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worldofteyvat · 2 days ago
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Genshin Week: Day 4 - Favorite Archon
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zhonqlis · 2 days ago
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GENSHIN IMPACT WEEK: DAY 4 → *:・゚✧ ♥ Favorite Archon ♥ ✧ ・゚:*.
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⭒ childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli: reader gets kidnapped hcs ⭒
request for @the-lizerd-is-here: I fell in love with all your Genshin Impact writings and may or may not stayed up well into the early morning reading them cause I couldn’t stop reading, I just really enjoy how you write, it’s all so good!
If it’s alright, could I please request headcanons for Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, and Zhongli where they come home expecting to see the reader, but all they find is a note from a particularly nasty group of bandits who say they’ve kidnapped the reader and are demanding an insanely large sum of mora. Not to mention attached to the note is a lock of the reader’s hair, a few drops of blood, and a message saying that if they don’t pay the ransom soon they’ll do much worse than just send them a lock of the reader’s hair. If possible, could there also be some sorta happy, good ending? I enjoy hurt/comfort way too much. If this request makes you uncomfortable at all it’s alright if you delete it. I hope ya have a good day!
good evening i live. this took like a week to write SKGHFOBBDJLA i swear i’m trying college just has me busy </3
HI i know we have talked a fair amount since you sent this in (thank you for your patience btw aa) but the first time i read this i couldnt stop smiling ;; you are so sweet but also do not sacrifice sleep to read my stuff >:( /lh
i hope you enjoy! hurt/comfort my beloved...
pairing: childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli x reader (separately)
characters: childe, kaeya alberich, diluc ragnvindr, zhongli
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 2391
warnings: brief mentions of injury/blood
⋆ he could just pay the demanded ransom, and if it came down to it, he would
⋆ but childe is far from rational when he finds you’ve been kidnapped. no, in that moment, his only instinct is to protect, and the only thought on his mind is getting you back
⋆ sure, he’ll use his resources as a fatui harbinger. but childe dives headfirst into the situation himself, too (which is kind of what he’s known for, anyway)
⋆ he grows a lot more snappy and is more easily prone to anger without you around; he begins to model what most people would assume a fatui harbinger is like—cold and ruthless
⋆ not knowing where you are and what state you’re in does something to childe. he literally does not care for anyone except you, you’re the only thing that matters til he gets you back
⋆ not only does he endlessly give out orders to his subordinates, but childe himself is out searching for you day and night. one of his agents, or maybe even another harbinger, has to force him to stop and rest and eat something before he collapses from exhaustion
⋆ he throws a fit but ultimately relents to getting a few hours of sleep, only because not doing so would probably slow him down more
⋆ but as soon as he’s up and has a little more energy, he’s back to scouring teyvat for you. he knows you’re already hurt—the blood made that pretty obvious—and he’ll be damned if he lets your condition get worse because he was too slow
⋆ childe finds your location within days, and though he informs another agent of your whereabouts, he doesn’t wait for backup
⋆ you’re being kept in a secluded corner of some abandoned ruins, but are otherwise unguarded, he discovers. it doesn’t surprise him that this is just the work of some petty thieves looking for some extra money; if he wasn’t so concerned for your safety, he would’ve laughed at the lack of expertise
⋆ regardless of the fact that the bandits are—in his eyes—amateurs, childe doesn’t show any mercy. he’s honestly glad that you’re out of sight because you don’t have to see the bloodshed he brings about (if you’re conscious, though, you don’t get the benefit of not hearing it. sorry.)
⋆ he’s done within minutes, and can finally focus on getting you back
⋆ there’s blood on his jacket, and pants, and… basically everywhere else but don’t worry! it’s not his. he’s relieved to find you mostly unharmed, save for a few cuts and bruises
⋆ the tenderness he displays with you, summoning a hydro dagger and carefully cutting away any restraints around your arms or legs, heavily contrasts with the brute force he just used on the idiots who kidnapped you
⋆ when he picks you up, he holds you close. regardless of your state of consciousness, childe whispers his relief to you, brushing his nose against your cheek as he promises to never let this happen again.
⋆ given who he is, kaeya is prepared for basically anything. he’s seen a lot, and as a knight of favonius, has certainly helped with plenty of robberies
⋆ though he never expects to come home from a late patrol to find someone has stolen you from him
⋆ at first, he thinks you’re just hiding, playing a prank on him by depriving him of your usual affections
⋆ it becomes very apparent that this isn’t “just a joke” after you respond to none of his calling, even as it grows more frantic and he practically tears your home apart.
⋆ he’d find the ransom note in what should’ve been an obvious spot. after reading it, kaeya bolts out the door and goes right back to where he just was: the knights of favonius headquarters
⋆ for once he’s thankful for jean’s terrible habit of overworking herself; she’s still in her office when he practically kicks the door down, panting with the note gripped in one hand
⋆ kaeya normally prides himself in keeping a cool and neutral attitude, even in violent situations, but he’s panicked—and even that may be an understatement
⋆ he’s near incoherent as he basically begs jean for immediate help. she really only agrees because as distraught as he is, kaeya also looks prepared to walk out of her office and find you himself
⋆ he knows it’s better to work as a group. he knows the other knights will help. but all he wants to do is run off and find the bastards that thought they could harm you
⋆ he can’t be left alone, a fact he finds rather embarrassing. kaeya understands, though; he doesn’t even trust himself to behave. if he were to find who took you while alone, he doesn’t think he’d leave any survivors.
⋆ everyone can tell he’s not okay. he’s dropped his usual charming façade, he can’t relax. kaeya does a lot of pacing, between waiting for investigation updates and searching for you himself
⋆ unlike with childe, kaeya is forced to wait to retrieve you with a team once you’re found. as much as he would like to immediately save you himself, he knows that would just put your safety even more at risk
⋆ he forces himself to wait, to plan how to best get you back with a team of knights. the goal is that no one ends up hurt (even though kaeya wants to hurt some people very, very badly)
⋆ the promise of getting you back is enough for him to return almost to normal. he’s back to having a cool exterior, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t internally freaking out quite a bit
⋆ …at least now he can focus and work with other people
⋆ while he doesn’t kill anyone on the retrieval mission, he does some lasting damage. he finds where exactly you are by doing what he does best: getting information out of someone through questionable means! (hey, he didn’t kill them, okay?)
⋆ kaeya mostly leaves the fighting and arresting of the bandits to his companions. it would be great for them to receive the punishment they deserve, but he really only cares about getting you back
⋆ while the other knights keep the bandits busy, he uses the information he has to find where they’re keeping you
⋆ as soon as he spots you, his stern expression collapses into one of relief. he falls to his knees in front of you, untying you and pulling you into his chest immediately
⋆ after holding you for several moments in silence, he busies himself with checking you over; looking for any injuries and briefly tending to any he does find, attempting to hide the shaking in his hands
⋆ when he deems you well enough, kaeya scoops you up into his arms. even if you protest and say you can walk on your own, he refuses to let you down until he’s carried you all the way home.
⋆ he’s a lot like childe, really​​. diluc could pay the stupid ransom, but if he did, he’d lose the opportunity to break a few (a lot of) bones
⋆ also he doesn’t trust that the bandits would uphold their end of the bargain. if they’re willing to stoop so low and kidnap you, they would be just as willing to change the terms of exchange to get more from him
⋆ also like childe, diluc will use all of his connections in order to track you down
⋆ however, aside from intel-gathering, diluc does everything alone
⋆ he believes others will only slow him down, and he’s not willing to risk your safety over someone else’s incompetence
⋆ there’s literally no way to make him take a break. though the entirety of his staff knows he’s out to rescue you, no one knows exactly what that means; diluc will stay up for days on end searching for you, refusing to rest or even stop to eat
⋆ he knows he should rest, but again, he’s not going to put you in danger because he took a little break
⋆ he also knows he probably won’t be in a much better condition than you when he finds you, but he doesn’t care
⋆ diluc’s lost too much already; losing you would be absolutely devastating. he doesn’t care if he destroys himself, so long as you end up safe.
