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thedailyzen · 9 hours ago
Life is precious. Slow down enough to appreciate it.
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lazyyogi · a day ago
Talking about spirituality with people who have not had stream-entry is like talking to virgins about sex. They can try to imagine what you're talking about but until they get laid, they have no fucking clue.
Before stream-entry, spirituality is only a collection of perspectives and unique experiences. After stream-entry, a fundamental crack has been opened in the fabric of your dream. You are never again the same.
And similar to getting laid, everything is a lot more intuitive after stream-entry. You can appreciate, for example, two seemingly contradictory spiritual teachings while receiving the truth conveyed by both. Having tasted the truth that is not words, words no longer get in the way of truth.
So, what actually is stream-entry?
Contemplate the following metaphor:
You've been binge playing a video game as a character for an unknowable amount of time. It's been so long in fact that you feel that you are the character. Their fears, desires, sense of self, plans for the future, and so on, are all yours. That character's world is your world.
Then, suddenly, your mom throws open the door to your bedroom and starts shouting about laundry and Fox news. You are jolted from the game and pause it. You do your chores and then go back to playing. Now when you think of "I" or "me," you don't feel like you are the character. This isn't to say the character feels separate from you or disappears. But now you can play the character more clearly, enjoy the character more vividly, without the anxious veil of identity confusion.
Stream-entry shatters the felt belief in a false self.
All of us live with a thing inside of us and we serve it like a slave. Do you want to learn to serve it better or to break free from servitude forever?
We seek that which gives this thing pleasure and we try to avoid that which gives it displeasure. It requires constant re-enforcement with contrived confidence and fragile security.
The things that make it happy are temporary and limited. The things that cause it suffering are endless.
And the whole time what do we call this thing? Me.
There is a point of tension within each of us that is used as a reference point to interact with our idea of ourself and our idea of the world. We have become accustomed to thinking of that point of tension as “I.”
It may seem harmless enough but this fundamental point of tension becomes ten thousand tensions. The tensions between ourself and our desires. The tensions between ourself and our fears. The tensions stored in the body by traumas and fixations and triggers.
The Good News is that there is an alternative to living in this grossly deluded state. Stream-entry is the beginning of the end for this entire mess.
Stream-entry is the first profound revelation on the spiritual path that changes everything from belief to direct experience. Sometimes called awakening, stream-entry should not be confused with final enlightenment/buddhahood/self-realization.
How is stream-entry achieved?
Any practice done correctly should theoretically get you there, however the real question is how to enter the stream efficiently and with clarity. That clarity is important because you can imagine how suddenly awakening from an identity you've held all your life might precipitate a severe existential crisis or even psychotic episode. As such, having a guide is an immense benefit.
While there are a number of methods available, the one technique I strongly recommend is The Two Part Formula (2PF). Follow the link for more information and a free ebook, titled "Awake!" by Kim Katami.
The 2PF is elegant in its simplicity and powerful in its effect. It is best undertaken in the context of guidance--someone who has had stream-entry using the 2PF and who will correspond with you daily until you have had stream-entry too. While I can guide, I do not have much free time these days but you are always welcome to check in with me and see if I'm available. Otherwise there is a website with a number of qualified guides whom I wholeheartedly recommend. Check it out here.
And lastly, what is the stream being entered?
It is the inevitable current that carries you all the way through to complete buddhahood.
This is the second post of the Fundamental Dharma series. Post 1: Spirituality is absolutely essential. Why? Because humans are awkward as fuck. Post 2: Talking about spirituality with people who have not had stream-entry is like talking to virgins about sex.
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terracemuse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
No escaping it I must step on fallen leaves To take this path.
-Suzuki Masajo-
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yoga-onion · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Guru's words]
“If you are absorbed in one leaf, you will miss the rest. If you do not stop your mind on one leaf, you will see the whole picture of a hundred thousand leaves. Anyone who understands this is the Kannon ("Goddess of Mercy") with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes that it is the most powerful.”
ーTakuan Sōhō ( December 1, 1573 - January 27, 1646) was a Rinzai Zen Buddhist prelate from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the early Edo period.
ーTakuan Sōhō ( December 1, 1573 - January 27, 1646) was a Rinzai Zen Buddhist prelate from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the early Edo period.
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juminsmysticmc · a day ago
Hello, I don't know if the ask is open, you can ignore it if it's not open.
