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#zendaya coleman

MJ: *texting* I’m sorry :(

Peter: *texting* It’ll be okay. Just can’t wait to get home.

MJ: *texting* Okay. :(

Peter: *comes home from work exhausted and sad and frustrated* Hey.

MJ: Coming!

MJ: *walks out to greet Peter with very little on*

Peter: 😳😳 MJ, I-

MJ: Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself first. But… I’m all yours for the rest of the night, if you want me to take care of you.

Peter: *gaping at his girlfriend, his mouth drying out* oh Jesus-

MJ: Actually, my name is Michelle~

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MJ: *fantasizes about being the little spoon to Peter’s big spoon*

Peter: *fantasizes about being the little spoon to MJ’s big spoon*

*when they actually get together*

Peter and MJ: *half and half it, but Peter does end up enjoying how his taller, lankier girlfriend feels snuggled up into him as a little spoon*

MJ: 🥰🥰 this feels stupid I hate you

Peter: 🥰❤️

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MJ: *tells Peter about the stupid shit one dude did to try to get with her*

Peter: I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with creeps like that :(

MJ: Yeah… wasn’t fun.

Peter: Honestly? Men ain’t shit

MJ: -now-now wait a minute, you are-you… you’re one of the nicer ones, when I say men ain’t shit, you… well, you don’t-

Peter: No, no, I don’t take offense at all. Men need to be held accountable for their shit.

MJ: Yeah… you’re right.. I just don’t mean you when I say that-

Peter: No, it’s okay, like.. see, my counterpoint is that if a guy speaks up and is like “well I’m an exception, I’m nice” then they’re shutting down the girl’s argument. They’re devaluing the girl’s experiences and feelings for the sake of their own validation. Men need to have their feet to the fire and they can’t wriggle out of it even if they’re not the ones doing the bad stuff, because then they’re just as bad for not doing it. You know?


MJ’s heart: *thumpTHUMPthumpTHUMP* 🥺💘💘 be mine?

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