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Creating PR to hype up a movie doesn’t always include pap walks, dear. You seem to be inexperienced so I’ll break it down for you.

“Sources” aka their publicists told People they were dating. So that blew up. Then the pair purposely denied being together. That also blew up. Which led to Tom and Zendaya “flirting” back and forth on SM and then that blew up. That’s all it took for people to get wet over the idea of them dating. They created the perfect “will they, won’t they” narrative while the fans and press took care of the rest.

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Quarantine || Tom Holland x reader part 2

Summary: Y/n is convinced by her best friend, Zendaya, to got at Harrison and Tom’s place for a movie night. Things get awkward when they’re all obligated to start a quarantine. Everyone knows that there’s some tension between Y/n and Tom, will they keep arguing or they’ll finally admit their feelings?

Warnings: sexual tension, COVID awareness and ✨jealousy✨

(The gif is not mine, the credits go to who made it)

Part 1


You had woken up early, maybe even too early. Zendaya was still peacefully sleeping next to you, you had tried to use her as a pillow but she wasn’t that comfy so you ended up using a real pillow, such a shame.

You put on a pair of Tom’s boxers, since it was the only thing any near to your panties, and one of his big shirts. Being so little, his shirt covered you almost completely, it ended at the height of half your thighs. You needed to pee so badly, you didn’t care if Harrison or Tom himself would have seen you like that, without make up and with your hair like a mess.

You quickly walked down the hallway and stopped at the entrance of the kitchen, you were thirsty and also hungry. Maybe you could’ve waited to go to the bathroom for some minutes. You entered silently the room and went directly to the fridge, but as you were about to open it, you noticed a figure in front of the stove. “Holy mother of God.” You let out as Tom turned towards you. “Jesus fucking Christ, you scared the shit out of me.” You sighed, placing your hand on your chest.

He smirked a little. “Good morning to you too.” He simply said and you rolled your eyes.

“What are you doing here this early?” It was about 8 in the morning, normal people used to sleep that time. But you weren’t normal and so was Tom.

“Making breakfast.” He answered, turning off the stove, you stared at his plate with eggs and bacon. You suddenly felt like you hadn’t eaten in years.

“Never thought you were a morning person.” And it was true, you had always thought of him as that grumpy person that used to wake up at midday and snort about everything.

He shook his head amused. “Neither did I of you.” He joked and you frowned when you noticed that he walked closer to you. “And why are you awake?”

You snorted a little but decided to play it cool, he was obviously trying to intimidate you. “I need to pee.” You answered without any trace of embarrassment.

He was taken back by your words, he didn’t expect you to be this direct. “Fantastic, tell me more please.” He rolled his eyes, clearly not interested anymore.

But you weren’t finished. “Sure thing! You see, I need to reach the bathroom, then I need to sit on the WC, take off your boxers-” but as you were about to finish your speech, he cut you off.

“Right, because you’re wearing those too.” He realized as he let his eyes look at your body, he couldn’t see the boxers because of the big shirt covered you perfectly, he gulped at the idea of your naked body just under his shirt. “Must be strange, huh?”

You put on an awkward smile, not knowing where he was trying to go with that question. “Yeah… they are terribly big for me.” You said looking down at your bare legs.

Tom chuckled at how cute you looked. “That’s no the only big thing.” He joked and you widened your eyes in surprise, since when Holland made dirty jokes?

“As if, you just trick girls using bigger boxers.” You teased back and he raised his eyebrows amused by the situation. He liked the way you always replied to people, he also had to admit he liked to get you nervous.

“But anyway.” He decided to change the subject, he could have talked more about his genitals but you probably didn’t want to hear that. “You look like a dwarf in my clothes.” He giggled at your annoyed expression. “Oh no, wait, more like a hobbit.” He kept laughing.

You didn’t wake up at 8 in the morning to hear his jokes about how little you looked in those stupid clothes of his, he was starting to get on your nerves again. “Oh yes, because you are sooooo tall.” You pointed out. “Hello? Zendaya and Harrison are taller than you.” You crossed your arms under your breast.

Wrong move, he suddenly stopped feeling his throat sore. He could now see the shape of your boobs pop out of the shirt and because of that he started to feel a little horny. You made him feel horny almost all the time. “I am taller than you, I’m happy with that.” He looked away and you frowned.