⋆ he really only pauses to think things through after he’s pinpointed your location (which he did much faster than what’s normal for someone working basically alone)
⋆ it’s the only time he takes to really think things over, coming up with a half-baked plan to ensure his success. he’ll get you back no matter what, but he wants to do so in a way that, again, won’t end with you more injured than you already are
⋆ he’s merciful only in the sense that diluc doesn’t kill anyone; severely injure? sure, but he’s not going to complicate the situation by ending anyone’s life
⋆ diluc plans to attack at night. he’s used to working in the dark, and hopes that will throw the bandits off at least a little bit
⋆ they’re holed up in a cave somewhere near mondstadt’s border. he could use the darkness to sneak around undetected, but he instead uses it to launch a sneak attack
⋆ which honestly might be better because if he takes out every one of the bandits before rescuing you, he won’t have to split his attention between keeping you from harm and, well, attempting to harm others in your escape
⋆ the dark night is disturbed by bright bursts of fire as diluc quite literally tears his way through his opponents, wounding just as many as he chases off
⋆ he’s both relieved and upset at how easily they abandon you; on the one hand, less work for him. but on the other, they could have just left you alone this whole time, instead of roping you into their selfish desires
⋆ diluc is even more quiet than usual when he gets to you, but he breathes a sigh of relief upon finding you’re alive and in better condition than he originally thought you would be
⋆ he’s gentle, slipping his gloves off and discarding his weapon to remove your restraints. as soon as your hands are free, you lunge at him and tug him into a hug, one he eagerly returns
⋆ diluc slips his coat off and drapes it over your shoulders, standing and offering a hand to pull you up. when you stumble, he lets you fall against him, bearing most of your weight as you slowly make your way back to the winery.
⋆ if you think zhongli would uphold his gentlemanly persona after finding you’ve been abducted, you’d be dead wrong
⋆ remember, this man was once the god of war. and you, the love of his life, have just been taken and threatened with injury
⋆ he has no option other than saving you himself. even if he wanted to, he couldn’t pay the ransom
⋆ zhongli swore he’d move on from his ruthless ways, but… reverting back just this once isn’t a big deal, right? it’s for a good cause… right?
⋆ he (barely) manages to keep himself together long enough to form some sort of investigation team
⋆ like diluc, zhongli’s only interested in saving you himself, but he’s not unwilling to allow others to assist him in finding you initially
⋆ there’s a benefit to keeping the kind attitude for a little longer—as much as he wants to just tear your kidnappers apart—and for having such a good reputation in liyue: he can easily gather support and assistance
⋆ being a former god also helps. he has no trouble asking his fellow adepti for help. while they can cover more ground, he also takes the situation to the millelith, who offer their assistance
⋆ there are times when zhongli feels calmer about the situation, taking a moment to rest and breathe; but then he remembers the blood, the message, and how scared you must be at the moment
⋆ it’s a thought that never fails to send him to his feet again, and he continues working for hours on end to try and find you
⋆ at one point the millelith made the mistake of saying zhongli should just let them handle it, and they never suggested that again. it’s also probably the only time they ever got to see the normally so refined zhongli snap at someone
⋆ when the group of bandits, and of course you as well, are found, the millelith and adepti alike begin to create a plan to get you back; there’s only one problem, they want to wait about another day before they do anything
⋆ zhongli should be relieved, or nervous, even, but all he feels is anger. he fights the urge to direct it at those saying they should wait to rescue you; you’re alone, you’re injured, time is running out, and these idiots want him to wait?
⋆ for the benefit of everyone—himself included—zhongli agrees to the plan
⋆ but he has no intention of listening, and that night, he’s waltzing into the abandoned ruins the bandits are camped out in like he owns the place (though i guess technically he does?)
⋆ now he allows the god he used to be to take the lead. any resistance is met with brutal, unyielding force, and he fights his way to you within a matter of minutes
⋆ you’re unconscious, covered in countless bruises and cuts, and tied up in a far corner of the ruins
⋆ it makes his blood boil. though most of the bandits have either fled or been defeated by him, there’s a few foolish enough to try and stop him from leaving with you
⋆ even with you cradled in his arms, zhongli has no issue beating them back. and when the both of you are clear of the ruins, he collapses the building; as a parting gift, of sorts… 
⋆ tomorrow he’ll blame the collapse on an earthquake. he’s not sure how many people will believe him, but what will they say? he’s zhongli, respected throughout all of liyue. and he got you back, isn’t that all that matters?
⋆ he stands, watching the dust settle for a moment, before turning to look down at you in his arms. zhongli’s hardened look melts into one of fondness as he draws his thumb over your cheek. his lips pulling up in a tiny smile, he begins the walk back to liyue harbor in silence.
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f-ai-n · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I found out my main party's level 1 attack and defense status and it gave me ideas™️
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glazelilyy · 2 days ago
sharing is caring
request from anon - "This fluffy idea came to mind immediately once I saw your requests were open: can you write some headcanons on when Zhongli, Dainsleif, Childe, and Xiao find out their s/o adopted a pet (cat or dog or ferret or rat, IDK XD)?"
a/n - you got it nonnie!! i honestly forgot all about regular requests for a sec (aaaa curse school!!!) but this was super cute and fun!!! and i needed to write something fluffy like this after all the angst i've put everyone through :P i twisted it a bit so a lil playful jealousy was included, i hope you don't mind! :D
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!) - childe/tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, dainsleif x gender neutral reader
word count - 1613
genre - fluff, crack
format- headcanons
warnings - (pets used in order of character appearance: a dog, a lizard, a cat, a bunny), playful jealousy, mentions of a family (with you, the character, and the pet)
summary - when you decide to take on a fluffy (or less than fluffy) companion, your lover finds himself in an endless competition to vie for your attention, even if he's just competing with a pet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you bound through the door one day holding an energetic looking puppy in your arms, childe's actually pretty elated!
he recalls in his childhood: the long painstaking effort of trying to convince his parents to let him adopt one of the many little stray dogs that scoured the lands around his childhood home
only to no avail; poor childe in his boyhood lamented the fact that he never had an energetic companion as bouncy and lively as himself
but now, many years later, he's grinning with joy and bouncing the golden retriever in his arms like a giggling baby
you'd found the little thing wandering the streets of liyue and took pity on the solemn sparkle in its wide, round, innocent eyes
childe seems to take a liking to the puppy more than you'd expected and quickly named it "boris"
"because boris is a strong and mighty little wolf, aren't you ya little rascal?" was his explanation, solidified by the many flurried kisses he drowned the puppy's snout in
little did he know, he'd come to slightly regret his premature enthusiasm
boris seemed to take more of an interest in you and followed you around your modest liyuen apartment, pawing at your ankles and crawling into your lap the minute you sat down
originally, childe had been disheartened because of the puppy's lack of interest in him
"give boris some time, i'm sure he'll come around to you!" you tried reassuring him with a kiss to his cheek
alas, months had gone by and boris seemed not inclined to yearn for his touch; not one bit
in addition to being neglected by his new furry friend, childe also had to deal with your lack of attention on him
you'd become practically entranced by the little bundle of fluff and all of your attention shifted to boris in the process
childe'll get all pouty and poke your cheek while you play with boris in your lap
you find it quite adorable: the mighty warrior tartaglia whining for his lover's attention, and so you play into his little game for a little and tease him by smothering boris in affection in front of him
but after a while, his pouting lips and sorrowful eyes are too much for you to ignore and so indulge and litter him with kisses and affectionate words
"my two favorite boys!" you giggle as you press your warm cheek against childe's and hold boris between your smushed bodies
childe feels his heart melt when boris finally licks his hand for the first time
perhaps his excitement wasn't so premature after all :)
more content utc!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
after some thoughtful discussion and careful planning, you decided to get a pet with zhongli!
