f-ai-n · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(Platonic main team dynamic) I just want to draw Zhongli breaks. Carrying thousands of years' worth of trauma while maintaining a calm front must be exhausting.
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chouchen · a day ago
insta is back !
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megistusdiary · 2 days ago
If you still take requests then maybe something about brat taming with Zhongli? 👉👈
Tumblr media
sure thing! i like this concept very much. i feel like he would try to be gentle, but i do think there's a rough side to him. he was rex lapis, after all.
warnings: mean-dom!zhongli and sub!fem anatomy/pronouns reader
brat-taming, fingering (sub!receiving), spanking, degradation, asphyxiation, dacryphilia, teasing, orgasm denial, mention of breeding lol
Tumblr media
you writhed on zhongli's lap, head thrown back against his shoulder. you could feel his hair tickling your skin as you shifted around. your skin was burning hot despite the room being ice cold.
your hips involuntarily chased his fingers as they pushed deep inside of you. his thumb occasionally grazed your clit as you let out a soft whine, eyes closing.
before you could soak in the bliss, he removed his fingers from you abruptly. you had no time to even complain before he slapped your ass hard with the same fingers.
you jolted in his lap, squirming as he held you firmly with just one hand. "but, i was- i was so close! that's not fair-" you pouted.
zhongli smacked your ass again, definitely leaving a faint mark as he moved to grip your chin. he pulled your head up to look him in the eyes.
"it's not fair?" he mocked, face and tone remaining neutral, sending shivers down your spine. "if i recall correctly, and i always do," his eyes glinted in the light, challenging you. "the terms of our contract were not for you to behave like a child. you chose to misbehave, hence breaking the sacred-"
"but, you were-"
zhongli cut you off by suddenly snaking his hand around your throat. he squeezed the sides lightly, a firm warning behind the action.
"you broke the terms of the contract. you know what happens to foolish little humans who disobey orders, yes?" it was then you realized you pushed zhongli too far.
no longer was he the wise funeral parlor consultant. this was rex lapis.
you nodded hesitantly, feeling his grip relax a bit on your throat without letting go. "they get.. punished." you stuttered, voice airy and breathless.
he suddenly repositioned you, moving your body on to suit his wishes. you found yourself on all fours in front of him, body completely on display.
your face heated up as you tried to move, feeling him hold you in place. he smacked your ass once again, telling you to hold still as he studied you.
you shook like a leaf as he dragged his fingertips across your back. despite being the god of geo, his hands were still delicate. his skin was still soft, albeit calloused.
"perhaps i have spoiled you too much. i've allowed you to believe it's acceptable to do such inappropriate things in front of the adepti." he removed his hands from you, leaning back as he watched you collapse onto the bed.
you desperately tried to spin around, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. "no- no, i'm sorry!"
"if you really are sorry," he leaned back against the headboard, eyes narrowing. "beg for it. prove it to me."
he looked regal, head held high as he looked down at you. for some reason, you couldn't stop the rush of admiration and excitement you got from seeing zhongli this way. it was everything you had hoped for and more.
"please, please. i'm so sorry, zhongli. i won't ever do it again! i just wanted you-" he held up a hand to stop you as he smirked. you shrunk down against the blankets.
"you're still lying to me? you think i didn't know your intentions the entire time? do you forget who i really am? what i've seen? i know you mortals better than you know yourselves." he snapped as you stared up at him, tears threatening to fall. "if you wanted my attention, acting like a foolish child is not the way to go about it." he swiped his thumb across your cheek, catching a tear before it could fall. "i suggest you remind yourself of this next time this thought comes to your mind."
you bowed your head, leaning it against the covers as he sighed. "i'm sorry, zhongli. please, please forgive me. i didn't- well, i mean i didn't want to make you angry. i just wanted you to spend time with me. your meeting- they all took up so much time. i was lonely."
he hummed, leaning down to pull your face away from the blankets. "i appreciate your candor, sweet girl. but, your punishment is not over. i expect you to take it well. once it is over, perhaps then we can revisit the terms of our contract."
and with that, he rearranged you again, pulling you onto your back as he hovered over you. his fingers caressed over your pussy, tracing circles around your clit as you bit down on your lip. you felt him insert his fingers into you, refusing to slow down as he pressed in hard and fast.
your moans echoed off the walls, crying out his name as he pressed into the spot he knew you loved. "zhongli, please!" you begged him, praying to, well him, that it would be enough.
he could tell you were close, clenching down tightly on his fingers as your eyes threatened to shut.
just before you could reach your peak, he pulled his fingers out with a pop. you let out a soft whine, tears flowing down your cheeks. "but why?"
"you know why. though if you're that desperate to reach your orgasm, i suppose you should start begging for me to breed you properly. now."
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Tumblr media
Childe is trapped
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yandere-romanticaa · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘚𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘱𝘩 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘌𝘯𝘥 𝘟 𝘎𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯 𝘐𝘮𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘴𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳.
❤️ CHARACTERS: Venti as Yoichi Saotome, Kamisato Ayato as Ferid Bathory, Kaeya Alberich as Crowley Eusford, Childe as Shinya Hiiragi, Hu Tao as Shinoa Hiiragi, Zhongli as Guren Ichinose, Chongyung as Mikaela Hyakuya and Xingqiu as Yuichiro Hyakuya.
❤️ CREDIT: https://instagram.com/xiaoann?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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inviouswriting · 2 days ago
Wedding bliss
Minors DNI with this post it is 18+
Morax!Zhongli x Fem!reader
Warnings and content below the cut.
Warnings - AFAB!Reader, smut, knot, cunningulus, blow job, fingering, and romantic stuff. Growling, purring.
You looked yourself over in the mirror for the hundredth time, making sure everything was properly in place. You had heard the doorknob to the bathroom turning and you push yourself against the door to keep it closed. Your face red, but you hear Zhongli behind the door.
“Not yet Morax!” You are quick to say when you feel the door rest back closed. You can hear him press his ear to where you speak against the wood.
“Love? you’ve been in there for a while. Are you okay? Do you need more time?” Zhongli waits for you eagerly, it had been hours after the wedding took place, and reception in Liyue Harbor’s terrace. You indulged in every single custom for him, letting him guide your hand. You blushed at a fine sheer silk robe Ningguang gave you for your wedding night. Decorated in glaze lilies, and had a gradient of gold to amber. Zhongli’s colors. 
Yet you weren’t aware how see through it was till you put it on. There was nothing to the imagination, every curve and speck of skin glows underneath the fabric. The make up you had worn all day complimented your now husband’s features. You look over to the mirror across from you as you lean against the door unsure if you want to present this to him. 
“I need just a few more minutes. I’ll be out Morax.” You feel foreign saying his actual name over Zhongli. But it is his name, he had used his two main names. Zhongli and Morax when signing the marriage contract. You had seen the way his eyes lit up bright when he slid it over to you to add your name underneath his. What was more important is he took your last name.
“Take your time. I miss you.” You make a face at the door, he knew how to get you to come out. You can almost see the light smile he possesses. You hear him return to sitting on the bed, waiting for his bride, wanting to feel you in his arms and underneath him.
Finally you have enough courage to open the door and see your husband. Zhongli’s attention lifts from the book he was reading to pass the time. When his eyes land on you, the gold in them almost glows from the sight before him. 
You adorned in his colors; the robe meant for his eyes alone, and the way the setting sunlight made you glow. It takes his breath from him, and you can see it faint under his eyes of a blush from the former archon.
“You look radiant.” Zhongli stands up to greet you, to get a better look of the robe. He notes how sheer it is, the sleeves had glaze lilies fluttering in the wind. You look like the wife of a geo archon indeed. The way the silk clings to your body he notes that it is the only thing you have on with how you cover your arms in front of you.
“Let me see all of you.” You look up at him, one of his hands comes to rest on the side of your face tilting your face up. You lock eyes with his gold ones, and see him searching your eyes. 
“Nervous?” He presses a thumb on your cheek to rub softly. You lean into his hands while keeping his stare. You take in his features, he looked more tame himself, hair a little neater and dressed in his own ceremonial hanfu of his colors. His clothes adorned in many small geo symbols and black to gold gradient to contrast your white to gold you had worn earlier.
“A little nervous. I don’t know why, when we’ve done this many times before now.” He laughs a little when you puff your cheeks out. He presses the side of his face to yours lovingly.
“It’s our first night as married. You’re also showing me a more vulnerable side. We don’t have to tonight if you feel off at all.” He leaves it up to you, and you look up into his eyes, warm yet intense. Reminding you of a fire that burns but also keeps you protected from being burned.
“I want to! It’s just I’ve never worn something.. like this.” He catches on; that it is the robe that has you all flustered. Zhongli lowers his lips to your ear just below the lobe, before you can question anything he emits a very low purring growl into it followed with a heated breath across your neck.
You feel your knees buckle a bit from the sudden hot spot exploited like that. Following the growl is his lips on your neck kissing along it. Your hands tug on his top and his goes to yours instantly to lace his fingers with yours. Placing his mouth against your ear, he does that growl again, deep reverberation from his chest that you hear and feel. It succeeds in doing what he wants it to in making you shiver in his grasp.
“I like it on you. You look like you belong with me.” The affirmation makes your heart swell, but the heat of his breath makes your mind haze. Zhongli pulls back enough to look at your face, the needful gaze you hold in them at him. The way your legs squeeze together as the growling worked to get your mind off being shy and into the moment with him. 