So that was it? He only cared about the fact that he was taller than you? You giggled. “I bet. But I’m prettier than you, funnier and even more friendly, I’m happy with that.” You got closer trying to challenge him, he didn’t step back.

He was now almost hypnotized by you, the way you smiled self confidently, your big deep eyes and your pink cheeks. “Fuck off.” Zendaya was right, that was his self-defense mechanism, when he didn’t know what to say nor do he would just be rude and trying to push away people.

Not this time though, you were not buying it. “Or else?” You poked his chest teasingly, you kinda liked that situation too and you weren’t willing to stop it there. “What'cha gonna do?” You asked innocently.

And that drove him crazy, how could you be so innocent and provocative at the same time? He had to contain himself from pulling you against his chest and kissing you with all his strength. You still had your hand on his chest, you could feel his heart beating fast, way too fast to be normal. His hand slid on your waist for a brief moment. “I’m gonna-” he didn’t even know what he was going to say at that point, he just wanted to keep that thing going.

“Woah.” Zendaya entered the kitchen and you two pulled away from each other in embarrassment. “What was going on?” She asked with a big smile on her face, seeing you two so close was a big dream of hers, she wanted you to get with Tom and you knew that.

Tom gave you a look and you cleared your throat. “Nothing!” You almost yelled.

Harrison entered the room as well in confusion. “I got woken up by some flirting, care to explain?” He asked scratching the back of his neck.

“Flirting?!” Tom almost laughed at it and you don’t know if that hurt you or relaxed you. “She was about to murder me!” He was being dramatic, but it was clear that he was trying to change the subject.

“Yes, I was.” You glared at him, maybe he felt ashamed by the way he was flirting with you? Or maybe he was just playing with you and you had just imagined things.

“Sounds pretty flirting to me.” Harrison smirked and you rolled your eyes.

“Ever heard of angry sex?” Zendaya asked and then winked leaving you and Tom in shock.

“What the fuck-” Tom started ready to insult his friend for what she had just said, but you were quick to stop him.

“Only in my dreams with Chris Hemsworth.” You giggled and Tom looked at you confused, were really talking about one of his colleagues that way? And also, was he your type? Tom didn’t know what to think, if you liked blonde Australian guys he couldn’t stand a chance.

“You had the same dream too?” Harrison replied and everyone dropped silent looking at him in confusion. “What?” He blinked innocently.

“Whatever.” You sighed passing your hand through your hair. “I need to pee.” And with that you walked away, you didn’t wanna hear it anymore.

Tom gulped trying not to look at your butt, not in front of the others. “I was just making breakfast.” He said reaching his full plate, the food got cold anyway. “The fuck you two are looking at?” He asked frowning.

Zendaya smirked. “Nothing, nothing.” Oh, but those two knew that something was going on and they were excited to know how that would go.


You were laying on the bed, Zendaya laying right next to you, you were playing with her curly hair while having your usual heart to heart talk. “I bet Jacob will miss you.” You said as she sighed.

“I miss him already, but we decided that we’ll FaceTime each other whenever we can.” She smiled happily and you nodded, you didn’t remember the last time you felt that way towards someone. Your last boyfriend happened before you moved to LA, before your books were sold worldwide, before you had met Zendaya herself.

Since then you got some flings, but never something serious and you were kinda sad about it. “Ugh, you guys are so cute! Like, all your fans ship you two so much.” You giggled.

“Yeah…” she turned and looked at you, she knew that you were feeling lonely at the moment. She noticed how sad you got whenever you saw a couple outside, the fault wasn’t yours, the last guy you had a fling with had broken your little precious heart and she wanted to help you out. “Do you know who I ship?” She asked and you shook your head curiously. “You and Tom.”

At that right moment Tom stopped right in front of your closed door, he had heard his name and was curious to know why you two were talking about him, yet Z and you didn’t notice his presence behind the door. “Tom? Why so?” You kept playing with her curls. “It’s not like we’re friends or something.” You muttered and Tom’s eyebrows frowned.

You weren’t friends? It had been almost a year since you two had a started to hangout together, yeah there were always Zendaya and Harrison with you two, but he thought that he could consider you a friend of his.

Your best friend smirked sitting up and looking at you straight into your eyes. “You like him, I can tell.” She laughed and you rolled your eyes. “Trust me, I know you.”

