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You’re asking of an extension on my Jigoro Agatsuma headcanons? Of course! I honestly didn’t expect anybody to want more of them! For those who are confused, these are based off this post. I am going to keep it more general, despite it being an ask about Jigoro specifically, to keep with the general flow of the blog. I hope you do not mind, anon! 

So Jigoro has been put as y/n here. 


- I have always headcanoned that both Zenitsu and Nezuko end up with a rather large family: six children, possibly seven, as stated previously. The two eldest children being boys, sons, with the youngest four or five being daughters. Possibly another son included in the youngest few to make it varied and (possibly) more realistic. Whilst I’d love to talk and make up stories for every one of these children, we are focusing on the oldest two sons for this. 

- I imagine the eldest son being very similar to his uncle. Being the oldest son, and the oldest child in general of a big family, he would probably end up much alike to Tanjiro. Loving to his younger siblings and family, including cousins, caring about their wellbeing and always being available to listen and help out if anything goes wrong. It’s most likely the Kamado genes, as it seems to be similar for both Nezuko and Tanjiro. He takes a lot after his mother. Though as much as it would be expected that the soft oldest brother would be helping take care of his youngest siblings, it turned out much differently. 

- It was the second to oldest son that he always had to take care of. 

- Whilst the oldest son took almost entirely after their mother Nezuko, the second to oldest son took just as much after their father… Whether that is a good thing or not, however, depends on how you look at it. His cowardly nature may have possibly stemmed from the overwhelming stress of being one of the oldest children in a large family, a large family with history and significance in a previous war against a demon king. Or maybe it just rooted through genes, and being around Zenitsu a lot growing up. 

- The fact he took after his father was obvious. He grew up from young a timid boy, a quiet boy who didn’t like attention very much from anybody other than his family. Then as he got older, he seemed to grow out of that, or, at least a little bit. He remained generally timid, but his cowardice ended up getting louder in volume. Instead of running away from a situation which scared him in silence, he would do it screaming at the very top of his lungs. Instead of silently observing a girl (or boy) which he found attractive, he would run to them before he would end up never seeing them again, hoping to let them know of that before it is too late. Despite getting louder, y/n remained shy. 

- The youngest siblings of the Agatsuma family always found y/n hilarious when he was just being his normal, easily-scared self. That is just their older brother, how they have always seen him, and they all love him for that. No matter how much he took after his father’s cowardice, much alike Zenitsu, he was always just as loving to his siblings as any other older brother. The Agatsuma family are a tight, loving household. 

- He is not the oldest son of the family, and he’s obviously aware of that. So despite the gap between them being small, y/n always hid behind his older brother if there was absolutely anything which scared him even in the slightest.

“Thank you for giving me a hand carrying them, y/n,” the older Agatsuma spoke up after a couple of minutes walking in silence. His usual, loving smile came onto his face as he turned to peer at his younger brother, who was holding just as many of the large planks of wood as he was whilst continuing to look forwards at where he was going to ensure he doesn’t trip. “I wouldn’t have been able to carry them all by myself.” 

There was a small pause between the end of his thanks, and when the quieter Agatsuma of the moment opened his mouth to answer. His eyes never left looking forward, but his tone of voice was soft. “It’s no problem, nii-chan. You needed help and-” 

y/n had cut himself off when the sound of rustling was heard, pausing mid-step and looking around to find source of the noise. His ears led him to find the noise coming from a bush just off the forestry path that they were walking down. Observing it a moment, y/n was about to continue walking, shrugging it off as maybe a rabbit or something. But overthinking for merely a second stopped him from doing that, his eyes widening as a thought crossed his mind. Heartbeat quickening in pace, adrenaline circulating through the bloodstream as his mind suddenly went frantic. 

All the wooden planks had fallen from y/n’s arms in half a second, and he shot towards his older brother, pulling the boy in front of him for protection, almost making him drop his own planks in the process. Over the older boy’s shoulder from behind, y/n pointed at the bush which was beginning to rustle even louder. “AAHH!! MONSTER!! SAVE ME FLAMBOYANTLY, NII-CHAN!!” 

The older boy peered at the small feline which jumped out of the bush in obvious confusion. “…Monster?” 

“Yes!! Mon-” y/n’s eyes which screwed shut opened, catching sight of the cat sat down peacefully beside the just rustling bush which had an unidentified creature in it. “…ster…” 

The honey hues of the kind boy closed as he turned his head to smile at his younger brother clinging to him from behind, smiling at him. “There’s nothing to worry about, y/n. No monster, I promise.” 

Hesitantly, y/n unwrapped his legs from around his older brother, placing his feet to the floor again and slowly going to pick up the planks of wood that he threw. Though making sure not to get close to the cat, who knows what that thing will do to him if he gets into proximity.