you'd been browsing options for a while but a water dragon at a local liyue pet store caught his eye and you were happy to take the little one home
you settled on a sweet name for a sweet lizard: lily
zhongli had plucked a few glaze lilies on your way home and placed them in a vase beside the lizard's new enclosure, so "lily" just felt fitting at the time
zhongli was very determined to bond with lily, seeing as he wasn't home often enough as you were
lily seemed to take kindly to him: she'd traverse his hands with ease and settle calmly on his thighs and shoulders (you'd often wake up to zhongli nonchalantly cooking breakfast with a lizard on his shoulder and gently chide him for the risk of lily falling into the food)
zhongli is also quite taken with the exact type of lizard that lily was
you'd find descriptive books of lizard types of scholarly notes he'd borrowed nestled between his usual stacks of work
after all, being a dragon-like being himself, he felt a special connection to your new scaly family member
you were quite happy to see your lover and your new pet getting along so swimmingly; part of your brain cooed at the domesticity of the situation
but, being as observant as he was, zhongli began to notice how much your attention began to shift to the scaly creature
time that you used to spend wrapped up in his arms or listening to his poetic ramblings was now time you spent spoon feeding wriggling worms to lily's awaiting open mouth
he's not one to get jealous or needy, his patience runs deep as does his understanding
but zhongli is as much of a man just as he is a god and he'll find himself clutching onto your waist just a little longer than normal and spending more time in the doorway of your home pressing his lips against yours just as he's about to leave for work
you aren't complaining one bit: you often missed zhongli while he was away and found solace in entertaining lily, which led her to form more of an attachment to you, and you her
zhongli feels a bit guilty after you voice these thoughts, but he's found solace knowing that you're not lonely while he's away and so his nonexistence rivalry with lily comes to an end
it's a win for the dragons to say the least!
Tumblr media
xiao does quite well with animals actually
but he has a preference for the calmer ones
cats became his favorite after verr goldet introduced him to the many stray cats that wander the inn's grounds and act as cuteness-attractors for potential guests
the furry baby that sits by the front desk is the one that often follows him around and paws at his ankles while he stands on the upper balcony
when verr goldet lets you adopt the cat, you settle on naming it "tofu"
before your constant presence at the inn, tofu would be more inclined to keep xiao company; xiao was quite confused at first but he couldn't deny how warm the little black and white cat made him feel
once you came along, you showed him how to pet tofu behind her ears and offer up some proper belly rubs
he loves tofu just as much as he loves you, but he can't deny the small sparks of jealousy that flutter around his chest as he watches you frolic with the little cat from afar
xiao has always loved when you let him rest his head on your lap and run your nails through his thick, fluffy locks
but now instead of his hair, your hands eagerly ruffled tofu's fur and coddled her with love in your lap
xiao won't say a word, but he's also quite sullen that tofu had stopped following him around the inn, opting instead to sunbathe with you or sit by your side while you read a novel
his two favorite darlings not giving him attention :(
ultimately he'll sulk around a bit in an unnoticeable manner (because heavens forbid that the great and mighty yaksha be seen moping over a lack of attention of all things)
it's not until you realize the source of his pouts that you quickly apologize smother him in a flurry of hugs and kisses
he's hesitant to admit it aloud but he's extremely happy that you and tofu get along since you both mean the world to him
(bonus cause i'm soft:)
xiao: *feeding tofu (the cat)...tofu (the food)*
you: *gasp* cannibalism
xiao: ???
Tumblr media
you'd been traveling throughout teyvat with dainsleif for a while as lovers
sometimes while camping outdoors, you'd come across small, woodland creatures who'd sleep nearby to seek warmth from the small campfire dain had built
on one such night while camping in the forests of mondstat, you find the tiniest of pure, white, baby bunnies nestled cutely by your bag
with gentle coaxes and hushed coos, you manage to gather the baby bunny into your arms and eagerly shake dainsleif awake to show him
"look, look! it's a bunny! can we keep it? pleeeeeeeease?"
and who is he to say no to your puppy dog eyes?
you hereby dub the bunny "snowball" and he becomes somewhat of your child
you often joke that you and dain are now officially parents, which is enough to fluster him to the point where he looks as though he'd burst should you peck his cheek
snowball is quite taken with you and prefers to snuggle into your lap when it comes time to sleep
whereas with dain, problems occur: snowball wriggles in his grasp and can never stay still in his arms
if snowball does manage to get out of dain's grip, he finds himself bounding right back into your arms
"he'll get used to you with time, don't worry." you tried to reassure a crestfallen looking dain, who half heartedly agreed
dain becomes somewhat determined to gain snowball's trust: for you, and because he secretly adored the prospect of being a little family with you and snowball
much to his dismay, not only does snowball seem not receptive to his attempts, but your attention has shifted away from him to the little bundle of fluff in your arms
dainsleif isn't a very touchy man—as much as he loves your physical attention, but a small part of him whines every time you choose to coo and pet snowball instead of giving him affection
but, of course, you never let him feel unloved
and with time, snowball begins to warm up to dainsleif
the night he finally crawls into the bough keeper's lap, dainsleif is reluctantly, although excitedly shaking you awake and eagerly showing you his accomplishment
and you merely smile, press a kiss to both their heads and lean your head on his shoulder after mumbling "my two loves are finally getting along."
Tumblr media
date published: september 25th, 2021
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sprayio · 2 days ago
When The Genshin Boys Discover Their Kid Has a Crush (P1)
P2 with: Venti, Xiao, Kazuha [Read Here]
P3 with: Albedo, Tohma, Gorou [TBA]
Warnings: Indication of having a child with aforementioned characters. Indication of reader being AFAB, Other than that, pure SFW fluff.
Pairings: Fem!reader x Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Zhongli (seperate)
Genre: Romantic, comedy. Bulleted head-canons
Bonus: I rate each of the boys on how obnoxious they are about it
A/N: My works are usually Gender neutral, but I've been needing a pick me up so this was more self indulgent writing for myself LOL (I identify as she/her). I hope you guys enjoy♡. Also I did NOT mean to go off on the Diluc one- the scenario was just so funny I couldn’t stop writing
Tumblr media
Isn't he practically that neighbourhood mom?
Kaeya knows all the gossip. This includes your child's love life.
"So kiddo, I heard you made a new friend~"
Wiggles his eyebrow suggestively and your son just SPITS out his water.
Angrily blushing as he squares off against his father because let's face it- anything he says will end up being turned against him.
Just imagine Kaeya and a mini Kaeya T posing each other💀
"NO I did not!!" Your son manages to choke out with the most flustered look on his face.
"Oh? You're sure? But I already invited them for dinne-"
This is where Kaeya gets scared because now he'll be in trouble with you 💀
Ends in a tickle fight as Kaeya makes his son swear secrecy.
You walk in on an all out war but dw Kaeya is getting in mega trouble 💀. You assure your kid that Kaeya is now grounded until the foreseeable future💀💀.
Your son kisses you on the cheek as thanks and walks back to his room triumphantly.
But as soon as he's out of earshot, a sly grin makes it's way onto your face
"So, Klee is still coming over for dinner, right?"
You and Kaeya share a secret, knowing smile and fist bump each other.
Mission accomplished.
Rating: 6/10 staple annoying dad. Definitely too many dad jokes when Klee comes over. Super wholesome though and wants the best for his son🥺💖.
Tumblr media
everyone at work is worried that something genuinely bad happened to him
like complete sobbing- a broken mess as he leaves work wailing. Won’t talk to anyone.
It’s still early in the morning you’re so surprised to wake up to foreign tear droplets on your face.
“Baby? What’s wrong?? Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”
You cup his face as he engulfs you into a bear hug
“*sniff* I heard- I heard”
“I heard that *hic* Anya is in love-”
“With someone other than me!!”
“Is my own daughter going leave me? Even though she promised to be with *hic* daddy forever?”
You’re patting his back out of obligation as a loving partner but with the most neutral look on your face (yep this happens a lot)
“Is she gonna get married? What if the person she likes is a complete scumbag???"
"What if they're dangerous and working with shady people?!?!"
You narrow your eyes at him but he's too busy bawling his eyes out to notice.
"What if....she wants to move out of Shneznaya?!”
"!! I can't take that!!!"
“I- I *hic* I won’t stand for this!!”
You sigh, patting his back but also trying to squeeze out of his deathgrip.
Childe- you do know Anya is only still 5.”
Rating: 10/10 super annoying about the whole thing. He has too much time on his hands. Tamaki Suoh Kinnie. Atleast it’s funny <3
Tumblr media
Out of the blue at dinner one day, your 10 year old proudly announces that she’s in love
“Mommy, Daddy, Benny, I’m gonna marry Flora!”
