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Ok so I’ve never played Mystic Messenger before. I finished Yoosung’s route, I’m on Zen’s right now.

And I don’t see what’s so bad about Echo Girl?

She seems like the annoying little kid that would have a crush on your boyfriend, but overall harmless. Like yeah I’m jealous of her and mad she made a move, but I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much?

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I’M going back to work! YAY!! it literally helps my mental health so much to have something to do during the day so I’m so glad i get to go back! plus the paycheck wont hurt either. anyway that does mean i wont have as much time to write. i want to keep doing this though because i really enjoy getting my work out there. 

oh also master list 


-        he loves when you hold onto him but he’s not a fan of the little spoon position

-        if you hug onto him like that he absolutely spins to face you

-        he wants to hold you too after all he’s never been one to passively let things happen

-        he wants an active role in the cuddling

-        because of this most of the time you two don’t spoon at all but end up holding each other in mutual cuddles

-        so it is that your big spoon time is regulated to those rare occasions when he is sick and has no energy to put into cuddling you back

-        in these moment you revel in holding him close like that and he enjoys that you never leave his side

-        it helps that when he is sick he lets go of the need to be in control all the time and you really like that he trusts you enough to let you be the person in control during these moments


-        this boy will take all the cuddles he can get

-        big spoon little spoon he doesn’t care he’s just happy to be close to you

-        he will admit though he really likes when you nuzzle your face into his neck from behind

-        and when you run your hand up and down his chest absently while you get comfortable as the big spoon

-        the only problem is that your chest presses against his back and it can be difficult to ignore

-        there are upsides to him being the big spoon too though. It makes him feel very manly, like he’s protecting you

-        also he loves to bury his face in your hair. Its soft and smells so good especially after you’ve just washed it

-        but then he gets really nervous because what if you feel him against you

-        either he feels you against him or you feel him against you there is no escape for this poor embarrassed boy


-        it’s not that he dislikes being the little spoon per se it’s just the little spoon usually gets trapped under the big spoons arms and he is not a fan of feeling trapped

-        still it’s okay as long as you don’t have a death grip (like he does)

-        but he definitely prefers being the big spoon he likes holding you tight (and once he falls asleep his vice grip holds you there all night there is no way for you to escape)

-        also it’s the perfect position to tease you, a few nips to your neck some saucy whispering in the ear and you turn to putty in his hands

-        the main problem (if you can call it that) is the fact that you can also tease him with a simple grind of your hips.

-        Still many nights’ end with him as the big spoon you using his arm as a pillow while he keeps you locked against him with his other arm


-        Big spoon all the way no doubt. You aren’t sure if this is because he wants to “protect his princess” or because of one of his (sometimes warped) ideas about masculinity

-        Somehow it always turns into sex, did you grind on you or did you grind on him, the world may never know

-        The arm around you is in your shirt and on your breasts

-        He does it unconsciously if you two sleep like this, legit he isn’t even doing it on purpose and it drives you crazy

-        It just doesn’t work as a sleeping position for y’all okay there’s too much temptation for both of you

-        So what usually happens is you go to bed with every intention of sleeping. You start spooning and spend an inordinate amount of time NOT sleeping. Then you fall asleep with him on his back and your head against his chest instead.


-        She likes being the little spoon. She isn’t used to being held or taken care of so she really enjoys it when it happens

-        She absolutely holds your hand to her face in her sleep. You enjoy her soft even breath against your skin

-        She has a vice grip on your arm so if you want to leave you may have to consider amputation (Judo has this girl STRONG)

-        She won’t admit it but she enjoys the feel of your chest pressed against her back and your legs tangled with hers

-        When she grows out her hair she worries it’ll get in your face and bother you. She wonders aloud if she should cut it again and you rush to assure her its fine.

-        Honestly when you two are cuddled like this you sometimes wonder if you need such a big bed. You two are both pretty small and even sprawled out you have a little extra room but curled around each other like this you only occupy a quarter of the bed


-        HOLD 👏 THIS 👏 BOY 👏 Seriously hold him wrap him up in your arms he needs to much love.

-        he likes being the little spoon. But tell anyone and your dead.

-        He hides his face in pillows or blankets but you can see his ears turn pink and feel his pulse rise

-        He calls cuddling stupid but he never fights it and when you go to bed without cuddling him you always wake up to cuddles

-        It isn’t that he hates the big spoon position. He just, he hasn’t been held much in his life so he drinks it in like man parched in the desert.

-        It’s nice that he can wake up from nightmares and be instantly grounded by your arms around him

-        He counts your breath using it to calm him down and holds your hand like a talisman all the while you sleep undisturbed. A calm constant warmth pressed against him. You have no idea how many times you’ve saved him like this

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Got in 10 miles, before 8 pm, 7 minute pace, 6 feet apart… I’m losing track of what isolation, social distance, quarantine, curfew I’m supposed to follow these days… Many others seemed to have the same idea tonight, trying to beat the curfew get in some activity, ran into a few runner friends on the way to and in the park. It’s daylight again.

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As Kashmiris, more than seeing your pain, we understand it. We feel it with you. We stand with you We support you, and we will do our best to improve and educate ourselves more every day and fix what is broken!

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