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Dear God

Layout do tópico de RPG “Dear God”, proposto no fórum do servidor brasileiro de Eldarya, pela usuária Magnɑ.

Caso se inspire, dê os devidos créditos.

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Peter: She’s such a goof

MJ: *is currently burning scrambled eggs and frantically tearing off pieces of the pancake she made for him*

MJ: *serves Peter some atrocious eggs and a torn up pancake… but the pancake was torn to look like the shape of a heart*

MJ: *cringing apologetically at Peter*

MJ: I don’t like the stereotypical gender role that a woman should cook for her man but I wanted to.. I.. okay, I saw it in a rom-com and thought it was… cute and it reminded me of your face and I wanted to try to make you-

Peter: *gets up, cups her face, and kisses her happily*

MJ: *gives a surprised little whimper and melts into it*

Peter: *pulls back but keeps MJ’s face in his hands* My god, I love you.

MJ: *shyly* I know

Peter: wait did you just make a-

MJ: Uh Huh

Peter: Oh it’s on *KISS*

MJ: *happy whimper*

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The following accounts have until Saturday, July 11th to post or they will lose their roles:

  • Genevieve Coretese
  • Lucy Hale
  • Rian Dawson
  • Ally Brooke
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Madison Beer
  • Jack Barakat
  • Bella Hadid
  • Matthew Daddario
  • Lili Reinhart
  • Hailey Baldwin
  • Zendaya Coleman
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Alex Gaskarth
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It’s been four months since Queen to be, Mal Bertha, let down the barrier to the Isle. At first it was a joyous celebration of the unity in the two lands. However, as the dust began to settle, it was apparent just exactly why the barrier was there in the first place. With villains and villain kids alike now having free rein of Auradon there’s already been a bit of chaos. Just as the infamous VK said, you can take the VK out of the Isle but you can’t take the Isle out of the VK.  

Auradon Prep is a Descendants Roleplay taking place four months after the end of the third movie.  The ONLY thing cannon is the movies. If you want to change anything else well the future is up to you. There will be all your favorite characters and the options for adding families of other beloved Disney Characters.  


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I WOULD DIE FOR IT, OKAY??? I love Peter/Michelle so, so much. They have so much chemistry and act so awkward and real around each other, and even though they didn’t get a lot of interaction in the first film, you know that Michelle liked him. Like, really liked him. Plus, she’s such a badass and Peter is such a cute, kind-hearted smol bean. The way he literally carries the world on his shoulders, and tries to save everyone?? And he’s dealing with PTSD, and anxiety from Titan and the battle with Thanos and seeing another one of his father-figures die. And Michelle is so good and non-judgemental, so it’s perfect, because even though you know she wasn’t there when the drones were executed, you know she’ll believe Peter when he says he didn’t do it. And the way she stands up for him to Flash and Brad, and literally everyone else who tries to break his heart. And the way Peter gets jealous, but won’t say anything or do anything to jeapordize her time with other guys—


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A slew of actors, directors, writers, cinematographers and make-up artists have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.   Standard practice is that if you have won an Oscar, you get an automatic invite hence the invite for Bernie Taupin, who alongside Elton John, won for Best Song with “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”.  

To diversify their ranks, over the years the AMPAS board have given blanket invites when normally a person would have to have two members vouch for them, as well as have a worthy body of work in their respective branch.  No matter how the invite came their way, some of the 819 new invitees (and not everyone accepts the invitation. “Black Panther” and “Creed” director Ryan Coogler declined his invite) are Armie and Timothee Cinematic Universe-rs Lakeith Stanfield,


 Florence Pugh,


 Zazie Beetz


, Zendaya Coleman, John David Washington, Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, David Gyasi, Thomasin McKenzie, and Ben Mendelsohn. 


Other notable new invitees include Ana de Armas (KNIVES OUT), George MacKay (1917), Niecy Nash (SELMA), Lakeith and Zazie’s ATLANTA costar Brian Tyree Henry (IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK), Constance Wu (HUSTLERS), Lee Jung-Eun and Park So-Dam (PARASITE) Cynthia Erivo (who was invited in two branches: Actor and Music), Awkwafina (THE FAREWELL), Eva Longoria (OVERBOARD), and directors Alma Ha’rel (HONEY BOY) Ari Aster (MIDSOMMAR), Ladj Ly ( LES MISéRABLES), Lulu Wang (THE FAREWELL), Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, The Batman), and Matthew Vaughn (The King’s Man). For the music branch new invitees are Larry Mullen Jr of U2 (MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM) Chad Hugo of The Neptunes (HIDDEN FIGURES) - his collaborator and rumored cousin Pharrell Williams has a long history with the Oscars and I’m not talking about him wearing Oscars to the ceremony one year

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She received the email a bit after 4 PM, providing a link for her to sign the lease. And she saw his part had already been completed.

Without knowing what she was getting herself into, MJ signed the legally-binding document that would seal the deal for the next two years that she would spend living as Peter’s roommate.