You and your eldest son Bennett laugh endearingly; she looks so proud of her adamant proclamation, as she stuffs more mashed potatoes into her puffy cheeks.
Diluc however, goes into a coughing fit 💀
You pat his back with urgency as Bennett runs to go grab a glass of water.
“Daddy? Are you okay?”
Lucy looks up at her father with worried, round eyes.
“I’m *ahem* fine- I’ll just- excuse myself for a moment.”
She nods, a little bit dazed. Yet slowly but surely, she re-engages in her excited chatter about how pretty Flora is and wondering what flowers to pick for her.
You humor her, admiring her adorably untamed red locks bouncing with every word.
That is until Bennett returns, concern written all over his face
“Mom, can you check on Dad? He’s in the bathroom.”
You understand immediately that something’s going on. Bennett takes over for you.
(Side note: you and Diluc adopted Bennett prior to Lucy being born. Ever since, he has been ENAMOURED with his little sister, he always wanted to be a big brother 🥺. He listens to her stories attentively, wiping the crumbs from her face with a clean napkin. Just pure love in his eyes as he nods along, smoothing out her hair.)
As you approach the bathroom, you can hear the sound of faint sniffles.
“Diluc, are you okay love?”
“I- I’m fine.”
He’s trying to hide the weakness in his voice but it’s pretty obvious mans been crying 😞
“Will you come out?”
Almost reluctantly, the door creeps open, and he staggers out and into your arms.
You wrap him into a warm hug and stroke his hair, wiping tenderly at his dewey eyes, as you hide the biggest shit eating grin froming on your face
Please don’t tease him about it he will cry more
“I’m fine, I’m just... worried.”
“Is it childish to not want her to go anywhere yet? I just think... it’s too soon.”
If you thought hiding a smile was hard before now you’re using up every last ounce of willpower to hold back laughter.
“Don’t worry so much okay? She’s just a kid and it’ll pass my love.”
The guy is acting like it’s the end of the world, when most likely your 8 year old will probably forget about having a crush in a few days
After consoling him, you drag Diluc back to the dining room to finish dinner. 
You swear you hear Bennett scamper back to his seat at the last minute, presumably eavesdropping
You and your eldest son are sat there, pursed lips the WHOLE night stifling back laughter 
It gets worse when Diluc starts coughing again when Lucy asks if he’ll walk her down the aisle 💀
Diluc later asks you two why you were so silent all of dinner. Sharing a knowing look with Bennett, you nod in solidarity. 
What Diluc doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
Rating: 8/10. Overdramatic and silly bonk him pls. But gets his shit together in front of his daughter wants to be supportive still
Tumblr media
“You have romantic feelings for someone? Well, there’s no reason to waste any time.”
Way too enthusiastic about it. Somehow his 12 year old son’s mild crush is being treated as a serious engagement  💀
Did he just forget that you two got together casually asf
Teaches him about all the intricate and lengthy courtship procedures in Liyue. And if this is Zhongli’s son, you can bet he’s taking notes. 
While you’re away at work, Zhongli has already gotten little Li Jie to write his proposal speech, wedding vows, and wedding speech 🧎‍♂️
Calls Childe for Mora advice
Shopping spree time!! Gets random expensive stuff for engagement presents.
Calls Childe again for further opinions, and gets a bit of a shock
Is probably big on the idea of marriage because it’s like the “ultimate contract”, 
so when Childe says a lot of couples live in cohabitation he has to reconsider everything.
Sitting with his son formally on either side of the table, the two of them crossing their hands and weighing up their options. 🧘‍♂️
Somehow?? Zhongli decides that they can figure it out later, after buying more expensive presents??? 
Thankfully you come home early from work and stop the two of them from ordering an exotic Inazuman Ruin sentinal as a pet 💀
Moment where you’re like I love this man but hate him so much at the same time
Needless to say, you’ll be giving the romance advice from now on in this house
Rating: 15/10 he’s so fucking annoying crying (ily peepaw)
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ragnvlndr · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact + Text Posts (16/?)
Hey! Want to join a Genshin roleplay server for canon and ocs? Check out @adventuresinteyvat!  
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ahlogic · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact
prompt: s/o who plays a sad match maker
summary: they've been with you the longest and loved how you helped people with their romantic struggle, but why is it that you always looked so lonely?
pronouns: you're pretty, closer to female.
distance: crush to lovers
attendance: kaeya, diluc, and zhongli
﹤⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹥
Tumblr media
KAEYA ALBERICH-- marked present.
dear Kaeya sees everything. first he thought you were just shocked how your planning worked, but then it happened again and again and again.
he loves the first instance where you're overjoyed for your friend, both of the new happy couple spouting about how they are so thankful for you. and you smile.
he watches the how the creases don't meet your eyes, how you nod when you mind appears empty.
how he just wanted to reach out to you and ask what was wrong? weren't you happy for them.
and you were! you were very happy! but this ache in your chest, you sometimes feels guilty when it takes hold of you. why can't that be you with someone to love?
kaeya would try to take you away from your nonofficial job, to help you with your struggles that you refused to open up to him about.
"just know i'm here if you ever want to pour your heart out to." he means that. you're there for him. how could a man who's romantically interested in you not allow you room to open up to him? simply not a man at all.
it's not until you're in the middle of the night with kaeya, on a hill by a tree with your head rested on kaeya's shoulder that you finally pull down your walls.
"I'm so lonely." You break the silence, dragging Kaeya from his thoughts and forcing him to look at you worried. "I'm constantly making people happy, and I love to help. Happy couples in love is my goal." You're silent after that. Kaeya thought you dropped the conversation until you picked it up, pawing at his left sleeve and he stiffened from your toying.
"Lonely is a common stepping stone. Some people are stopped in it's miserable pass, but why are you dear?" He asked, a small smile forming on his face, stroking his hand through your hair.
"I should be happy, shouldn't I?" You ask, watching how the soft cloth of his baggy sleeve morphed in your hands.
"You can only feel as happy as you allow yourself, are you happy?"
"I'm happy here with you." You reply quietly, a small smile playing on your lips. He choked back a laugh and looked down at you, ruffling your hair.
"Oh, you always know how to make a man have a good time."
Silence suffocates you both again and you drown in your thoughts once more.
"Kaeya." You voice broke and he looked down at you once more. You locked eyes with him, half-lidded eye lids with the most defeated and vulnerable sense. Your lips begin to quiver and tug down, no matter how much you fought them not to. "Why do I feel like I'm missing out on the world?" Kaeya narrowed his eye at you, suddenly taking in your words as though they were the last thing he would ever hear. Your hues suddenly began clouding with tears. "Kaeya, can I not have love?"
The moment you finish your sentence, he swoops forward and presses a hand behind your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. With shock evident on your face, you kiss back relaxing, tears falling down your cheeks.
With his arms secured tightly around you, he pulled back. For a split moment, you see him vulnerable. Someone who was morphed just like you, lonely on the sidelines. A smile graces his lips and he pulls your back into his chest and rests his head on top of yours.
"I will always be here for you. I love you. Don't ever forget it, my love." Your eyes grow wide, and then, you allow yourself to cry. You were loved. And this night will be talked about in the morning once you let out all this bundled stress.
Tumblr media
DILUC RAGNVINDR-- marked present.
Diluc knew how you would come to his tavern late at night with a new couple as they treated you to drinks and food. he couldn't help but realize the discomfort in you expressed when they showed any form of affection, how they would even so look at each.
every smile that left you was far to wide or too small to be shown as overloading happiness. perhaps Diluc was just good at reading people from his time being a tavern owner/bartender. afterwards you would come to him and talk to him to catch up. you would follow a routine of this and walk him home.
he didn't want to pry into your life since you generously hadn't pried into his. but the boy was so curious from your actions. whenever he bluntly asked about it, you would show him that disgustingly fake smile and bow. "don't worry about me! i'm fine!"
you were always made him want to strap you down and torture you for an answer but it's not as though you were doing anything bad when helping others.
did you not trust him? he tried his best to be there for you with his busy agenda. would money make you talk? just kidding..
but as you sat on the couch of his large home with him getting you tea and treating you, you asked him a sudden question.
