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#zero waste living

My Thriftbooks order came in and I was not expecting this good of quality. Just a torn book jacket easily fixed with tape! I support local used book stores when I can, but right now that’s not possible. So if you’re looking for something new (to you) to read, I highly recommend Thriftbooks

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This is a really simple thing that can be recycled/ used for another purpose but y'all know about the rubber bands that come around veggies??? We use those in our house to close opened packaging that may not have a zipper or something similar installed!

Also- binder clips!! They work great for the same thing and come in many sizes. I’ve also found that if you need something to air-dry, just open them up and put them on a metal hanger!

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So upset seeing people caring so much about our local golf course maintenance 😒 Maybe this is a good time to let nature reclaim all those acres of land instead of fighting it so hard 🤷‍♀️

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I’ve been wanting to try out whipped body butter for a while but I’ve had lots of other lotions to use up. So here’s my first attempt. Lavender and rose 🥀

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So the way I make my cleaning spray! It’s so simple~ Just hot water, white vinegar, and a scented oil to mask the vinegar smell. (Don’t forget to shake it all up before spraying!) Sometimes I will also add a squeeze of lemon~

That mix, baking soda, and my little hand broom make me unstoppable haha

Until I find a better alternative brand, I have been reusing the plastic bottles the vinegar comes in as the spray bottles. We’re on the hunt for vinegar that isn’t in plastic bottles still, but for now reusing is our lower waste solution.

For wiping down the counters it’s just a spray and wipe it away with a wet rag! Super simple

But for more caked on stuff that’s when I break out the baking soda!

It’s super efficient to let it all soak together and easily wipe it away with minimal scrubbing.

Nasty Toaster Oven Before and MUCH Better After:


Anyways that is my method of lower waste and non-toxic kitchen cleaning! Defs open for input or suggestions~ especially about where to find white vinegar that isn’t in plastic.

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Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? Most of the fancy wrapping paper with images and shiny bits are lined with plastic, making it not suitable for recycling.

Last year I used recyclable brown paper wrapping paper, which worked fine, but this year I decided I’m going to save on waste AND money by using the newspaper/flyers I get every week. The amount of flyers we get every week is absurd, and I definitely do not look through them, so I’m sure others are not either.

So instead of just throwing them in the recycling bin, I saved a bunch and am giving them a second purpose by using them to wrap gifts. I find that they are a lot easier to use than traditional wrapping paper. Then I tied string around the gifts to make them more festive, which can be reused over and over.

Why spend money on something that is literally made to be ripped open and thrown out?

IG: vibing.vegan

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Personal Car Ramble

I’m at the point with my car where I need to decide if constantly fixing it is worth it. I’ve already missed two days of work this month because of it (would be more but thankfully the breakdowns happened right before the weekend). I need a reliable car for my job and having it breakdown while picking children up from school doesn’t look good! (Yeah that happened yesterday….)

But if I get a new car, my old one is basically relegated to rust in a junk heap (it’s a pretty banged up 2006 with a speedometer that reads 20 over the actual speed I’m going; not passing any state inspections with that) and the eco-friendly part of my brain is screaming at me over that.

First world problems, I know. But right now this is a big thing going on in my life and I’m so torn.

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I think for me the worst part of going into late fall/winter season is that local CSAs are over with, fruit/veg stands have closed up, farmer’s markets are ending and have scarce pickings, the grocery stores stop offering local produce.

Next year I want to be more proactive and freeze a bunch of produce throughout spring and summer so I have more options in the colder months. I usually end up resorting to frozen produce (I can’t stand canned, I’ve tried to but the texture 🤢), which is out of season, being shipped long distances, and uses a lot of plastic. I also stock up on squash in the basement, but I can only handle so much of that a week.

How do you guys handle the colder months with local produce being less available or not available at all?

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Finally got a shampoo and conditioner bar!!

I’ve been meaning to get a shampoo bar and a conditioning bar for quite a while now - I was looking at some on Flora & Fauna but never had the money aside for it or would be in Adelaide to get them (packages aren’t delivered for my fiance’s family since they live on a farm house and I think their PO Box is only for like, letters and such)

But the Woolworths down the road from my fam house in Adelaide started stocking Some zero waste stuff! Like the hair bars, as well as shampoo and conditioner in metal bottles (I think) that can be recycled!

I was planning on getting the bottles today, until I saw that the bars were on sale for $10 each (down from~$16 I think)

So you bet ya booty I grabbed one each, gonna wash my hair with them tomorrow morning (I’m sick, so I do not want to deal with wet hair in the late afternoon/early evening)


The pictures aren’t great, but I’ll get some more once I open them fully I think. Definitely will be posting about how my hair goes with them!

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sustainable alternatives


Instead of… use… 

Plastic water bottle = stainless steel bottle 

Plastic bags = canvas bag 

Coffee cups = reusable cup

Sandwich bags = silicone bags or lunch box 

Plastic straws = metal straw 

Liquid soap = bar of soap

Tea bags = tea infuser

Produce bags = mesh bags 

Toothbrushes = bamboo toothbrush 

Dental floss = biodegradable dental floss

Just made an Instagram @mylowwastelifestyle please go and show it some love ;)

(This was made my me please just reshare)

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Zero-waste switches I’ve made so far :)

Hygiene and on-the-go (except for the detergent soapnuts and tea bag).

Also not pictured in on-the-go is a handkerchief and a food container. The containers I use right now are tubberware that I already owned (because tiffins are expensive!) and I use them when I go out to eat to avoid using Styrofoam take-out boxes (if I can remember to bring them). Hopefully I can get a stainless steal container soon so that I can leave it in a safe spot in my car and not have to worry about forgetting it when I go out anymore. Mostly, for on the go, I’ve learned that I can often just take things from my kitchen instead of buying zero-waste specific products like eating utensils or coffee cups (as you can see, mine is just a 12oz jar with a sleeve I made).

As for hygiene, there are a few products I have yet to switch to zero waste alternatives. Either because I still have plenty left and I’m not going to throw it away just because, or because it’s the best product that has worked for me. For example, I have a skin condition, so I use a special facial wash and prescribed medication for my face. These come in a plastic container, but I’m not about to switch those out for alternatives that can aggravate my condition, especially as mine are prescribed! So I don’t switch out products if I have them for a specific sensitive condition/recommended by a doctor, no matter what. This includes changes due to allergies (of which I have many), and vaginal health products.

Making the kitchen zero waste has been a bit of a struggle, as I live with my mom and she has her own way of handling that part of the house. She’s coming around though! In the meantime I do my best to avoid packaging by either shopping from no-packaging options or making things myself. I’m working on a lot of ideas there which I’ll post about soon!

The point of this is to say: changing to a zero-waste lifestyle is a gradual process that we are all continuously working on, don’t feel bad if you still have things that are not ecofriendly. Don’t throw away items that still have plenty of use just to switch to zero-waste ones– that’s wasteful! And don’t be too quick to buy the expensive zero-waste version of items before checking what you can use around your house and what you can make yourself.

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