“There we are. Close your eyes for me, and just feel with me.” Zhongli tilts your head up to his, your eyes fall heavy from his words as if on command. His voice is barely above a whisper, enough for you to hear the melodic tone in it but enough for your ears alone to hear him. 
With your eyes closed you feel him move his head to the other side of yours. A small kiss on the helix of your ear, and travels down the ridge. Occasionally nipping at the edge enough to get you to visibly shiver from the sensation running through you. You don’t notice he’s slipped a hand free from yours, his right to touch your other ear as he blows another hot breath on the one he’s teasing.
You emit a moan as his fingers trace the one in his hand, while his lips kiss and nibble on the other. Till your toes curl and your legs almost give out just from this feeling alone. Your hand that has his other gripped tightly, Zhongli is slipping it from your hand bringing your hand to his chest to grasp his robe.
Zhongli uses his hand not on your ear to tilt your head to meet his. You almost open your eyes if he didn’t place the same hand under your chin briefly on your eyes to keep them closed as he kisses you. Such tenderness surprised you that you gasp into it, giving him the perfect moment to slip his tongue into your mouth.
Your head swims and you feel floaty that you barely feel yourself lowered onto the bed. Zhongli guides you slowly down letting you drown in the sensation he gives you as he deepens the kiss between you two.
You let your husband draw your tongue into his mouth to gently suck, to get you to play with him as he’s doing with you. You do so with slipping your hands into his robe smoothing your hands up his chest.
 A happy hum emits from him when you start to really touch him. Your hands slipping up the back of his neck to scratch just delicate at the nape of his neck. His hands move to work on the front of your robe to touch your breasts through the fabric enjoying the way your nipples harden under his palms.
Zhongli breaks the kiss; tapering it off on your cheek as he starts kissing down your neck. Your hands go into his hair, your fingers touch around two spots on his head that makes him nuzzle into your hands as he feels you touch where his horns have been.
Sitting upright your husband slips off the robe he is wearing, undoing it with a few mutters under his breath. You laugh at his eagerness, but see him slide his hands under the front of your robe to part it off your skin. He desired to feel you against him. 
He takes his time in standing from the bed to remove both robes from the bed, kicking his off, while gently letting yours slip off the bed. You laugh a bit more at his mannerisms, a little unlike his normal, until you see why. 
Your eyes land on his erection, looking painful from being confined. You teasingly reach a hand down to poke at the tip. Earning gold eyes on you and Zhongli almost pouncing onto you to pin your hands above your head.
“So we’re playful, are we now?” You look up at him, he smooths a hand down your abdomen feeling how soft your skin is underneath his palm. He notes how extra soft you are, and takes his time running the backs of his fingers along your hips.
“A little, did you want to taste?” You ask shyly, looking to your side where his hand dips lower between your legs. He feels how even softer you are on your folds, and notes also how turned on you actually are when his fingers dip inside enough to touch your clit. 
“I do want to. I want to do alot of things to make you sing. To make that voice of yours ring out to the walls. I want to feel you against me. I want to feel you squirm underneath me. Most of all... I want you to feel how much I love you.” His endearing words were almost what he had said at the altar earlier, yet much personal between you two.
“Yet... I want to feel you on me more. It’s almost unbearable.” His stoic features makes it hard to tell that he’s at his limits already, since you came out of the bathroom, he had been trying hard not to pin you down and ravish you, to make you scream his name. He wanted to be gentle on the first night after being bound to you in a contract he’ll never break.
So without a second thought to himself, he lowers down, guiding your legs apart so he can bury his head between them. You watch with interest when his eyes don’t leave yours, even after his tongue slips out and quickly sweeps over your slit.
You jolt almost upright feeling the first pass of his tongue, your hands to return to his hair on the second pass. Zhongli digging his tongue in as he gives long languid licks from entrance to clit then back down, slightly slipping his tongue pass the ring.
You let your voice out, moans as you rock your hips trying to get more of his tongue inside you. His hands grip on your waist to keep you still while his tongue dances a small circle around the nub above feeling it harden around his tongue and twitch.
Zhongli presses closer, using his hands to spread your folds apart opening you up to his mouth better. He breathes a hot breath on your core. Your legs draped over his shoulders as he devours your pussy like he is dying of water. You are sweet to his tongue, and he can’t get enough that you hear him moan for a change as he delves his tongue as deep as it goes. 
Your husband slips his hands underneath your rear to lift your hips to him, his tongue licks well between the crease of your folds till he feels you shudder from a possible orgasm. To your dismay he pulls off your slit with a wet pop, giving a kiss to your folds and a cold breath on the heated flesh.
“I was close... Morax... please...” You pout at him, gold eyes stare at you warm as he lays his head on your stomach feeling how soft and plush the skin is. 
“I want to feel good too.” He says, and you remember he needs pleasure too. With little convincing, you change positions so you can kneel down to his waist. Zhongli lays back and lets you take his cock into your mouth, you kiss down the shaft admiring the way it is pleasantly thick and how he has used it to make you see stars many times.
You focus on sucking a spot just underneath the tip and right before it meets the shaft. You hear him suck in a breath of air, Zhongli controls himself from pushing into your mouth suddenly or forcing your head down. He instead guides you along the shaft, letting you kiss your path down to his balls where you suck on one of them and roll the other. 
Zhongli shakes underneath your ministrations, doing everything in his power to not cum too soon. His eyes fall closed in concentration, he feels you lick up the side of his dick till your tongue swirls around the head, the flat of your tongue sweeps across the tip till the tip of your tongue rubs tiny circles at the slit there collecting beads of precum.
You feel Zhongli’s hand along your thigh, slipping up along to rub your pussy as you devour his cock down your throat. You both emit moans, yours causes a vibration around his dick, making him slip his fingers inside you to thrust his hand against you. 
Your legs shake after a few thrusts of his hand and fingers inside. Zhongli tugs your head to pull off his cock, and you look up at him as he stares with hunger in your eyes.
You meet his stare hungered and playful, you crawl towards the edge of the bed. Only to be dragged back by Zhongli, and flipped onto your back. You are caged by his arms as he guides your legs apart with his knees. One of his hands slips between you both, to guide his aching cock into your folds.
You sigh as Zhongli slips inside with ease, your first time with him was many moons ago when one night after being caught in the rain led to something romantic and you’ll never forget how gentle he was then, as he mirrors that here.
Zhongli fits inside and presses his face against your neck to nip at it. You touch through his dark hair, undoing the clasp he uses to pin his hair together. Letting it fall freely as he loves you. Hips drawing back and pushing in after he knows you are adjusted to him again, he added on a unique feature to his body this round, in a knot at the middle of his cock.
The former archon thrusts in slow drawn out movements, letting you truly feel him inside you. Grinding himself when he rests inside, even stopping just so you feel every inch of him as deep as he goes. He repeats this till your eyes cloud over in their haze, needing him to fill you.
Faster and harder thrusts are made, while he seeks your lips in a heated kiss. The sounds of skin against skin, the feeling he makes you feel when he’s so deep and you are clinging to him for the life of you. Gold eyes glow as he watches your every expression, when he pulls his lips from your mouth to kiss your neck.
You feel his movements jerky, and him trying to push every single inch in to feel you on him, around him squeezing every few seconds with your pending orgasm.
Zhongli makes you feel so many emotions as he loves you, from feeling safe in his arms as they wrap around you. To his voice deep as he moans into your ear feeling himself closer to that edge. To feeling every speck of skin against yours, feeling his body truly against yours.
You note that this is the only time you see the former archon glow. Literally glow, besides using his abilities, what he hides beneath the suit is his arms from black at the shoulder to gold at his hands. Horns full on his head, and with his hair loose giving him a draconic appearance along with the slitted pupils in his eyes.
Zhongli feels you peak in an orgasm, your eyes watering from the full feeling in your chest, and him being in so deep that when he cums with you. You feel your body try to push his cock out only for him to push it back in deep. That knot pushing pass the ring to keep himself inside you as he pours cum deep into your waiting body. 
You look up to Zhongli’s eyes and he is watching your face with worry, wondering if he hurt you with the knot. You smile up at him and offer your arms for him to lay in as you wait for the knot to fade. 
“You’re not hurt? my love? I know it was big... I can not do it next time..” You rub your hands along his horns earning an audible purr out of him.
“It’s fine, Morax. I.. like it actually. Allows us to spend time just loving each other.” You feel him lay on top of you, and nuzzles his face into your chest.
“Good. It’ll be a few minutes before I can pull out. Oohh... keep rubbing my head like that.” He melts into your touch when you massage the back of his head.
“I don’t mind the wait. Think we can do more later?” You ask him, and gold eyes look up at you half-lidded and he’s blissfully enjoying the petting on his head while still buried so deep inside.
“Of course. I’m not anywhere near satisfied for the night.” You smile at him, and he moves to kiss you again.
“I mean... it is our wedding night after all.”
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drabbledealer · a day ago
No but hear me out 😭
Imagine yandere emperor zhongli who doesn’t allow you to the leave the palace or the entire empire at all
You get lost in the palace as you try to escape, you can't see him but you can hear his voice as it bounces off the walls. He tells you there's no escape, that this is your home now. You keep running but as you do you look behind to see if he's behind you. Suddenly you bump into something and fall down, for a second you feel hope as you think that it must be a door. But soon you felt despair as glowing amber eyes stare down at you.
"Caught you~"
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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eyesofadragon · 2 days ago
How about a zhongli x reader fluffy fic with a reader who discovers zhongli is morax while taking care of him when he is sick. My headcannon is that when his human form is sick he turns into half dragon as a way to cope with the sickness. And reader discovers this on one such sick day.