"Diluc, do you have any romantic interest?" You ask, harmlessly. You accepted the tea from him, muttering a thank you. The red haired man flushed suddenly and he saw across from you pulling his grape juice filled glass to his lips.
"Why ask such a strange question? ...I might." He looked away, feeling strangely coy around the subject. No matter of the doubt he had a crush on you. But as soon as he answered, he saw that expression again. The tight smiled response and widened painful eyes.
"Oh, that's good." You couldn't keep your voice steady as you did with your mutual friends. "What a lucky girl." You looked down at your lap, a thousand thoughts plaguing your mind.
You both sat in silence, drinking and mulling over your drinks. He was far too uncomfortable now to start a conversation. He didn't want to confess but, you said lucky? So he's worth being loved right? You might be interested him too, right? But you probably think he doesn't like you, he is very out of touch with is feelings, it would make sense.
"Do you think," You start out, cautiously. "that someone might love me? Th-that I can find love?" Eyes never met his rare red ones and he frowned. You're so beautiful. Of course, he's glared at multiple men who looked even a slight bit interested in you. This is for your happiness although, not theirs. Not his.
"Yes." He answers, then clears his throat. "I believe so." "Tell me about this girl..." You ask quietly, trying to drop the strange conversation. "She's insecure. And...pretty dumb." He looks away when you look up at him suddenly. A smile grew on your lips and you nod. Your smile isn't as forced as it was. "I invite her on walks a lot, and try to get closer to her, but I tend to be busy. So I give her permission to my house when I'm away..."
Everything led back to you, but you simply couldn't believe such a thing. You shouldn't give yourself false hope. In response to your negative thoughts, you eyes begin to well. "(Name)," he stood up, knocking you out of your thoughts. His eyes narrowed down at you. "I love you. I want you. And I want you to want me." He lowered his ungloved hand to make you look up at him, hand wiping away a fallen tear. "Please, let me love you."
Tumblr media
ZHONG LI-- marked present.
he always thought humans were interesting. but also very sad creatures. he thought becoming the closest thing he can could help him in his discovery of understanding how they worked.
you were a puppeteer, a sad good puppeteer who was meant to do only want you were good at, matchmaking.
he saw what you did was clever. you brought two people together to the point of bond where they would make a contract to live their lives together.
as the nights would grow long however, he watched how your eyes dulled, when returning couples or new distressed singles would ask for help or advice, praising their love ones and giving their thanks in gifts and trinkets. why must you look so sad?
he allowed himself often breaks with you, where you would take him out to eat. he saw all of your actions as platonic, maybe a side joke about how he isn't able to take you out since he had a mora deviancy. you took him out for stress relievers, whenever you two needed it.
he would tell you tales and such and watch you fall closer and closer to him. he didn't quite understand it but he noticed himself slowly wanting to become closer and closer to you when you two parted ways.
he watches you from afar as you assist others in their feuds.
he would ask you whenever you two were alone if you were okay. mortals mental health is an upmost priority after all. but you would shake your head and put your hands up. "I'm fine. don't worry"
then why did your actions go against your words?
You picked up his menu and handed it to the waiter along with yours, smiling and thanking the man politely. Turning back to Zhong li, you watched him take a sip of his warm tea, seeing him smile in approval. "Thank you for kindly taking me out again. It's nice having these moments with you." He spoke from his heart, the heart of an immortal and you laughed.
"If it's you, I'd do anything." You immediately feel embarrassed from your words and looked away. The closure he felt from your words was strangely new. His golden eyes skim over your features and he takes another sip before setting his glass down. "Please, do not mind my rudeness but I have a question."
"Shoot." You answer, reaching for your ice water.
"Why must you look sad when gracing others with love?"
You freeze at his words, processing them slowly. You take a sip. "I don't." His eyes narrow, displeasure from the lie making his mouth feel bitter, sweet honey tea not helping. You fix your mistake because of his observant eyes. "I do. But it isn't that I'm upset that I am good at pairing people. It's just that..." You rest your head on your hand, reverting your gaze to somewhere else. The restaurant wasn't busy, pretty mundane to the point where rowdiness wasn't appropriate at the time of night. A peaceful environment for the both of you. "love is so complicated."
"It is." You perk when he responds. "I believe I have been experiencing symptoms of it, but I don't know who to go to for assistance. I've never fallen in love before." Zhong li says this brutally, your eyes widening, staring into his glowing eyes. "I wish these feelings were only on those around me. But it seems as though I had unknown other plans."
"Man, I wish I could find love. You're so lucky. Being as handsome as you are, you can get anyone as long as you point at them and ask. I can't imagine anyone who would ask that of me, though. Not even imaging doing that to someone." You blow a raspberry and eye the table with doubt. He thought over your response and somethings just didn't add up. His feelings completely went against yours. You were wrong.
"Why do you think that?" You make eye contact again from the astounded tone he used.
"Well-- I just think no one could fall in love with me. There's nothing to fall for, y'know?" You let out a nervous laugh and shrink when he suddenly stand up.
"There is plenty to fall in love over. Your hair which is softer then a silk flower when I run my fingers through it, your bright eyes to see me easily lift my mood after a long day, same your smile, your voice as soft and graceful in the morning as well as it is at night brings a sense of ease to me. You make me feel as though I can breathe and look forward to what you have to throw at me. You make me feel at home which I could never feel all my life I lived." Your eyes watered and you choked back an answer while putting at hand to your mouth.
His eyes become soft and gentle as he looks down at you, bringing his hand up, he points at you, pulling you close with the other one.
"Allow me to have you, and I will allow you to have me, for I have fallen for you."
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nyctophilia108 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when they see you crying
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Venti, Zhongli, Albedo, Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha
TW: none
pulls you into his arms and rubs your back comfortingly
“It’s okay, just let it all out.”
takes a day (or two) off of work for you and spends the whole day making you feel better
makes you your favorite drink for you
tries to lighten the mood with jokes and teasing
lowkey panics when it doesn’t work
he hugs you from behind and rests his chin on your head
mumbles soft comforting words
“You are special….you are loved.”
holds you very gently and rocks you back and forth
rubs your shoulders and back
cups your face in his hands and kisses your tears away
“If there’s anything you need, please let me know my love.”
he sprinkles you with affection the entire day
runs his fingers through your hair while hugging you
plays you a song to make you smile or laugh
will cuddle with you until you fall asleep or start to feel better
“I’m here for you, I hope you always remember that.”
takes you somewhere comfortable
makes you a cup of tea and sits next to you
puts his arm on your shoulder and kisses your forehead
“I’m always here for you if you ever need to talk about anything.”
wraps his arms around you and doesn’t say anything at first
gently strokes your hair and rubs your back
takes both of your hands
“I’m very lucky to have you. You are a blessing to this world, never forget that.”
he wants to comfort you but is unsure how
eventually he brushes your tears away with his thumb and hesitantly holds your face
especially careful with you
very scared to accidentally hurt you
“Y-you are very precious to me….I….I care for you.”
he’s very prideful and embarrassed to try and comfort you
but he pulls you in for a hug anyways and rubs circles on your back
puts his hat on your head and holds your hand while rubbing it with his thumb
“P-please don’t cry.”
quietly sits next to you and gives you a side hug
listens to you vent or pats your head
he snuggles into your side while kissing your cheeks and tears
“I love you.”
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chococolte · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
zhongli as a yandere!! also requested by my bff @soft--n3ko <33
word count. 967
cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive and obsessive behaviors. gn reader. i do not condone yanderes irl. again, apologies if im missing something, not used to this!!
an. i haven't completely figured out how to characterize him so i'm sorry that he's so ooc!! bit longer than my childe one since i had more time to work on it, hope u like it <3
Tumblr media
Morax is a god. One of war and bloodshed. One who bathed himself in the crimson ichor of his enemies. Though he found no satisfaction in it, he never stopped himself from staining his hands red.
Rex Lapis is an Archon. The oldest of the seven, tired and apprehensive— the god of history and commerce. One who has lived throughout history and witnessed the deaths of his allies, never allowing himself the chance to properly process his emotions.
