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#zhongli smut
𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤 𝐬𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: diluc, kaeya, zhongli, xiao, childe, dainsleif, kazuha, thoma, ayato, scaramouche, and aether
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: he's such a whore, always wanting to suck you off or bounce on your dick like the slut he is. oh well, you don't mind fucking him until he can't walk anymore.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): mxm, cum ( lots of it lmao ), anal sex, rough sex, blowjobs ( receiving and giving ), face-fucking, overstimulation, cumming inside, mind break, chest fondling, chest fucking, office sex, riding ( sex position ), cum inflation, cum on face, keeping cum inside, doggy style ( sex position ), size kink, heat ( dragon ), dragon tail and horns, virgin boy, mating press ( sex position ), nipple play, maso-sadist play, hair-pulling, sex toys, elemental play, breeding kink, outdoors sex, gentle sex, tentacles, degrading, praise kink, somnophilia, servicing, puppy play, collars, aphrodisiacs, brat taming, sex addiction
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫: male
𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠: such a whore ー jvla ( slowed )
yes, my blog at this point is just me being horny over 2-D men, and no, i have no shame. also, this is like my third time writing for male readers, so uhh y'all with dicks or identify as men come get y'all's juice
this took so long omg,,,istg my brain is gonna melt bc of how much i've put into this shitshow
Tumblr media
nsfw below!
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 who shyly rides you, biting his now reddened lips to keep his embarrassing moans in, digging his nails into your biceps as he feels his orgasm coming. only then will you hear his cute whimpers, as he begs for you to hurry up and kiss him. when you comply, he bounces much more quickly, desperately chasing his orgasm and taking your fat cock as deep as it can go.
he's so inexperienced and can barely take your cock into his throat without gagging. you have to guide him yourself, sighing from the pleasure of his hot mouth wrapping around your throbbing length. you don't know if it's just the pleasure getting to your head, but his mouth is just so damn hot, it's practically making you melt. and archons if you cum down his throat, he can barely swallow the thick load without pulling off and getting the spurts of hot release all over his pale face and his fiery red locks.
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 who gets fucked in his tavern after it's been closed for the night and everyone has gone home for the night. so there's no one to witness him being bent over the counter and moaning as you ruthlessly fuck him. there's no one to see him getting your cock shoved down his throat, your fingers tangled into his red hair as you use his tight throat like it's your personal cocksleeve. and there's no one to see him enjoying it all, milking your cock from its worth and moaning like a bitch in heat.
he gets so cockdrunk that if he finds an article of your clothing scattered in his room while you're out, he ends up jerking off, holding the clothing up to his nose and inhaling your smell. he just misses you a lot, but is just too embarrassed to admit it to your face. if you walk in on him during one of his, ahem, sessions, he practically dies on the spot and scrambles to cover himself. a " what are you doing? i don't think you're yet, hmm?" has his go still, and his cock spring back to life. he ends up jerking off with you watching his every movement, and his moans are much louder than usual. hmph, he likes this. what a perverted man.
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 who falls apart when you cum inside of his tight ass, his oversensitive and trembling walls feeling every single spurt of hot liquid pouring into him. what embarrasses him further is how he's pushing his ass against your crotch, like he's eagerly wanting your cum deep in his ass. if you decide to keep going and fill him to the absolute brim, he becomes a mess, his stomach feeling so heavy from the copious amounts of cum deep inside of him.
you like to fondle his incredibly well-built body, from his pecs to his biceps, and even his back muscles. of course, you only do it in extreme amounts when it's just to the two of you, but you'll occasionally do so out in public when no one is looking. he has to hide any and all reactions when your hand cups his crotch, slowly rubbing when no one is looking, and then deal with the aftereffects and keep anyone from seeing the bulge in his pants from your lewd actions.
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 who is so soft for you and loves you, although he doesn't verbally say it. rather, he shows it through how tightly he holds you close to him, and how passionately his lips mold against yours, even while pleasure racks his body. he just adores you so much and will do just about anything for your pleasure, even if he finds it embarrassing.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 who becomes your personal cumdump, getting ruthlessly fucked and filled with your hot cum until he can't hold in the milky liquid anymore. a good majority of it ends up leaking out of his slutty hole and dribbling down his shaking thighs. he'll try to hurriedly scoop it back inside but ends up smearing it even more. if it weren't for your arms holding him up and his barely lucid grip on the nearby ledge, he'd have slumped onto the ground already.
after being fucked in a deserted alleyway away from the prying eyes of Mondstadt citizens, rather than attempting to squeeze out the copious amounts of cum, he scoops what he can back inside. with a teasing grin, he saunters out like nothing ever happened, and goes about his day, smiling and cheerfully greeting his acquaintances, but little do they know how your cum has already dribbled out and left a sticky mess on the inside of his tight pants. he's lucky people pay to his chest rather than his flat ass and no one can see his hips shift as he attempts to stop your cum from sliding out.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 who gets fucked in his own office, whether it be initiated by him or you. he happily bounces on your fat cock, sloppily kissing you as lewd smacking fills the room. he eggs you on, asking if you're gonna cum, and telling you to cum in his slutty ass. if you tire for even a minute, he takes the reigns, gripping the chair handles and slamming his hips down all the way, eager to have your milky cum fill him up.
he likes to wake you up by sucking you off, not caring whether or not you're awake. all he wants is to have you, even if you're sluggishly mumbling out some garbled response while he's slurping away on your throbbing erection. and no, he doesn't care if you have morning breath, since he'll just wave it away and peck your lips before returning to his self-proclaimed "breakfast."
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 who fucks your cock in between his well-built pecs, squeezing them together as tight as he possibly can. he teasingly asks you if you love his chest and if it feels good, before offering to make it feel even better. you raise an eyebrow, before nodding, and stifling a moan as he lewdly slurps and licks your weeping cock head, purposefully moaning and sending pleasurable vibrations throughout your fat cock.
he gets so weak in his knees when you fuck him gently, pressing kisses underneath his pretty lashes as your cock is pushed in all the way. it may not look like it, but he craves true and genuine affection, although he does quite a good job at hiding it. so when you kiss his sweaty palm with nothing but a happy smile on your lips, he melts. so don't be surprised if he gets clingy and refuses to not only let go, but he won't stop feverishly kissing you.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 who loves it anytime you bend him over and fuck him oh so harshly, degrading him and calling him your whore, even pulling his long blue locks as you pound into him. but he loves it when you're gentle with him, and will happily milk your hot cum, telling you how much he loves your cock and how much he loves you.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈 who gets fucked in doggy style, lewdly moaning as your balls slap repeatedly against his sweaty assーyou're so big, he swears you're reaching his belly from how deep you're fucking him. he cries out when you pull on his long chocolate-brown hair, the pain being drowned out by the pleasure of your fat cock spilling cum deep inside his ass.
he goes into a rut about once a year, and he very noticeable gets clingier, but only when the two of you are alone together. he seeks out your company, pushing his face into the nape of your neck and inhaling your smell. once you become aware of his rather lewd situation, you join him in your shared bedroom, and what ensues is pure filth. no longer feeling the need to maintain his appearance, for now, his horns and tail make an appearance, glowing with gold and excitement. you spend the next few days pumping him full of cum, breeding his tight ass, and keeping his face pushed into a pillow. when you tire, he pounces on you and gladly rides you, jerking himself off as he bounces wildly. neither of you will be able to walk for a while after this.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈 who is surprisingly good at sucking you off, able to deepthroat your fat cock all the way till your crotch meets his lips. he does anything to ensure your pleasure, squeezing down the walls of his tight throat, sucking in his cheeks to make you cum faster. all while you're trying so hard not to cum from how damn good he is, gripping his head and thrusting your hips forward. you make sure to keep his head in place when you finally cum, your vision is filled with white as the archon's mouth and throat are filled with your thick cum.
when he's much more comfortable, he lets you see and touch his horns and tail, each feeling smooth and cool to the touch. you have so many questions, and he can provide them. before he knows it, you have him bent over the couch, your hand harshly gripping his tail and tugging on it as you force his ass back to meet your crotch. and dear archons if you grip his hornsーno he doesn't get aroused, they're literally keratin, but it makes you fuck him harder with better leverage to grab onto.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈 who just wants to kiss and hold you, even while you're fucking him stupid. it surprises you at first, especially with how he refuses to let go and won't let his lips off from yours. it becomes a mess of teeth grinding together and your saliva mixing and dribbling down your chins. even while you're pounding into him like a jackhammer, and his cum is spurted all over his pretty tummy, he still has a vice-like grip around your neck.
it's always fun pulling back his collar and dropping several wriggling tentacles down his shirt and pulling back, watching the ex-archon shudder and whimper as they begin to play with his body. you turn his front towards you and can very much see the slimy appendages' movementsーnamely the way they're sucking on his pretty nipples. he suddenly lets out a stifled moan as he nearly topples forward, his hips shaking feverishly. he starts moaning, telling you that "t-they're -all the way in-!" he's trying so hard to keep himself composed, but it's hard when he has tentacles sucking on his nipples and curling so deep inside of his ass, he can practically feel them in his stomach. he's so cute like this.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈 who may seem like he'd be the one who fucks you dumb and pumped full of cum, but in reality, the ex-archon is the one who gets fucked like a slut, pumped so full of your thick cum that he swears his doughy tummy is bulging. despite his rather old age, he can take you for a long time and he'll gladly be your fuck toy. but he does like it when you kiss and cuddle him afterward and he'll nuzzle into your neck, too exhausted to even bother pulling out your fat cock from the confines of his cum-filled ass.
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎 who gets taken in a mating press, his golden eyes rolling into the back of his head as your balls slap against his pretty ass, your cock fucking him open over and over. he's making the cutest fucked out face as he tries to comprehend the intense pleasure raking through his lithe body, but you pump him full of cum yet again, filling him up even more. he soon follows suit and cums all over his pretty tummy, thinking that it's doneーbut you're far from done fucking your cute little yaksha.
he has the cutest moans you've ever heardーthey're so breathy and feminine that one could mistake him for a girl getting pounded open. it's so much more different from his very gruff and cold voice that others are accustomed to hearing. and what would everyone say if they heard the vigilant yaksha himself moaning like a bitch in heat as he gets overstimulated till his mind goes blank?
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎 who has absolutely no experience under his belt and as such doesn't really know where to begin. sure he knows the basics, but that's about it. so of course you'll train your pretty baby and have him experience all of the kinky shit you get up to. and dear lord, what training it is. the poor yaksha is jerked off and fingered open so many times that he can barely even think anymore, let alone walk without his doughy thighs trembling.
his pretty nipples are surprisingly sensitive, and even you were rather caught off guard by his high-pitched moan when your fingertips grazed the little nubs. but now that you know a sensitive spot of his, you're not letting that knowledge go to waste. he's practically tortured with this and he now has to deal with you playing with his pretty nipples any chance you getーhe cums in his pants if you pinch and toy with them long enough.
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎 who thinks lapping his pretty tongue all over your fat cock counts as a blowjob. they're little kitten licks, and he stares at the throbbing, leaking member with something akin to fascination if one could call it that. that changes, however, when you grow tired of his little licks and shove your fat cock all the way down his throat. he gags loudly as your cock wrenches open his tight throat, and does his best to accommodate to the feeling of his throat being fucked open. and when you finally cum, groaning at you do so, he's crying out as the hot creamy liquid pours down his throat.
he can't handle any amount of pleasure, since it just feels so damn overwhelming and new to him. you could just breathe hotly on the tip of his ear and he whimpers so cutely. as such, he tends to moan quite loudly as you fuck him into the sheets and tries to muffle his noises by grabbing the nearest pillow and biting into the thin fabric. unbeknownst to him, you just find that even more arousing and adorable, and you end up fucking him even harder, which in turn makes him moan louderーwell you get the gist.
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎 who clings onto any sort of affection you give him, glowing brightly when you rub his head, and if he could purr, he would. he also clings tightly onto you whenever you fuck him against the nearest surface, burying his face into the crook of your neck to silence his adorable moans. it's always so much fun pushing him past his limits and breaking him. he's your precious and adorable yaksha, and you'll fuck him into oblivion.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄 who is a filthy slut that gets off to getting his ass handed to him in a fight. fights give him such a huge rush of adrenaline and he is absolutely addicted to that feeling. so when you completely beat him fair and square, he's practically cumming in his pants like a teenager. and he's grinning widely, a bulge and wet patch visible on his crotch as he looks up at you with arousal and excitement.
he's an absolute masochist and goes crazy if you bring any type of arousing pain into the bedroom. the ginger loves it with you spank him, fuck him hard, step on his cockーthe list goes on. he loves it when you pull his hair and force his head backward, his dull azure eyes meeting your own eyes as your hips meet his bouncing ass. you swear that you can see hearts replace his once circular pupils as you continue to fuck into him.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄 who gets his slutty hole stretched open by your fat cock and the toys he has scattered around his room. he's already drooling like crazy when you have his torso pushed down and his ass pulled upwards. but he goes still when he feels something hard prodding at his already filled hole, but lets out a choked groan as you shove in the generously sized dildo, only barely slowing down your thrusts. the stinging stretch of his tight ass only makes him even more aroused if that's even possible, and he begs to be stuffed even more.
you use his tight throat as your personal fuck toy, gripping his short hair as you facefuck him senseless. his throat is so damn tight and hot around your cockーit clamps down so tightly around you that you nearly cum early from his slutty mouth alone. he doesn't even mind it either, bobbing his head and fondling your balls, desperate to feel your creamy load down his throat.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄 who pervertedly uses the electro from his delusion while he's purposefully jerking himself off right in front of you, using the small sparks of deep purple to send tingles all throughout his body, and his throbbing cock. he'll even bury his fingers in his pretty hole and give himself shocks, causing him to lewdly moan from the overwhelming sensations, and your sharp eyes watching him all the while. he ends cumming all over himself from how much it overwhelms his senses.
the ginger-haired man loves it when you breed his tight ass. errーwell, he loves the feeling of your cum spilling into his tight assーhe swears he can feel the copious amounts of hot cum deep in his stomach. he will milk you completely dry until you're absolutely spent, lewdly fucking himself on your cock for hours on end and in so many various positions. even after he's finally exhausted himself, he refuses to remove your cock unless he absolutely has to. and when he does, he gets addicted to the feeling of being so full, his ass stuffed heavy with your cum and jostling around inside of him.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄 who loves it when you absolutely break him, your harsh thrust bringing a mind-numbing orgasm that racks his entire body and turns his brain into a lust-hazed mush. he loves it when you still keep fucking up into him, even while you're still cumming inside of him. he doesn't bother stopping your harsh treatment, in fact, he encourages it, as he enjoys the stinging sensation of your palm against his bouncing cheeks. but he will speak up if he isn't comfortable and will instead take it slower than before.
𝐃𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐅 who gets his body practically folded in half, his knees pushed back to his broad shoulders when he decided to be a bit cheeky for once, and ends up getting fucked like a whore. However, he enjoys the reversed power dynamics and just likes to let himself be fucked dumb until he can't think anymore.
his bodysuit, if you remove his cape, is incredibly form-fitting, and only serves to make you even hornier. it gives off such a nice view of his nice body and his cute butt. so it shouldn't come as a surprise when you start fondling him, squishing his ass while your other hand busies itself with grabbing his now visible bulge and squeezing. his entire form trembles as his hand grips your wrist, but only barely. you both know he enjoys having his most sensitive parts fondled, but you will stop if he asks.
𝐃𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐅 who gets plowed against a tree out where anyone could see him getting fucked like a bitch in heat. he tries so hard to keep his moans in, but a particular thrust to his poor overstimulated prostate has him reeling, and in seconds he's cumming all over the rough bark of the tree, moaning so cutely. what drives him crazy is how his already stuffed walls can feel even more copious amounts of your cum being forced in, even though there's no more room inside of him left. what he can't fit ends up gushing out onto the emerald grass below, leaving a pool of sticky, pearly liquid.
it's always nice coming home after an exhausting day at work and walking into your bedroom to see your precious bough keeper, all tied up and pretty for you to play with. archons knows how long he's been like this, his legs forced open as slimy tentacles curl themselves deep inside of his pretty hole, pushing him beyond his limits. his cock is smeared with previous lewd orgasms, as well as his pretty tummy. you debate which part of him you want to use as your cocksleeve, all the while he's squirming about, trying to run away from the overwhelming feelings of pleasure shooting throughout his body. you pause, before lining up your fat cock against his already stuffed hole and after a beat passes, you shove yourself into the tight heat awaiting you.
𝐃𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐅 who actually cried when you took him gently and lovingly, crystalline tears falling down his reddened cheeks as he's overwhelmed by emotions. you're obviously panicking because, well, it's dainsleif. the man isn't exactly known for outwardly expressing his expressions. you frantically offer to stop and drop everything, but he leans forward and seals his lips against yours. hugging you tightly against his bare body. he begs you not to leave him, that he's just so happy to be with you, and that he doesn't want to stop. you ended up making love to him that gentle night.
the blonde wakes up to the feeling of his pretty cock twitching and streaks of previous unknown orgasms glistening on his fair skin, and his hole now being thrust into over and over, his oversensitive walls clenching down on your cock. he's still in a sleepy daze, so his cute noises are more audible, like his breathy moans and whimpers as you hit his oversensitive prostate and your cum fills him up to the near brim yet again. he's too sleepy to even try and resist so he lies back and lets it happenーhe can clean himself out later.
𝐃𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐅 who will gladly do anything to make you happy, servicing you in any way possible. even if it means you using all of his tight holes and muscular body as your personal cocksleeve. he obediently swallows up your cum as you fuck his throat, even going so far as to milk you several times in a row. he'll let you fuck him in all sorts of lewd and perverted positions, growing more pleasure-delirious as your cum fills up his tight assーhe swears he can feel you in his stomach from how deep and hard you fuck him.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀 who can barely handle the pleasure of your hand wrapping around his adorable cock as he fucks your fist, his hips desperately and pathetically rutting up and chasing his orgasm. he cries out when you slip your fingers into his puckering hole, the textured tips curling into his pretty prostate. the samurai can do nothing but continue to fuck your ever-tightening fist while your fingers continuously stretch him open and rub against his prostate.
he gets aroused from the subtle but heavy actions, like your hand seemingly innocently resting on his thigh, when in fact they trace slow circles, making shiver as you edge closer and closer to his clothed sex, only for you to pull back down and start all over. or when you gently tuck stray locks behind his ear, when you purposefully trace the shell of his ear as slowly as you can, playing it off like a cute romantic gesture. don't be surprised if your pretty samurai ends up clinging onto you more than before.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀 whose nipples have been sucked on so many times that he has to actually stop you, with a reddened face, because the pretty nubs are so tender and sore. when they finally heal up, you're back to suckling on them, your teeth tugging on the now pebbled bubs. he lets you do so, knowing that you're too aroused to be pulled away, and settles for stroking your head while trying to hide any noises from your eager ears.
he gets so embarrassed when you slap your fat cock against his cheek, impatiently urging him to suck you off already. the samurai holds much preference for sucking on the leaking head, while he wraps his hands around the rest of your throbbing erection. but he does his best to deepthroat you, his pretty lashes fluttering as tears well up. please pet him, he loves it when you silently give him your affections as he pleasures you.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀 who rides you with his back to you, his cute ass rippling with each lewd bounce he makes as he openly moans. you have a tight grip on his elbows, pulling him back down each time with each bounce. he's too fucked out to even care about what perverted things you're doing this timeーhe's desperately chasing his orgasm, his tongue loosely hanging out of his mouth. and he isn't exactly quiet, his feminine moans echo out around you as he angles himself for your fat cock to hit his oversensitive prostate.
you've nearly gotten him addicted to the feeling of your cock filling up his tight ass, to the point of where he'll innocently sit on your lap, your arms wrapped around his stomach. but in reality, your cock is buried deep within his tight walls, throbbing and twitching from the vice-like grip his velvety walls have on you. he'll teasingly shift his hips, causing you to dig your nails in his doughy thighs as his walls twitch and spasm around your cock. he whimpers when you finally cum, and you can't see it, but he has a very satisfied smile upon his soft, rosy lips.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀 who is your cute little bunnyーevery little noise he makes, or every single reaction he gives when you angle yourself just right and hit his oversensitive prostateーforcing him to moan and cry as you fuck him open on your cock. it all just makes you wanna fuck your bunny until he breaks and can only be nothing but a lewd hole for you to fuck and fill with cum.
𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 who gets gifted a pretty little collar, since he's such a misbehaved puppy who gets too overexcited. it even came with a nice leash too, since he'll need to be directed back to what he needs to do of course. and that's usually when you're fucking your lewd puppy from behind, tugging on the collar to keep him from passing out from the endless amounts of pleasure that give to him, and to make sure that he doesn't lose his grip.
he gets so embarrassed when you slap your cock in between his pecs, stammering as the hot member throbs against his skin. his cute face is so red that it practically resembles a tomato as you slide your fat cock in between them, but he can't bring himself to look away from it. when you finally cum, he's left with the pearly liquid all over his chest and face, and he clumsily begins to swipe it up whatever he can on his finger and lick it up.
𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 who is trained to be a good puppyーbeing fucked against every surface and in every position possible while being your cute cumdump. he gets a treat if he's been a good boy, and that usually includes him sucking you off and being able to swallow up all your cum, or getting fucked so many times he breaks. but of course, he does have lots of punishments under his beltーgetting overstimulated until his brain turns into mush, or being edged for hours on end.
he goes into a daze right after he's cum, and it's the cutest thing ever. it's like his brain can't handle the feeling of all this pleasure from his ass, and the heavy feel of your cum filling him up. he can't even stop you from thrusting; he's too fucked out from his orgasm. but your cute puppy eventually snaps out of it soon after, and he whimpers as he realizes you haven't stopped thrusting, only slowing down a little. he tries to whine for you to slow down, but you've angled your fat cock to perfectly hit his prostate, so he can't do anything but take your cock and be a good boy.
𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 who gets aphrodisiacs slipped into his food while he's playing his cute hot pot game with you. he doesn't notice until far after the game is over, and he looks so out of it, his cheeks burning red as he takes in deep breaths, trying to figure out what's happening. you, of course, brush your fingers against his smooth cheek, offering to help him with his little "problem" down there. next thing he knows, he's being put in a mating press, your heavy balls slapping against his ass as you fuck him into oblivion. he can't even be mad, because it just feels so damn goodーhe can practically see stars from all the overwhelming pleasure.
it's become a habit to tie your adorable housekeeper to the bed, dropping tentacles onto his bare body and watching as they begin to play with his lewd body. while two busy themselves with his pretty nipples, another is busy swallowing up his cute cock, and the othersーwell, they've been curling deeper inside of him while you watched. he lets out choked cries and garbled moans as they wrench another orgasm out of him, and he's too oversensitive to even run away. and you aren't exactly helping eitherーyou shoved your cock down his throat moments ago and you're too busy fucking his tight walls to even give him relief from the overstimulation.
𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 who is such a good boy, eagerly sucking you off when you ask him, and he does such a good job at it tooーputting so much effort into deepthroating you and making sure that you feel so good. he'll even wrap his legs around your waist, catching you off guard when he starts begging for you to cum inside, whining that he really wants to feel your cum inside of him, so please cum inside. and well, good puppies deserve treats, no?
𝐀𝐘𝐀𝐓𝐎 who nearly got caught while you were fucking him against his desk, his important documents long forgotten as you plow into him with no restraint. a knock on the door caught his attention, and his little sister's soft voice resounded through the thin sliding doors. while he pokes his head through the open doors, assuring his sister that of course, he's alright, just taking a nice stretch from all his hard work. while he's busy talking, you sneakily slid yourself inside of him, and you have to say, he does quite the good job at keeping his moans in as your fat cock pries open his tight walls yet again.
when an attendant or ayaka comes into his office, asking where he went off to, you tell them that he went on a walk for some fresh air and that he'd be back in a few minutes or so. after they leave, you lean back, his pretty blue eyes meeting yours with minuscule tears welling up in them. you grin down at him as he chokes on your cock, his groans sending pleasurable vibrations through the throbbing member. he's been doing good so far, just a bit more and he'll be properly deepthroating you in no time!
𝐀𝐘𝐀𝐓𝐎 who gets a special reward after all the hard work he's had to go through due to his position as the head of the Kamisato Clan. he has such a huge burden on his shoulders, but not to worry! you'll help relieve his stress the best you can! although, it usually involves you fucking him with his leg thrown over your shoulder, and he's left to cover his mouth to keep his pretty moans as your cock hits his prostate over and over.
he's obviously a virgin since he's been far too busy to even pleasure himself, much less find someone else for that. so you have to be careful when you slide your fingers inside of him, otherwise, he'll be in quite a lot of pain. he dug his nails into your skin as his ass stretched open to accommodate the foreign feeling. when you finally sink your cock into his tight walls. he literally came all over his doughy stomach, gritting his teeth and wrenching his eyes closed, tears welling up inside of them. he won't unwrap his arms from around your neck, even after he's gotten used to the feeling of your fat cock pulsing inside of him.
𝐀𝐘𝐀𝐓𝐎 who rides you when he's in a more teasing mood, slyly grinning as he rolls his hips to order to push your throbbing erection even deeper inside of him. he'll pat his stomach, telling you how he can feel you so so deep inside of him and telling you to hurry up and cum inside his tummy. just to further rile you up, he'll call you a good boy as you cum, stifling his moans by biting his lip. even after that, he'll encourage you to keep going, wanting to be filled further with your thick cum.
he enjoys it a little too much when you pull on his long, silver-blue locks as you thrust wildly into him. the stinging pain only serves to further arouse him, and he swears he can see stars from how good it feels. it doesn't matter if you're tugging on his long locks while he's sucking you off, or if you're doing while fucking him from behind, he's probably going to push you down and ride you himself, his horniness going through the roof.
𝐀𝐘𝐀𝐓𝐎 who looks so prim and properーgently smiling as sakura petals lazily drift past him, framing his handsome face perfectly. but behind closed doors, he acts like a bitch in heat, sloppily sucking you off, desperate to have you cum down his tight throat. he'll even cockwarm you after you cum inside him for the nth time, stupidly grinning at the heavy feeling of your cum inside of him.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄 who is an absolute brat, snapping at the people around him for petty reasons, or just because he woke up and chose violence that day. so it makes sense for him to expect to be fucked relentlessly until his tummy is bulging from the copious amounts of cum inside of him, and he can't even stand with his legs wobbling. hell, he'll even have to walk around with your cum still stuffed inside of him for the entire day.
you'll fold his legs over so his ankles are on either side of his head, while you squat and dip your cock into his tight ass. he's visibly protesting at the embarrassing position, and is eyeing down your throbbing erection down until the moment it's sheathed all the way inside. he's letting out choked moans and whimpers as you pound him into him without restraint, your heavy balls slapping against his ass as his vision becomes blurry from all of the pleasure filling his veins. when the two of you finally cum, he ends up cumming all over his cute face and tummy, moaning loudly from the feeling of yours shooting deep inside.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄 who can get so pleasure drunk that his mind breaks from all of the overwhelming feelings, and he ends up becoming a lewd little slut for you to fuck. he's so cheeky when he goes into this mode, grinning as he rests his cheek on your pecs while his hips slam up and down on your fat cock. he's surprisingly lovey-dovey, telling you how much he loves you and how good your cock makes him feel.
making him suck you off really makes your day since he's so short, and when compared to your fat cock, it's almost questionable how you even fit yourself down his throat. but he somehow manages, almost like it's an utmost priority that he has to do, and he doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. and that usually involves him choking on your cock, gagging as he takes it deeper and deeper until his nose meets your crotch. it's so damn tight and hot, so you end up face-fucking him into oblivion until you finally cum. in which you keep his head taut and in place until you're done pouring your creamy cum down his throat, and finally pull him off.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄 who gets used as your guinea pig for your cute tentacles that you've always wanted to try out. he scoffs, finding it stupid that you can't use them on yourself, but hmph, whatever, can't hurt, he supposes. next thing he knows, the slimy appendages are curling around his now nude body, toying with his sensitive spots while he does his best to keep his adorable moans in. he can't keep it up for long, however, when a thin appendage slides itself inside of him. And he all but moans as it rubs against his prostate, making him crumble in mere moments.
you once slipped a fat tentacle inside of him, the stretch somewhat unbearable as it wriggles further inside of him. he does his best to not show his surprise as the head presses against his throbbing walls in all of the right ways. he has to lean against the wall every few seconds because he just can't get used to having to walk around and being stuffed so fully like this. it gets even worse as the day drags on, the tentacle occasionally squirming about and pressing right up against his prostate. he doesn't even try and open his mouth, because he knows that he's going to moan as soon as he does.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄 who is your cute little brat that disobeys every single little thing, and gets punished for it. it's so fun to break him with pleasure until he can no longer think anymore and gets to be your cute bratty cumdump. even after you're done using his body like a cocksleeve, he'll have to walk around with the heavy feeling of cum inside of him, which threatens to dribble out if he's not careful enough. he's lucky he intimidates his subordinates so much that they're too scared to even pay attention to his wobbling knees or his swollen belly.
𝐀𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 who is the prettiest boy everーpeering up at you underneath his fluttering lashes and through his watering eyes as his mouth wraps around your leaking head, gingerly sucking on the reddened tip. he's on his knees, while you sit on a plush loveseat, and it's honestly the best way to relax after a day of running countless errands. sighing as you run your fingers through his soft blonde locks, you tug him even further on your cock, making him gag from the intrusion in his throat.
he gets fucked so much that he's started to become addicted to the pleasure entirely. if he gets just a moment alone with you, he pounces on you, hurriedly fumbling with your belt as he tries to yank away the cloth barrier that's keeping him from his most favorite treat. when your cock finally springs out, he wastes no time in mounting you, giddily smiling from the pleasurable stretch and the way your cock rubs against his walls in just the right ways.
𝐀𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 who has very little experience in knowing what to do, and when you hold your throbbing erection near his cheek, his fair skin now stained with a glob of your pre-cum. and due to his inexperience, he ended up pulling off when you told him in between groans that you were cumming, and he ended up with thick, pearly splatters all over his face and hair too. he's so confused and panicked when your limp cock has now stood back up again, and you ask him to do it again.
he prefers being taken in classic missionary styleーhe really loves looking into your eyes gently as you fuck him into the mattress; it just makes everything sentimental for him. that and he can wrap his legs around your waist and trap you there, forcing you to spill your heavy cum deep inside of him. but he isn't against being taken from behind, since it means you can jerk him off while thrusting into him with little restraint.
𝐀𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 who becomes a plaything for your pretty tentacles, since he's just so cute and adorable and you can't help but want to use him lewdly until he breaks. his ears are one of his weak points, along with his pretty nipples, so when you dump the slimy, wriggling appendages on his naked body, those are the spots they almost immediately go for. they'll even spread open his legs for you, providing you with a nice opening to fuck him in while the tentacles do their job and further his pleasure until he breaks.
he follows every single command you request him to do, even if it's absolutely embarrassing, such as sloppily fucking himself dumb on either a silicone dildo or one of your girthy tentacles. either way, he gets so red that you swear you can see steam coming off his cute face, but he still obliges, whimpering as the appendage slides into his pretty hole with little resistance. he ends up getting so into it that he openly moans, his feminine noises echoing loudly in the room as he jerks himself off. he's acting like a bitch in heat, and you enjoy it to the max.
𝐀𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 who will always get spoiled with pleasure no matter what, whether it be lovingly with you gently making love to him throughout the night and smother him with gentle kisses. or it could be purely lewd, with you folding him in half as you fuck your cute traveler into oblivion, filling him up with cum until his belly swells and it gushes out in thick spurts. he's so cute that you can't help but want to break him until he becomes a lewd mess for only you.
Tumblr media
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dottorology · a day ago
Jsjsjsj HIII!!
could I request kaeya, childe, zhongli and itto with a female innocent virgin reader? If you're not comfortable with that please ignore it :D
Thank you!!!
Tumblr media
pairings: kaeya + childe + zhongli & f ! reader [separately] notes: i struggled to articulate the idea i had for itto here, so i just left him out - very sorry ! warnings: virginity loss, very soft in general, individual warnings utc. w.c.: 1.6k
Tumblr media
KAEYA. warnings: soft kaeya, missionary.
kaeya would tone down his teasing a lot with you. don't get me wrong, it would still be there, just less prevalent. he'd be slow, pressing gentle kisses to every part of your body. you were allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this way for the first time, so you'd comfort would be his utmost priority. he would want you to feel as though the trust you were showing him was mutual, so he'd be sure to remove his signature eyepatch before he got too caught up in the moment. the awe in your eyes he pulled the string from his head was unmatched. you couldn't help but cup his face and give him a kiss that said "i love you, i trust you, i want you" all at once. though kaeya's hands were usually cold due to his cryo vision, each touch he gave you was warm and full of care. he'd be reassuring, having to suppress his regular instinct to degrade his partners. his words would instead be full of sweet praises, mumbles of you good you were doing and how thankful he was to be your first. he'd want to fuck you missionary, so he could be close to you. any worries or pains you had as he thrust his cock deeper into you were scared away by his soft lips on your own. his fingers would interlock with yours, thumbs brushing over your knuckles in reassurance. kaeya would want to see your face as you came undone around him, asking you if you could keep your eyes on him. it didn't matter if you were unable to follow his requests, he certainly wasn't going to punish the innocent little darling below him. you tried your best, though your eyelashes fluttered as he hit that spongy spot inside of you. the way you clamped down around him made kaeya groan, struggling to refrain from throwing his head back in pleasure. he would help you come down from your high, careful not to overstimulate your sensitive body. he would ask you again if he could cum on your stomach, despite you having told him that it was fine to do so earlier on. you were too fucked out to reply properly, so you just nodded. the view of his seed painted across your body was enough to get him hard again, but you were reaching out for his touch in a different way. you wanted to be in his arms, where you felt most at home. kaeya would hush your wanton whines, promising you that he'd be with you as soon as he had cleaned you both up. you remained in a daze as a wet washcloth was dragged across your stomach and thighs, washing away a majority of the cum and sweat that made your body shine. the cavalry captain kept his promise, pulling one of his t-shirts over your head and letting you curl into his chest. you fell asleep on top of him as kaeya whispered soothing murmurs into your skin, making a promise to himself to do everything in his power to never let you go.
CHILDE. warnings: light teasing, fingering, cunnilingus mention, riding.
childe isn't always as rough and commanding as you may think. he cherishes those lazy mornings where he can have soft, slow sex as the sunrise bathes the room in a warm glow. he wouldn't push a girl he was seeing to do any of this with him, instead waiting for her to make the first move. once he found himself really falling for someone, the harbinger was perfectly content just holding them in his arms and playing with their hair, tousled from a night of sleep. the teasing and flirty nature still continued, light gropes of your ass and suggestive comments running wild both in public and private. he loved how easy it was to fluster you, though should you ever express discomfort with his actions he'd stop, no questions asked. once you told childe that you were ready to go further with him, he was thrilled. being in the line of work that he is, the number of people that trusted him was rather limited. any embarrassment you felt when you told him that he would be your first was drowned out by his love for you. unlike kaeya, i think that he would still be a tease. not so much in the sense that he'll edge your pretty cunny until you were shaking like a leaf - he wasn't that mean! instead he would make comments of how needy you were for him (and how cute he found it!), drawing your attention to the sounds of your wet cunt as he drove his fingers into you. you would most definitely have to wait for his cock. childe could take all the time he needed before filling you up, so expect to cum multiple time around his hands and mouth first. he's big, so it would be a bit of a stretch to fit him. though he would be okay with fucking you as you lay back against the pillows of his bed, childe would much prefer for you to be on top. he'd remain in control while guiding you to lower yourself onto his length. well aware that he could lose his self control and accidentally hurt you, the man wanted for you to set the pace. his hands would rest on your hips as your warm cunt swallowed him, massaging small circles into your skin to distract from any pain. there'd be no teasing if you couldn't fit him, only him making a cheeky remark that the more you had sex (and oh there would be so many more times) the easier it would get for you. he would help you bounce on him once you were ready, jolting his hips upwards. he's rather vocal, grunts and the slapping of skin echoing around the room. the flirtatious, teasing man that everyone knew seemed to melt away the closer that he got to his peak, being replaced by a much more gentle creature, needy for his lover's touch. his kisses were full of love and tenderness, making you feel full both emotionally and physically. as you clamped down around childe, the soft pad of his thumb moved to circle your swollen bud, heightening your pleasure. the way moans fell from your lips made him forget all about tartaglia the mighty harbinger and childe the fatui diplomat. instead was one of the rare moments where he felt like ajax. god forbid you moan his given name, for he will not be able to resist cumming right there and then.
