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A-Chili-A-Day: 17

Storytime with Chili 🔶💧

Zhongli: recounts ancient tales with geo props

Childe: rambles incoherently about the monster battles attached to each scar

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genshin ships id like to see and hear more about: kaeya x noelle, zhongli x baizhu

genshin ships i never see or hear about: kaeya x noelle, zhongli x baizhu

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I genuinely believed the rumor that the employee who suggests Zhongli nerf got fired (or at least demoted). Because Mihoyo’s 1.2 reply towards players is vastly different than 1.1

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What does Zhongli want to do?

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Tags/Genre: SFW, Fluff, Zhongli x Traveler!Reader

So, instead of working on one of my requests, I did a little warm-up. Yes, it’s Zhongli again. No, I’m not sorry. 

I won’t lie that Archonistic’s Zhongli analysis inspired this. Idk how it inspired it but it gave me the idea anyway. 

I’m also trying to branch out a little and be more descriptive in my writing… I’m trying to make it look less awkward and I have no idea if it’s working.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading <3

Song I listened to: In the Mood by Skott

The moments after you return to Liyue to see Zhongli again are always so sweet and tender. The atmosphere soft and quiet as you embrace each other, taking in each other’s comfortably familiar scent and warmth. The sight of his home fading away as you reunite, eyes closing as you let out a long sigh.

The kiss he gifts you is just as warm and tender. His hand tilts your chin upwards as he leans down to push his lips against your own. His lips move slowly against your own, the intimacy makes you want to melt in his hold. When he deepens the kiss, your face becomes covered in a deep blush.

You can’t help but take in so many different senses. From the intimate and silent seduction of his silky lips to his enamoring musky yet earthy scent. It all ending with his soft and diligent hand moving up your jawline.

Things become a blur as the kiss lingers on and on. Then, you’re suddenly back within the realm of the living once more as he breaks away. Cold air cools your face as his warmth leaves you. Your eyes flutter open to look up at him, only to give him a pouty expression. His chuckle rumbles through his chest before he pecks your lips once more to remove the pout.

You enjoy the rest of the evening together, catching up about your past week. There are laughs and sighs throughout the conversation, it is lively as ever.

He hopes you stay longer this time around.

98 notes
  • rex lapis and barbatos are xiao’s parents
  • they’re long lived archons who are practically immortal so they raised xiao pretty differently than humans
  • xiao’s first several years of life were spent with both archons before eventually thinning down to alternating staying with rex lapis or barbatos every couple years
  • the archons eventually suggested xiao go off into the world on his own and learn about the humans
  • as long lived archons with an adeptus son, they werent too worried about xiao not staying in constant contact with them. after all, a few decades and even a century seems like just a moment to them
  • rex lapis and barbatos eventually figure out something is most definitely wrong when they hear about a young adeptus who had been taken by another archon
  • theres a lot of frustration from rex lapis and barbatos, because although they knew xiao was going to experience bad things they still wanted good things for their young son
  • rex lapis destroys the archon who had enslaved xiao, and the three spend several decades together trying to reconnect and help their son
  • barbatos eventually has to return to mondstat, giving xiao the anemo vision in hopes that xiao will remember he is free now and to remember his anemo father as well
  • xiao stays in liyue with rex lapis and watches over the guyun stone forest with a determination that he couldnt forget from his time enslaved by that other archon
  • rex lapis comes to visit xiao at wangshu inn occasionally to check up and reconnect with his son
  • barbatos has definitely weakened from the amount of power he had at xiao’s birth and now needs to sleep for long periods to maintain his stability, but even still he sends the soothing songs of his son’s favorite lullaby on the winds to remind him that his father is still thinking of him

ok, yeah, so i fell in love with the idea that zhongli is quite like a parent to xiao and then venti floated into the idea so here we are with my idea that xiao is zhongli and venti’s son :)

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