A Sick Day for a Dragon
Tumblr media
Relationship: Zhongli x GN Reader
Type: Fluff
Notes: This is a great headcannon, Anon. I will now be stealing it. Anyway, hopefully this is sufficient! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Mr. Zhongli is not available at the moment. I am sorry.” The funeral parlor staff bows in apology. The same answer yet again. Y/N had been asking for the man all day, and yet no one had a clue to anything more than “Hu Tao said he was sick”. It was hard to believe the consultant could even get sick at all. He always seemed like he had everything under control, why would his immune system be any sort of exception? It just doesn’t make any sense…
Y/N sighed, offering a quick thanks before heading into the parlor anyway, much to the confusion of the person who had just said he wasn’t available. The sound of the door opening was almost silent, but just loud enough to alert the director who had been… working??? It was unclear what exactly she was doing, but whatever it was ended up on the floor as she threw it aside and bounded over to her friend. “Y/N! This was unexpected? Did you reconsider my offer? Two for oneee~!” Y/N shook their head, smiling at the director’s antics. “No. Do you know where Zhongli is?”
Hu Tao pouted, crossing her arms in overdramatized frustration. “Booo. You’re only ever here for Mr. Zhongli!” Y/N, looked at the ground with a small blush, one that did not go unnoticed by Hu Tao. “Finneee~! Since I’m so generous, I’ll tell you!” Y/N immediately brightened in anticipation, only to deflate a moment later at the director’s response. “I have no idea!” “W-what?! But you’re who told everyone he was sick!” Hu Tao laughed at Y/N’s almost instant outburst, as though it was exactly what she expected. “Aya… You really care too much about that old man… He’s out back, I think.”  Y/N’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, now their turn to cross their arms at Hu Tao. She threw her hands up in an “I surrender” motion, still laughing. “What? I never said I didn’t have any idea!”
Unhelpful encounter with Hu Tao over now over, Y/N left the funeral parlor and headed into the secluded area nearby that they assumed must be what she had meant by “out back”. Seeing nothing of important at first glance, Y/N was starting to believe they had been pranked by the director yet again. That is, until they noticed a ponytail around the corner of one of the trees. Y/N rushed over, only to be met with a sleeping Zhongli. Except, he had horns. Is that a tail?? Y/N covered their mouth, but was unable to silence a small squeak, waking the cause of their surprise. “Y/N…? Is that you…?”
Y/N wanted to run, but Y/N’s E/C eye’s met Zhongli’s golden ones, causing them to hesitate. Why were they hesitating? Zhongli tried to stand, stumbling a little. “You…” Zhongli sneezed. “You shouldn’t be here…” Zhongli began to fall, his legs unable to withstand the weight of his body due to his illness, but was caught but Y/N. “Ah… thank you, dear.”
Why had they caught him? Why are they here? What’s going on?? “I… suppose you are wondering what is going on.” Did he just read their mind???? “No, I did not read your mind, by the way.” Y/N stared in Zhongli in disbelief. “You expect me to believe that?!” Zhongli chuckled for a moment, but was cut off by a coughing fit. “I-cough-… It was written all over your face. I apologize.” Zhongli sighed, looking at the ground sadly. It felt unnatural to see him so upset. “You deserve an explanation.”
“I am… or more accurately, was… Rex Lapis. I gave up some of my power to become human like the civilians of Liyue, but what I still retain causes me to become… like this, when weakened.” 
Silence stretches across the area as Zhongli finishes speaking. It’s almost suffocating, but Y/N can’t bring themself to say a word. Zhongli… is Rex Lapis? No way. “This… must be another one of Hu Tao’s pranks… right…?” Zhongli shook his head slowly, and the news began to really sink in for Y/N. Zhongli is their archon? The archon who died? Y/N was there. They saw him fall out of the sky. That’s the same Zhongli that they spent so much time with? Their Zhongli…? “I understand if you-“ Zhongli is cut off by Y/N suddenly wrapping their arms around him in a hug. Zhongli chuckles again, returning the hug slowly. “I am sorry for lying to you for so long.”
“While I am more than glad to receive your forgiveness, dear, I must remind you that hugging is not the best idea as of now. After all, I am still rather-“ Zhongli and Y/N sneeze simultaneously. They stare at each other in silence for a moment, before breaking into laughter. “I am sorry that I got you sick.” “Don’t be… Rex Lapis.”
“…Please do not call me that. I much prefer Zhongli.”
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just-a-new-gi-writer · 2 days ago
Hi! Congratulations on the 100 followers! Your building god series is so beautifully worded and the worldbuilding is absolutely to die for. I especially love the different spins you put on how each region and its inhabitants view/revere their creator.If you're still taking milestone requests, I was wondering how some characters (of your choosing) would be like with a creator who's free with their affections? Like a bow is met with a kiss, or creator insists on embracing instead of them kneeling?
Thank you! I, uh, think I went a little overboard with this prompt... Sorry for the wait!
A/N: Note that the reader’s gender varies between the snippets!
Word counts: 634 / 702 / 954 (163)
Warnings: Reader touching (kissing, hugging) acolytes
Me, writing this and realizing it was spiraling out of my control:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
One, two, three, four, five, six.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Zhongli measured the paces required to walk across the room, then counted the steps to return. Pacing was certainly not part of his usual repertoire, and even now he worried how much wear he was putting on the old soles of his shoes. Gah, he should have gotten them replaced when he heard that their Architect would soon arrive in Liyue City! No, he should have gotten all his clothes sorted out and more presentable, that would have made a better impression. Or… would it have been better to send Xiao to clean up that old residence he used some five hundred years ago?
Was it right to make that deal with Keqing? She had come up with that plan to ensnare Ningguang, and with her busy, the most likely candidate to soak up all of Her attention was out of the picture for now. All that was left now would be to ingratiate themselves with Her and ensure their standing. It was no sure-fire solution, but with the wildly short notice, it would be the best that they would have.
Zhongli snapped to attention. Out in the hallway, he heard two people approaching. One was Keqing’s voice, the other sounded on strings of gold. The latter voice laughed, a clear chiming sound that he cursed the wall for muffling. It was airy, it was cheerful, it was a balm to his weary ears and heart.
“–And I would like to introduce you to my associate.” As Keqing continued speaking, Zhongli hurried to make himself look fully presentable. “He’s in the employ of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, and he’s quite knowledgeable about the corners of Liyue and its history.”
The door glided open, and Zhongli turned and kneeled. “Dearest Creator, History’s Author, Forge of Days and Orator of Order. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the City of Liyue, Land of Contracts and Order,” a shadow neared. Considering the finery just in the shoes and socks, this had to be the Creator. He raised his head slightly and held out a hand, “Demesne of that Archon Rex Lapis.” She set Her hand in his- the Creator, touching him at last! Her gilded caress on him was ten thousand times better than he could have imagined- and he brought it to his lips to kiss. “I sincerely hope that You may find our city–” Zhongli tipped his head up and his next words died in his throat.
There was not a hint of kindness or fondness on Her countenance, only dispassionate indifference. In the space of a heartbeat, Her hand snapped out of his and seized his collar, snapping him up to his feet with an urgency he hadn’t felt in centuries. In the same breath, She pulled his head down, tilted his head to the side, and–
Zhongli’s thoughts stopped dead.
Her Grace, the First Arbitrator, had pulled him in for a kiss. Not a chaste kiss on the cheek, but one to be shared between lovers.
She broke the kiss and pulled away. “There. That oughtta keep you quiet for a hot second, Rexie.” She released Her grip on his lapels and he scrambled to catch himself at the last second. “I’ve tolerated ‘Your Grace’ this and ‘Your Holiness’ that, and I’m drawing a line in the sand here and now.” She spun around to face a Keqing that was too shocked for words, “That goes for you too, Kaykay. Am I clear?”
A blush formed on Keqing’s cheeks. “C-c-Crystal!”
She turned back to him. “How about you, Zhongs? …Zhongs?” She paused, kneeling to more closely inspect the near catatonic archon, a look of frustration crossing her face. “I’m starting to think this stunt was a bit counterproductive…”
Tumblr media
Jean fiddled with the pen in her hand. She wasn’t sure how she should be reacting to this whole situation. The Creator. Here. In her domain. Who specifically requested to talk with her alone. Her. Specifically her. And no one else. With the Creator. In this office.
Stressed? Her? No. She didn’t even know what the word meant!
Someone knocked on her door and she swore she jumped a foot into the air and fumbled, trying to catch her pen. “Jean?” Lisa’s voice was muffled through the door. “Your special visitor is here.”
“O-oh, right.” When had she been gripping the pen so tightly? “Send Them in. Please.” She shook her hand as she stood up, trying to release the tension as she made her way to the front of her desk.
The doors clicked and swung inwards, revealing Lisa, ever with her calm smile. She stepped aside and let Jean see Mondstadt’s Liberator in the flesh. It’s not as though she hadn’t seen Them before- no citizen of this city could avoid the myriad statues, paintings, ore reliefs, but seeing Their Grace was something else entirely.
“Unser Emanzipator,” Lisa swept her hand to Jean in a grand gesture, “may I have the pleasure of introducing you to die Stellvertretender Großmeister, Jean Gunnhildr.”