ZHONGLI. warnings: zhongli brews a lot of tea, fingering, cunnilingus.
zhongli would be rather apprehensive when it came to taking your virginity. he's more than aware that he's well endowed and rather experienced, a benefit of having lived many lifetimes as many different personas. while he was not one to sleep around per se, he has had his fair share of intimate moments when masquerading both as a man and in his time as a woman. he had been taught the significance of one's first time despite being unable to recall his own. once he understood how okay you were with this, how much you wanted it, zhongli would be more than happy to oblige. he would be sure to brew you some tea to aid your relaxation, having you finish every last drop before he followed you to the bedroom. for an ex-archon, he was so very gentle. as he removed each piece of your clothing he would press kisses and whisper sweet nothings into the exposed skin, showing you how much he cherished you. it's highly likely that you would get frustrated easily, begging him for more though it was not much use. zhongli understood how breakable human bodies were, so he wanted to make sure you were fully prepared to take his length. it was adorable, really. he'd use his long fingers to open you up for him, being sure to brush his fingers along each spot that made you squirm. the sight of him looking up at you from between your legs as he wrapped his lips around your puffy clit, fingers still buried inside of you, made your legs shake. you'd be so sensitive as he finally eased his thick cock into your hole, still struggling despite his prior feats. zhongli is rather talkative outside of the bedroom, a trait of which he failed to leave at the door. his words of encouragement, telling you how perfect you are and how wonderfully you're taking him, were interlaced with his groans and grunts. if you really began to struggle, the man would not be above reciting a tale of his adventures as an archon or of the history of liyue. it would make you laugh a little, a successful distraction from the pain in your core. zhongli's deft thumb would then massage your pulsing bud, his calmness becoming almost infectious. his thrusts would be slow and soft, keeping his animalistic, draconic side at bay for now. aftercare with zhongli would also be extremely soft. he would have most certainly had another pot of tea ready to go, wanting you to relax. he'd rub any sore skin or marks that he had accidentally left in your pretty skin, pressing butterfly kisses as he went. the night would end with you curled against his chest as he wrapped an arm around your waist, the other holding a book that he read to you. his voice was so gentle, you couldn't help but doze off while wrapped in his warmth.
Tumblr media
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adeptxs-xiao · 2 days ago
( could be noncon or dubious consent. )
Imagine running away from dragon lord zhongli and accidentally getting stuck in a wall.
Can you guess what happens next when he finds you?
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫/𝐬: Zhongli/GN reader
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐬: NSFW Content; Porn without plot; playful resistance(?); predator/prey(ish); cnc; noncon/dubcon (just in case); humiliation/degradation (just in case too);
𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: the first thirst I’ve expanded in a while! Ehehe anyways, idk where I went with this but it’s not as intense as I thought it would be; regardless I hope it’s alright.
Tumblr media
Oh darling, you should’ve known better.
You are in his domain. He knows this place like the back of his hand. He can hear you footsteps, no matter how soft they are; he can hear your labored breaths as you try jumping over rocks and wade through the waters of his realm.
But he allows you to run; and only reason he allows you to run, to escape from his hands and to hide from him— is because he loves the feeling of hunting you down. The chase; the thrill of the hunt is what really sends the blood rushing to his cock.
“My, my... what a precarious situation you’ve gotten yourself into.” His deep voice rumbles, a purr mixing with his words as he stands tall before you. His golden eyes watches as you squirm, attempting to pull yourself through the hole; you almost looked embarrassed when he had caught you, eyes cast to the side with cheeks and ears flushed. You should be, you looked ridiculous.
He crouches down, allowing himself to be at the same height as you before he catches your face in his hand. His fingers press into your cheeks deeply, pursing your lips as he faces you towards him. “Do you know how pathetic you look right now, hmm?” His voice is deep and warm, golden eyes trained on your lips before they meet your own.
“Allowing yourself to get caught like this— it’s almost like you want me to have my way with you....” he sounds thoughtful, humming slightly as he spares a glance at your pathetic position. “Perhaps I will; you have presented yourself for me, after all.” You can only squeak out in response when Zhongli releases your face, standing up to full height once more; imposing and domineering.
“For now,” he pulls off the golden ropes that are tied around his waist. “I’ll make do with your mouth.” The smooth white robe is then pulled back, allowing Zhongli to pull down his bottoms off just enough to have his cocks dangle in front of you.
He holds them by the base, taking a step forward to press the tip against your quivering lips. “Look at me,” when you don’t comply, he grips at your hair and forces you to look up. “Do a good enough job and I might just pound you in the bed tonight.” There’s a slight curve in his lips when he says that. “Or else I’ll just take you here until the night comes.” Zhongli rubs the tips against your lips, partly open and breathing hot against the sensitive heads making him shiver.
He doesn’t suppress the near animalistic groan that rumbles from his chest; he’s still holding back, nearly bursting at the seams but he’s still controlling himself. But with the way you look up at him while suckling the tips of his cocks, he might not last long.
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scribe-of-the-gods · 2 days ago
Irresistible | Zhongli x Reader
hey babe. so i made this decently long- im sure it could be longer though. genre: smut extra: minors dni, word count: 1.3k, kinda did minor editing cuz i wanted to post it.
Tumblr media
“I thought you had a prior engagement.” Zhongli voiced as you peeled his jacket off, your lips claiming his in a heated kiss. He returned it almost immediately, wrapping his arm around your waist. Eliminating any gaps between you two, your bodies were pressed together in a desperate attempt to become one.
“Yeah, they can wait.” You muttered breathlessly as you pushed him against a wall. Zhongli groaned a bit as you reached down, squeezing his thigh. It was a simple act but it was his weakness. Zhongli loved when you touched his thigh, especially when you slid your hand further up.
His warm hands moved under your shirt, grabbing your breast and squeezing. Your mouth opened, allowing your tongues to meet in a fiery desire. You two separated for a moment as Zhongli lifted your shirt over your head, throwing it aside. You quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it away as well.
“Beautiful as always…” he murmured as his desire-filled eyes drank in your form. You were so tantalizingly gorgeous. Both of you were fully aware of the grip you had on him but he didn’t care. He loved it.
“Zhongli…” you moaned as he lifted you up and kissed your neck. He moved to the bed, sitting down and allowing you to settle on his lap. Your hands slid against his warm, bare shoulders, slowly moving to his hair and letting your fingers get tangled in them.
You could feel him right below you, even the most minute movements made him shiver. You pressed yourself downwards, feeling him grip your thighs as a soft moan fell from his lips.
“I think you like that.” You whispered, gently brushing your thumb across his lips. He looked at you with desperation as his hands slid below your hips. His cheeks turned pink at the touch and closeness. The way your hands moved across his exposed skin, the way you chose to grind against him, the way you melted into his arms- all of it was so enticing. It urged the fire in his core to burn hotter and brighter.
“I do.” He managed out as you started to kiss his jaw then neck. He tilted his head upwards, giving you more room. Your wet tongue almost burned as it moved around. He could feel you find your favorite spot, which you gave your undivided attention, enough to bruise it. Enjoying your handiwork, you moved along your path, leaving a couple more. You were careful not to make them too dark, he did have work tomorrow, after all.
“What to do,” you whispered, letting your hands trail down his chest. You could feel him twitch at the seductive touch. His hands unconsciously gripped your shorts, almost as if he were anticipating something. Moving off of him, you kneeled on the floor, fiddling with his pants a little. Zhongli’s cheeks were bright red as he leaned on his hands desperate for more of your attention. His eyes begged for more as his parted lips inhaled sharply.
His mind swirled with the filthiest of thoughts as he watched you pull his length out. Your warm tongue glazed across the tip, making him wince just a bit. He was never ready for the pleasure to hit him, even though he could see it coming. An audible moan came from him once you’d fully taken him into your mouth.
His hands gripped the sheets below as your head moved up and down. You were slow- uncomfortably slow- but it was all part of your little routine. Both of you liked to tease each other, always making up for it the next time you slept together. Yet, Zhongli couldn’t help but love it because it always made the night more exciting.
His hand slid over your hair, fingers curling in your (color) locks. His eyes squeezed shut as another wave of pleasure shot through his body. He bit his lip, yellow-brown eyes falling upon you. Just the sight of you sucking him off was enough to make him cum right then and there.
“(y/n)...” he moaned as your tongue slid across his length. You sighed at his taste before looking up at him, enjoying that look on his face. Pulling away, you kept your hand on him as you watched his face contort once more. Though Zhongli normally had a stoic look as he was good at keeping his emotions in, when he was in situations like this, he let go. He let you see the deepest parts of him- every dark little corner.
“I want you so bad, Zhongli.” You said, making him look at you. Yes, he needed you too. He needed to feel you all around him. Finally releasing him- and hearing a small whine- you slowly slipped off the rest of your clothes, allowing Zhongli to get a good look at your sensual features. He loved every inch of your body, no matter what you believed. He especially loved it if you hated it. He wanted nothing but to let his hands crawl over your body, seeking for any way to make you cry out in pure bliss.
Following your lead, Zhongli removed his own clothing. The second his garments hit the floor, you returned to him. Your hot bodies were pressed together as your lips met in another fiery kiss. His hands finally wandered over your body, sliding up between your thighs. His fingers were quick to find your sensitive spots, giving them as much attention as he could. You moaned into his mouth feeling his fingers sliding against your core. He knew you wanted nothing but for him to slip his fingers in… but he purposely chose against your wishes and you knew it.
“Tease.” You murmured, pulling back just a bit to breathe.
“Just like you.” He retaliated, gently biting your lip. You lifted yourself a bit higher allowing him to trail kisses down your chest, stopping at your breast. His tongue grazed across your nipple as his fingers worked circles around you.
Gripping his shoulders while soft moans escaped your lips, you tried to be patient. You needed to be patient as it made the end that much better.
“You can’t wait.” Zhongli commented, making you look down at him. “I can’t either. Not tonight…” Choosing to forgo the usual plans, you carefully lined him up before lowering yourself. This time your slow speed was for you to adjust. The archon’s eyes were locked onto your face which was the perfect display for how you felt. He gasped once you’d fully taken him in, giving him a moment to breathe.
Leaning in, you gave him another kiss, one that was much gentler than all those earlier. Proceeding with a slow and steady pace, you started to move yourself up and down. Though Zhongli wasn’t the most vocal, he couldn’t help those moans that crawled up his throat at the way you made him feel.
“Zhongli.” You moaned at the way he slid against your tight walls. More and more moans spilled from you as you picked up the pace.
“Y-your tight.”
“It’s b-been a while- god.” Moans and gasps filled the room as the two of you neared your end. “C-can’t hold b-back-”
“Then don’t.” You practically screamed his name as the pleasure started to get too much for you while strings of dirty words, curses, and pleas came from Zhongli. The sweet sounds of the two of you calling for bounced off the walls, reverberating through the small room.
Just like you both loved, the two of you finished together. The last of your moans melding into one as you both breathed heavily. You collapsed on Zhongli, unable to hold yourself up. Your legs burned and though you wanted to straighten them out, you had little energy left.
Zhongli lifted you off of him, holding you close in his arms as he laid you down on the bed beside him. You closed your eyes for a minute as you felt him kiss your cheek.
“Are you ok?” You gave him a weak nod, placing your hand on his chest.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
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clqverr · 4 hours ago
| rex lapis ˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚
⠀⠀⠀ zhongli (rex lapis) x gn!reader (not afab or amab specifically)
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ synopsis; SPOILERS IN SYNOPSIS FOR LIYUE QUEST You love your god. Rex Lapis, the god of contracts and the geo archon who resides over Liyue. Zhongli has taught you so much about the beloved archon, and when he reveals his most treasured secret, you want to pay... homage towards your god. [STORY SET BEFORE HIS GNOSIS IS STOLEN]
⠀⠀⠀ warnings; NSFW, god play, size kink, anal (if using amab reader), oral, corruption kink, bee playing with their religious trauma, possession kink, very low-key breeding kink, marking, geo arms YUM, p*rn with plot
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ word count; 5.6k
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀ Zhongli was used to your staring at this point, your wide eyes absorbing every last story, every last fact, and every last detail that spills from his lips. He appreciated how much you adored him... or more his godly counterpart, and never tried to let his minor god complex get the best of him. He sips his tea and continues his story of the history of Morax's reign.
⠀⠀⠀ You gaze into Zhongli's Cor Lapis colored eyes and lean your head on your hand, amazed by how in-depth Zhongli goes with each and every story, it was almost like he was there when it happened. When you had first moved to Liyue Harbor three years ago from your hometown, you sought out a job at one of the many teahouses across the harbor. Once you had learned the basics of tea culture, you were assigned to assist guests and provide them with whatever they needed. It wasn't a hard job, nor a consuming job, but learning the many different rules, ceremonies, traditions, and types of tea was a bit difficult in the beginning stages.
⠀⠀⠀ It wasn't until one of your regulars offered to teach you more about Liyue and its in-depth tea culture along with its rich history. This is how you met Mr. Zhongli, and since then after you were done with your shifts he would invite you to tea outside of your work in order to teach you. At first, you tried to take notes in order to remember all that he was teaching you, however, as the months progressed, you abandoned taking notes in favor of listening to his captivating storytelling skills and fruitful stories.
⠀⠀⠀ Through his stories, you learned about him: the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis, or Morax. You had little to no knowledge of Rex Lapis before you resided in Liyue, but when Zhongli told you of his reign over Liyue, you became infatuated. You had no idea that the god you were enthralled with, was sitting not even a couple feet away. Zhongli could tell how much you swooned for his celestial form, that's why he fed you more content every time you two met.
⠀⠀⠀ "The God of Contracts. He has an impressive memory. He remembers the name of every person he comes across, and the date that every ship in Liyue sets sail. After all, only in being able to do so can he memorize all of the contracts he holds," Zhongli says as his lips curl up at your eager eyes. You were certainly more obsessed with Rex Lapis than those scholars who try to correct Zhongli for his "false information" about Morax, and you probably knew more than those scholars could ever.
⠀⠀⠀ "So Morax knows what is going on at all times? He must be the most impressive and devoted Archon of the Seven..." you sigh dreamily as Zhongli laughs lightly and places his cup down gently.
⠀⠀⠀ "He may know every name and every ship that sails from this harbor, however, he is still only one Archon. I believe he wants more for his people, for them to thrive on their own, to be able to not need his celestial guidance in order to keep Liyue in order. Understanding just how long he's lived compared to the countless times that he's descended to save his people is astonishing," Zhongli says as you sigh, thinking about what Zhongli had just spoken.
⠀⠀⠀ "Would he really get tired of being a celestial being? I mean, he is immortal, therefore he has to see all his loved ones die one after another. I would understand if he was tired of seeing his friends perish in front of him for centuries. I wish I could... offer myself to him, to soothe his immortal heart even if it was for merely a moment. To show him that someone appreciates all the hard work he has put into Liyue," you looked out at the busy harbor and didn't notice how Zhongli's eyes darkened at your words. Your words of "devoting yourself to him" and to "offering yourself to him" had stirred something in him. He had to take a sip of the green tea in front of him to help calm his irrational and lewd thoughts, eyes gazing over your body as his eyes glowed slightly.
⠀⠀⠀ "I think he would be grateful for your continued praise. Morax is a God who rewards those who place their trust in him, and you, my dear, are a prime example of those who he could choose to reward," he says. He doesn't care if that statement was true and if he kept to that promise for the rest of his devoted followers, however, as he watched your face turn to meet his darkening gaze, he would say anything to get you to pursue Morax for his own filthy thoughts. You gulp as your cheeks flush over. Since when did Zhongli's eyes glow?
⠀⠀⠀ "H-how would he reward some commoner like me? I-I didn't even know about Rex Lapis until you told me about him..." your nervous tone of voice made Zhongli smirk on the inside. Perhaps it was time to give you that 'reward' he's been planning for months now.
⠀⠀⠀ "Perhaps you should venture to Huaguang Stone Forest and seek out that answer for yourself. I'd say that is the highest chance for you to have an answer from Morax himself, to visit the land of your god to communicate with him," Zhongli offers as he crosses his legs, giving you a small smile.
⠀⠀⠀ "Huaguang Stone Forest? But that is forbidden for mortals to enter! I will surely anger Morax before I can offer my praise!" You say, he was pleased that you remember what he had told you in the past, and it was so cute to see you so desperate to please your god and not anger him.
⠀⠀⠀ "Your god" "my god" "my worshipper" Archons above Zhongli was trying so desperately to keep his self-control down. His young, reckless self would have taken you right here, right now. Push you against this table and fuck you for everyone to see. To see how a god pleases a mortal body, and why you should only have eyes for him. However, he wishes to savor this encounter, and so he bites the insides of his cheek with his slowly growing fang and opens his mouth to respond.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh do not worry. I believe the odds will be ever in your favor. Besides, Morax is not a god to turn away his devoted followers so easily. Especially one as informed and dedicated as you," he comforts you as you think about it. If Zhongli, the most informative mortal on Morax, says you'll be fine then you should trust him. Zhongli has been nothing but kind to you and has always proved himself and his level of knowledge to be correct. It's what gives you the courage to actually participate in what he's suggesting. If it's a chance to meet the almighty Geo Archon, well you rather die trying than not be able to gain an audience with him. You nod at him and stand up.
⠀⠀⠀ "I must start preparing at once to leave then! Thank you, Mr. Zhongli, I'll tell you how it goes! I'll tell Morax about how knowledgeable you are and that you deserve a reward as well!" You say as he chuckles softly. Archons you were just so damn cute.
⠀⠀⠀ "That won't be necessary dear. I just wish to know of your journeys when you return," he sips the last of his tea and glances at you.
⠀⠀⠀ "I'll still tell him all about my teacher who is also a fellow Morax follower! Thank you for your help once again!" You rush off and Zhongli eyes the glow of your Geo vision against your hip and smiles to himself. He stays a bit longer in case you decide to venture back before paying for the tea and disappearing without a trace, off to prepare for his... meeting with the Geo Archon.
ㅤㅤㅤ⏤ ⏤ ✎  .ೃ
⠀⠀⠀ The trek to the Huaguang Stone Forest is rough. However, for some strange reason, you have yet to run into any sort of hostile creature along the way. The stories that Zhongli had told you of this region were filled with hilicurls, treasure hoarders, cyro whopperflowers, slimes of all different elements, and those awful geovishaps. However, the only real difficulty of this journey was scaling the large cliffs. Using your weapon of choice to help you scale the sides of these cliffs was really draining you, and you had to take occasional stops. However, the scenery was absolutely refreshing, and it only made you appreciate Morax more for his beautiful carvings of the mountains.
⠀⠀⠀ When you finally reach the passway from Nantianmen to the Stone Forest, you sigh in relief. Finally, you reached the place almost no mortals dared to venture to. The view as you step into the light after the passway was almost too beautiful for your eyes to capture. Your body was overwhelmed with the soft hues of yellow and green, along with the creatures that inhabited the land. You almost thought you had climbed to the celestial heavens until your eye caught the large tree in the distance. You suspect that this is the Dragon-Queller that Zhongli had spoken about, the tree that sealed Azhdaha centuries ago. You feel some unusual urge pulling you towards one of the large mountains in the distance, however, you can't see the gaze of someone on your back as you venture through the valley.
⠀⠀⠀ "Could that be Mount Aozang?" You asked yourself as you sighed and followed in the path your feet took you. You almost felt on autopilot as you ascended the mountain. The breeze that came from the valley that you had just ventured through was so crisp and refreshing. It almost made you not want to return to Liyue Harbor just so you could enjoy this landscape for the rest of your mortal life.
⠀⠀⠀ Despite that, you couldn't forget the reason why you came all the way out here, and you desperately felt the sensation in your chest grow larger as you reached the summit of the mount. You spot a lake with a small island in the middle. A beautiful tree sits there as a small table is graced with its shadow. You spot rocks that lead to the center of the island and cross over the small river to get to them.
⠀⠀⠀ As you hopped from each stone, your heart raced and your mind felt crowded. However, you couldn't manage to capture one of those meaningless thoughts as they jumped around in your mind endlessly. You took a deep breath as you hop back onto the dry land of the small island and take a better look at the table in the middle.
⠀⠀⠀ You brush your fingers along the top of the stone table before setting your bag down and sitting on one of the stools. You take another deep breath and look around at your surroundings. The uneasiness is gone, and you feel... calm. Your eyes cast gazes at the adeptal gate and the vegetation of the mountain.
⠀⠀⠀ "You have such a curious gaze, my glaze lily," a voice says suddenly, you snap your head back to see a person sitting at the table across from you. He has a white robe, wooden-like antlers, black and gold arms, and the face of... Zhongli?
⠀⠀⠀ "H-Huh? Mr. Zhongli? Why are you here? And why are you dressed like that?" You start blabbering questions as Morax smirks softly at you. Zhongli was the composted side of him, the one who deals in keeping traditions alive and listens to stories that strayed from the truth about him, however, Morax was a celestial being. An Archon who will... indulge in his follower's desires depending on how loyal they are to him.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh, how you insult me, my little one. How could you disrespect your God by calling him another?" He says playfully. Your cheeks blush profusely realizing you had just upset the god you had ventured so far to communicate with.
⠀⠀⠀ "R-Rex Lapis! Forgive me! You... you look just like a certain person that I engage with! Please forgive my ignorance!" You plead to him. Oh, how this was fueling Zhongli's slowly growing cock and ego. You were so devoted to him, that you apologize for anything he finds wrong.
⠀⠀⠀ "I'm just teasing you ___, however, it is impressive how you still ventured here all on the words of one man telling you should. I am glad you followed my advice, however," your head tilted in confusion. "Now I can reveal my identity to you in the perfect setting," Zhongli, or Rex Lapis I should say, stands from his chair and walks towards you. You now have a full view of him, from his dark pants, his dragon-like tail that follows behind him, and his uhh... ahem... bare chest. You blush and turn your head away from his gaze.
⠀⠀⠀ "Don't look away little one, or else you might miss out on all of the fun~" he grasps your chin lightly and turns it so you can look at his stunning eyes. You clutch your thighs together slowly as he gazes hungrily down at you.
⠀⠀⠀ "S-so you're actually Morax? And you let me talk all that fan talk right in front of you? That's so embarrassing..." you sulk into his hand and he chuckles.
⠀⠀⠀ "I apologize if I deceived you, I just have to be very selective in who I reveal myself to. I hope you can understand, but you have proven to me that you are deserving of my attention in this form," he says as your eyes look at him like he was the greatest being to have ever existed. You gulp as you try to cover how your crotch area.
⠀⠀⠀ "It seems as this form excites you, little one. Are you turned on just by the idea that your god has chosen to reveal himself to you?" you nod into his hand almost too eagerly, and he smirks. He removes his hand and you watch as he waves his hand. Small geo particles carry you to sit on the table. You gulp as his arms incase your smaller form.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh my little devoted follower, you've been so good haven't you?" You nod again, eyes gazing so beautifully at him, "That's right, you've been such a good little follower. Would you like that reward I spoke of?"
⠀⠀⠀ "Please Morax! You know how I want to offer myself to you! Please take my offering!" You plead as Morax smirks and his eyes darken. You were so eager, shyness not even playing a small role in all this. He moves his hands so that one resides on your hip, and the other cups your face gently. He leans in to place his lips against your own, and Archons above is it a heavenly kiss. He's the perfect amount of assertive and gentle at the same time. You feel safe in his geo-coated arms as his tail tickles against the back of your leg.
⠀⠀⠀ You moan into his mouth as his hand that held your hip raised towards your chest, circling over your sensitive bud. He's barely even touching you and you already feel like your mind is clouded with pleasure. Could it be the adeptal energy flowing through the air around you two as he touches you or is he just that enlightened with the mortal body?
⠀⠀⠀ "You're already moaning? Is the idea of being with your god that you worship making your little core throb?" You mewl in response and his eyes narrow slightly. "Good... good... you'll need to be well prepared in order to take me," you moan at his words as his hands reach for the buttons on your shirt. "Can I?" He asks as you desperately nod, god you feel like you're on fire already. His touch alone makes you crave him even more than before. He pushes your button-up off your shoulder and stares at your chest. He licks his lips and you catch a glimpse of his lizard-like tongue.
⠀⠀⠀ That's right... during the Rite of Descension, Rex Lapis comes down in the form of a dragon. You had missed the last Rite of Descension due to family emergencies and had totally forgotten about his dragon features. Your sex throbbed at the thought of his tongue and his... other features.
⠀⠀⠀ Never would you have thought that coming to this adeptal realm would lead to Morax undressing you and preparing you to take him. However, you were sure not complaining and the need to please him takes over every nerve in your body.
⠀⠀⠀ Morax notices your already lustful gaze and smirks to himself. He brings his hands to your chest and squeezes what he can, making you moan and tilt your head back. Morax takes the chance to attack your neck with his long tongue, it makes you shiver in his never-ending touch. He continues to attack your neck and chest, making you squirm in his hold as your hand reaches out to graze against his arm.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh is it too much? Do you need to hold onto your god? Such a good little devoted follower I have. Perhaps I'll have to go even further. Would you like that little one?" he asks as you nod. He smirks and gives your chest one last tweak before gliding your pants and underwear down your hips, helping you kick off your boots and socks before tossing your garments to the side. You now sat with only your backside covered with your shirt and nothing else.
⠀⠀⠀ You were completely bare in front of one of the Seven Archons. The gods who resided over Teyat. Gods above you felt so blessed. Your sex throbbed with the air that breezed against it; it made you shiver against the table. Morax pulls you so that your hips are right at the edge of the table.
⠀⠀⠀ "Time for part two of your reward little one. Do not dare to hold back any of your sounds from me, if you do, I will not continue the reward. Understood?" You took a moment to respond, and so he grasped your jaw in his hand gently. "Understood?" He said in a deeper, more authoritative tone. You nod, a desperate mess of just wanting him to continue. You need not dare to disappoint your god.
⠀⠀⠀ Morax kneels on the ground in front of you, his eyes drank in the sight of your sex. It was dripping with anticipation and he licked his lips again before using his tongue to indulge himself. You moan loudly as he devoured your sex. His hands gripped your thighs that begged to shut around his head. You reached down to grip onto his antlers from the sudden shock of pleasure. Morax groans against your sex as you beg for him.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh, Archons! Please... please keep going... please don't stop! G-gods it feels so good..." You moan out as Morax stares at your slowly growing fucked-out face. You were so sensitive. So receptive to his touch. You were perfect. You would become his. Become his most devoted follower, his most treasured one. You would give him worship, and he would answer your prayers. Gods he wanted that more than anything in the entirety of Teyat.
⠀⠀⠀ His thoughts made him take a harsh suck to your sex, making your hips jolt in pleasure as you grip his antler tighter. Morax's cock was growing beneath him as his tail swept side to side while he ate at the delicious juices that flowed from you. He pulled back, making you whine, before nipping at your thigh and speaking.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh, you're so good my little one... Are you enjoying yourself? Are you enjoying seeing your god, your divine Morax, indulging in the lewdest activities with you?" he asks as he reaches up to place his fingers in your mouth. "Wet these for me won't you?" You cried around his fingers as his mouth continues to suck you off.
⠀⠀⠀ He pulled his fingers from your mouth, spreading the two fingers as salvia coated them. He slowly prods into your sopping hole, which was eager to swallow his fingers. Your moans and whimpers grow louder as you felt his fingers reach those places deep inside of you that you have failed to know even existed within your own body. Your hips jolted up, and Morax groaned around your sex. You called out for him.
⠀⠀⠀ "A-ahh... I-I love this! I love you Morax! Please... mmph... don't stop~" you beg as you grind against his fingers, squealing every time he brushed against your sensitive spot. The devotions and pleads spilling from inside you were turning Morax on with every thrust of his fingers inside of your walls and every throb of your sex against his tongue. He feels as you clench around his fingers and how your voice breaks.
⠀⠀⠀ You felt your orgasm bubble inside of you, threatening to spill over at any time. "Wanna... wanna-mphm~ Please let me! Oh, Morax! Aahh~" you could hear the lewd squelches of Morax's fingers inside of you. He spat onto his fingers before spreading your hole with his hands again, making your hips buck into the air.
⠀⠀⠀ "Oh? Do you wanna cum? Oh, I supposed since been so good to follow my commands so far, I'll allow it. Go on my little glaze lily, cum all over my hand and tongue..." he says as he uses both his mouth and fingers to help bring you over the edge.
⠀⠀⠀ "Ahhh! Cumming! Cumming-" you cry as your body spasms in his hold. Your moans remind Morax of how hard he is, he watches as you fall back onto the table behind you as you ride out your orgasm. Morax milks you for the fullest effect of your orgasm before running a hand up and down your thigh to soothe you. He places playful nips at your thighs before standing up to cup your heaving jaw. You nuzzle his hand and kiss the inside of it. It makes him soften a bit.
⠀⠀⠀ "That's it, that's my good little follower. You're so perfect, so good for me. I might have to make you fully mine. So that no mortal can lay their hands upon you. Would you like that my little one?" He asks as you nod profusely. It was the only thing you wanted. To become his most devoted follower. To become his.
⠀⠀⠀ "Please... please do whatever you want. My body is yours. My essence is yours..." you say, so high on the feeling of pleasure and the desire to give yourself to him. Your eyes are still glazed over as you reach for him. He growls lightly and pulls you back up. He places a hand on your cheek and the other on your hip.
⠀⠀⠀ "Open your mouth then," he says as you opened it, loling your tongue out. Gods he wanted to fuck your sweet mouth, stuff it full of his aching cock, but he needed to be inside you, to cum inside you, to brand you. He spits into your mouth, gazing darkly at your lust-filled eyes.
⠀⠀⠀ You eagerly swallow it without him having to ask; gripping onto his large arms as he kisses you softly for a moment. You feel his hand cupping your cheek and stroking your cheekbone. You almost wanted to cry from how sweet his touch felt. "That's it, now you're going to become mine. Mine for eternity. Are you ready?" you plead with your eyes and scoot closer to him to feel his warmth. You squeak when he pinches your nipple before shoving his pants down. You stared at his cock, the marks of geo along the sides towards the tip made it look heavenly. He was fairly large, his girth was decent and he was longer than most. You stared at it as Morax stroked it slowly to bring it to its full length.
⠀⠀⠀ "You're gonna take this cock and you'll finally become mine. My follower, my little flower. I'll be the only one who'll be able to satisfy this hole. You'll never seek out another," he says as he pushes past the rim of your hole. You tense at the feeling of him, but Morax rubs your tense muscles to help you relax. You sigh as he places kisses on your cheeks and forehead. He strokes your hair with his free hand as his tail caressed your thigh.
⠀⠀⠀ "That's it... just relax for me..." he whispers in your ear as you mewl. You've never felt this good before. You call out his name loudly as he slowly reaches to the brim. You feel so full, you feel so good. You lay your head on his shoulder as he allows you to adjust. He whispers sweet desires into your ear. His geo arms trail down your back and thighs. He rubs your sex to help you calm down.
⠀⠀⠀ When you finally whisper a small and desperate "move please..." into his shoulder, gods he wanted to just hold you. To keep you away from all things that could possibly cause harm towards you. Keep you to sit on his lap while he gently strokes your delicate hair and kisses along your tender skin. He starts at a slow pace and kisses your lips as he thrusts into you. He mumbles against your lips, "That's it... take it all... so good for your god,"
⠀⠀⠀ Every time he had said "your god", he could feel you clench around him, whether it was his fingers, his tongue, or his cock. He was glad you both had the same sick fantasy. That you were pleasing your divine god, and he was answering his follower's lewd prayers. His cock twitched inside you as you kept calling out for him, to hear your pleas and fill you up to the brim with him.
⠀⠀⠀ “Hrgnn… you’re really enjoying this… oh my little follower, do not worry, Morax will hear your wishes and make you his. Call out my name again, I want to know who’s making you feel this godly pleasure,” he says as your nails claw into his top piece of clothing. You mewl a small “Morax…” before he gripped your ass firmly. “Louder.”
⠀⠀⠀ You pull back to look into his eyes, a slight bit of drool running down your chin as your legs wrap around his waist. You cried his name right to his face. “M-Mor-AH-ax… oh gods, please… Morax please! Rex Lapis…” your brain was on full blabber now. The way his cock was dragging along the sides of your gummy walls and the tender flick of his tail against your most sensitive area was so hypnotizing, you didn’t want him to stop. You could only focus on the flexed muscles of his arms and stomach as his cock disappeared inside of you.
⠀⠀⠀ Morax picked up the pace, placing both hands on your hips to keep you steady. You threw your head back and your nails clawed at his clothing. His geo markings along his body were starting to glow slightly, an indicator that he was getting close. He kept ramming up into you, making the only thing that could mutter out of your mouth his name. You felt as his cock rammed right against the spot his fingers had abused earlier. Your legs twitched with every moment of his hips against yours. Small moans against his shoulder egged Morax to continue with his brutal thrusts.
⠀⠀⠀ You pulled your head back up and pulled him in for a kiss, he groaned into your mouth and stretched his long tongue around in your cavern. Your eyes rolled back as his tongue explored, it only felt better when his tail continued to play with your sensitive sex. Tears rolled down your cheeks from the overwhelming pleasure.
⠀⠀⠀ You moaned into his mouth when he bit on your tongue, he pulled back, biting playfully at your cheek as well before whispering in your ear. “Look at you, so pretty taking my cock. I knew you were the right one from the beginning. I’m so glad you and we had those little meetings. Where I got to see your love for me blossom day by day. Oh, you’re such a good little doting one,”
⠀⠀⠀ “Morax… I love you… I’m so glad to be in the presence of such a - AhH - giving god!” you clenched around his cock when he thrusted harshly into you. Gods you hadn’t even looked down to watch as his large cock disappeared into you. You cradled his face as you felt the bubble inside you rise once again. “Please make me yours… Please let this unworthy mortal bring praise to you every day…”
⠀⠀⠀ “Oh, I will… once I cum inside this little hole of yours. You will become mine forever. Oh, you like that, your little walls are clenching as we speak. Are you going to cum again? That’s good, I’m going to cum soon as well. Let’s cum together shall we?” He bites your neck harshly, his fangs drawing a bit of blood from your neck. You cry out in discomfort before he glazed his tongue along the wound. His thrusts picked up as his orgasm quickly approached. “Cum for me… I want to see that beautiful face of yours when you do,” he keeps a hand on your chin to make sure you cannot turn away from him while his other hand wraps around your waist to help him thrust.
⠀⠀⠀ “Tell me who’s your god. Tell me now. Cry out my name like it’s the only thing that matters!” He commands.
⠀⠀⠀ “You! Almighty Morax! Ahh~ It’s you! I’m yours! You’re my god! I’ll… hrngg… worship you every day with my mortal body! Just let me cum, please! I’m all yours!” You just say what’s on your mind: him, his cock, and your building orgasm.
⠀⠀⠀ Your moans grow louder and louder as his thrusts pick up; your body shakes from the sheer impact of his hips against yours. You’re still holding onto him as you watch his geo eyes glow. You watch as the tips of his antlers along with his arm markings glow even brighter and it makes you anticipate what would happen when he did cum. You watch him as he plunges inside of you and you moan loudly before…
⠀⠀⠀ You feel it. You feel the greatest orgasm of your life wash over you. You feel ethereal - like you’ve ascended to Celestia itself with this over the raging feelings of pleasure. You cry out his name as cum flows from you. Morax watches with hungry eyes as his tail eggs on your sex to milk you for your fullest orgasm. His eyes shine brightly as his thrusts become sloppy and finally… he cums inside of you. He groans loudly in your ear, and you watch his markings shine in the evening light as you feel his cum enter you. You pull your legs around his waist so that he’s flush against your body. You feel his cum seep deep inside of you. You watch as some spills out of your hole, and wonder just how much he can cum.
