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Lan Wangji never thought that he’d end up dating someone like Wei Wuxian. He was the total opposite of himself; loud, rambunctious, carefree, and unafraid of what others might think. Of course, Lan Wangji would adapt the last one for himself. 

Lan Wangji wore white and light blue almost always, while Wei Wuxian chose black and red for his outfits. Recently, he dyed his long black hair to create a red ombre at the bottom. 

How the two met was interesting. Where they both attended high school, was not a place you’d usually find people like Wei Wuxian. Everyone there came from a prominent family and thus, the children were also rich. Some acted like snobs, while others remained some degree of humble. Then there was Wei Wuxian, the poster boy for what not to be. However, the boy was still incredibly bright, always finding new ways to do things or interpret them, essentially wrecking the traditional way of thinking. 

One day in orchestra, he had joined out of the blue, claiming to have taught himself the flute over a single summer break. Many thought this preposterous, but their doubts were vanquished once he started playing. It was known that Wei Wuxian could play the guitar and bass, but the flute? Such an instrument seemed so uncharacteristic for such a rebellious person, but then again, Wei Wuxian did whatever he wanted. That’s when Wei Wuxian was assigned to practice a duet with Lan Wangji, and that’s how the two met. 

They started dating during the beginning of junior year, as it took 2 whole years just to get Lan Wangji to open his heart. Another two years later and they had entered college. Wei Wuxian had formed a band with one of his closest friends and a frenemy of sorts. Wei Wuxian had taught Wen Ning how to play the bass, which he was pretty good at. Then there was Xue Yang, which Lan Wangji couldn’t even fathom how Wei Wuxian managed to convince such a cynical and vile person to join his band. Xue Yang played drums and stuck with it because it amused him for whatever reasons he had. 

Wei Wuxian had met Xue Yang during junior year, after someone was caught outside of the school. Xue Yang had lived on the streets and had the misfortune of trying to break into a rich school. Wei Wuxian, knowing the realities of living on the street, tried his best to help the unfortunate soul by offering him hospitality. Reluctantly, Xue Yang accepted Wei Wuxian’s kindness, but still retained his shrewd personality. 

Now, he was sitting at the corner of the bar closest to the stage, watching his boyfriend sing his heart out. However, Lan Wangji got odd stares from those unfamiliar with Wei Wuxian’s band, “Demonic Cultivation.” He stuck out a sore thumb, a single crane in a sea black. Everyone was wearing dark makeup and dark outfits with messy hair, while he remained clean and neat with a white tee on, with the band’s logo on it. Some mocked him, some laughed, some tried to intimidate him, and some tried to hit on him. All of them failed, as his cold indifference shot them down immediately. 

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed Wei Wuxian, indicating the end of the tenth song of the night. He bowed with his guitar, whipping his long hair down and up, as he jumped. He panted for a brief moment, before grabbing the mic stand and saying, “I hope you like us so far. We worked really hard on it. Woo…give me a minute…” Wei Wuxian collected himself, before continuing, “Yeah. We’re going to take a quick break, because, it’s been like half an hour. Yeah. We’ll be right back!” 

The crowd cheered, raising their fists and glasses. Wei Wuxian, Wen Ning, and Xue Yang got off stage and went to the back, where their water was, as well as a quick snack. Lan Wangji walked to the stage door, nodding as one of the bouncers opened the door for him. He heard a girl whining to as why he was allowed back, but she wasn’t. He walked away before he heard the bouncer’s response. He entered the room, sitting down beside his lover and quietly whispering, “You did great.”

“Thanks Lan Zhan,” said Wei Wuxian, “I have an idea.”

Lan Wangji rolled his eyes with silent displeasure. He knew what was coming next. “No,” he said.

“Come on Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whined, “What if I promise to let you tie me up? Or be your slave?”  

Considering the offer for a moment, Lan Wangji refused again. This made the other pout, while Wen Ning and Xue Yang remained confused.

“What hell are you two talking about?” barked Xue Yang, taking another bite of his burger. 

“I want Lan Zhan to sing. I know he can because he does it when I’m sick.” Wei Wuxian continued to beg his boyfriend, who was tolerating his incessant whining, “Come on Lan Zhan. It isn’t much different from your recitals or when you entertain guests.”

“How do you tolerate him?” asked Xue Yang, putting on a disgusted and irritated look. Lan Wangji did not answer, instead, he shifted his brow slightly.

“Yay!” creid Wei Wuxian, “I love you.”

“What the fuck just happened?” asked Xue Yang.

“I think Lan Zhan just agreed,” said Wen Ning.

“Sometimes I question how the hell those two are together,” said Xue Yang, “I mean, they are the complete opposite of each other.”

“I think it’s because they’re opposites, they work so well together.”

“Whatever. I’m just happy with me, myself, and I.”