Zhongli is nothing but a mortal man, though thinly veiled in his former divinity. A shadow of his previous self, though he still shares a fraction of the power he used to hold.
All of it, rendered meaningless when he is in front of you.
Zhongli is a traditional man. He courts you with glaze lilies and qingxins; cor lapis and noctilucous jade shaped into delicate, intricate jewels. He enjoys the way you stumble over your words when he hands them to you.
You might try to reject them, seeing how clearly expensive they are, but Zhongli reassures you that no price is too high to please you. Any attempts to deny his gifts to you are met with swift refusal.
Zhongli loves it when you wear the things he gives you. It gives him a sense of pride, to see someone as lovely as you wear something he personally picked out. Zhongli is extremely observant, as well, and if he picks up that you dislike any of his gifts— even slightly— he's quick to cast the gift away and never make the same mistake again. The last thing he wants to do is leave you unhappy, either at him or something he did, whether it was his intention or not.
As attentive as he is, you would think he'd be more careful with his tongue. But Zhongli is old, and things are bound to slip. Maybe a remark about something he couldn't have known without you telling him, or something you did the other day when Zhongli wasn't with you.
He'll tell you it's because he has a good eye, that's all. He notices things others don't. He'll say that someone saw what you were doing that day, and they simply told him— no need to get yourself worked up. You believe him, if only because you desperately want that to be the truth.
It's a half-lie, on Zhongli's part. He would never disrespect you so much as to invade your personal privacy himself. However, having someone else do it isn't out of the question for him.
It's Xiao who watches you, though you'd never figure that out yourself. Zhongli has him report everything you do to him. He just can't bear the thought that something might happen to you— he has to know what you're doing all of the time, just in case.
He'll cater to your needs above his own. You may make a small comment about the way he dresses, and he'll take it to heart. If you mention that you'd like to see him dress more casually, that he doesn't need to be so formal all the time, then Zhongli will do so.
If you talk about the way he speaks, asking why he's so proper all the time, saying that he can relax around you— he will do so, even if you might've been the one who misunderstood that that was simply the way he spoke.
Zhongli puts you above all, even himself. If you ask him to kill someone for you, then he will do so. He will willingly kneel and worship you if you so desire.
Eventually, he will reveal himself to you. It was inevitable. You had your suspicions that Zhongli wasn't who he said he was— with the way he spoke about history as if he had been there to witness it, or how he always looked at you with a far-off look in his eyes as if he didn't really see you for you.
Him revealing he had someone stalking you for your 'protection' also left a bad taste in your mouth.
Though Zhongli would never admit it to you, he was worried about whether your view of him would be tainted in some way once he revealed himself to you. He wasn't worried so much that you'd think him lesser, but rather, that the person he'd fallen in love with would feel intimidated and scared in his presence; retreating into their shell whenever around him.
Zhongli is aware that his worries are a little silly, in the sense of why would he worry about what you thought? Had he still been Morax, maybe he wouldn't have cared at all what you felt. But he wasn't Morax anymore; now, he was Zhongli, a mortal man who worked as a consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, and a man who was deeply, deeply in love with you.
Your thoughts are the most important to him. Anything you asked of him, he would do without a second thought.
You could convince him to become the Geo Archon again if you wanted. All it would take would be your soft touch and the fluttering of your eyelashes for him to become putty in your hands. He'd go to The Tsaritsa and break their contract himself, for you. Something he'd never do for anyone else; only for you.
It's common sense for him. Why would he deny you of anything, when you deserve everything?
Of course, Zhongli is blind to his own hypocrisy. He says he hates lying to you, but then doesn't tell you about his true identity for months. He tells you he's happy to finally have it all off his chest, but then doesn't tell you he's had someone following you around during the entire time you've been together.
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worldofteyvat · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genshin week day 4: favourite archon ↳ zhongli ☆
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kuuneho · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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sprayio · a day ago
When The Genshin Boys Discover Their Kid Has a Crush (P2)
P1 with: Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Zhongli [Read here]
P3 with: Albedo, Tohma, Gorou [TBA]
Warnings: Indication of having a child with aforementioned characters. Indication of reader being AFAB, Other than that, pure SFW fluff.
Pairings: Fem!reader x Venti, Xiao, Kazuha (seperate)
Genre: Romantic, comedy. Angst if you squint (Xiao, Kaz), Bulleted headcanons
Bonus: I rate each of the boys on how obnoxious they are about it
A/N: Guilty expression I went off on Xiao and Kazu’s hcs this time so I have to postpone the last three to a seperate part. Also reminder to read the first post here <3
Tumblr media
Surprisingly actually not a little shit about it??
You’d think he’d tease his kid to death (similar to Kaeya)
But I think for Venti, when it comes to love, he always felt that it’s something organic that should be left to grow naturally.
And of course as the Archon of Freedom, he doesn’t want to tamper with something as precious yet fleeting as a first crush.
More than content to stay on the sidelines, catching glimpses of how his kid’s first love plays out. 
Smiles at their every small success; smiles even if it ends poorly. Regardless it’s an invaluable experience, and he’s happy that his child got to see it through.
Very very very lowkey wing man. Subtly changes the weather and the winds to be gentle when Wischen and his crush meets.
Makes the breeze move the clouds out of the sun- there seems to be a warm light following the two wherever they go.
So lowkey and secretive about it, that even you, his partner doesn’t know about what’s going on.
Will go to subtle lengths to give his son privacy, keeping the details about who he was meeting vague. 
Just wants his boy to enjoy the magic of his first love, with no interference. 🥺
Archon of freedom? More like Archon of loooove!
Gets a little sentimental bc he sees himself in his son- and the day he first met you and fell head over heels <333
But that’s a story for another time, heh ✨
Rating: 1/10 not obnoxious about his kid’s first crush at all. Might use them as a muse for poetry and stuff though once they’re together- so he gets one point for embarrassing them after 💀
Tumblr media
It probably took an eternity of mustering up courage for Daiyu to even bring up the prospect of liking someone to her father
And even then, Xiao knows to begin with
Well, he is the Vigilant Yaksha of Liyue- nothing can hide from his all seeing eyes.
So of course he knew. Ever since they first met, he’s been keeping an eye on things-
Or rather, being ignorant to things.
Convincing himself this is just a normal friendship- that he shouldn’t interfere,
That if he just looks away, his beloved daughter will be by his side forever.
So when Daiyu finally approaches him about it, after talking things through extensively with you, her mother (you convince her that she shouldn’t keep things secret from her father, and that he loves and treasures her very much)
the look of hurt on her face when Xiao immediately shuts her out is absolutely heartbreaking😔
Like dang you were expecting some resistance from your husband ofc but-
wtf you didn’t think they’d outright stop talking to each other 😃
1 week of you playing peacemaker commences.
This is Xiao’s child we’re talking about- they’re both as stubborn as each other.
when you talk to Xiao he’s just like “hmPh I have work to do.”
And when you talk to Daiyu she’s just pissed. Which in turn kinda makes you pissed too because you agree Xiao is being overbearing 
Leads to you finally confronting him about it. You tell him that he’s acting childish by refusing to communicate- and that your daughter deserves proper support from both parents, especially during her adolescent years.
Shows a little resistance again but you can tell that Daiyu ignoring him is really hurting deep deep inside
You sigh and hug him. He’s difficult and constantly fighting inner demons, but you both know that his fear of the future still isn’t an excuse to shut out the closest people in his life without explanation.
He sighs back, reciprocating the embrace. You can feel him frown into your back as he instinctively holds you closer.
“I messed up, didn’t I?”
You smile softly, “You did.”
“I just... don’t know how to do this right. I can’t stop letting my fear show in the way I speak and act.”
“I didn’t want to hurt her- I just-”
Your smile grows wider as you interrupt him by taking his hand,
Before he can figure out what’s going on, you lead him to Daiyu’s room 
“Sweetie? Your father has something he wants to say to you.”
Xiao just opens his mouth and closes it like a fish
fuck he’s not prepared
You leave quickly before he can react.
Xiao just faces his daughter 🧍‍♂️ 
And his daughter faces him 🧍
But he realises then that the hurt etched on his daughter’s face never disappeared.