⠀⠀⠀ He takes a moment to breathe before looking at you again, he tilts your chin to meet his eyes as he pants like an animal. He kisses your lips as his hand moves down to right above your crotch. He draws a symbol onto your skin and you feel a strange warmth coming from down below. You pull back to see the geo symbol, along with some of the markings from his body on your crotch. It shines brightly for a moment before calming down and looking like a gold-colored tattoo.
⠀⠀⠀ “There. Now you are forever bonded to me. You cannot allow other mortals to see this. They’ll be jealous and know of your… dealings with Morax. That is for my eyes only. Understand?” he kisses the side of your cheek as you huff out a “Yes Morax.”
⠀⠀⠀ God, you were such a good little follower. So blindly following him, and giving him whatever he needed. He’s glad he found you at that tea house. He summons a cloth with a wave of his hand and begins to clean the both of you. Sometimes his hand would brush over the new marking, and it made you shiver. He chuckled before petting your head.
⠀⠀⠀ “Rest now my glaze lily, I shall take you back to your apartment in the morning. For now, let us enjoy this moment and the fleeting glow of the sunset,” he says as he helps you dress. You cling to him like a koala to its tree, and Morax smiles at you. He picks you up and teleports you both to an area with a beautiful view of the sunset. You rest in his arms knowing you are safe in the hands of your god.
⠀⠀⠀ He kisses your forehead and tells you that you are his favorite follower and that he is grateful for your persistent worship of him. Oh, how gracious of a god he was…
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀ author’s note; well that... just exposed a lot about me... oh well hope you all enjoyed that <3
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ published; november 27th, 2021
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Tumblr media
TW: porn, dni if you're under 16!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Special: Link *insert two fav characters*
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How are they with their pregnant partner?
Headcanons NSFW (18+)
Not for minors !
Synopsis: Pregnant, your husband/partner is over the moon. But how would he take care of you during pregnancy?
Style: Cute, fluffy, female reader. A little NSFW bonus for each character!
Alert: May contain story spoilers for some characters.
Characters: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya, Xiao, Venti, Albedo, Kazuha, Tartaglia/Childe.
Note: For this headcanon, I assume that the reader is of age and that she has been in a relationship with the genshin boy for a while!
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Tumblr media
When Diluc learned that you were pregnant, his world was turned upside down.
He was happy and scared at the same time. You had offered him your heart without hesitation and now you were giving him a child.
He was already so afraid of losing you, of not being able to protect you or of hurting you, so having a child... Will he be able to guarantee his a peaceful and calm life? Or to be a good father? What if he left too soon, just like his own father? Did he even have the right to have a family?
"Diluc, darling calm down." - You had caressed his cheek, then his ear, before tangling your fingers in his hair and pressing his forehead against yours. The softness in your eyes soothed him. - "You'll be wonderful. You always have been." - His hands had stopped shaking as he took yours in his. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. The fear had left him. Happiness was right there in front of his eyes, he loved you so much and he would love the new life the two of you had created just as much.
Diluc was too protective of you. He would never let you go out alone for fear that something would happen to you on the way. Even when you had to fetch a simple fork from the living room, he would take it for you. You had to scold him a bit by explaining that you weren't made of sugar, just pregnant.
Be prepared to feel his hands on your belly a lot when you are in private! He loves to caress it and when he feels your child's kick for the first time, the tears will roll down his cheeks.
He has taken to resting his head on your belly and talking to the baby when you are asleep. "I'll protect you and mom," "I love you both so much."
Another habit of his ( very adorable), is to help you, when you go out or stand too long, to support the weight of your belly. Whether in public or private, he will stand behind you, rest his chin on your shoulder and then support you with his hands resting under your belly (a few kisses, "I love you's" and praise are given as a bonus!).
He will personally cook for you, even asking his gardeners to grow some vegetables for you. He loves to pamper you, so don't be surprised if he brings you a beautifully flowered tray to bed.
Diluc didn't care if he had a boy or a girl, all he wanted was for his child to be healthy. The idea of giving birth frightened him a little... What if it went wrong? He would stay by your side and make sure he had the best doctors, midwives and nurses available.
You could say that your pregnancy brought Diluc closer to his brother, Kaeya. Even though it was complicated, Diluc gradually accepted that Kaeya would come to visit you, bringing gifts for the baby from time to time. He even tolerated that he was there during his absence, half reassured that you would not be left alone. We all need an Uncle Kaeya!
Diluc will never leave the mansion without giving you a hug and saying "I love you". He usually promises to return as soon as possible. He hates being away from you!
Diluc is even more adorable with you since the pregnancy. You'll feel like you're falling in love with him all over again. His love for you and your child is endless. He will definitely be a very good, loving and warm father.
Bonus NSFW:
Diluc was amazed at how much you've been craving sex since you got pregnant. Even though your sex life was already full, you now go to him more than once a day to solicit his help, pulling his tie to lure him into your bedroom. His cheeks were flushed with excitement...
The first time, he was so afraid of hurting you that he made you cum on his fingers and tongue, putting his needs completely aside. The second time, you reassured him that the baby was not at risk, that he could penetrate you without any problem. You didn't have to say it twice.
He will still go slowly at first, treating you like glass that can shatter at the touch of his fingers. His back and forth is sensual as his fingers happily caress your belly. He can't stop kissing you, his tongue latching onto yours. His hands roam your body with passion, enjoying the softness of your skin against his palms.
He can't resist your demand to go faster and harder, penetrating you relentlessly, his mouth letting out a few moans and grunts. He rarely got to a point where he couldn't control his own sounds from coming out of his mouth, he didn't know if it was your hormones affecting him too or if it was the knowledge that you were pregnant with him, but he felt insatiable, just like you. His sex hurt as he quickened the pace of his thrusts, surrendering to the softness of your walls tightening around him.
He savored the feel of your hand on his shoulder blades, feeling his every move. He cum inside you, again and again, going straight back to the assault when he was done. He was going to satiate you in the best way possible, as many times as necessary.
Tumblr media
Well, avoid telling him that if he has a cup of tea in his hand.
He will look at you silently with round eyes. He doesn't know how to process the information. Did you just tell him you were pregnant? Zhongli had never had a child, even after several millennia of existence. He didn't know how to be a good father, he had no role models after all. Besides, he was an ancient god, the first adepti, he could put you and the child in danger. And finally, how was your pregnancy and delivery going to go when the child came from a being as powerful and ancient as he was?
He gasped when he noticed the distress in your eyes at his (no) reaction. You were afraid, so afraid that he was angry with you. Zhongli dropped whatever he was doing to take you in his arms, regretting the thoughts that had gone through him.
"Forgive me dear, it's all right." - He hid his blushing face in your neck, preventing you from seeing the dreamy little smile forming on his lips. - "Thank you. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I love you." -
He had never known such happiness. When he looked at your belly, he imagined himself carrying his child in his arms, rocking him gently as he sang the lullaby an old friend had taught him.
Zhongli will take care of you as if you were the most fragile of gems. This is when you notice that he is extremely good at massages. He will often ask you how you feel and if you need anything.
He will go into depth about the benefits of tea just for you. Cook healthy foods. He will clean the house thoroughly to avoid any mess.
Like Diluc, Zhongli will be far too protective of you. He has lost too much in his life, and if anything happens to you or your child, he will not be able to bear it. He will tend to gently pull Childe away from you for fear that he will be too intrusive or exhausting.
The adeptis who know Zhongli's true identity will protect you with the utmost care. This was not Zhongli's doing of course, he felt it was not their duty to protect you, but his own. "Well, isn't that Xiao over there? It's rare to see him in town. "
When you're at home, he loves to crouch down in front of you to kiss your rounded belly. He finds it so adorable. Sometimes he just lays his head on it while wrapping his arms around you. Bonus if he feels the baby move!
At night, Zhongli will have this little habit of putting his hand on your belly to sleep.
You're much more sensitive now that you're pregnant. The first time you yelled at him because of a little remark he made to you, he flinched. He wasn't used to hearing you yell, you were usually so gentle and patient with him. It was Mrs. Ping who had to explain to him the principle of "hormones". He will make you a romantic dinner to soothe and relax you!
Zhongli will cherish you even more than usual. Not a day goes by without him saying "I love you". He will kiss you whenever he can, on the lips if possible and for as long as necessary. He will make sure to come home early from work and bring you a gift for you and the baby every time.
Zhongli will be a very affectionate and patient father, completely gaga.
NSFW Bonus:
Like Diluc, he will be surprised at first to see you so excited. You had explained to him that it was your hormones that made you feel that way. Don't worry, this man will be happy to satisfy you, as many times as it takes.
He'll position you on top of him most of the time, allowing his fingers to caress and excite your sex while his mouth works on yours. He will make you moan his name like a chorus, savoring the lust in your voice. He had never seen you so excited, which made him painfully hard.
He has to make you cum at least twice on his fingers before he'll allow himself to think about his own pleasure. He will position you on his sex, penetrating you slowly to avoid hurting you. Once fully inside, he'll wait a few seconds for you to adjust to his size, his hand sensually caressing your waist, the other gripping your buttocks.
He'll slowly begin to move you up and down on him, gritting his teeth at the sensation. You were already tightening on him, he had to make a superhuman effort not to cum immediately. He tightened his fingers on your buttocks to speed up the pace, making you scream his name.
When you cum first, Zhongli let out a loud grunt, rocking you back and forth on the bed to pound you in search of his own pleasure. He looked at your belly from time to time, imagining the little fetus growing inside. This image of you with a round belly finished him off, he cum inside you, letting out a loud moan of your name as you were swept away in a final orgasm. He'll give you time to rest before he leaves again...
Tumblr media
What? What? Baby?
Kaeya is completely lost. It's not that he's not happy to hear the news, on the contrary, he just wants to take you in his arms and twirl you around. But he is also conflicted about his situation. He knows that one day he will be forced to choose between Khaenri'ah and Mondstadt, a painful choice that will inevitably put you in danger. Keaya had left you alone that day, abandoning you in tears as you fell to the ground on your knees.
Kaeya returned late that evening, determined to protect you from everything, even the world itself. His choice was you and only you. But when he returned and saw you where he had left you, in the dark, broken down and crying, he broke down. He ran to you, knelt down and took you in his arms.
"Forgive me sunshine, forgive me, I'm so sorry! I am here now. I won't leave anymore, forgive me." He tenderly stroked your hair, burying his face in your neck waiting for your response. He thought you were going to reject him, tell him to leave and stay away, but instead you greeted him with loud sobs and arms hugging him to you.
From that day on, he never left you again, at least not without saying "see you tonight." Or "I love you, I'll be back soon." He will always bring you a rose from his outings.
He calms his teasing side a bit, preferring to avoid pissing you off. He knows that pregnancy can be exhausting, so he'll do whatever it takes to support you.
You tend to cry a lot because of your hormones. The first time you started crying, just like that, for no apparent reason, Kaeya was in a panic. He would try to soothe you in a rather awkward way, but at the same time so adorable. He always ended up making you laugh.
He loves talking to his baby! Even when your belly is still flat, he can't help himself, which makes you laugh a lot. - "Can you hear that my little princess? Mommy is laughing at daddy." - Kaeya often mentions a little girl, this is his dream. Don't worry, if you give birth to a boy he will love it just as much!
He has already bought lots of clothes (girl and boy, sometimes even neutral), he often talks to you about the decoration of the room, or the names you will give to your child!
Zhongli may be gaga, but Kaeya is on a higher level! He loves to talk about his unborn child and Diluc is often the victim of this.
He loves to see you pregnant, he never stops telling you how beautiful you are (even though he thought so even before you were pregnant).
He always makes sure he's home before you go to bed. In bed, he'll gently massage your belly, dotting your neck with kisses and flooding your ears with sweet words.
Kaeya will be a very good father. Protective and favoring his family over everything else.
NSFW Bonus:
You won't have to explain the reason for your sudden arousal. Kaeya will already be undressing you against the wall, his cool fingers roaming over your skin. His lips took hold of yours as he settled one of his hands on your already soaked slit.
He made sure you were ready for him before removing his own clothes and wrapping your thighs around his hips. He'll position himself at your throbbing entrance, his other hand grasping your buttock for support. He'll come in all at once, starting without delay to pound you.
He was incredibly needy himself, which made him incredibly hard. Your moans were driving him crazy as he increased the already frantic pace. He squeezed your thighs painfully, moving down to your knees to get them off his hips. He bent your legs a little more, pinning your knees to the wall, forcing your back straight against the hard surface. He moved closer to you.
He pounded you mercilessly, reaching incredible depths. His strokes were faster, closer together, you moaned his name over and over. The sound of your natural lubricant filled the room.
Kaeya was on the verge of orgasm, the spasms that ran through you told him that you would soon come too. He pulled back his face previously hidden in your neck to kiss you languidly. This simple gesture was enough to make you come, moaning loudly into his mouth. Kaeya followed you not far behind. He took time to catch his breath before taking you to bed for another round.
Tumblr media
To put it simply, you broke Xiao, error 404, Xiao must restart.
You've never seen him in shock before? Well, now he is. He will drop the spear he was holding when you told him. He won't know what to say to you, or what to think. His mouth hung open and his eyes were riveted on yours. He was completely frozen in place, his hands slightly shaking. He didn't flinch when you approached him to hug him, which in itself was very encouraging.
"It's going to be okay Xiao. I'm here, there will be two of us. Everything will be fine, I promise." - Your words soothed him a little. You stroked his back in a comforting gesture. Xiao raised his arms in extreme slowness to return your embrace.
For the next few days, Xiao didn't dare approach you. He was so afraid of hurting you and the baby. He always kept his distance from you, his karma suddenly weighing more heavily on his shoulders. Sometimes he would disappear for days at a time. It wasn't until you cried out his name that he came back, permanently. He couldn't bear to make you cry, nor could he bear to let you think he didn't love you anymore, because nothing could be further from the truth.
He made great efforts on himself. Even daring to touch your belly which was incubating his child. When he wanted to withdraw his hand, you put yours on it, silently telling him to continue.
When your belly grew, Xiao was behind you to caress it. He savored this incredible sensation, an intimate moment shared between you, your baby and him. He still found it hard to believe that he had been able to create a being as pure as a child.
Sometimes he would sit in a chair, on the bed, or on the balcony railing just to look at you with love and adoration while you went about your business. When you asked him why he looked at you like that, he simply replied, "I think you are beautiful...". Xiao knew how to make you blush violently, even if he didn't do it on purpose!
Since your pregnancy, you sometimes take naps on your bed, your couch or sometimes even on the swing on the balcony. If you ever fell asleep while Xiao was away, once you returned he would take you in his arms and sit you on his lap. He will rock you gently, whispering how much he loves you and how happy you make him.
He sometimes wonders if he will have a girl or a boy. If he or she will look like you or if the resemblance will come from him.
He will bring you crystal cores, lapis hearts or Qingxin flowers from time to time. He loves to see your eyes shining at his little attentions.
At night, when you are deeply asleep, Xiao will take advantage of this moment to kiss your belly, caressing the lower part. Every night, he makes a promise to himself to protect both of you. You are so precious to him.
Xiao is worse than Diluc and Zhongli when it comes to your safety. No matter how much you explain to him that he is doing too much, he will never stop being overprotective!
Xiao is an extremely gentle and distant father. He loves his child, but because of who he is, he will always be afraid to be around him. He made sure to let him know that he loves him and that he will always be there for him!
NSFW Bonus:
When you moaned his name so he could satisfy your cravings, Xiao unintentionally tore your clothes. His cheeks were incredibly hot as he felt the tension in his pants rise. He would lay you down on the first flat surface he could find, in this case, it was the dining room table. He removed his layer of clothing before attending to your need.
Xiao will first pleasure you with his tongue, lazily caressing your belly with his free hand, a reminder to him that he should not be too rough with you. At the same time, he'll pleasure himself by pumping his already erect sex. Part of him loved seeing you so excited, he could feel your hands gripping his hair to bring him even closer to you.
As soon as he's made you cum with his tongue, he'll penetrate you hard, leaning his torso towards you, your legs bent in half against your chest. He'll start right away with a fast pace, moaning your name and growling how much he loved being inside you.
He didn't understand why he was so excited. Was it because you were carrying his child? No matter, what he wanted now was to make you scream his name, to make you beg again and again for the pleasure he would gladly give you. The table moved at the same rhythm as his blows, making the feet of the furniture rub hard on the floor.
His speed increased and his angle of penetration changed as he straightened his back. He felt your legs shake in his hands as your walls tightened around him. When you came, Xiao followed right behind you. He pulled back gently, kissing your belly with love.
Tumblr media
He blinked a few times before he grasped the information.
"Eh? What? Pregnant!?" - He will abruptly get up from the chair he was sitting in before rushing over to you. He will take your hands in his, scanning your eyes carefully. - "Really?! "And when you nodded your head to confirm it, it was an explosion of joy.
Venti had never thought of starting a family, just as he had never thought of being able to love. All of this was a concept completely removed from who he was. But he had changed, his friends had changed him, but it was mostly you who had completely transformed his World View.
He will happily announce the news to everyone he meets. He is so proud! You will have to scold him to stop, or maybe it will be Jean or Diluc who will do it, not being able to stand the screaming in the streets for one and the tavern for the other (poor Diluc).
He learns from Lisa all he needs to know to take good care of a child. She will also give him some tips on how to take care of yourself during the pregnancy.
When you are at home, both of you on the couch with your heads resting on his shoulder, Venti will start playing the lyre. He had read that it was good for a child to listen to music, even while still in the womb. Seeing that it also relaxed you, it killed two birds with one stone!
Venti would often talk to your belly, tell you about his day, sing songs, explain how funny playing in the rain can be. He'll often end on a romantic note, whispering with a sweet smile about how wonderful and sweet his mommy is, how much he loves you and how much he owes you for the life you give him...
He'll give you a juicy apple after each of his outings, which he'll cut up for you and put in your mouth.
Venti will take care of everything for you, especially at this late stage of pregnancy. He was impressed by the size of your belly at the end of the eighth month, wondering if there was really only one in there.
He wants you to call him as soon as you feel your baby do somersaults in your belly! He loves to put his hands down to feel it: "Haha, that's my baby! Can you feel him (y/n)? He has so much energy!". Just like his daddy, you might think.
If you are asleep when he returns from a mission with the traveler, he will sit beside you and stroke your hair. He will whisper in your ear that he loves you before moving down to your belly to kiss it. He will prepare you a good meal to revive you.
As Barbatos, Venti will bless his child. He will ask Dvalin to be his protector (an equivalent of a godfather), which he will accept out of respect for his old friend. Dvalin's relationship with your child will be nothing short of beautiful and strong.
Venti will be an exemplary father who knows how to make his wife and child smile! He always sees the good side of life, which will have a strong influence on his offspring.
NSFW Bonus:
Venti will first look at you with round eyes as you settle over him, eyes full of lust. Your fingers unbuttoned his shirt, shaking until his hand stopped you. He brought your face close to his, a smirk on his lips as he kissed you.
He slowly undressed you, caressing your skin sensually. He removed anything that might be in the way, your clothes as well as his own, simply keeping his shirt open. He laid you on your stomach, the cushions of the sofa on which you were sitting a few minutes before supporting your weight pleasantly.
He positioned himself over you, his hand caressing your breasts, then moving down to your belly, which was carrying his child. He kissed the back of your neck, leaving your belly and moving down between your thighs. You were already ready for him, which made him smile. He lifted your hips slightly to give him better access.
Venti penetrated you like this, going at first at a gentle, sensual pace. He slowly gave in to his own pleasure, grabbing your hips for support as he penetrated you faster. The sounds you were making were driving the pleasure up inside him, he closed his eyes as he gritted his teeth, drops of sweat falling from his face to land on your back.
You screamed his name as the pleasure took you over. Venti followed you shortly after, slowing the pace of his thrusts in sync with your spasms. He was going to love this pregnancy...
Tumblr media
Albedo looked up from his papers and slowly put his pen down on his desk before turning his stool toward you.
His face was stoic, but you could read curiosity and...incomprehension in his eyes?
"Can you repeat that please?" - Erg, that was a bad sign. - "I'm pregnant Albedo..."
Pregnant? No way. Albedo was a homunculus, or at least that's what he always thought he was. Beings like him were supposed to be sterile, so how? In the multitude of possible theories that ran through his head, the one that you might have had an affair with another man made him blanch. His icy gaze scanned you, and what you read in it hurt even more. Your tears began to flow and you didn't wait for his answer to go away from him. Albedo did not move. You had been together for a few years now, he knew you, he knew in his heart that you would never cheat on him. He believed you, trusted you when you told him it was his child. The fear invaded his heart when he understood how much he had hurt you. He immediately went to find you to make amends.
He found you sitting on the couch with your face buried in your hands. The sight made his heart ache. He cautiously approached you, kneeling down in front of you and gently placing his hand on your knee. You looked at him with teary red eyes, his smile easing your pain. "What shall we call him?". You offered him a weak, trembling smile. He straightened up on his knees to hug you.
Albedo will take incredible care of you. He will read all the books in the knight's library about pregnancy and how to take good care of a child.
Sucrose will often be there to support you both. Albedo often asked him to stay with you when he had to go to Dragonspine for research. He will send you a letter every day asking how you are doing. He will always tell you that he misses you terribly and can't wait to get home to you.
He loves to cook for you. He'll be happy to make every dish and dessert you suddenly want. He'll become an expert at making strawberry and cheesecake, sometimes handing you a strawberry or letting you lick the spoonful of cream. (He occasionally teases you by putting cream on your nose.)
Albedo is more smiley and warm since your pregnancy. He will often hug you, your back against his chest. He will place his hands on your belly to feel his baby move.
Like Diluc, the first time he felt the baby move, tears rolled down his cheeks. Albedo was an exceptional alchemist, he was able to create life from nothing. But this child, his child, was a little piece of you and him. He felt so human today.
He will often massage your swollen ankles with essential oils he created himself.
When you go out together in the streets of Mondstadt, Albedo will hold your hand so you don't get lost. He protects you from the crowd and makes you sit on a bench when he thinks you've been standing too long.
Albedo took care of Klee for a long time while Alice was away. He knows how to deal with children, even if a baby is a first for him. He will be a loving and gentle father who loves to play games that mix fun and education.
NSFW Bonus:
When you whispered in his ear that you wanted him, a shiver ran down Albedo's back. He abandoned whatever he was doing to take you to your shared room, laying you on your back as he settled between your legs.
He removed his clothes slowly, watching your reactions carefully. When you begged him to undress you too, a smirk settled on his lips. He obeyed without asking, noticing that you were already incredibly wet. He knew that a pregnant woman's hormones could have that effect, so he had prepared himself by making himself available to you.
Albedo will be really gentle with you, kissing the skin he can reach while he pleasures you with his fingers. When you had cum, he would lick your substance greedily before kissing you back, making you moan with incredible sensuality. Albedo couldn't take it anymore, so he set up his sex at your entrance, thrusting first the head and then the rest in a slow, methodical way.
His rhythm was slow and precise, each time he hit bottom he rubbed that precise spot that made you cry. You were both sweating, your bodies crying out for the release you so desperately wanted.
Albedo wrapped your legs around his hips before accelerating. In this position, he was even better at pressing on your G-spot. His hair swayed with his continuous back and forth movement, he could feel your scratches on his back. Your screams pleasantly deafened his ears as you squeezed around him. He released his cum into you, moaning into your ear as his hands sought yours, intertwining your fingers together. He had done well to set up his workshop in his office...
Tumblr media
Kazuha was cleaning his sword when you told him.
He will stop all his movements to look at you with amazed eyes. He will slowly put his katana in its scabbard before approaching you with caution. When he is at your height, his hand will come to rest on your cheek. His eyes would travel down to your belly before returning to you. The wind would encourage him with a gentle breeze, causing his tears to flow. He pulled you into his arms, kissing your neck, your ear, and anything else he could reach with love. "I love you so much my dew..."
You and Kazuha had lived as nomads for a long time. He had proposed you to settle in Liyue to educate your child. At first you refused, knowing his discomfort in remaining locked between four walls. By dint of insisting, he finally convinced you that it would only be for the duration of the pregnancy. He did not want you to lose your child because of him.
He found a small house outside the city and rebuilt it himself. You had a view of the sea and the city. He went to buy for you everything you needed to make you feel comfortable and to make your pregnancy a success.
Kazuha took advantage of the proximity of the sea to sail on the Crux fleet. He always tried to come back as soon as possible with a generous paycheck that Baidou had offered him.
He is very gentle with you, always knowing what to bring you for your pleasure. Every day with him is a smile and happiness.
He loves to lie on the grass with you on him. He will dreamily caress your already slightly rounded belly. "Kazuha, do you think we will have a girl or a boy?". He laughed gently at your question, answering you in a mysterious tone that the wind had already given him the answer, but that he was leaving you the pleasure of discovery.
Since you could not travel anymore for the moment, Kazuha would sometimes bring you books or paintings of landscapes you had never seen before. He always promised you that one day, the three of you would go to all these places.
Kazuha loved to watch you stroke your belly, talking to your child about your day. His heart would swell with happiness at the sight and it was rare that he didn't join you to enjoy the talk too.
One night, after dreaming of his old friend who had died at the hands of the electro archon, Baal, he had a sudden urge to take the vision of his friend in his hands. He took advantage of your sleep to try to revive the sacred object, bringing it close to your belly in the hope of detecting a reaction. To his astonishment, the object trembled slightly in his hands before calming down...
When visions of the past cloud Kazuha's mind, he would come to you with pleading eyes. You would gently bring him to you and lay him down beside you, he would gently lay his head on top of your belly while you caressed his hair, rocking him gently. Kazuha would fall asleep to the sound of your voice and the warmth emanating from your rounded belly.
You had never seen such a beautiful smile on his face before he felt the bumps on your baby belly. He would stay until the baby stopped moving, kissing your belly and then your lips when he was done.
Kazuha is a wise, patient and loving father. He will teach his child to listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
NSFW bonus:
Kazuha had blushed violently when you whispered in his ear how much you wanted him to take you, right there, right now, against that tree. When he felt your hand wander inside his kimono, he grabbed your wrists, placing them above your head while his free hand lifted your dress above your hips. Kazuha would never make love to you outside, in plain sight, if he wasn't sure there was no one around, he knew how to listen to the sounds of nature and it whispered to him to let go...
His hand had gotten lost in your underwear, dipping two fingers into you, sensually rubbing the inside of your folds. He continued to hold your wrists together as he listened to your moans of pleasure. He wanted so badly to be inside you, to be one with you. He had felt insatiable since you told him you were pregnant, but he hadn't dared to tell you for fear you would push him away. He was delighted to see that you were in the same state as he was.
You quickly came on his fingers, and he silenced your cries by kissing you. He let go of your hands to free himself from his clothes, opening the top of his kimono which fell over his hips, completely exposing his toned torso. He loosened the belt that held the garment in place to pull his sex out of its confines. You placed your hands in his hair, removing the elastic that held it together. You thought he was so beautiful with his hair cascading over his shoulders. He wrapped your legs around his hips, slowly penetrating your soaked sex.
His pace was languidly slow. He let you moan into his neck, savoring the heat of your tongue against his skin. When you started moaning his name, telling him how good he was and how good it made you feel, Kazuha clenched his jaw, tightening his grip on your thighs as he picked up the pace.
He couldn't take it anymore, it felt incredibly good. He couldn't hold back the grunts that were getting stuck in his throat anymore. When he felt the telltale spasms of your vagina, he did everything he could to come at the same time as you. You called out his name as he moaned yours. He gradually slowed the sway of his hips, keeping pace with your orgasm. He whispered words of love in your ear, promising to do it again... But only at home.
Tumblr media
He won't give you time to figure out what's happening to you, lifting you up at arm's length and spinning you around happily.
A family? He's always dreamed of it! He'll immediately send a letter to his siblings telling them the big news.
Childe will take charge of your safety. He knows that with his job, he can put you in danger, that's his biggest fear. He will find it difficult to trust those around him, rarely entrusting your care to one of his minions. He will keep you away from Fatui, moving you to a country house in Liyue.
He is very concerned about your welfare. He knows that he has taken you away from your family, so he will try to be with you as much as possible.
The only people Childe trusts completely are the traveler and Zhongli, with whom he has formed a (strange but sincere) friendship. He will sometimes ask the traveler to keep an eye on you when he is away. If unfortunately the traveler is in a foreign country, Zhongli will be happy to help him.
Childe will take the time to learn how to make wooden toys for his child. He thinks it's so cute when you sit next to him and watch him.
"Ah!" Childe will rush back into your house at the sound of your voice, concern clearly visible on his face." (y/n) What's going on?! "You had stared at him for a long time before laughing, Childe relaxed without really understanding what was going on. "It's nothing my wolf, I was just surprised by the baby, he just kicked." He dropped the fishing pole he was holding in his hand to rush over to you. He knelt down in front of you to place both hands on your belly. "Come on baby, daddy wants to feel you too. I'll be jealous of mommy if you don't say hello! " You giggled warmly, stroking your husband's hair as he waited patiently for a reaction from your child. His cheeks flushed as he first felt your belly swell under the fetal kicks. Of course, this will now become one of his favorite activities!
He will buy you lots of clothes for pregnant women, taking care to respect your tastes without looking at the expenses.
He likes to put you between his legs to look at the stars, putting his hands on yours that press on your lower belly. If you fall asleep, he will whisper words of love in your ear, caressing your hands with his thumb. He will carry you in his arms and lay you down in bed.
If robbers come to threaten you while he's away, call him, he has keen hearing and is never far away. Anger will make him mad, threatening his family is a direct threat to him. He'll lock you in the house so you don't have to see the carnage he's about to cause. He knew this side of him was disgusting, but he couldn't control it, his lust for battle and blood being stronger than anything.
He loves to run you a bath, massaging your aching limbs and cuddling your plump belly. He loves to imagine his life with you and your children. Childe has always told you he wants a big family.
One of the best fathers in my opinion. He will be very loving and protective, never letting his work take over his personal life.
Bonus NSFW:
Childe was working out in the backyard, shirtless and glistening with sweat, when he noticed your eyes sparkling with excitement on him. He tried to focus on what he was doing, but he couldn't deny his own fantasies that had been eating away at him since he knew you were carrying his child. He wanted you so badly that he sometimes left the bed in the middle of the night to calm down outside. He couldn't help his eyes from turning to your form sitting not far from him on a tree trunk that served as a bench. When he saw the sensual way you were biting your lower lips while looking at him with envy, he threw down his spear. He walked towards you to take you inside your house.
He gently set you down on the ground as he sat down on the wooden chair next to him. He unbuttoned the buttons on his pants as he watched you eagerly undress. He reached out to pull you on top of him, immediately trapping your lips with his as he held you with one hand in your hair. Without letting go of your lips, he grabbed one of your hands to wrap your fingers around his sex, slowly pumping you while he searched your folds with his free hand. In turn, he pleasured you by pinching your clit, forcing a moan of pleasure into his mouth. He added to your pleasure with two fingers that caressed your walls, touching to perfection the place that made you call his name.
He quickened the pace of his fingers as you did. He held back his orgasm, withdrawing your hand from him as you came on his fingers, he continued the swing of his hand until you calmed down, only then removing his fingers from you. He released his hold on your hair to place his hands on your hips, pulling you over him so he could impale you. Your nails scratched the skin of his neck as he lowered you onto him. Once you were fully inside, Childe helped you set a pace.
You were so tight around him, he could hardly hold back. He rocked his hips at the same pace as you, moaning into your neck. Eventually he let go, leading you in a frantic rhythm himself. When you had swung your head back, he took the opportunity to bite your nipples.
He waited patiently for you to cum first before releasing his own pressure, painting your walls white. He protectively wrapped his arms around your waist, drawing you against him without pulling back. You both caught your breath, holding each other tight. He lovingly kissed your skin before lifting you into the bedroom, promising in a kiss to love you in every way possible...
Tumblr media
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thma · 2 months ago
headcanons where you try to dom the genshin boys but they end up turning the tables on you
Tumblr media
notes: hellooo! absolutely so, i rarely write for some of these characters but this just motivated me to write for more of them now so aaaa tysm for requesting this! as always, reblogs are HIGHLY appreciated! also anon your ask got eaten up while i was writing this so i rewrote it in the best way i could i hope you don’t mind >__<
tags: nsfw (minors dni or u will fall into mud and never get cleaned), genshin boys x gn!reader, degrading (kaeya, scaramouche), pet names (all gn), nipple play (kazuha, thoma, diluc), handjob (kaeya, xiao), fingering (kazuha, diluc)
Tumblr media
— childe!
i genuinely feel like childe would like to be dominated more
but being the cheeky guy he is, he definitely would want to have his fair share of fun too!
you’re all worn out from doing all the work on top, panting and exhausted
and suddenly, childe turns you over and hovers on top of you
‘already tired? i haven’t even had my fair share of fun yet, baby’
and before you know it, the merciless in childe’s infamous harbinger title is taken out on you and your weeping hole
weeping — all, and only, for him
— kaeya!
this man is such a WHORE!!!!
he would probably act all submissive and fool you into thinking you’ve got him under your wing
just when you’re about to tease him by swirling your hand over his hard cock, he would grab your wrist and smirk before turning you around
‘kaeya, what —’ and before you could say anything, your words are cut off by a sharp cry as he slides his cock painfully slow into you, with your walls’ only response is to clench around his length every so helplessly
tonight, you’re really dumb — his — dumb little slut.
— scaramouche!
this MAN god my mind is going crazy already
i can literally imagine you riding him on top, his sweet moans tricking you into thinking that you were doing good
when suddenly, he stops and your whine only makes him smirk
‘you can’t even do this right?’ and before you know it, he tsks and flips you around roughly
you can’t even protest as your face is stuffed against the pillow his head was once against
he thrusts his cock into you in a pace tenfold from what you were doing
you sob into your pillow
perhaps in some things, scaramouche was right — in some things, only he can do things right.
— kazuha!
i can imagine your breathy, open-mouthed kisses swallowing kazuha’s pretty moans as you lightly squeeze his pretty, pink nipples
and as you sit on his lap, you can feel his erect cock lightly brushing against your thigh
you lightly chuckle to yourself, ready to abuse the life out of his cock
but your thoughts are cut short when kazuha’s finger catches you by surprise when it teases your hole, earning a sharp gasp from you
having been away from you for so long, he just wants to hear your pretty moans for him to remember when he’s away from you again
he slips a finger into your pretty hole that clenches around his fingers by instinct, and soon, he’s on top of you
this wasn’t part of the plan, but you’d take it anyway, anyday
— xiao!
this man is a menace i know it i feel it, source: trust me
as the pace of your hand’s vertical motion on his cock quickens, you ask him if he’s going to cum
‘mm… soon, but —’ he takes the opportunity of seeing your glistening hole lined up perfectly above his cock to buck his hips up and shove it into your hole, pushing your away harshly in the process
you gasp as you feel xiao needily thrust against your hole
and soon, he releases into you, filling your hole fully with all his cum
xiao was never one to try surprises, but you’d definitely let him do this again
— thoma!
you’re teasing thoma as your mouth works its wonders against his neck, your fingers playing with his buds swollen with pleasure before you plan to move down into his cock
your fantasies of absolutely wrecking him like you always do are short-lived
as you press a kiss against thoma’s mouth before you fulfill your desires, thoma slides his tongue into your mouth before proceeding to kiss you sloppily and needily
knowing that he’s caught you off guard, he takes this chance to push you against the soft duvet, before his mouth detaches from your mouth and attaches against your neck
‘thoma… wha…’ you manage to say in between hitched breaths
‘let me do the work tonight, sweetheart,’ he murmurs against your flesh before biting it
and in between your thoughts that begin to haze as a result of thoma, you can hear him say —
‘i can’t assure you i’ll be gentle tonight, baby.’