Jean knelt, her heart hammering in her chest and her pulse sounding in her ears. She tilted her head down and closed her eyes. If only these could truly hide her state from Them. “Atem Führen, I hope to give you the warmest welcome to our city on this fine day. Mondstadt opens its gates and its arms to you on this day and for every day to come. We–”
“Jean…” The tone in Their voice made her freeze. She was no stranger in wanting some connection, some interaction to her dearest Creator, but hearing this hesitation from Them made her lock up. What had she done wrong? How had They judged her wanting? “Please, rise.”
She hurried to stand, her thoughts racing to find what her mistake was, alongside some way of wording her apology. “Y-Your Grace, I–”
Lisa chuckled, snapping Jean’s attention towards her. This is how she was acting in front of The Creator?! “I’ll leave you two to your little chat.” She grabbed the doors and turned to leave, but addressed Their Grace briefly. “Do remember to return those books on time, dearie. I haven’t had to come up with a punishment for someone like You, but please don’t give me a reason to get… creative.” She shut the doors behind herself as she gave one last chuckle.
They had given Lisa a brief glance over Their shoulder, then looked back at Jean. “Look,” They crossed Their arms, “I get it, you’re stressed, meeting a deity- ‘creator’-” They made air quotes at that remark, “is a big thing. But you need to calm down.”
“Calm–! I–!” Jean had a hard time figuring out what to parse first. “Löwenzahn, please tell me that there is some mistake here!”
“Jean. Calm down.”
Jean balked. “I am calm!”
They rolled their eyes. “Clearly not enough, as this can attest.” A hand snapped to hers, turning it over and revealing the ink splotch spread across her gloves. “Here,” They stepped forward, “this should help.”
“Your–!” she tried to take a step back from Their approach, but They were faster. They slipped their arms around her, pulling her in and keeping her from fleeing. “Your Grace, what are you doing?”
“I’m hugging you. Is your work taking that much of a toll on you?”
“There’s that title again. Look, you can just call me [Y/N], alright? Much easier than remembering all those titles.”
“Uh uh! What did I say?” 
Jean grit her teeth. Her hands were shaking and she could feel the blush on her face. What was going on?! “[Y/N]. Please let me go.”
“I’m not letting go until you calm down.”
Jean tried to focus on her breathing, on the doors ahead of her, on the sound of birds chirping outside, but she couldn’t stop the heat rising in her cheeks.
They sighed, shifting Their grip on her. “We may be here a while…”
Tumblr media
Kujou Sara counted the steps as she crossed the room.
One, two, thee, four, five. She had been accosted by a certain noble time and again today, doing everything in his power to try and edge his way into Tenshukaku Palace.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. She wouldn’t have minded so much if it hadn’t been so clearly stated that the Shogun would not be entertaining the thought of visitors during such an important time.
Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. And if he were the only fool trying to worm his way in, this wouldn’t be such a huge problem. Word had reached her ears that other, less prominent nobles as well as unscrupulous merchants were seeking the same ends.
Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. All of this stress built on top of her work in the past days: ensuring the defenses were adequate (though she supposed that she should thank those intruders for testing them for her), directing the guards and their proper rotations, and training to be the personal guard for His Eternal Light.
Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five. The Shogun required her to intensify her training- not that Her Eternity doubted her abilities, but she fully understood that any lapse in judgment, any gap in the armor around His Grace would be ruthlessly exploited in this vulnerable time, and they were not to show weakness while He was–
“Sara?” She almost tripped on her twenty-sixth step. “Kujou Sara? Is that really you?”
Sara recognized that voice. In her dreams, she had heard of the Shogun’s thundering commands echoing into infinity, but intertwined with it, echoing behind and though it was the essence of the Eternity from whom she drew her power and authority. One could not escape the shadow of its presence in Inazuma City, in Tenshukaku, least of all in the presence of the Shogun herself.
She turned and saw and felt Him, not as a reflection nor as an echo. Him, who forged the islands they stood upon and the shores of the infinities. Him, who engineered the thousand components in a human. Him, who set the paths of millions to their proper places, who set the Shogun in her throne, her servants in their places, and who brought her to this position.
And who brought the two of them together in this very room.
He was garbed in the finest that Inazuma had to offer. The deepest, most vibrant violets. The softest, finest silks. The insignias, threaded with gold and silver. Sara wondered if the Shogun harbored the faintest glimmer of envy of His attire. “Thank goodness I finally found you,” He chuckled. “I can’t believe I managed to sneak away from all the guards.”
And who was looking for her?!
She failed to stutter out a response before he continued. “I wanted to find you. A-and to thank you.”
“–Your Grace?!”
“Well,” He brought a hand behind his head, “I mean, you were the first person I pulled way back then. …and, to be honest, the, uh, only good character I pulled. For a long while. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done, and…”
‘Pulled’? She hadn’t heard that word used with this context. Perhaps there was a meaning that He was using that she was unfamiliar with? Something archaic or poetic? She could at least take a stab at the intended meaning. “Rest assured, Five-fold Light, being in Your service is a delight I would do all over again.”
“… I also wanted to apologize for all the work I put you through.”
“–Your Grace?” She didn’t expect a meeting with The Creator to surprise her in this way this much.
“I mean, I asked so much from you. All the domains, all the bosses, all the commissions and lay line outcrops, all the material runs… all those pigeons of Timmie’s…”
“No, Your Grace, I…” She didn’t recognize most of what He was referring to. She knew that He had called her between her duties for tasks beyond her knowledge and understanding (and beyond what her memories could recall) … but the pigeons? “Please, think nothing of it all. These were tasks You had called me to do.” She knelt in respect. “If You would but call upon your humble servant again, I would follow your every command without hesitation.”
“Sara, please,” there was something in His voice- surprise? Confusion? “You don’t need to kneel in front of me. Uh… Rise. Please.” She complied and He visibly sighed in relief. Was there something she was missing? He glanced over His shoulder. “They’re going to start searching for me soon,” He mumbled. “I should go soon, but first–”
He stepped forward and, before she could react, grabbed her and pulled her in close. Kujou Sara had found herself blessed to have had contact with the Shogun before, but she could have never considered the possibility of the events in front of her.
The Creator, Author of All Joys and Sorrows, held her gently as He kissed her on her cheek.
In that moment, she wondered if her current desire for eternity, to disentangle and remove time from this very moment, outmatched that of the Shogun’s.
Just as quickly as He approached, He pulled back. “I’m sorry to cut this short,” He turned to leave, waving as he went, “I hope to see you again soon!”
Sara’s hand rose of its own accord, first to attempt to wave back, then to caress the spot where He had set a kiss on her. A warmth blossomed in her chest- pride, embarrassment, respect for The Creator, she let her feelings burn through her.
…She turned back to her path. How many steps had she taken?
Shika flinched as she heard the sharp crack behind herself. Cleaning under the Guji’s watchful eye was always a stressful chore- one could never tell where her eyes were, in truth. She risked turning around and checking on the priestess’s condition.
Yae Miko sat in her usual place, eyes closed and a concentrated, furious look across her face. Her slowly closing hand was empty but covered in tea; the same drink splashed all over her lap. What could have made her so upset? Was it related to that shadowy fox the other shrine maidens had seen heading towards Tenshukaku Palace?
“Shika, darling.” The Guji’s voice made her flinch anew. “If you’re going to stand and stare, the least you could do is clean as well.”
“I-I’m sorry, I–!”
Yae sighed. “Please, save your excuses. If you’ll excuse me, I must find a change of attire. If you perform poorly in your tasks, I might be able to procure some roast crow for you.”
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fanficfroggie · 2 days ago
Random ass relationship headcanons with the genshin boys
Tumblr media
Treats his dragon like a goddamn lap dog, he’ll cuddle, feed, and kiss him like a golden retriever.
Watches Markiplier when he’s supose to sleep. He doesn’t even turn it down he just blasts it.
He’s a really nice cuddle and will be the little spoon no matter what.
Makes you braid his hair every morning of every day. On cold winter days he’ll cuddle into you while you braid his hair with loads of blankets on you.
Speaking of cold days he always has the flu during winter.
Proposes to you with a vision because he’s to poor to get you a ring. It’s the thought that counts-
Tumblr media
He does his eyeliner every morning and ever since you guys started dating he makes you do it.
Has alot of earrings. A lot, like hundreds.
He has a six pack and is jacked as FUCKED. DUDE CAN LIFT ANYTHING.
Xiao and him play chess as you watch!
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avakkins · a day ago
Tumblr media
往生堂組 | necömi
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ragnvlndr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I gave Zhongli every dish available on day 1 of the spices event, and analyzed the results! It looks like each character has 3 “LIKES”, 4 “DISLIKES”, and the rest are “NEUTRAL”.
All of these dishes seem to be from Liyue!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two of these dishes contain bamboo. Bamboo is likely Zhongli’s favourite ingredient. (This is furthered by the fact that Bamboo Shoot Soup creates his specialty dish.)
Two of the dishes are higher-star, with the exception of Rice Buns.
Two of the dishes also feature ham. Zhongli may like ham, or boar-based meats.
Tumblr media
All of the dishes feature seafood as a main component. This lines up with Zhongli’s line on hating seafood.
Most of the dishes are seafood with flour.
We can probably assume that although his opinion on other dishes with seafood are only ‘neutral’ as to not go over the limit of 4 dislikes.
Zhongli may like rice buns because they’re a very traditional food from the past, and the rice-based version of Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns- Marchosius/Guoba’s dish.
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aresuna · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zhongli & Venti, I love! Would love to see them interact on screen one day!
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witch-hazels-musings · 17 hours ago
*sees example* ask example: “Hey, Hazel! I’d like a ‘reading of fate’ with Zhongli please!” 