You snorted, yes you liked Tom but you had already given up a long time ago on that. “I really don’t.” You shook your head. “We always argue, it’s not even funny anymore. I’m pretty sure he hates me.” You explained and she raised her eyebrows, not believing you. “And besides, he’s short.” You let out and she started to laugh.

“So? You are much shorter! But you’re still my best friend.” She took her pillow and hit you with that as you started to laugh.

“Yeah, but I’m funny and hot.” You pointed out.

“So is he!” She replied and you rolled your eyes again, you didn’t get why she was insisting on that topic. “You just need to get to know him.”

You bit your lip, this conversation was making you feel anxious knowing that the boy was probably somewhere around the apartment and you didn’t want him to hear you. But Tom had heard everything and he was dying to know your answer to that.

“Whatever.” Typical, that was the answer you always used when you were out of words. “I’m not looking for a relationship anyway.”

“Oh please, you are lying.” Zendaya placed her hand on your shoulder. “It’s not a bad thing if you want to have a boyfriend.”

You knew she was right, but you didn’t want to look desperate. “I’m not! Look, if I really had to get in a relationship… it would be with Harry Styles.” You joked, that man was your celebrity crush since forever.

Zendaya tried not to laugh, knowing damn well that he was a dream and that you weren’t being serious. “Why tho?”

You laid down and tried not to giggle. “He’s hot, old and tall. A fucking dream. His songs are soooo good, like I would simp for him so hard.” You hugged your pillow. “You better introduce me to him.”

“Sure, I will.” She shook her head, she didn’t know him, but she didn’t want to break your expectations like that. “You two will look so cute together.” She winked.

“Stop!” You two stared to laugh and changed the subject as you started to ask her about her hair routine to have those beautiful curls.

Tom stepped away from the door, his chest felt heavy, he didn’t get the “joking” part. To him, you and Zendaya were like two teenagers talking about boys, well you were 19 so you were basically a teenager.

He walked quickly away and entered Harrison’s room where his best friend was scrolling through his phone. “Hey.” Tom snorted and sat next to him without saying a single word. “Why that long face?”

“Nothing.” He snapped, he couldn’t even think straight at that moment. You had just told your best friend that you didn’t like him and that you didn’t want a relationship with him.

“Oh, girls problems.” Haz muttered, putting away his phone and Tom looked at him shocked by how quick he was to read him. “I don’t even have to hear it, you are a simp for that girl.”

“I’m not.” Tom tried to end the conversation right there, but little did he know his best friend wasn’t going to do that.

“Yes you are, you always tease her around, I see how you look at her with those puppy eyes.” He patted his shoulder and Tom sighed.

“I don’t know how to talk to her, it’s driving me crazy.” He let out for the first time, he had always denied the possibility of feeling something for you. But now he felt like he had to do something. “And besides, she doesn’t like me, she is in love with Harry Styles.” He snorted.

“She is?!” Harrison exclaimed suddenly. “Just like me?!” He asked and Tom widened his eyes, not knowing exactly what to say to that.

“Dude… are you-” he tried but Haz stopped him right there.

“I’m not fucking gay, I just have good taste.” He explained and then frowned. “But why do you think that she’s in love with him?”

“I heard her talking to Zendaya, and she’s gonna play matchmaker.” Tom shook his head sadly and Harrison scratched his chin.

“Ugh, that bitch, she was supposed to help me play matchmaker.” He commented and then smiled. “Don’t you worry Holland, I’ll help you out.”

“Thanks, I guess?” Tom had never had so much trouble finding a girl, nor flirting with her. “But really, she thinks I hate her.”

Haz shook his head. “That’s because you’re always so cold with her, you never even hugged her and you’ve known her for a year.” He explained and Tom nodded, that was true. Y/n always kissed Haz’s cheek when they met, but she never got too close to Tom and he did the same.

“I should change that.” He laid down. “Thank you man, you’re the best.”

“No worries, no Y/n no competition.”

Part 3 coming soon.

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“Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
May 2, 2016

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Wow i never noticed how rue looked back at lexi right at the end of the scene😭 I love how they always cut the scenes right before we get to see a rue and lexi interaction😭 

They did this in the finale episode as well - rue greeted lexi with a hug at the formal in the behind the scenes of ep 8 but they decided not to show it and focus on jules and maddy instead😭

why you trying to deprive us of rexi content sam😭😭😭

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