— diluc!
just the way this man kisses you is enough to make you wet, fingers twisting and squeezing them exactly the way you want it
but today — you want to ruin him so badly, and you spread his legs to fulfill your desire
but diluc has other plans
he notices the way your hole yearns for him to fill you, and you try to cover it up with your dominant demeanour
but diluc is stronger, bigger than you — and suddenly, you’re a rabbit against a wolf
‘not so fast, sugar,’ he smirks, as he presses his fingers into your mouth before shoving them into your needy hole
today — you will be ruined by him every so badly
— zhongli!
sorry, but this man is simply not going to cum under your order
your try your best to ride him out, eyes furrowed in concentration
‘are you in need of some help?’ he offers kindly, to which you refuse sharply
he chuckles lightly before holding you by the shoulders and turning you around, your much smaller build trapped in between his
‘i think you do’ he tells you before lowering down and thrusting his cock deep enough to reach the spot that sends you into stars
and he does it again, and again, and again
alas, you both will be both cumming — under his order
— albedo!
you can hear albedo’s pants as he cums, and you realise that your fun isn’t over
‘shall we do round two?’ you coo, your tongue swirling around his earlobe
‘mm, perhaps,’ you hear albedo say, eyes still blown out completely by your first rough round
as he cups your face with his hand to pull you in for a kiss, he guides your body to the side, and before you know it, he’s turned you over
you pull away, confused — ‘albedo?’ you query with a raised eyebrow
‘this round, it’s my turn to ruin you, baby,’ his teal eyes darken and before you know it, his mouth is against your neck, and you realise all you can do is surrender
next time, you tell yourself, i won’t let those pretty eyes get me.
Tumblr media
if you notice a certain someone’s hc being longer than the rest… myob… :p i hope you liked this, tysm for reading! reblogs are super duper appreciated~ mwa
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wisteria-writings · 2 months ago
genshin men when they hit the spot
Tumblr media
Genre/Warnings: smut/nsfw, overstim, edging, size kink, dumbification, who knows, really?
might do a part 2 with gorou and thoma
part 2! (i forgot gorou:/ sorry)
i am not responsible for minors reading/interacting with this
Kaeya's nothing short of smug. His smirk only grows wider when you gasp and tense up, your arms finally giving out as your eyes flutter.
"Right there?" he hums, emphasizing his words with another thrust against that special spot within you.
You can hardly think coherently, much less speak, your mind swimming with the overwhelming pleasure. When he rolls his cock into that spot again, you whimper, thighs trembling as you try to reach a hand back to stop him.
"'s too- too much, Kae- sto-ah-"
Kaeya only pins your arm to your back, continuing his smooth, relentless pace.
Your eyes roll back and you can't do much more than moan, the sinful noises giving no space to words. His aim is perfect, each thrust dragging right over your sweet spot.
He doesn't stop when you cum, only hissing at the harsh clamping of your gummy walls on his hard dick. Your whines grow in pitch, your hips only being held up with his hand.
"Don't worry, darling. I'll take good care of you."
Diluc always hits that spot accidentally. He's just so big... how could he miss it?
The moment he slips into you, your eyes roll back, mouth falling open.
The fire that licks up his spine at the fucked out look on your face makes him shiver.
He's a giver; he'll make you cum so hard so many times you're cramping by the the time he actually finally lets himself release within you.
"You're making such a pretty face, love. Does it feel that good?"
Childe's another smug one. It's such an ego booster to see you go dumb on his cock.
He'll memorize the inside of your pussy just so he can wreck you every time, reveling in the sounds and faces you make.
He also loves to service you. He'll spread you open on his lap and run his lithe fingers up and down your slick folds. You can whine and whimper all you want, hell, even beg for it; it always makes his dick twitch against your back.
He'll slot two fingers into your sopping hole and gloss just over that spot, moaning at the way your back arches.
He's a tease, too, slipping only the tip of his dick in before tapping your clit. He'll pull out when you're on the brink of orgasm, ruining your orgasm countless times.
You'll be a crying, dumb little baby by the time he's finally ready to give you what you want, just how he likes it.
"Mmm, you're just a dumb, slutty little baby, aren't you? Such a sensitive little body, all for me."
Kazuha's more subtle about it, but the sheer continuity of it makes it obvious.
He lives only to please you, however, but doesn't really seem to know when to stop.
You could be sobbing, your entire body spazzing at every feather-light touch, and Kazuha will only tut, spreading your trembling legs so he can see the puffy, drenched cunt he's made of you.
His own needs forgotten, he'll make sure you're barely coherent by the end of the night.
And when he finally puts himself inside of you?
Archons, you can feel every single throb and vein and ridge of his dick, pushing and molding against your soft insides.
He always finds your sweet spot nearly right away, and he can tell from the way your limbs lock up and tears squeeze from your pretty eyes.
The pleasure is painful, but Kazuha knows your limits.
"Hush, baby. You can give me another one. Make me proud, yeah?"
Zhongli's literally just so big. Literally So Big.
He can't deny the rush of arousal that ignites in him when he sees the way your cunt stretches and creams so sloppily around his massive cock.
He likes to trace the tummy bulge once he finally bottoms out, kissing your quivering bottom lip as you try to stop the tears of pleasure from spilling from your eyes.
His hand will press down on the bulge, essentially pressing your sweet spot down onto the hardness of his cock.
And he won't let you struggle or try to scrabble away either as the immense pleasure slams into your poor body. His eyes always stay on your face, watching the way your face contorts with pleasure. It always causes a burning arousal to settle in his gut.
He moves slowly but deliberately, keeping his hand on your stomach to both maximize pleasure for you and to feel the way his hardness prods up against your gummy walls.
"My my, sweet. You're putting on quite a show for me, hm?"
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z-h0ngl1 · 8 days ago
GENSHIN IMPACT || nsfw hcs
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: how are genshin boys on their first time with you? <3
༒ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀɴɢ: kaeya, diluc, childe, zhongli, xiao, kazuha, thoma and albedo
☦︎︎ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ/ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: overstim + blowjob + belly bulge + size kink + pegging + teasing + spanking + edging + degradation + praising
‼️contains both sub and dom reader‼️
note: reader has female anatomy
Tumblr media
kaeya enjoys taking you nice and slow, bending your hips over and spanking your ass lightly, just so he could feel you tighten up around him. his pulsating cock throbbing in your insides, desperate to cum already but he mustn’t, he just has to tease you. not allowing you to cum twice has mad you go crazy, whining like a whore who just want to fucked dumb and cum again and again. kaeya makes sure you break in front of him. he only edges you so you’re sensitive and can ruin your body. when hits your precious spot, his smirk never fails to droop, lowly chuckling as he only thrusts deeper and slower.
“aww right here? do you like tha-t baby? mmm f-fuck”
Tumblr media
diluc is such an angel but he’s also mean, as in he’ll praise you but also fuck you rough, and with no hesitation this man will overstimulate you, out of the blue. he’ll run his fingers along your chest, playing with your nipples as he rams into your pussy, naming you his ‘good little girl’ and ‘obedient darling’. diluc just loves rubbing your clit whilst fucking, your reaction making him even happier than he already is, he finds it so cute in how you grips the sheets even tighter, hips pushing onto his and he only takes that as another invitation to absolutely ruin you. he also loves receiving hickeys, puts him in a slight subspace.
“don’t worry y/n..n-ngh just for me one more round okay?”
Tumblr media
childe is literally so two-faced, he’ll start by taking it slow then as soon as you’d adjust. he goes feral, lifting your legs onto his shoulder as he leans down for a kiss, tongues sliding against each other whilst the sound of your thighs slapping his resonate throughout the room. he’s absolutely enamoured by your reactions. much like kaeya, childe loves edging you, but he’ll let cum once since he doesn’t wanna ruin you so quick <3. he doesn’t mind taking a break and try something new. but a first time it was quite enjoyable. was he rough? yes. was it a good type of rough? yesss 🤤. he’s also very fond of cockwarming, just loves having you whine whilst his fat cock throbs in you, you beg him to move but he disregards it and continues with his paperwork.
“m-mmph it’s alright g-gurlie i’ll move in a minute okay?”
Tumblr media
zhongli. ZHONGLI. he’s my personal favourite, he’s the type to have you slowly take his cock in, praising you along the way and it’s so big, a slight belly bulge will start to form the deeper you tske him in. zhongli will kiss you, reminding of how you’re such a ‘good girl’. he praises you like no other. there is no sense of degradation from the ex-archon. even if you’re being a brat, he’ll just say “i didn’t appreciate that dear”, and punish you for it. zhonglis slender fingers fucking you at high speeds sends you into another realm, he’s hitting all the right spots that make you see stars. back arching, body shaking, you love it all and if we were to be honest, so does he.
“j-just like that darling. it can’t fit? of course it can dear we’ll just have to make space.”
Tumblr media
xiao is such a bottom it’s sad 😔. but it’s always fun to push him past his limits. his thighs pressing together when you continue to jerk him off even after his 3rd orgasm, his body breaking from the sheer pleasure that travels through his tiny body, not only that but you have pressed against his prostrate causing his moans to spill out and eyes to roll back, the sensitivity only increasing with every touch, he had always claimed he was stress from his karmic debt so you’d offer to lend a helping hand, to which you agreed too. you didn’t think he’d enjoy being a pillow prince that much.
“h-haaa—!~ s-stop i ca-nt an-y more t-too sensitive—a-aah~!—“
Tumblr media
kazuha is a switch leaning to a soft dom. he just cant you roughly- he finds your body too beautiful for that. pressing your legs to your chest, practically folding you into a mating press, hitting every single spongy spot inside you. you clamp down on him so much to the point where sometimes he can’t keep fucking you and you would have to ride him, but he enjoys quite the show, watching your tits bounce as you bob up and down on his cock. he lives for your tits, finds them so attractive and yummy. 😋 when kazuha is a sub he’ll happily open his legs for you, but slowly, just so you can pounce on him and milk him dry
“o-oh my archon y-y/n i-i can’t- s—so tight!”
Tumblr media
thoma is so cute <3 fucking you slowly as you whine out, telling him you’ve adjusted to his size, which, trust me, is quite big. rubbing your clit, causing your back to arch. thoma enjoys eating you out, sucking on your sensitive bud whilst he fingers you. he’s also a big fan of mirror sex, watching your face contort into a one of pleasure as your eyes roll back. there’s also many times when he’s a sub. enjoying the feeling of his prostate constantly receiving stimulation to the point where he’s shaking, and he also enjoys public play <3, shoving your fingers in his mouth as you rail him against a wall in a dark alleyway.
“mm-mm—a-anghh cmon f-faster..w-wanna go faster!”
Tumblr media
albedo is much like xiao however he loves pleasuring you just as much as you love pleasing him. albedo will hold your hips in place as he stuffs his face in between your legs, or moan out into the crisp cold air of monstadt. thighs trembling whilst you jerk him off with a satisfying speed, enjoying how his previous orgasm had already made him so sensitive, however albedo might get so lost in feeling so good that he’ll plead for more even when your tired! hips bucking as he whines, shaking his head to and fro.
“n-noo more i - want more! p-please allow me to indulge in this enticing pleasure”
Tumblr media
༒ 𝘁𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗼 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵 𝗶𝘁.
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th9ma · 2 months ago
feat. childe, thoma, xiao, zhongli
contains: afab!reader, sub reader, cervix poundin, oral (m receiving), light breeding, fingering.
note: messy headcanons that i wrote on a road trip for my favourite boys (rbs appreciated) <3 nsfw under the cut !!
Tumblr media
needy dom! childe who begs to fuck you. he’s so eager and relentless, can’t help the way his cock swells in his pants when he’s toying with your pretty pussy, rubbing your clit and watching how your hole periodically flutters around nothing — he wants to sink himself in and feel your walls clamp down on him as you whine and whimper in his hold. he just needs to be deep inside of you — achey tip brushing right up against your cervix. he’ll give you everything and more, and give it to you good; just please let him inside <3
“i’ll fuck you real good baby- gunna fuck a family into you if you let me.”
needy dom! thoma who just can’t seem to keep himself off of you. he has to have more than one point of contact with you; places one hand on the fat of your ass to grab and spread while you fuck yourself on his cock, and uses his other to bar you tight to his chest. he’s addicted to the way your cunt spasms around him when you cum — even to the point where he’s begging you to do it again, grinding your clit against his pubic bone himself. he’ll be all up near your ear, grunting and groaning about how good you feel.
“make a mess all over me, you can do it. wanna feel you so bad.”
needy dom! xiao who begs you to let him cum. you’re usually fucked stupid, but he gets off on the thought of you pleading for him to cum — wether that be inside your cunt, in your mouth, your chest, or your face. he just babbles, tips of his ears burning red as he shakily rolls his hips into your mouth. and you’re taking it so well, hot tears streaming down the down your cheeks and spit and precum sliding down your chin, mouth full of cock. don’t try and spit it out, or else he’ll have to shove himself back in to keep it plugged.
“can i- fuck- cum? wanna fill your mouth and make you look all pretty.”
needy dom! zhongli who begs you to cum for him. you look so beautiful when you do; brows furrowed and mouth ajar as you whine through your orgasm, hands bunched up against his collar — how could he not want more? he grows addicted, shoving his fingers down your pants and into your cunt just to see your eyes blow wide as you feel the coil in your stomach tighten. he even cums untouched when you make a mess grinding your bare cunt over his slacks; groaning in your ear and riding your orgasm through with you, bucking his hips up into your sopping hole as a cherry on top.
“give me another- one more. look at me while i make you cum love.”
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tojisblunt · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
OVERSTIMULATION HCS — genshin edition.
Tumblr media
hcs — original, not requested.
AUTHOR’S NOTE. my first genshin work... hehe im so very excited to get back into the writing game ^_^
CHARACTERS. diluc, dainsleif, zhongli, xiao.
+ includes. overstimulation (duh...), daddy kink, size kink, squirting, multiple orgasms, fingering, slapping, mean!xiao, praise, edging
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he overstimulates you because he’s not even aware of it in the first place.
diluc is a certified himbo, i swear. he loves u so much and would do anything for your pleasure.
but the thing is.......he’s too focused to realized that you’ve been doing nothing but cumming.
he only realizes once you squirt all over him, your cream soaking his digits and your cum bleeding through the sheets.
“d-diluc!” you squeal, back arching and hips shooting forward into his fingers as he continues to move them around inside of your weeping cunt. diluc’s other hand is focused on your tits while his dick is standing up proud, the red tip angry from how horny he was.
he just wants you to cum on his fingers before he makes you cum again and again on his cock, but poor little diluc; he’s far too focused on your pretty tits to notice that you’ve cum a long time ago.
“baby,” you cry, putting your hand over your mouth to muffle the embarrassing sounds leaving your lips as you feel his finger tips graze against your favorite spots. his palm is catching your clit every time his hand creates a motion, and it makes your legs quiver and the knot in your stomach to tighten.
“just cum, baby, it’s okay.” diluc reassures you, and you want to smack him. he’s been spewing bullshit about wanting you to cum when you’ve been doing that this whole time.
“i-i can’t!” you sob, head thrown back when he stops thrusting his fingers for a second, opting to grind the pads of his finger tips against your g-spot. it sends electricity through your body, and you can’t help but tighten around his fingers, body quivering as you experience a body-wracking orgasm.
you’re crying underneath him, eyes widening as you unconsciously spread your legs further open, feeling your orgasm drag out for much longer than planned.
you curse, squirting all over your boyfriend’s fingers and abdomen, thrashing your head side to side from the overwhelming feeling of a mind numbing orgasm that you just experienced.
“oh.” diluc stills, realization hitting him as he processes what just happened. “sorry,” he says sheepishly, and you roll your eyes. he cleans off your cum from his fingers, bringing your body closer to his lower half as he lines up his cock against your pussy.
“what are you—?!”
“—who said i was done?”
he’s gonna be the death of you.
likes to do it because you look so pretty crying underneath him.
and also because he’s a service dom who’ll do anything for you to be happy in his sheets :P
loves to edge you tho... it makes your orgasms make you really sensitive after and he just loves the reactions.
tbh everything u do is attractive to him but if ur extra sensitive? u become a lot cuter to him.
“s-sen..” you blabber, and your boyfriend simply does nothing but looks up at you, keeping his eyes focused on your face to watch for any hints of uncomfortableness on your end.
“repeat that?” he asks, slamming his hips against yours purposefully, hoping to get a reaction out of you; in which, he does. dainsleif knows you too well, your body included. he knows where to hit it to get a certain reaction out of you.
“too sensitive!” you cry out in response to his thrust, feeling your thoughts swirl around as dainsleif begins thrusting into you slowly, before his rhythm speeds up. “no, no, no, no...” you trail off, mind going blank as your brains get fucked out of you.
“you can take it,” he says, soothing his hands over your stomach to reassure you that he’s still there. “my good girl, you look so pretty like this.” he smiles, face showing nothing but complete adoration for you as you cry beneath him, legs spread and cunt almost red from the abuse it’s taken from his edging.
no matter how much you want to finally cum, the stinging that you feel as he rocks his hips against yours is so good yet so painful that you’re not sure what to tell him. he’s been edging you for so long that you’re not even sure if you really did cum.
dainsleif knows how sensitive you get every time he stops his thrusting to edge you. the cries that leave your lips once he begins thrusting again, it’s all so good. but, as he watches you babble incoherent words, he decided that it was enough.
after all, nothing beats the sight of you cumming all over his fat cock.
LET ME TELL YALL ABOUT HIS BIG ASS DICK. (i would know i experienced it first hand)
dear gawd this man has such a size kink... thousands of years of struggling to find someone that would take his cock properly is finally catching up to him!!!!!
because now he found a cute lil plaything such as yourself who gets off on the fact that his dick cant fit easily
and the amount of times he’s made you cum before being fully in... it’s embarrassing but did you expect any less from a dragon?
“daddy!” you gasp, feeling his fat cock throbbing against your sensitive walls. even after years of experience in bed with your boyfriend, zhongli, your poor little cunt still struggles to take his much bigger cock.
you don’t complain, however, no matter how much your pussy hurts the next day from the stretching it received the previous night. no, how could you complain when he makes you feel so good?
“hm?” zhongli hums, keeping his grip on your thighs strong so he has control of how spread out you are for him. using that fact to his advantage, he brings your thighs further apart, cock twitching at the sounds of your mewls from the feeling of his cock hitting deeper.
“f-feels...i feel so good, daddy...” you sniffle, bringing your hand to his abdomen to rub on it, just for your own satisfaction of having your hands on him 24/7. you’re obsessed with having zhongli’s skin against yours, and he finds it so adorable the way you depend on his touch.
“yeah?” he quips, slowly grinding his pelvis against your sensitive clit, causing your mewls to transition to slightly louder moans. he takes note of how sensitive you can get sometimes, which is why he’s careful with exactly where he’s hitting his cock, but his cock is just too big that he sometimes accidentally (more like purposefully) grazes it against your g-spot.
he feels it before his brain could process your loud cries of pleasure. “i’m cumming, fuck! oh fuck!” you gasp, hands gripping the sheets and back arching as you cum hard all over your boyfriend’s cock.
he quickly puts his thumb on your clit, rubbing gentle circles on it to help ride out your orgasm, and you’re crying from the overwhelming feeling of his hands on your clit. your legs are shaking, and your moans have grown too loud, forcing you to cover your mouth in a desperate attempt to keep the maids from hearing you.
“daddy, please,” you sniffle, mind blank from how fucked out you already are. zhongli smiles, caressing the side of your face before he brings your legs over his shoulders, loving the wide eyed reaction that you gave him.
“you can take more, right darling?” he smirks, doing a few experimental thrusts against your sensitive pussy. but before you could even process anything, you’re cumming all over his cock for the second time.
does it purely bc he loves it when ur crying like a dumb little whore
he just loves to fuck u into oblivion so ur rendered speechless :blushes:
degrades u whenever u cry bc of overstimulation, but gets so soft when u apologize for cumming too much :( i love him..
“nngh!” you bite your lips the hardest you could, eyebrows furrowing as you throw your head back. your eyes are rolling to the back of your head, and the continuous trembles that are going through your body right now has your boyfriend holding onto you to support.
he keeps his eyes locked on your cunt, eyes scanning the way you wrap around his cock perfectly, cream soaking his dick as you cum over and over on his cock. you’re too overstimulated at this point, one simple move from him can have you cumming again.
“you don’t stop do you?” he teases, and you wiggle your hips in place in response to the proud smirk adorning on his face. “feel good?” he asks when he notices that your panting has calmed.
you nod, still lost for words as your brain is jumbled from the numerous orgasms your boyfriend was so considerate to give.
he ghostly leaves his thumb resting on your throbbing clit, ignoring the small whines that leave your lips in reaction. he then brings your legs over his shoulders with his free hand, and you can’t do anything but just give him a hesitant look.
“what?” he asks, leaning down and placing both hands on either side of your head. “don’t you cream so nice and hard like this? hm?” his vulgar words bring arousal to your hot cunt, enough arousal where your hips jumped from the sudden stimulation it brought to your clit.
“daddy...” you sniffle, feeling his cock throb inside your awaiting cunt. he gives you a single glance before thrusting hard once against your hips. hard enough that it would be pleasurable for the both of you.
“you talk too much,” xiao sighs, and you squirm, impatience settling in your bones. “quit it.” he grunts, lifting his hand to land a quick slap on your face, causing you to gasp.
“no, fuck!” you cry, hands immediately rushing to his arms for support as your body trembles underneath his, cunt completely losing it on his cock.
xiao swallows, head going light from the intense arousal that he’s feeling as he watches you cum just from him slapping you.
if overstimulation can get you to cum this easy, then you better be sure as hell that he’s going to fuck you insanely stupid every time.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: diluc, kaeya, zhongli, childe, dainsleif, tohma/thoma, ayato
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: He wants to indulge in youーsavor the feeling of being so intimately joined with you like this. Whether it is through loving kisses or frenzied thrusts, he'll selfishly indulge in your bare body.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): mentions of both dom and sub reader, creampie, rough sex, counter sex, servicing ( giving ), oral ( giving and receiving ), praising ( giving ), cockwarming, cosplay, rough sex, thigh-fucking, morning sex, size kink, semi-public sex, degradation, edging, temperature play, dumbification, sensual deprivation, spanking, dacryphilia, fingering, praising, breeding/cumming inside, office sex, primal kink, marking, oral (receiving and giving ), love-making, overstimulation, jealous/possessive sex, knife play, clothed/partly clothed sex, kissing, praise kink, hand-holding, role reversal, riding ( sex position), puppy play, cock stepping, nipple play, mutual masturbation, multiple rounds, hair-pulling, bondage, after-training sex, stand and carry.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫: gender-neutral ( mentions of afab reader )
𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠: earned it ー the weekend ( slowed )
basically genshin men kinks and what they're into
also this is a pretty long post and it took a while to make, so i hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
nsfw below!
counter sex
Diluc will sometimes take shifts at Angel's Share when there's a need for an extra bartender that night, or if he's in the mood to just do it. Of curse, he isn't all too comfortable with the aroma of alcohol wafting through, and his imbecile of a brother Kaeya, but when you drop by, it makes his nights much more bearable. He'll be soaking up your perky words while dishing out alcohol-filled mugs.
So when it's just the two of you, and whether or not you or he initiates it, Diluc will have you sat atop the counter edge, his hips gently meeting yours. He'll hold you gingerly close to him, pressing butterfly kisses to your shoulder and letting out heated groans as your tight hole grips down on his cock.
servicing ( giving )
Diluc has been alone for so so long, not having anyone to truly rely on or go-to for comfort. But now that he has you, even if he doesn't visibly show it, he's just so damn happy. And he shows it through his actions, with how he's so eager to provide you with what you need and/or want during sex. Whether you want him to try out different positions, or whether you want him to speed up, he'll adhere to it.
As for aftercare, Diluc will fetch anything that you ask, since he feels guilty about pushing you so far. He presses constant kisses to your cheeks, rubbing soothing circles to your hips, and if you ask, he'll prepare a bath for you and wash down your body for you.
oral ( giving )
The redhead has a fixation with having his mouth attached to your quivering sex, and constantly brings you to an orgasm, all while gently gazing up into your eyes. Based on your reactions, he'll fix his tongue and/or fingers into a different area inside of your tight hole, working to find what makes you unravel. When Diluc finds it, he'll press into it over and over, watching as you cry out in pleasure.
Diluc doesn't mind it when you cum into his mouth, whether it be accidental or on purpose, he won't ever hold it against you. The man is practically whipped for you, so he doesn't mind swallowing and remarking how tasty it was.
praising ( giving )
Diluc is such a softie for you, and although he isn't a man that isn't too big on words, he'll spare you some of his more honeyed and sweet words. The redhead may not know how exactly to praise you, but he's doing his best so hush. It honestly starts out a bit stiff, but the more you two have sex, the more comfortable he gets.
He'll praise you on nearly anything, his soft husky whispers filling your ears as yet another kiss is pressed to your warming forehead. After you've cum into his waiting mouth, he'll gently tell you that you did a good job and press a kiss to your inner thigh, or after you've simultaneously reached your peak with him, he'll gently smile as he brushes loose strands out of your eyes.
Since Diluc tends to be incredibly busy and very occupied with all of the work that comes with managing a winery, he rarely has time to even spend with you, much less have any intimate moments. But he does at least make some attempts, and you're honestly understanding, because hey, he needs to make his money's worth, and he has his own life too.
So when you offered to have him completely sheathed inside of you while he's working, he's of course flushed and silent, since he didn't expect you to suggest something like that. But he eventually concedes, and now he's barely able to concentrate on anything except for how tightly and how hot your walls are around his thick length. His gloved hand will grip your thigh tightly as an attempt to ground himself, but dear archons if you shift, a low groan will slip from his lips.
cosplay ( maid's dress )
Okay look, Diluc's just as embarrassed as you are with that maid's dress. He had to take a good moment before his poor fair face becomes nearly as red as his flaming hair. It doesn't help with how adorable you look, and oh dear god help him if you decide to call him master or sir, he's practically dying where he sits. You'll be able to see this once composed man become a frazzled mess. He'll stutter out that you look good and look cute.
He has you ride him if you decide to turn things more sexual just so he can see more of your cute outfit. If you tell him how embarrassing it is for him to stare, he'll apologize, but explain that you just look so good and he can't help but want to engrave the image into his mind.
rough sex
Poor Diluc, he's been pent up for so long and hasn't been able to properly let out all of his frustrations, that is until you came along and managed to unlock a whole other world for him. He makes sure that you want to do this, and that you're completely okay with it. Diluc's honestly such a sweetie in making sure of your sexual activity together.
He grips the bedsheets so damn hard when he's slamming into you with no restraint, and his teeth are gritting so much that his jaw will lock if he doesn't stop. All he can focus on in his frenzied state is how good your insides feel around his thick cock, so he'll keep going until he tires himself out, which could be a while.
thigh fucking
Honestly, this man hasn't been one to prioritize his sexual appetite, as he tends to ignore it altogether. So when the two of you started to become more sexual and intimate with your relationship, he's fumbling with what to do and how to do it properly without messing it up. So when you slip his throbbing erection out of his pants, he stops you and asks if he can fuck your thighs.
When he pushes the head past the fat of your thighs pushed together, he lets out pleasured sighs and groans, his pace ever slow as he enjoys how your thighs feel around his length. When he finally cums, Diluc is so dazed from the pleasure that he forgets to pull away and ends up cumming all over your inner thighs, soaking them with the hot milky liquid.
morning sex
Diluc rarely ever gets to spend time with you due to his ever-busy schedule, but he does his best to create small snippets of time just for the two of you, but even then that's not nearly enough time. But there's always the times at the quiet of nighttime and within the early hours of the morning where he can gently hold you close to him and inhale your smell.
When he finally slips his cock into you, he just moves his hips slowly and gently, wanting to savor this very feeling and this loving moment with you. Diluc will let you change the position, whether you want him to be on top, or vice versa, he'll do it. Either way, he spills himself inside of you when he reaches his peak and presses lazy kisses to your cheeks.
size kink
Diluc has been gifted with a rather generous size down below the belt buckle, so he has to take it slow with you so he doesn't accidentally hurt you during intercourse. So he feels guilty when he gets even more aroused when you struggle to take his thick cock all the way in, your whimpers become fuel for his already rising arousal.
It doesn't make it any better since you're just so goddamn tight and squeeze down on his throbbing length, making him hiss out in pleasure. If he's completely sheathed inside of your tight heat, and he just so happens to see a slight bulge in your stomach, he nearly cums on the spot.
semi-public sex
Look, Kaeya is always so damn horny over you, and he'll get random bouts of arousal throughout the day, and he has half a mind to pull you into a deserted alley and have his way with you. He has no shame whatsoever, and he'll gladly fuck you just out of eyeshot of where anyone could see you. You wouldn't want that, now would you bunny?
He'll warn you in a sing-song tone to keep quiet, unless, you want everyone to see how much of a pervert you really are. Kaeya will remark how lewd you are for enjoying getting bent over in near broad daylight, but he isn't one to talk; he's the one who initiated this. A harsh thrust to your spots shuts you up though.
He's such a stinky and mean bastard istg. Kaeya can be so mean during sex, calling you a filthy slut or whore, or even call you his personal cumdump, all while he's smirking down at you as you squirm helplessly under his directing gaze. You'd kick him if it weren't for the fact that his long fingers just pressed against your spot.
Even when he's thrusting into you and his hips are meeting your own, Kaeya's still calling you names and taunting you. He'll leer at you for squeezing down tighter when you've been degraded yet again and how perverted you are for enjoying something like this. He'll even comment in rather explicit detail on what'll entail next and how you'd better be prepared.
Again, the bastard is so mean during sex, so ofc he's going to edge the crap out of you. Whether it be when his mouth is latched on your sex, his fingers curled deep inside, or his long cock buried all the way, he's bound to do it at least once every few rounds, and he enjoys way more than he should.
You'll be so so close to orgasming, with Kaeya thrusting away into your tight hole, and just when you've about reached your peak, Kaeya just stops thrusting all together, his cock sitting still and snug within you. No matter if you cry or hiss at him for being an ass, he'll just grin and seemingly mock you for getting so desperate.
temperature play ( ice )
While Kaeya is a kinky mf, he'll actually wait on introducing you to using his Cryo vision, since he doesn't want to just rush into it. But he does start introducing the idea to you after a good amount of time and takes it pretty slow the first few times. He'll gently apply his cold fingers to all of your sensitive places, lightly putting pressure and watching your every reaction.
He does it when he's taking things at a more slowed but frisky pace, and usually has himself buried deep within your hole. He mostly applies the cold to your perky nipples, knowing how sensitive they are, and grinning as you squeal.
Kaeya's such a sadist and loves to see you cry out and writhe underneath him until you break, and he gains such pleasure from it all. He craves seeing you break and sob until you can barely form any coherent thoughts or words. The only thing you'll even be able to do is just focus on his cock bringing you to pleasure.
He'll practically turn you into a begging mess who wants nothing more than his fat cock buried deep within your tight walls, and wanting his cum to spill into you until there's no room left. Don't worry too much, he'll press kisses all over your cheeks for doing such a good job.
rough sex
Normally Kaeya likes to have slowed sex where he can fully savor and take advantage of each and every one of your pleasure points, but he'd also like it if he were able to slam himself into you without any restraint behind his actions. Even his patience has its limits too sweetheart. So you shouldn't be surprised when he starts to fuck you harder and more sloppily.
His pace has your eyes crossed and drool seeping out from the corners of your mouth. He'll usually have you bent over something, usually either his desk and your shared mattress. Either way, you'll have to deal with a very horny Kaeya, whose too busy pistoning his hips into you like a feral animal to even really taunt you.
sensual deprivation
Whether it be a blindfold across your dewy eyes or tight ropes that sting into your wrists when you struggle, Kaeya is bound to take away one of your senses when he feels like it. As stated above, he mostly seems to prefer taking your sight, that way you can't see what he'll do next, or tying up your hands, so you can't run away from the sensations.
Or, he could do them both at once, to further drive up your sensitivity and to see you unravel underneath him. It makes it even better for Kaeya, since not only can you not see what he's doing, but you're unable to resist or run away from the onslaught of pleasure he's giving you.
This one should be pretty obvious, considering how Kaeya loves it when you cry out for him, whether it be out in pleasure or in pain, and in this case, the latter. It's always when he's thrusting into you from behind, with your ass meeting his hips, and then before you can even acknowledge it, Kaeya's brought his hand down upon the fat of your ass, and he did it hard.
If he's feeling extra mean that day, he's bound to spank you more than just a couple of times. Kaeya will do it until your skin is reddened and sore, and if you've been bratty, in his head, he'll make you count how many times he does it until he feels satisfied enough.
There's just something about watching the way you sob and cry out as he fucks into you that gets Kaeya really going. It's probably because he's a stinky and mean sadist that loves seeing you writhe under him, but whatever. All the man knows is that he wants to see you sob and maybe even see some tears fall if he's feeling meaner today.
You don't even have to sob out of pain, it can be out of the onslaught of pleasure that Kaeya gives to you. Your nails will be tightly pressed into the skin of his back, and that's when he knows that soon, your tears will start to fall down like cute pretty pearls.
fingering ( giving )
When Kaeya slips his fingers into your tight and puckering hole, you know you're in for one hell of a good time. He's rather skilled with wriggling them around inside your tight heat and finding each of those spots that have you seeing stars quite efficiently and quickly. It's enough to have you cumming in mere minutes.
It makes it even worse when kaeya taunts you for how when he tries to pull the appendages out, your walls clamp down on them tightly as if it wants him to stay inside longer. And well, who is he to deny his pretty baby.
praising ( giving )
Zhongli is just so happy to be around you, and the words that he whispers during your sessions are some of the most genuine and heartfelt you could ever get from a person, much less a god. He gazes at you with the most heartfelt expression you can ever bring out of him, warmly smiling down as his hips slowly meet yours over and over.
He praises you for any little movement you make, any little noise or squeaks you make whilst he's splitting you open, and when he's not facing you, he's press kisses that feel like a crystalfly's wings brushing against your bare skin and whispers that sound like a siren's song.
breeding / cumming inside
Okay, so let's get the obvious out of the way; this man cums a lot like it makes you feel so damn full after only a couple of rounds with him. The milky pearly liquid gushes out in huge amounts, and always dribbles down your body, whether he came inside of your mouth or inside of your tight sex.
He doesn't mind starting a family with you, but make sure to have a proper talk with him beforehand, so the two of you can make some proper preparations beforehand. If you can't get pregnant because of biological reasons, or for medical reasons, he'll respect that, but otherwise likes cumming inside. The sight of his cum dribbling out of your hole does wonder for him.
office sex
Since Zhongli has become more integrated into human life, he has also become familiar with the concept of overtime and working well into the night. Now he understands why humans are always so damn exhausted. But what makes the tiring days better is when you occasionally drop by and spend time with him to brighten up his day.
He'll usually have his cock snug within your tight hole, only occasionally shifting when he needs to alleviate the numbness in his lower half, but all it does for you is press the head deeper into you, causing you to shudder with every movement he makes. If your voice raises in several octaves, he quietly warns you to keep quiet, lest one of his coworkers walks in.
As stated above, he's often incredibly busy, so he cannot entertain either of your sexual cravings as much as he would like to. But if you suggest cockwarming to him, he'll actually contemplate it, before agreeing, wanting to try it out as well and to satisfy both of your urges.
If he's gonna be honest, he actually enjoys this far more than what he thought he would. He's letting out deep, stuttered breaths as he savors your tight heat clenching tightly around his thick cock. It's honestly just that enjoyable for him since he just enjoys being so close and intimate with you.
size kink
Again, stating the very obvious, this man has a pretty big cock, like to the point of where it stretches you out so damn much and fills you all the way to the brim. It's for that reason that he has to take everything slow and finger you open sufficiently until he feels that you're ready.
Dear Lord help him because you're so damn tight around him, and it's practically melting him. He knows he should be more concerned with your cries, but his amber eyes are much too focused on the tummy bulge, where his cock is obviously sat snug. Just that sight alone is enough to rile him up even further.
primal play ( dragon )
However, don't think that Zhongli is just all prim and proper, he was once a dragon after all, and some of his more possessive behavior reflects that. He tends to keep it all under wraps, but with you, he lets loose and can show something somewhat similar to those dragons in the tales. His horns, both slender and long, and his thumping tail, are both similar colors to his long locks and stern eyes.