It has always bothered me how in Zen's route, when Echo Girl's scandal is discovered her "punishment" was like 'Ooppsie daisy! My bad...' And that was it! She didn't lost her fans, job or anything just like it happened with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's scandal. So if you can, would do headcanons about Zen receiving real justice? 😒
I headcanon Jumin has very few family members he gets along and cares about, and Zen's future S/O is Jumin's cousin or something,who is a big deal in the Entertainment Industry (international kind of big deal). Therefore when the scandal happened, Jumin was like "Cousin can you do me a favor?", and with a few tweets Echo Girl's career was destroyed or with major consequences :)
#JusticeForZen 💪
Also, I want to add how annoying it was when she talked about how big her melons were... Like, bruh are you fishing for compliments or what?!
Hello! I actually kinda forgot how Zen’s story went and planned to read it/ play MM again to refresh my mind but was too lazy and so I decided to write it from what I still remembered…?
I hope that’s okay? And I kinda changed it a bit, but kept the basics of your request so yes, ENJOY! And sorry for the long wait! Please like, comment and reblog and give me feedback!
Tumblr media
,,I actually can’t believe that three years have passed since I met you,’’ Zen laughed, your legs on his lap as you did your nails.
You chuckled to yourself as you looked up to your long haired boyfriend.
,,Well, I’m honestly happy that Jumin asked me for help,’’ you laughed.
,,I’m happy that for once I let him help me. If not, I guess I would have never met you, princess,’’ he said and softly put your legs down, just to make you place down your nail polish before you could put it on your nails and laid on top of you, kissing you.
,,How did he actually approach you? And why? I thought he didn’t like anyone…’’
You took a deep breath before you began to explain the whole story as Zen just got to know how Echo Girl got her true justice.
,,Well, we aren’t really cousins. I’m the step daughter of his uncle and I met him when I was fifteen… he’s much older than me and I think we like each other on a familial basis because I felt lonely and he did too and somehow we were the only ones who were normal? And a deep bond between cousins developed between the both of us… Well, whatever. I somehow got into Rika’s apartment and Unknown wanted me to use the phone? And somehow I knew immediately that Jumin was in the group chat but didn’t know I was me until he let Driver Kim pick me up from your apartment,’’ you laughed, making Zen blush as it was something he totally forgot.
He let go of you way too late.
,,And when the whole thing with Echo Girl started and Jumin knew that I was the one who was with you, but you didn’t seem to know me, he asked me if there was anything I could do.
And so, I did what she did to you. I mean, a person who tries to destroy my crush and my family…’’ you laughed and in that very moment, Zen pressed his lips on yours. He was still over your body when his hands touched your soft hair. ,,I love it when you say that I’m your boyfriend…’’ he mumbled.
Indeed, the time he went through was hard, but thanks to you, the owner of the world’s most famous Idol industry, you made sure that you got to post all the incidents that she caused, making people more cautious of her and make them notice that perhaps not everything she said and did was honest.
Thanks to you, a lot of people got to know her true colors and the best was that thanks to that they also focused on Zen more and more and he became famous without any harm to his career.
,,I’m thankful that I changed companies…’’ he suddenly said.
,,Echo Girl is now banned. I am with you in your company and have the honor to have you as my manager and my career is blowing up.
My parents and my brother… they are the only thing that I’m missing to have the perfect life… well, of course having you as my wife is missing too…’’ he chuckled, making you blush a deep red. However, there was no way that you could hide your face anywhere.
,,I’m happy too...BUT GET DOWN, ZEN!’’ you laughed.
Yes, thanks to Jumin a lot of things were really settled down and turned to their best…
29.11.2021// 01:42 MEST
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aftergiow · a day ago
I'm not an expert on video editing but I just saw this tiktok and it reminded me of them
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terracemuse · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
A flower falls, even though we love it ; And a weed grows, even though we do not love it.
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vintage-soleil · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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thichnhathanhgems · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Buddhism originally was not a religion; it was a way of life. The sutras are the teachings of the Buddha on how to transform suffering and cultivate joy and compassion. As Buddhist monks, we learn many of these sutras, and we learn how to explain them to people in a way that they know exactly how to practice these teachings.
- Thich Nhat Hanh, in “Be Free Where You Are”.
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thedailyzen · 3 months ago
Sometimes growth requires acknowledging deeply uncomfortable truths. It is hard work. It is not always calm or pleasant.
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