O.O Hullo there! May I please ask a 'reading of fate' with Zhongli please? But no angst because he's been through so much already in his long life. Thank you!
I look forward to enjoying your pieces from this event. I hope you have as much fun as we will reading and reacting to your lovely creations <3
Tumblr media
The Star (celestial), The Magician (transformation), The Chariot (accomplishments) :: zhongli x yaksha!gn reader | neutral fate
Warning: sfw, creation of a yaksha (idk ya’ll, this is where we are - I certainly wrote something different, hope you like it *shrug*) 
‘From wishes be born but designed, your composition will be the beauty of the stars. Forged and crafted under pressure you will shine like diamonds under the sun.’
Morax, the oldest, most powerful archon, stood before the alter with serious eyes. His fingers coated in liquid gold as he traced the sigils upon the obsidian table. The tone of his voice rattled the mountain top, it’s shook the earth around him and pulled at the sky above. If he had cared to observe, he would have noticed how close the stars became as they stretched to look at what he delicately crafted. 
‘From nothing you will collect the heavens. From the stars you fall and too stars you will return. Rise and be a part of this everlasting life.’ 
Morax raised his hand dripping in gold, eyes closed as he reached to the blinding sky. The sounds of tumbling, rolling, and ancient stone crashed around him until a crack in the slab was found and from it, crawled a new life. 
The door closed to the funeral parlor but the tension in the room was still high. Though it wasn’t coming from the composed man sitting at the desk, instead it was wafting off the shoulders of the young attendant at his side. 
Your fists were balled, back tense, but you kept your face relaxed, focused. Waiting was something you’d been rather good at but there were some humans who rubbed at them the wrong way until the strings holding you together were threatening to snap. 
“You may speak your peace.” The gentleman hummed as he sipped his tea, with his permission, you exploded. 
“I can’t believe we’re going to listen to him. Morax, this is unceremonious!” You spun on your feet, toe tapping angrily as you stared at the contract resting on the desk. It had yet to be signed but the moment it was everything was certain to change, and not for the better you might add. 
“y/n, please. In this form I do not go by Morax. It is Zho-.” 
“Zhongli, yes, apologies.” 
He gave you a sideways glance before placing his cup back on the desk. “I understand this is not what you would wish, but it is what must be done.” 
“I don’t buy it. I also don’t believe I’m the only one who is against this.”
“It is time that the reigns be past to the moral realm. If this does not test their resolve then nothing will.” 
“It’s going to get people killed.” Your head dropped at the comment and you knew full well you’d be forced to deal with it whether you liked it or not. With a sigh, you refilled his teacup before walking the empty kettle to the small cart by the door. 
He was right, you knew it was true, but after spending thousands of years with him it was difficult to accept. The sands of time brought many new faces to the landscape but you hated how noisy it was all becoming. If only you could stop the flow of it all for a few minutes. Halt it so you could live a bit longer at his side. 
Zhongli was the new form Rex Lapis chose but he didn’t feel like your Rex Lapis; certainly you weren't the only Yaksha who held these sentiments. 
“Mor-ahem-Zhongli.” You began, “Are you certain this is the future you want?” 
“It is.” 
“... but what about me.” Deflated, you let your head drop to the side but decided to go about your duties. You had sworn yourself to this archon and though you disagreed to his desires, you would serve him until the end of time - or, in this instance, till the end of his.
He continued his work and you did the same. Organizing files, handling ceremony orders and pushing off the annoying habits of the funeral director any chance you could. The hours flew by and soon it was time for the pair of you to leave and for you to withdrawal to a more comfortable place away from humans and their noise. 
You stood by the open window, nervous, worried about what tomorrow would bring. The wheel spun without you on it; citizens of the city you helped shape drifted underneath, below, around you like flecks of dust. One day you’d see them fade just as all things did - would there be a day you’d have to watch him disappear from between your fingers too. 
“From the stars you fall and too stars you will return.” You whispered, hand reaching out to the moon whose touch you barely remembered. 
You felt something at your side, a comfortable, familiar feeling. When the sensation of Zhongli’s fingers brushed across your cheek you turned into it as easily as a flower buds in tea. “Do not be sad for the loss of the past, change brings beautiful things.” 
“You say that but ... what will become of this future without you.” 
Zhongli looked out across the city, his hip resting against the window sill, long hair fluttering in the wind. In every shape, every form he took, your feelings for him never changed. He was the being who heard the begging wishes for your existence and helped pull you from the ground. You respected him, adored him, would follow him everywhere but right now you felt lost. 
If this worked, it would be his great accomplishment while you stood alone at the sidelines.
“We might not know what the dawning of a new day, but what humans have taught me is to embrace each one.” He turned to you and you stood a little taller, “I do not fear tomorrow for I know you will be there to embrace it with me.” 
Zhongli gave you a kind smile, a reassuring smile, a smile you’d know in every shape and form of him. If this was the choice he made, you would accept it and do what you could to protect him every step of the way. 
“If tomorrow is all we have,” You reached for his hand and looked out to the sea, “I shall not waste it.” 
“Neither shall I.” He replied, thumb running against your skin, settling the emotions you couldn’t understand in your heart. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fate Made Event (May8-31) | Anthology
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mlem0817 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bamboo shoot soup reminds nuitaru of zhongli
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mackjlee9 · 16 hours ago
Zhongli x Seme!Male!Reader [Smut]
Warning; vanilla sex, riding, mirror sex.
Modern AU. Dirty Thoughts Songfic.
Despite how long it's been, Zhongli clearly still remembers the day they met. And then, there's that day, constantly replaying in his mind like a broken disk.
The day he fell in love with his best friend, (M/n).
It was during middle school, and most of their classmates were making fun of him for having long hair and having an eloquent speech, of course, those kids didn't know what that word was, but Zhongli knew what they were making fun of the way he used big and elegant words whenever he talked. And (M/n), who was walking by with a bunch of girls trailing behind him, heard what was happening.
With a subtle smile, he told the girls that there was something he had to take care of, and he turned around the corner, where a group of five boys were laughing at Zhongli, and calling him slurs like faggot, and homo.
Oh, did (M/n)'s blood boil at the sound of those fuckers calling his best friend that way.
Clearing his throat, the five boys turned around, flinching at the sight of their tallest classmate. (M/n) was one of those kids whose body changed quickly, so he was intimidating to the other boys and attractive to the girls.
With a sickenly sweet smile on his face, (M/n) towered over the group, and with a deep tone of voice, he spoke.
"If I see you near Zhongli again, I'm gonna beat the shit out of all of you," the smile was soon completely wiped off his face, and leaning down to be face-to-face with who was the "leader", " Leave before I lose my patience."
Letting out shrieks mixed with some "threats", the group quickly left and ran. Worried, (M/n) walked up to Zhongli, who had his eyes red from the tears that were still falling down his cheeks. Hugging him tightly, (M/n) played with Zhongli's hair, tilting his head up to dry his face and place a kiss on his forehead.
"Is okay, they're not gonna bother you anymore," holding eye contact with Zhongli's golden eyes, (M/n) had to ignore the rapid pounding of his heart in his chest, "I'll always be here for you, no matter what happens."
Letting out a deep sigh, Zhongli's eyes opened, his heart racing at the memory that seemed like just happened, despite the many years that had passed since then. Reaching a hand up to take his glasses off, Zhongli stared at the almost finished book he was writing.
He saved the document and turned off the laptop, closing it and getting up to take a shower. Now being 28 years old, he wondered how he could still hold feelings for (M/n), he felt pathetic but... it's not like he could get over them. They saw each other every day back then, and now they work together. It was kind of hard to find a lover, especially at his age. He may not be young, but he wasn't that old, yet no one seemed to be interested in a long-term relationship with him.
Already under the warm water, he let out a satisfied sigh at the feeling of his shoulders and back muscles relaxing after being sat down for hours.
He glanced down, his black hair falling on either side of his head and he couldn't help but gently hold onto its ends. Zhongli let his hair grow a lot, trimming it only when it was necessary. Thinking about the reason why he let it grow so much makes him flustered, a dark red quickly showing on his face.
"Your hair is beautiful, Zhongli," the sound of (M/n)'s voice made a shiver run down the male's spine, "How are you so pretty?" Zhongli felt his body trembling at the mere memory, it was so vivid that it felt like (M/n) was actually there, talking and complimenting him. "I would love to pull on it," now he was imagining things, remembering every single time (M/n) would hug him or touch him, the gentle grip around his body always made his heart race.
Lowering his hand, Zhongli wrapped his slim fingers around his hardening shaft, slowly stroking it as he imagined it was (M/n)'s hand instead, teasing him as he whispered lewd things in his ear. Reaching behind him, he pressed his fingertips against his twitching entrance, slowly penetrating himself and moaning out (M/n)'s name, he released his dick and held himself up with the wall, the hot water sliding down his body, making his mins race as he fantasized about (M/n)'s body pressed against his back.
Thrusting his fingers deeper and quicker, Zhongli cried out as he came, his lewd noises echoing off the bathroom walls, and as he came down from his high, he wondered.
He wondered if (M/n) has ever masturbated thinking about him. He wondered if what he was doing was wrong. He couldn't help it. Whenever he wasn't writing and/or alone... his mind would just drift away, imagining hundreds of scenarios where he and (M/n) were happily dating, and more times than that, he would fantasize about all the lewd and erotic things he wanted to do with him.
