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ZENDAYA COLEMAN British Vogue, 2021
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Alexa Demie
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Love this. 😄
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Favorite Spider-Man
Request: Hi there! I love your Tom Holland x toddler!sister works and i had a request Could you write where the reader is about 4-5 and Tom takes her to the set of NWH, and there he introduces her to Andrew and Tobey and she kinda playing with them and Tom gets a lil jealous and its a whole lotta fluff fluff fluff ✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️
Tom Holland x sister!reader
Summary: Tom gets jealous when Y/N gets along with Tobey and Andrew.
Warnings: fluff, tom being a jealous big brother
a/n: thank you for the request! sorry it took a bit of time to get out. hope you all enjoy!
(gif not mine)
Tumblr media
Tom carries Y/N onto set, Harry and Nikki trailing behind, stuck in their own conversation.
"You excited to see everybody?" Tom asks his sister.
"Uh-huh. Especially Z." Y/N grins. Tom softly chuckles at his sister's love for Zendaya.
"Yes, well, I can't argue with that." Tom says, a loving smile on his face -- both for his sister and his girlfriend.
"Are the other Spider-mans here?" Y/N asks.
"Yep. Both of them." Tom confirms.
"So I can meet them?"
"Of course." Tom nods, Y/N getting an excited grin.
- - -
While Tom got hair and makeup done and got in his Spider-Man costume, Y/N spent that whole time with Zendaya and Jacob, the two entertaining the girl, the young girl claiming a place on Zendaya's lap.
After getting ready, Tom returns and gets Y/N, the girl reaching out for her brother. Tom picks her up, resting her on his hip.
"You wanna meet Tobey and Andrew now?" Tom asks.
"Uh-huh." Y/N nods.
"Okay, come on." Tom walks over to where he left the other two Spider-Mans after a short talk with them. "Y/N, meet Andrew and Tobey. Guys, this is Y/N." He introduces.
"Hi, Y/N." Andrew smiles, Tobey giving her a smile and wave.
"Hi." Y/N smiles. She squirms in Tom's hold until he puts her down. She walks up to the other two. "What's your favorite color?"
Tom quietly chuckles at the first question she always asks anybody she meets. He doesn't know why it's the default question, but it has been for at least a year.
Tom just observes as Y/N practically talks Andrew and Tobey's ears off, the two letting her and enjoying the conversation with her.
- - -
Later in the day, the cast is taking a break from filming, mostly waiting for everything to be set up again. Tom watches in the distance as Y/N plays with Tobey and Andrew, the girl constantly giggling.
"Hey." He turns to see Zendaya walk up to him. "You good?" She asks, putting a hand on his shoulder.
"Yeah, I guess." Tom frowns, turning his attention back to his four year old sister. Ever since she met the older two Spider-Men, she's been attached to them. She sat with them during lunch and has only really talked to her mother outside of them.
Tom tried to play with her earlier, but she rejected him, going to Tobey and Andrew.
"If you're okay, why are you pouting?" Zendaya questions, a small amused smirk on her face. Tom huffs, motioning over to Y/N, Tobey, and Andrew.
"She's been with them all day." Tom complains.
"And?" Zendaya asks.
"She isn't giving anybody else the time of day. They're her new favorite people." Tom whines. "I want her attention again." He pouts, his lower lip jutting out, his brown doe eyes reminding Zendaya of a puppy dog making her quietly laugh.
"You'll get her attention back sometime. She's just excited to be around new people." Zendaya says.
"I want her attention now." Tom grumbles.
"Have you tried to get her attention?" Zendaya asks.
"Yes. She rejected me and went to them." Tom informs.
"Look, she's little, she doesn't know she's hurting your feelings." Zendaya says.
"She isn't hurting my feelings." Tom objects and Zendaya gives him a look.
"Jealousy is a feeling, Tom." Zendaya reminds.
"I am not jealous." Tom insists, earning another look from his girlfriend. "Okay, fine, I'm jealous. But she used to be attached to my hip. Now, she's attached to theirs."
"Look, she's meeting new people, she's excited. She'll be back next to you in no time. And after the movie, she'll be seeing you a lot more than she'll ever see them." Zendaya says.
"Then I just have to make sure favorite brother stays with me." Tom says.
"Are you sure you're her favorite brother now?" Zendaya asks.
"Yes." Tom says, but sees Zendaya's look. "What? Did she say something?"
"Well, as of earlier, Sam is currently her favorite brother." Zendaya informs.
"What?!" Tom exclaims.
"He made her cookies before they left. He'd be my favorite right now, too." Zendaya shrugs.
"Well, don't worry. I have no cookies, so my favorite Holland brother is still you."
"Thanks, I guess."
"Trust me, you guys go home, she'll be back to cuddling you like the world is ending." Zendaya promises.
- - -
The Hollands are back at Tom's place after filming ended for the day. Nikki gave Y/N a bath while Harry and Tom each took their own showers before settling in the living room.
Tom exits the kitchen, handing Harry his mug of tea, a mug of tea for himself in his other hand.
"Thanks, mate." Harry says, taking the mug.