He realises he has to get his shit together.
Daiyu is prepared to have this blow up again, so she’s surprised when she’s swept up into Xiao’s protective arms- the arms she’s known since childhood.
The fabric of his familiar sleeve tickles her nose. 
Then he does something he only does when Daiyu is fast asleep- kisses her on the forehead 🥺
“Forgive me?”
he nods and doesn’t say a word
but yes she forgives him <33
“I just didn’t want you to end up like me. You’re half adeptus... so you know what falling in love with a human means... right?”
Understands his worries but even still:
“I know. And I’m sure you know too. Didn’t you still decide to be with mom, even despite all that? It’s the same for me Dad. Please understand where I’m coming from.”
He hugs her tighter, not knowing that you’re listening from behind the door.
“I won’t stop you. I can’t help loving the both of you this much, so I understand more than you would know.”
Rating: 100/10 TBH TOO DRAMATIC FOR JUST A FIRST CRUSH. It’s so anticlimactic when the whole thing doesn’t even go anywhere and Daiyu stops liking the person Xiao is embarraSSED. 💀 Silly lil man worried his little girl is getting whisked off and forgets she’s STILL 15?? Puts Diluc and Childe to shame honestly.
Tumblr media
No because Kazu is the absolute MODEL PARENT!!!
A++ dad of the year
Can the rest of the boys take notes??
Always encourages his twins to express their feelings! He wants to know all about their ever changing interests! He wants to be involved!!!
And there’s a small part of him that never wants to keep anything from the two- in the case they must part prematurely. Never wants a repeat of what happened between him and Tomo </3
If you asked Sora and Miu what their dad means to them, they’ll firstly ask:
“Dad? Oh- you mean Kazu-chan!!”
(For some reason they’ve been calling him that since childhood. Probably your influence😌)
“He’s my best friend!”  🥺
Puts his wanderer days in the past to raise them, but of course he’s always a traveler at heart.
Day trips when they’re young and you’re away at work!
Picking up shells in the summer, to strolls under canopies of autumn leaves in the fall.
He probably relates everything to you, and tells them all your stories and adventures and together.
Sora and Miu always beg to hear the one where he recounts the day you met. He responds with an airy chuckle.
“My doves, you want to hear that one again? But this is the third time this week!”
Never pressures his kids into anything though. Wants them to grow at their own pace. 
It’s more watching their parents be so helplessly in love with each other, and how happy Kazuha is, that makes them enamored with finding their special someone too!
If they want to know more about relationships, Kazuha gladly tells him everything he knows.
Helps them to understand that there are a lot of different family dynamics- the love that he and you share is only one type in a sea of possibilities.
Because of this, they’re super attuned with their emotions from a young age.
“Kazu-chan, how did you know Mama was the one for you? How will we know?”
He chuckles and strokes their hair gently. 
He admires Miu’s short bob cut (she wanted to look more like you 🥺). While Sora adorns a tiny ponytail- he insisted he wants to be exactly like Kazuha  (of course Kazu does it up for his little boy every morning <333)
“How did I know? Hmm...”
“I’m not sure. But I promise that when you find them, you’ll know right away.”
One summer morning, a few years later, Miu and Sora burst onto the deck of the crux fleet. Kazuha is chatting with Beidou- he’s due to embark on a business trip to Inazuma (and also to see some old friends).
Breathless, they shout for their dad:
“Kazu chan!! We found them! We found them!!”
He smiles “I knew you would.”
Rating: 0/10 never ever ever annoying!! SO supportive and lovely you get 100 points muah
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ceciliablossoms · a day ago
Can I request a (male, if you do that, If not that's ok!) Reader standing on their toes to kiss their s/o on the cheek? For Zhongli and Childe? 🥰
Aww this is so cute jsjdndd
I don't really specify gender in any of my posts so this can certainly be read as male
After first he's confused
You stopped in front of him during your walk
and just gazed at his face
When you reach out to grab his hand, he watches you carefully
His expression gives away his emotions and he asks you if you're alright
As you come closer to him
He looks down at you
You're quite a bit shorter than he his
The moment you lift your heels off the ground and place a kiss on his cheek
The confusion gives way to surprise
And soon after melts into adoration
He smiles softly at you and rubs your knuckles gently
A chuckle leaves his lips
And he kisses your forehead
The man is smitten, lord have mercy
When you tug on his clothes to get his attention
He shifts his gaze to you in curiosity
When you stare at his face, he quirks a brow at you
You look as though you're contemplating
and he pokes fun at you a little
Lifting yourself onto your toes, you pull him down to meet you halfway
And place a kiss on his cheek
When you pull away and continue to walk
He follows closely behind
Teasing words leave his mouth
And he grabs you by your hand
Then tugs you towards hin
And in one fell swoop
He places a kiss to your lips
All the while grinning like an idiot
Tag List: @fictionalcharactersthatsit @youaskedfurret @nagatorou @seiiblue @dai-tsukki-desu @dilucs-claymore @duhsies @tempehlust @yoimimi
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nicebonescomrade · a day ago
To be Worshipped by Gods (2)
Everyone has been so nice ❤ thank you for all the support, and please do know that requests are currently open! Enjoy! This one is much shorter because i didn't want to write everything in the same thing.
"Aww," you sigh, glaring at the red screen with the words "challenge failed" written on it. You just need one artifact to finally finish building the character you main, but no such luck. Really, Genshin Impact truly tests your patience sometimes but still, you are not by any means bored of the game yet. 
You happen to quite like the scenery and the music of each region, but that is not even close to how much you love the characters— their designs, personalities, stories and voice-lines are what keep you hooked to the game, as well as the desire to explore the rest of Teyvat through the traveller's eyes. 
Lately, however, you are convinced you have a bug in your game; you swear that you did not have that many primogems the last time you logged in, and that you definitely had less more too. Of course, you've also been finding more materials and food in your inventory, certainly more than you've farmed for or cooked. You are not complaining, of course— who in their right mind would!?— but you are still surprised at how long this bug has been in your game without being affected by any updates. 
Getting up from the chair of your PC setup, you stretch with a big yawn. You've been playing for quite a while now, a break for food and water would be quite nice— and you also ought to call your friend, who had an exam today and had been nervous all week because of it. 
Phone in one hand and a pastry from the fridge in the other, you plop yourself on your couch. Hmm, now that you are on a much more comfortable surface, you can feel how sleepy you are… 
Perhaps you can call your friend later, after a short nap? You don't have anything to do for today, which is quite nice, so you have more than enough time for a nice, relaxing nap. 
Mind made up, you turn your phone off and let yourself drift off to slumber. In your eagerness for sleep, you have forgotten to turn your PC off. 
Their God is magnificent. 
Zhongli sits on a chair beside your bed, amber eyes aglow as he stares at your sleeping form. His hands twitch with the desire to hold you, but he refrains; he does not have your permission to touch him, and he would never wish to sully your divine body with his dirty hands— gloved as they are. 
Even now, he's still in a state of shock; you are truly here, in the Teyvat you created and safe in the teapot Zhongli had prepared for you, once Venti had informed him of the alchemist's plans to bring you here. 
Nevertheless, he (and his fellow Archons) are beyond elated— the earth feels alive in a way Zhongli has never sensed before, and he suspects the same thing can be sensed by the other two. He is not really surprised; it is to be expected that Teyvat itself would so happily welcome its Creator. 
Zhongli can't wait for you to wake up, to finally speak to and worship you properly. There are so many things he wants to say, so many things to show you, but he also acknowledges that your time will be split between the Archons and the alchemist, for they, too, worship you (though he is sure none will ever able to come close to how much he reveres you) and wish to spend time with you. 
Which nation's cuisine, clothes, and culture would you prefer? He wonders, absentminded. His focus is on the gentle rise and fall of your chest, the mortal body you had chosen is rather light and delicate— 
But that is more than fine for Zhongli, because he is all too happy to protect you by his own two hands and all the divine powers you had blessed him with. 
It is, after all, his duty to devote himself to you in all manners possible.