The short intermission end and they were back on stage. Lan Wangji returned outside to watch his boyfriend perform, dreading the moment where he would be on stage. 

“Okay!” shouted Wei Wuxian, “Tonight we come to our final song!” The crowd booed. “I know, I know. I want to keep playing too, but not everything can last forever. So this time, it’s going to be different.” Wei Wuxian reached out his hand towards Lan Zhan, who made his way on to the stage. “My boyfriend is going to sing for you. Give it up for Lan Zhan!” 

The crowd cheered and clapped, interested in the voice of this angel amongst demons. Wei Wuxian pulled out a black acoustic guitar, hidden in a black case behind one of the amps.

Lan Wangji gave him a look of, “do you want to sing that one?” Wei Wuxian nodded and smile, while Wangji just sighed and prepared himself to sing. 

“Hello, my name is Lan Zhan and I will be singing, ‘Wuji.’”

It was a beautiful and solemn piece. It told of a beautiful story of how they met, how they would never let anything become between them, how they would be free. Of course, after this they would have to go back to reality, where Wangji’s uncle openly objected to their union. Lan Qiren had no wife and no children of his own, so he adopted his brother’s sons when he and his wife had died. It was his last promise to raise the children to be respectable adults. Both Wangji and Huan were respectable, almost perfect, people. There was just one thing about both of them–they were gay. Wangji was caught making out with Wei Wuxian in a janitor’s closet, while Xichen was caught holding hands with Meng Yao–even going so far as to put his arm around Meng Yao’s neck. This was conflicting, as the society they lived in was slowly changing, but still rejecting of their sexualities. Lan Wangji couldn’t care less, so long as he had Wei Wuxian.

Once the song was over, Lan Wangji took a bow and walked off stage and hid in the back room. He heard Wei Ying cry out, “And don’t ever let anything come between you and your lover! Be free! Do whatever you want! Love whomever you want! Fuck everyone else! Goodnight!”

The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping loudly, as people whistled and hollered. This was a great night, despite the last bit. So long as Wei Ying was happy, Lan Zhan was happy too.

“I love you Lan Zhan,” said Wei Wuxian, kissing him on the cheek.

“Love you too.”

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it’s hot chocolate season so there’s no better time to write a xicheng cuddling ficlet


Originally posted by kirbycore


Lan Xichen had never been a big fan of hot chocolate. Not that there was anything wrong with it, of course not. Everyone was subjective to their own tastes. But having grown up on a large collection of teas in his family, Lan Xichen never had a strong tolerance for sweetness as much as his boyfriend. 

Cuddled into his side on the couch, Jiang Cheng slurps happily (loudly) away from the warm mug in his hand. Jiang Cheng had quite the sweet tooth, something that Lan Xichen had a fun time indulging. It was something that he found out, funnily enough, when they had just begun dating. He loved the jitteriness that Jiang Cheng got from his sugar high and his deep devotion to trying out new chocolates. And as much as Jiang Cheng’s outward bitterness was shown towards the world, inside he was as sweet as the chocolates that he drank during winter time; not to mention all the other sweet treats that he loved. 

Jiang Cheng was sweet, as much as he tried to act like he wasn’t.

Ahh,” Jiang Cheng sighs out after a particularly long slurp. At the sound, Lan Xichen turns away from his book to look over. When he catches Jiang Cheng’s delighted face, he huffs a gentle laugh at the look. Jiang Cheng blinks his eyes open, looking at Lan Xichen curiously. 

“What? It’s good! Try some” Jiang Cheng persuades for the fiftieth time. He knew that Lan Xichen had never been a sweets person, but this was just too good to pass up. “It’s the new peppermint cocoa mix from Farmer Tom’s (who’s Trader Joe, don’t know her)” Jiang Cheng advertises. 

At the look of pure excitement on his boyfriend’s face, he finds it hard to say no this time.

Lan Xichen hums, leaning in as Jiang Cheng lifts his mug up to his lips. But Lan Xichen expertly dodges, going for a kiss right on Jiang Cheng’s cupid bow. Jiang Cheng squeaks at the contact, holding onto his mug as Lan Xichen takes time with his kiss. When he pulls back, Jiang Cheng’s surprised at the gentle smack of the older man’s lips.

“The chocolate was good,” Lan Xichen comments, a little intoxicated on the peppermint and the scent of something distinctively Jiang Cheng amidst the sweetness.

“Gosh why didn’t you tell me I had something on my face…” Jiang Cheng asks, about to wipe his face when Lan Xichen grabs his wrist.

“Don’t do that, would be a waste,” Lan Xichen tells him and leans in to kiss the rest of the chocolate moustache on Jiang Cheng’s lips.

Because it sure would be a waste to not get a taste there. 

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Ever since he was young, Lan Wangji would have these elaborate fantasies about the past. In it, people still wore robes and used swords, however, there was also magic and monsters. Those around him were also incorporated into these dreams. These dreams become so complex, that Wangji thought they were real. His surreal immersion was broken when he heard his alarm clock. 