"Yeah, no problem." Tom says, sitting on the couch.
As Harry is finding something to watch, Y/N practically skips into the living room and goes up to Tom.
"Can you brush your hair?" She asks hopefully, giving him puppy dog eyes, the trick that always gets him to give her whatever she wants.
"Sure, love." Tom puts his mug on the table next to the couch. He takes the hairbrush and Y/N climbs into his lap. Tom leans back against the couch to create a distance and he starts to brush her hair.
Tom makes sure to not tug too harshly, apologizing whenever she would let out a small 'ow.'
"Thank you." Y/N tells him, kissing his cheek, before rushing off to the kitchen. A few moments later, they hear her groan out of frustration.
"I can't reach the Pop Tarts!" She calls out.
"I got it." Harry says, getting up and going to the kitchen. Harry gets the Pop Tarts off the highest shelf he put them on earlier, giving a packet to Y/N.
"Hey, hey." Harry whispers, stopping Y/N from leaving. "Go spend time with Tom."
"Why?" Y/N whispers back.
"Well, he was feeling left out earlier since you spent the whole day with Tobey and Andrew." Harry quietly says.
"He was?" Y/N asks.
"Yeah. He's been pouty all day. Honestly, you would think he's the four year old." Harry jokes making Y/N giggle.
"Does that mean I hurt him?" Y/N frowns.
"No. No, he's fine. He just wants some Y/N time." Harry says.
"Okay." Y/N nods, quickly running out to Tom. She notices the mug of tea in his hand so she slows down, climbing onto the couch with less, disregarding her plan to jump on it.
"Open, please." She holds the Pop Tarts out to him. Tom takes the packet and opens it for her, receiving a thank you. Y/N grabs his arm and wraps it around her, cuddling into his side as she begins to munch on the snack.
Tom softly smiles, his hold subconsciously tightening around her a bit as he puts her favorite movie.
Halfway through the movie, Y/N and Tom are the only ones up, Harry and Nikki retreating to bed both exhausted, and Tom offering to put Y/N to bed when it was time.
Y/N looks up at her eldest brother, his attention focused on the movie even though he's seen it countless times.
"Tommy?" Y/N calls, getting his attention.
"Hmm? What is it, darling?" Tom asks.
"I'm sorry I made you feel left out earlier." Y/N says.
"What? Who told you that?" Tom asks.
"Harry." Y/N answers.
Tom quietly laughs, reminding himself to smack Harry over the head later.
"It's okay, love. I know you didn't mean to. Nothing's your fault." Tom assures.
"Are you sure? I always hate feeling left out." Y/N says.
"I know. But I'm positive, I'm okay. I was just being moody earlier. It's absolutely nothing to worry about." Tom promises.
"If it helps, you're my favorite Spider-Man. Real life Spider-Man, too." Y/N tells him and Tom softly smiles.
"It does help, thank you." Tom says, kissing her on the head, hugging her. After silently sitting for a few minutes, watching the movie, Tom breaks the silence with a question. "Am I your favorite brother, too?"
"Right now, yes." Y/N answers.
"I'll be whatever you want if I'm your favorite brother all month." Tom bribes.
"Deal." Y/N grins.
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Isn’t it amazing to think that Tom has loved Spider-Man since he was little, and he got to not only play the web slinging hero in the mcu, but he also got his own MJ both on screen and off? Talk about the universe bringing Tomdaya together. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
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The man is rebooting, he didn’t even move an eyelash but also why did I never notice this before? 😂🥰
ROTFL!!! He was as still as a statue! LOL 😂 He didn't want to miss one second of what she was saying lol.... 😂
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Dune 💛
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Bottleneck Gallery in the US and Vice Press in the UK will release Dune 24x36 lithograph prints by Matt Ferguson today, May 17, at 12pm EST. The standard version (left) is limited to 225 and costs $50, while the foil variant is limited to 175 and costs $60.
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Peter: Um just the sandwich and a drink for me.
MJ: You’re not getting fries?
Peter: I shouldn’t, I was wanting to get a little more lean with my workouts and all.
MJ: Suit yourself.
MJ: *watching Peter while she eats her burger*
Peter: *has already finished his food but fails to hide glances he takes at her fries*
MJ: *clears throat* I ordered XL fries for a reason.
Peter: … you’re the best 🥺😍
MJ: *smirks through a full mouth*
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*After Peter almost crashes the truck*
MJ: Someone else should drive!
Peter: All right. You win. Lizard, you drive.
Doc Ock: Are you serious?
Peter: I don't know. A little voice inside of me is saying, "This is a bad idea,"
Peter: but I can barely hear that little voice because an even louder little voice is screaming, "Let the giant lizard drive!"
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hell is hot but women are hotter
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Throwback to when Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob went to an arcade
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Euphoria | HBO Max FYC Event Part 2 Video
Thanks for sharing Anon! 🥰
I don't think I've ever seen the actual panel interview. This is from the Euphoria/HBO FYC event that Z went to about a month ago. The one where she's wearing this outfit here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The magic of Dune 💛
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