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childe-dni · 2 days ago
You Chose Me
diluc and zhongli x reader (separately)
word count: diluc - 750 words, zhongli - 981 words
genre: fluff
warnings: zhongli's isn't proof read, zhongli's includes slight self deprecation
You muse to yourself about how fortunate you are to be able to lay next to the man beside you and he reassures you that he feels the same way.
a/n; another couple of pieces based off a prompt (the prompt is in bold in both pieces). honestly I don't really like the way zhongli's turned out all that much and I had a long debate with myself over whether I should post it or not but I finished it in the end and I know he deserves better but here it is.
Tumblr media
For the first time in what felt like forever, you were out with your boyfriend, Diluc. With his business at Dawn Winery, along with his nightly vigilante duties, it was hard to find the time to have an outing together. But today he managed to catch a day off (courtesy of Elzer and Adelinde volunteering to take on his workload and practically pleading for him to let himself rest). So here the two of you were, enjoying each other’s company by the edge of Starsnatch Cliff. The sun was beaming down on the pair of you as a gentle breeze occasionally swept past. Above you, pale, fluffy clouds decorated the azure sky, while below you, the waves of the sea softly overlapped.
You were sat cross-legged on the blanket that Diluc had provided while he had positioned himself so that his head was resting snugly in your lap. Neither of you were speaking, opting to let the comfortable silence between you do all the talking. It was moments like this you treasured the most – the rare occasions where you could take things slowly. Neither one of you felt the need to take action, the need to do or say anything, you could simply just bask in the other’s presence – and that’s exactly what you were doing as you slowly massaged circles into Diluc’s scalp with your fingertips while he melted into you, eyes closed as he was drinking in your featherlight touch.
With how at ease your lover looked under you and the way his breathing had slowed, you assumed he had gotten so comfortable that he fell asleep so you took the golden opportunity to admire him up close. Your eyes took their time, waltzing over his features – his long, curled eyelashes, his soft, pink lips, his sharp eyebrows. It was moments like these that you were reminded of how seriously gorgeous Diluc really is. Of course you found him attractive – and his good looks were no secret to the other citizens of Mondstadt either – but as his face became one you had grown accustomed to seeing, it wasn’t often you could truly appreciate his individual features and take a moment to dreamily gaze upon the sheer beauty of his visage.
Before you entered his life, Diluc was known as one of the ‘most eligible bachelors in Mondstadt’. Every woman wanted him as a husband, every mother wanted him as a son in-law. Although he wasn’t known to be the most sociable man around, he was desirable for many reasons – his looks, his status, his chivalry. Diluc was pretty much the perfect gentleman and you wondered just how you managed to have him all to yourself.
“With all the people after you, you really could have anyone you want, you know,” you muttered to yourself, though the words were directed to the unconscious man before you. “Yet still, I’m somehow the one who gets to hold you like this.” You ran your fingers through your partner’s thick, fiery locks as you slowly lowered yourself to press a light kiss onto his forehead.
“I’m so lucky to know you chose me,” you finally murmured against his skin, eyes closed as you decided to remain there for a while.
What had brought you back from deep within your thoughts was the feeling of calloused fingers gently pressing against your face. Once you opened your eyes, you looked down to see deep crimson irises staring back at you and a small smile on those plush lips you were admiring not so long ago. It was at this moment that you realised that Diluc had most likely never even been asleep in the first place, meaning he probably heard your passing musings.
“I do have the person I want, as that person is you,” the redhead whispered simply, eyes peering up at you innocently and you blinked speechlessly while you mentally changed that ‘probably heard you’ to a ‘definitely heard you’.
“You weren’t asleep?” you breathed out in slight bewilderment, eyes widening and cheeks growing warmer.
His small smile widened.
“Sweetheart, I’ll choose you again and again in as many lifetimes as we’re given,” he spoke, words enveloped in nothing but adoration for you. “No matter who may come my way, you will always be my first and only choice.”
Diluc finally pulled your face towards his, his lips catching yours in a loving, tender kiss that he could only hope helped convey his message to you – his burning, overflowing love for you.
Tumblr media
It was late – a heinous hour of the night most probably. During a time where most would be asleep and the only source of light in your dimly lit room was a singular oil lamp on your bedside table, sleep just kept escaping you. No matter how much you tossed and turned, no matter how many times you flipped your pillow over, no matter what limbs you covered with the sheets or left bare hanging over the side of the bed, you just couldn’t enter the state of slumber you desired so much. Fortunately for you, you had a god as a lover and sleep wasn’t exactly something he was in dire need of.
You decided to take advantage of his disregard for mortal necessities and use him as late-night entertainment, listening intently as he told you stories of his experiences in early Liyue. Zhongli’s rich, deep voice was enrapturing, making just about anything he said sound interesting – even his slight blithering about how Liyueans learned about agriculture through an old friend of his. His golden eyes glimmered with nostalgia as he recalled all those he knew throughout the years and his lips wore a wistful smile while he spoke to you.
Though you’d be lying if you said you deeply cared about every single story he had to tell, you did truly appreciate the effort he put in to take care of you. You took notice of the slight melancholy tone in his voice as he told you certain tales with a faraway look in his eyes. It didn’t take a genius to understand that not all of the stories he told had happy endings, nor were they the most pleasant to reminisce on but he still did it for you; to lessen the load of your sleeplessness and make what could be a painfully lonely night for you just a little more bearable. And you just couldn’t help but feel that you didn’t deserve him.
Zhongli was a god, an ex archon at that. He had lived through many ages and encountered all types of trials and tribulations and met all kinds of people. Yet, for whatever reason, he had chosen to spend this new ‘mortal’ lifestyle alongside you – loving you, cherishing you, taking care of you and you just couldn’t understand why. You didn’t feel there was anything particularly special about you that made you stand out, in fact, you were as average as they came. But still, he had somehow fallen for the likes of you. And as you were getting lost in your thoughts of gratitude for the man beside you, you didn’t realise your mouth had started moving on its own.
“I’m so lucky to know you chose me,” you sighed mindlessly, causing Zhongli to pause in his far too detailed reiteration of why he can’t stand seafood.
You only registered what you said as he stared at you blankly before releasing a huff of amusement. Your lover’s eyes glistened with affection as he gazed at you with a smile of endearment stretching across his lips and you just couldn’t control the gradual rise in the temperature of your face.
“And what exactly makes you say that?” he chuckled as he took note of how cute you looked in your state of embarrassment.
“Well…” you left a beat to figure out how exactly to vocalise your thoughts without embarrassing yourself even further. After some consideration, you groaned and turned away from him, giving up on rationality entirely.
“It’s just that you’ve lived for all this time and have all these stories to tell and have known all these awesome people. It’s hard to measure up to all that, you know?”
Although you weren’t facing him, Zhongli could hear the pout in your voice and had to restrain himself from laughing even further at how adorable you were being.
“While that may be true,” he began, lifting a hand to turn your face back to his again. With reluctance, you allowed your face to be guided by him, though your eyes still avoided his.
“I’ll have you know that whenever I gaze upon you,” he turned his hand to use the back of it to gently stroke your face. “In the mornings when I rise before you, in the evenings when you greet me after work, and on sleepless nights like this, all I think of is how lucky I am that you chose me.” His voice was full of nothing but honesty and sincerity and you didn’t even bother holding back the smile that was making its way across your features.
Zhongli was fully facing you now and he leaned in to press a soft kiss to your forehead before bringing your head to his chest.
“But how, though? You’re a well known character around Liyue harbour by now. I think a lot of people would choose you if they had the chance.”
“Perhaps,” he muttered thoughtfully. “But I doubt many would have stayed.” Zhongli chuckled and although you wanted to savour the soft rumble of his chest beneath you, you couldn’t stop yourself from looking up at him with a quizzical look on your face.
“Though I am quite understanding of human behaviours, I’m well aware that I’m not the best at exhibiting them,” he smiled to himself. “I’m not sure many would have put up with my strange quirks for very long. But you have always been completely understanding of me, never asking me to change or expressing distaste towards me for any peculiar things I do. That amongst many reasons is why I feel so lucky to be able to spend my nights with you. Would you like to hear the other reasons?”
After some thought, you nodded against him and were lulled to sleep by the sound of Zhongli listing and explaining the different things about you he adores so much.
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