual of great beauty. He likes beautiful things, which is why he says he was so attracted to you, but personally he doesn’t think much of himself.
He cares though— it’s not like he doesn’t care whatsoever, which is why he’ll usually ask you “what do you think of this?” in regards to fashion. He wants to look nice for you, and he knows how to do that. But he’s not the guy to check himself in the mirror, or constantly fret about his looks.
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)
He doesn’t need a relationship— but that’s what makes your so special. Since he’s not the type to just constantly need someone to feel complete, the fact that he does need you make you and your relationship all the more important to him.
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habits of theirs?)
He can crash literally anywhere— you’ve found him on the couch, on the floor, in a chair, and you have no idea why it’s a habit of his, but it is! And you have definitely addressed him about it before.
↳ walking in to his study, you found him asleep on the floor between the couch and coffee table, shaking your head and crouching down, you woke him up. Looking up to you, you asked, “Helmut, why are you sleeping on the floor?” / “Hmm- wh- I’m not on the floor, you’re on the floor,” he states sitting up, brining you into a hug with him.
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zemosimp05 · 2 months ago
Bucky: You know you're a BIG softie.
Zemo: How dare you say such a disrespectful thing. I am evil. I brain washed you once, SINGLE HANDEDLY TORE AVENGERS apart... BLOW up the UN -
*Y/N sleepily walking in, just in one of Zemo's shirt*
Y/N : Morning helmut. Morning buck.
Zemo: Good morning my engel. Did my lil treasure slept well? Should I make you some cherry blossom tea, may be some breakfast?
Y/N somehow snuggling in Zemo's arm mumbling a soft 'mmh', Zemo hugging back immediately.
*Zemo then turns back to Bucky*
Zemo: As I was saying James....
Bucky: 🙄🙄😑😑
Tumblr media
Sooooooooooooooooft🥺 I'm loosing my mind ajahwywhwnwuqbvegdgsjalalagskslwiehsbam🥺 part 11
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hiraeth-maximoff · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff
Zemo held you by the waist preventing you from falling due to the lack of reasoning that was in you, you were feeling lighter and you thought you knew the answer
"Someone put something in my drink" you whispered in his ear feeling the arms of the baron surround you protectively and gently
"I'll take you to a quieter place, do you agree?" You smiled with tenderness, Zemo was a true gentleman and maybe it was due to lack of reasoning but you liked being around him
"yes please" you asked without hesitation, the next thing that happened that Zemo pulled you out of the crowd and led you to the first empty room he found, when he closed the door you let out a grateful sigh that the room was soundproof
"You must lie down, the effect will pass in a few hours, but I'm afraid the symptoms will not be pleasant" Zemo murmured helping you to sit on the huge bed, your vision began to blur, you held his hand
"will you stay, right?" you asked, slurring your words, the baron who was sitting next to you looked at you
"Of course, I'll stay y / n" You smiled
"I like your accent and your kindness, Zemo" you confessed as you settled into bed, Zemo widened his eyes in surprise at your confession "I think I like you, Zemo" you paused before adding "but don't tell Sam or Bucky" you asked starting to feel how little by little your eyes began to close
Zemo stroked your hair and then your face, he was smiling from ear to ear "don't worry mein Schatz, this will be our secret"
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baronesszemo · 3 months ago
I'll be here to hold your hand (Helmut Zemo/Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Zemo takes you to the Sokovian memorial.
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, fluff, Zemo cries a lot.
A/N: This is the first ever fic I’ve written for Zemo, Marvel, and Character/Reader, so please bear with me. This is essentially just what I thought about when I watched the scene with Zemo at the memorial in the latest episode, but this is set at an unspecified later date. Hope you enjoy!
Word Count: 711
AO3 link
You shoved your hands into the pockets of your jacket, not used to the Sokovian cold, and followed Helmut as he walked. The trip from where he’d landed his private jet hadn’t been very long, but it felt like an eternity since it had been conducted entirely in silence. You didn’t like it, but you weren’t going to push him to make conversation. This wasn’t going to be easy for him.
Finally, you stopped in your tracks before a large stone monument, on which was carved the faces of some people and some words in Sokovian you couldn’t decipher -- Helmut had been teaching you how to speak his native language with some great success, but you weren’t at skilled when it came to reading and writing.
Once you’d cast your eyes over the monument, your attention turned to Helmut. He was staring at the memorial like he was staring into space, but you knew better. He was thinking about the past, about his father, his wife, and his sweet little son -- the family that had been torn away from him and caused him to do many, many awful things. He told you often that he hadn’t felt like he had anything to live for anymore before he’d met you, making you cry almost every time. But though you’d brought light back into his life, you couldn’t entirely take away the pain that the loss of his family had caused him. You never stopped trying, regardless.
For a few moments, everything was silent -- even the wind didn’t seem to be blowing -- until you heard a strange noise coming from Helmut, sounding like he’d been punched in the stomach. It was a sound that you’d heard before, usually in the middle of the night when Helmut woke up from one of his occasional nightmares. You noticed his legs begin to give out from under him, and you immediately rushed to him, wrapping your arms around his waist to hold him against you.
“Everything’s alright, Helmut, I’m here,” you whispered, bringing a hand up to stroke his hair softly, something that always managed to calm him down. He buried his face into the collar of your jacket, and you could feel his body shaking slightly with his nearly silent sobs. “I’ve got you...”
“I wasn’t there,” Helmut told you, his voice quiet and strained, struggling to get the words out through his tears. He paused to take a few deep breaths before speaking again, “I failed them, Y/N, I wasn’t there when they needed me...”
He shifted slightly so he could look up at you, his deep brown eyes wide and filled with tears. Seeing him look like that broke your heart, and you nearly burst into tears as well, but you forced your sadness down. You wanted to be strong for him, like he’d been for you on so many other occasions.
“What... what if I fail you too?” He asks, and you hold him even tighter, squeezing your eyes shut to keep the tears inside. Hearing the usually confident Helmut sound so broken and vulnerable was like a dagger in your heart. “If anything ever happened to you, I wouldn’t be able to--”
“Helmut, you didn’t fail them, there was nothing you could have done.” You moved a hand up to touch his cheek, wiping away the falling tears gently with your thumb. “And you won’t fail me, either, okay? You don’t have to worry. We’ll both take care of each other.”
Helmut stared at you for a moment, tilting his head to the side ever so slightly like he always did, searching your face for anything that indicated you doubted what you had said. He didn’t find anything.
You leaned in to place a feather light kiss on his cheek, and heard him exhale a contented sigh. “I love you so much, Helmut.”
“I love you too.” Helmut took both of your hands in his, holding them like you were the most precious thing in the world. “What did I ever do to deserve you, meine Schatz?”
“You’re just lucky, I suppose.” You give him a soft little smile, aiming to lighten his mood after all of that emotional exertion.
“Oh, I know I am, Y/N.”
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