Wangji was always more of an introvert, being raised under the strict rules of his uncle, having never created any meaningful relationships beyond that of his brother. That was, until he met a certain boy.

In his dreams, he would often hear another voice or see the figure of another boy. They sounded cheerful and happy, whilst also being playful. They did whatever they wanted, when they wanted to. Albeit, whenever he tried to see the boy’s face, he would wake up. 

He struggled with this for months; his mind plagued with question of who was the owner of the voice. It wasn’t until the summer, that this question was answered. 

Wangji had been summoned by his uncle, to be introduced to some guests. 

“Ah, here he is. This is my second nephew, Lan Wangji.” 

“Hello, my name is Lan Wangji, but you may call me Lan Zhan,” he greeted the guests. They bowed back and that’s when he saw him, the one who had been plaguing his dreams.

“Wangji, this is Jiang Fengmian, and his children: Jiang Yanli, Jiang Wanyin, and Wei Ying. Jiang Wanyin and Wei Ying will be staying with us for the summer. Treat them well.”

“Hello,” said the with short hair, his face serious and his voice even more so.

The other one had wild and long hair, and his voice was cheerful, “Hi.”

“Wangji, show them around,” ordered his uncle. 

“Yes Uncle,” he replied back, bowing as he left with the two boys in tow. He left silently, not knowing what to say to either of them as he never actually had friends before. 

“So, what do you do for fun?” asked Wei Ying, “And by the way, my name is actually Wuxian. His name is Cheng.”

Wangji silently took note of this, but still preferred to call them by their other names. “Reading, music.”

Cutting off his brother, Jiang Wanyin asked, “What do you play?”

“Guqin,” he answered.

“Wow,” awed Wanyin, “i don’t play anything, but he plays the flute.”

“Isn’t Nie Huaisang supposed to be here by now?” asked Wei Ying.

“Didn’t he text you? He said he was coming tomorrow,” answered Jiang Wanyin.

Another unfamiliar name, another guest to entertain. What was his uncle even up to? Inviting all these guests for the summer? 

They arrived in the library, which was filled with a vast amount of books and scrolls. 

“That’s a lot of books,” commented Wei Ying, taking down hands from behind his head, “How many even are there?” 

“One thousand, three hundred and fifty-two,” answered Wangji. 

“Have you read all of them?” asked Jiang Wanyin.

“Not yet,” he answered plainly, “Just most.”

“What else do you do besides reading,” probed Wei Ying, “Like do you have a T.V. or?”

“Yes, I watch T.V. sometimes.”

“What do you watch?” Wei Ying asked further.

“Documentaries, some movies.” He wanted this endless line of questioning to stop, yet he wanted to know more about the boy. “What about you?”

Answering for both of them, Wei Ying excitedly said, “I like anime and dramas. I have to force Jiang Cheng to watch them with me and Shijie. He cried once.”

“And you cried when you saw a dog in a movie,” snapped the other.

“It was scary.”

“It was a shitzu.”

“Doesn’t matter. All dogs are viscous.”

The two bickered, which was something he never did with Huan-ge. More and more new things entered his life, and more things would come.

That summer was special for him. He made his first friend, even with his aloof nature. Wei Wuxian persisted in his efforts to become his friend. During this time, the dreams became clearer, as if he was actually living a separate life in an alternate universe. And as they spent more time together, there became this growing attraction to him; the boy unafraid of others (except for dogs.) 

This happened for the next three years, with himself or Wei Wuxian visiting each other. During the fall, on Wei Wuxian’s eighteenth birthday, Lan Wangji had visited him in Yunmeng. Late at night, Wei Wuxian had taken him out on to the lake, as he wanted to show the beauty of the lotuses at night. Alone and with no one around, Lan Wangji took this opportunity to confess his feelings.

“Wei Wuxian,” he started.

“Yes Lan Zhan?” the other asked curiously.

“Close your eyes,” he said.

“Okay, but you better not push me into the lake.” Wei Wuxian complied and closed his eyes, smiling happily as he did so. 

Lan Wangji leaned forward and cupped Wei Ying’s face in his hands, kissing him as he did so. It lasted no more than a moment, with Lan Wangji quickly whispering “happy birthday,” into his ear. 

When Wei Wuxian opened his eyes, at first he was a bit shocked, but then amused. This wasn’t the first time he saw Lan Zhan blush, but it was his first kiss, something he knew meant a lot to some people. His eyes became warmer and in the same cheerful tone, he replied, “Thank you Lan Zhan, this was the best present ever, but can I have it again?” 

“Wei Ying-”

“Just kiss me you idiot.”

Wei Ying pulled the second Jade of Gusu forwards, kissing him again, under the soft light of the moon.

“I love you Lan Zhan.”

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