Zhongli knew that was wrong, and at first, he would try to ignore them, erasing them from his mind, but he knew, somewhere there, in the depth of his consciousness, those fantasies were there, ready to come out when he least expected it.
And at some point in his life, he just accepted them, letting himself be driven crazy by everything, his fantasies were so realistic and convincing and because of that, there were times when he wasn't sure what was real anymore. He was truly going crazy, having all these dirty thoughts about his best friend.
He had tried and failed countless times, only for those thoughts to get stuck for longer in his mind, so he doesn't care anymore, he just lets it happen.
"I'm going insane," he muttered to himself before washing up properly as quickly as could, soon heading to bed.
The next morning, Zhongli felt lazy and didn't want to do anything at all, but as always, (M/n) seemed to know exactly how he was feeling at all times. He came by his suite, and they sat there at the dining table, discussing little bits, ideas, and plots for his nearly finished novel.
After five years of his first book release, Zhongli was still widely known in the world of romance novels, captivating every reader that came across his book, even by accident. And, seemingly being a coincidence, (M/n) ended up being his editor, and he loved that because that meant still being together, even if it was as co-workers or friends.
And right now, staring at him as he read the last few chapters he wrote, Zhongli couldn't help but let his mind drift off to that time they kissed. He was done denying it, he wanted to date (M/n) and have sex with him. He had tried to flirt with him discreetly, and openly, but every advance he did seemed to be a futile attempt.
"This is amazing, Zhongli," hearing his name being called made him snap out of his thoughts, seeing (M/n) showing him a sweet smile, "It really makes me curious about the ending, would she get her feeling reciprocated? Or would she get rejected? I'm looking forward to the end."
Feeling his heart beating faster and his skin covered in goosebumps, Zhongli covered the lower half of his face as he glanced away from the (h/c) haired male.
"T... Thank you," (M/n) kept his eyes on him and chuckled softly, changing from his work attitude to just behaving like friends, talking about whatever interesting thing that happened in the last few days, or talking about the past and those school days that seemed so distant now.
Finishing the novel, editing it, and getting it approved for release took a little over a week, and just now, laying in bed with his breath heavy and uneven after masturbating because of a wet dream he had, Zhongli heard his phone going, groaning as he got up from his bed to wash his hands. Holding a hand towel as he walked back into his room, the call cut off before ringing again right after.
He picked up and put the call on speaker, throwing the towel on the floor as he took the bedding off to wash it.
"Zhongli, I just got the first copy of your novel, and we have the next couple of weeks off, so why don't you stay over tonight?" (M/n)'s voice echoed off the wall of Zhongli's bedroom, and something about the raspy tone of his morning voice made the long-haired male hold back a moan.
He was so down bad it was pitiful.
"Alright, see you in an hour." (M/n) bit his lip before saying a quick and cheerful 'See you!' as he hung up.
Zhongli left the bedding in the laundry basket and decided to wash it the next day, and he took a shower as quickly as he could, ignoring all those damn thoughts and fantasies that just seemed to keep getting worse and more frequent. And by the time he was done showering, he had already wasted fifty minutes, so getting dressed as quick as he could, he rushed out of his suite room and called a taxi to take him to (M/n)'s apartment.
On his way there, he realized he forgot to tie his hair, he was wondering why he felt so different, well, at least he took his phone and house keys with him.
Twenty minutes after, he had to text (M/n) to come down to pay the taxi fee because he forgot his wallet. The driver left with a wide smile on his face and then they were left alone to get into the building.
"You took too long in the shower? And you forgot your wallet in your rush to get here quick? God, Zhongli you never change," hearing (M/n) chuckling at him made a dark blush creep up his face, his hair covering his expression as he glanced away.
On their way up to (M/n)'s apartment, they were silent, enjoying each other's company in the wide, spaced elevator. But despite their well-put-together demeanor, both were struggling with their animalistic instincts to jump on each other.
(M/n) was just glad he was wearing an oversized hoodie that covered the bulge that became visible in his sweatpants. Seeing Zhongli with his hair down and in casual clothing made him relive his not-so-holy fantasies about his best friend. And the blush that he was able to see only made everything worse.
He just wanted to pin him against the elevator wall and make him his, but... that would've been a little too much.
So, in the peace and quiet of his apartment, (M/n) and Zhongli had fun watching movies and talking about whatever thing they could come up with. However, at some point, while they were finishing checking Zhongli's novel, they decided to drink up some beer since (M/n) had some cans in his fridge.
And now, with the book closed and on the coffee table, they were feeling a little tipsy from the few cans they drank, their flushed expression and the way they dragged the words slightly was a clear indication of, at least, light intoxication. Regardless of that, they were still pretty much conscious and aware of what they were doing and saying, but their actions were getting a little frisky.
Zhongli was practically clinging onto (M/n)'s arm, and the (h/c) haired male was getting very flirty, enjoying the sight of an embarrassed Zhongli.
He just looked so gorgeous that today, even more than usual, whether that was because of his hair down, the alcohol, or the rare chance of having days off, but (M/n) just knew that he wanted him. He's never wanted Zhongli as bad as he wanted him right now. And he used to be a very horny teenager back then.
"Y'know what? Fuck it," cupping Zhongli's face in his palm, (M/n) leaned in and joined their lips.
Letting out a muffled moan because of the sudden action, Zhongli ended up kissing (M/n) back, wrapping his arms around his shoulders as a way to hold him close against him. As their kiss started to get heat and their tongues were touching and rubbing against each other, (M/n) couldn't help but frown at what he was doing, and he slowly broke their kiss.
Zhongli whined at the loss of contact, his golden eyes opening to stare at (M/n), a dazed look caused by the alcohol and arousal was what (M/n) saw. He let out a small sigh, and tried to push Zhongli away from him, quietly muttering, "Sorry, I shouldn't have-."
But with a frown and a groan, Zhongli held tighter onto (M/n), preventing him from backing away and he kissed him again, this time straddling his hips as his hands played with his (h/c) hair. (M/n) was a little hesitant about where he should place his hands, so he ended up gently placing them on top of Zhongli's thighs. Barely pulling away, Zhongli's golden eyes stared into (M/n)'s (e/c) ones with arousal, softly panting.
"I wanna keep going, so don't apologize~" when their lips joined again, (M/n) held tightly onto Zhongli's thighs and he stood up from the couch, making the long-haired male moan and wrap his long, slim legs around his hips.
"Let's take this to the bedroom, then," (M/n) muttered against Zhongli's lips before taking them to his room.
Keeping his hands tightly pressed against his mouth, Zhongli felt his legs trembling as he felt (M/n)'s fingers stretching his insides, the wet squelching sound that reached his ears made his face flush a dark red, moans being muffled by his hands.
(M/n) was preparing him so gently and carefully that it was kinda frustrating Zhongli, the stimulation making his dick twitch as it leaked pre-cum. Just being touched by (M/n) made him feel like he was in a dream, and seeing as they were gonna have sex... Zhongli was just really impatient.
Gritting his teeth, he reached for (M/n)'s wrist, holding it tight and slowly forcing his fingers out, letting out a low whimper as he felt his long fingers getting out of his stretched entrance. With shaky thighs, Zhongli knelt on the bed, his trembling hands placed themselves on (M/n)'s shoulders, pushing him until he was sitting on the mattress.
Pulling down (M/n)'s underwear just enough for his dick to spring out, Zhongli straddled his hips like he did when they kissed, and swiftly yet precisely, he aligned his wet, stretched entrance with (M/n)'s erected cock.
"I've been waiting... too long for this," lowering his hips, Zhongli gasped out loud as every inch of (M/n)'s cock penetrated him. He stayed still, trying to ignore the quivering of his body.
(M/n) groaned next to his ear at the tight and warm feeling wrapping around his cock, he could barely handle it, his hands reaching to hold tightly onto Zhongli's ass, making the long-haired male whine as he slowly started raising his hips, taking it all almost out before sinking down again, steadily setting a faster rhythm that draws out louder moans and whines from him.
Helping him ride his cock, (M/n)'s eyes momentarily glanced to the side over Zhongli's shoulder, where he could the clear reflection of them in the mirror. He intensely stared at a spot in specific.
That spot showed how greedily Zhongli's stretched hole took him fully inside, and something about that image made him growl, digging his fingers further into the soft yet firm flesh of Zhongli's ass. He couldn't help but thrust up into him, making him gasp out loud, his head tilted back as his golden eyes widen before they rolled into the back of his head.
"Yes~" he whimpered, his nails leaving scratch marks on (M/n)'s shoulders, and the moment he looked down at the (h/c) haired male, he realized his gaze was locked onto something else, something that seemed to have a big portion of his attention. Slightly frowning, Zhongli looked over his shoulder, only to be greeted with a lewd and erotic sight that made him gasp with embarrassment.
(M/n) locked eyes with Zhongli through their reflection, a smirk showing on his face as he inched closer to the male's exposed neck, kissing it gently before dragging his tongue on his skin, causing shivers to run down Zhongli's spine.
"Look how good you take my cock, Zhongli," stopping his thrusts for a moment, (M/n) held Zhongli's cheeks spread apart, showing him how his red tip was barely inside him, "You're taking it all inside you~" with a low tone of voice, (M/n) lowered Zhongli's body slowly, making sure he saw and felt every inch of his cock going in inside of him.
"Fuck~" Zhongli moaned, closing his eyes for a second, feeling (M/n)'s cock throbbing inside him, making his muscle walls clench involuntarily.