He does indeed have heat periods, though they don't happen quite often, they are rather intense and he becomes more rough and feral than he would normally ever be. Zhongli will leave bruising bites and hickies behind on your skin, and he'll be slamming into you like the feral animal he is. And he won't let you go for quite some time either.
marking ( geo sigil )
Again, this all ties into both his being an archon and a dragon, and it ends up spilling over into his daily life with you. Of course, he'll be sure to talk it all through with you and make sure that you're truly alright with receiving his mark on your body, and overall just getting your consent.
After all of that, he'll sit you on his lap, brushing any stray hairs away from it, before sinking his short fangs into your supple skin, and after a certain period, will pull away as the geo sigil on the small of your neck glows affirmatively, filling him with a sense of pride.
oral ( giving )
Another one who likes having his face buried between your legs, but honestly, just let him. He loves tasting your sweet release on his tongue, and even comparing the taste to the sweetest of teas, much to your embarrassment and shock. Even after you've cum, he's bound to dive back between your legs, eager to taste your release yet again and hear your squeaks fill the air.
Zhongli's so gentle when he has his mouth latched onto your sex, drawing careful circles around it, while also gazing up at you and gauging your every reaction. When he slips the slimy appendage into you, he'll continue to watch your body language to steer him in the right direction.
Zhongli is a very passionate man, that much is already obvious enough, and even more so when it comes to you. He prefers taking everything at a much more sensual and loving pace, wanting to savor each and every last intimate moment with you, and cherish these golden memories and moments forever.
He'll hold your hands gingerly, but tight enough to where it's obvious he won't let go for quite some time. Zhongli will press constant kisses to your forehead and cheeks and whisper out his words of adoration into your ears as his hips roll slowly into yours.
overstimulation ( giving )
Honestly, Zhongli doesn't even really mean to overstimulate you, but due to his large size, and how deep his cock reaches within you, it's so hard for you to not orgasm around him. So of course he's a bit hesitant when you ask him to do it again since he thinks it might be too much for you, but he complies.
Once he gets the hang of it, he ends up overstimulating you to the point where you can barely comprehend anything anymore and can only focus on the constant flow of pleasure flowing through your veins.
semi-public sex
Of course, what else did you expect from this stinky motherfucker, he will have his cock sat snug within your walls while you're sat upon his lap on a supposed date. Childe will teasingly taunt you and even point out how people are staring at you cause all they see is an adorable couple and not you and Childe getting it on.
Or he could just have pulled you into a dark alleyway, his hips pistoning into yours as he claims what is rightfully his. He could do it at any hour of the day because that man's sexual appetite constantly fluctuates between low and high.
breeding / cumming inside
Childe's a family man, he grew up surrounded by a big family, and he has experience with children, so he wants a family of his own too, and he's so eager to have you bent over the nearest surface to cum inside of you. He won't stop thrusting into you until he feels that he's cum into you enough before pulling out.
It's usually when he comes back after missions that he just picks you up and drags you off to the bedroom, and next thing you know, you've got a horny Childe right on top of you. His stamina is practically endless during these times, and his cum feels so heavy inside of your walls.
jealous / possessive sex
Childe honestly gets jealous at least 5 times a week, but it's mostly just him giving anyone who approaches you the stink eye, but what really drives him up the wall is when people still flirt with you after you've denied their advances very vehemently, or they just pay attention to the fact that you've told them you already have a boyfriend.
So it shouldn't be surprising when Childe fucks you harder than he normally does, and in fact, he's a bit unhinged as he's slamming away into you. He makes damn sure to cover you in hickies and bites, to show everyone that you're his and his alone, and you're not really complaining, since it was the best sex you've had in a while.
size kink
Childe is honestly so damn tall like he practically towers over you at any height, and he loves it so much! He can hug you into his finely toned chest and be able to pick you up and spin you around like a damn rag doll. But it also lets him completely tower over you during sex and trap you underneath him.
He'll trap your hands with one of his own, commenting on how tiny they are and how well they fit into his palm. It's even worse when he's completely sheathed in you, openly wondering if he would reach your deepest parts like this, and how your hole was practically molded for him and him alone.
knife play
Before the two of you even so much as engage in this particular kink of his, he at least makes sure that you consent to it and are completely okay with him making little slices into your flesh. He's actually pretty gentle about it and will stop if it makes you very uncomfortable, but if you're okay with it, then it's a free game for him.
When he brings the knife down onto your skin, he makes sure to stop his frenzied thrusts into you as to not cause any further damage by accidentally cutting deep. When the blade is lifted, he'll watch the crimson liquid bubble up and dribble down your skin before licking it all up and remarking how sweet it tasted.
clothed / partly-clothed sex
Again, this man is so damn horny tf, he's happy to have you nearly anywhere and anytime if it weren't for his Fatui duties. If he gets a sudden rush of arousal and he can't even be bothered to take off most of his clothes, then he'll just let them pool around his body while he fucks you on his cock.
A majority of the time he doesn't even bother having you take off yours either, but he could just be extra horny and rip your clothes off, with a heated promise of buying you new ones, but for now, he has to satiate himself with your creamy hole gripping down on his cock.
degradation ( giving )
When he isn't babbling about how good your hole feels around him to the point of where he's delirious, he's degrading the shit out of you, and boy can he talk. He's practically on par with Kaeya with how absolutely filthy he can get, and no, he does not have any shame left in that body of his. That went out the window years ago my dude.
Childe will whisper into your ear about how much of a filthy whore you really are, cumming untouched with just words alone, huh? You're so perverted y'know babe. It goes on, but just know that he won't shut up until he feels that he's been sufficient with his rather suggestive words.
marking ( hickies and bites )
This man is such a jealous and possessive mf, like seriously, Childe, calm tf down and go beat up some poor Treasure Hoarders again. He's constantly popping up in many conversations, but sometimes he does catch some rather unsavory people, so you suppose he can be let off the hook this time. But on the times he feels more insecure and left out, he's bound to act on it later.
Once it's just the two of you, he'll grip your wrist tightly and pull you into his chest, very tightly might I add. Before you can even properly react or even protest, his lips are suckling away and leaving reddened skin behind, and Childe will even leave behind rather bruising bite marks as well.
overstimulation ( giving )
Another sadistic man that likes to see you cry beneath him, and keep on pushing you past your limits until he can see your pretty tears slip from your eyes, and he'll watch with eager excitement. Childe wants to see you completely fall apart beneath him so that he can build you back up again. It's so arousing for him to see you in such a fucked out state that he might end up cumming a bit earlier than usual.
For him, it's quite fun to see your sobs wrack your pathetic little body as his fingers massage your spots over and over, even after you've incoherently begged him to please slow down. Spoiler, he doesn't; he just keeps going and speeds up.
This particular kink of his also ties into his more sadistic tendencies, as well as wanting to see you fall apart beneath him just because of him, and only because of him. He's a possessive man like that honestly. Whether it be his fingers that are spreading you open or his fat cock driving itself into you, right when you've about reached your peak, he pulls completely out.
It excites him so much to see you sob out of frustration for the stolen orgasm that you never got, and how you're now begging for him to hurry up and put it back in. He'll continue to edge you until you're sufficiently frustrated as the loss of orgasms, and after some time, he'll finally let you cum, since you asked oh-so nicely.
You can't look at this man and not think that after all that time spent alone, he wouldn't crave emotional intimacy of any kind. Especially when it comes to youーhe wants to savor each gorgeous inch of your bare body, his deep blue eyes gazing into yours as his lips press onto your shivering skin.
Even when his hips are meeting yours over and over, he's moving at a rather sensual pace. He'll apologize for going so slow, but he whispers out that he wants to savor everything that you have to offer. Love-making lets him love you in the intimate way that he wants to, and you'll more often than not become familiar with his lips against yours, his cock reaching new depths within your tight walls as the two of you reach your peak yet again.
size kink
This man gives off big dick vibes and I will not be taking criticism-Ahem, but yes, surprisingly, the stoic Bough Keeper finds himself growing hotter under the collar from seeing how you struggle to take his fat cock in one go. The way you whimper as the thickest part of his cock slides into you, and how he can see a slight bulge on your tummy just has heat pooling down south for him. He'd never admit it though, out of embarrassment for enjoying such a lewd sight.
It doesn't help that you're significantly smaller than him, since he's so damn tall. That and the fact that you're so damn tight with how small you are, it just drives him crazy. Dainsleif is almost embarrassed with how close he is to cumming from how tightly your walls are clamping down on his throbbing erection.
I know this doesn't exactly count as a kink, but hear me out. Dainsleif looves kissing you, it calms him down after a particularly rough day out, and just the feel of your lips against his is enough to put him at ease and full of bliss. So it's no wonder that his lips are sealed against yours while his cock slides in and out of your twitching holeーthat and the way your muffled cries and moans spill into the air seems to spur him on further.
It's honestly really sweet, since his kisses are very gentle and full of complete adoration for you, and it completely ties to him making love to you. Though sometimes his kisses can become a bit rougher, especially if his hips are practically jackhammering into yours, and you'll even hear his elusive deep moans as he does so.
praise kink
Look, Dainsleif absolutely loves and holds nothing but adoration for you, and he wants you to know that as well. No matter how negatively you view yourself, Dainsleif will always whisper out words laced with love, and loving kisses pressed to your skin. Should you be insecure about parts of your nude body, the blonde will stay there for longer, suckling and kissing at the skin until he feels satisfied enough.
No matter how hard you try, or how much you try to tug him away, he won't pull his mouth away, he won't stop praising you, and he won't stop telling you how much he loves you until his words finally get across. Dainsleif just wants you to know the true extent of his adoration for you, even if it means having to praise your body until the moon slips away.
servicing ( giving )
Dainsleif's adoration for you shines through during sex, and especially since he's practically a service top. He'll do anything you ask of him, and always prioritizes your pleasure over his own. Do you want him to finger you a bit longer? Want him to go a bit faster? He'll insist on pampering you, telling you that you can lay down and he'll pleasure you.
Anything you ask of him during sex, he'll happily comply with, since Dainsleif wants nothing more than to see you happy and pleasured. As long as it doesn't hurt you in any way, or make you uncomfortable, then he'll adhere to your wishes.
oral ( giving )
If Dainsleif could stay in between your legs all day, then he would. He simply can't get enough of the taste of your release, and it definitely shows with how eagerly his mouth latches onto your dripping sex. The blonde will drink up every last drop of your release, no matter how much you insist that he doesn't have to.
He much prefers being the one giving you pleasure rather than the other way around, and due to this, his servicing instincts start to shine through, especially with how deep his tongue is buried inside of your quivering hole. It's embarrassing, but he'll often stare up at you while his mouth is busy with your sex, his deep eyes gauging every movement and reaction you make.
He honestly doesn't truly mean to overstimulate you, at first. He can't help that his cock is so damn big and reaches your deepest places so easily. The first time it happened, Dainsleif was caught off guard by your rather loud and hoarse squeals and how your cum gushed out so violently. He at first thought you to be in pain was quickly reassured once he saw your fucked out face.
Dainsleif doesn't normally overstimulate you, but with his rather generous size, it's a bit hard to not orgasm from it. But when he does purposefully overstimulate you, well, you'll just need to hold tightly onto him sweetheart.
Again, this can't exactly be counted as a kink, but to Dainsleif, it does. The man craves the emotional intimacy that he finds in you, and he wants to be as close to you as possible. Whether it be when he's making love to you, his hips gently rocking into yours, or his cock jackhammering into you like his life depends on it, his fingers are always tightly intertwined with yours, not once letting go.
It's common for you to have to grip onto something when the blonde is fucking up into you, even when he's being gentle. That, and hand-holding is just so intimate for the both of you since it adds a more loving tone to the lewd atmosphere.
role reversal
Normally, Dainsleif is the one on top, servicing and catering to your every whim, but this time, you suggested that he be the one to lie down and be pleasured instead. It took quite a good amount of convincing since he's so adamant about servicing you, but with enough coaxing, he accepts.
He's a bit embarrassed to even really admit, but he enjoyed the way that he was able to fully let go and let you take the reigns, and how arousing it was for him. Especially with how taut you had the ropes against his fair skin, and with how you so skillfully fingered him open and wrenched several orgasms out of him.
riding ( sex position )
Dainsleif is honestly alright with any position that you'd want to initiate during sex; missionary is his personal favorite, but one that you can both agree on is you riding him. It allows him to be able to hug you so lovingly close to him, while his hips can push up into your awaiting hole. It's practically paradise for him.
He also loves it because it paves way for him to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. You can't really begin to form coherent sentences out of them, but judging from the soft and happy tone he's using, you can bet that he's praising you.
oral ( giving and receiving )
giving - Thoma looves sucking and slurping away on your dripping sex and if you'd let him, he'd stay there forever if he could. Drinking up your release is like heaven to him, it's like his own form of ambrosia, albeit rather lewd. He's almost like a puppy that just got a treat with how he looks up at you after you've cum, asking if he did a good job and if he was a good boy.
receiving - The man turns into an absolute mess once your pretty lips wrap around his twitching length. He lets out the cutest high-pitched moans and whimpers, jerking his hips forward desperately. What makes him even more of a mess is if you take him all the way down your throat; you'll get to see him absolutely lose his mind.
overstimulation ( receiving and giving )
giving - He's not an exact sadist, but just the sight of you sobbing as he wrenches another orgasm out of you just after you've cum drives Thoma bonkers. The first time he did, he was caught off guard, but now he does it nearly anytime he's on top of you, all complete with that goober smile of his.
receiving - Now here is where you can get back at Thoma for overstimulating you. You can jerk him off, ignoring his cries and choked moans as his back arches from the sheer intensity of his many orgasms. Dear archons help him if you decide to slip your fingers into his little pretty hole, nudging away at his prostate, his poor mind is going blank from being overstimulated so much.
role reversal
Thoma honestly gives off switch vibes, so if you want him to be your pretty little boy, then he'll happily do so. He isn't too much of a brat, he'll be a little cheeky here and there, but he follows every single one of your orders, like the good boy he is. He doesn't mind if you treat him like a dirty slut, as long as you give him the occasional praise and hair ruffle, then he'll take anything you give him.
Since he always relies on touching and seeing you, feel free to not only bind his hands above his head but blindfold his eyes as well. No matter how much he whines about wanting to touch you, don't give in. Instead just spank him and threaten to give out a bigger punishment if he decides to keep on being disobedient.
marking ( bites and hickies )
This one shouldn't be too much of a surprise or shock, considering how playful he is. He doesn't leave big and obvious bites or hickies like Childe does, but if he's feeling a little jealous, then he'll leave them in places where your clothes shift and are now visible to the naked eye. But they honestly don't really hurt too much, just a slight sting is all.
He always holds you super close to his chest when he's giving you a hickey or bite, suckling away at the sensitive skin before pulling away and admiring his handiwork. Thoma usually leaves a good amount of them all over your body, but will frantically apologize the morning after, even offering to pay for your next meal and give you a massage.
puppy play ( receiving )
This man is such a puppy smh, his whole persona is practically a happy puppy, always beaming and bright, and he's also a good boy to back it up! So it's not too far-fetched for him to suddenly be treated like a lewd pet, complete with a collar and leash to keep him in his place. It's not full-blown, extreme puppy play, more so just him wearing a collar and treating you as his master, y'know?
He'd do anything for his beloved master, as long as you tell him he's a good boy! Of course, he does have more cheeky moods where he purposefully ignores what you ask, and so, a punishment for your disobedient puppy is in session.
cock stepping
Thoma is a little more masochistic than he would like to admit, and he enjoys having your foot press down on his leaking cock more than he lets on. It doesn't help that he's not allowed to cum, because if he does, then you'll bring about an even harsher punishment. It's not fair! No matter how much he whimpers out your name and mumbles out an apology, you just stomp down harder, ignoring his pleas.
No matter what he does, his green eyes are always drawn to your foot, as it applies pressure to the leaking head. He's almost in a trance-like state with how his eyes are glued onto the lewd sight. And when you finally let him cum, he lets out spurts of the milky liquid all over himself, letting out cracked cries as he does so.
nipple play ( receiving )
Thoma's nipples are actually quite sensitive, so he always pinches and rolls the rosy buds in between his fingers, which always causes a nice amount of cum to spurt from his cock. That, and he always imagines that instead of his fingers, it's instead either your fingers or mouth latched onto the pretty nubs, your lips sporting a teasing grin at his pathetic whimpers.
He can just cum from having his being played nipples alone, that's how sensitive they are. It's rather cute, reallyーto watch him crumble just from his nipples being sucked on. He ends up with so much of his cum splattered all over his abdomen and even his chest if he came hard that particular time. Thoma's really nothing more than a lewd pervert, huh?
mutual masturbation
There's just something about masturbation that gets Thoma going, and to make it even better, you're touching yourself alongside him as well! While his hand is busy squeezing his sensitive and leaking tip, his eyes are trailing all over your body as your fingers curl inside of you. He swears he gets harder when he hears your stifled moans and whimpers as your fingers brush against your pleasurable spots.
If he's feeling extra brave that day, Thoma may scoot closer and smash his lips against yours, leaving you little time to react. Throughout the rather sloppy kiss, he's letting out muffled whimpers and moans as his tongue sides against yours. When he's getting closer to his peak, all of his movements become more sloppy and unkempt.
multiple rounds
Thoma's so goddamn energetic in bed, it's like he's on a damn sugar high from how long he's able to keep going before he finally exhausts himself. Of course, he won't ever push you past your limits, but he'll give you the puppy eyes since he loves being sheathed inside of you so much! even when he's not thrusting as much, he's still jutting his hips ever so slightly.
Whenever the two of you need a nice break after all of that, Thoma won't let his cock leave your creamy hole even once. He just nuzzles into the crook of your neck, letting his sore muscles rest for some time as he inhales your scent. If he still has it in him, he'll press lazy kisses all over your shoulders, collarbone, and neck.
hair-pulling ( receiving )
what is it with me and long-haired men Thoma's hair isn't exactly too long, but given its rather medium length, his scalp can be prone to sensitivity. Of course, it can come in handy when you're fucking him like there's no tomorrow since he always lets out the cutest yelps and will even sometimes start drooling and his eyes begin to cross from the sensation.
As stated before, he isn't too much of a brat, but if he's in one of his more cheeky and disobeying moods, then tugging on his messy blond hair usually does this trick. it's always fun to taunt him about getting a boner from something so promiscuous. He tries to, albeit weakly, refute that he doesn't get hard from hair-pulling, but his leaking erection says otherwise.
hair-pulling ( receiving )
I like to think that since his hair is rather long, his scalp can be quite sensitive, especially when you tug on his silver locks while his mouth is attached to your quivering sex. That only further riles him, and he just wriggles his tongue even faster until he's wrenched an orgasm out of you, and even that's not enough to satisfy him.
Or it could be when he's pounding into you, his hands tightly gripping your hips, and fuck, the way you tugged on his locks just pushes him to slam into you even more. His noises become even more guttural as he slams himself into you like a feral animal.
Since Ayato is so goddamn busy and always overworks himself, despite what his little sister advises, he'll more often than not have to stick to his desk, working away. But he does make an effort to satisfy both of your sexual cravings, especially if you're both feeling it, but he can't afford to put off his documents.
It can go two waysーAyato will be the one who's a mess, trying his best to not rut his hips up into your tight heat while trying to concentrate, or you'll be the one who's softly whimpering as he shifts, pushing his pulsing cock further into you.
servicing ( giving )
Ayato's more princely and sweet side shines through during sex, as he pampers you throughout your lewd activities. He's consistently putting your own pleasure before his own, not paying any mind to your refutes as you attempt to pull him off for the nth time. Even when he's fucking into you, he's rather more focused on your own release rather than his own.
Even during aftercare, his full attention is on you, wanting nothing more than to properly take care of you after your intimate activities together. Ayato will make sure that you're alright and even offer to bring anything that you request and will carry you to the shower if you need it.
Don't be mistaken, Ayato can and will use ropes on you to restrict your movements. He may have a princely personality, but he likes the way you squirm with the ropes pressing into your body. Don't worry, he'll make sure that it doesn't leave any irritating marks that will leave painful welts, which he is incredibly careful with.
It just arouses him so much to see you in such a vulnerable state, with you completely at his mercy, unable to run away. It's even better when his hips roll torturously slow against your own since you can't do anything to make him speed up, or to get him to slow down when he's plowing into you.
after-training sex
Since Ayato has a rather orderly schedule, he likes to take breaks in the form of training, often using it as a form of stress relief, but to also make sure that he's not getting rusty with his movements and swings. His sweaty body afterward is a rather nice sight for you, so you tend to coax him into it, and next thing you know, you've got a riled-up Ayato pounding into you from behind.
Due to the extra movement from his training, and all the leftover adrenaline he retains from his activities, his thrusts tend to be much rougher and sloppier than normal. It ends up being an extra workout for both you and him. That, and since his mind is still fuzzy from his training, he's become much more vocal, letting out hissed groans and grunts as his hips meet your backside yet again.
thigh fucking
I honestly like to think that Ayato is rather sexually repressed due to being such a workaholic and always burying himself in his documents. So the first time the two of you became sexual with each other, he didn't want to just rush everything, so he settled for pushing his pulsing erection between the fat of your thighs, and slowly thrust back and forth.
Now he does it when he's feeling more desperate and needy, but can't exactly slip himself into your tight hole due to various reasons. So he'll have to settle for the space between your thighs, his stiff erection rubbing against your sex. If he ends up cumming on your thighs, Ayato will have to take a few moments to soak up the image of his cum splattered on your skin.
praise kink
Ayato absolutely loves praising you, it's practically his second favorite activity to do with you, even if it's not during sex. He can't help it; he's just happy and giddy, despite his stoic and professional demeanor. Whether it be trailing kisses all over your bare and shivering body, stroking your cheek softly, or telling you how wonderful you feel, he's bound to be carrying out either of those.
Your session of sex is often filled with his whispers of praise and adoration as he presses his flushed lips onto the fat of your thigh. If his mouth is attached to your dripping sex, and your fingers gently caress his cheek, Ayato will pause before bringing your hand to his lips, before placing a ginger kiss onto your wrist.
marking ( hickies )
His elegant and poised appearance doesn't make him seem like the type to leave hickies in his wake, but trust me, he does like to do it. He doesn't do it at first, too concerned to hurt you in a state of frenzied lust, but now that he knows you're quite alright with it, he'll scatter the reddened marks on certain areas of your skin.
Ayato won't leave hickies in very obvious places; just in places where only he can see and have access to since he doesn't want to get you humiliated or ashamed in public. But once it's just the two of you, Ayato's mouth will be latched onto your neck, your inner thighs, or your perky nipples. All while holding you as close as possible to his bare body.
stand and carry ( sex position )
Look, Ayato's muscles and biceps are incredibly well-built, although his regular attire hides it well. It doesn't help when he's all sweaty, letting out rather suggestive grunts and his muscles are showing. So it's safe to say that he can easily pick you and twirl you around in a giddy fashion, as well as being able to hold you taut against his bare and sweaty body as his cock slips back into you.
Stand and Carry allows him to either just pick you up and fuck you against the wall, or just carrying you as his cock slams into all of your sensitive spots. What makes it even better is that you just get so damn tight around him, your walls clamping down and refusing to let him go. It drives him crazy and he has to bury his face in the crook of your neck to muffle his moans and groans of how amazing it feels.
rough sex
Ayato highly favors sensual and slow sex, yes, but every once in a while, he just wants to let loose y'know? Not that he enjoys savoring every part of you, he just has so much on his shoulders and so many affairs to sort through. So it's a nice treat for the two of you since his usual slowed thrusts have become more frenzied and sloppy.
What makes him stand out from the usual rough sex quota, is that Ayato's whole pace is sloppy, desperate even. If you manage to peek up at him, you'll see a completely different man. Instead of the composed Ayato that you've always known, now all you see is a flushed mess of a man, moaning as he desperately thrusts into you over and over.
Tumblr media
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luventi · 2 months ago
with. diluc, childe, ayato, albedo, kazuha, zhongli.
cw. smut, creampies, lots of soft sex, finger sucking, nipple play, yes i put ayato in here, gender neutral with no specific body type
note. hello!!!! she is back from hiatus and ready to deliver (to the best of her abilities ofc) posting is going to be still relatively slow as i get back in the swing of things but so happy to be back! please make sure to leave a comment + reblog if you enjoyed! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sleepy sex with diluc is just him staring up at you with baggy eyes as you try to ride him while avoiding his bandages and various bruises on his skin + you’ll accidentally grab on to a part of his shoulder that aches really bad and he’ll groan out in pain so he has to hold your hands while you keep bouncing
sleepy sex with childe is probably late at night when he just awoke from a nap on his desk and you’re laid out on top of it amidst his papers and layered clothing, his hands are holding yours above your head and he’s begging, pleading for you to be good for him because he’s way too tired to deal with your brattiness and he just wants to cum in his love
sleepy sex with ayato is a hurricane of half ridden clothes and lustful kisses, he’s tired, stressed, but most of all he’s so hungry for your touch and the way you moan beneath him, he thinks he’s gone delirious with the lack of sleep but truly it’s the way you squeeze around his cock and urge him to fuck you faster that gets his head dizzy and his eyes hazy
sleepy sex with albedo is lazy and soft, after a week of nonstop working he’ll now take his time to kiss your fingers as you slip him inside of you, ignoring him for the most part and grinding down in search of your own pleasure, although he doesn’t mind in the slightest—seeing you use him to get off is enough to make him unload inside of you in a fit of groans, your spasming hole sucking up all his cum inside of you
sleepy sex with kazuha is passionate and quiet, the man who usually has so much to say is reduced to a tired needy boy, after all journeys leave even the best wanderers of us missing home, and for kazuha? home is the warm spongy insides of your holes welcoming him, nothing but the sound of skin on skin and the occasional whimper of each other’s names can be heard throughout his cabin, your voice muffled by his fingers in your mouth while he hits your special sweet spot each time he fucks into you
sleepy sex with zhongli is after a night out in the city, you both barely had enough sleep and now the sun’s golden rays are filtering inside your bedroom while he toys with your chest, his hair is brushing against your skin as his fingers tweak one of your nipples and his warm mouth harshly sucks on the other, wanting to bring you pleasure over and over again before he ushers his sleepy darling right back to bed with him
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amosthirst · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 (𝐦)
❦. cute submissive wife got her pussy play!! minors dni.
Tumblr media
featuring. childe, diluc, kaeya, thoma, zhongli, dainsleif, eula, lisa, jean, baal, ningguang, yae miko x fem! reader [separate]
genre. housewife au / modern au.
cw. kitchen sex, exhibitionist, slight lactation kink, sub/dom dynamics, belly bulge, fingering, pillow humping, cunnilingus, the term mistress is being used, consensual groping, thigh-riding, praising, nipple-playing, breeding/creampie, strap/dildo/vibrator is being used, mommy/daddy kink (?? yea), she/her pronouns.
a/n. i will replied to all the req soon (send more pls it makes me so happy seeing the thirst you guys sent), just need to post this one during the weekend so i can balanced out my classes and the requests for the whole week!
— also ty sm for 600+ followers (。ノω\。) i'll make an event soon if im not too caught up with assignment and work 😖 i have done this before, i just wanna add the girls that i have a huge crush on genshin.. 🤷‍♀️ anyway, rb's and notes are appreciates <33!
Tumblr media
childe who gift you the prettiest dress and lingeries. coming home to work with bags from branded shops just so he can see you all dolled up, cheeks turning feverish when you show him off. he just love seeing you getting shy, muffling your soft moans at the column on his neck when you sat on his lap. childe just like playing with his wife pretty cunt, like to see you all squirmish when he pressed his fingers against your sopping hole.
childe who roams his hand when you cook, slipping his hand beneath your apron just so he can rub your clit thru your cotton panties. your constant reminder of the food going to burn were replied with turn it off, promise i'll cook a new one for us. he just like when your attention are on him, when you got distracted because of his wandering hands on your body. spare him an hour and he let you go, he just want to play with his wife for a little.
"just a quickie, 'kay? it'll be fast."
eula who can't wait to see her wife during her work time, touching herself at the bathroom because she's just too impatient, too desperate to come home and got greeted by you! and when she does, she got welcomed with your hug, lips latching onto hers while you ask her how her day was. her sweet little wife who's the only one who showed affection to her make her stomach filled with butterflies. she just love you so much, just want to stay home and have you showered her with your attention.
eula who hold your hand when she eat you out, twirling her tongue and sucking your clit until you squirted all over her face. eula is extremely gentle with you, rubbing your puffy clit while she kiss you breathlessly, she loves when you're a moaning mess, whimpering beneath her while she praise you for doing a good girl. hazy eyes meeting her, already drowsy from having her fingering you. the sight of your lips gaping and you begging her to kiss you again just make her pussy flutters, make her fair cheeks turning red.
"more? sure, sit up, i'll give you more."
diluc who make you ride his thigh while he sign all of his paperwork, keep telling you to go on even after you soak his trouser with your arousal. his free hand resting atop of your waist, guiding your hips forwards when you stopped. he's been busy lately, too fixated with his father company that he rarely pay heed to his doting wife, not that he intentionally do that, poor man just collapse at the couch the moment he came home.
diluc who says sorry between every kisses, telling he should be able to take a rest and let charles take over for a while. didn't have the heart to see you all giddy each time he came home only for him to appeared exhausted. bouncing his thighs while he make out with you, warm palm slipping beneath your shirt, kneading your tits while you drag your pussy against his thighs.
"tired? rest, i'll take care of you."
lisa who hugs you from behind while you make coffee for her, sweet lips latching on your skin. her hand playing with your tits, pressing you against the counter until your clit rubbing against it. lisa love to see you melt under her touch, love to see her sweet wife gasping and moaning from her groping her body. it just make her all excited when you whimpers out her name, rubbing your ass against her clothed pussy, politely asking her to touch you more.
lisa who put you on beautiful maid clothes, fake cat ears clipped onto your hair while you mewl at her. drool dripping down your lips, lisa rubbed your cheeks with her palm. love to see you get all dressed up and messy, tongue out ready to pleased her pussy with that wet muscle of yours. you're such a good girl, giving kitten licks to her clit, that looks of yours that make lisa goes feral. doe eyes glimmering, pupil dilating from lust all you could think is pleasing your wife.
"tell me you belong to me, kitten. tell your mistress how much you love eating her pussy like a good girl."
kaeya who teased his cute wife for having low intolerance with alcohol, kissing the corner of her lips until she gets all smiley. just can't help teasing you until you get all shy, small hiccup emerge out from your lips while he bites marks all over your neck. your hand curling around him, pulling him closer while play with your cute tits, asking you if he could sober up just from drinking your milk. he just laughed when you get all confused, lifting up your shirt and told him, you c-can try..
kaeya who fuck you until your whimpering, eyes all puffy from bawling your eyes out. keep asking him to slow down, but all he have to say is you can handle it, he'll go slow if you take this one. you nod, small gasp leaving past your lips when the tip of his cock nudged your cervix, sending your toes curling on the sheet. he keep telling how warm you are, how sweet of a wife you are for him and he only want to reward you neglected cunt.
"so good, so pretty all for me."
jean who get all hot and bothered when you call her mommy, her t-shirt clinging on your body as you straddle her pillow. your eyes watering from being too impatient in waiting for her, all you want was her hand on you. it just so hard cumming without her, want her voice whispering dirty things to your ears, want her to put on her strap and just fucked you senselessly. jean understand that, but her piling work won't solve themselve, won't they? still, she can't just make her baby get all whiny for her.
jean who let you bounced on her strap while you hug her to your chest, smothering her with your tits, pleading her to touch it and you promised you won't disturb her working again. she obliged, twirling her tongue on your tits while you drool on her cock. you purring on her ear, telling her how good of a mommy she is, taking care of you while also doing her work. she just softly smiled, kissing your cheeks.
"happy that mommy give into your whining?"
thoma who ask you if you can cockwarm him, his lips curling upwards when you nod, timid smile adoring your lips. just love you so much, thoma watched you as you settled yourself, slowly taking him before completely sitting on his cock. you're just so adorable taking him, eyes tearing up from the burning stretch. don't cry, he'll make it better, gonna make you feel all good if you stay still like a good girl. his thumb rubbing on your hipbones, kissing the tip of your ear.
thoma who hold your body up, using you as a cocksleeve until you're a moaning mess. finger tugging his golden locks each time he make you sat on his cock all of the sudden. the sight of your lips quivering and eyes shot wide send his cock throbbing inside of you, tempting him to go harder and break your body. love his beloved wife so much that he want to mold her pussy with the shape of his cock.
"hm? too hard? shh, it's okay, i'll make it go away soon."
baal who get all soft with her wife, putting expensive jewellery to adorned your skin, kissing your lips for being so good for her. she love seeing you get all happy, hugging her waist and telling her how thankful you are. archons, she just adored you so much. but does she love it more when you get all submissive for her, crying how lonely is it when she leave you to go to work. she took joy in coaxing you, slapping her cock against your wet folds while you beg for her to put it inside.
baal who ask you how much you love her, telling you to cry as loud as you can until the neighbour next door hear how much of a crybaby wife she got to handle. she love rewarding you this way, where her fat cock is buried deep inside of you until it appeared on your belly, your eyes shutting tight from the growing pleasure knotting. baal nibbling your lips and chuckling when it grew red, you're just so fragile, aren't you?
"how fragile, but you never want me to hesitate, don't you?"
zhongli who rub his cock against the curve of your ass, littering soft kisses on your neck. he gets off by seeing you get all weak against him, head thrown back to his chest asking him to wait until you finish. but he can't wait, he haven't seen you the whole day! let him tell you how much he miss you, how much he hid his aching cock under the desk because he couldn't wait to come home and have you get stuffed by him.
zhongli who bend you down on the counter, pounding inside of you until you're gripping the corner of the counter. he miss you so bad at the office, all he could think is his wife cute cunt wrapping around his cock and her lewd expression. it's just his luck that you understand him and let him make your pussy a mess, cumming all over your stomach or fucking his load deep inside until you shuddered, telling him it's too deep.
"it's only proper if i continue if it keep coming out, no? don't worry darling, daddy will go gentle this time."
ningguang who love to make her wife beg for her attention, love to see your fat tears sliding down your face while you bounce on the dildo. she's not mean, but sometimes you need to work for something before you earn it. she gladly pay attention to you if you keep a good show for her. show her your glistening cunt, tell her that this is all because of her— begging make her clit throbs, beg more with that sweet voice of yours, then maybe she'll pleasured you with her own two hands.
ningguang who spit in your mouth, telling you to swallow and smiling when you did without resisting. love when you rub your clit against her, moaning mess, hips stuttering desperate for an orgasm even when you already did cum all over the dildo before. a mere silicone isn't enough, she know that; it won't ever match with her. ningguang fondling your sensitive bud between her fingers, softly giggling when you stopped to lean into her touch.
"you're so desperate, aren't you? slow down, i'm not going anywhere, am i?"
dainsleif who come home late from work, slipping his hand under your nightwear and teases your nipples until you stir awake. he muttered a low sorry, telling you to go back to sleep. his belt hitting against the floor, the bed sunk from his weight. flushed tip appearing between your thigh, he couldn't wait until you're fully awake, fucking your thighs is his only option. he knew you're tired, and what husband would he be if he wakes you up just to fuck you.
dainsleif who bite his lips back when he fucks your thighs, putting your thighs together until it squeezed his cock. you're just so pretty, eyes fluttering open to met his gaze, lips parted a bit, sometimes a small hum leaving past your lips when he accidentally rub it against your clothed cunt. dainsleif just couldn't control himself back today, and he knew he'll feel guilty for waking you up after this.
"is it cold? i'm sorry, i didn't want to cum on your dress."
yae miko
yae who let you sat on her lap while she comb your hair with her fingers, in her other hand was a remote to control the vibrator she placed against your clit. she just told you to quiet down, that she had meeting and people would flood inside the room. wouldn't want her princess make too much noises? how would she felt if her other workers see how lewd her wife is? don't embarrassed her now, she'll promised to play with you later if you keep you cum without making a noises.
yae who eat you out the moment her workers leave the room, her hand keeping your legs apart while he suck on your clit. sharp nails sinking on your hips to keep you still, yae love it when it's like this, when palm covering your lips, staring at her lapping up on your cunt with half-lidded eyes. yae love her good little wife so much, love it when she's obedient and quiet. she believes girls like you should be reward to the fullest, their pretty cunt get pampered.