For his part, Peter was a good roommate. He cleaned the bathroom and kitchen when needed, he cooked regularly, he bought groceries, he vacuumed, and if she asked him to or not to do something, he did it or stopped doing it. Sometimes it annoyed her when she’d find him laid out on the couch snoring during the middle of the day or something, but it was a minor inconvenience.

It was their junior year of college by now. They’d reconnected after a fateful reunion at Target that took place about a year ago, and as if the gods had heard MJ’s cries, they had spent a crapton of the last year together. Studying, working on projects, helping the other practice something, watching movies and TV together, eating together. They had been roommates in all but lease, so they eventually decided to just make it official and pool resources together.

And despite the fact that she’d gotten one of her best friends back, MJ couldn’t deny sometimes fantasizing that one day Peter would think she wasn’t home and walk out of the shower with little to nothing on and it would lead to them…

Stop! Something in her head screamed at her. She frowned, remembering that Peter would never love her back.


“Shit, Parker,” MJ sighed, enjoying the warm sensation in her stomach as a generous amount of what she’d just swallowed began sticking to it, “that was actually really good!”

“I’m so glad you liked it!” Peter smiled as he got up to get their plates. “Do you want anymore?”

MJ shot a look warily at the pan which still had a good bit of the porkchops Peter had somehow blessed her with. Despite being full already, she figured a little more wouldn’t hurt. “Yes please,” she nodded, wincing a little since eating in excess was never a good thing to her. But when it was a new recipe from the idiot she was in love with? She could take it.


Another night in paradise was one of their all-nighters. Peter had procrastinated too much and was now struggling to get a book report done before 8 AM the next day. Which was only 5 hours away by this point.

“Come on dude, concentrate,” MJ yawned. “You can do this, or whatever.” Despite her love for him, not even MJ could fight running on 18 hours with no sleep that easily. “Tell me again, what’s your theme for the third page?”

“The third page.. will… try to…”

The next thing MJ knew, it was 6 AM. Two hours until Peter lost a significant grade going into the last few weeks of the fall semester. And Peter was currently out of service, his head leaning against the couch as he smiled peacefully.

Adorable as this was, MJ’s blood turned to ice once she remembered their situation. She took his laptop, which he’d laid on the coffee table, and looked at what was left. She cringed seeing there were still 3 paragraphs and the conclusion from the outline left.

MJ looked between the laptop and her sleeping love a few times.

After about twenty minutes, she pulled out the book he was writing about and started typing.

At 9 AM, MJ was woken with a start by a frantic cry. “OH NO OH NO OH NOOOOOO”

She jolted upright, not quite remembering when she’d fallen asleep, and looked to see Peter frantically ripping his laptop open and immediately hitting the bookmark for his class website. “No-no-no-no-“

He read it. “Submitted at 7:45 AM.”

He sat there, dumbfounded. Eventually he went into the document file and opened it. And somehow, there was an entire, immaculate essay written based on his outline. Completely from scratch and… frankly it looked and sounded better than what he’d already written.

The turns of phrase, the vocabulary, the sharp, biting tone. None of this was like Peter’s writing. This was.. this was…

Wait. Peter looked deeper at his laptop screen. Something was there.

He turns around to see MJ standing over him, sipping a glass of orange juice.

She’s eying him with a raised eyebrow, fighting the dizzying light-headedness eating at her because of the stupid puppy dog eyes he’s making at her. It’s not like she likes those stupid puppy dog eyes or anything. But then the wind is nearly sucked out of her when he jumps to his feet to stand in front of her. They were close enough that you’d think they just stopped slow-dancing.

“Did you-did you really do my paper for me?” Peter asked softly.

MJ’s eyes were in that sort of blank, unsure mode that was a tell that she was trying so hard to not show emotion, even though her eyes so badly wanted to return fire to those puppy dog eyes of his.

“Oh, yeah, I.. yeah I figured you needed the extra two letter grades I’m gonna get you with what I wrote,” MJ tried to snark. “Plus…” her voice softened involuntarily, “you were tired.”

Peter’s grin exploded onto his face, just like how MJ liked it, and she nearly dropped her orange juice when he suddenly grabbed her and hugged her.

She’d been hugged by Peter before. They were friends, roommates, best friends. But every hug felt like the first time. And to be held with such affection by the boy she so badly wanted to grow and build with was just… exquisite. Feeling his solid jawline resting on her shoulder, feeling those rocky arms wrap around her, the fiery gravel of his abs on her comparatively average stomach…

Finally, MJ put down her cup of juice and hugged him back. Her long arms went around him and melted at the feel of his smaller, rockier body. She didn’t know why, but her right hand ended up gently resting on the back of his head - oh wait, right, it was to bring him closer to her, duh. She loved how warm it was. How cozy and sweet and right this felt.

The way it felt to be held like this by Peter, the way it felt to be hugging and comforting him, the warmth, everything, made it clear that signing their lease with him was one of MJ’s better life choices.


This is a belated entry for Day 5: Roommates of Spideychelle Week! @spideychelleweek

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