- Nezuko finds her son’s similar personality to her husband rather endearing, and she cannot help but smile lovingly when she sees the obvious comparisons between them. She and her husband look at both their oldest two sons all the time, and all they can see are both Zenitsu and Tanjiro. It is a nice thought for them, because it’s as though looking at the two boys, is like looking through a mirror, where they see how their lives would have been in a world without demons. Personalities similar, but not risking their lives every day against man-eating monsters

- Sentimental relationship between father and son yes please 

- Zenitsu eventually thought it fitting to teach y/n a little bit of his knowledge about handling a sword to maybe help with his cowardice, maybe the knowledge of how to defend himself would make him more confident, though didn’t tell him of his plans until the morning that they would begin. The boy awoke one day, only to freak out at the silhouette of his father looming over him because the light source was behind him. There was a loud, petrified squeal because he thought he was about to get kidnapped, but that scene eventually ended with both Zenitsu and y/n outside with wooden swords pointed at each other. One looked a lot more confident and focused than the other, because one didn’t have experience whilst the other had years. 

“You’re going to have to get down from the tree eventually…” Zenitsu told his son with a prominent sweatdrop at how obviously tight he was hugging the branch to stay on. The teen’s eyes were screwed shut, as usual when he was scared or having a tantrum, which right now he was having both. The blonde was looking up with a deadpan, not sure whether to be annoyed or confused. All he knew was that he had to be patient with his son, if he is anything like he used to be.

“No!” y/n shouted, overwhelmed. His hug on the tree branch only got tighter as he shouted down to his dad. “Dad, you’re trying to kill me!”

Zenitsu pointed up at his son. “I told you to call me master whilst training!” 

y/n didn’t even think about his response before shouting it back within a second of hearing his father’s reprimand. He was on the very edge of tears at this point, he never expected his father to make him go through some pointless training which was way too scary and overwhelming for him. He just couldn’t take it. “But I love you, dad-!” 

Zenitsu was taken aback by the teen’s words, and he felt something inside his heart melt. He couldn’t find any more words to say, he just couldn’t speak, y/n’s declaration of loving his father had rendered him speechless. Because of this, he didn’t even notice the similarity between the current moment and one he had with his master all those years ago.

“Also, calling you master just sounds weird!” 


- Zenitsu had not planned on teaching y/n any of the breathing styles, in fact, the demon slayer corps had considered it a good idea not to pass them down anymore. With demons no longer a threat, what is the point in the styles? To harm other humans? No way they’re going to allow that to happen. So along with the demons, the demon slayer corps, breathing styles, and knowledge of it all, was going down. Becoming a forgotten memory of the past, that is how they wished it. Zenitsu planned on solely teaching y/n swordsmanship without the styles, how to handle a sword on its own, but they ended up making little progress. The reason being fear. y/n was scared of the blade, scared of hurting himself or his father. What if he hit his father on the head? Whether a real or wooden blade, that could cause some damage. The fact that Zenitsu wanted him to move to a real sword eventually? It was fear. Fear of doing wrong, fear of messing everything up. Fear of swinging the sword and causing damage which cannot be undone. 

Zenitsu’s honey-tinted gaze was tilted down to the floor as he walked up towards his son, and the fact that his expression could not be seen arose some anxiety inside y/n. What did he do? Did he make his father sad? Oh no. He didn’t want that, he never wished that, and he never will. To know he’s the reason for putting his father in a terrible mood… He could never deal with that. 

When finally close enough, Zenitsu’s hand had lifted until it lowered and gently dropped down to grasp y/n’s shoulder. The teen was tense, still nor able to see his father’s expression, and unknowing of what could possibly be the reasoning for this. It was about twenty seconds after did Zenitsu’s gaze lift, and y/n catch sight of the sad expression his father was wearing. Both of them looked almost identical, eyebrows tilted in sadness, eyes teary and pitiful. This was the first time y/n ever saw his father like… this. He knew he was similar to his father in terms of personality- but not… this much.

Slowly, Zenitsu’s distraught expression shifted into a smile. Despite his eyes teary, they glazed over with such fondness, such tender care and love whilst peering at his own flesh and blood. Such genuine, pure, fatherly love, mixed with a surge of undeniable pride. The look caught the teen off guard, his own eyes widening as the last of his tears fell. 

“y/n,” he whispered in a tone so warm and soft, “It’s… alright to be afraid. It’s okay to run away. To deny something because you’re scared takes a lot of courage. To say you don’t want to do it does not make you weak, nor does it make you a coward. You went through this with me despite being scared. You still tried your best, although that weight of fear in your stomach… And for that, I am the proudest father that has ever walked upon this earth.” 

He had thought those tears which fell when his father smiled at him were the last, but that was proven false when another waterfall came flooding and crashing through, streaming down his face faster than he could stop them. 

He’s going to continue making his father proud. Or at least, he’s going to try his very best.

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So, I drew a frightened Zenitsu. Though, he is scared most of the time. I haven’t finished Demon Slayer yet. Anyway I hope you enjoy,

Thank you for your time,

- ihavecrappysketches

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