Speeding up his thrusts, Zhongli couldn't stop moaning and whining as he watched (M/n)'s cock disappear inside him, crying out his name whenever his prostate was stimulated. Leaving scratches on (M/n)'s shoulders and upper back, Zhongli started moving his hips too, bouncing up and down at the same pace as (M/n)'s thrust.
His flushed cock leaked pre-cum, his long legs tightly wrapping around (M/n), hiding his face on the male's chest as an orgasm hit his body, making his body quiver.
Pulling out, (M/n) manhandled Zhongli's weak body, turning him around and spreading his legs apart, penetrating him again, making sure his glossy golden eyes stayed locked onto their reflection.
"Don't get tired, we're just getting started~"
The next morning, Zhongli felt his entire body as heavy as a building. He could barely open his eyes to try and figure out where the fuck he was, but when he did, a blush quickly crept up his face. (M/n) was already awake, looking at him with a soft look in his eyes, his hands slowly going up and gently brushing his loose hair away from his face.
"Hello, sunshine, did you sleep well?" Feeling flustered, Zhongli glanced away, making (M/n) chuckle. "I'm sorry if I was too... rough last night," he felt how (M/n)'s hand slid down from his hair, all the way down his hips, caressing it sweetly with his thumb. "I'm taking care of you today so, what do you want for...?"
Taking a small pause to glance at the digital clock on his nightstand, (M/n) realized how late it was.
"Lunch, it's past twelve." He chuckled as he glanced back at Zhongli.
Something in the way his (e/c) eyes seemed to be shining while looking at him, made Zhongli feel a little shy and embarrassed, opting for simply hugging the male tightly, preventing him from seeing his flushed face.
(M/n)'s arms wrapped around him, his fingertips gracing the skin of his back, causing goosebumps to appear on his skin.
"Well, we can stay in bed for a while longer, I suppose."
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amatxs · 2 days ago
hii!! can you please write something for 'could we wake up slowly, in this world that runs too fast' ( sue zhao ) + zhongli? thank you!
saturn / zhongli ( genshin impact ) ( could we wake up slowly, in this world that runs too fast? ) a/n: prompt post ( x ). quote by sue zhao
an archon has lived through many lifetimes, watched the world crash and burn, flourish and thrive. how devastating and beautiful the cycle of life is, this woven web of tragedies and joyous occasions. zhongli has imagined solitude would make such times tormenting and slow, but it is strange how it flows -- the blink of an eye, and yet another chapter unfolds before him.
he has done this too many times, lost so many he has loved and respected. it is a part of existence he readily accepts, but acceptance does not dissipate grief and longing.
it is a dangerous balance : the cherishing of each waking moment and the knowing that it will hurt all the more once it passes and is faintly restored through nostalgia.
so zhongli finds vigor in the memories he makes with you, knowing that at the end of this all, there will sorrow foiund. ( but there will never be regret, he decides, not with you. )
his fingers trace the spine of the book in his lap, the pages worn and read by those who once lived long ago. his mind wanders, unable to focus on the blurred letters before him. you lean against him, consciousness fluctuating in and out as you try to fight off sleep. your head on his shoulder, your hand in his in trust. he has tried telling you to give into rest, allow yourself to slumber, but you mumble that you’re not tired, only to fall asleep in the next few seconds.
-- until you truly do wake up, hours later, eyes wide open as you realize how late it is. you sit up, body no longer against his, and suddenly, he feels a loneliness. panic is quick to surface in your eyes, but zhongli is even quicker to rid of it.
“you have exhausted yourself.” he reminds you kindly, thumb running over your knuckles in reassurance. “you should rest more. i will stay with you, if you would like.”
you hesitate, eyes flickering to the window. it is dark outside-- much darker than you anticipated, and far too late to do anything you planned. but that’s okay, your lover quietly reminds you, putting aside the book and grabbing a blanket. he drapes it over both your figures, lips curled in the faintest of lovesick smiles.
it can wait, come again another day. but for now, he will cherish this idleness, grateful for such a tranquil night. he will spend many more with you in the future you are both bound to, and perhaps it will end sooner than he expects it to.
( & the world will always push forth in search of tomorrow, but zhongli will stay at your side until time permits another goodbye. )
so for now, for now, he will indulge himself in your love, in your existence and your peace, and fall into a deep slumber and awaken to your renewal.
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gashadokuroz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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eyesofadragon · a day ago
How about a Cinderella masquerade ball fic between half dragon Prince zhongli x Cinderella reader. Where the reader is dressed up in silver while zhongli is in gold. I want a happy ending but I'm fine if there's angst in there. I just love it when zhongli is half dragon.
Cinderella and the Magic Dragon
Tumblr media
Relationship: Half-Dragon Prince Zhongli x Cinderella GN Reader
Type: Fluff, Slight Angst I Guess? (Just a dead mom and some abandonment issues though. It’s fine.)
Notes: This ended up getting really long somehow. Too much background needed to be established I guess, but that’s okay because I had fun with this. I hope you enjoy it, Anon.
Tumblr media
The the day of Y/N’s mother passing away was the day everything came crumbling down. It was unexpected to everyone. So much so, that Y/N didn’t hear the news until the next day. Their father simply didn’t know how to break the news, and ran off to deal with his sorrows. The hired staff was left to take care of the young child, only telling them of their mothers fate after they had found out themselves.
It was no secret that Y/N’s mother had been sickly. She hadn’t always been able to be up and about for long, but no one had dared believe her illness had gotten that bad. The day before she was acting like she had been any other, and the next, gone. Y/N’s father didn’t come back for a few years either. He had left behind plenty of money for Y/N and their home’s staff, so there was no real concern, but Y/N missed their family dearly. Due to that, when their father finally returned along with their new stepmother and sisters, they were overjoyed.
Their father, hit with the pain of losing his first wife all over again after seeing their house, left for work again almost immediately, and was rarely home. This left the care of everything to their stepmother. She had accumulated plenty of wealth from Y/N’s father, yet she believed it insufficient, and so she fired all the staff in the name of saving resources. 
The news of losing the only family they had ever known after their father left hurt just as much as when it was their mother. Were it up to them, they would have never left their room again due to their grief. Their stepmother, unable to do chores and unwilling to force said chores onto her daughters, pushed all of the responsibility onto Y/N, framing it as “giving them a distraction”. Y/N truly believed it was in good intent, and did their best to clean despite their pain, as their way of showing their love for their family just as the staff that had cared for them did.
Their stepmother was mostly satisfied by this. Y/N was doing better work than the staff ever had, and she still got all of the same benefits from their father just as she would have if she had actually cared for them. Their stepsisters, however, were less kind. They treated Y/N as though they were the family jester, creating horrible messes for them to clean up, and constantly insulting them. Y/N took it all with a smile, believing that their family truly loved them.
It wasn’t until it was announced that the royal family would be holding a grand ball that their belief was shattered.
The royal family was powerful not just politically. They were descended from dragons. While most of the dragon blood was typically phased out, by some miracle the crown prince was able to get almost perfectly split human and dragon genes. He was kept hidden from the public within the palace due to this, and the ball was when he would finally make his appearance. Y/N’s family believed that bringing a “cleaning obsessed lunatic” along would ruin their chances of impressing the crown prince, and thus left them behind.
The worst part? They didn’t even tell Y/N they were leaving without them. They had worked tirelessly to create not only their own outfit, but the gowns for their stepmother and stepsisters as well, and had helped them get ready before stepping into their room for a moment to get ready themselves. They emerged to an empty house, and fell to the ground in tears.
Everything they care about disappears before their eyes. They thought their family was gone for good. They must have died or something. They would have never left Y/N willingly, right?
From Y/N’s tears, a small puddle formed. Within that puddle, a reflection began to take shape, but the reflection was not that of Y/N, but of an unfamiliar young girl. “Hm? Now then… what do we have here?” The girl had long brown hair, red eyes with what appeared to be flowers within them, and a rather odd hat. “Who… who are you…?” Y/N was barely able to stutter out a reply, frozen from pure shock. “Is that really what you should be focusing on right now? Don’t you have a ball to attend to?” Y/N shook their head rapidly, tears beginning to form in their eyes once again. “What’s the point?! My… my family is… g-gone!”
The reflection burst out into laughter, to Y/N’s horror. What could this… thing possibly be laughing at?! Their family might be dead, and she’s laughing?! “Trust me, if your family was dead, I would know. It would be a fantastic three for the price of one deal! Just in case you’re interested, we also do birthdays.” The reflection winked with a bright grin at the confused Y/N, sighing when she got no reaction. The reflection shifted, showing Y/N’s family at the ball without them, and Y/N could hardly believe it. “See? They’re fine, so lighten up a little~!” The reflection shifted back to the young girl, bright smile returned to her face. “So how about we get you over there too and show ‘em who’s boss?!”
Y/N didn’t even have time to recover from the shock of realizing their family had abandoned them, as they were somehow teleported outside next to a much larger lake and a carriage. “All aboard~!” Y/N heard the girls voice shout, and shrieked in terror as a huge wave emerged from the lake and began rushing towards them. Y/N braced themselves for impact, only for the water to gently scoop them up and place them inside the carriage. The carriage began to roll off on it’s own, the still shocked Y/N inside, looking like a goat that got scared and completely froze.
“Oh yeah! I’m bringing you back at midnight, so I’d suggest getting out of a crowd before then~!” Y/N barely processed the cryptic words of the disembodied voice, distracted by the large palace that came into view just over the trees. They really were going to the ball. Unless this was all some elaborate trap, dream, or prank. That seemed about just as likely as getting ubered to a royal ball by a lake after their family ditched them.
