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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Fakemon Adopts

I honestly had a lot of fun designing these. Behold, two friends!

-Balloon Lungfish Line: $25 (willing to negotiate price)

Dipnuck (Dipnoi + Muck)

Ground/Water Type

Dipnuck normally lives in water, but can survive years out of it by filling their lungs with air and burying themselves in mud. They like to bounce around, inflated like a balloon.

Dipnuck evolves into Zeppelung.

Zeppelung (Zeppelin + Lung + Lungfish)

Ground/Flying Type

Upon evolution, its lungs expand and fill with air enough to permanently keep it afloat. Companies use it to display messages in the sky.

I can accept PayPal or Venmo as means of payment. DM me for details if you’re interested!

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How Zeppelins Caused A Sausage Ban In Germany.  Nearly a quarter-million cows went into each Zeppelin, severely limiting wartime bratwurst production.

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Searchlights over London (1915), by William Thomas Wood

“The first Zeppelin air raid on London took place on the 31st May, 1915. Flying at 11,000 feet, and with their engines turned off, they were difficult to spot. In response to these terrifying surprise attacks coastal searchlight units, were redeployed in the city. The searchlight units became adept at catching Zeppelins in their lights so that they could be destroyed and by the Autumn of 1916 the use of Zeppelins ceased.”

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For my 100th post, I wanted to do something special, so here’s a video-version of the zeppelin from my Steampunk Panther illustration (check it out in my feed below)!!! 🎩
✨Happy 100th!✨
@vivavideoapp @enlightpixaloop
#sketches #artwork #videoart #digital #digitalart #art #anthropomorphic #steampunkfashion #zeppelin #steampunk #eagle #sky #fantasy #tech #cogs #color #sunset #sundown #nature #melancholy #digitalpainting #painting #au #ocs #ethereal #victorian #victorianera #furry #uverechsteinerfdez

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Late WW1, a British airship flight engineer takes the external walkway to check on one of the engines, with one of the Lewis machine gunners sitting bellow, neither of them wearing any sort of safety harness. 

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danneelackles512: Happy Mother’s Day Moms. This one is bittersweet for sure. In the past few months, I frequently have both joy and sadness find me in the same moment. Anyone else? What a roller coaster of emotions we must all learn to manage!?! Recently, I was taking a walk with my babies. My daughters each held one of my hands while my son rode on his Daddy’s shoulders. Just watching them filled my heart with pure joy. I looked up, the sun was shining and I had never been happier. My oldest daughter noticed my smile and we locked eyes….I had to look away quickly so I didn’t burst into tears. Their innocence and vulnerability to threats in our world and my responsibility as a mom to protect them suddenly seemed overwhelming. She squeezed my hand again and I looked back. She smiled. She was happy. She was at ease. She believed that I was strong, that I could protect her, and so she ran ahead to play. My breath came back. Our children can give us the power to rise above the fear and anxiety and to be the protectors they KNOW we are. Happy Mother’s Day. We are strong, and we are capable…. so keep smiling on this ride ❤️💪❤️ #happymothersday (x)

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