"how cute, you enjoy being your pussy eaten with people roaming outside?"
Tumblr media
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sidemariana · 12 days ago
• "1 character, 1 kink" NSFW scenarios •
About the game: Both characters' and kinks' names are in alphabetical order to facilitate your life. If you sent me an ask about this game I made, search for the ones you requested. Enjoy!
Pairings: Aether, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Thoma, Xiao and Zhongli [separately] x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Consensual sexual content ahead. Read responsibly.
Word count: 5k ( +/- 230 per scenario)
Art: It's not mine, I'm not sure the artist.
Tumblr media
Aether 🌼
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "Dacryphilia and Breeding" on the link of my Masterlist 3 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
The night was heated and agitated.
You thought it would be another session of making out with your boyfriend, so you couldn't tell that with more seconds and you would feel Aether's hips slamming against yours in a rapid pace, your walls involuntarily clenching around him, only making his need to fill you up completely worse.
His tip was almost reaching your cervix in such a delicious pace that only made more tears roll down your pretty face.
His hands were in your hips, squeezing it hardly enough to make bruises on your skin. Your legs went to his waist, enlacing it, as a try to calm him down, but he kept slamming himself into you, quickly.
"Aether..." You caught your breath, your hands gripping the bedsheets, trying to ease the overstimulation. "P-Please..."
"You promised, (Name). I know you can take it, right?" He kissed your wet cheek, brushing his nose against the damp skin.
You weakly assented to his words.
"You'll look so beautiful if one day you carry our child, doll. They'll be proof of our love" Your orgasm hit you hardly, making your mind foggy. "Perhaps today is the day I'll finally breed you, uh?"
"Please, Aether... Fill me up completely, I swear I can take it"
"You have no idea how much I have to control myself everyday to not simply fill you up with my cum until you're dripping, (Name). Perhaps this night will be our last try... I guess you'll be able to handle it, right?"
"Mhmm... I can handle it, please..."
His cum reached deep within you.
It felt warm.
It felt just right.
"So let's keep going until your body have no other choice than making a baby with my cum"
Childe 🌊
• Cockwarming
"C-Childe... We're in the Golden House... What if the Millelith around here catch us...?"
"I'll simply tell them you're cockwarming me inside this important place"
"I'm just kidding, geez. You're using a skirt, they won't even notice anything. I can tell them you were feeling weak and I had to sit you on my lap to make you more comfortable :)"
"Ah, fuck, Tartaglia, I wanna move... I... I wanna cum"
"That has nothing to do with cockwarming, girlie. Just keep quiet above my lap and take me inside you like the good girl you're, deal?"
"Deal..." You whimpered softly while you received his kisses and hickeys on your collarbones as you caressed his ginger toned hair in reflection.
Every now and then your walls squeezed him, making both of you moan quietly.
You both passed good minutes like that, just to have your funny moment ruined by the soldiers that were entering the place.
"Fuck! Get up, (Name). The Millelith are coming back"
Frustration covered your face while you fixed your clothes.
"Don't be moody, princess. We'll finish this once we get home ;3"
• Roleplay
"Tsk. Pathetic. You couldn't even escape from me, traveler? I told you the last time we've met that if I saw you one more time, I'd be last person you'd ever see in your life"
"Tartaglia... Please... I would never betrayal you. I swear it wasn't my intention"
His hips collapsed against yours in a quick pace while his hands squeezed your neck without hurting you.
"Making me ruin my reputation with the Fatui because you had to help your little friend? I could end your life now if I wanted, but why can't I do so? Why am I so attracted to this pathetic little girl I've met in Liyue?"
"Childe... Please, break my heart" You moaned, while he brought your legs to rest on his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper within you.
"So attached already to this 'villain' like you once called me?"
You only assented, reaching your orgasm being the only thing in your mind.
"Faster, Childe... Fuck me faster..."
"Sure, girlie. Come on, let's speed up things a little. Perhaps if I overstimulate you I'll see that as a forgiveness plea"
"Mhmm... Yes, please, Ajax!"
After that session, your lover whispered to you before you went to sleep;
"Perhaps that was one of the funniest roleplay we ever did, (Name)"
"Funniest? I... I can barely move here... I'm sore, Childe"
"It's not like you didn't get into it too, princess :>"
• Pet play
"Is my little kitten horny?"
"Mhmm..." You brushed your nose against the skin of his neck, but Ajax wasn't having much of it until you were lost in your own thoughts as Childe now traced kisses in your neck, his ocean blue eyes searching in your gaze for the right reaction.
"Ajax..." You gasped when his lips brushed a soft spot on your skin.
He smirked, and slithering his arm under your shirt the man caressed your back, his cold hand sending shivers down your spine.
Capturing your lips in a kiss, Childe's other hand went to your panties, playing with the cloth, swirling the fabric above your hips with his fingers.
"Only wearing a large shirt with panties, a cat tiara and a tail? Since when you became this bold, uh?" He teased you, gripping now one of your thighs with a tight hold, making you moan at the contact.
"Childe... Please..." 
"Please what, sweetheart?" Now the said man was massaging your clit right above the thin and damp cloth.
"Argh...!" You gulped down as his fingers stimulated your nerves. "Tartaglia, stop teasing m- Ah...!"
He had inserted his middle finger in you and without any warning, he started pumping it slowly.
"Gods, (Name)... This wet already? Such a naughty kitten, aren't you?"
Curving his finger, he brushed right against a sweet spot of yours, making you see stars.
"Ajax... Gods I... I can't even think-"
He cut you off by inserting two fingers inside your walls, right before lowering his head right at your sex's level.
His tongue now fluttered at your already sensitive bud, making you arch your back and bite your lips trying to control your moans.
"Fuck... Ah, Ajax..." Your thighs enlaced his head perfectly as you prolonged the contact of his tongue with your core.
Childe ate you out as you were the best thing he had savored in his entire life, his wet muscle created patterns of velocity just to broke them and make you shiver.
Your hands were in his soft hair, pulling it slightly, guiding him in the pace.
"You taste better than anything I've ever tasted... I could pass all night long eating you out nice and slowly, my kitten"
His fingers and the constantly fluttering of his tongue against your clit made you climax, making your lover cocky.
"Let's see how much you can handle, shall we, my little pet?"
• Power struggle
"Are you sure you can managed go for another round, (Name)?"
"Shut up for a few minutes, Childe"
You moved above him in a quick pace, chasing your orgasm as you beared the teasing of your boyfriend.
"Do you think you'll be the one in charge today?" He asked bitterly, before pushing you away from him just to get above you.
"Fuck, Childe! You almost always is the one in control! Let me be the power holder today"
"Pff. Bullshit. Last time you said the same thing. I won't fall for your tricks once again, love"
Like a curse, your back started hurting like hell, so you asked him to take the lead, even under you.
"Move my hips using my waist. I'm so fucking tired..."
"I could get you exausted with only one round? How cute..."
"Shut up, Ajax!"
He chuckled and took your waist on his hands, moving you above him. Your upper body was leaned down his abs, so only your hips were moving. Your lips met each other in a romantic kiss, and whenever you parted for air, Tartaglia marked your collarbones with his kisses.
After some minutes, you both reached your climax togheter as his cum warmed your insides a second time.
Childe took his hands of your waist to your hair, playing with it. He lifted your locks and marked your chest. After some lovebites, he could see the "A" he had done next your left breast. He had marked you as his.
You got out of him, laying down next to your boyfriend.
His seed slipped through your entrance, making your thighs slick. You closed your legs to stop his cum getting out of you and he saw it.
"So adorable like always, uh?" Getting above you, Childe's hands separated your legs as he started pounding his fingers inside your walls, playing with his cum, sliding it between your legs.
"Can you perhaps bear another round, doll?" He asked, speeding up the rythm of the thrusts, the fingers of his other hand playing with your clit.
"Yes, I think so."
"Do you want me to stop?"
"N-No, please..."
After you reached your third limit, he took of his fingers of you, licking the fluids on it, and soon his tongue licked you clean.
"Always so stubborn... That's the girl I know"
Diluc 🦉
• Breeding kink
You weren't sure how many rounds you had been through that night. All you knew was that you wouldn't stop until both of you were satisfied.
Your legs felt numb while you tried to keep them around Diluc's waist just to make him go deeper inside you.
"I could fill you up all night long if I pleased, love. But I guess this is more than enough... You're dripping already... Your thighs are sticking with my cum"
"Diluc- I'm gonna cum soon-" Your voice sounded hoarse from all the stimulation you received that night.
"Just give it all to me. Your walls' contractions will allow my seed to reach even deeper inside you, my dear. That's what we want, right?"
His warm jolt entered you swiftly, as you held onto his back to gain some support.
"D-Diluc..." You gasped once again that night when you felt his warmth.
"Shush, I'm here, my love... You did a great job..." A soft kiss on your lips. "Just make sure to not waste a single drop"
Gorou 🐾
• Body worship
The General of the Sangonomiya Resistance moved above you in a slow pace, making sure to never loose the eye contact you both made in such delicate moment.
His only focus was your own pleasure and bliss. And his lines made you feel completely loved and cared for.
"Your body must have been made just for me, love. We fit and complete each other perfectly" One kiss on your forehead. "Your eyes... Every single time I pound into you, they close slightly, letting me see your eyelashes that hold some tears of overstimulation in them... Your lips... You bit them down every time I hit your g-spot to hold back your soft noises. They're so plumpy and red due my kisses..." His fingers brushed the skin of your cheek to go forward and do the same thing on your neck and breasts.
"Gorou... I'm so close..." You whimpered.
"Your cheeks gain a pink tone every time we get intimate. Your neck always feels so soft and warm whenever I kiss your skin and your breasts... They're the perfect size, shape or whatever pattern I can think of" The praises didn't stop even when your orgasm reached you;
"Your thighs, your legs, your body curves, your voice, you personality... All perfect" He whispered before pulling out from you. "You're perfect, (Name). And I'll make sure to let you know that every single day"
Kaeya ❄
• Cockwarming
Your cheeks burned in embarrassment as you tried to keep quiet inside Kaeya's office in the Headquarters of the Knights of Favonious.
"What if... What if someone enters here...?" You asked quietly, as you felt your insides contracting around Kaeya's length once again. "Ah- I wanna move"
"If someone enters here, uh? That would be interesting. But... I'd tell them you're only sitting on my lap"
"I'm literally cockwarming you, Captain Kaeya. Someone can catch us doing this inside such an important place of Monstad"
"Captain, is it? When did you became so devoted to me, my darling?"
Another contraction of your tight walls.
"Fuck... This feels s-so good..."
"So just enjoy the feeling while I do my paperwork, will you? Also, keep quiet love. Your whimpers are getting louder... You won't want anyone to see you taking me like the good little one you're, right?"
• Mommy kink
Some tears left his eyes as he whimpered and held your hips like his life depended on it.
"Please, mommy... Let me touch you.... I need it..."
"Kaeya, what have I told you- Ah, fuck!" His cold fingers quickly started abusing your bundle of nerves, making the movements of your own hips falter.
His other hand went to squeeze the skin of your breast, making you loose your collected composure above him.
"Mommy...? Is there anything wrong, perhaps?" His voice carried a tone of teasing and irony that made you feel challenged.
"Not even under me you can stop being a jerk?"
"Well, you could have let me touch your body freely from the very beginning, right, mommy?"
Your orgasm hit you when you heard such words from him.
The sweetest sounds left your lips while your walls' contractions made Kaeya gulp in pleasure and break the character.
"Mommy, don't stop, please. I'll be a good boy, I promise. Just please, don't deny my pleas"
• Praise kink
Your body felt exhausted as you held onto your pillow as another one pillow was under your lower belly just to give you more comfort while Kaeya pounded into your sensitive hole.
"K-Kaeya... Please... It's s-so sensitive"
"Shush, doll. I'm here. Just keep being a good girl for me, okay?"
"Ah...! Be careful" You whimpered because his hands held your hips on a harsh manner.
His movements and caresses became less harsh and demanding, just to make you feel relaxed.
"Just like that, babe. You're such an obedient girl to me... Always trying to make me satisfied, always making me feel in heaven whenever I fuck you" 
Such words made you your heart race with happiness, your orgasm soon following you while Kaeya's words didn't stop at all, even when he came inside you.
"You always do so good for me, (Name)... So beautiful, so devoted... You're my everything" He whispered, but you were almost falling asleep.
Kazuha 🍁
• Thigh kink
Being only in your panties while watching a movie with your boyfriend maybe made Kazuha feel somewhat off and weak to his knees. He couldn't stop staring at your thighs, but perhaps he was way too shy to make the first move. So you decided you'd give him what he so-craved for.
Not caring about the movie anymore, you got above him, feeling his hips against yours.
"W-What are you doing, (Name)...?"
"I just wanna make sure you satisfy your desires, Kazuha"
You lowered your head to the level of his, pecking him on the lips.
"My desires? What... What do you mean? Ah- Fuck..." He gasped softly the moment you rocked your hips against his.
"(Name)... Please, don't tempt me..." Even so, you thrusred your hips against his a few more times, feeling how excited he was already. "I won't be able to stop... Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Go ahead, love, satisfy yourself"
Kazuha switched your positions right before he started distributing kisses through your breasts, tummy and lower belly. His hands went to your panties, massaging your entrance above the fabric.
"K-Kazuha..." His name slipped through your lips.
"Have you been planning this, uh? You even facilitate my job and all"
"Save it and enjoy..." He sliped your panties through your legs, geting you naked.
He kissed your entrance and you shuddered as his tonge started playing with you.
Gasps sliped through your lips and your hands instinctely went to his white hair, guiding him in the pace.
After some minutes, you felt some tension building up on your stomach.
"Awn, babe... I'm so close..."
One of his hands was gripping one of your thigh, while the other one was rubbing your clit.
Some more minutes and your high reached you and after gaining your orgasm he chuckled softly, right before marking both of your thighs with hickeys. Spending long minutes kissing, marking and squeezing your soft skin, he whispered:
"It's hard to control myself when you have such inviting thighs and body. Should I buy thigh highs for you, my love?"
Thoma 🎋
• Breeding kink
It had all started in a party, when you whispered into your boyfriend's ear such dirty words out of nowhere.
"Thoma, would you spent all night long filling me up? Or... Perhaps should I go and look for someone else to do so?"
That phrase made the sweet and collected composure of the man turn into a darker one, while hunger and desire were printed on his face as the time went by. Every little detail from your body almost driving him mad.
Some hours passed and once again you provoked him only to be cut off by him;
"Your eyes are swallowing me, love-"
"(Name)... Enough. Fuck, you've been teasing me all night long. Let's see how long it takes for you to regret your words"
Your boyfriend didn't let you rest during that long session. At that point, any stimulation could make you crumble under him.
His only goal that night was warming your insides with his cum every single time he got the chance.
Everything was a little too much by the time you whimpered:
"Too much, Thoma... I'm completely full, I... I don't even know if I can receive anything more..."
"Let's make your little pussy drip with my cum then, shall we? Or should I seek for someone else to do so?"
• Cockwarming
Thoma was playing video games with some of his friends while you stayed in your shared bedroom, the boredom making you feel somewhat off.
"Guys, wait a minute... My girl is calling me"
"Can we do that... Please?"
"Do... What, baby?"
"That... What we usually do it whenever you play video games or finish some paperwork..."
A chuckle left his lips when he heard your shy voice asking to do such a thing.
"I can't keep myself muted on the call for this long, so please, try to be quiet, alright?"
"Mhmm... I'll try my best. Promise"
"Come here" He helped you getting above his lap after he had lowered his pants and underwear. His breath was uneasy when you took your panties to the side from under your skirt and lowered yourself onto him.
"You can get me excited within seconds, do you know the power you hold, baby?" He pinched your nose, joking.
'Thoma? Turn on your mic, we need to discuss our strategy to finish this boss' Gorou's voice called for your boyfriend.
But your walls felt so good around him.
So tight, warm and wet.
The perfect combination to drive that man mad.
So good it made him loose his cool while gaming.
Involuntarily, you clenched around his length some times, gaining soft gasps from Thoma while his mic was on :)
"F-Fuck, (Name). You're... You're squeezing me so much"
'What the...?' Kazuha's voice sounded confused.
'Don't tell me... Archons... Couldn't you guys wait until the match was over?' Gorou was holding a chuckle.
"She feels way too good to wait that long, guys. And anyways... She was the one who asked to cockwarm me"
"T-Thoma! Shut up!" You slapped his arm. Poorly did you know his friends listened to you.
'There's no problem, (Name). Enjoy yourselves. Gorou and me can finish this boss easily without that horny guy'
• Orgasm denial
"You are a bad girl, you know that? And bad girls like you deserve some punishment, right?" Without warning, Thoma inserted two fingers into you, curving them in a certain angle to reach your sweet spot.
"Thoma!" You moaned.
Lowering his head to the level of your crotch, Thoma started sucking your clit while moving his fingers in and out of you in a slow but hard pace.
"Archons... So fucking wet for me, even though you made a mistake?" Stopping his hands' movements, the blonde man started eating you out. His nose brushed your clit, while his warm tongue abused your walls, the wet sounds he made turning both of you on even more.
Your hands went to his locks, pushing him against your vagina even more.
"You taste so damn good, (Name). I could eat you all day long without getting bored at all" You whined at the compliment, while your breath was uneasy.
Thoma inserted three fingers this time into your walls, his tongue making another ministrations in your core.
"I'm so close, T-Thoma... Please, don't stop" You whimpered, but your lover stopped all of his actions.
"Tsk. Flirting with other people at that damn restaurant? Really, love? It's a shame I'm not in the mood for giving you what you crave"
"I... I wasn't flirting... I was being polite, Thoma... Please, don't leave"
"You preferred being polite... So perhaps you prefer hitting your orgasm alone or not at all"
Xiao 🎆
• Breeding kink
The adeptus pounded himself into you in a slow yet hard place, gaining a whimper from you every single time he bottomed out inside you.
"Xiao..." You couldn't suppressed your moan when your walls involuntarily clenched around him as a sign your orgasm was getting closer. "Please, cum inside me... I need to feel it..."
"Tsc... Such a naughty little girl you're, uh?" His lips brushed against the skin of your ears when he whispered without stopping his movements; "Fantasizing about me filling you up completely with my cum, that's what you were thinking?"
"Ah, Xiao... Just fuck your cum inside me, I'm begging... I'll do anything... I'll be forever yours, I promise"
"A promise. Really, (Name)?" He shot his seed deep inside you, as your orgasm made him feel almost weak to his knees with the stimulation that your tight walls gave him. "I'm an adeptus, (Name)... I'll make sure you maintain your promise. There's no way turning back now, love"
Your heart skipped a beat with the tone of his voice, but you only assented to his words.
You fell asleep while Xiao was still there, caressing your hair delicately.
The adeptus somehow knew a life was being formed inside your womb by that time.
"We're bonded" He whispered before leaving you alone.
• Dacryphilia
"Please... Please (Name)" The adeptus begged with a whiny voice.
"Please what, Xiao...?"
"Please... Let me cum"
"I'm not sure... Perhaps you don't deserve it. Perhaps I should let you frustrated, just like the many nights you left before I got what I craved"
"Awn, fuck-! This feels so good... Don't stop, please, (Name)... I can do anything for you... I swear"
Your hips moved quickly against his, one of your hands on the headboard and the other caressed his cheeks.
A single tear left his eyes.
Your heart raced.
You cleaned it quickly just to watch other tears leaving his beautiful amber eyes.
That sight made you excited.
One of the most powerful adeptus there was.
So fragile.
So devoted under you.
"Please, love..." The first time he called you like that. Your heart jumped in joy one more time. "I love you, (Name)... I love you s-so much..." The tears didn't stop streaming his face while he repeated that sentence as a mantra.
He was being honest with you.
His pleasure wasn't his priority right now.
But even so, you gave to him what he needed.
His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes closed in bliss as the tears made his eyelashes glow inside the bedroom illuminated by the moonlight.
His wet cheeks looked so pretty and innocent to you that you could edge him all night long and make him a mess under you over and over again.
But you didn't need that.
You only needed him by your side.
"I love you too, Xiao... I'm here with you forever"
Xiao entered your bedroom at Wangshu Inn by that well-known open window.
• Somnophilia
The same view caught his eyes once again: your stunning body under the moonlight, with only a thin cotton bedsheet covering it.
You looked so beautiful while you slept.
So relaxed and fragile that the adeptus could spend some minutes watching you sleep and then leave you like usual to protect Liyue.
But... That night something seemed different. His heartbeat was way faster than he'd like to admit and discomfort made him restless on his spot on your bed.
The sight of your body - so appealing to the yaksha - made him consider accepting a proposal you had made long ago.
'That idea doesn't seem so bad... I don't wanna wake her up yet I can't leave here so worked up. This woman put me on a blind alley... Fuck, (Name), do you even know what you're capable of doing to me?' His thoughts runned fast inside his mind as he touched your neck, soon caressing your chest and stomach just to arrive the place that made him weak to his knees: your thighs.
Careful to not wake you up, Xiao opened your legs, pulling your panties to the side to penetrate you right there.
Even sleeping, your body reacted to his touches, as your walls clenched around him, welcoming him inside your warmth.
A gasp left your lips as he started moving, slowly seeking his high.
By the time he was almost cumming, you opened your eyes to see your lover above you, but everything was too blurry for you to keep them open.
Sleepiness consumed your mind and you could barely finish calling out his name, your own orgasm hitting you, making your body soft under him.
"Xiao...?" You whimpered, just before falling asleep once again.
"Shush, it's me baby. Everything's alright, just relax and let me finish this, please" And Xiao did finish what he had started. Emptying himself into you, he kissed your lips before going back to his adeptus duties.
"Thank you, (Name). I'll see you soon"
You'd wake up to your thighs sticking with his cum, but that way, you'd knew for sure Xiao trusted you enough to do such things by your side.
Zhongli 🐉
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "The chosen one" on the link of my Masterlist 1 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
You were the chosen one. So you had to obey him, right?
Sitting on his lap, you squirmed right above him, feeling his hardness. You both shared passionate kisses as you moved against his hips. Back and forth. Back and forth. You could almost hold in your hands the desire you shared for each other.
"Yes, babe. Just like that" Zhongli's lips pecked your neck with wet kisses, gaining gasps from you. Your hands went to his nape, holding his soft hair carefully to get more support.
"Ah!" You moaned when he found a soft spot of yours.
"That's one" His mouth sucked the skin of your breast, leaving purple marks that would take their time to fade away. His tongue swirled around your perked up nipple, gaining another moan from you.
"Zhongli..." You chocked out. "Don't stop, please" The devotion on your voice made his heart warm up.
He toyed with your breasts a little, just before changing positions with you. Now he was the one on top, tracing kisses all along your breasts, stomach and womb space, where he took his time loving.
"Soon our heir will be beared in here" Another kiss. "I'll made sure to breed you properly tonight, my love. You'll leave this bed pregnant or not at all" Zhongli spoke still lovingly, pure love and lust in his eyes.
Zhongli soon entered you, after letting you enjoy your first high of that night. It was as if you had been made for each other. His length made you gasp in pain, but his golden eyes reassured you.
Some seconds passed, and his hips started moving against yours in a hard pace, making it difficult for you to stay still, his cock almost reaching your cervix with every thrust of his.
After long more minutes, Zhongli reached his climax, his pupils dilating, hands gripping your hips so tightly you were sure they'd be purple in some hours.
"Argh! 'Li... It hurts" You gasped. His eyes that once carried desire were clouded with worry.
"I'm sorry, my queen. I will more careful with you. Your body is too fragile compared to mine" He kissed your forehead delicately, still inside of you as a way to make his cum not ooze off you.
You were sure his baby could be forming itself inside your womb right now, but your mind only wanted a hot bath and an entire day of sleep.
"Thank you, (Name). I looked after you not only to have your child, but also to have you as mine forever"
•DdLg (daddy kink)
Zhongli still looked imposing when his slim and cold fingers went to play with your sex right above the thin panties, your slick making the cloth wet.
"So wet for me... Such an obedient girl for daddy... I knew you'd be the right one since the beginning..." He praised you, sliding his middle finger into you with ease, since you were so relaxed for him.
"Mhmm... Yes, daddy... I'm like this just for you..." You whined for more friction, as the clothes you were using left your body.
The man took his time exploring your velvet walls, feeling every crevice you had.
A second finger was added, gaining a gasp from your now plump lips from his kisses. Scissoring movements made your back arch in pleasure and the tension in your stomach get bigger, begging to be released soon.
Zhongli used the pad of his fingers to stimulate your g-spot, only to bring your orgasm closer and closer.
"D-Daddy! Fuck! Ah, fuck yes..."
"Cum for me, babygirl. Give it all to me" His soft voice made the knot inside your stomach snap, making your walls start pulsing in a quick pace just to get slower and slower until it vanished only leaving pure endorphin running through your veins.
You both spent that night sharing your love for each other. At the end of it all, you could barely walk, your body completely worn out.
"No, daddy. I'm fine... I... I just don't feel my legs, is all" Both of you chuckled soft.
"I can always push your limits... Whenever my little girl wants"
• Quirophilia (hand fetish)
Your husband Zhongli was putting his rings for the day while you watched him with curiosity.
Such beautiful hands and fingers.
'They could fill me up right now and I wouldn't even try to stop him' You thought, soon coming back to reality whe  you heard his voice.
"Hey, my queen... Should I use this one? Or perhaps this one will look better?"
'You could use none and finger me until I can't take it anymore' Your mind told you.
"(Name)? Are you alright? You've been staring at my hands it's been some minutes..."
"A-Ah... About that... This one looks better, I guess" You helped him by sliding the golden ring around his finger, while you looked at such tempting features.
"What are you thinking about, love? You seem so distant from the reality... Is something bothering you?" You traced the veins of his hand with interested eyes, soon locking your own hand with his.
Zhongli knew exactly what you wanted at that point.
He looked at you while licking your entrance: so sensitive, squirming so easily under his touch. He found it cute.
His eyes were clouded with lust when he stopped his action for some seconds, licking two of his fingers just before inserting them into you, curving them in the perfect angle to make you see stars. It was like he had known your body for decades, even if you had gotten married only some months ago.
Rolling your eyes, you felt like you were almost there. Arching your back, his name slipped through your lips one more time, while some tears of pure bliss run off your eyes due the constant contractions of your walls.
After you enjoyed your high, Zhongli teased;
"I've put all my rings just to have taking them off because my wife seems to get excited about my hands and fingers, uh?"
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ikaroux · 3 months ago
Will you marry me?
Synopsis: You have been dating for several months/years. He's been thinking about how to propose for a few weeks now...
Style: Cute, fluff, romantic, f!reader.
Alert: A little NSFW bonus (18+) for each character! I remind minors to avoid reading this kind of content.
Characters: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya, Xiao, Venti, Albedo, Kazuha, Tartaglia/Childe.
Note: I wondered, how would the proposal of the boys go? I would try to do a male reader version with the genshin impact girls with whom I have the most atom crocheted the best (Jean, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Ayaka, Baidou, Rosalia and Lisa, I can't write about Baal yet, I'm waiting to have more info on the character).
Ring overviews
Do you have a request?
Thank you so much for the 1k followers! Honestly, when creating I didn't expect this. So thank you! I'll keep writing as long as I can <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Diluc knew. He always knew that you were the one he wanted to spend his life with.
From the first day he laid eyes on you, from that very moment his heart started beating just for you.
He knew.
You changed him, step by step, opening him up to the world, and especially to you. Diluc could no longer conceive of his life without you. It was he who suggested that you come and live at the Dawn Winery, because he couldn't bear to be away from you, even for a few moments.
Anyone could tell that what was between you was strong, terribly strong. Around you, Diluc became so gentle, so caring, always listening to you carefully, drinking in every word you said.
Marrying you was a matter of course for him, he loved you so much, and had done so since your first meeting. He often imagined you with a ring on your finger or in a wedding dress. He knew that whatever you wore, you would look beautiful in it.
Sometimes he would look at you dreamily, imagining how it would sound if you were called "Mrs. Ragnvindr. His cheeks would turn the same shade of red as his hair. He would take you to his room or yours, physically letting you know how much he adored you.
Diluc had long ago ordered a ring from a jeweler in Fontaine that he wanted to be both beautiful and elegant, just like you. It was made of pure gold, encrusted with rubies. Inside the ring was engraved what he felt for you: "My heart, forever".
Kaeya could read Diluc like an open book. He encouraged and teased him gently, reminding him that he would have to follow the traditions of marriage, especially the garter belt! Diluc quickly turned red with embarrassment. Of course, since Diluc was a reserved and possessive man, he would never remove the garment in front of a crowd, but he would do it once in private...
He always kept the ring with him, watching for the perfect moment to ask for your hand. He often looked at the ring, beautifully stored in its velvet box, trying to figure out how and when he should give it to you. Diluc turned out to be a very traditional and romantic man, he wanted this moment to be perfect.
The more he spent his days with you, the more he wanted to bond with you. He was always gentle and loving, he was proud to have you by his side. He didn't hesitate to introduce you to his relatives or guests at the estate as his lover. You were so close and so complicit with each other that some thought you were already married. The only one who had the courage to joke about it (except Kaeya), was Venti: "Your lover? I thought she was your wife, Master Diluc!" - Archon, you have never seen Diluc blush so much!
You were his light in the darkness.
You were the air he needed to breathe to live.
You were his future. The one he longed to have a family with.
But sometimes, for some reason, he would consider the possibility that you might turn down his proposal... He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you by his side, but maybe you didn't think so?
Diluc had invited you out, taking you under the big Windrise tree. You sat between his legs, silently listening to the sound of the water currents and admiring the crystal butterflies fluttering around you. Diluc was holding you tightly, his face hidden in your neck. You could feel his breath against your skin and his lips caressing your neck. You could feel the tension in your lover's shoulders for the past few days, making him quieter than usual, so to soothe him, even a little, you placed your hand in his downy hair, stroking it lovingly. You knew he loved it and his arms tightening around you confirmed it.
"Yes darling?"
Diluc let go of you, inviting you with a wave of his hand to stand up. He followed you, standing in front of you, your hands in his. He brought them to his lips, gently kissing your knuckles. His gaze locked onto yours with intensity.
"I... (y/n), I have something important to ask you..."
"I'm listening. What's bothering you Diluc?"
Diluc froze, a lump in his stomach suddenly taking him over. He thought you were so beautiful, so radiant compared to him. Will he be able to make you happy? Will you at least say yes? He was startled when he felt your hand on his cheek. His gaze returned to you and a soft smile painted the features of his face. Diluc placed his hand on yours, enjoying the warmth of your skin against his cheek. He closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again, lowering himself to you to press his forehead against yours. Crystalline butterflies fluttered around you, creating a deliciously magical atmosphere...
He slowly knelt down in front of you, making you completely confused, then as you understood what was happening, an infinite happiness invaded your heart. He took your hand in his, squeezing it tenderly without his eyes leaving yours.
"(y/n), I am not the best of men. I'm constantly busy, I realize I'm putting Mondstadt ahead of everything else, I work for an underground intelligence network, and my past has made me sour and cold. Anyone else would have run away when they got to know me, but not you... I don't know if I deserve you, but... since you've been by my side, since I met you, I can't imagine my life without you.I love you (y/n), I love you so much. You bring me peace and happiness, things I haven't felt since my father died. You are my house, my home, the one I promise myself I will come home to every night unharmed to see your wonderful smile." - Diluc pulled the velvet box from his inner pocket, gently opening the lid to reveal the engagement ring- "My love, I love you more than anything else, I want you by my side, as my wife so...(y/n) would you agree to marr-"
You didn't give him time to finish his sentence, wrapping your arms around his neck. Caught by surprise, Diluc didn't have time to react to save you both from falling to the ground. Your tears flowed freely, the intense feeling of happiness overwhelming you.
"Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I want it! I want to be your wife! I love you Diluc."
Diluc hugged you tightly, clutching at your clothes and burying his face in your neck. Tears stung his eyes. Trembling, Diluc pulled you slightly away from him, taking your left hand to put the engagement ring on your ring finger. He kissed it lightly, letting his tears fall for the first time in his life in front of someone. He rushed to pull you into his arms, needing your touch, your warmth. He wanted to make sure it wasn't all a dream...
He loved you so much, oh yes so much. Yesterday as well as today, and even tomorrow, his heart belongs to you forever.
NSFW bonus
You were his fiancée, his future wife, and that made Diluc crazy with happiness. The fire of desire was rising in him, the need to feel your warmth was becoming more and more ardent. He wanted to hear you moan his name as he consumed you in the most tender way. He wanted you naked against him, soft and defenseless. By the archons, the trust you placed in him made him so proud, it was without a doubt the most beautiful proof of love he could receive. Diluc loved you more than anything, he would never dishonor you by making love to you on the outside, in full view of everyone. So having you straddle him while you lay half on the grass, while your kiss got deeper and hotter, became a real torture for your young fiancé. He would force himself to break your kiss to lift you up in his arms and take you back to the Dawn Winery.
Diluc practices languorous, sensual, passionate lovemaking. You would always be extremely hot when he touched your skin with his fingertips. He likes to take his time during foreplay, taking care of every part of your body with equal care. His hands would be all over you, massaging your breasts gently while his lips tasted your nipples. He'd let you hear the sound of his soft, greedy kisses as his hand reaches down for the entrance between your thighs. He would start gently with a finger inside you first while his thumb worked on massaging your clitoris. As you begin to whisper his name, he would add a second finger. The back and forth rhythm of his hand was slow, a real torture as you felt the knot of pleasure rise inside you. Diluc knew it, he could feel it from your wet walls spasming around his fingers. Diluc would stop kissing your upper body to join his hand between your thighs. His lips would take over from his thumb on your clit as his fingers quickened the pace. The sound of your moans would heat his cheeks with excitement! He would let you come on his fingers or tongue as many times as you wanted.
Before penetrating you, Diluc would place tender, languid kisses on your lips, giving you time to recover from your orgasms. When he felt your fingers along the line of his back, exploring every scar and muscle, a sigh of ecstasy would escape his mouth. He would tell you over and over again that he loved you, that he thought you were beautiful, and that you made him happy until you were ready to take all of him. As he kissed you, Diluc would roll his hips against you, his hardened member rubbing against your wet slit. Your fiancé was always very patient with you, waiting for your approval to insert his sex into you and when you gave it to him, a hoarse growl made his throat tremble. He would caress your thigh before spreading it further, making it easier for his member to penetrate you.
Most of the time, Diluc was dominant, preferring to have you underneath him. But from time to time, he would let himself be tipped over onto his back for you to straddle him. The view you gave him from this angle was magnificent. He would stroke your thighs up and down admiring your body as it swayed above him with lust. He would let you choose your rhythm. Hearing the sound of your moans and seeing you undulate your hips, his sex disappearing inside your slit drove him crazy. When he felt your rhythm slowing, he would help you by grabbing your hips to ease your movements. Diluc couldn't stand the lack of heat on his chest anymore, so he would sit up and kiss you, wrapping his arms around your neck to press your breasts against him. His tongue would seek yours again, too long separated from you. He would barely give you both time to breathe. His hands would caress your buttocks as they slowly undulated against him, before moving up your back and searching for any folds caused by your movements. He would move with you as best he could, trying to reach the deepest points of your intimacy. When he felt your walls begin to close in around him, Diluc's patience would break. He found you so beautiful, so attractive, he couldn't contain himself anymore. He would turn you over onto your back without separating from you and wrap your legs around his hips. He would caress your cheeks before rocking his hips again. Hearing the mewls of his name, begging him to go faster and harder made him lose all his nerve, his pupils dilated with desire staring at you as he sealed your lips with his. He placed your knees on his shoulders, increasing the rhythm and harshness of his thrusts, even making the bed creak. The pleasure he was offering you was so violent, so intense that your whole body began to tremble. He intertwined his hands with yours, letting you squeeze them as hard as you wanted. He couldn't stop his own moans from coming out, mixing with yours in your hot kiss. He could feel your walls tightening around him, bringing him closer to his own end. It was only when your knot broke in a powerful orgasm, that Diluc let himself come inside you, continuing to undulate his hips against you until you had both calmed down. Diluc held on with his forearms so as not to crush you. He let you catch your breath, brushing some of your hair away from your forehead.