Arriving at the palace gates made it all the more difficult for Y/N to deny reality any longer. They were really there. The palace was… so big. Impossibly big. In fact, they were already lost. Great job Y/N. Y/N leaned against a wall, sighing loudly in distress and hugging their knees to their chest. “This is the worst.” They mumbled quietly to themselves, believing they were alone until proven otherwise by the voice that joined them. “Hello to you as well.”
Y/N didn’t even bother to look up at whoever entered, too caught up in their own thoughts to care as they felt whoever it was sit down beside them. “Do you mind if I ask what is wrong?” Y/N had to admit, their voice was nice to listen to… Maybe it was okay to talk about how they actually felt, just this once. “My family left me and I’m lost.” Y/N teared up, hugging their knees even tighter. “…I wanna go home…”
“…What is stopping you?” Y/N lifted their head, feeling angered for some reason they could not explain, turning to face their conversation partner. “Did you not hear the part where I said I’m—“ Y/N trailed off, E/C eyes widening as they met the golden eyes that stared right back at them. “—…lost…” The man sitting next to them had long dark brown hair tied back in a low ponytail, those golden eyes, and… horns and a tail…?! “Hmm… I do see your point. That would make it rather difficult. Would you like me to walk you to the exit?” The man stood up and held their hand out to Y/N, offering to help them up. “My name is Zhongli.”
Y/N accepted the offer, hand shaking as they grabbed onto Zhongli’s hand and carefully stood up. “I-I thought that only the royal family had horns…?” Zhongli looked surprised for a moment, his hand reaching up to touch his horns before chuckling softly. “An astute observation, but one of little importance. I am just Zhongli.” Y/N opened their mouth to argue again, before closing it without saying anything. It felt to them as though anything they said wouldn’t sway the stranger to say any differently.
Zhongli lead them through the halls, down many twists and turns that Y/N didn’t recognize. How did they even manage to get all the way over there in the first place? Y/N didn’t have time to dwell on the thought for long, as they reached the main palace entrance together, looking out at the sea of people dancing at the ball. They were even more confused now. How did they miss the ball if it was at the main entrance? And didn’t the entrance look different? Did they come through a different entrance somehow??
Y/N’s line of thinking was cut off yet again, this time by the sight of their stepmother and stepsisters laughing together off in a corner. They immediately began to tear up, grabbing onto Zhongli’s arm in a subconscious attempt to hide from their family’s line of sight. Zhongli obviously noticed this, placing his free hand on Y/N’s head gently. “Is everything alright?” Y/N could only shake their head slightly, holding onto his arm tighter to hide their new blush of embarrassment once they realized what they’d done.
Y/N felt the hand on their head silently remove itself, only to be replaced by what felt like a hand on their back, guiding them somewhere else. Except the hand felt more… fluffy. Weird. The noise of the ball slowly faded, replaced by the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves as Y/N felt themself being guided to sit. They slowly opened their eyes to find themself on a bench in a garden, surrounded by flowers and trees in front of a peaceful lake, Zhongli looking down at them with a small smile. “Where is this…?” “This is one of the palace’s gardens.” Zhongli reached over to grab a flower off to his side as he spoke. “You appeared to be overwhelmed by something, and this one is my personal favorite. I thought it may be of some help to your situation if you sat down for a minute.” Zhongli placed the flower in Y/N’s hand carefully. It was blue, and the moonlight reflected in it’s surface in a way that made it almost look as though it sparkled.
Y/N looked at Zhongli in confusion, only to be met with a small shrug. “It looked like something you would find enjoyment in. I apologize if you do not like it.” Y/N waved off the notion frantically, upset by the mildly disappointed look on the man’s face, for reasons they couldn’t understand. “No, no! I love it, it’s great! T-Thank you…” Zhongli smiled, seeming relieved that his gift went over well. “That is good. Feel free to take any other flower, if you so wish.” “Thank you…”
Not knowing what else to say, Y/N fell silent. Zhongli didn’t say a word either, not wanting to disturb Y/N, and so silence filled the air for a few minutes. It was awkward, yet somehow also comfortable for the both of them. Y/N was barely able to make out the words from the man beside them when he finally spoke. “…Would you… like to dance…? That is an activity people partake in at such events… correct…?” Zhongli stared at the ground, face blank yet still somehow giving away his embarrassment. “If not, I am sorry. I am not well versed in the customs of these things yet…”
Y/N laughed, nodding at Zhongli’s suggestion. “Yes, I—“ Y/N couldn’t even finish their sentence before they heard a clock chime in the distance and a wave sprouted from the water, just like before, and scooping them up. They desperately grabbed onto trees, bushes, anything they could get their hands on, in an attempt to stay. All it resulted in, however, was the destruction of their clothes, and the loss of one of their shoes and the flower Zhongli had given them. Y/N once again found themself in the carriage they arrived in, which rushed them all the way home, where they ran up to their room in distress before their family arrived minutes later. 
They never came upstairs to check on Y/N, so they drifted off to sleep as they thought about the strange person they had met, and how rudely they left him.
The next morning, as Y/N did their daily chores reluctantly for once, they overheard their stepsisters talking about the latest news. “Apparently the prince is going door to door to find whatever mystery person left some shoe behind at the ball!” “I didn’t leave a shoe. Did you?” “Of course not! He doesn’t know that though~!” The sisters then laughed together, as Y/N remembered how they had lost their shoe last night too. But Zhongli wasn’t the prince, so it must be someone else. Two people losing shoes at the same event on the same night? What are the odds? Neat.
Just as the sisters had predicted, a knock on the door came just as Y/N was finishing up their chores in the other room. Their stepmother opened the door, and a strange man with a long, hooded cloak and two guards stepped through. Y/N couldn’t see his face at their angle, but she was told to stay in that room by their stepsisters, so it wasn’t as though they would be able to if he moved anyway. The guards explained that they needed everyone in the house to try on the shoe to see if it was theirs, to which the stepsisters happily agreed. The stepmother didn’t try it on, as she admitted outright that she hadn’t lost a shoe. She wanted the visitors to believe they were truthful people, just in case it did fit.
The first sister tried the shoe, but it was too big. She tried to fake cry to pass anyway through sheer pity, to no avail. The second sister stepped forward, sat down, and her foot slid perfectly into the shoe. It was her exact size. The second sister was overjoyed, and the prince took both of her hands in his, before dropping them a moment later and removing the shoe, shaking his head. One of the guards spoke up on the prince’s behalf. “Is there anyone else in this household? This isn’t the right person.” “W-what? But the shoe fit! This is ridiculous!” “I don’t make the rules, madam. It’s just my job.” The guard glanced in Y/N’s direction, before making eye contact and pointing at them. “You. Come here.” Their stepmother stepped between the guards line of sight and Y/N, panicked. “Y/N wasn’t even there! It couldn’t possibly belong to them! It clearly is property of—“ “Madam, stop.”
The bluntness of the guard’s words caused Y/N’s stepmother to fall completely silent in shock, giving Y/N just enough time to sit down in the chair. The prince held out the shoe for Y/N, and they nervously put it on. It fit perfectly. It also looked exactly like the one they lost. But that can’t possibly be the same shoe. Small world.
The prince took Y/N’s hands in his own, and after a moment they started to glow a sparkling blue in patterns the shape of flower petals. “What is…?” Y/N looked up at the prince in confusion and fear, only to be met with familiar golden eyes. “Hello to you as well.” Y/N flew forward and hugged Zhongli, who wrapped his arms around them in return. “How did you know to do that? What did you do?” “Simple. The kind of flower I gave you leaves marks that react to magic for about a day afterwards. I had not given much thought to that fact at the moment, however it did turn out quite useful.”
“There are millions who share a shoe size, but there is only one you.”
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an-emovision · a day ago
𝓒𝓾𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓸𝓷𝓼 - 𝓩𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓵𝓲
Tumblr media
A/N: I feel like Zhongli should be added into that anime boy crush starter pack, throw him in with Kaneki, Levi, Sabastian, and Giyuu. Warning(s): None ——————•°•✿•°•——————••——————•°•✿•°•—————— ❀- mmmmmmmmmm he might ❀- I know we all love to think of him as the loving dad type but this mf is as emotionally unavailable as you can get. ❀- But he's pretty and I'd let him crush me so I'm gonna pretend he'd be all lovey dovey anyway tf
❀-So Zhongli would probably just be coming home after a full day of window shopping because he probably forgot his childe- i mean his wallet ❀- You ran to meet him at the door like the excitable little thing you are and he smiles at you with nothing but love behind those wise eyes ❀- You welcome him home and he replies with a 'thank you love' ❀- You're quick to follow him to your living room after he's taken off his coat ❀- He took a seat on the couch and chuckled as he saw the expecting expression across your features, so he patted his lap as an invitation ❀- You grinned, hopping on over to plop onto his lap and allowed him to wrap his arms around you ❀- He proceeded to press kisses to your face while asking about your day in between, really you felt that you should be the one to ask him since he was the one that was out all day but nevertheless you answered his questions ❀- It had always amused him, the dealings of mortals and how excited they got over the smallest of things. You're no exception to this, though he does find everything you talk about interesting ❀- He began to explain his day to you after you'd asked about it, but of course when explaining his trip to the docks turned into him telling you about things that happened from hundreds of years ago you didnt mind, in truth you could listen to him ramble for hours ❀- So thats what you did. Sat in the comfortable warmth of your lover as you talked endlessly about the past, present, and your future together.
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