"Don't fall asleep my love, let me take care of you tonight..."
Diluc brought your left hand to his lips and kissed the back of your hand. He stared at the ring on your finger, blushing with happiness. Unconsciously, he resumed rocking his hips against you, feeling his sex tense up again. He was going to let you know how happy he was, how much he loved you. Diluc wasn't going to let you sleep tonight...
Tumblr media
The relationship between you and Zhongli was unique. He considered you the most precious treasure in his life.
He treated you like a princess, cherishing you and showering you with love every day he spent with you.
He was so indebted to fate for allowing him to meet you. You had accepted him, completely. His past, his mistakes, his sins, his immortality.
He wanted your happiness more than anyone else.
He wanted to see your wonderful smile on your face every moment of his life.
He wanted to feel your warmth permeating his heart and soul.
He wanted everything from you.
He wanted to live his life with you, until death do you part.
Zhongli believed that marriage was a beautiful and profoundly mortal act, contractually binding two beings who shared the same feelings for each other.
He knew how you felt about marriage. You were frightened at the thought, which Zhongli could understand. The changes associated with marriage were changing our way of life. You no longer live alone, but for two...
But... Since you lived together, the idea of marrying you gradually invaded his mind. Zhongli was the god of contracts, but it wasn't just that. He loved you deeply, and he knew the importance of such a proposal. He wanted to unite with you in the most beautiful way.
He knew he was risking losing you by asking for your hand. Some humans shun commitment like the plague, but he was sure in his heart that you loved him enough to agree to be bound to him.
He had forged the ring himself, using the finest Teyvat ores to fashion the ring encrusted with a heart of lapis and several small diamonds. The ring, another symbol of love, representing the bond, having no beginning and no end. Eternity, like the love he felt for you. This simple object perfectly portrayed his vision of marriage...
Zhongli, being the forward-thinking man he always was, would arrange the perfect date. He wanted to propose to you where you first met, by the sea.
The program for the evening: romantic dinner at the restaurant, hand in hand walk in the streets of Liyue, romantic dance in the square. To finish, a short walk on the beach, he would propose you at that time...
You had taken off your shoes to run on the cool sand, Zhongli watching you fondly. He followed you quietly, his hands crossed behind his back. The love he felt for you shone in his eyes as brightly as the thousands of stars in the sky.
You were at the seaside, dipping your feet in the cold water. Zhongli joined you, slipping his hand around your waist to pull you against him. He looked into your eyes, without saying a word, he seemed to probe your soul. He caressed your jaw line with his thumb, gently moving your face up to his to place a kiss on your lips. It was so soft, so warm, you didn't know why, but tears came to your eyes. This man, since he came into your life, since you met him, here on this beach, had been a source of happiness for you. You had never been so happy with another man. He was the man of your life.
Zhongli had stopped kissing you, closing her eyes and whispering your name, her forehead against yours.
" (y/n)..."
He hugged you tighter, almost smothering you. You could feel his body trembling, which confused you. You had never seen your lover in such a state of anguish, his heart was beating wildly in his chest... He grabbed your left hand and brought it to his cheek, intertwining his fingers with yours.
"My love. You are so precious to me... Having you by my side is such a blessing."
"Zhongli?" He kissed your hand tenderly. -
"I am Morax, the god of contracts. I once waged war against the gods of this world, my hands still covered in their blood. I have lost so much in my long life that I have long believed that solitude would be my only and last friend. Now I have abandoned my throne to walk among mortals, hoping to live my own life. And I finally met you, so radiant, so sweet, having fun with simplicity on this beach. You got to know me and accepted me, completely. Today, I am Zhongli, a simple man, deeply in love." - Zhongli wiped away the tears running down your cheeks, your lips trembling with emotion. - "(y/n), I want to spend my life with you." - A ring appeared in your field of vision. It was beautiful, just like your lover. The mere sight of it made you sob harder. - I know it won't be easy for you to live with an immortal being, but I will do everything in my power to make you happy. (y/n) Marry me."
Your tears wouldn't stop, preventing your voice from speaking, so instead, you nodded briskly, letting Zhongli put the ring on your finger. His hands were shaking with emotion. He held your hand in his, gently kissing your tear-drenched lips. He held you for a long time, hugging you as if his life depended on it.
You were his star. His sun. The star around which his life revolved.
He was so, so happy. He loved you and would love you...
Until death do you part, and even beyond.
NSFW bonus
You had agreed to become his wife, to bond with him for eternity, and for Zhongli, it seemed impossible to be happier than today. He could not leave your lips, his caresses becoming more exploratory and his kisses more penetrating. He traveled the line of your spine with his fingertips, until he reached your lower back before slowly working his way up over the fabric of your tunic. When he felt a groan vibrate in your throat, it was the signal he was waiting for to take your hand and lead you home. Zhongli was a private man, he would never take you outside unless he was sure no one would catch the two of you.
Zhongli is a gentle and loving man, seeking your pleasure and comfort above his own. He will place you on the first comfortable surface he finds, in this case: the couch. He will always begin with slow, languid caresses, often lingering on your breasts, thighs and hips. After each pass of his hands, his lips will take their place, kissing and licking your soft skin. Zhongli knows how to make you feel desirable. He does not stop talking about you, telling you that you are beautiful and that he loves you deeply.
He knows how to use his fingers on you, knowing all the points that will make you moan with pleasure. He will start slowly, first bringing a finger into your wet slit, caressing your walls sensually. Once you're comfortable, he'll put a second and then a third, watching your every expression of pleasure and listening carefully to your every moan. Zhongli was not a god for nothing, his body reflected it perfectly, until his sex at the same time big and of a circumference which could have frightened any woman, virgin or not. He always took care to prepare you well so that you would not be hurt, Zhongli wanted it to be as pleasurable for you as it was for him. If you asked, Zhongli would gladly let your hands caress him, admiring the way you took care of his member with your fingers and mouth.
Zhongli wasn't especially dominant. Not always, anyway. He loved it when you took charge. When you rode him, he would always sit facing you, admiring your features, caressing the sensual line of your back, savoring every fold, every curve of your body as you slowly rocked on top of him. His forehead and nose were glued to you as his breathing became heavier. His hands would wander down your back before grabbing your buttocks to bring you down on his sex with more force. He'd still be looking into your eyes as he pushed you to establish a rougher rhythm, grunting with every cry of pleasure you let out. The feel of your walls closing in around him more and more and his name coming out of your mouth with lust was beginning to make him lose his mind, his dominant side slowly waking up inside him. When he felt your left hand move up his arm, his gaze would turn to her for a short moment. The ring that encircled your finger shone with a soft glow. Zhongli grunted, grabbing your thighs to lift you up. Without disconnecting from you, he set you down on the living room table, clearing what was on it with a sharp movement. He would lay you down on the hard surface of the piece of furniture, being careful not to hurt you before starting to establish a wild rhythm, his face again against yours. The table would tremble under his increasingly sharp and rapid blows. Zhongli would close his eyes as he felt the heat rising more and more within him. His lips would connect with you, nibbling on your bottom lip, his tongue would immediately lick it before forcing its way into your mouth. His grunts of pleasure would be swallowed by your throat. Eventually he made you reach your orgasm, forcing you to arch your back, grabbing his hair as you screamed his name. He gave you a few more strokes before he came inside you. His face was glistening with sweat as he caught his breath. Zhongli sought out your left hand, clasping it in his tenderly.
"I love you my love..."
He kissed you passionately, caressing your aching body with his free hand. Feeling your legs wrap around his waist, Zhongli smiled into your kiss. The night was surely going to be very short.
Tumblr media
Kaeya was more of a loner than she appeared to be. His seductive side was just a facade, using him simply to gather useful information for his work. Even when he met you, he was initially content to use you for his own purposes, making you suffer terribly upon learning the truth.
Yet deep inside, Kaeya felt a deep feeling arise in his heart. He loved you, passionately, tenderly, angrily. Seeing you suffer because of him had become a real torture for him, yet he had to keep you away from him, because he knew that sooner or later his past would catch up with him.
But he couldn't help it. He loved you and wanted you by his side. You were a source of joy and laughter for him, because of you, Kaeya forgot the sword of Damocles above his head. Thanks to you, he felt free and loved.
Once in couple, Kaeya will be honest with you, revealing his origins, his history and his darkest secrets.
You had listened to him attentively, without commenting, without criticizing. You accepted him, hoping that the day he will have to make a choice, you will be the one he will turn to.
He would wait a few years before thinking seriously about marriage. This man was completely addicted to you, and no matter how much he teased you and annoyed you, he longed for you. He wanted to shout it to the world, he wanted the gods themselves to know that you were his.
Kaeya ordered a ring from the local jeweler. It was a simple ring, unpretentious, except maybe for the small engraving he had asked for, a symbol, a simple little symbol representing infinity. It was encrusted with a beautiful sapphire cut in the shape of a heart to remind you of the color of his eyes.
He sometimes amused himself by calling you "Mrs. Alberich" in the street. He loved to see you blush with embarrassment, but more than that, he loved to feel connected to you that way.
Kaeya dreamed of starting a family with you, and he had mentioned this to you several times. He had also subtly mentioned marriage, wanting to know what you thought about it. He would be extremely happy if you told him that you would like to be his wife one day.
On the day he finally decides to propose, be prepared for a very romantic atmosphere.
Candlelight dinner, vintage wine, flowers everywhere including a bouquet of roses.
The most incredible thing is the beautiful costume in which Kaeya would welcome you back home...
"Kaeya, this is amazing! Did you do all this?"
"Of course princess. I wanted to surprise you." - He gallantly removed your coat so that it could be stored in your closet.
"And may I ask in what honor?"
Kaeya merely gave you a big smile, pressing his hand to the small of your back to lead you to the dining room.
"Kaeya- what did you do wrong?"
"Oya ~, am I not allowed to just cook you a romantic dinner to please you?"
"That's very suspicious coming from you."
Kaeya laughed. He adored you, really. You knew him far too well.
He quickly regained his composure, brushing your jaw with his fingertips. Kaeya admired the thrill he was giving you, enjoying the fact that you reacted so easily to his touch. He kissed your lips slowly and sensually, making you move back to the couch. He separated from you, inviting you to sit on the cushions. He then took the bouquet of roses that he had placed on the chair that was intended for you for dinner. Kaeya positioned herself in front of you, crouching on his lap, his free hand gently brushing the bare skin of your calves. He offered you the roses with an affectionate smile.
"(y/n), I know I'm not the perfect man you deserve. I know that our relationship started very badly, I made you suffer and even today I bitterly regret all the hurtful words and actions I did to you. I don't know if I managed to make up for it in your eyes, I don't know if I cherished you enough either. What I do know is that I love you and that I would sacrifice everything for you. - Your eyes were inked in his, feeling little by little the bite of tears stinging your eyes.- "You accepted, without judging me, without hating me, my past and my origins. All the affection, all the love that you give me makes me the happiest man in the world. My love, I want to have you by my side every day of my life. I want to start a family with you. I want to be able to officially call you "Madame Alberich". - You placed your hand over your mouth, stifling the sob that wanted to come out. Kaeya took advantage of this short moment of silence to pull the ring out of his pocket "(y/n), will you marry me?"
You burst out, stammering out yeses galore. Kaeya laughed harder, taking the hand you were holding out to slowly slide the ring onto your finger. He admired the outfit, finding you beautiful with the jewel. He wiped away the tears that ran down your cheeks, gently bringing your lips to his.
"I love you, Madame Alberich." - You laughed. -
"You petty man...taking me by the scruff of the neck."
You kissed him passionately, hugging him fiercely. Surely dinner could wait a little longer, right?
Nsfw Bonus
Did you just call your fiancé a petty man? Well, he lifted you off the couch, still kissing your lips with vigor. Kaeya placed you on the kitchen work surface overlooking the living room, pulling your pencil skirt up your thighs. You were wearing garter belt tights, you looked so sexy in that outfit that Kaeya couldn't help but moan, grinding his hips against you. He rocked his hips against you, making you feel the hardness of his sex with each rubbing. He confided in you all his intimate thoughts, all his vices, everything he wanted to do to you, right there on that table. He thought you were beautiful, he loved you like crazy and he wanted to take you with ferocity.
Kaeya was a man who would always make passionate love to you, the pace varying according to his mood. He would always start with teasing, caressing your slit and pinching your clit through your underwear. He'd wait until you begged him to undress you before doing so, almost ripping the fabric off. He would attack your breasts, tasting your already hardened nipples as his fingers slide between your soaked walls. Kaeya has a bit of a masochistic side, he loves to feel the bite of your fingernails on his back or the nip of your teeth against his neck in a desperate attempt to keep your screams from coming out. When you grab his hair in your fists, you'll hear a grunt of pleasure come from him. He wasn't the violent type, not against you anyway, but his desire for you could sometimes lead him to brutally tear off your clothes.
Kaeya is neither dominant nor dominated, he will go with the flow. You want to be on top of him? No problem, he'll enjoy it as much as if he were leading the dance. But at that moment, Kaeya was the one leading the game, keeping you half lying on the kitchen cabinet, your legs wrapped around his hips while he unzipped his pants. By the time he began to penetrate you, his teeth would be on your jaw, nibbling and licking your skin. He wouldn't have the patience to go slowly, his desire for you now far too intense. His hips would slam forcefully against you, making you gasp as soon as he reached the bottom. You'd hear objects falling from the table to come crashing to the floor. The force your fiancé put into his thrusts would lift you up, making your body shake with pleasure. Kaeya didn't hold back his voice when he was in this state of excitement, repeating your name with each stroke, sometimes followed by an "I love you". He admires the beauty of your body shaken by his movements, his free hand coming to caress your chest, your waist, your belly while the other held your hips in place. When he felt your walls tighten around him, Kaeya stopped the swaying of his hips, denying you the much desired orgasm. He pulled out of you to turn you onto your stomach to expose your buttocks to him. Without warning, he will penetrate you again, picking up where he left off. He'll kiss your back and shoulders as he hammers you quickly, making you scream with pleasure. He'll reach out with his hands to grasp yours, entangling his fingers with you and tenderly caressing the finger that wore the engagement ring. As soon as he felt you close again, he would straighten up to hold your hips in both hands, his strokes becoming more abrupt, faster. You felt the heat building up in your belly, gradually turning into a knot of pleasure that just wanted to let go. And when your orgasm exploded inside you, Kaeya followed, moaning loudly before collapsing on your back. He waited a few moments, time for both of you to catch your breaths. He tenderly massaged your hips and stomach.
"So, does Madam Alberich still think I'm petty?" - He kissed your shoulder.
"Silly!" - He laughed into your neck, separating himself from you.
He helped you to your feet, kissing your lips as soon as he felt you steady on your feet. He led you into the bathroom to run a hot bath and help you clean up. He promised you that the night was just beginning, but only after dinner...
Tumblr media
For Xiao, human customs were of no importance. He avoided contact with mortals as much as possible, preferring solitude and silence.
Then one day he met you. You were like a hurricane, sweeping away all his principles, all his preconceptions. You had broken down his walls, one after the other. You were the only one in this world who knew how to soothe his soul, bruised by suffering and past memories.
This boy, so cold, so distant at first glance, was in reality of an incredible softness and tenderness.
He loved to take you in his arms or to be rocked by your warm and soft hands. He loved your lips and voice calling his name with love. He simply adored you.
Xiao sometimes wondered how he managed to seduce you. You were so sweet, so sensitive compared to him. He hurt you so often with his harsh words and distant reactions that he sometimes hated himself for being so. Your patience and empathy kept him from sinking into self-hatred.
Over the years, Xiao wanted more, much more. That's when Verr explained the principle of marriage to him.
For some, it was just a formality, a piece of paper to formalize a relationship. But for Xiao, it was a way for him to bond with you more intimately. He would be yours, forever, and you would be his, body and soul.
You had never discussed this with him, thinking that he would flatly refuse to conform to human customs. This made you sad, of course, but by agreeing to go out with Xiao, you were also accepting this side of him.
Yet Xiao tried to subtly make you understand his desires, sometimes making a small ring with a flower and putting it on your ring finger, a simple coincidence you thought.
Xiao, with the information that Verr had given him, went to ask Aether and Zhongli for help. Obviously, the Yaksha was horribly embarrassed, but he knew that thanks to them, he would be able to create the perfect ring for you.
He asked them to create a silver ring, set with a green sapphire and small diamond. Aether took care of collecting the materials needed to make the ring and Zhongli made it.
A simple yet beautiful ring, just like you.
He knew he had to find a place to propose to you. Several places came to his mind: the balcony of the inn, the cliffs overlooking the port of Liyue, Mount Aozang... Then he thought of the cliffs of Qingyun, where the flowers of Qingxin that you and he liked so much grew.
Xiao had suddenly lifted you up in his arms to take you to one of the high cliffs of Qingyun. Thanks to his anemo vision, the trip was extremely fast. Under the shock of the trip, your heart was beating rapidly and your legs were shaking. Aware of your condition, Xiao kept you in his arms a little longer, kissing the top of your head buried in his neck.
"(y/n), we've arrived. Are you okay?"
You slowly nodded, pulling your head away from his neck to see where he had taken you. He gently set you down on the ground, checking that you were holding on to your still shaky legs. He took your hand in his, stroking the back of it with his thumb. He admired your face as you gazed at the beauty of the landscape, amused at your slightly open mouth and bright eyes at the sea of stars before you.
Xiao sat on the edge of the cliff, gently tugging your hand for you to do the same.
"Thank you Xiao, I love it here."
He merely smiled at you, wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you closer to him. While your attention was on the starry sky, Xiao took the opportunity to pick a Qingxin flower that had grown not far from him. He put it in front of you, catching your attention again. You took the flower from his hands, smelling its scent that reminded you of Xiao's.
"(y/n), I have... Something to tell you... Look, I'm well aware that I'm not always easy to deal with and..."
"You are wrong Xiao! You are the most wonderful man I know! Stop belittling yourself." -Xiao blushes violently at your reaction.
"Tch, why do you always have to be so... Cute..." - you hadn't heard the last word he muttered to himself. "Th-that's not the point! Please listen to me and don't interrupt!" - he gave you a stern look when he saw that you were going to speak again. - I love you.(y/n) I love you more than anything. Thank you for being by my side every day. Thank you for soothing my body and soul. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep living." - Xiao took your left hand in his, gently caressing your wind-chilled skin. He pulled out an engagement ring from his pocket, making you spread your eyes wide.- "(y/n), you are more precious to me than anyone else in the world. Please listen to me and don't interrupt!" - he gave you a stern look when he saw that you were going to speak again. - I love you.(y/n) I love you more than anything. Thank you for being by my side every day. Thank you for soothing my body and soul. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep living." - Xiao took your left hand in his, gently caressing your wind-chilled skin. He pulled out an engagement ring from his pocket, making you spread your eyes wide.- "(y/n), you are more precious to me than anyone else in the world. I would like... I wish... So much more..." - He hesitated to phrase his request to you, so to encourage him, you guided his fingers to slip the ring on your ring finger. Your eyes glistened with tears, your lips trembled with emotion, and you couldn't stop a big smile from forming on your face.
"Xiao, please say it. I need to hear it." - A tear fell from your eyelashes, crashing onto your thigh. Xiao wiped your eyes with his trembling thumb.
"(y/n), I want you to spend the rest of your life by my side. Marry me."
You slowly nodded, closing your eyes and gently wrapping your arms around his neck. He returned your embrace, rocking you tenderly in his arms, swallowing your sweet smell and kissing your skin lovingly.
NSFW bonus
Xiao was already the type to pamper and protect you, but now he had taken it to the next level. His heart was beating so hard in his chest, he had never been so happy as he was today. His face was buried in your neck, savoring your scent as his hands caressed your back. You had agreed to bond with him and he still couldn't believe it! He wanted to be sure that all this was not a dream, he wanted to kiss you, to cuddle you, he wanted to be one with you.
Contrary to what Xiao suggests, he is actually a very gentle man. When he slowly starts to run his hand under your top, massaging the skin of your hips, he will always ask for your permission to go further. Usually he would never make love to you outside, preferring the safety of the inn, but not tonight. Tonight, Xiao longed for you, wanted to unite with you under the stars as if to seal your promise. He knew that here, on this cliff, no one would come and interrupt you, the only thing he wanted before doing anything was your consent, and when you gave it to him, Xiao laid you down on the soft grass.
Xiao always takes his time with foreplay, taking advantage of every bit of skin that was exposed to him to kiss it, caress it, worship it. Since you were outside, Xiao didn't take off your clothes entirely for fear you'd get sick, he'd just open the front of your blouse and pull your skirt up to your waist. His lips will trail on yours for a long time before going down on your neck, your chest. He took off your bra to be able to reach your breasts, whose nipples were already hardened by the outside temperature, slightly fresh. He massaged them, kneaded them to warm them up. Xiao loved your breasts, finding them so soft, so gentle, that he could sometimes just rest his head on them to feel relaxed. He kissed each taut point before licking them with the tip of his tongue and then nibbling lightly. He loves it when you stroke his hair while he works on you, your touches are so loving they could almost make him want to cry. Once he's satisfied with his work on your breasts, he'll move lower and lower, until he reaches your femininity. Xiao knew how to pleasure you with his tongue, knowing all your sensitive places, he wouldn't let go until he had you come on his tongue!
Xiao will undress in front of you, first removing his top without taking his eyes off you, you couldn't help but touch his perfectly sculpted abs. When he is completely naked, he will place himself on top of you, warming you with his body. He loved feeling your hands roam over his back muscles so much. He will always ask you if you are ready before he starts. If you are, Xiao will place his member at your entrance, slowly pushing inside. Every time he penetrates you, Xiao will hide his reddened face in your neck, gritting his teeth to keep his moans from coming out. He is very sensitive, even after many years together, the effect of your walls squeezing him was driving him completely crazy. He will slowly start to roll his hips, his lips busy kissing your earlobe. Xiao would hold your hands for as long as he could, enjoying the pressure of your hands against his every time he reached that sensitive spot deep inside you. He was making love to you gently and lovingly, his lips constantly mingling with yours in a dense sensuality. Xiao accelerated the pace more and more, letting go of your hands to grab your thighs and settle them on his shoulders, allowing him to reach your depths more easily. If you ask him to go harder, he will, letting out a grunt in your ear as he keeps his face hidden from you. He won't be able to stop a gasp from escaping him when he feels your orgasm around his member. He'll quickly follow you, gradually slowing down the dance of his loins.
Xiao will always cuddle you after the act. He admired the hand that wore the engagement ring for a long time, smiling to himself. He took you back to the inn soon after to warm you up with a nice hot bath.
Tumblr media
The bond between you and Venti was great and beautiful. He treated you like a goddess, always looking at you with a gentle gaze or reciting the most beautiful love poems to you.
You had broken the loneliness that had plagued him for over 3,000 years, softening his heart that was bruised by the deaths of the past. Venti finally knew the true meaning of the word "freedom".
With you, he was only sweetness and kindness. He loved to make you laugh, to hug you, to kiss you. Over the years, V thought seriously about making you his wife.
He would often take you under the Vennessa tree, playing his lyre just for you. His voice would lighten your mind, transporting you to the world of dreams. When you fell asleep on his shoulder, Venti would stop singing, playing with your hair and watching every expression you made in your sleep.
You had been living together for over a year and living with you was a breath of fresh air. Every day with you made him happier than the day before.
Venti knew the human customs, having lived among them for a long time. He had managed to save his moras to order a wedding ring for you from the best jewelers in Mondstadt. It was a silver ring partially surrounded by laurel leaves and set with several small emerald stones. He had inscribed inside the ring the V of his first name and the (first letter) of yours.
Since Venti had your engagement ring, he often found himself looking at it, imagining it on your finger. He was a poet, but he didn't know what to say on the day he proposed.
He did not hesitate to ask the traveler for advice and he even went to see Barbara, whom he knew to be romantic and a bit of a flower. She gave him a lot of advice, soothing the archon. Surprisingly, even Paimon knew how to say the right words to give him confidence.
The day he decides to propose to you, Venti will take you among the Cecilia flowers, to Starsnatch Cliff. He would wait until the moon is high in the sky to propose.
You were both standing on the edge of the cliff, silently watching the horizon. Venti held your hand in his, squeezing it affectionately. He would tell you about the stars and constellations, recounting tales and myths about them. He would look for the most romantic stories to subtly put you in the mood for the evening.
After several minutes, he pulled you back, beginning to sing a song he had written for you. He hooked your arms around his neck and then his around your waist, before slowly dancing you to the rhythm of his song.
The laughter that came out of your mouth was the most divine, majestic sound he had ever heard. He spun you around before pulling you back to him. Then he stopped singing to place a kiss on your lips, on your cheek, on your eyes.
"Venti? Is everything all right?"
"Everything is just fine my beautiful flower."
He slid a strand of your hair into his hand, placing a kiss on the tip before releasing it. His tender gaze probed the depths of your soul.
"(y/n), since I met you, you've made my life a fairy tale. The loneliness that weighed me down has disappeared and my heart has found a new meaning to life. You know, since I met you I have only loved you more and more, you have shown me a new vision of the world, a world with the colors of freedom. I want to protect you, to cherish you, I want to sing only for you. Thanks to you, I now feel more human than archon, I feel free and happy... I want you to spend the rest of your life by my side. I want to create a future filled with simple joy with you. I want to marry you, my dear sweet (y/n)."
Venti rested his forehead against yours, smiling softly at the pleasant blush that marred your cheeks. You laughed softly, intertwining your fingers with his.
"(y/n), marry me, become my wife. You have no right to say no!"
Venti's teasing side could never help but resurface, but you had whispered a soft "yes" to him anyway, smiling dreamily at your life beside this man you loved so much.
"Ah maybe you want me to get down on my knees?! Wait, I'm doing it again! " - You laughed again, watching the anemo archon take a knee, your hand in his.
"(y/n), I would do anything to make you happy. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for loving me, thank you for existing..."
Venti pulled the box that held your ring from his pocket. He opened it slowly before taking out the ring that was carefully stored. He slipped it onto your finger, kissing the jewel once it was securely in place.
"I love you Venti."
He stood up, pulling you close to him again.
You were like a spring breeze, carrying away sorrows, darkness, loneliness. It would protect you from the cruelty of this world.
"I love you even more. Now and forever. I'll love you till the end (y/n)."
NSFW bonus
Venti was making you dance against him, his forehead pressed against yours. His hand was around your waist while the other one was tenderly holding yours. Crystalline butterflies lit up the scene as if to celebrate the happiness of the anemic archon. After several minutes of simply enjoying each other's presence, Venti felt your body tingle from the cold and whispered in your ear to go home and warm up.
Venti loved it when you dominated him, enjoying every moment when he no longer felt like a god, but like a simple lover in the hands of his beautiful one. When you're both home alone, he'll lead you to your room, leaving a trail of clothing behind each of you. He will sit on the edge of the bed, pulling you by the arm to get you on top of him. He will let you overtake him to kiss him, forcing him to raise his head to reach you. A smile will appear on his lips when he will feel your fingers undoing his braids, letting his long locks slide between your fingers before squeezing them in your fists. His hands won't stay idle, rubbing your skin starting with your thighs before moving up your body. He'll tease you lightly as he brushes his fingertips over your intimacy before moving on to explore elsewhere.
"Venti, stop! No teasing."
He laughed inwardly as he felt your hand guide his to your crotch. He thought you were so cute that he was easily convinced. He accentuated his caresses there, pressing and pinching your clit while he nibbled on your breasts. Your hips began to undulate against his hand and since you were so eager to feel friction, he slowly planted two fingers inside you. He let himself be led by the rhythm of your hips, the faster they went, the faster he accelerated too, until you reached your climax.
Venti would let himself go when you gently pushed him against the mattress. He wouldn't let you out of his sight, even when you grabbed his outstretched sex and placed it at the entrance to your slit. He'd moan your name as he felt you slide over him, clutching your thighs in his hands.
Once his tip had reached the bottom of your sex, you stroked your lover's torso, slowly working your way up to his shoulders, never moving your hips. You went for your fiancé's hands, tangling your fingers with his before leaning in to kiss him. Venti closed his eyes to savor this moment of bliss and when he felt your hips move up his shaft, he couldn't stop a deep moan from escaping him. You were there, above him to seek your point G with such a sensuality, he found you so beautiful, so breathtaking, that he repeated unceasingly in your ear of the "I love you" passionate. Venti closed his eyes, he felt his pleasure rising in him with force and he had to bite his lower lip not to come immediately. You had quickened the pace of your hips as you whispered in your lover's ear that you were close. Venti let go of your hands to take hold of your waist, helping you reach your orgasm. A deep moan rumbled in his chest as he released himself along with you.
Venti would cradle you tenderly, caressing your back as you snuggled in his arms. He would kiss every part of your face he could reach, whispering words of love to you. The tenderness he was showing made you sleepy and he had to gently pull you away from him so he could clean you up. He let you rest, hugging your tired body. Tomorrow would be an even more wonderful day than today, for it would be the first one he lived as your fiancé.
Tumblr media
Albedo was only a shadow, a semblance of a human being. He thought he could never feel for anyone else. This is what his master had asked of him, in order to be able to reflect and better understand the world around him, Albedo closed himself off to others.
However, with you, his gentle and kind nature has always been natural. At first, of course, he didn't understand why. What was so different about you?
Then one day he understood. He had fallen in love with you, he wanted to have you near him constantly, to touch you, to listen to you. You warmed his heart and soothed his every fear. With you, he became so human...
He invited you every day to drink tea or coffee with him. He would make your favorite desserts, spend time with you in his laboratory, at your home or his home. He constantly sought physical contact with you, loving to feel your warmth in his arms.
He wasn't especially romantic, or at least that's what he thought of himself. In reality, he was. Albedo always had something for you, like a flower he had just created with alchemy and named after you. Or a simple caress on your cheeks to put your hair behind your ear, lingering a few seconds longer on your skin. These were all acts he didn't really pay attention to, but it was so adorable and sweet. How could you not love him?
Albedo was an intelligent and educated boy. He was interested in absolutely everything. No wonder he read all about love, couples and weddings.
He would quickly think about marrying you, even if he would wait a few years before proposing.
Albedo would create your ring with alchemy, using his knowledge of metals and gemstones to achieve a result that would satisfy him. He wanted your ring to represent the bond between you, entwined together, without beginning or end.
But he won't be satisfied with just the ring. Albedo is an excellent designer, so he will imagine the wedding dress that would look best on you, and if you agree to be his bride you can be sure that he will create the dress that you prefer.
Albedo's focus would be less during the few days before he proposes. Succrose would go so far as to ask him to go home and rest. Aware of the danger he was putting the other alchemists and himself in, he would leave without flinching. He could only think of you, only you. A part of him was afraid. Fear of rejection, fear of loneliness, fear of losing you...
"Albedo? You're home early today sweetheart."
All of Albedo's anxieties disappeared as soon as he saw you sitting on the couch in your living room, reading one of his books. He slowly walked over to you, settling down beside you. Albedo was naturally calm and quiet, but you could read between the lines better than anyone else and you were sure that at that moment, something was on his mind.
"Sweetheart, what's wrong? You can tell me anything, you know that." - You stroked his hair tenderly, making him look at you. - "Come, lie on my thighs." - And he obeyed without reluctance.
Albedo let himself be rocked by your hands in his hair, looking at your face with intensity. In turn, he raised his hand to your face, touching your skin, admiring every mole, raving about the length of your lashes and the beauty of your lips.
"You are so beautiful (y/n)."
Surprised by his sudden words, the red heated up your entire face.
"Don't talk nonsense. Compared to you, I'm just an ugl..."
Albedo pushed your head towards him, linking his lips to yours in a sudden intense kiss. He couldn't stand you putting yourself down. He wasn't lying to you when he told you that he thought you were beautiful. In his eyes, you were the most beautiful creature the world had ever created.
After a while, Albedo pulled away from you, letting you catch your breath.
"You are sublime. I don't lie. I never lie.So believe me (y/n). I love you... I... Want to spend the rest of my life with you."- Albedo suddenly straightened up, placing himself on the couch so that he could look you in the eyes.- "I love you (y/n), you are so important to me, so precious. You occupy all my thoughts, every second. I'm not human and yet you were never afraid of me. You are so... amazing, so beautiful. Just the thought of losing you makes me lose all my nerve."
"Albedo... You won't lose me, I will always stand by you."
He clasped your hands in his, savoring the warmth he felt through his gloves.
"Then prove it to me. Marry me. Bear my name. Become entirely mine."
You froze, expecting anything but a proposal from your boyfriend. Your heart was drumming in your chest, Albedo could feel it through your pulse. He closed his eyes, frowning, taking your silence for a refusal. He slowly released your hands.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have... I'll leave you."
Albedo stood, turning his back to you to leave, but was held back by your hand clutching his wrist. When he looked at you, tears were streaming from your eyes.
"Yes! Albedo, I do... I love you, I want to marry you!"
He opened his eyes wide, immediately coming back to you with a new energy. The clash of your two bodies made you lie on the couch, Albedo above you, desperately kissing you. The sound of a metal object falling to the floor startled you both. Albedo straightened up to see where it was coming from. He found the ring he had created on the floor, probably dropped from his pocket while he was kissing you. He picked it up, looking at it intently before he saw your hand appear in his field of vision, your ring finger slightly raised. A soft smile appeared on his face in response to yours. He then slowly slid the ring along your finger, savoring the feeling of love that gripped his heart.
He loved you so much. You were his North Star, guiding him through the dark nights.
Nothing could separate him from you, not even fate.
NSFW bonus
Albedo caressed the features of your face, examining every inch of your skin. His eyes turned to your irises, he was amazed by their colors, so dense, so varied, you were like a jewel. He didn't notice at first your fingers in his hair, gradually loosening the little ponytail that he had taken the habit of making himself. He noticed the flush on your cheeks as his hair came loose to cascade down either side of his face. He noted your reaction in the corner of his mind, he knew you loved his hair and he would be happy to use it to see you blush again at the sight of him.
Albedo leaned over you to kiss you. His hands, once on your face, moved down your neck and then to your shoulder, brushing the strap of your dress as it slid over your skin at the light touch of his fingers. He moved away from your lips to follow the same path as his hands. His tongue tasted the sweet taste of your skin, he placed kiss marks on your neck and then on the border that separated your breasts, where your cleavage allowed him access. He continued to move down your belly, his hands working on your dress to move up your thighs to your waist. His fingers landed on the already wet fabric of your underwear, which he began to rub gently, making you moan. Embarrassed, you covered your face with your hands, which didn't sit well with Albedo who looked at you sternly before asking you to remove them.
"Let me see how beautiful you are."
And you complied. Once your hands were removed, he asked you to look at him. He wanted to show you how much he loved you, how much he wanted you. His tongue was on the fabric of your underwear, licking through the thin layer of your intimate fluids. He massaged your clit with his fingertips, making you clench on nothing. You were repeating his name over and over again, and to Albedo, that melody was the best reward you could give him. He hooked his fingers into your panties, sliding them slowly down your legs and dropping them at the foot of the couch. He was spreading your thighs further apart so he could have better access to your privacy. Albedo was looking at you intensely, throbbing under his gaze. He began by brushing his fingertips over the moisture that covered your slit before plunging two fingers into you with extreme slowness. He tended to your clitoris with his mouth, kissing and sucking your swollen bud. He pumped his fingers inside you, slowly, precisely, touching each time this place so sensitive, so incredible. He increased the pace of his fingers and put more force into his licks, making you moan loudly. Soon, Albedo had you cumming on his fingers, quickly pulling them out to plunge his tongue into your slit and lick your juices. He continued to lick, again and again, massaging your clit with his expert fingers until you reached your second climax. When he noticed this, Albedo sat up, panting and extremely excited. He wiped his lips with the tip of his thumb before getting up to undress. Once naked, he would help you stand up to remove your clothes and throw them somewhere in the living room.
Albedo would place himself between your thighs, keeping eye contact with you. His hand caressed your flushed cheek, moving tenderly down your thigh to wrap it around his loins. He was stroking your slit with his fingers and then his sex to lubricate it enough not to hurt you.
"Hold on to me (y/n)."
You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck as your lover guided his rod into you, slowly sinking into your warm, wet walls. Albedo suppressed a moan as he felt you clench around him. He undulated his hips gently, his eyes locked on yours so as not to miss any of your expressions. Albedo had perfect self-control, never once did his slow, steady pace change, even when excitement made his cheeks furiously flush. He wanted to enjoy this intimacy with you as long as possible. It was only when you begged him to go faster that he accelerated his thrusts. Albedo finally let go, releasing his moans and gasps near your ear. He wrapped his arms around your back, burying his face in your neck. His back arched to better hit against your G-spot. Your gasps were getting faster and faster and your moans louder and louder and when he felt the spasms of your walls against his sex, he knew immediately that you were close. He accelerated again until the knot in your belly broke, taking him with you into orgasm.
Albedo straightened up slightly with the help of his elbows. One of his hands ran through your hair, which had a soothing effect on you. His forehead pressed gently against yours, and he whispered "I love you" with so much love in his voice that the mist of tears obscured your vision...
Tumblr media
Kazuha met you during one of his trips. You were watching with wonder the maple leaves falling from the trees. Fascinated by your presence, Kazuha stood beside you, admiring the spectacle of nature with you. He recited a haiku, hypnotizing you in turn. From that moment on, your journey together began.
Kazuha was a distant boy and often lost in his thoughts. He often stopped listening to you when something came to his mind. Often you would get angry with him. He would then apologize, promising to be more attentive in the future.
He made many promises to you, surprising himself by keeping them. Don't get me wrong, Kazuha is a reliable man who can be counted on, but with you, he always did more. He protected you from all dangers, listened to you talk about your day, watched you sleep peacefully and enjoyed every moment spent with you.
Kazuha understood quickly, he had fallen in love with you.
Your relationship was a liberation for him. The loss of his best friend had left him deeply hurt, causing him to build walls around himself. But now you were there, by his side, saving every smile for him.
Over time, his feelings for you had grown greatly. You were inseparable and deeply in love with each other. Whenever you went on an adventure together, you did so hand in hand, letting strangers think you were a newlywed couple.
This man is not afraid to hug you in front of strangers. He loves to feel your warmth against his chest more than anything. But what he likes most of all is to drown in your eyes (color). The love and sweetness he could read in them made him melt every moment.
Kazuha thought he was close to perfect happiness, traveling with the woman he loved. Nevertheless, something was missing from his happiness... And the more he thought about it, the less he was able to grasp it. Until he came across a young woman talking about her recent marriage. Of course, that was what he wanted at all costs. Marrying you would make him the happiest man in the world.
Kazuha will order an engagement ring specially designed for you. Forged in Inazuma, he wanted it to be the image of his country, its maple trees and red leaves that he loved so much.
There was one tradition of Inazuma that Kazuha wanted to respect. In his country, before asking for the hand of the woman you loved, men had to propose to your parents first. Once they agreed to give him your hand, then and only then could he propose. Luckily, your Liyuan parents agreed to give their daughter to the young man, whom they liked very much.
Kazuha was walking in a forest on the outskirts of Liyue harbor, with you by his side, holding your hand firmly in his. The quietness soothed both of you, you enjoyed the sound of the wind against the leaves.
Kazuha thought it was selfish to take you away from your parents, whom you hadn't seen in months, for the simple reason that he couldn't stand being locked up within four walls. A part of him wanted to turn back and let you enjoy your family and friends. But the other part, the one that was deeply in love with you, wanted only one thing, to keep you by his side.
He suddenly stopped walking. Puzzled by your lover's sudden stop, you moved closer to him, lifting his face towards you to meet his gaze.
"What's wrong Kazuha?" - He had grabbed your wrists to place them in front of his lips, kissing the palm of each hand.
"Do you think I'm selfish (y/n)?" - His question surprised you.
"No, of course not. Why would you think that?"
"If I hadn't been with you, you could have stayed with your family."
"Kazuha, that was my choice too. I like my life now. Traveling with you is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have absolutely no regrets."
Kazuha kissed each of your fingers with a slight smile on his lips. He slid one of his hands behind your back to pull you closer to him. Eventually, he let go of your wrist to take hold of your lips. As he kissed you, his hands went up your back until he reached your scalp and grabbed it.
Kazuha took the time to savor your kiss before releasing you. Once satisfied, he went to bury his face in your neck, soaking up your smell.
"Thank you... I have... A request to make to you..."
"I'm listening Kazu." - You rubbed his back pleasantly, making him sigh with pleasure.
"Stay by my side, until our journey ends. (y/n) you are so precious to me, you have been a true blessing to me. I was lost and broken, I was traveling with one and only goal, to find a new owner to my old friend's vision... But since you came into my life, my horizon has expanded. You have offered me so much, brought me so much and I feel like I have done nothing for you. I am... So selfish. Because even knowing that I could never give you the peaceful life you deserve, I want to treasure you for me and only me. So (y/n), even knowing this, would you be willing to marry me? To become my wife and continue our journey for as long as life will allow?"
Surprised, you had not answered immediately. Kazuha waited patiently for your answer, placing kisses along your neck to your ear. Your heart clenched in your chest as tears stung your eyes. When he heard a sob come from your mouth, he tightened his embrace, calmly stroking your hair.
"Kazuha... Kazuha... Kazuha... Yes, I do. I love you Kazuha."
A wide, calm smile played on the young man's lips and when he pulled away from you, it was to put the engagement ring on your finger...
Eternity was once a word that had no meaning to Kazuha... but today, he finally understood its true meaning.
NSFW bonus
Kazuha was looking at you intently as he ran his hand through your hair. He tangled his fingers in the softness of your hair, his thoughts completely focused on you, you were so beautiful to him. He pulled you against him again to take hold of your lips, his tongue immediately invading your space. You stayed like that for several minutes before Kazuha separated from you and lifted you into his arms. He disappeared into the foliage of the bushes, taking you away from the path you were on...
He took you behind a waterfall, where a cave was hidden by the water. Once hidden from prying eyes, Kazuha put you down before pinning you against the stone walls. His hands hastened to remove your clothes so that his lips could caress your warm skin despite the ambient temperature. Kazuha was rarely impatient, but the last few days had been so frustrating for him that he couldn't wait to be in a more appropriate place to make you his. You were now his fiancé, the one he would devote himself to forever...
Kazuha let you lower the top of his kimono before immediately attacking your breasts. He wanted to feel your hands on his skin while he was taking care of you. You caressed his bare back, moving up to his hair to loosen it from its restraints. You admired the cascade of strands falling down your lover's back, they were so soft and fluffy, you loved to slide them into your palms. Kazuha straightened up to take your wrists in his hands and pin them to the walls. Defenseless, he kissed you full mouth, taking advantage of the distraction he offered you to sink his knee against your crotch. Mewls of pleasure escaped you, you had well tried to beg him so that it stops teasing you, but it cut you every time with deep kisses. His knee rubbed against your now sensitive clitoris, the slickness of your arousal now staining his leg. He withdrew when he felt the salty drop of your tears on his tongue which he wiped at once. He reassured you, promising you that he would soon be inside you. He loosened the ties that held the bottom of his kimono in place, letting his clothes join yours. Kazuha laid you down comfortably on it before joining you. He settled between your legs, spreading them enough to have a good angle of penetration.
Slowly, Kazuha began to rub against your wetness, making you undulate against him in response. He asked you if you were ready for him and you frantically nodded. He smiled at the sight of your eagerness, and with a single thrust Kazuha found himself deep inside you. When he made love to you, Kazuha was so lively, so energetic compared to his usual calm side. He gave you a single stroke, making you quiver with excitement, his eyes burning with desire for you. He gave you a second stroke, then another until he established a steady rhythm that made you moan in ecstasy. He arched into you, reaching tantalizing depths, and as his pleasure mounted, the rhythm of his hips quickened. You were so tight, even after so many times spent with him. His vision clouded and when he felt you contract around him, letting your orgasm overwhelm you, Kazuha grunted loudly, following you into ecstasy.
After a long moment where he gave you time to resume a regular breathing rhythm, Kazuha withdrew from you, proposing to go swimming together in the pond that fed the waterfall. The usual softness and tenderness of your fiancé was back. He covered you with kisses and caresses, until he warmed you up again...
Tumblr media
To Childe, you were the true flavor of life. Sparkling, joyful, loving, he lived and fought only for you.
He protected you, brooded over you, loved you like he never loved. He was so tender, so romantic with you. He never showed you the violence he carried inside.
For Childe, it was obvious, you would be his wife one day.
He met you in Liyue while you were playing a game of hide-and-seek with some children. He looked at you with amusement. He immediately found you very attractive, cute and also a bit naive.
This man was spoiling you with gifts. Did he like an expensive piece of jewelry? He would buy it in the next second to give it to you. Do you like flowers? Be prepared to find about 50 bouquets at your house the next day.
He loves to have physical contact with you. He'll never hesitate to kiss or cuddle you in public. For Childe, your presence is a real comfort, you are his cocoon, the place where he feels best.
After several months of living together, Childe will ask your opinion about marriage and whether you would be willing to say yes. The truth is, no matter what your answer is, he was going to propose to you sooner or later!
He would wait a few years to make sure you were safe. He knows that not all Fatui are honest men and women, and some would use you to blackmail him. By the Archons, Childe has sworn to kill anyone who threatens you, enemy or ally!
When he was sure you were safe, he would spend an astronomical amount of money designing your engagement ring. He wanted gold jewelry because he thought it would look best on you. He asked that it be set with a sapphire and several diamonds, stones that reminded him of his homeland.
Childe wanted his proposal to be memorable. He would invite you to one of the best restaurants in Liyue to dine on the terrace specially reserved for the occasion.
You had both arrived at the restaurant, heading for the table Childe had reserved. The night was clear and cloudless, letting you admire the stars from the terrace. Despite the coolness of the night, the candles that decorated the place allowed you to feel a small but pleasant warmth. Childe had asked you to dress in your best clothes, explaining that it was a strict rule of the restaurant. So you were dressed in a beautiful midnight blue dress with a large neckline that your boyfriend had given you.
He let you choose the meal of this evening, forbidding you to look at the prices. He wanted to please you, but above all, he wanted you to spend an excellent evening with him.
Dinner went wonderfully, with Childe talking to you about everything but work, stroking and tangling his fingers with yours across the table. He couldn't help but draw your hand to his lips to place a quick kiss on it.
"You're so beautiful my precious." - He would say to you after each kiss, which made you blush each time.
When the meal was over, one of the waiters in the restaurant gave you a bouquet of red roses. A letter was attached to it. You gave Childe a questioning look, but he just smiled at you with amusement. Inside the envelope were the following words, which you said aloud, "Do you know the true meaning of the twelve red roses?" A little confused, turning the letter over and over in your hands, you looked around for your lover. He was now in front of you, one knee on the ground, taking the bouquet from your hands to place it gently on the table. He took your hands in his, his navy blue eyes boring into yours.
"Childe... Wh-what are you doing?"
"Shh, let me do the talking first, honey. You know, we've been together for many years. We've had hard times, you and I, we've had our ups and downs, we've fought and made up, we've cried and laughed together. We have faced danger and death more than once, I am well aware that it is all my fault. My job and my country are not ideal conditions for a fulfilling love. But we are still here, together and I love you more than ever. The first time I met you, you were playing with children, you seemed so sweet, so kind and so tender. My heart belongs to you since that day. I know that...keeping you by my side will put you in constant danger, but I will protect you. You have made me a better man, a happy man, and it is with you that I want to build my future, my family. (y/n) Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"
Your hands trembled in his. He didn't wait for your answer to ask you to lift the bouquet of flowers at your side. Still dazed by your lover's request, you listened to him without question. As you lifted the bouquet, you could see sitting on the table a beautiful velvet box of the same color as your dress.
"(y/n), do you know the meaning of a bouquet of twelve red roses?" - You shake your head to indicate that you do not. "Marry me."
Childe opened the velvet box. Tears welled up in your eyes as a tremulous smile lit up your features. Inside was a gold engagement ring set with several stones. It was beautiful and you held it out to Childe so he could put it on your finger.
"Should I take that as a yes?"
"Did you really think I was going to say no to you, silly?" - tears rolled down your cheeks as Childe laughed heartily. He put the ring on you, kissing you right behind to the applause of the staff and those in the restaurant. - "Look behind you my love."
Curious, you obeyed and the moment you turned to the landscape outside, a shower of fireworks lit up the sky. This fatui always did too much for you, but that's also why you loved him. He had made sure that you would never forget that day.
NSFW bonus
For Childe, privacy was just a concept, he wouldn't have minded taking you to a place where you would have been easily spotted. But he wouldn't go against your wishes. He loved you and would never force you to do anything that would hurt you. So he waited patiently for the fireworks to end before he quietly took you to the empty upper floor of the restaurant, locking the door behind him.
He stuck you to the nearest wall. His hands were all over you, exploring, caressing and clasping your curves. He was kissing you as if it were the last time he would ever kiss you. Childe was breathing heavily, his heart beating so hard in his chest he thought he would die... You were his undoing. He loved you and wanted you so much, it could drive any man crazy. Without ever letting go of your lips, he lowered the straps of your dress, sliding them down your arms, exposing your bare breasts beneath the fabric. Childe gasped, his hands cupped your breasts, pinching the tips to make them harden. He moved away from your lips to attack your breasts and felt your breathing quicken as his lips touched your skin. As he worked on your upper body, his hands continued to undress you. The fabric of your dress continued to slide down your hips to your buttocks, before loosening completely and finally encircling you on the floor. But that wasn't enough, he had to get that damned underwear off you that was preventing him from achieving his goal. Childe released your breasts and straightened up, his hand sliding over your belly until he reached the still-clothed part of your body. He slid a finger between you and the fabric, caressing your clitoris and then your already wet slit. A smile came to your fiancé's lips. You were already ready to welcome him and he would be happy to do so. He tore off your underwear before starting to undress, releasing his tense member last.
You were both naked, staring at each other. He thought you were so beautiful in an Eve outfit... Hypnotized by your nakedness, he didn't notice your hand approaching his sex, grabbing it eagerly as he released a loud moan.
"Aaah my princess, you are bold tonight..."
Childe planted his face in your shoulder, savoring the caresses of your hand. He grabbed your buttocks firmly before releasing them and directing one of his hands between your thighs, immediately planting two fingers inside you. He was going to take you with him, speeding up the movements of his hand as he did so. You had come first and he stopped your hand before Childe could be crushed by his own pleasure.
He wasted no time in positioning his sex between your thighs, pushing his way in with a few thrusts. He entered you easily and through the archons, you were so tight that he almost came immediately, but Childe had perfect self-control and he began a riotous rhythm, hoping to hold on long enough for you to come with him. He was so hard inside you and you were so soft, Childe wanted to scream out in pleasure, but that might have alerted the floor below to your activities. He had to gag you with his mouth to avoid the same problem. When he felt your walls contracting around him, he accelerated the movements of his pelvis, closing his eyes to better feel you. With each stroke, he lifted you against the wall, your feet barely touching the floor, he had to hold you by the waist to better penetrate you. Your orgasm gripped you violently, making you cry out. At this sight, Childe lost all control and gave you several more sharp thrusts before coming inside you. He didn't come out immediately, first caressing your aching body and nibbling your earlobe before whispering in a sensual tone:
"Let's go home my love..."
Tumblr media
Sorry for the time it took to write this, fatigue + work do not mix well! I hope nevertheless that you will have taken pleasure to read.
Once again, I would like to point out that English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for any mistakes you may find :(
As far as NSFW is concerned, I try not to be vulgar, and even less in violence and degradation. I don't take any pleasure in this kind of writing. It's hard for me to admit it, but I'm a romantic (erk), I like it when it's soft and fluffy <3
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sawamono · a month ago
genshin men nsfw hcs
read part 2!!
warnings: nsfw, MINORS DNI, rough sex,temperature play, edging, bdsm, somnophilia, dacryfilia, heat, breeding kink, yandere ment, drug use, blood & knife ment, spit kink, body worship, praise kink, pregnancy ment, all in all a ride
note: i have gross thoughts so here are all of them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok let’s be real, diluc is packing
BET MONEY it’s like 8 inches MAX
AND ITS THICK so imagine the burn 😈😈
is probably a gentle fucker but MAYBE he’d dick u down rough if u ask politely
idk why but i feel like diluc is a virgin
virgin diluc too scared to hurt u during sex
probably tries not to moan bc he thinks it’s embarrassing
he’s all for hearing u moan tho
i bet diluc is the kinda guy to cry a lil bit even if he’s dom
that sounds so heavenly actually omg
all n all i think sex with diluc is pretty vanilla unless u take charge and tell him to fuck u till u cant breathe
Tumblr media
ok but fr i don’t think kaeya is as much of a whore as people say he is
like he’s PROBABLY had sex but i don’t think it’s often
mainly bc he’s a KNIGHT he got shit to do
he cant be having sex every 2 seconds
anyway, kaeyas cock is probably a LITTTLE bit smaller than dilucs
maybe like 7.5 inches?
it’s fat though dw 🙏🏾
kaeya is probably the kinda guy to like temperature play
can u imagine him making his hands cold and abusing ur nipples
he would be so MEAN
he would LOVE edging omg
it doesn’t matter if it’s to you or himself
SOMEONE will not be cumming for a while.
bdsm kinda guy
he thinks u would look so pretty in ropes it’s like u dressed up just for him
sex with kaeya is like a punishment.. but a good punishment…
Tumblr media
lil freaky fuck
experimental as hell (obviously)
will definitely get u to drink an aphrodisiac
doesn’t even call it sex he’s like “bby come over i need to run tests on the human body ykyk”
like cmon now just say sex 😕
i bet his dick is like.. not even that big..
probably like 4 inches..
not even fat
but it still gets the job done
half the time he doesn’t even need to take it out to get u to cum
i bet he rarely actually fucks u and he either uses some weird science thing to do it for him or he puts his hands and tongue to good use
this man is a WHOLE freak i bet he’s such a perv
he sniffs ur underwear i do not care
freaky ass
Tumblr media
literally i can not see this man fucking u hard
sex with him is just romantic and passionate and all that shit
his dick probably stands at a nice ol 6 inches
probably skinny too
pencil dick ass
i just feel like he couldn’t even choke u if u asked
he probably would barely even try to mark u
he’ll MAYBE suck on ur neck but biting is a whole other convo
he probably likes it up the ass too tbh
either peg him or stick ur dick in him and fuck him till he cant think
idk malewife soft sex sounds nice
fuck him while he’s cooking
do it it’d be funny
Tumblr media
and it’s got lil ridges n spikes n shit cus hes a dragon n all that
cock big i’m telling u it’s a 10 incher i saw it myself believe me
grandpa hung
can u imagine him getting hard in public id feel so bad
the best part is.
whether u have 3 holes or 2, u WILL be taking both dicks
i can see zhongli being really delicate with u
like treating u all fragile
there was like this one fic i read and it was like yandere zhongli and he treated u like he had all power over u and all that and ur job was to sit there and look pretty
and he would like fuck u while u sleeping sometimes (IT WAS CONSENSUAL) and he would dumb u down a lot but he was never really aggressive and
what if..
what if he goes into heat..
certified west coast kitty cat killer…
he will tear u UP
and it’ll be multiple rounds too
it doesn’t even matter if u can have kids or not ur gonna be FULL
that man will tear u up ong
Tumblr media
xiao actually i could see being gentle too…
probably bc he’s too scared to really hurt u
but when he gets used to u and u FINALLY convince him to be a little rougher
ur fate is sealed u did that to urself.
he will destroy u
the LITERAL definition of “all up in ur guts”
it’s like an art form
i think he’d still be scared to hurt u so he probably wouldn’t mark u, choke u, etc
ur getting dicked down hard as hell though
now.. i can see his dick being big.. but at the same time.. small..
i’m gonna leave u to decide the length i’m stuck between the two
sub xiao definitely exists
fuck him but be GENTLE.
he will not like it if u hurt him
btw aftercare with him is always the best part
i feel like he’d be a great hugger so he’s probably really comfortable to cuddle with
but yea sex with him is gonna be mainly vanilla
Tumblr media
he gets hard when u spar quit playing wit me
lil freaky fuck
probably has a blood and knife kink tbh
idk when u spar with him the blood in his mouth be tasting a lil too good
his dick is probably long
not diluc long but maybe at 7 inch
a litttlle bit fat too
he loves marking
will literally bite into ur neck really hard on purpose just for ur blood
let’s be honest
this man is probably DISGUSTING
probably has a spit kink too
nasty ass
if ur not into pain don’t fuck him
he will rarely ever be gentle
ofc he has his moments
but most of the time it’s gonna be hell
sub ajax will be on his knees BEGGING for u to hit him
step on him, choke him, cut him up, do SOMETHING
or leave him there to fend for himself (but best believe he WILL get up and chase after u)
he’s very vocal
does not care who’s around him
the minute y’all get to fucking he’s louder than u 💀💀
all in all sex with ajax is an acquired taste
Tumblr media
kaedehara kazuha
it’s very romantic
very very romantic
but ykw that’s a lil boring so my hc is he’s also a perv
like doesn’t even try to hide it perv
probably gets off to the thought of u
cummin in his pants when u slap him
ok that’s a hc to go deeper into another time
i’m not even gonna lie his dick is like 5 inches
and it’s only a LITTLE fat
disappointing ass 😕
but don’t worry he kinda like mastered fucking u
kazuha is a more traditional kind of guy imo so the sex is all sloww and sensual and synonym
after a nice lil date he takes u home, treats u nice, maybe a lil massage, and BAM sex
he can BE rough but he’s mostly gentle
worships the fuck out of ur body
praise kink to the max
wouldn’t ever even THINK about degrading u
ur his god/goddess
Tumblr media
arataki itto
that oni blood run STRONG
dick is a GOOD 10 inch
maybe even 11
heavy balls for breeding 🙏🏾🙏🏾
prepare to CHOKE ON IT
just like zhongli’s his has lil ridges n shit huhuhu
take the entire thing
actually it might not even fit all the way
he will MAKE IT FIT
“i cant take it!!” u can and will sorry
he probably doesn’t even fuck much though
but when he does…
will mark your ENTIRE body
bite u EVERYWHERE, scratch u up a lil till ur bleeding,
he gets INTO IT
and he can go on for SOOOO LONG
he’ll overstim u on accident he’s sorry
he’s really not
and when he’s MAD
see u on the other side ig..
ladies he will abuse ur cervix i apologize on his behalf
ladies he will also go to both holes without warning get ready for that
he cums so much omg
that bulge in ur stomach with either be his child or his cum
oni dick is POWERFUL.
editing this to say him and xiao having piercings on their dicks thank you goodbye
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aimicoos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
knock me up, buttercup!
☰⠀FEATURING⠀ⵓ⠀various male genshin characters x fem! reader
☰⠀DETAILS⠀ⵓ⠀NSFW HEADCANONS ະ tons of cum ະ breeding a whole lot of it.
☰⠀NOTES⠀ⵓ⠀apparently, anything related to breeding makes me go stupid so enjoy all these thirsty headcanons. also, this was based on 🐇 anon’s list of those who has breeding kink. aCK I LOVE YOU SO, SO MUCH <3
Tumblr media
++⠀this man has his own dragon form
++⠀dragon going into heat??? breeding, knotting, just completely knocking you up until he can practically see your cute lil' tummy have this cute lil' bump, so full of his potent seeds.
++⠀it wasn't as if it's his choice from the very start. he just goes into some cycles but you, being the obedient, sweet, and caring wifey, just have the heart to tell him "let me help you with your heat."
++⠀he won't stop until he knows he really got you pregnant.
++⠀multiple rounds, your man got the stamina needed in breeding into you. has your legs high up on your chest, his cock plowing so deep inside your cunt. his rough and fast pace never felt enough as after each round, he would increase his pace and strength in ramming in and out of you.
++⠀when he finally makes sure you are well-bred and really knocked up, he would tend to you no. he would use himself as your own plug to keep all his cum inside your sensitive and abused cunt, really making sure he gets what he wants and that is to have a kid inside of you.
++⠀cockwarming would often be the way you do aftercare and gentle forehead kisses and whispers of his love for you. he would calm you down, let you relax your sore legs, and massage your small back.
++⠀it was the price you pay for helping your hubby in his rut cycle, knowing full well that you'd limp for a whole week. but you can't ignore how full and warm you still are around his fat and long cock. it was satisfying enough to not hate him for being so rough with you.
++⠀this was all because of the endless family tradition of needing to continue the ragnvindr name.
++⠀as he was raised, he was often told to have a family of his own. to continue their legacy, the prosperous name of this family... young crepus had already implanted in his mind how he needs to have a family.
++⠀so when he finally meets you, the love of his life, he can't help but have these nasty thoughts of just fucking you so full of his cum.
++⠀he would always try to find a way to ease you in getting fucked raw, just your cunt squeezing so tightly around his thick shaft makes it harder for him to pull back when he hears you say "please, not inside."
++⠀he knows it's bad. archons, he shouldn't be tempted to just shoot all his seed in your fertile cunt, mind swirling in the images of you having a swollen belly, bearing his own little bundle of happiness.
++⠀but crepus was really good in coaxing you, whispering sweet words, and telling you how he would love to have a family with you. such words had easily swooned your heart and soon you can feel him pumping all his cum in one blow.
++⠀it was so thick, so warm around your walls. you loved the feeling of having him come inside you so you asked him to do it again.
++⠀who was he to ignore your request when he benefits just so the same?
++⠀fuck do i even need to explain for this guy?
++⠀legit a family man, no double takes, no caps.
++⠀ah, he keeps on remembering the day when he almost got thrown away by your sheer strength alone
++⠀childe loves the thrill of a fight and when you can stand on the same ground as him, he knew that he wants you so damn much.
++⠀the time he finally got your heart, he was brutally honest with his intentions. and you, being oddly attracted to such an idea, can't help but listen to childe himself.
++⠀such a dirty talker, easily making you fucking wet and loose around him. he'd make your pussy the perfect hole to breed into. he gets so hard just imagining you carrying his children so when he sheaths himself inside the snug hold of your sex, he almost came at how drunk he was to the thought of breeding into you.
++⠀puts you into the ol' mating press but the twist in here is that he would literally make you cum so damn much before he dives in and cums himself. when you reached your third orgasm is when he'd shoot his first load. he wouldn't take your "too much! 's too much!"
++⠀"shut up, i know full well that you can take it," he says before cumming the second time that night.
++⠀he would be patient, waiting for your news or he himself is the one to check on your period cycle.
++⠀and when he finds out that he wasn't able to knock you up, he would use one week to just fuck you full of his cum, shooting it deep inside of you.
++⠀he will never stop until he gets you pregnant.
++⠀this wasn't because of his father. in fact, the breeding thought came crashing on him when he creampied you during one night when he can't control himself.
++⠀he was embarrassed to even think of such thoughts!
++⠀he was plenty nervous, not knowing whether he'd be a good father when he accidentally gets you pregnant.
++⠀but when he saw you in one of those dresses, so sweet and caring towards him, his mind just flips and visualize how you'd look like as the mother of his own kid.
++⠀heck, he even noticed how good you looked when you were the one taking good care of klee one day as you teach the child to make origamis.
++⠀and all those thoughts accumulated this profane depravity until he can no longer hold back and fuck you so good one night.
++⠀he would shove you down the bed, press your legs open as he settles in between you. his hips would smack so roughly on the middle of your legs, his cock hits every right spot of your gummy walls.
++⠀he was like a bunny in heat, humping in fast and uncalculated thrusts in and out of your sloppy hole. he doesn't care about his own ideals when you looked so breedable in front of him.
++⠀and the fact that you take him so well without any complaints makes his heart constricts in such a satisfied manner, making him cum right then and there when your hoarse voice whispers his name.
++⠀only does it when he is in a very intimate relationship with you.
++⠀like no secrets left unscathed, he truly trusts you that much to even want to have a family.
++⠀he thinks he is undeserving of it, heart aching as he gets flashbacks of his past
++⠀but when you were the one who asked him to fuck a child in your needy little pussy
++⠀fuck, you should do that more often with him.
++⠀you would literally feel the difference from the way he rolls his hips, angling his curved cock just right on where he felt your walls tighten upon hitting the very spot.
++⠀pulls your legs up, not caring about how this position would sometimes hit him in the face at how crazily good he makes you feel. he grunts, his eye glinting so darkly at your whimpering and writhing state.
++⠀cums in loads, would put you in different positions, testing the fucking waters whether he can fuck you silly until you just limp like a ragdoll in his arms.
++⠀merciless as he lets himself loose in just pumping all his cum in your greedy pussy, slapping your clit when he felt you clamping so tight. he would feel your muscles relax for a bit before contracting once more from the post-dazed feeling of your nth orgasm.
++⠀he just goes crazy at the moment you said you wanted to have a family with him so he'd really make sure to let your wishes happen. anything for you.
++⠀this fucker... i can't even gggrrrrr
++⠀breeds into you out of possessiveness. there are no other reasons as to why he would abuse your cute little pussy. everything was for the sake of toning down the jealousy he felt when someone commented how breedable you are.
++⠀he hates kids, no caps. he doesn't want to have one but he needs to assert his dominance over you. you were his and his alone so expect to be bred and marked so good by scara.
++⠀his words were already filthy on a normal basis but when he is like this, he would make you feel how nasty it was to even want him to fuck you full of his cum.
++⠀cums in loads after loads, surprised he would even last a lot of rounds considering how much he doesn't dwell in this carnal desire to populate.
++⠀but there he was, emptying himself, balls deep inside of you, biting and nipping at your skin as if the purple and blue marks already adorning it from last night's intense session wasn't enough for him.
++⠀he doesn't stop in just one day of literally having your insides so full of his seed. he would make use of all the chances he gets to breed into you when others are in earshot. he would have the word spread that you are his alone. his to fuck. his to breed. his to claim.
++⠀fuck you scaramouche, please i just want you to fuck me already. smh.
++⠀our sweet baby legit wants to start a family with you.
++⠀he somehow finds himself missing his family. well, he did grow up where he was thought to continue the family name, whether it be on their lowest or not.
++⠀so when he meets you, he just automatically thought of how it'd be to start a cute lil' family with you.
++⠀to even see you bend down in half beneath him, just accepting every ounce of cum he shoots from his still hard and throbbing cock... kazuha had his head in the clouds, groaning after his second load paints your fluttering hole white.
++⠀he is always balls deep inside you. the position may always be the same (he just loves seeing you come undone because of him and only him), he makes sure to hit all the sensitive spots inside of you.
++⠀gives you tons of kisses as he pumps another round of his seed, praising you for being such a good girl.
++⠀he is a soft dome through and through. i don't make the rules.
++⠀baby doesn't even know it's a kink :(
++⠀he just found the way your belly would always look a bit bloated when he cums so much inside of you.
++⠀nights were always spent visualizing the same image of you laid down the bed, chest rising and falling to let air calm your burning body as your cunt drips out his cum but the slight little bump on your belly was just too good for xiao!
++⠀he would jerk off to it, feeling his cock ache so badly inside his pants. please help your poor baby out :(
++⠀and the time he finally gets to be with you again, he would do all the nasty things he had thought of as he was away.
++⠀he hates how much he is dwelling into indulging mortal frivolities but he wouldn't complain when he gets to see your belly swelling once more, eyes closed and your lips can only utter his name in such a lewd voice.
++⠀he will get addicted to it so make sure to let him know what he's getting into!
++⠀someone once mentioned to him the idea of breeding it was kaeya...
++⠀finds it interesting so he tries to learn more about as much as... he can.
++⠀he surely knows that there is one factor he can't accomplish upon conducting the act of breeding.
++⠀but he surely knows how much you love it when he uses the mere mention of the term as he pounds into you in his office.
++⠀clearly not the ideal spot to do it for the first time but albedo would have you laid restless as he constantly whispers how he would use all his cum just to make sure you'd bear his kid.
++⠀you know all too well but it felt so good having your legs spread open on the table, face pushed down the smooth surface as albedo take you from behind.
++⠀his body leans down to whisper the nastiest phrases he could think of, ranging from "it seems like your cunt is asking me to knock you up, isn't that right f/n?" to "you have to keep my cum deep inside you, okay? i will fuck you in the next hour and on the next until we will defy the law of nature. i will make sure you will carry my kids f/n."
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z3nitsusgf · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Head empty only thoughts of zhongli and his huge cock <3
Tumblr media
Warnings: major size kink, squirting, overstim, mating press, crying, one smack, creampie
Tumblr media
It’s a known fact Zhongli has the biggest size kink and cock in all of Liyue.
He’s constantly got you struggling to take his size. Has both hands hoisting your thighs up and out of his way, makes a spectacle out of you, always expects you to present yourself to him. Clasping the underside of your plushy flanks keeping you there. Makes you spread yourself with your fingers, grinding his tip up and down your slick lips till you’re all whiney, tears running down your face as you beg him to just fuck you. Gets himself wet with your slick, and sometimes he feels mean and swirls his head on your clit till you twitch. and inches himself in till he’s flushed.
You sob at the stretch, walls trying to nudge him out. Shivering under him until he’s hugging you tighter and huffs out a, “You can take it darling, you always do~”
And Zhongli just bullies his way in, hips flushed against your ass. So deep you swear to the geo archon himself that he’s in your guts. It should be impossible to be this thick, that far inside that it hits the cushiony slot of your cervix. And he’s caressing your legs to his chest, gropes the backs of your thighs, and smoothes them till they are flushed on his abdomen, feet dangling next to his face. And he turns and kisses your ankle, bucking his hips without reprieve.
It’s like he’s attempting to shape your walls to the shape of his cock, you should already be used to it by now but you’re still so tight Zhongli is gritting his teeth. Is this what he’s been missing? Fuck he would trade being an Adeptus over your ripe cunt any era. Gooey walls squeezing him like a vice, wet slapping of his balls papping against your ass echo the room.
“Zhongli! Please! Ah- can’t, s’too much- too deep!”
You’re positively wailing, hands having nothing to grab onto except the sheets beneath you, but they do little to abstain from the brutal pounding the absolute god before you is giving. You can’t even push his hips away, legs like jelly and left to be manipulated by your lover. He’s actually grinning, that fucker actually is laughing at how you struggle not to go fucking brainless on his cock.
“You look beautiful, my love.” He coos, tip continually smashing that spot inside that makes your head spin and eyes roll back.
You’ve got drool pooling and slipping out your mouth, don’t even get him started on the sticky wetness your pussy is seeping all over him. Dripping down your cunt and to your ass, makes his hips slick. And Zhongli groans when he looks down and sees the small halo of cream schlicking on the base of his cock every time he pulls out. Makes him feral, and he bares his teeth and pounds into you harder.
You yelp, feeling that familiar throb in your tummy. The one that makes your pelvis sore the next morning and you can hardly walk without your knees buckling. The buildup of your orgasm is creeping on, and you think that you’ll make a mess. Gut spasming as you try not to squirt all over your lover.
“z-Zhongli, gonna make- hah- gonna make a mess,” you whine, legs struggling to clench shut but he’s got a mean grip that keeps them spread open.
“Yeah? Gonna make a mess? S’okay love, cream all over me.” He laughs, pushing your legs up to your chest, pace never faltering. You tremble, he somehow slides even deeper and you lose it. Cunt clenching around him till he’s shuddering, spine arching as he watches your clit twitch and feels your walls pulsate around him. Lands one final smack to your cunt before you’re gushing, splashing his lap, and screaming out for him.
He’s giving you a few more thrusts, “I’m still not done .” He grunts, you sob. Keeps on pushing and pushing, rubbing his thumb on your sore clit till you jerk your head and go stupid on his cock. And then he’s pumping his load into you, leaning over you and pressing so hard into you that you try and kick your legs out, stopped by his hands. He’s filling you up from the inside out, filling your womb. It’s when he watches the thick white spill out of your abused puffy cunt that Zhongli wants more.
Tumblr media
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